APRIL 26, 2023



It has been twenty-three days since my last article. It’s a good thing I don’t depend on this blog for my survival. Those of you who have followed my blog over the past several years, know that I have been predicting this day in time for a while now. I’m not some kind of prophet or clairvoyant, I just watch and listen, and it’s pretty obvious what is going to happen. It’s sort of like seeing a car sitting on the tracks of a railroad crossing, sooner or later, the inevitable will occur. The left has been setting us up for this event for years. They feel it’s time to go in for the kill.

Another thing I have been pointing out for a couple of years, is the total ineptitude of the Republican party. Don’t count on these morons to come riding in on white horses to save us, they are too busy playing “footsies” with the Dems. We now have a uni-party ruling class that doesn’t give a rat’s ass about the average everyday hardworking American. When was the last time you heard any of these dumbasses talk about legislation designed to improve your lives? Donald Trump does, he is pretty much a lone voice. Sorry, you’re just a “worker bee”, a taxpayer paying taxes so these leaches can live high on the hog and get richer and richer while you get poorer and poorer.

So, by now you probably figured out that I am a mixture of pissed and depressed. I just haven’t been able to muster up the desire to write about it. All of the government institutions that I have trusted my whole life have been corrupted, and weaponized against the people. It’s literally like being bound and gagged, and forced to watch someone burn and loot your home. Have you noticed as of late, that the feds are openly using the IRS to go after their perceived enemies? How do you fend off the IRS? They can take everything you own, and you won’t be able to stop them. The feds will bankrupt you in lawsuits. Sorry, but unless the federal government is willing to play by the rules of the Constitution and Bill of Rights, we don’t stand a chance.

Take a moment and read the warnings of our founding fathers, who very well understood what could happen in the future, and why.


Joe Biden announced that he plans on running for president again in 2023. In the video produced for the announcement, a new slogan was unveiled, “Finish the Job”. Well in light of the last two- and one-half years, that is a very ominous slogan. Did you ever imagine that our 250 year old nation could be dismantled in a mere four year term of a madman?

I listened to the video out of curiosity, and believe me, there was not a shred of truth in the whole video. It was 100% lies from start to finish. That really shouldn’t be a surprise, his whole presidency has been one big lie. I mean c’mon man, just the fact that they tell you he is in charge is a total lie. He doesn’t even know where he is half the time. In my opinion, this has been the third term of Obama, Susan Rice, and Ron Klaine. Biden is just a stooge.


You didn’t think I was going to ignore the biggest news story of the year did you? I am a huge fan of Mr. Carlson. No question, he is one of the greatest, if not the greatest journalists of my lifetime. Tucker is one of those unique people that is able to sort out the B.S. and find the truth. The truth that Tucker speaks, makes a lot of people extremely uncomfortable. Those are the people that are liars and cheats. Chuck Schumer is one of those people, along with countless others in power. The fact that “Chuckie Boy” wanted him fired from Fox speaks volumes. The celebration of Tucker’s firing at the Pentagon today likely made Tucker very proud. These people will all fall, the truth will prevail.

I would advise Tucker to be very cautious at this point in this life. This firing has only enhanced his popularity, and power. He needs to think clearly about his next move and make it count. Several people have mentioned him entering into politics. In my opinion, that would be a disastrous choice. His voice will be lost in the noise and chaos of Washington D.C. I think he is more valuable to the cause of the right as a pundit, insulated from those who want him silenced. Rush was a super influential voice, Tucker has the talent to surpass what Rush did. Please do not think I am in any way diminishing Rush, he was great, and should always be respected.

The past few days have been pretty sad around our house, it feels like we lost a family member since Tucker is not showing up every day. Five o clock was the “Tucker and coffee” hour. I took no phone calls for that time period. Hell, even my dog was excited to join me on my recliner and share my daily cookie (s).

But, there is really a bigger issue at play here. The left was powerful enough to get a favorite of the right, 3 to 4 million viewers per day, removed from his forum. I don’t know about you, but I find that more than disturbing. The fed is apparently able to decide who you watch on TV. Are you beginning to feel like you’re living in the “Matrix”?


I have been wanting to change the format of my blog for sometime now, but just haven’t taken the time to make it happen. I have decided to upgrade to a better plan, and launch a new look soon. Perhaps sell some merchandise such as my “Toxic Male” T shirt design shown below, and copywrited by Benzartworx.

Stay alert, stay strong, resist the movement to strip us of our freedom. God bless all of you and your families.


2 thoughts on “SNAPSHOTS OF THE NEWS

  1. I love this
    Great insights on the current political situation. It’s important to stay alert and resist movements that try to strip us of our freedom. Looking forward to your upgraded blog and merchandise launch!


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