I’ve been on this earth for a lot of years and have thoroughly enjoyed most of that time. I was blessed with very good parents that loved and cared for me, and taught me the virtues of being a good neighbor. My mother instilled in me, the desire to follow the Christian faith, and worship God and Jesus Christ. My Father taught me the value of work, and respect for law and order. Living by that creed certainly helps to make your life more orderly and pleasant.

I Love the United States of America. I will defend it to my death. In spite of it’s faults, it’s the best place on earth to live, bar none. I will always support the First and Second Amendment because they make up the bulwark of freedom. You only have to realize that those were the first two things that came to mind when the Founding Fathers were reinforcing the Constitution and the rights of the people.

I hope you enjoy my blog as much as I enjoy writing it. Strengthen the American Dream in all that you do, so that we remain a beacon of hope for the oppressed.