When you ask someone what they think of a current event, how many times have you heard one of these replies? ” I don’t care about politics”, ” Oh, I never watch the news, it’s depressing”, ” I never read the newspaper”, ” I don’t care about that stuff”. They’ll damn sure care when their rights start disappearing. When they are waking up in a country they no longer recognize. These are the first people to start screaming ” You can’t do this, I have rights”. They had rights, but didn’t protect them, then they were gone. Once they’re gone, you ain’t never gonna get ’em back.

Black Lives Matter was spawned in a large part by the debacle in Ferguson, Missouri in response to the death of Michael Brown. That fateful day was August 9, 2104. Freddie Gray died in police custody on April 19, 2015, about eight months later in Baltimore. BLM suddenly became well known, and very active, claiming to be a force to end police killing of black people. Much to the chagrin of Barrack Hussein Obama and Eric Holder, the police in both cases were totally exonerated. The stats prove that blacks dying at the hands of police is totally overblown. You have to pay close attention when researching these numbers, and make sure you keep everything in perspective. Numbers are easily manipulated and can misrepresent almost anything when the presenter has a biased agenda. That’s why I feel the stats from the FBI are probably the most accurate. I’m not going to bore you and insert graphs and charts for you to read through, I did it for you. Here’s the bottom line, young black men are more prone to gun violence than whites or Hispanics. Young black men account for about 53% of gun related homicides. African American males have an offending rate roughly six times higher than whites. If Black Lives Matter was really about what the name implies, they would be focusing their efforts in the inner cities educating and reforming the black communities, and making an all out effort to curb crime and violence. Curbing crime and violence would immediately halt black men being killed by police officers. The fact that they are focusing on reducing the number of police officers, tells you they have another agenda altogether.

The communists, Marxists, and socialists, have been lurking in the shadows in this nation for decades. In recent years they have emerged from the shadows and are now working in plain sight. Nobody is more visible than Bill De Blasio. Good ol’ Billy Boy is an avowed communist. He is single handedly destroying NYC, and nobody can stop him. I’m sure his ego is growing with each passing day, gloating over his one man capture and occupation, of one our the nations largest and most prosperous cities.

While De Blasio may be a bump in the road for NYC, Black Lives Matter is a much more serious threat, and something that everyone should be acutely aware of. Alicia Garza, Patrisse Cullors, and Opal Tometi, founded hashtag Black Lives Matter and expanded it to over 30 local chapters from 2014 to 2016. Like ANTIFA, it is a decentralized network of activists, with no formal hierarchy. For an organization that plans on engaging in nefarious activities, this type of organization works well. Attempting to prosecute and hold these people responsible for their actions is sort of like nailing jello to the wall. Fifteen to twenty-six million people participated in the 2020 protests, under the flag of BLM, making it one of the largest movements in U.S. history. While that’s only roughly .07% of the population, it does represent a force to be reckoned with. The founders of BLM are openly Marxists, admitting they want to overthrow the United States Government. Having such an agenda, and being able to attract a multiracial crowd of twenty million young folks tells me, the American hating educators are having a fair amount of success. What should alarm you more than anything, is that these people are Democrats. Don’t hold your breath waiting on your Democrat mayors, governors, and lawmakers to call for and end to the violence, those people in the streets are voting Democrats. That would be political suicide.

Do you want more proof? Do you remember a woman by the name of Susan Rosenberg? She was pardoned by Bill Clinton at the end of his term. She had served 18 years of a 58 year sentence for domestic terrorism, while a member of the ” Weather Underground.” Susan Rosenberg now sits on a board of a charity, that raises money for BLM, the group is called ” Thousand Currents.” Keep this in mind, when ” little Susie ” was arrested, she was unloading 740 lbs of explosives and a sub machine gun from a truck in New Jersey. Something else to keep in mind, even though ” Thousand Currents ” is listed as a charity, Black Lives Matter, is not, a non profit group. A charity funding a non charity, seems strange to me.

The average American never thinks about this, because they are too busy surviving. There is a sub culture that truly wants to destroy America and the American Dream. It is truly a sick minded group of people, hell bent on destruction. They literally hate America. I have written extensively about this in the past, and I am concerned that it has progressed to the point, it is going to literally take a war in the streets, to reverse this trend. Our public education system is throwing gasoline on the fire, as well as the uber left college professors. Adding to the problem, are parents that are very willing to let the state take the primary responsibility to raise their children, failing to monitor what they are being taught. However, I suspect, there is probably a large portion of those parents that are on board with the garbage being shoved into the brains of their children. It is the age old epic battle, between good and evil. The Democrat party is the evil one. They are the ones that generate contention between races, genders, and religions. They believe that their power is derived from division rather than unity. The only unity they practice, and they are quite good at it, is party unity. Their party platform is purely Anti American.

Wrapping this up, I want you to always remember what Nancy Pelosi said a few days ago. This tells you everything you need to know about Nancy and the Democrats. In a interview with Wolf Blitzer of CNN, Wolf was asking why she was stalling the Covid stimulus package. He added that people needed help. She blew it off, angrily telling him, he didn’t know what he was talking about. Wolf said, I see them on the street, they’re hungry. Nancy said ” we know who they are, we feed them.” I was stunned by what she said, as if she is a zoo keeper, and she and the Democrats are making sure the animals are being fed. She instantly dehumanized the citizenry, both Democrats and Republicans. She is the modern day version of Marie Antoinette and needs to be booted from power.

For the sake of the Republic, vote Republican. Our freedom and future depends on it.




I apologize, I don’t remember where the latest so called protests occurred over a black man being shot by a black police officer. The perp fired on the officer first, and unfortunately for him, the cop was a better marksman. The perp won’t get the chance to improve his skills with a pistol, cause he be dead. So, as we have all learned since way back, during the 1965 Watts riot, and who the hell knows how many since, the first order of business for the black community, is burn down their city, and loot everything in sight. The police officer’s action was obviously justified, defending himself from being killed by the perp. But why let facts get in the way? Can we just cut the bullshit? These jerks are looking for any excuse, no matter how lame, to load up on free shit. My message to the lame brain politicians and idiots in the news rooms, this ain’t reprisal against the white man, there isn’t one damn thing about this that has any sort of redeeming quality. It’s thuggery, plain and simple. Quit trying to paint it as being justified, it’s not. Actions such as these are born out of hatred.

KAMALA HARRIS: I’m sure this woman must earn some serious cash, and has earned some serious cash in the past. So, why do all of her clothes look like she shops at Goodwill? I thought Hillary’s duds were horrible. Hillary’s pants suits looked like the old polyester stuff from the seventies. Kamala’s clothes are just butt ugly. I really never paid much attention to her before last night’s debate, she looks like she’s been shot in the face with a double barreled ugly gun.

NANCY PELOSI: I saw a clip from her presser today, her mask looked like she made from a kitchen towel. However, it did cover half of her botoxed mug which was great. This woman is clearly a legend in her own mind, what little of it she has left. She says crap, that she can’t possibly deliver on. Somehow, she thinks she, as Speaker of the House, is on equal footing with the President. No Nancy, you are just one person in the legislative branch that has equal power to the executive branch. There ain’t a damn thing that’s special about you Nancy, in a good way that is.

GRETCHEN WHITMER: The FBI foiled a plot by an outlaw militia to kidnap the governor. She immediately blamed President Trump. No Gretchen, you have been a total asshole, over the past six months and people hate your ass. It just so happens, these guys really hate your sorry ass. You brought this on yourself. You would do yourself a really big favor if you would just shut up. You’re the governor, you’re not the Queen, you were elected, and soon you’re going to be unelected. The only power you ever had was given to you by the people, who you thoroughly abused. Your name should be Wretched Whitmer. By the way, you should reach out to Jenny Craig, after some serious counselling on human relations.

NICOLE WALLACE: Reporter, news person at MSNBC. Whatever her title, is a special kind of stupid. What is it about the name Wallace? She was commenting on the VP debate, and called Mike Pence’s performance, ” flaccid”: ” He just looked limp and lame”. There are 171,500 words in the English language, with roughly 9,500 derivative words. The average family dog has a vocabulary of between 150 and 200 words. My guess is that her vocabulary is just about on par with my schnauzer’s. Holy shit, where do these people come from.

SUSAN PAGE: Another infamous debate moderator, with a bias and an attitude. Don’t start labeling me as a misogynist over what I am about to say, because you know it’s true. These self righteous, pompous little women reporters, all look and sound alike, and have the same mindset. I know them when I see them, they have a special look. They all talk to people like they themselves are free of sin, and never committed even the smallest transgression. They’re judgmental tone of voice makes me want to vomit. You know who they are, I don’t have to name them. A perfect example of my point is the interview with Nick Sandman by Savannah Guthrie. Watch it and throw up.

The leftist culture is producing some of the most overbearing and obnoxious people to ever inhabit this earth. I don’t have a solution for the problem. It’s getting impossible to avoid them. If you don’t push back, it’s only going to get worse. Start pushing hard boys and girls.




We’ve always known the Democrat party is the party of corruption. The city of Chicago has always been their corruption headquarters. The city of Chicago today is corrupt as ever. Is it really any surprise that Barrack Hussein Obama operated in true Chicago style? The way he operated as president was right out of Mayor Daly’s playbook. I’m not going to chronicle Mayor Daly’s time in office, but a short summary is that he took over a city with annual budget surpluses, and after eight years in office, the city was in financial shambles, and very near insolvency. His friends and family weren’t insolvent, they did really well with the lucrative contracts they received while he was in office. Sort of like the Biden family. For the Democrats, that’s an old family tradition. So, here we are in 2020, crime and murder are still rampant in Chicago, and Democrats are telling you ” everything is fine, nothing to see here”.

Let’s move on to good ol’ Bill DeBlasio. How this clown ever ended up as mayor of New York City, is a mind bender. He’s a devout Commie. He’s always been a devout Commie. He came from Commie parents. He has been a supporter of Communist movements in Central America. I could go on and on, but this guy is a total joke. Well not really, what he is doing to NYC is not at all funny. He is turning the legendary “Big Apple” into a rotten apple. What is puzzling to me, is why aren’t there any provisions for impeaching or recalling this asshole? Do we really have to just stand by while he single handedly destroys one of our most amazing cities?

Look at what we learned about our nations premier law enforcement agency. I have been in the FBI visitors center in D.C., and I was very impressed. But, that was way back in the 1970’s, and I was a lot more impressionable. In reality, I was young and dumb, years away from my four years at Trump University. Yep, they probably should close that visitors center until they get their shit together. Probably getting rid of Chris Wray would be a good start. Remember when Reagan fired every single air traffic controller? That might not be a bad idea for the FBI.

I was always under the impression that the CIA didn’t involve itself in the nation’s internal affairs, leaving that up to the FBI. Yep, just to make sure I checked with Wikipedia, and the CIA is organized to surveil foreign activities. Well, John Brennan obviously didn’t check with Wikipedia before he wrote out his job description, ’cause that dumbass was very active in the national political arena, which by the way doesn’t fall under foreign surveillance. I mean, am I off base here? Was anyone actually engaging in foreign surveillance while Obama was president? They obviously weren’t paying much attention to ISIS. I thought the approach they used on Iran was novel. Here take this plane load of cash, and shut up. Then the genius John Kerry, the heroic gun boat captain of Viet Nam fame, told Iran, ” Ok, go ahead with your nuclear shit, just don’t do anything stupid while Barrack’s in office”. Yep, in true Trump style, he told Iran to put that lousy Nuke agreement were the sun don’t shine. And if you do anything stupid we’ll make you eat those suckers.

We always knew Nancy Pelosi was a jerk. Trump exposed her for what she really is. Trump has a way of getting under the Democrat’s skin, and they show their true colors. Not only was Nancy exposed, but her lackeys in the House of Representatives were also spotlighted, and what bunch of inglorious bastards they are. Honestly, have you ever seen anyone lie like Adam Schiff? Have you ever seen anyone as stupid as Gerald Nadler? The term stupid doesn’t even scratch the surface in describing Maxine Waters. Last but not least how about Al Green from Texas? He looks and talks like the caveman in the Geico commercials, and appears to be about as bright. I mean it’s a very long list of folks that seem to be one taco short of a combination plate.

Did you really think I was going to overlook Hillary? Her and Bill are life long political criminals. They have circumvented the law more times than anyone really knows. They have absolutely no respect for the law. You could write a book about these two. Oh yeah, Peter Schweitzer already did that, it’s called ” Clinton Cash”. The big lesson that Trump taught us, is that Hillary will stop at nothing to win, and if she loses anyway, she never stops whining, and has more excuses than LA’s homeless population. Trump also taught us, that what we thought we knew about Hillary, was just the tip of the iceberg. This woman has no allegiance to anything other than power and money. Not necessarily in that order. As for Hillary, I seriously doubt if the word sacrifice ever crossed her mind, unless of course she asked someone else sacrifice on her behalf.

Then, there’s the Blue State governors. Trump gave all of them some Covid rope, and they all promptly hanged themselves, making Democrats look pretty stupid. I’m pretty sure “Big Orange” knew that’s what would happen, and now Pelosi wants to bail them out, trying to use political leverage with the Covid relief bill. Nancy thinks she had a winning hand, due to the upcoming election. Trump just told her today, it ain’t happening until after the election. Nancy now realizes she has a pair of deuces, Trump has four aces. McConnel says he’s not even considering it until he gets ACB seated in the SCOTUS. Sorry Nancy, you lose again. Trump just keeps winning.

For the past three and a half years, the Democrats have thrown everything at Trump short of a Nuke. He has outflanked them every single time. In the process he has exposed the rampant corruption in our government, that goes beyond what anyone would have imagined. There is an old saying, if you’re going to war, get to know your enemy. Well the Democrats failed to do their homework. Trump likes a good fight, and enjoys it. This guy likes winning, it’s what makes him tick. If he in fact wins another term in the White House, the Democrat agenda will be devastated for years to come. Do not fail to support the our President and the Republicans running for the House and Senate. We need four more years to finish the job. If Donald J. Trump serves four more years, it will be like receiving a Masters Degree in Political Science.



White Nationalists are not a problem or a threat. The numbers of white nationalists, despite what you hear on the liars channel pictured above, are extremely small. According to what I am able to determine less than 5% of the population of the U.S. and not well organized.


If you listen to the liars on CNN and MSNBC, you would think that these people are still roaming the countryside burning crosses on the lawns of black folks, and performing lynching’s. Have you seen any significant showing of white power advocates since Charlottesville? I haven’t, and I pay very close attention to what is happening around the U.S. I’m certainly not na├»ve enough to think that aren’t groups of dimwits ( very small groups ) that want to make trouble, that will likely be the case far into the future. However, these people are rare, and are never going to spark a national movement in the current social atmosphere. It is a very unpopular frame of mind.

There are still a significant number of white supremacist’s operating behind the scenes. Their public rallies, if advertised beforehand, draw huge amount of counter protestors, and it doesn’t bode well for their cause. So, to prevent this from happening, they do “flash mobs”, organized through private communication channels. White hate groups stay in touch for the most part through pod casts, which remain, for the most part, unregulated.


So, if you read through all of these reports, you will see that the alt right people are indeed out there and busy promoting their ideas, but are gaining very little if any traction. You will always pick up followers in any movement, but by in large, their recruitment numbers are not breaking any records, to put it mildly. America today is not a raciest country, and overwhelmingly rejects the message these folks are putting forth.

So, it doesn’t take a PHI BETA KAPPA to figure out, that the Democrats and their darlings in the MSM, are telling you this stuff as a distraction for what is really going on. There is an all out war being waged against white people. If you haven’t figured that out, you are not paying attention. It is appalling how this blatant this new form of racism has become. Joe Biden, the Democrat candidate for president was photographed kneeling to the BLM movement. That should disqualify him, for engaging in the practice of racism. Joe and his running mate Kamala Harris have both endorsed BLM. These people are racist, Marxists. This is far more frightening than a few thousand alt right folks scattered around the nation hiding in their bunkers, fearful of appearing in public. In the presidential debate last week, Joe Biden called ANTIFA, an “idea”. It’s an idea OK, a very bad idea. BLM and ANTIFA, are the street soldiers for the Democrats, supporting their quest to turn this nation into a socialist hell hole. I don’t condone white supremacy ideas. Most white people reject those ideas. It is not a wide spread ideology. The main stream media and the Democrats are telling you it’s a growing problem to promote the idea that white folks are all bad, and need to be suppressed.


The Democrats and their counterparts in the main stream media pose a very real threat to the future of freedom and capitalism in this country. They want to change it into something unrecognizable to everyday Americans. My message to them; If you want to live in a socialist nation, pick one and move your ass over there. We like America just the way it is.




President Trump handled himself way better than I would have. The Democrats have put this man and his family through hell for four long years, and aren’t showing any signs of letting up. Democrats are the most vile and despicable people on earth. ( I really like the words vile and despicable, they’re my new favorite words ) I’m not sure if I could have refrained from walking over to his podium and wringing his little chicken neck. I knew a guy like Joe Biden in high school, a wretched little shit with a big mouth, couldn’t fight his way out of a paper bag, but was always making trouble. We say guys like that, let their alligator mouths, overload their chicken asses. All talk and no action.

Do you remember the horses ass Chris Matthews making derogatory remarks about Trump’s inauguration speech as Barrack Hussein Obama flew away on the helicopter? He hadn’t been President more than 30 minutes when these assholes started criticizing him. Two civil rights groups launched a website on Friday, just as Trump was sworn in, http://www.impeachdonaldtrumpnow.org. It was initiated by two groups, Free Speech for People, and RootsAction.

Barrack Hussein Obama and his band of dirt bags had already launched a spying operation on Trump’s campaign, before he was elected. It now looks like Hillary was the catalyst in that operation to deflect attention away from her email scandal. We now know that a whole host of folks in the CIA and FBI were in on it. After Trump took office they ramped up their efforts thanks to James Comey, and his henchmen, and falsely took down Michael Flynn, a career General. Michael Flynn’s only crime was being associated with Donald Trump. They didn’t stop there, they took down Paul Manafort, and Roger Stone, for the very same reasons. These miserable excuses for human beings, went on to spend millions of dollars and two and a half years on a phony Russia collusion probe.

After the Russia collusion probe turned out to be a total failure, Nancy and her gang of Congressional thugs decided, what the hell, let’s impeach him. That was also a dismal failure, but it wasted tons of time and money, for no other reason than to tarnish Trump’s record. The Democrats doing this stuff, was in reality, nothing more than a soft coup. So, during the impeachment hearings, we are hit with Covid from China. The Democrats wasted no time turning Covid into a circus, that we are still dealing with right now.

No President in my lifetime has been attacked so viciously, and relentlessly. Yet, in spite of everything they have thrown at him, he has soldiered on and has accomplished an amazing list of things that have improved the economy, and trade deals with foreign nations, and forged peace agreements with age old enemies in the middle east. I read today that another important peace agreement is underway as I am writing.

The saddest thing about this ordeal, is that the Democrats and their allies in the main stream media, have done a spectacular job of causing a huge divide among the American people, stoking hate and division. Donald Trump truly loves America and it’s people. Can you blame him for feeling angry and frustrated when confronted with a swamp creature like Joe Biden. Slow Joe is in this for himself, period. He could care less about this country and it’s people. The entire Democrat party is morally bankrupt.

The absurdity of the Democrat party’s actions over the past four years hurts my head. They have been doing underhanded crap since Moby Dick was a minnow, but this has been way over the top. The Democrats are so obsessed with their hatred for Donald Trump, the party has become paralyzed. They aren’t doing anything constructive for the country at all. Nancy and her band of crooks, are holding up additional funding for Covid victims over petty issues. These people are elected to take care of the peoples business, but they are so filled with hate, they can’t do anything.

The Democrats are trying to tell us that all of this violence in our cities is being caused by white supremacists. I have yet to see one guy in a white robe and a pointy hat (other than Ralph Northam) skin heads are pretty easy to spot, Nazis are really easy to spot. Wait a minute, we are being bamboozled. All of these white supremacists are are wearing BLM shirts, that’s gotta be who they’re talking about. Why didn’t they explain that? They should have made that more clear. Those black guys out there burning buildings, and looting, those are white supremacists in “black face”. I’m really pissed off that these so called journalists let us believe that black folks were doing all of that stuff. That’s really bullshit. One of those guys may have been Jimmy Fallon, just walking home from work.

As serious as this stuff is, you have to admit that this is funny shit. People who say they are really concerned about systemic racism, are pushing for Joe Biden to be president. That my friends is the epitome of an oxymoron. He has a record of forty years of spouting racial crap, and has a history of associating with known racist’s. Mark Levin laid out this guy’s racist acts over the years like I have never heard it before. Joe Biden is one of the biggest liars that ever walked the halls of Congress. It’s no wonder that he chose Kamala Harris as a running mate, she is equally skilled at telling lies. But I have to give her credit, she is such a skilled politician that she got where she is today while she was lying down. That’s how easy it was for her.

My friends, at the risk of sounding like one of those endless loop news tapes, the Democrat party has become the number one enemy of our Glorious Republic. We cannot, and must not allow them to control the levers of power until we undo the damage they have done in our institutions. Donald Trump is the man that can accomplish that, but he needs the backing of the House and Senate. Help the Republicans win this very crucial election, any way you can.




This is me for 90 minutes watching Trump decimate Biden and Wallace. What were the Democrats thinking? Trump got Joe to say he didn’t support the Green New Deal, and that ANTIFA is just an idea. Couldn’t get him to say he would support the Police. Joe couldn’t explain why the Mayor of Moscow’s wife, gave Hunter 3.5 million bucks. Bill Clinton only got a half million and he had to give a speech. The fun was non stop for 90 minutes. Can’t wait for the next one.





Good ol’ Gavin Newsome. If his brain only worked as good as he looks. Gavin is one of those examples of numerous products that we have all purchased in our lives, that look fantastic. Even the packaging is top notch, you can’t hardly contain yourself long enough to unbox it. Then, when you try using the chrome plated high gloss product that you paid way too much for, you immediately realize you’ve been screwed. Yep, that’s Newsome. We have a governor here in Oregon that is equally as dumb as good ol’ Gavin, but at least she looks the part. She doesn’t disappoint you.

Gavin has the reputation for total disrespect for the law. While he was the Mayor of San Francisco, he pretty much acted like a tin horn dictator, did whatever he damn well pleased. I will write more about that some day. Right now, I want to focus on his performance as governor of California. I resided in California for a little over thirty years, so before you start throwing daggers over what I say, I’m more than qualified to criticize. It wouldn’t matter, I’m gonna to say it anyway.

California was a beautiful place, nobody would ever contest that. It’s a place that had everything going for it, beautiful beaches, mountains, deserts, rivers, lakes, lot’s of black and yellow gold. Unfortunately, all of those items I just listed were irresistible, people flocked to California by the millions. But slowly, over the years, the leftist nuts, started gaining political power, and ruined a magnificent state. But make no mistake, none of those prior leftist governors, not even “moon beam” Jerry Brown, can hold a candle to this loser. Put Newsome and Garcetti together, that’s a duo that could only come from hell.

I’m going to skip the monumental social problems Californians face, and instead address the state’s sophomoric ideas about electrical power. I think all of my readers can agree that having adequate electrical power is kind of a big deal. It’s been around forever, and very dependable, so we have come to depend on it. Having adequate electrical power can save your life in several different ways, and it can also make your life much more comfortable. But, having dependable electrical power in California is getting a little sketchy. It started way back in the days of Gray Davis.

Why is this happening? To cut through all of the B.S. and excuses being floated by experts, it’s really nothing more than very poor management, of a very important utility. Newsome is about to make it even worse. Click on the link below for an in depth look at what’s really happening.


Sadly my friends, Gavin Newsome is one of many Democrats today that are floating this craziness. They are part of what my friend calls the ” Butterfly and Rainbow” generation. When he said this, I told him he left out Unicorns. I’m not really sure where the younger generations got these ideas, maybe from watching too much Disney propaganda? I’m not sure if it has really registered in your brain yet, but the animated kiddie movies are loaded with social messages. The famous Walt Disney movie “Bambi” was very anti hunting and guns. ( Another topic for another blog. )

So to summarize, good ol’ Gavin plans on outlawing the sales of internal combustion engine cars and trucks by 2035, while simultaneously decommissioning conventional power generating stations. This is going to increase the electrical demand a thousand fold. So, southern California solved their water shortage by stealing northern California’s water. Who are they going to steal their electricity from? Asking for a friend. Californians don’t need to look at Oregon, we have our own crop of idiots that are planning the same damn thing. ( I got it, Mexico. The Mexicans would gladly build coal powered generators and sell the power to the dumb ass gringos. ) Ain’t life great?




A lot of things take form over time from accumulative effects. Nothing is as impressive as the stalagmites, and stalagtites, in subterranian wonderlands, such as Carlsbad Caverns. I have visited twice, and it’s a very impressive sight for sure. Societal changes happen in much the same way, slowly over time, one change at a time. If those changes are constructive, life gets better. Unfortunately, over the past sixty odd years, this has not been the case in America. Dark forces have been at work for a very long time, with little resistance.

In my opinion, the end of world war two was a passage of sorts. We often talk about pre war and post war events. But, I think there was also a pre war and post war attitude. The second world war was a massive undertaking by the western world. Eighty-five million people across the globe died as a result of that war, or 3% of the world population in 1940. I think it had a profound impact on the general attitude Americans and people in general. After the war, I believe younger Americans were eager to enter into a new world, and leave the old one behind.

Young people wanted a more free wheeling life, unrestricted by the social restraints of the previous generations. They were more open minded and eager to try new ideas. One of these new ideas was put forth in a book by Dr. Benjamin Spock. His book called ” The common sense book of baby and child care”. The book sold 500,000 copies in six months after it’s inititial publication in 1946. It sold a total of 50 million copies by the time of Spock’s death in 1998. By the late 1960’s Spock was facing massive critcism for encouraging a permissive parenting style. He was blamed for helping create the “counterculture” of the 1960’s. ( Wikipedia )

In my opinion, it is immeasurable, the impact this one man had on our society. In my time in elementary school, we lived in absolute fear that we would have to bend over and take a few “spats” from a legendary paddle that hung in the principles office. It was rumored, that the infamous paddle, had holes drilled in it to make it even more painful. I’m not sure if that paddle actually existed, I never saw it, but just the thought of it, was enough to make me think twice before doing somthing dumb.

The Dr. Spock believers would not allow that threat of their little darling’s behinds being “tanned”, so corporal punishment was outlawed in public schools. Couple that with little or no discipline at home, and it was all downhill from there. With the mere threat of punishment for acting stupid, no longer in play, discipline began to disappear. Young people, knowing they would not have to face responsibility for their actions, is the perfect recipe for out of control adults. We are now seeing thousands of those examples roaming the streets today, engaging in all forms of lawlessness. Rubbing salt in the wounds, are the leftist enemies of the state, not prosecuting them for their lawless activities. So, the beat goes on.

Not too long after Dr. Spock did his irreversible damage, another infamous character appeared on the national stage. Madalyn Murray O’Hair, founding President of the American Atheist’s. She is best known for the Murray v. Curlett lawsuit, which eventually resulted in prayer being banned in public schools. The organization eventually fell into chaos, and a former employee of the American Atheist’s murdered her and two others. There’s that Karma guy again. Now, without discipline, or religion in our public schools, our children are missing two very important building blocks of civilization.

When you read the Supreme Court ruling, they make it very clear that the intent was to prohibit the public schools from promoting religion as a government agency. They cited the First Amendment Establishment Clause. The court also stated that their decision did not prohibit students from engaging in prayer while on the premises, doing so of their own volition. So, I don’t find that hard to understand at all, you probably won’t either. Here’s the problem. This ruling was reached in 1962, 58 years ago. School board, and city officials make all sorts of decisions based on what they think the ruling was, not what it actually is. These folks have an agenda, and use the ruling as a way to get the desired results, when often they are dead wrong in the interpretation. The problem is, that no one takes the time to do the research on the subject, and they get away with it. So it’s just another slow drip, against religion. Ref: High school coach Joe Kennedy of Bremerton, Washington. Kennedy started kneeling in 15 seconds of prayer at the 50 yard line after each game. He was quickly joined by members of his team, and often by players of opposing teams. Everyone was engaging in prayer on their own volition, it was not a mandated school activity, also after regular school hours, and after a football game. The City of Bremerton fired Kennedy. He is currently fighting to be reinstated in his old job. In my opinion, the City of Bremerton acted incorrectly based on the 1962 Supreme Court ruling that I read. This is not an isolated incident, schools and cities around the country are doing this kind of stuff every day. If they had to fight it out in court every time they made one of these stupid decisions, it would stop.

The Democrats and the left have been openly undermining the traditional American family for years. The ultra liberal Hollywood crowd have been leading the way, by embracing single parenthood, as if it’s some sort of glorious lifestyle. Hollywood celebrities can afford to hire an entire staff to help raise thier children while they work. Jane Doe, the 18 year old server at Denny’s can’t even afford daycare, let alone a nanny. The best she can hope for, is a willing Granny. She is pretty much destined to live in poverty if she remains single. Her child, is very likely to end up in even worse shape than she’s in. Single parenthood is the beginning of a vicious circle, that rarely has a good ending.

Roe v. Wade, another jewel of a SCOTUS decision. There are so many things wrong with this practice, it’s almost impossible to find a starting place for discussion. The original ruling if I remember it correctly, the court ruled abortions were legal up to end of the third month. But, as always, once a law has been established, lawyers start looking for ways around it, through it, and under it. In my opinion, and I’m far from alone, life begins at conception. Aborting a child at any stage of pregnancy for reasons other than to save the mother’s life, is murder, period. We find our way back at the earlier discussion regarding consequences of your actions. Abortion is just another way to escape responsibility. However in this case, it’s taking an innocent life, to get relief of from a bad decision. Nearly 57 million babies have been violently murdered since the 1973 ruling, making abortion legal. The number of abortions in the U.S. only, is 2,900 per day, or 2.3 per minute. Several states now allow infanticide, killing a healthy, full term baby after delivery. This is the definition of insanity. What kind of woman is callous enough to allow her newly born child to be killed, actually giving permission for the so called doctors to do so. By the way, these people are not doctors, they are butchers. In my opinion, when society allows the murder of innocent babies, then the value of life in general is greatly diminished. During the current civil unrest, you have seen many examples of young people attacking senior citizens. The respect for life is beginning to slowly disappear. Unmitigated abortion is playing a large part in that, in my opinion.

These are just a few of the horrible attacks on our civilization and society. There are many more than I have time or space to enumerate. The Democrat leftist liberals never tire of chipping away at our way of life. What are they trying to achieve? What is the end game? What kind of world are they imagining. They say re-imagine policing? Why on earth would you want to make the world more dangerous than it already is? Truth be known, I don’t think they have a viable plan beyond the destruction of of our institutions. I have yet to see any Democrat, with the intelligence to create a new form of government. They just want to be in power, even if the world looks like the one depicted in the Mad Max movies. I have news for the Democrats. If you continue to travel down this path, your new second language is going to be Mandarin Chinese. Rage on fools.




Climate Change is a wonderful thing for politicians. It is the unprovable, universal excuse that covers almost anything you can think of. You can blame the opposition party for virtually all of the world’s problems, if they aren’t aggressive enough, in your opinion, of combatting this elusive enemy.

The latest and most laughable example of this, is the towering genius of Jay Inslee, governor of the Peoples Republic of Washington State, blaming the Washington wild fires on climate change. The first thing you notice when you look at the fire maps, is that the fires stop at the Canadian border. Nice try bozo. Just one more example of an incredible display of overwhelming intelligence by Jay Inslee. This is the same guy that came up with the brilliant idea of separating families in different quarantine areas of the city, in temporary housing during the so called Covid crisis. That’s right, the state taking your children, and housing them apart from you, for an undetermined length of time, in the name of who knows what. But that’s not the scary part. They were going to send special police officers to your home and examine you for signs of Covid, if you showed signs, you had to agree to quarantine in your home for a certain number of days. If you resisted you would be arrested and you and your children would be separated and housed in these special barracks. Sounds a little like life under Stalin does it not? This crap has no place in the United States of America. When you put Democrats in power, you’re gambling with your freedom. Democrats really hate that “government of the people, by the people, for the people” thing.

I think it’s quite humorous that climate change started out as ” global warming “. Then after a couple of years of really severe winters, it became a joke. You’re standing at a bus stop, wrapped up in a parka that would make any Eskimo proud and your boots freeze to the pavement. You’re at the bus stop because your freaking car is buried in eight foot of snow. That makes global warming a pretty hard sell. Politicians being politicians, came up with the ” climate change ” phrase. Now it can be adapted to cover everything from hurricanes to bed bugs.

Because every natural disaster, and any number of other calamities, can be attributed to “climate change”, the politicians can now make the claim that they know what is causing this dastardly phenomenon, and all they need is more tax money to make it go away. Never mind that as close as any of these morons ever get to science is making ice cubes in the refrigerator. As a matter of fact, most politicians would be clueless as to how a thermos bottle knows how to keep hot things hot and cold things cold, without batteries or a cord to plug it in. But never mind, pay them another $50.00 per year on your auto license, they will fix it. ( just after they pay off the PERS deficit of $50 million dollars )

President Trump, God bless his soul, was smart enough, and had the balls to get the USA out of the Paris Climate Accord. What a joke. Why would anyone commit to spending billions of dollars on such nonsense? But then again, why not, it’s not their money, it’s yours. Did they ask you if they could donate billions of your tax dollars to a gigantic hoax? Hell no, they did it because it made them look like big shots on the world stage, while you’re getting screwed. That’s how these bozos operate. They give away your money, and get even richer because of the backflow of cash they get from the lobbyists, that wanna put windmills on virtually every square inch of the countryside. You know, those places where you used to take pictures when the sun was going down or coming up. All of those beautiful sunsets and sunrises are now filled with gigantic wind machines. By the way, the size of these things are amazing, especially if you’re in close proximity. Be really careful though, you might trip over a dead Condor or Eagle that was annihilated by a 250′ long propeller. If you killed one of these giant birds with a rifle, you would be fined and likely jailed. But hey, it’s OK with a windmill, it’s the greenie thing. They spent years saving these endangered birds, but that’s so yesterday. now we’re into killing the fossil fuels industry. If we can accomplish getting rid of fossil fuels, driving a few birds into extinction was well worth it.

These two are telling you the world is going to end in 12 years if they don’t enact the ” Green New Deal”. Look at these photos, and recall what you have heard these two say in the past. I can’t really add much more than this. Some people will vote for them with enthusiasm, which validates the old saying ” a sucker is born every minute”. Vote the right way, not the left way. God Bless the USA.