This blog is dedicated to my good friend Paul R. All of our crazy friends and of course my wife and I went on our first camp out of the season to our favorite coastal hangout. Four nights sitting around the campfire and engaging in a few adult beverages, seems to bring out the best in people. I’m not sure why they don’t implement this technique in so called “think tanks”. I’m sure that many more monumental ideas and inventions would be the result. For instance, my friend Gary started knocking his beer over after about three hours and getting dirt in the bottle, I simply took out my pocket knife and cut a chunk out of his tee shirt and put it over the top of the bottle with a rubber band. Kept the dirt out, and the could still drink it as it filtered out the dirt already in the bottle.

So, in one of our in depth conversations, my friend Paul, who reads all of my blogs, asks a very important question….He asked “who is they”? He went on to say that almost every bad thing that happens in this world is a result of what “they” did. People are always quick to say “they are responsible for this”. It just never occurred to me how utterly horrible “they are”. So, I thought in the interest of public awareness, I will attempt to list a few of the things “they” are responsible for.

  1. I went to the market to buy my favorite treats I enjoyed as a youngster. The store owner said, they quit making them years ago. Well damn, they didn’t ask me.
  2. It’s amazing how much power they have, I really liked Oldsmobile cars. They quit making them. Did they ask anyone first?
  3. They don’t make dishwashers like they used to, even President Trump said so. Why doesn’t the President do something, so they will make them better? Seems reasonable to me.
  4. They are putting stuff like cereal and chips in smaller packages and charging us more. Who said they could do that? Can’t they do something about this?
  5. They say the climate is changing and they need to restrict our activities. I think they are wrong, but I can’t find a phone number or an address. I don’t know where they are.
  6. A few years ago, they thought it would be a good idea to paint firetrucks yellow. Apparently it didn’t work out because they are painting them red again. They were wrong.
  7. They keep raising our property taxes. Why can’t they be voted out of office?
  8. If that isn’t bad enough they raise gasoline prices every summer when we are taking our vacations. They are heartless creeps.
  9. You hear people say all the time, they are making it harder for us to get ahead. They must hate us.
  10. They need to be brought before congress for all of the bad stuff they are causing. But, I don’t think they will do it.

So I am asking for your help, in finding out who they are. I’m tired of all grief they are causing everyone. If anybody has any clue, or inside information, let me know, and we will mount a search and destroy campaign so they can’t keep spreading misery. We have another camp out planned soon, so be on the lookout for more mind boggling revelations.





I’m going to begin with my pet peeve………….aggressive truckers. Modern semi trailer trucks are vastly different from 50 years ago, and so are the drivers. Today’s diesel tractors have huge engines with twin turbos, that produce massive amounts of power ( and speed ). Years ago, it took semi trucks literally several miles to reach highway speed, and climbing steep grades was a low speed grind. Those days are gone for the most part, today’s trucks are not that much slower than the common family sedan. Modern trucks have much better brakes than the older trucks, but it takes a lot of time and distance to bring 80,000 pounds to a halt from 70 mph which most of these rigs run.

Trucks with semi trailers take up a lot of real estate. A rig with a 53 foot trailer, is about 80 feet bumper to bumper. That’s roughly about 5 car lengths. It can get a little dicey traveling on a popular truck route such as I-5 in your 3500 pound sedan, amidst a throng of behemoths. It shouldn’t be dicey, but the truck drivers today, are not the courteous drivers of yesteryear. These guys drive like maniacs. The reason that states regulates the speed of trucks is to keep them from totally dominating the highways. However, if the State Police are not active enough, that’s exactly what happens.

Now get ready, I’m going to introduce a racial factor into this discussion. There is an ever growing number of drivers from middle eastern countries and India. Sorry to say, these drivers are simply not on the same level as American drivers. When I see a truck weaving back and forth encroaching into the lanes on both sides, it’s almost always a middle eastern looking driver on his cell phone. These guys are dangerous, and have bad driving habits. Unfortunately, they have the ability to cause major havoc with an enormous vehicle. That said, I have seen some pretty lousy American drivers too. I’ve traveled extensively around the western United States by car and have seen some really stupid truck drivers.

For about 15 years I traveled up and down I-5 between Seattle and the Canadian border. It was not uncommon to encounter Canadian trucks in a convoy, nose to tail, sometimes six to ten trucks. Do the math, this is like a train on a highway. Ten semi trucks nose to tail take up about 6/10 of a mile. You can’t enter or exit the freeway when this happens. I have missed my exit several times because I couldn’t get through the line of trucks, or you have to come to a stop and wait before you can enter the freeway. This has to be one of the most inconsiderate acts that truckers commit.

I saved the best for last. The one act that truckers commit that drives me insane is as follows; You’re cruising up a super long grade, on a two lane in one direction, with a few semi trucks. Your traveling at about 65 mph. You are approaching two semis in the right lane traveling very slow. Just as you are about 500 feet away from them, the truck in the back suddenly swings out into the fast lane. You jump on the brakes, slow down to about 30-35 mph, and it takes at least a mile or more for this guy to complete his pass. The truck that just pulled that crap, is probably only about five miles an hour faster than the truck he passed, which is going to put him at the summit about five minutes quicker. This is a very dangerous act, because it can cause a large backup very quickly, and could result in rear end collisions among the faster traveling cars, not expecting traffic to abruptly slow down. If the driver was considerate of his fellow travelers, he would have been patient and stayed in the truck lane.

Automobile drivers cause headaches for truckers as well. Drivers of more maneuverable smaller vehicles don’t consider how long it takes a big rig to stop, and often take up the space that drivers put between them and the vehicle ahead of them, by suddenly diving into that space without warning. Also, automobile drivers don’t realize how hard it is for truckers to see them, and often cause accidents because they are not thinking. If you can’t see the trucks mirrors, he can’t see you. It takes a lot of time and space to maneuver a big rig into a tight space. Car drivers need to be patient and wait. Give the truck driver time to complete his maneuver safely.

This is the bottom line. On a public highway, vehicles are usually moving at about 60-70 mph. A driver needs to stay alert at all times,.When things go wrong, a lot of stuff happens very quickly, and usually people get injured or killed. Accidents are caused by someone doing something dumb. If everyone could practice more courtesy and civility, it would be so much easier and safer to travel from point A to B. This rule also works in most everything you do. Just try and be a little kinder and a little more patient with your fellow humans. I get impatient too quickly, I’m trying to fix that. Try to make our highways friendlier and safer. Most of all, watch for cyclists, both pedal powered and gas powered. They are especially vulnerable.



There is a protocol for dealing with large scale emergencies. Human beings have been practicing these protocols forever. The first thing you have to realize is that a large portion of the population is very much like cattle, subject to stampeding in the face of danger. The primary function of good leadership is to calm people down, and make them believe everything is under control even if it isn’t. This is how you do it.

  1. Establish a command center. Gather the smartest and most knowledgeable people you can find, that have been trained, and preferably, have had experience in such situations.
  2. Thoroughly assess the problems you are faced with. Although time is always of the essence in emergency situations, taking time to evaluate your strategies can reap huge dividends.
  3. Always evaluate your team as you go, some team members may prove to be ineffective for one reason or another. Weed out the weak team members as soon as possible, they will only impede your success.
  4. Make certain all of your team members are team players, and are willing to take orders from the top. Rogue players should be eliminated the minute you recognize them as such.
  5. The Supreme Commander should listen to his team, evaluate the input, and make the ultimate decisions on the actions of his group. He should be the sole spokesman, period.

President Trump established his command center very quickly. He surrounded himself with experts from the medical field. He met with them, and listened to their input, based on many years of experience. However in my opinion, the very first mistake, was attempting to be totally transparent. I’m pretty sure the reason the President was hell bent on transparency, was the beating he has taken in the main stream press for three long years. In this situation, the decisions should have been made behind closed doors. The reason I say this, is that medical people have tunnel vision, for the most part they only see one facet of the problem. The team commander must be able to see all aspects of the emergency, and be able to apply the actions with restraint, to mitigate collateral damage.

If the President had been conducting this operation behind closed doors he could have extricated Anthony Fauci from the team with minimum disruption, and minimum hoopla from the press. Anthony Fauci proved to be a huge liability in the President’s handling of this problem. The press was foaming at the mouth, hoping to be able to report on a rift between the President and Fauci. They would have pushed the narrative that the President thought he was smarter than a world renowned virologist. The cold hard facts happen to be, that Anthony Fauci was wrong over and over, and pretty much drove this whole thing over a cliff. Also, if the President had done this behind closed doors, it would have eliminated the influence of a hostile press.

To make the case against Anthony Fauci even stronger, he abandoned the time tested method of dealing with this virus, which was only quarantining the sick, and the vulnerable. Anthony Fauci instead allowed himself to be heavily influenced by the WHO and China. He also relied on very flawed data from the half wit in England, named Neil Ferguson, who has been wrong on virtually everything he has ever written. He also listened to a group in Washington State at the University of Washington, that produced the model that was wildly wrong. This man was a huge disaster, and should have been removed from the team of experts early on. However that becomes hard when you’re operating in an open arena.

If you remember in one of the early press conferences, when they were discussing shutting everything down for two weeks, President Trump said a long shut down would seriously damage the economy and said, ” the cure can’t be worse than the disease”. That was a prophetic statement, because the prescribed cure turned out to be 100 times worse than the disease. Again, I can’t emphasize this enough, when you are operating in the open, it makes it very difficult to go against your chosen experts. You absolutely have to conduct this type of business in private, there are simply too many adversaries that are eager to see you fail, and will do whatever they can to plant seeds of discord.

This has been an enormously expensive lesson on how not to respond to viral epidemic. I refuse to call it a pandemic, it wasn’t. This was a knee jerk reaction, stoked by fear, to a virus that was much less dangerous than reported. Shutting everyone inside made it worse, not better. Most of the victims that died were the old and sick, they could have been easily protected. In my opinion, China’s over the top reaction to the virus, set the stage for how the rest of the world reacted. Why China reacted in that manner will likely never be known by anyone other than China. If it was done to terrorize the rest of the world, it was a grand scale deception, and it worked.

In closing, the huge flaw, in my opinion, is that this nation is so polarized politically, our leaders are more interested in scoring political points than doing what is right for the people. The politicians are willing to sacrifice the economy of this nation, and cast millions into economic despair, destroying age old family businesses, to win a political victory. That my friend is a sure sign this nation is beginning to rot from the inside out. But what the heck, the Democrats are sure that by putting a tired old man with dementia in power with a black female V.P. it’s going to make everything OK. If that doesn’t make my case nothing will.



arm and leg taxes

The only creatures on this planet that are totally free are wild animals and homeless folks. The rest of us have to pay, and pay, and pay. A friend of mine told me once that filing for income tax the very first time was the official installation of the ball and chain. Once you file your income tax return, you are the property of the United States Government, and your State Government. They share what you produce. You are the worker bee that provides all of those lying, cheating suckers a paycheck, and a retirement plan the likes of which you can only dream of. Your tax dollars allow these worthless creeps to live like royalty. The payback…………nothing.

Twenty five years ago, you bought your dream house. You and your spouse saved for years, and finally you had enough for a down payment. Wow, when you walked through the front door, you thought you died and went to heaven. You were beginning the think it would never happen. The twenty year mortgage was pretty scary, but the years passed quickly and that awesome day came when you made your last payment. Two years later, the worst day of your life happened, you had a stroke, and you would never work again. The county tax assessor basically says it’s not his problem, pay the property taxes or the county is going to foreclose on your property. You and your spouse are going to be homeless after all of that saving and making payments for 20 years, and nobody cares. You are up that proverbial creek without a paddle. You had life insurance, you would have been better off had you died.

Folks, this is the bottom line, you don’t really ever own anything, if you don’t continue paying property taxes and income taxes, the government will take everything you own. If you die owning an estate the government will take a portion of that, even though you paid taxes on that property for many years. The government will essentially rob your children of a large portion of their inheritance.

So, all of my life, I’ve heard the phrase “our government is by and for the people”. Well, that may have been true when Abraham Lincoln said it, but today, it’s no longer exactly true. The government has slowly and steadily wormed it’s way into your life further and further. As we inch closer to socialism it’s only going to get worse. We recently realized that our freedoms can be curtailed by an executive order from your state governor. I’ll bet you never thought in a million years that could happen. Well, I sure didn’t.

This is the take away. The only reason that Americans have remained free ( kinda ) since the creation of the Constitution and Bill of Rights were written, is simple. We have had honorable men, that honored those two wonderful documents, while holding the positions of power that we the people elected them to. The other reason, is the second amendment. The population is armed and able to resist tyranny like no other nation on earth. There is no other populace in any major nation that is allowed to keep and bear arms. That is why we must never allow the Democrats to take away that right. Democrats dream of the day when Americans are no longer armed. If that day ever comes, you can kiss what little freedom you have goodbye. It will be the end of this glorious Republic.

Once a program or bureau is created in Washington D.C. it becomes eternal. Politicians love to create more government. Over the years the United States government has become bloated, and wasteful, and filled with what Rush Limbaugh calls pigs at the trough, feeding off of your hard earned tax dollars. It is foolish to think that we can ever reverse this. You would literally have to tear it all down and start over. The best we can do is elect fiscally responsible politicians ( Democrats are automatically excluded ). However we have had some pretty heavy spenders that were Republicans, George Bush comes to mind in recent years.

The point I am making is that the bigger the government becomes, the more it relies on heavy taxation to keep it afloat. The more taxes it levies on the common man, the less disposable income the everyday person has to survive on. The state and federal taxes combined can literally enslave you, if governments are not kept in control.

I would admonish you to assess the freedom you think you have. Be concerned about it, and do everything possible to retain as much as you can. There are forces working against you every day while you are just trying to survive. These forces are in every government agency from local to federal. We have a President that is working hard on your behalf every single day, he is in your corner. Support him with vigor, make sure he gets elected again. He has set the Democrat agenda back years already, if given another four years he can do some real damage to their leftist quest to turn this nation into a socialist hell hole. SUPPORT OUR PRESIDENT. 

Take back the House of Representatives and wrench the gavel from the hands of the botox queen, and her band of slackers. 




trump on tank



Fourth of July Parade

Since early March, we found out to everyone’s surprise, our freedom can be snatched away from us quite easily. We woke up one morning and the state governors slammed the brakes on, and stopped the whole dang shootin’ match. The President and his advisors were talking about a two week hiatus on normal everyday life. We are now looking at three months if you’re lucky, some state governors have obviously decided that they now own their respective states and you ain’t gettin’ em back. Good ol’ Gavin, is getting close to announcing that he is now California’s new president, and will be seceding from the union. I’m sure aunt Nancy has told him that since she is in charge, she’ll make sure it’s OK. Maine’s governor wacky Janet, has her knitting needles all sharpened up to defend her newly acquired real estate. I wouldn’t be surprised if Gretchen Whitmer of Michigan starts installing sandbags and gun emplacements around the state house. That bitch ain’t about to give up without a fight. Then we have good ol’ J.B. Prickster of Illinois. Yep, J.B. is not ever going to go peacefully, he is on the ultimate power trip. You can see when he talks that he is channeling Jimmy Hoffa. He’ll end up like ol’ Jimmy if he aint’ careful. But the dickhead of all dickheads, is the mayor of Los Angeles, Eric Garcetti. He has declared he is not going to open L.A. until we have a vaccine for Covid-19. These people are absolutely delirious. They simply don’t have the law on their side to make such absurd decisions. Does good ol’ Eric actually think Californian will allow him to get away with this. It ain’t gonna happen Eric.

So, if these tin horn idiot governors can rip your freedom from you that easily, which is guaranteed by the mother of all documents, the Constitution of the United States of America, I’m really concerned about how legitimate this whole thing really is. Think about it. Our freedoms were just snatched away in a heartbeat, and there was nobody backing us up. It’s pretty much looking like we’re on our own. The U.S Marines didn’t roll in and tell the the states to knock it off. The Attorney General said the Justice Dept. would be keeping an eye out for states that overstepped their authority. Has anybody heard the DOJ make any statements? I haven’t. I don’t know what I thought would happen if something like this ever occurred. There ain’t anyone to call, the ACLU has totally been taken over by the lefties, they are now as fake as CNN, and MSNBC.

So, my fellow American citizens, I think it’s quite clear we are on our own against these power hungry mini tyrants. The cavalry ain’t comin’ to save your asses. You are the cavalry. That’s why our forefathers gave us the second amendment. Utilizing the second amendment is the last resort, but it’s our ace in the hole. So I suggest that we get off our collective asses and starting getting organized for the fight. A good place to start is by texting 80123 and typing in RIGHTS. This is a grass roots freedom movement to fight against those who would abuse their power. It’s time to rise up and take back our Freedoms. Power to the people. 



bill of rights



Lies will always be bitter in the end, no matter how sweet you made them in the beginning.


Geeeze, does anyone tell the truth anymore? I have never seen so many liars in my lifetime. When they get caught, they tell more lies to cover the ones they’ve already told. Lying is absolutely rampant, as well as all out cheating. If the liars were the common low lives, it would be expected. But the liars today, are found at all levels of entertainment, news organizations, and worst of all government. When you read, or hear someone make a statement, you absolutely cannot take it as the truth. You literally have to fact check everything.

The FBI, the premier law enforcement agency in the United States has been transformed into a liars den by a handful of political activists. This is the law enforcement agency that has always been upheld as being the ultimate crusaders for truth and justice. It is now nothing but a joke, it may never regain it’s once stellar reputation. Liars ruin everything, always. Also make a note that these liars are Democrats.

The Justice Department has became a joke as well. It is filled with liars and cheats. They should remove all images of Lady Justice from anything and everything connected with this agency.  They are a biased leftist group that has abandoned the rule of law and justice. Ask Roger Stone and Michael Flynn and a host of others that have been ensnared by their corruption.

News organizations traffic in lies and deception. They are nothing more than the propaganda arm of the Democrat Party. The never ending stream of lies that is broadcast daily is astounding. I watch these people stare into the cameras and lie, and think, they must not have a conscience or inner sense of decency.

Our youngsters don’t think twice about lying to get what they want. School age children openly admit to cheating on tests, and don’t see anything wrong with it. Everybody does it. In today’s world, it’s pretty much anything goes, to get the desired results, honest or not.

Common everyday folks lie to each other with abandon. If it puts them in a better position at the moment, they don’t give lying a second thought. Employers are famous for lying to their employees and vice versa. People cheat and lie to get promotions, and salary increases. They lie on production reports, and any number of other things that make them look better. I have had several employers lie to me about future promotions just to get me to stay with the company when I was talking about quitting.

So, what is the world going to be like when lying reaches the saturation point, and truth is almost non existent? How do we operate in that atmosphere? I think, the absence of truth breeds chaos. Does law and order cease to exist? How do courts function in the absence of truth? We chastise our children for not telling the truth, yet we send them to schools that teach lies, and modify history.

Some lies tend to have very long lives, living for generations, and resurfacing to hurt innocent people. I am seeing this happen more and more frequently. Someone is excited about getting their DNA done to learn more about their family, only to find out that years ago someone told a big whopping lie about who the sperm donor was. The person that told that lie initially never dreamed that they would be exposed forty or fifty years later. Of course when that happens, the entire dynamics of the family can be upset. The damage from that single lie can literally affect dozens of people that weren’t even born when the prevaricator did their dirty work.

We have just found out in the past few days that dozens of people in the Obama administration, apparently including Barrack himself, were engaged in spinning a huge lie in order to damage an incoming President. That lie cost the American taxpayers over 40 million dollars and seriously hurt a number of innocent folks. The perpetuation of that lie lasted almost four long years, and did irreparable damage to the FBI, DOJ, and CIA.

State governors all across this country have closed down their states. Some more severely than others. Almost all, seem to have one thing in common, they are lying about why they are doing it. The numbers don’t come close to backing up their actions. They say they are doing these things based on science. The stuff they are doing isn’t even logical. It makes no sense, but they continue to B.S. the public, and nobody knows why but them. Governor Jay Inslee of Washington State, just announced today that he is starting to monitor people who they think are infected with the virus and quarantine them and their families, even taking their children away. They are enlisting the National Guard to arrest people. They have a force of over 1300 to start this operation. It is just plain scary. He is mimicking the actions of the Chinese Communists. It is time for all out resistance. Text RIGHTS 80123 to join the resistance. 

Pay very close attention, the left is starting to make their moves to take your rights and your freedoms. DO NOT ALLOW THEM TO SUCCEED.  

red donkey (2)





Family With Adult Children Having Argument At Breakfast

Unless you were a laboratory experiment, you’re part of a family. Even if you were a lab experiment ( which I suspect several people I know are ) you probably acquired a family at some point. I heard a lesbian comedian say she had a new romantic acquaintance, and invited her new girlfriend to meet her family. Her new girlfriend responded by saying no, she already had one family that hated her.

Most people don’t get to choose who their family members are. Even when they do, it doesn’t always go well. Ask any second or third wife, or husband that are bitterly hated by their step children. I have an acquaintance that was one of those who bitterly disliked his Mom’s new husband, and went out his way to make it known. Many years have passed and he said he feels badly about the way he acted.

We have a large group of friends, like us, are in our later years. A lot of life has transpired, not all of it good. Many of us have lost wives or husbands to disease or accidents, some to just common divorces. We discuss our lives freely when we are together, and the same stories come up again and again, although the people are different. Family members can be the most obnoxious people in your lives. People you would never choose to be friends with, yet they remain your family and you have to endure their bad behavior. We met a woman this past weekend, that told us, because she is a Trump supporter, her brother recently told her he hopes she effing dies.

Religion and politics are major hand grenades in family relations. I have had first hand experience in both of these things. I am a free thinker, I hate group think, which, in my opinion, is basically what organized religion is. I have a strong testimony of God the Father, Jesus Christ, and the Holy Ghost. The Holy Bible is quite clear on what God expects of you, and Jesus was quite clear in his teachings how you should interact with your fellow man. When churches begin inserting the doctrines of man into Bible teachings, and claiming they are the only true Church, I immediately begin to get very skeptical. Here’s the way I see it. Human beings are brand followers. Some people own Chevrolet autos their entire lives and wouldn’t dream of driving anything else, others Honda’s or whatever. You ask them why, they may answer, well my family always owned Chevy’s. No different with religion, if they are born into a particular church, it’s unlikely they will stray. They don’t know why, it’s just what our family has always done they will tell you. But holy crap, if one of those family members marries out of the church, the spouse of that family member is quite often the recipient of  major hatred. Brand loyalty is a form of selective blindness.

So, when you mix all of these things together, it becomes quite toxic. It is the perfect concoction to destroy even the strongest of families. A person is widowed, or divorced, finds another mate of different religion or lifestyle, begins a new life that doesn’t resemble their old life and the cracks start to appear.

This is the bottom line, it’s nobody’s business how you live your life. You are a free person. If the family doesn’t like your new lifestyle or your new mate, they can discuss it all they want among themselves, but if they can’t put on a happy face for you, they aren’t worthy of your love. The problem with most families is that they can’t discern support from criticism. Also, they have a problem putting the past behind them, and embracing the present.

If you have a large diverse family, that loves and appreciates one another for who they are, rather than who they want them to be, you are indeed blessed. If they adore one another whether they are blood kin or not, you are indeed blessed. If they accept each others choices in politics and religion, you are indeed blessed.

If you are a member of a family that has undergone changes such as the ones I described, and have a problem dealing with it, look in the mirror, you’re likely to be looking straight at the problem. Stop judging your family members and start loving them. If you can’t do that, and still profess to be a Christian, maybe you need to examine your relationship with your Savior.

By the way, the phrase Families Are Forever, doesn’t have any caveats. Like it or not.



jesus with the children