NOVEMBER 23, 2021


If you follow my blog, you have probably noticed my postings are not as frequent as they once were. A couple of different reasons for that. I have other interests that consume my time, but mostly, there are so many things going on at once, I need time to analyze and digest what I am seeing and hearing. This was a very good week for patriotic Americans. First, and very important, was the Kyle Rittenhouse verdict. A big win for freedom, especially those of us that think the Second Amendment is a very big deal. Secondly, and equally important is all across America, parents are making huge headway in curbing the Critical Race Theory nightmare in our public schools. I have been preaching for months, that the most important battle we could fight, was against the school boards. This is where the seeds of socialism are planted and nourished.

Another of my favorite topics I have written about extensively, is how the left has gone about tearing down our judicial and law enforcement institutions. Anyone with even a fair amount of reasoning power, could have predicted where this would end up. Americans across our nation are starting to rise up and push back against the Soros backed prosecutors and other super lenient public officials. It’s happening at a faster rate than I imagined. When neighborhood stores are forced to close because of looting and high rates of shop lifting it hurts everyone. Cities being burned and destroyed are hurting the most vulnerable, and poor. I see the tide turning on this trend. More and more cities and states are electing people that want to rebuild our law enforcement bureaus. I am even seeing some movement ( albeit small ) on our college campuses, that conservative professors are gaining some ground. This doesn’t have to happen fast, it just needs to happen.

WAUKESHA WISCONSIN: A blatant example of what happens when you go soft on crime. Darrell Brooks Jr. should not have been on the street. You know the details, this is a sad, and direct result of this bail elimination nonsense the left is pushing. Until we get bail reinstituted in a sensible manner, this mayhem and destruction will continue to happen, and a lot of innocent people are going to get hurt and/or killed.

DEMOCRATS CONTINUE TO ENCOURAGE ANARCHY: It’s not hard to determine why the left loves chaos. Anarchy is very foreign to most Americans, and the images of violence and destruction draw their attention away from the more sinister things the lefties are doing behind the scenes. If you’re worried about your city being burned, and the police overwhelmed, you’re not paying attention to the fact they are ruining the economy with really stupid policy decisions. You’re not paying attention to how they are planning to dismantle your fossil fuel power generating stations, and make your life much more difficult, in the name of green energy. They totally diverted your attention away from the Afghanistan disaster with Vaccine mandates. They are constantly “gas lighting” you so you won’t notice they are going about business daily, taking away your basic rights. You are being subjected to the biggest brain washing scheme since the days of Joseph Stalin.

GABBY PETITO: If you have been following this case, even casually, as I have, you have probably came to same conclusion that I have. The “Keystone Cops” are alive and well. One can only assume, that justice for Gabby wasn’t a top priority. The FBI and DOJ, did a much better job of identifying parents opposing the local school boards, and accusing them of being domestic terrorists. Very sad indeed!

JOE BIDEN ON KYLE RITTENHOUSE: Don’t be too hard on Biden for not retracting the “white supremist” remark about Kyle, it just hasn’t come up on his teleprompter yet. He can still read, he just can’t formulate conversational thoughts. The fact that Obama is pulling the strings, I wouldn’t look for an apology ever.

COMRADE LA BRON: Quick to condemn Rittenhouse, quick to trash the USA, very reluctant to criticize the Chinese Communists in the smallest amount. Haven’t heard him utter a word about Peng Shuai who went missing on November 2nd. She made the big mistake of making sexual assault allegations against a top Chinese party leader. She went from tennis star to the assembly line worker for sex toys.

GEORGE FLOYD AS JESUS: A painting by Kelly Latimore, titled ” Momma” depicts George Floyd as Jesus. The painting evokes Michelangelo’s sculpture “La Pieta” It seems there are two copies being displayed at the Catholic University of America, one at the entrance to the chapel, and one in the campus ministry office. Thank God sanity is still present, there has been a huge student pushback on the paintings. Students calling the painting “heretical, blasphemous idolatry”. The University is defending it as part of Black History month. How sick are these people?

LOOTING IS RACIEST: The left doesn’t want you to use the term “looting”, saying it’ raciest. Well, all of the folks we see looting on TV seem to be people of color. So doesn’t that automatically make the act raciest? I remember watching the news coverage of a hurricane in Florida a few years ago, all of the folks looting the “Foot Locker” were black folks in late model sedans, in expensive athletic gear. So, from my observations, all of the looting I see on the news is being done by black folk. Even the lady from BLM in the Chicago riot, said it’s reparations in a sense, and the insurance companies reimburse the stores anyway, so what’s the big deal? Get used to it. Just a side note, don’t try it if you’re white folk. You gonna disappear.

More to come soon, didn’t get to cover some other really important stuff, like how stupid our Energy Secretary is. She makes Romy and Michelle look like geniuses. If you haven’t seen the movie Romy and Michelle’s High School Reunion, get it and be prepared to laugh. It’s from 1997 so it’s even funnier now.

Stay alert, and stay safe. We are starting to win some small but significant battles. I am beginning to think we may be able to turn this thing around. God Bless you all. Have a great Thanksgiving with your families, don’t listen to Fauci.




I’m certainly no expert on ocean going vessels, and the engineering that makes them function, but I am aware of the basics of how they work. Anyone that has been around boats for even a limited amount of time, knows how important it is to keep the load balanced for maximum performance and to mitigate the chances of them capsizing.

On the large ocean going vessels, they have ballast tanks, and pumps to keep the vessel stabilized in the water. We’re talking about modern cruise liners weighing in at 200,000 tons. Needless to say, if you let that get out of control, it ends up like the picture above. When a ship begins to list severely, it reaches the point of vanishing stability and the game is over.

The same principles apply in our form of government. That is why a healthy balance of power between the two political parties must exist. The political parties, if you will, are the ballast tanks that keep the nation in the correct attitude. However, like the pumps that move the water in and out of the ballast tanks, the law must be applied equally to all citizens, regardless of their social status, race, wealth, or political affiliation.

All large vehicles and vessels that are complex engineering marvels, have operating procedures, and must be followed to insure flawless operations, and prevent disasters. Our Constitution is exactly that. It is an operating manual produced by the creators of the Republic, to insure it’s longevity and smooth operation. Like all complex machines, you expect some repair, and adjustments to occur from time to time, which is handled by skilled technicians. That is why we have three branches of government to make sure all repairs are done properly.

In recent years, the Democrat party has gained far too much power, infiltrating every nook and cranny of our government. The two most dangerous bureaus are the military and intelligence departments. Recently, we are seeing a growing influence by the corporate giants, especially the tech industries. The corporations are buying influence to shape how the lawmakers perform. So, in essence, we have a group of people, that have convinced themselves that they don’t need no stinking operations manuals, they can run it by the seat of their pants. So they’re just making up shit as they go. Our nation is increasingly, listing to the port side.

We now have the Democrats in control of all three branches of the government, the military complex, and the intelligence bureaus. The influence of the corporations, and main stream news media are parroting the leftist agenda, attempting to control how everyday Americans think and act. I am shocked as everyone should be, that the media, is trying to influence the outcome of the Kyle Rittenhouse case. They have successfully convinced a large portion of people it is a racial issue, when all of the participants were white. Kyle was defending himself against being beaten senseless, or outright killed. There is not one racial component to this issue.

If Kyle Rittenhouse is convicted of murder, he will have been pronounced guilty, not by a jury of his peers, rather the main stream media. If this happens, people are now going to be tried and convicted on the evening news. Our ballast system will have suffered catastrophic damage. Kyle Rittenhouse in reality, is only a means to an end. The left really wants to use this trial to nullify the Second Amendment. If Kyle is convicted, you may as well kiss your gun rights goodbye.

Since the advent of Covid-19, they have successfully stripped you of every one of your rights. The only one left it the second amendment. Once that is gone, the entire ballast system has been destroyed, and the nation will be facing Vanishing Stability.

Stay safe and alert my friends, God Bless you all and your families. We are looking at possibly facing some grim financial times ahead, along with social unrest. Take the steps necessary to protect yourselves and your families. The best to all.




NOVEMBER 7, 2021



I have to start out with something from the ” What did you think was going to happen” Dept. Steve Sweeney, the Democrat that currently holds the seat for the President of the New Jersey State Senate is refusing to concede, saying thousands of ballots have just been discovered in one county. Doh! I’m pretty sure, most of you saw this coming. It’s standard Democrat election strategy nowadays. Just give ’em a week or so, and they can find thousands more ballots that somehow, someway, were misplaced. ( they were under the tables in suitcases ) The really strange part, is the number magically always seems to be just enough to put the Democrat over the top. I actually think this has been going on way longer than any of us know, it’s just harder to hide these days.

This is a story from ” We’re getting Stupider “ Dept. OK, already, I know stupider is wrong, that was my intent. Moving along, putting on entertainment events such as concerts should be done carefully, to mitigate the number of people in attendance, and it’s always best to have people in assigned seating. It’s just the smart way to do crowd control and prevent injuries. People are really not a lot different from other large herds of animals, if something spooks them they stampede and a lot of folks can die. Soccer games are famous for this, but it’s well known soccer fans are much closer to the intelligence of lemmings. Sorry if you’re a soccer fan, I think it’s a really dumb game. But to be fair, I think watching a baseball game is about as exciting as watching grass grow, it moves about as fast. Back to my point, a horrible thing happened at a concert in Texas this weekend at “Astroworld”. A lawsuit has been filed against the two rappers, Drake and Travis Scott, saying they incited the crowd and caused the deadly stampede. The whole point of rap music is to incite emotions, then you put thousands of folks standing shoulder to shoulder, it is a recipe for disaster. The promoters of the event should be sued out of existence for just being stupid and greedy. The local government officials should have had more control over the numbers in attendance. I think we’re having a pandemic of Stupid.

The Biden administration is reportedly considering closing another pipeline in Michigan. So, this pipeline in question moves about 540,000 barrels of crude and other oil products per day from Western Canada into the US. Republican lawmakers have sent a letter of Protest to Biden saying this could cause a 50% rise in gas prices. Jennifer Granholm, Biden’s energy Secretary doesn’t seem to blink an eye when saying ” Yep, this is going to happen, it’s going to be more expensive this year, than last year”. When a reporter asked her about boosting domestic oil production, she thought it was hilarious. She’s obviously cut from the “Kamala mold”. The other birthing person genius, Gretchen Whitmer, is planning on shutting down the Enbridge pipeline, during this oil shortage. More really stupid people.

Think about what the Democrats have done in 10 months in power:

  1. Imposed harsh restrictions on public activities and businesses under the guise of Covid-19
  2. Seriously harmed the US economy in the name of Covid-19 prevention measures.
  3. Closed down a major pipeline, and drilling on public lands making us energy dependent.
  4. Opened the southern border to any and all who wish to enter with little or no restrictions.
  5. Handcuffed ICE, by not allowing them to deport violent criminals.
  6. Enacted vaccine mandates that will further cripple businesses and the economy.
  7. Allowing a river of narcotics to flow across southern border.
  8. Made life in US much more dangerous by not vetting illegal aliens.
  9. Encouraged the demise of state and local police departments.
  10. Encourages the dismantling of the bail systems, to hold criminals in jail.
  11. Encourages more lenient prosecution of law breakers in general.
  12. Declared war in the carbon energy sector, with no satisfactory replacement.
  13. Withdrew from Afghanistan in the worst possible way, embarrassing the US on the world stage, leaving hundreds of Americans stranded in enemy hands.
  14. Initiated flawed economic programs causing massive inflation.
  15. Attempting to pass huge spending bills that will fuel the flames of inflation even more.
  16. Weaponizing the FBI and DOJ against common everyday Americans.
  17. Allowed the supply chain to completely collapse.
  18. Probably the most difficult to understand, is that the Federal government is transporting unvetted, unvaccinated, illegal aliens to cities across the United States under the cover of darkness, and placing them in living quarters, and providing them with monetary support, while avoiding notification of local and state authorities.

Needless to say, the list of lawless acts is much longer, but you get the point. I didn’t mention the harm they are doing to our military institutions. So what exactly is the end game of the Democrats? What is the ultimate goal they are trying to achieve? I’m pretty sure we all know the answer to that question. I think the answer lies in the phrase ” Build Back Better”. Their ultimate goal is the totally tear down the whole system, and replace it with a Socialist State. So far, they are pretty much openly following the Marxist playbook. I might add, they are doing it very rapidly.

The following, is purely my opinion, based on the events that I have witnessed, and continue to witness daily. If you are going to move a very large boulder, that has been in place for hundreds of years, you likely need some explosives to dislodge it. America has been operating in largely the same manner for well over 200 years. To change the system legislatively would take generations, and may never happen at all. If you want it to happen quickly, you need a few explosive events to get the ball rolling. First order of business would be to cripple the economy. Releasing a deadly virus on the world would certainly do the trick. But why the world, why not just the US? Because the US is the economic engine of the free world. It all has to go down at once to achieve maximum impact. Then you need a major racial component to divide the people and cause political disarray. Enter George Floyd, and the horrendous public display of a white man killing a black man on live TV. Now the ball is rolling downhill like a snowball to hell. All the Democrats have to do now is keep destroying the systems one by one, and the USA will die of a thousand little cuts.

I want each of you to take a step back, and watch what is happening, and analyze what you have seen with your own eyes over the past two years, I think you will start to look at things a little differently, and it will make much more sense. The vaccine mandates are nothing more than a method to expose the American patriots. To find out who is more likely to be loyal to the socialist cause. All of those people shouting and shaming the unvaccinated, are already on board and would rat you out in a Nano second for the Socialists. The masking is another method of identifying the obedient. You’re about to enter an Orwellian world for real my friends.

To undo what the Democrats have already done is going to be a major task, if it can be undone at all. Only time will tell. In the meantime, stay safe, arm yourself if you lean in that direction, stay alert at all times. God Bless you all and your families.




I was laughing my ass off last night as Glenn Younkin was giving his acceptance speech. Not at Glenn’s speech, it was very eloquent and moving. He absolutely deserves to be the governor elect, he ran a brilliant campaign. What I found hilarious, was that Jack Dorkey ( intentional misspelling ) banned Donald Trump from Twitter, along with the other big tech morons, and they magnified Donald Trumps power at least ten fold. These people may be enormously wealthy, but they are incredibly juvenile in their thinking.

Nobody loves Donald Trump and his family more than me. So as you read my comments, please don’t misunderstand what I am saying. You won’t find anyone that loves the United States of America more than President Trump, or will fight harder for the common man. That said, he takes up a huge amount of space. Glenn Younkin was very wise to run his campaign on his own, without bringing in Donald Trump. Doing so, would have drowned out his own message, that his campaign was about Virginia and Virginians.

Republicans and independent conservatives, should pay attention, and run their campaigns in a similar manner. Donald Trump and his tremendous energy and devotion to the USA, is a force to be reckoned with. His endorsements are powerful, but he is also a very large target that can cause a major distraction. Individual Republicans need to create their own brand, but practice the Trump patriotic intensity, and quit trying to please everyone and their dogs. Don’t be a hollow suit like Lindsey Graham. If you say you’re a Republican, act like one.

You really gotta love this. Donald Trump is living the good life in Mara Largo, playing golf, going to baseball games with friends, and he is living rent free in virtually every major Democrat’s head. They can’t focus on the issues, because they are still running against him. When Joe Biden visited the Terry McAuliffe rally, he mentioned Donald Trump 24 times, and said virtually nothing about the guy he was supporting. McAuliffe continued to mention Donald Trump numerous more times in following days.

My message to our wonderful past President; Mr Trump, you came along at exactly the right time. You pulled back the curtains on the swamp, and we saw it like we had never seen it before. You provoked the Democrats to engage in nationwide voter fraud, something I thought I would never see. Although you lost your bid for a second term, it again exposed the graft and corruption of the “deep state”. It exposed their willingness to go so far, as to put a tired old man in the oval office, suffering from loss of mental cognizance, just to grab power once again, and by doing so made this great nation the laughing stock of the world. You have shown us the evil that exists in great halls of our nations capitol. If we can successfully rebuff this attempt to convert our country to socialism, we owe a great debt to you, for opening our eyes, and strengthening the Republicans. God Bless you and your family sir.



President Biden issued a statement this morning on national TV saying, he has signed an executive order to transform all defunct Dollar stores into Rainbow Flag factories. When asked where he plans to get workers, stated that they are already flying them in from the southern border. The starting pay will be $35.00 per hour, with full benefits, a 4 room apartment, and a $5,000.00 signing bonus. He said it’s a win, win for America, all of the public schools and universities, plus all of the buildings retrofitted under the New Green Deal, will be required to purchase a Rainbow flag produced at the now defunct Dollar stores.

Later today, the White House issued a statement that the Federal government has reached a deal with Walmart, to transform all of it’s stores into processing centers for the hundreds of thousands of immigrants coming into the US daily. The process had become overwhelming since the Biden administration has started a world wide airlift bringing in people from around the world on a first come, first served basis. Meanwhile, grocery store shelves are remining empty as the supply chain has completely broken down, and roaming bands of thieves are looting homes and businesses. When Jane Psaki was asked about this calamity during this afternoon’s new conference, she replied ” everyone needs to calm down, it’s a temporary situation, and Americans need to get used to living in a third world nation”.

Thousands of GM cars and trucks sit silently waiting on computer chips. Ford is parking thousands of trucks at a Kentucky Speedway due to chip shortages. When asked if the Feds had a plan, Biden replied, “we’ll sell ’em without chips. C’mon man, cars in Cuba don’t have chips”

On a the brighter side, with an huge influx of non Muslim immigrants, the pork and bacon plants can now reopen. Still no plans on how the bacon is going to be transported to the stores as Opec has seriously clamped down on oil imports until Biden agrees to nuke Israel. That’s not likely to happen as China has threatened to cut off our supply of toothpaste if we even so much as think about using a nuke.

At an impromptu briefing with Janet Yellen today, she was asked how the Treasury was going to deal with a shortfall of cash due people no longer working and paying taxes, in addition to the huge amount of welfare spending. She said ” no problem, we are going to print as much money as needed, and if that won’t do it, we’ll sell Puerto Rico to Venezuela. She also said there is a deal currently ” on the table” with China, to sell all of the US oil rights. China could start taking over the US oil fields as early as next spring.

The back up of container ships off the coast of California continues to be a problem, but a new problem has arisen. Some of the ships are now unmanned as the crews have died from old age or boredom. Some committing suicide realizing they will never be able to return home. Some vessels are reporting they are taking on water due to rusting hulls. The Bureau of the Environment said we shouldn’t worry if any of these ships happen to sink, they have been out of fuel for months now, if any oil is released into the ocean, it will be minimal and California can handle it.

Stay tuned, we will bring you more updates on the news as it happens. In the meantime we suggest you barricade your doors and windows, put a locking gas cap on your car. Buy generator and enough gas to operate it at least a week, place it in a secure enclosure, booby trapped if you know how to do that. Do not take any food outside of your home. If you do venture out, I would suggest wearing a flak jacket. Have a great day in the USA.



I saw a cartoon today that I felt was timely and true. The King and his advisor were standing on the balcony of the castle. Below were hordes of people with torches and pitchforks, bent on taking over the castle. The King’s advisor, says ” don’t worry, we’ll tell the pitchfork people, the torch people are going to take away their pitchforks”. Does that sound familiar?

I’m not a person that just walks around with my head down, ignoring what is going on around me. I pay attention, I watch, I listen. I have always felt that way. What I am feeling lately, is not a good feeling. There are dark forces all around us. They are turning people against each other for any number of reasons. Race, religion, national origin, fat, skinny, you name it. I have the very distinct feeling that people are on the verge of violence against each other. We see it every day in the large cities, but I don’t believe it’s going to be contained to the big cities, I think it’s going to spread.

I am posting a link for you to read. It is from the Heritage Foundation. It will help you understand how they are trying to dismantle our Nation as we know it. Right click on link, and click on open in a new window to read.

This is a lot of material to consume, but totally necessary for you to understand what the Democrat party is doing, and what their end game is. Please take the time to read it. Perhaps even print a copy to read at your leisure. The complexity of the plan is mind boggling but simple in application.

Stay strong my fellow Patriots, educate yourselves so you know what is about to take place. God Bless all of you and your families.



I remember a bumper sticker / T shirt that was very popular in the 60’s. It said “Question Authority”. That is probably more relevant today than at any time in history, although America has been through some very dark and perilous times. It seems, that in the past year or so, more and more forces are aligning against the everyday American. Under the Biden administration, it has obviously accelerated in it’s intensity.

Let’s take a moment and realize what has happened ever so gradually. The United States no longer resembles the United States as described in our founding documents. It has become corrupted by the age old standards of greed, and the quest for power. It seems the only time anyone mentions the Bill of Rights and or the Constitution, is when they want to use them for their benefit. The United States Government of today, is a very weak facsimile of what our forefathers intended.

Judges no longer make rulings based on the founding documents, they make rulings based on party loyalty, and ideology. If a judge makes a ruling that doesn’t suit the plaintiff, they go judge shopping until they get the results they are looking for. Sometimes it goes all the way to the SCOTUS, and even then, it’s no guarantee that the verdict will be truly constitutional.

I have said many times in my blog, I love the United States, and pledge allegiance to Old Glory. That doesn’t mean I love the government of the United States. I would love the government if it was true and faithful to our founding documents, unfortunately it is not.

January 6th of 2020, is a shining example of what I am talking about. President Trump, organized a rally on the Capitol grounds which he had every right to do. I applaud him for doing so, it highlighted the graft and corruption in the voting system. It also highlighted the corruption of the FBI, DOJ, and the Congressional Democrats. It is now apparent, thanks to some very diligent reporters, that the unlawful acts were instigated by FBI agents and FBI informants embedded in the crowds. In the old days they were called ” agitators “. They knew that they could coerce a certain number of people to enter the Capitol building, and make Trump supporters look like radical insurrectionists. Their story is falling apart, and they are being exposed thanks in large part to the reporters at ” Revolver News”.

The events of that day also brought to light, that a government employee could in fact commit murder, and the government would throw it’s weight and power behind the perpetrator and protect him from prosecution. Hey, if the officer hadn’t come forward on his own volition, we likely would have never known his name. Lt. Michael Byrd shot Ashli Babbitt in cold blood, without as much as a verbal warning. If you watched the video, it was absolutely a cold blooded murder. If the events of the day required the use of lethal force, why was Michael Byrd the only one that fired his weapon, and why at at an unarmed 5′-2″ tall woman? He alone made the decision to do that, we will likely never know why. That my friends is unacceptable in a nation of law and order. Which by the way, in reality, only exists if your on the correct side of the political spectrum. Ashli Babbitt’s life was every bit a valuable as George Floyd’s, which by the way, was taken by a man who is a known supporter of Black Lives Matter. Put that in your pipe and smoke it.

This is the conclusions I have made over the past several months, listening to government officials and others talk about the Capitol riot. ( not and insurrection ) Actually, a pretty poor example of a riot, in terms of what we saw last summer. The Capitol building is a wonderful old historical building, which happens to belong to the citizens of the United States. The folks that were inside the Capitol that day, are in fact the owners of that building. They had every right to be there. They did not have the right to harm, or threaten harm, to the elected officials. To my knowledge, none of them did that. They did not have the right to destroy the building or it’s contents. That didn’t happen either, other than some superficial damage. It remains to be seen, who was actually responsible for that. What disturbs me, is how the politicians and the media, portray the building as being on the level of a holy shrine, and the people inside as deity. It’s just a building, and the people inside are as far from deity and you will ever get. Oh, by the way, why weren’t they able to track down the person or persons responsible for placing two pipe bombs near the capitol? Could it be they were fake, and placed there by the FBI? Hmmm.

The Democrats now in power, are making it very clear, they want to make your life as miserable as possible. They are stripping you of your rights and privileges as quickly as they think you will put up with it. The lies are flowing like a raging river. Virtually everything that comes out of Biden’s mouth is a bald faced lie, and his press secretary willfully repeats it. The crazy old lady in charge of the Treasury is a certified nut. Whoever heard of taxing “unrealized capital gains”. That my friends is taxing you on money you never had. That is nothing more than legalized robbery, or extortion, whatever term you like best.

After witnessing what these people have done over the past three years, are you still skeptical, that they would have released the Covid-19 virus, to initiate a total take over of the United States government? I’m not. Don’t you think it’s a bit too coincidental that the Democrats moved so quickly to modify the voting procedures, citing Covid as the reason. We had only been into the so called pandemic for a few months when their lawyers started fanning out across the US, making an all out assault on state voting laws. Why was the United States government funding “gain of function” research in a Chinese Lab two years prior? Guys, I certainly won’t ever show up on the list of mental giants, but even I can solve this puzzle. The level of evil it would take to sacrifice the lives of millions of Americans and others around the world is nothing short of Satan himself. One more thing to consider, concerning the depth of this conspiracy. Every Western Nation is following suit, to curtail the freedom of their citizenry. All of it strikes me as being a bit too coincidental. Could it be a push for the often spoken of ” One World Order”?

My friends, we are living in the remnants of a once great nation. Maybe, it can make a comeback, maybe not. Only time will tell. In the meantime, be smart, be careful, and prepare for the worst. We may see some very perilous times, God Bless all of you and your families.



A few months ago, you may remember one of my blogs mentioning my purchase of a 1943 Dodge military vehicle. By the way, it has been a hoot owning this old critter. A friend of mine called me and said he had an acquaintance that owned a very successful machine shop, and had an extensive collection of old military vehicles, and offered to take me to his shop and take a look around. We went to lunch today and stopped in for a visit. It was totally worth taking a moment out of a busy day, and touring this guys place. You’re probably wondering where this is all going, what is the point? This guy manufactures very sophisticated farm machinery. Like most farm machinery it rolls on wheels and tires. Sitting in the center of his assembly bay, is a beautiful machine, fully assembled, on blocks. He is unable to purchase tires and wheels, they simply aren’t available. This machine is designed to harvest hazel nuts. This is the time for harvesting hazel nuts, he can’t complete it. He told me, very little rubber is made in the United States, we now depend on imports for tires. Later this evening, I took my wife to the lodge for meeting, and noticed her car needed gas. I pulled into our local gas station, they were out of gas.

While having dinner at the lodge, I ran into a friend, who is an electrical contractor. I told him I am interested in installing a standby generator for my house, and asked what size I needed, and would he wire it for me. He told me what I should look for, and said he would be glad to install it. Then he added, if you find one that is available, don’t hesitate, buy it. He then told me they are in very short supply. My wife has a favorite flavor of energy drink, we haven’t been able to find it anywhere for over two months. Like all of you, we are finding more and more empty shelves at the supermarket. The term supermarket, is a bit of a stretch these days. Those “prepper” guys are looking pretty damned smart right now. I’m beginning to reflect on that Ant and Grasshopper fable lately.

So what the heck is going on? We have a huge amount of cargo ships sitting offshore waiting to be offloaded. I guess we can assume, that all of the stuff we desperately need is out there in containers, bobbing around on the Pacific. I’ve seen the ports, it appears there are thousands of containers waiting to be whisked away by your friendly truckers. Why did the system suddenly go down?

Problem number one, getting the containers offloaded. The Marine Exchange of Southern California, says it’s due to record breaking number of ships waiting to unload their cargo. Others are saying the backup is being caused by labor shortages, holiday buying surges. and other Covid related issues. The so called experts are saying that supply chain disruptions, and shortages should be expected as the world continues to reel from a global pandemic. What you just read is pure unadulterated B.S. It’s the establishment covering their behinds. What is really going on is total incompetence from top to bottom of our entire supply chain. All of those ships are sitting out there full of containers because we don’t make anything anymore. We have allowed the major manufacturers in the US, to move their operations to China and elsewhere, leaving us totally vulnerable to this sort of nonsense. This is the result of mismanagement at its worst. The guy that totally understood the problem, and what it took to fix it, wrote mean tweets, and made everyone uncomfortable. Well, these idiots are about to find out what real discomfort is. The guy in charge now, is more interested in telling you stories about his train trips home, while he was vice president for 36 years.

Our entire government is a bunch of bungling fools. While this debacle was developing Mayor Pete, the guy in charge of the Transportation Bureau, took several months off for a paternity leave after adopting a couple of children, . In recent years, the gender lines have become totally blurred among the “woke”. I suspect that Mayor Pete and his significant whatever he is, were engaging in some sort of lactating therapy, so they could breast feed the new arrivals. That’s just a guess mind you, there could have been some sort of post partum issues going on.

Our hyper busy President surprised everyone this week when he made Rachael Levine a four star Admiral in the U.S. Public Health Service Commissioned. Saying “she” is the first female four star admiral in Public Health Service. I really think this is totally apropos for the woke left to install this person as a top health official. A person who is mentally ill, that decided to have his genitals mutilated, and dresses as the opposite sex.

Meanwhile, back at the ranch, while Thoroughly modern Milley. and his ever present side kick, awesome Lloyd Austin were purging the ranks of the military of white supremacist’s, China tested it’s first hypersonic nuclear missile. So far, I haven’t heard any comments from either of these geniuses. The intel community did say it took them by surprise. That shouldn’t surprise anyone, they totally misread the situation in Afghanistan. The movements of the Taliban weren’t exactly done in the dark. I might be a little too critical of the intel folks, they’ve been really swamped tracking down all of the domestic terrorists.

As if the government isn’t making life miserable enough, ( that seems to be the main mission ) they are proposing to hire thousands more IRS agents to monitor what we do with our money. Looking into our bank accounts, and examining any transaction over six hundred dollars. I’ve thought about this and I have a perfect solution on how to combat this nonsense. Every Monday, everyone should go to the bank in the morning and withdraw $600.00. Tuesday morning take the money you got on Monday and deposit it back in your account. Repeat this process every two days. If everyone with a checking account did this, it would become a management nightmare for the banks and the IRS.

Biden’s vaccination mandates are really confusing. Nurses are getting fired for not getting the jab, they are going to replace them with National Guard medics, many of whom are not vaccinated, and are not required to be vaccinated for another year. Meantime, Police and Fire personnel that are refusing to be vaxed, are being fired. This is being done in the midst of the largest crime surge in decades. It’s also being done while Biden is allowing hundreds of thousands of illegal aliens to flood into our country unvaxed, many testing positive for Covid. Governor Ron DeSantis of Florida, initiated a very successful campaign of Monoclonal antibody treatment, and Biden tried to cut off the supplies. So, while Biden and his people talk a big show about getting Covid under control, they are willing to sabotage a successful program to hurt a political opponent.

I could go on for hours, there are examples everywhere you turn, of total incompetence in all levels of government. Suddenly, it seems people have forgotten how to manage systems that have been in place forever. Why is it suddenly so difficult to deal with criminals that do very bad stuff, and cause public disruption. Why aren’t their asses in jail, period. Why are the city streets dirty, strewn with trash, and inhabited with feral people. There are strict rules about burning trash in the county where I live. I drove by a feral people encampment, they were burning a huge pile of trash, emitting a large column of black smoke. Ironically, it is within a quarter mile of a giant trash incinerator that is super high tech, that takes hundreds of loads of trash daily, and has zero emissions. The cities force home owners to clean up their properties, threatening large fines, and then allow the homeless camps to dismantle cars, and appliances, and amass huge piles of refuse. Also allowing them to contaminate the earth with human waste and chemicals.

My dear readers, I grew up in Tulsa, Oklahoma. Every night, the streets were washed down, any trash was picked up and disposed of. When the sun came up on Tulsa, it shined like a diamond. Tulsa had a vagrancy law, there were no bums sleeping on the sidewalks. Retail store workers were washing windows, polishing ornamental brass fittings. I was proud of my city, I was proud of the city leaders. The civic pride was evident wherever you went. What happened to that attitude? Why don’t our leaders care anymore? I’m sad for our nation. God Bless you all, and God Bless the U.S.A.



The media and politicians are well aware of how paranoid the average person is, and they play on it. Wow, do they ever play on it. One of the most obvious examples of how well it works, is Greta Thunberg. Fortunately not all people are that far gone, if they were, the whole damn world would come to a screeching halt. But the ruling class has done a stellar job of scaring the living hell out of a lot of folks, telling them climate change is going to kill them, or at least render them unable to reproduce. ( or something like that )

So, the climatologists are saying that if the earth continues on it’s current warming trend, the earth will become uninhabitable between 1.5 and 4.5 million years from now. That’s a just tad different from AOC’s ” we’re all gonna die in twelve years if we don’t pass the New Green Deal”. But even if their prediction is true, they are giving themselves a three million year margin of error. I don’t know about you, but when someone starts predicting the end of the world in four million years, I instantly lose interest. When you read this stuff, and really analyze what you’re reading, you realize it’s pretty much pure conjecture.

Since the 1960’s, I have heard “end of the world” predictions a lot. That just happens to be when I started paying attention. I’m sure the end of the world has been predicted thousands of times by people genuinely convinced it was true. They probably ate something that made them really sick with fever, and had resulting visions. They woke up the next morning thinking they needed to warn the rest of the population ASAP. Of course in the sixties and beyond, those predictions could probably be attributed to the rise of mind altering drugs.

I want you to stop and think for a moment, pick any politician, from either side of the aisle. Can you name a single politician, that you think is smart enough, or educated enough, to make a calculated decision as to whether or not climate change actually exists? Let’s raise the bar even higher. If climate change does exist, can you name a single politician that you think has any idea how to lower the temperature of the earth? Remember, these are the same folks that have been engaged in totally stupid shit, trying to get a virus under control for two years, and it’s gotten worse. They can’t even decide if a mask works or not. These are the folks that put stupid little plastic barriers between restaurant booths, and make you wear a mask on your way to your table, and allow you to remove it once you’re seated. So somehow, they have figured out that the virus is only present in the aisles of the restaurants, but will not enter the seating areas. These are the same morons that are pushing climate change, and telling you they can fix it if you give them more money.

The real truth is, that climate change is unprovable, yet they have convinced a huge portion of the world it’s gospel. Why would they push such a narrative if they couldn’t prove it? Because, they don’t have to prove it, they just keep lying about it long enough, that it starts to become widely accepted. Once they have convinced an overwhelming number of people it’s real, and it’s going to kill them, the believers will begin policing the non believers. Once that level of belief is attained, the government can start mandating all sorts of things under the guise they are protecting your lives. They are engaged in exactly the same tactics with Covid. It’s all about controlling the masses. Nothing more, nothing less. Once you’re convinced you need to obey the government for your well being, your freedom has been gone for a while.

Let’s wrap this up with a reality check. This earth has been here for millions of years. There are stone structures still existing that experts have no idea when they were built. But they know one thing for sure, they are unable to explain how the ancient people were able to lift such massive stones, and stack them. They also can’t explain the precision of the cutting and shaping of such large stones. So, how many times has the earth’s civilizations been completely wiped out, and how advanced were they? How many civilizations have inhabited the earth? They were most surely wiped out by natural events. Knowing this, why do we think we’re special and able to control destiny. We can’t, but we were endowed with a basic instinct of survival, of self preservation, and evil people will use that against you. Only a true warrior is able to control that instinct in order to battle his opponent, which in itself is an act of self preservation.




This evening, I turned the channel to Steve Hilton’s show, The Next Revolution, and listened to his opening, and promptly turned the channel to Texas Metal. I really like Steve, he’s a great guy with lot’s of enthusiasm for the conservative movement. But I am sooooo tired of hearing the endless diatribe of all of the crazy shit the Democrats are up to, and nobody seems to be mounting any meaningful push back. I feel much better after watching the guys at Texas Metal build a totally awesome truck.

I know that sounds like a cop out, especially coming from a loudmouth like me, but c’mon, what the hell are the Republicans doing besides siding with the Democrats on the debt ceiling, giving them more time for their radical bullshit. When is somebody going to stand up to Biden and his nut ball AG, and say, Hell no, we’re not going to allow you to harass the parents of our kids.

For almost two years, we listened to endless talking about the Russia collusion, and how Donald Trump was in bed with Putin. When the dust settled, it was Hillary and the Democrats who were colluding with Russia. It was proven that all of these dirt bags in the FBI, and DOJ, were lying through their teeth, and trying to overthrow a duly elected President, and not a single one of those sleaze balls spent a day in jail. We were excited when Bill Barr stepped on the stage, that ended in utter disappointment. Then we got excited again when John Durham started his investigation. Ho, hum, another sleeper, another disappointment. So Durham recently indicted one of Hillary’s guys. Don’t get excited, he’ll skate. Democrats don’t ever pay for the crap they do, only Republicans.

Do you remember when Obama wanted to put through the nomination for Merrick Garland for Supreme court justice? For once the Republicans did something that really mattered. Can you imagine the SCOTUS with that idiot in a robe? God help us all. While I’m on the subject of totally useless twits, when are the Republicans going to oust Mitch McConnell. I have slugs in my yard that exhibit more energy.

I get totally jazzed when I see videos of parents confronting the lefty school boards. At least this is a start. At least they are getting media attention, and they are sending the message that they aren’t going to allow the government to indoctrinate their children. Support these folks, any way you can. There are actual organizations forming around the nation against this crap. I sent a donation to help the family of Marine Lt. Col. Scheller facing court martial for speaking out against the Afghanistan debacle. We need to support the groups fighting back against the school boards. The least I can do is provide financial support for those fighting against tyranny. Most of us can’t afford to send large amounts, but a lot of small donations add up to large amounts.

I can’t stand to watch another Sean Hannity show. When Sean puts that turncoat Lindsey Graham on last week, mouthing off about how the Republicans caved on the debt ceiling, after all of the underhanded shit he’s pulled, Sean lost any remaining credibility with me. He lost most of this credibility with me when the had Bill De Blasio on this show, and allowed De Blasio to dominate the conversation. He made Sean look like an idiot.

I just want someone to do something! We need a little less talking, and a lot more action. For Crise Sakes will someone in the Republican Party take a stand before it’s too late? I’m an old man, not a lot of time left on this earth, but I have a lot of grandkids and great grandkids, and I want them to have a shot at the American Dream, and Biden is doing his best to kill it.