When Nancy and other democrats say that walls are immoral, what they’re really saying is, ” trying to stop the flow of future democrats into our country is immoral”. If you want to understand democrats, you have to realize that just about everything they say is a total lie, and if it isn’t an out and out lie, it’s double speak. The democrats have perfected cheating to a level no one thought was possible. Hillary pulled every dirty trick in the book against Bernie in the 2016 democratic primary, paid fusion GPS to concoct a fake dossier about Donald Trump, got the FBI in on it and actually presented to the FISA court judges so they could spy on the Trump campaign and unmask Americans. She did all of this while using an unsecured server as Secretary of State, then when it was discovered, wiped the hard drives with “bleach bit” to hide her private conversations, even after the FBI asked her to surrender all of her records. I don’t believe the server was every turned over to the FBI. Of course they weren’t really interested in it anyway.

While we’re on this subject about the FISA courts, I have a theory that I have not heard anyone else mention. Conservative pundits and commentators are constantly talking about how the FBI and DOJ lied to the the FISA Court judges so they could spy on Americans. Given the level of corruption that we now know existed in the FBI and DOJ, who’s to say the FISA courts aren’t corrupt, and were complicit in breaching the trust of the people? Have you heard any FISA Court judges complaining?? 

Listen for the word xenophobic and pay attention to how many times it’s said and about who. It you will hear it used frequently by the Democratic presidential candidates referring to the Republicans, and every major main stream news outlet. They are constantly referring to the President as a major xenophobe. This is what is really going on. The democrats are trying to knock down any resistance to responsible immigration practices, because they know that unbridled illegal immigration saturates the nation with people that have no interest in becoming American citizens or assimilating into the American culture, and are welfare seekers. They are perfect candidates for transforming the United States into a socialist state. The more diverse the cultures, and the more foreign languages that are spoken, the easier it is to gain total control over the population. How easy do you think it will be to revoke the first and second amendments if a huge amount of the population are not naturalized citizens and do not speak English? The democrats see these people as drones, pure and simple.

Also this grand scheme will require people to be utterly terrified to speak incorrectly concerning people of color, in fear of being labeled a raciest and losing your job, or having your whole career torpedoed. How do they do that? They start looking for any sign of racism no matter how small, and blow it out of proportion, and start making examples out of innocent people. When people realize that the wrong words can literally destroy their lives, they become very compliant. The first amendment starts to become irrelevant. If you dare speak badly of immigrants, you will be labeled a racist. If you saw the movie the ‘Body Snatchers” you will remember when a normal person was discovered, the aliens would run after them screaming, and exposing them. Same thing. If racism isn’t happening, you can always find a Jussie Smollett to make it up, then you can accuse an entire group of people, not just one or two.

People, wake up. The democrats are finally getting the nerve to tell you what the plan is, kind of. They now think they have enough converts to start the ball rolling toward a complete socialist country. They imagine themselves as being the ruling class that will be in power forever. They covet the day when there is only one political party and they don’t have to put up with that pesky document, the Constitution, and all of the nonsensical restrictions that it imposes. MSNBC, CNN, NBC, CBS will all be merged into the National News Network, or NNN. Fox will be no more.

Another group of people that need to wake up, quickly, it’s already starting to become apparent. If and when this country becomes dominated by the democratic party, being a Jew will become very dangerous. The reason being, for some unknown reason, democrats seem to be blind to the threat of Islam. Courting Islam is courting certain domination. Islam does not tolerate the coexistence with anyone other than other Muslims.

Good ol’ Bernie, is the only one that will speak the truth. He admits he wants to fundamentally transform this country into a socialist regime. You don’t have to be a genius, you just have to look at Russia, China, Venezuela, North Korea, or any other socialist nation, take your pick. The people have absolutely no power. They have no weapons to combat tyranny, they have no say in what the government does, or doesn’t do. The general population becomes slaves of the state, and if you resist, no one ever sees you again. This is the democrats dream for America? Is this what you want?







Everyday, the phrase “identity politics” becomes more widely used by folks center / right in the political spectrum. You don’t hear it used by the progressives, because they are the ones pushing this crazy agenda. The most obvious example is whites vs. blacks.

The first group of black African slaves arrived in Jamestown Virginia in 1619. Quickly doing the math that’s exactly 400 years ago. The 13th Amendment formally freed the slaves in 1865, 246 years later. That didn’t exactly guarantee that everything was going to be “peachy” for these folks. It would be another five years before they were given the right to vote by the 15th amendment. But it wasn’t until 1954 that the public schools and buildings were desegregated. Following that new law, it was an uphill battle for the blacks to finally take their place in the USA without any type of restrictions on where they lived, worked, worshiped, or played. Remember this key point, the Democrats were the main resistance to the blacks being totally free. 

Blacks have been residing in the United States now for 400 years, and I think I could safely say, they are still largely living in a segregated fashion. Blacks have been living in England for hundreds of years, and have melded into the English society, I would say, much better than the US. I’m not sure why that is, because England is ( or was ) predominately white. There is obviously another part to this equation.

I am about as close to being a social scientist as I am a nuclear scientist, but I’m a darn good observer, and understand cause and effects pretty well. My experience growing up in the south, was that Democrats didn’t want black Americans to assimilate into the general society. That didn’t change for about 350 years. When you keep someone from participating in the game for that long, I’m thinking it’s likely to cause some very long lasting effects that probably won’t be all positive.

I think the not so positive effect that came from this, is that black Americans have developed a very strong counterculture. You would certainly expect this to happen as a defense mechanism. This counterculture has been in existence for a very long time, I’m not sure how blacks ever move past it. A perfect example is kneeling for the National Anthem. I have heard more than one black person say, they don’t feel the same about the flag as most whites do. It’s hard to blame them for feeling that way. There are also a lot of people like Al Sharpton and Louis Farrakhan that make a very nice living out of stoking the fire of racism.

Here are the hard cold facts as I see them. White on black racism is pretty darn rare in this day in age. I’m not so naive to think that it is totally non existent, but I personally have never seen it since I was a kid in the south. As an adult, I have never witnessed it. What I am witnessing now, is open, unashamed hatred of whites. These days, if you are white, you are everything that is wrong with America. Even the white news casters are getting in on bashing whites, I’m having real trouble getting my head around that. When a white person trashes white people, do they imagine they are of another race, or are they just using their words to try an fool people into thinking they’re a person of color. I have never seen anything so moronic as the left constantly preaching against racial hatred, when they are virtually the sole purveyors of it. Every single story of racial hatred has fallen apart and been proven to be a lie. The latest is Jesse Smollett. The lefty politicians and the lefty news media fell all over themselves, attempting to smear conservatives, and in the end made themselves look like total fools ( again )

The bottom line here is that this is not going to get better until people start thinking of themselves as Americans, not native Americans, African Americans, Mexican Americans, just Americans, that care about making America the best place on earth to live. Americans respecting other Americans no matter where they came from originally. The left gains power by keeping us divided and stoking hatred. They are very, very good at placing the blame on conservatives. The mainstream media, and educational system are also big players. The educators stay close to the politicians, who are funded by the unions so they can keep their cushy jobs working nine months and getting paid for twelve, plus a very nice retirement pension that the taxpayers pay for. Don’t ever forget that the unions are a very important cog is this unsavory machinery.

Here are a few of the major groups that are vying for everyone’s attention, constantly airing their grievances; Native Americans, African Americans, Latino Americans, LBGQT people, Little People, Handicapped People, Homeless People, Christians, Jews, Atheists, Muslims, Non Vaccine people, Vegans, Animal rights activists, Climate change activists, Women’s rights, Abortionists, Anti Abortionists, Environmentalists, Pro Gun, Anti Gun, and Californians. This is a lot of ingredients to make a perfect hate cake.

I think the real answer is that people need to just live their lives the best they can, and understand that nobody owes you a damn thing. Shut up, and leave other people alone, pick a lane and stay in it. The truth is that if you don’t bother other people with your crap, they don’t give a rat’s behind what you do, or who you do.


Old Glory




happy people with dog

Don’t worry, this is not going to be a behavioral lecture. I woke up this morning at 5:00 with this thought burning in my brain like the August sun in Phoenix. I was thinking how will people remember me when I’m no longer among the living. Now this immediately concerned me, thinking maybe it was a sign that I had departed, or was about to depart. I did all of the usual stuff to make sure I was still alive, and once I determined that I was still alive, I continued thinking about this topic, and knew that I had to write about it.

The next question I asked my brain, was what makes a person memorable. So the obvious answer to that question is to look back over your life, and examine which people you remember most and why. I deduced that the people that I remembered immediately were the people that I admired and desired to imitate. I think we automatically feel that way about our parents, unless our parents were a couple of whack jobs. Fortunately, I got a good pair, and they gave me a lot of reasons to follow their example. My father was a manly guy, he did all of the masculine stuff, baseball, fishing, hunting, building stuff, and I really liked that. I wanted to be like my Dad as far back as I can remember. My mom was the rule enforcer. She was really big on right and wrong and being honest and trustworthy. She must have told me a thousand times that my word was my bond. She would say, ” if you said you were going to do something, do it, no matter how difficult.”

I don’t think your personality ever stops evolving. I have met a lot of people that have had an influence on how I view life, and will probably meet more. I’m sure I’m no different than you, when I say that some were profoundly more influential than others. My only hope is that after I am gone, people will say that I had a positive impact on their life, and speak kindly of me. If that happens I would consider it a life well lived. I can truthfully say, after being here for over three quarters of a century, I have no regrets.









Not too many happy faces here, and for a good reason. In spite of throwing everything at Trump they could possibly think of, they can’t slow him down. He had a 76% approval rating for tonight’s speech. The speech was great, and when compared to the Democrats, he definitely looked like the adult in the room. The eight years of Obama’s foreign policy was a huge disaster. I was embarrassed by his approach to foreign leaders. Instead of approaching them with American pride, he looked as if he was ashamed to be representing America. President Trump stands tall and proud for America, and demands respect. I’m loving every minute of it.

President Trump is attempting to put a deal together with these half wits to protect our southern border, but they would rather die than make a deal. All the while putting American citizens in danger. Six years ago, the Democrats sounded exactly like Trump regarding illegal immigration, now their hatred of Trump has overtaken their ability to think.

What the heck is this sudden shift on partial birth abortion. This is not a popular position with most Americans. Nobody in their right mind would even consider anything this barbaric. What the heck are they thinking? I challenge anyone with this position, to go to  an abortion clinic, and watch this procedure in person. Watch, as the doctors murder a viable baby, and dismember it, and harvest it’s organs. I’ll bet if you witness this in person, you will never be an advocate of it again. A baby human being is the most precious little critter in the world. How many times have you held a baby close and smelled their sweetness. What kind of demonic monster does it take to kill a baby in cold blood? You’re expected to accept this if you’re a Democrat, let that sink in.

The Democrat’s favorite political tool is racism. Everybody is a raciest. They have gotten so carried away with this crap, that recently they accused a black person of being a raciest against another black person?? How does that work? They are absolutely over using this to the point, that it’s pointless. It’s a convenient allegation that is impossible to prove. That is, unless you posted a picture of yourself in your college yearbook in black face, or in a KKK costume. The saga of good ol’ Ralph Northam is classic karma. This happened after he repeatedly called his political opponent a raciest, and there was absolutely no proof of that. It was pure political hyperbole. Couldn’t have happened to a nicer guy, as they say.

Remember all of those self righteous Democrats demanding that everyone take Christine Blasey Ford at her word. It didn’t matter if she had no witnesses or any corroborating evidence. You had to believe her because she was a woman. Listen boys and girls, this had nothing to do with Ms. Ford, it was all about keeping Brett Kavenaugh off the Supreme court because he represented a threat to the golden calf of abortion. You want to know how I know this? Kieth Ellison’s live in girlfriend accused him of serious abuse, and the DNC lawyers made sure her story never amounted to anything. In case you may be confused about who Keith Ellison is, he is second in command in the DNC, and for years was a member of the Nation of Islam. You know, that organization headed up by the Jew hating, America hating Louis Farrakhan. That guy. Watch closely while they demolish the character of the woman accusing Virginia Lt. Governor, Justin E. Fairfax of sexual misconduct. Also pay close attention to how many of those avid Kavenaugh protesters show up at the hearing.

I’m sure you have seen and heard all of the brouhaha over the so called cultural appropriation. You know… it is a mortal sin to wear the traditional costume of citizen of a foreign country for a party costume. You will be ripped apart on social media and called all sorts of vile horrible names. How could you be so rude and crude to do such a despicable thing? Today,  the Washington Post, posted a picture of a license to practice law in the state of Texas, that belonged to Elizabeth Warren. She listed her race as American Indian. However, she still maintains that she never used race ( which is the ultimate cultural appropriation ) to gain better position. This woman like the others, is an out and out liar. I’m surprised she didn’t invite Rachael Dolezal to the SOTU tonight.

I could go on for at least another hour, but it’s been a long day, and I am going to save my other stuff for another blog. Never forget, that if a Democrat is telling you something bad about someone else, they’re probably guilty of doing it themselves. It’s been proven to be true over and over. They are the party of “smoke and mirrors”.


Old Glory



people on airplane


people on train


I quit traveling by air several years ago, I absolutely hate what it has become. I hate going through the lines, taking off my shoes, taking off my belt, taking everything out of my pockets, then having to put all of that stuff back where it started. Then the terminals are so huge, you have to walk a country mile to get to your gate. I have an arthritic knee, and after all of that standing and walking, the pain is starting to set in, and my attitude is starting to deteriorate. So you might imagine that having a knee that’s killing me, and already being thoroughly pissed off, and then I have to sit down beside a very large person that is taking up at least 25% of my personal area, my attitude deteriorates even further. So if the other person in third seat can’t shut up, smells bad, or does anything else obnoxious, I start looking for someway to escape. I’m thinking maybe I should have brought a cyanide capsule. The only redeeming thing about air travel, is you get there really fast, but I can tell you even that doesn’t matter anymore. It simply isn’t worth being forced to do all of those unpleasant things.

When I lived in Mission Viejo, California, we often took the Amtrak to San Diego for the day. It was great. We parked our car at the train station, jumped on the train, relaxed, and enjoyed the view of the ocean while we snacked and visited with each other. When we came home, we didn’t have to suffer through the horrible traffic on I-5, we just relaxed and enjoyed the trip. Another great thing about trains is the seating. The seats are not crammed into a tiny space with no leg room, and are adequate for larger people. If you don’t like your seat you can usually get up and move, you’re not assigned to a particular seat. You can get up and walk a bit if you choose. If you’re taking a cross country tour, you can enjoy dining at a regular table with real food, and even rent a space in a sleeper car. The bonus is that you can see the scenery at eye level not 30,000 feet below. But everything has it’s negatives. The negative thing about a train is that it takes a long time to go a long distance. However, if you have the money and the time, wouldn’t you really prefer the laid back life style of train travel. I’m sure you would talk about the train trip for years to come, unlike trying to forget the horrible trip by air when some drunk was trying to open the emergency door and it took two attendants and three passengers to subdue him before he killed everyone on the plane.

I couldn’t resist reverting to politics for just moment, because what I saw was so revealing. The Democrat princess Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez made a little video, for who knows what. In the video, she talks about how important it is to clean your face thoroughly before you go to bed, which includes removing your makeup. ( the video was obviously targeting women ) and goes into some detail about the best ways to do this. Then she goes on to say how important it is to have nice comfortable lounging clothes that match. She says that you have your nice work clothes, so it’s important to have nice lounging clothes.

Why am I even talking about this? Because she is the avowed socialist, that says everyone must share the wealth, you know, like they do in Venezuela, Cuba, and other socialist hell holes. I wonder how many women in those places have expensive cosmetics, facial cleansers and matching sleepwear. This woman is a whack job, plain and simple. I really think she makes these bizarre statements to get attention, because very little she says makes any sense. It’s just babble. If you want to understand Ms. Cortez better, watch the movie ” Being There ” with Peter Sellers. It will tell you all you need to know about her. She is the female version of  the Peter Sellers character.



Puzzeled Man

The logging industry was closed down in the eighties, thousands of people lost their jobs and homes. Once thriving towns were turned into ghost towns overnight. It had a devastating effect on the economy in areas of the Pacific Northwest which have never recovered. Reason; to protect the spotted owl. But you can kill a full term baby at birth if you wish. No problem.

Huge developments have been closed down and investors have lost millions, because it was determined that some tiny creature in the area was going to be displaced and harmed by this activity. But you can kill a full term baby at birth if you wish. No problem.

If you adopted an animal at the shelter, kept it for a number of months, and it turned out to be a head case, which some animals are, just like people, and you decided to euthanize it, and someone ratted you out, you would do jail time and probably pay a huge fine. Your name would be on the evening news and your friends would all hate you. But you can kill a full term baby at birth if you wish. No problem.

God help you if you use some sort of racial slur, make a comment someone takes as homophobic, or someone thinks you did, or you went to a party dressed in a costume from a different culture, you will be crucified. They will do everything except have you drawn and quartered. But you can kill a full term baby at birth if you wish. No problem.

If you wear any type of clothing that refers to Trump in any fashion, you’re a despicable human being, guilty of being a raciest, homophobe, xenophobe, misogynist, in short everything that is vile and disgusting. But you can kill a full term baby at birth if you wish. No problem.

If you’re of the Christian faith, you’re a bad person and people despise you because you’re against killing babies.

The argument is that it’s a woman’s choice, it’s her body, it’s all about reproductive health. The government shouldn’t be able to tell a woman what to do with her body. Did you hear anything about the health of the baby mentioned in any of those statements?  Just because the baby can’t speak for itself does that mean as a human being it has no rights? At least half of the babies are female, isn’t this all about women’s rights? An aborted female baby just had all of her choices taken away, permanently! Taken away by another female that just happened to be here first. IT’S ALL LIES, IT’S EVIL.

People, we are living in a very sick society. You need to pay attention, and stop accepting it. Start pushing back against this insanity. Don’t let people get away with making stupid statements. Call them out for it.


jesus with the children





I have heard the word imbecile all of my life and never equated with a real person until now. I think this is the face of an imbecile. I never paid much attention to this guy, he does after all reside on the other end of the USA from where I live. That’s really good. He first caught my attention when he made the statement that “America was never that great”. That’s when I first knew he was a real imbecile. Have you noticed he has that “big eyed” look like AOC? Maybe that’s some sort of indication that they both carry the imbecile gene.

This week, he signed a bill that would allow full term abortions. A law that would allow a healthy baby to be murdered at birth. That is nothing short of infanticide. Does this mean that Kermit Gosnell will be pardoned? I mean, the governor obviously feels the same way about babies as good ol’ Kermit does. When he just signed a law into existence that would allow someone like Kermit Gosnell to operate without restrictions, how can you keep him in jail? Cuomo’s bill now negates the law that if someone murders a pregnant woman, they can be held responsible for the murder of the baby as well.

At least two Catholic Bishops called for Cuomo to be excommunicated for signing the bill. In my opinion, anyone that would sign such a bill into law, is a hollow human being, that has sold his soul to further his political aspirations. Yep, he’s an imbecile. From what I know about the Christian religion, this probably isn’t going down well with the Big Guy upstairs.



This is what stupid looks like. Good ol’ Ralph, just signed a bill on abortion very similar to the one the imbecile signed. When you heard his explanation of what the new law allowed, it made chills go down your spine. He said ( paraphrasing ) that after the baby was born alive, they would keep the baby comfortable while the doctor engaged in a conversation with the mother as whether or not to let the baby live. If that doesn’t make your blood run cold, you’re already dead. To make this even harder to believe, this guy is an actual doctor, to be specific a pediatric neurologist. So, is it safe to assume, after looking at both of these guys, that becoming a politician means giving up your soul, and becoming some sort of robot that is programmed to worship your political party? I wouldn’t let this guy anywhere near my kids. I would hope that Virginians with spunk, mount a campaign to recall this guy.



The battle rages on. Just in case you didn’t recognize him, the guy on the right is the Archbishop of the Church of Abortion.