The corner stone of any society is the nuclear family. It is a totally natural phenomenon that has been in place since the beginning of civilization. We’re just naturally made that way, it’s part of our survival instincts. We speak at lengths about how our nations founders, created this fabulous place where we live, but it never would have worked without the traditional families, that signed on to the idea, and passed on those ideals and the passion for freedom on to future generations of Americans.

The family is where children are taught how to interact with others in society, based on the way family members interact with each other. A family that attends church together are much more likely to treat each other with respect, simply because the message of Christ, is to love and respect one another. If the father and mother are strong disciplinarians, the children are thus, taught to respect authority. In my family, my mother was the spiritual teacher, my father the strong, male influence with respect for the law, and tireless provider. No family is perfect, we are mere mortals, and make mistakes as we pass through this life. But building a strong family that loves and respects each other, and forgives one another for those mistakes is priceless. A strong nuclear family gives peace and comfort you not find anywhere else in the world.

It is also important for the parents to exhibit patriotism. Children growing up with patriotic parents will almost always be patriots themselves. It was part of their family traditions. So, it’s easy to see why families are so important for a strong nation. A nation of strong families, will endure all of the challenges it faces from the combined strength of the families themselves. When you create a substance made of of millions of tiny fibers, such as fiberglass, the combined strength of those millions of tiny fibers held together by a bonding agent, create an almost indestructible product. Families are the fibers, held together with patriotism as the bonding agent, that made America great, and will keep America great.

The primary objective of socialists, is to downplay the importance of the family. They know that if they can convince people that single parent families and no families at all is the way to go, they can weaken the fiber that makes America strong. Black Lives Matter being a Marxist Communist organization is calling for the abolition of the nuclear family. One only has to look at how the left has destroyed the traditional family structure in the black communities by creating a welfare state, and making them dependent on government handouts. Traditional families in the black community were commonplace before the Democrats implemented the massive welfare programs. As a matter of fact, children born out of wedlock in the black community in the 1960’s was about 24%. Today that rate is closer to 70%. A very notable side effect is the lack of patriotism among young blacks. Who can forget the statement by Michelle Obama when she became first lady for the first time. She famously said, ” for the first time in my adult life, I am really proud of my country”. It’s not uncommon for black athletes earning massive salaries, to make statements that are anti American.

This is not only happening in the black communities, it has been creeping into the white communities as well, albeit at a slightly slower pace. More and more young white people are opting out of traditional marriages, and expressing disdain for America. I don’t think anyone would question my opinion, this is in large part to our current educational system, coupled with the powerful influences by entertainers that glorifies single parent families, and a socialist ideology. Sadly for young women that make the choice to be a single Mom, that choice is going to make their lives extremely more difficult. Often ends up with them living in poverty, working multiple jobs just to make ends meet. The effects on children growing up under these conditions are devastating. You don’t have to be a genius to figure out when single parents are spending fourteen to sixteen hours a day working, it doesn’t leave much time for parenting. Another unpleasant side effect is the number of Grandparents that find themselves raising more children late in life.

For a nation to be strong and prosperous, you must maintain an orderly society. People acting in an orderly manner voluntarily is the essence of freedom. Realizing there are consequences for being disorderly, needs to be instilled in the minds of children to create a peaceful society, without the need for heavy handed law enforcement. This is exactly why the opponents of the police are missing the point entirely. You create law abiding citizens and heavy handed policing is not required. For the most part Americans are law abiding, That is why we are able to maintain law and order with approximately 2.5 officers per 1,000 citizens. The people clamoring for less police are the ones that are causing the most problems. Sorta makes sense.

There are so many facets to the problems facing American society today, it’s impossible to identify all of them in one article. At the risk of over simplifying the matter, one of the main components is selfishness. When people are willing to do bad things to others, to get what they want, civilization begins to deteriorate rapidly. The young people under the age of 25 years old, are the worst I have seen in my eighty years on this earth. I saw young people in the summer riots of 2020, attack the elderly, and disabled folks. They destroyed the businesses and property of innocent people. Looting is now considered a form of reparations to Black Lives Matter. Corrupt politicians are attempting to blame the recent attacks against Asian Americans on White Supremists, when videos clearly show almost all, if not all, are being perpetuated by Blacks.

I identified several conditions that are contributing to societal problems, but there are many others to talk about in future articles. When I titled this article “Disappearing Americans” I’m talking about the people that were around when I was growing up, and when I was a young married man. People that got married, had children, bought homes, got up an went to work every day, had evening BBQ’s, weekend outings at the lake or river. The kids rarely got into any real trouble other than childhood mischief. Every morning in our first class of the day, we recited the Pledge of Allegiance, and the Lords Prayer. The streets were safe, we were able to play and walk the streets at night without any fear of danger. Most of the families I knew owned guns, they weren’t locked up, we were taught to leave them alone, and we did. It wasn’t a perfect world, there are always people that do bad things, but it was certainly a different world than we live in today. Those Americans are disappearing quickly. America has changed, and sadly, will never be the same again.

Time has moved on, the old America has passed away. The new America is like an unruly infant, and like an infant, you have absolutely no idea what he or she will be when they grow up. They can turn out to be a marvelous human being or a hell raising maniac. Right now, it’s not looking real good for the former. I have said this before, I’m really happy to be eighty years old next month. I won’t have to endure the pain of watching my beloved country destroyed for too long. I’m beginning to understand the term ” Grateful Dead”. I pray for strong young men and women that are willing to take up the banner of the American Dream, and fight for it’s survival. God Bless you all.


Click on the link below, and watch as Biden forgets the name of his Secretary of Defense.

I totally respect the office of the President. The office deserves respect for a thousand different reasons. However, we seem to running short of men that can fill the shoes of great presidents of the past. The flowery speeches, and smooth talking silver tongued devils, don’t always mean a person is going to be a good president. They may sound great, but it’s all action when you sit behind the biggest desk in the world.

In my mind, the job description is pretty simple and straight forward, President of the United States. Does that title not suggest, that the person occupying the White House has one job, looking after the citizens of the United States of America? Donald J. Trump totally understood it. Foreign policy must be conducted with the well being of American workers and businesses in mind. Why would you create policies that benefit foreign countries and businesses over your own?

If a president is going to be successful, he has to conduct himself in a manor that earns him respect from not only citizens of the USA, but around the world, including world leaders. The president must project strength, and a firm commitment to American principles and ideology. Most importantly, he must be of strong body and mind. An aging person, frail in body and mind is unacceptable. Why do you think Vladimir Putin does photo shoots shirtless, in the snow, and riding horses, and doing other outdoor activities? He is projecting strength and vitality.


  • Must be healthy of body, with a good medical record.
  • Must be of sound mind, with no previous brain disorders
  • Must have a record of rational behavior in past endeavors, political or business.
  • If coming from a business background, did the person make sound decisions.
  • Must be able to speak coherently, and have good communication skills.
  • A married person with children, that has had a long lasting marriage is desirable.
  • A person of strong moral character.
  • A person of religious faith indicates compassion for fellow human beings.
  • A strong patriot, that loves this country and what it stands for.
  • A person that wants every American to have the best life possible.
  • A person that puts American citizens before his/her political party.
  • A person that promotes cohesiveness among all people of all colors, all religions.
  • A person that eliminates racial and political discussions in K-12 public schools.
  • Must be a skilled negotiator on all levels.
  • Must be able to resist the Neocon war hawks, and stop useless wars.
  • Must be able to secure our borders and gain control of illegal immigration.
  • De-politicize the DOJ, FBI, CIA, and Pentagon.
  • Establish term limits in Congress.
  • Reinforce the first and second amendments, plus others.
  • Full transparency of all government activities not related to national security.

The ” chicken in every pot ” politicians are very rare today. Politicians today are looking to fill their pots with gold, and their constituents are on their own. While I was taking my afternoon break today, I was reviewing in my mind, what I have seen and read in the news lately. It suddenly became quite clear, that this country is pretty much out of control with no one at the wheel. It’s like a runaway train careening down the tracks at full speed, destined for one hell of a wreck. The head of Homeland Security has no freaking idea what he is doing. He’s staring a disaster in the eye at the Mexican border, without a clue how to fix it. The Secretary of Defense is ravaging the military. Biden is staffing the DOJ with raciest radicals. I’m getting the feeling that staffers are running amok, and Joe is mentally AWOL. Gasoline prices are on the rise, steel prices are going through the roof, and lumber is following steel through the hole. Biden is raising taxes on virtually everyone and everything. This is alarming, it’s looking like the beginning of inflation. I’m getting the feeling that my disposable income is about to be seriously compromised. Sort of reminds me of the old Jimma Carter days.

On the brighter side, my new back yard deck will be finished tomorrow, and I’m going to sit my old self down and have a shot of Jack Daniels, Tennessee Honey whiskey and celebrate the accomplishment, just as soon as it quits raining. ( about June 1st ) God’s Blessings to all of my readers. I leave you with some of my Father’s wisdom: ” It’s a great life, if you don’t weaken “.



It should be abundantly clear to you by now, that a Democrat speaking the truth ranks right up there with ‘hens teeth’ for rarity. The images of the people above are in the Hall of Shame for liars, they are just a few of many. They just happen to be some the most prominent, and well known.

Women’s rights, respect for women, believe all women, women deserve equal wages for equal work, on and on. That’s election time diatribe, Democrats don’t really believe that. Time and time again, when women are victimized by Democrat men in the real world, the crusaders for women’s rights are no where to be found. Oh sure, once in while they will speak up, but when a guy has been a loyal Democrat soldier, such as Andrew Cuomo, and someone that wields a lot of power, not so much. The wacky old witch Pelosi, has played the ‘woman card’ hundreds if not thousands of times, but she’s reluctant to speak out when it comes to Cuomo. Could it be she’s more loyal to her Italian heritage than her fellow women? Just sayin’. I almost forgot about good old Keith Ellison, attorney general for Minnesota. His ex-girlfriend Karen Monahan, produced photos of herself after being attacked by Mr. Ellison, during a domestic dispute. Democrat crusaders for women’s rights obviously didn’t believe her. Hmmm.

How many times have you heard the Democrats preaching to us about compassion for all. Well obviously, they never told us there was an age limit on compassion. You’re only eligible to receive compassion from the Democrats up to somewhere around 75 years of age. When you’re in a nursing home, you’ve exceeded that compassion redline, and they pretty much see you as worthless, and dispensable. Virtually all of the large numbers of nursing home deaths occurred in the blue states, under Democrat governors. So, the next time you hear a Democrat talking about compassion for your fellow man, chalk it up to DBS.

Now for another view of the Democrat’s perspective on old folks, just consider the Cuomo affair unfolding before our eyes. No one is actually sure about the real number of nursing home deaths caused by the gross incompetence of Cuomo’s actions. The estimates are somewhere around 12 to 15,000 seniors that perished. We don’t know for sure, because again, the Democrats are lying through their teeth. What is more disturbing, is that the focus is more on his abuse of eight women, than the mass murder of thousands of senior citizens. Yes, considering the circumstances, murder is the appropriate term. You should remember this when the Dems are telling you how great a government ran health system will be. You can be sure, looking at their track record, after a certain age, you will be denied expensive medical procedures based on economic viability. They will send you home to die baby, you can count on it.

There are some real questions beginning to surface concerning the Wuhan virus AKA Covid-19. American observers noted that China was experimenting with coronavirus strains found in bats several years ago. Those observers reported that the Chinese virologists were attempting to make them more transmissible to humans. Fast forward to last year, when a Chinese woman scientist, defected to the US, and appeared on Tucker Carlson’s show, making the claim that they in fact did that, and it was somehow released into the public realm. There are others now saying this is beginning to look like it was an intentional act. By the way, I have not read, or heard anything further, regarding the female Chinese scientist. Have you noticed the total lack of curiosity among American scientists regarding the Covid virus? I have said this before, and will continue to say it. The release of the virus onto the world, was done at precisely the right time, to benefit China, the Democrats, and powerful multi-national Corporations. After seeing what these people are capable of, over the past year, I wouldn’t put anything out of bounds as far as the Democrats are concerned. They’re as close to pure evil as you’re going to get on this earth.

Are you totally sick of hearing about race? This is the “go to” excuse for Democrats to explain anything that’s not working. The Democrats have successfully convinced black America, and all other people of color, that every problem they have is because of white folk. Actually that may be true if you stop and analyze it. White folks have dumbed down school curriculums to make it easier for blacks and other minorities to get into colleges and universities. White folks created affirmative action programs so blacks and minorities could get into business as contractors, and gave them an edge by making requirements, that projects with government funding had to have a certain percentage of minority contractors. Everyone is aware of the power plays by Jesse Jackson and Al Sharpton, that strong armed large corporations to hire a certain percentage of blacks. I could go on for hours about how white folks have created all sorts of programs to help minorities.

In spite of all of the efforts to help black Americans succeed, black Americans have resisted and held onto their culture, which in itself holds them back. Black culture is not compatible with mainstream life style. Black culture is steeped in violence and anti social behavior. Blacks are far more likely to commit violent crimes than any other race. Black on black crime is rampant. Studies pretty much conclude that all of the advantages given to blacks and minorities, have not been hugely successful. They’re sending a message to blacks that they aren’t smart enough to compete in the labor market. They can’t make it without help from the white folks. So when they in fact don’t succeed, it must be the white man’s fault. These programs breed contempt, they keep sending the message to blacks that they are somehow inferior to whites and Asians.

You may be asking what do the last two paragraphs have to do with lies and gaslighting? The answer is everything. These are programs designed by Democrats to make Blacks and minorities dependent on government, by convincing they aren’t capable of taking care of themselves without the help of big government. Those lies have created a Democrat voting block of brainwashed people, that think they can’t exist without the Democrats. In reality, the Democrats don’t make the lives of these people better, they make their lives worse. Democrats envision a world where they have total control. Pay very close attention to the moves they are making right now in D.C.

Good ol’ Gavin made a statement today that the recall effort is being driven by race. White supremists and some obscure militia group. No Gavin, 55% of Californians think you’re an idiot.

Nancy and Chuck said yesterday that the mess on the southern border is Trump’s fault. They are claiming he dismantled the system and facilities, thus making it impossible to deal with the influx of illegal immigrants. That is the perfect example of this entire blog. It is a lie of epic proportions.

Good old Erick Swallwell, is one of the most highly skilled liars on the hill. He stood in the Capital building and swore that he had seen hard evidence of Trump’s collusion with Russia. Now we know that while he was saying that, he was banging Fang Fang, the Chinese spy. So, how much classified information did Fang Fang extract from Swalwell during their sexcapade. Rest assured you will never know, he continues to remain under the protection of Nutty Nancy. He does whatever she says, as long as he wants to keep his position.

Harry and Meghan, two rich highly privileged individuals, sit down with Oprah, another highly privileged person, and lie about being victims of racial discrimination by the Royal Family. What is ironic, when you examine the interview, you will notice that it very subtly promotes the projects of both parties. Harpo, Oprah’s company received 7-9 million from CBS for the interview rights. Harry and Meghan received millions in free advertising for their Archwell Foundation. So, lying can be profitable.

The Democrats, and the mainstream media have officially merged to create the largest propaganda machine this side of Beijing. Moscow was once the premier propaganda center, but China and Washington D.C. have far outpaced the Russians in recent years. As a matter of fact, you can’t see a lot of difference in the Democrat party and Chinese Communist Party these days. I will use one of my phrases my wife finds highly amusing, “they’re the same, only different.”

Stay alert my friends, the Democrats are attempting to remake America into something you will not be happy with. You’re about to have your disposable income reduced by a significant amount by higher taxes and inflation. Yes, it is indeed true, elections have consequences, as Barrack Hussein Obama once said. Don’t blame me, I voted for the orange man.




MARCH 8, 2021 VOLUME 12

ANDREW CUOMO: Now ain’t this interesting that the Democrats are finding themselves in this dilemma? Their poster boy, their chosen one, the Trump destroyer is now nothing more than a chump. Nobody wants him around anymore, even the Democrats. He was useful at one point in time when they were trying to get rid of Trump, now Trump is gone. It’s clear that he is responsible for thousands dying in the nursing homes, and he’s a serial sexual bully. Actually he is a bully most of the time. But the really sad part of this story, is that killing old people by the thousands just doesn’t raise anyone’s ire, but sexual harassment, that’s the hot ticket. So as more and more women come forth, the ceiling is about to come crashing down on Andrew’s head. But I am perplexed as to why the deaths of thousands of seniors doesn’t seem to register on the ” oh shit, that’s bad ” list. I am left to conclude that when our seniors are admitted to nursing homes, they’re as good as dead anyway, so who cares. I really need for someone to tell me I’m wrong here, since I am really old myself. Maybe I’m being a bit insensitive here, but I think killing someone is a lot worse than stealing a kiss or copping a feel. Just sayin’.

DON LEMON: I was going to insert a picture of good ol’ Don, but couldn’t find one of a black clown. I’m trying to remember seeing a black clown. Actually, I’ve seen a lot of black clowns, I mean a black clown with grease paint on his face. After I wrote that, I thought, how would you know. Maybe I have seen a black clown and didn’t know it. OK, enough silliness. Don Lemon says Meghan Markle’s racism claim against the Royal Family ” rings very true “. How the hell does Don Lemon know anything about the Royal Family? He’s too busy looking for cute boy bartenders. Don Lemon is an idiot, the guy that puts gas in my car is smarter, way smarter. So this paragraph officially earned me the title of a raciest homophobe. Actually I’m neither one, I just happen to be free to say whatever comes into my head, whether anyone likes it or not. So I do.

REP. MACE: Claims that Senate Democrats are trying to ‘silence dissent’. Gee, that’s observant Rep. Mace. She also just discovered that most Democrats are liars. Next she’s going to realize that Nancy Pelosi is bat shit crazy.

MEGHAN AND HARRY: Absolutely, the worse of the worse. The level of stupidity between these halfwits is beyond comprehension. Meghan is happiest when she is causing family mayhem. She is now 2 and O. Harry’s elevator doesn’t go all the way to the top floor. I think he is secretly holding grudges against the Royal family for how they treated his Mom. The burning question is why does he want to punish his brother? Oprah has digressed to the level of Jerry Springer.

SCHOOL TEACHERS: Wow, remember when teachers were revered as special and admired individuals? Not so much anymore, they have been exposed as just more swamp creatures. UTLA teachers have been warned not to post vacation pictures on social media, as the unions are battling to keep them off the job, citing Covid-19 as the reason. The union says that vacation pictures could hurt their argument that it’s unsafe to return to the classroom.

Over five days of voting 24,580 ballots were received, 91% voting yes to continue refusing to return to the classrooms. John Burke, the public communications director for Kevin Faulconer, for the Governor, said ” The union’s decision to condone international vacations while keeping students out of the classrooms is so hypocritical you would think Gavin Newsome thought of it himself”.

I was a teacher in the Los Angeles School District years ago, and I’m sorry to say, that I have lost all respect for teachers. They are just more useless government drones. They have become left wing indoctrinators, ramming politics down the throats of our kids, while neglecting to teach them life skills they can use to succeed. Public Schools are a joke.

JOE BIDEN: If you notice, I did not write President Biden. Joe is not really running the country, Ron Klain is. I noticed today that Acting President Klain, has allowed Joe to have a news conference soon. I am anxiously awaiting that event. Not to hear what Joe has to say, but to see how it is staged. Joe had an event on Women’s Day, it didn’t go well, Joe forgot the names of his staff members.

So, how does this work? Joe signed an executive fiat allowing transgender males to participate in women’s sports, literally crushing any chance for women to win, then two weeks later holds an event honoring women? He literally destroyed the pride and dignity of women, and not one peep from the so called ‘women’s rights’ people. This is all really confusing to me. The Democrats say one thing, then do the exact opposite. Hillary Clinton is always running off at the mouth about women’s rights, where the hell is she? The only explanation is, they are all opportunistic liars.

I have never seen such lying and hypocrisy in my entire life, from this group of nut balls. I’m so tired of hearing about race, racism, and people of color, it’s making me sick to my stomach. How about we just refer to everyone as humans, or men, or women. These people are mentally demented, and they are trying to inflict it on the rest of us. This whole notion that children have the abilities to decide they want to change their sex is absurd. Let’s be honest, when a child is having thoughts about sex, those thoughts are being planted in their heads by sicko parents.

I have never been happier about being really old. Stay strong dear conservatives, don’t give up the fight, the victory is worth it.



MARCH 2, 2021 VOLUME 12

I’m still engrossed in undoing the damage done by the ice storm a couple of weeks ago. The ornamental shrubs around the yard took a beating. Took out about five or six, and now the job of re-landscaping the front and rear yards begins, which means I need to replenish my supply of Tylenol for sore muscles. I’m not disturbed, it’s forcing me to do something that is long overdue. Like all things, time seems to be unkind to yards, and a makeover was long overdue. It just seriously cuts into my time for doing fun stuff, like creating this blog, which I thoroughly enjoy. So, the frequency of my blogs will suffer for awhile, but stay tuned, I’m paying close attention to the dumbass in the White House.


This is another example of how bad decisions have bad consequences. The decision by the Biden administration to take a stance on immigration, that would cause a surge of illegal crossings ended up taking at least 13 lives today. It is reported that about 25 people were stacked on top of each other inside the SUV pictured above. This is only the beginning, of a nightmare that is going to go on, for years to come. More illegal immigrants will lose their lives in the future in all sorts of ways. The impact on lower wage folks already in the US will be devastating. An unmitigated number of low wage, uneducated workers, will not be good for black Americans. It will not be good for the economy as a whole. When a reporter asked Biden today if he was briefed on the incident, he said yes. The reporter then asked what did you learn? Biden responded “a lot”, as he and his staff quickly left the room. Biden is clearly being used as prop by the staff. He answers no questions, offers no information on policy, when he does speak, he often drifts off into some sort of alternate mental universe. We are being governed by some sort of behind the scenes committee. Some say Biden’s strings are being pulled by his Chief of Staff, Ron Klain. Klain is a long time Democrat operative, lawyer, and knows his way around the white house, having worked under Obama/Biden previously. To make the assumption that Klain is likely behind most of Biden’s decisions and actions, is very likely, and very frightening.

SERIOUS DISCONNECT: Catholic bishops are cautioning followers against using Johnson & Johnson covid 19 vaccine, citing it was developed using aborted fetal cells. The vaccines do not contain any fetal tissue. The cell line HEK-293 was cloned from a fetus aborted in the early 1970’s. Moderna and Pfizer, also have connections to aborted fetal tissue, although very remotely. I’m certainly no fan of abortion, I strongly feel it’s nothing more than premeditated murder. However, we are talking about cloned cells, from an abortion that took place over fifty years ago. The jury is still out on the effectiveness of these vaccines, but if millions of lives are saved by this research and development, it seems to me, the aborted child did not die in vain after all. Abortion is a horrible and inhumane practice, and is widely supported by Democrats, including our current President ( a practicing Catholic ) and his administration. I personally know a lot of Democrats that are followers of the Catholic faith, and never met one that was not pro choice. In my opinion, that is a serious disconnect.


There are no suitable words to describe this fool. He has been the governor of New York State since 2011. He clearly thinks he is some sort of omnipotent being. Exalted above all others, able to act on his whims, without any consideration of laws or protocol. I have been writing about what an idiot he is for years, and he keeps getting elected. People clearly get what they deserve. Well, it looks like his reign is about to come to an end, and not a minute too soon. He is an arrogant, pompous ass. He actually makes De Blasio look good. ( I can’t believe I just wrote that ) He needs to face criminal charges, for the deaths of thousands of senior citizens, that died in nursing homes, because of his utter stupidity and arrogance. Nothing more than another useless POS Democrat.

Stay strong my fellow conservatives, there are glimmers of hope starting to appear all around us. The Democrats are starting to lose their grip as people everywhere are starting to fight back. Be one of those fighters. Take back our freedoms and rights.




The answer of course is no, your life is vastly different today. Your constitutional rights have been stripped away from you by ruthless, power hungry polilticians, with a very sinister motive. This power play has so many moving parts, I will likely not be able to cover them all. The reason your life is so different today, is not by accident, it is by design by some very dishonest people. I saw a graph today, on the Tucker Carlson show, that is probably the moment in time, when this whole charade started. The point in time, was September 17, 2011, precisely the period of time when the “Occupy Wall Street” movement took place. The explosion of racial issues happened virtually out of nowhere, during this protest. Occupy Wall Street was a protest against wealth inequality, corporate influence in government, and political corruption. It is now clear to political observers, that this explosion of racial issues was a distraction, to keep you from seeing what was actually going on. It worked, the massive unrelenting racial diatribe today, is a smokescreen to keep you distracted while they strip you of your freedoms.

Politicians have been bought and paid for by big corporations for decades. So you shouldn’t be surprised when huge mulitnational corporations become a shadow government. This is exactly what is happening before your eyes. Censorship has always been taboo in our form of government, suddenly, it is being practiced openly, and our elected representitives seem to think it’s fine. Some congressmen saying it should be more severe. The reason is simple, you can silence your politcal opponents, and dissenters. Were you not shocked by the persecution of Donald Trump supporters, who were jailed on totally false charges. Were you unable to see how they abused the law to punish General Michael Flynn for supporting Trump? This should be a wake up call, it could happen to you for a social media post that offends one of these maniacs. They recently arrested a young man for posting memes on FaceBook, charging him for breaking a law that is a half a world away from even being relevant. It pissed off the wrong person, and they went after him with a vengence.

Donald Trump ran on the platform of fighting the corruption, and the influence of big money. He struck a chord with a huge segment of the population, that was sick of it as well. But, we have now seen with our own eyes, the tremendous power that the big corporations wield. The corrupt Democrat political machine is very happy to partner with the corporate oligarchs. They are looking to become the dominant political party into infinity, and they see the big corporate dollars as their ticket to reach this goal. When there are unlimited funds to influence elections, and buy off election officials, how do you think it’s going to end?

Do you actually think the Corona Virus just happened out of nowhere? Do you think it was pure coincidence that it happened just prior to the presidential election? I think not. Now we know that the National Institute of Health has been funding the Wuhan Lab for several years, doing research on corona viruses in bats. Now you can call me paranoid, a conspiracy nut, whatever. At this point in time I’m not trusting too many folks. Especially folks that have a thirst for unadulterated power. Who had more to gain than China, and the Democrat party? Trump was killing the Chinese market dominance, and the Democrats knew they could never win against Trump’s roaring economy.

During the Trump administration, the middle class was making a comeback. Not a good thing for the Democrats. The middle class are innovative entrepreneurs, they tend to be patriotic Americans, and tend to be center right. Middle class folks don’t look kindly on government welfare and handouts to people that simply lay about, unwilling to work. They think people should pay their own way. In other words, they are too independent for the leftist folks, who would like for you to depend on the government for everything. What an opportunity for the Democrats, Covid was the magic bullet to bring down the middle class business owners, and make them dependent on stimulus money. In one year, they literally broke the backs of small business owners all across the US. When small business owners fought back, trying to earn a living for their families, they were arrested, and/or fined. It was an assault on our Constitutional Rights like no one has ever seen before. Where was the Justice Department? Bill Barr boasted he was going to go after politician abusing their power. Hmmm, ol’ Bill had his wings clipped by someone. Could it be ol’ Bill has some stuff in his past that he wants to keep hidden?

Then the Democrat propaganda machine went into action, scaring the living hell out of people, touting huge death stats. Keeping people locked in their homes, making them wear facial coverings wherever they went. Not even allowing people to exercise outdoors or take their children to parks. All of this was the precursor to convincing people is was too dangerous to vote in person, so mail in voting was the only safe alternative. Never mind these same people are standing in lines at Safeway, Lowes, Home Depot, Walmart and other big box stores, that just happen to be huge Democrat donors. Then election day came, what a gigantic display of corruption.

The saddest thing about the events that I just laid out for you, is that nobody with any authority, raised a finger to question any of it. Nobody was there to stand up for your freedoms. Nobody was their to save your businesses. Nobody was there to tell the local police, to stop harassing you, for walking in the park with your child. Where were the Republicans that are supposed to stand against oppression? Where was the American Civil Liberties Union? ( biggest joke on the planet ) Where was the National Rifle Association that takes your money and vows to fight for your freedoms? Why didn’t the FBI investigate voter fraud? Why didn’t the SCOTUS hear the cases brought by Texas and others? Nobody was up for the fight. Do you remember the old saying, “It’s you and me against the world”? That pretty much sums it up.

So, where is this all going to end? A very good predictor, is always history. Take the time to read the history of the German economy from the 1920’s through the 1930’s, and how closely the events parallel what is happening in our nation today. Our economy will likely end up the same way. The wanton printing of money with nothing to back it up never ends well. Lot’s of examples throughout history, they all ended the same way. It’s breaks my heart to think of the future our Grandchildren may face. Life in the good ol’ USA may be very different in ten years.




We have been through an amazing one and a half weeks since my last blog. We had the worst ice storm in over forty years here in the Pacific Northwest where trees are super sized. When they fall over, they break a lot of stuff. One of the things these trees love to break are power lines. We were in the dark for over 80 straight hours. What this means, is that you immediately go into survival mode. We have two refrigerators, one in the house, and one in the garage. We had just stocked them full of food a few days before the storm, so the trusty generator went into service to keep things frozen and cold. We are one of the lucky ones, we have a gas fireplace in the family room, so it kept the house at a livable temperature of about 63 degrees plus or minus. What was going on around us was nothing less than terrifying. The ice stayed on the trees for days, and it kept raining, adding more ice to what had already fallen. So trees just couldn’t take any more and started dropping huge limbs, or just toppling over from the weight of the ice. We stood on our front porch late Saturday night, and you could hear limbs cracking, and trees falling all around us. We were fortunate, our house was only slightly damaged ( bent gutter ) from a falling limb from the big maple in our front yard. The one thing I didn’t expect was the run on the gas stations to fill up gas cans and passenger cars. Gas stations were running out of gas everywhere, and the lines were up to a block long at the gas stations that had gas. But we made it through pretty well in spite of mother natures assault on our lives.

This whole incident highlighted once again the foolishness of politicians pushing this disasterous green agenda. If we didn’t have a balanced power home, one with natural gas, it would have been absolutely miserable. Older people that don’t have someone to help them, can actually freeze to death in their homes when the power fails. All electric homes in cold climate areas are a very bad idea. Texas found out the hard way, that dependency on renewable energy sources can be very dangerous when not kept in balance with fossil fuels.


In the eighties when Rush first began his talk show, I was an eight to five guy, and was not able to listen to talk radio. My late wife discovered Rush and started telling me about him. I came home from work one day and she said she had tickets to see him in person, at University of California, Irvine. That night I became a life long fan of Rush. He was one of a kind. Nobody has been able to capture his style, or match his dominance of talk radio. One of the wonderful things Rush accomplished, that we will all benefit from for years to come, is the industry he single handedly created, which is conservative talk radio. His success has spawned more great conservative talk show hosts across the nation. We will be forever grateful for his energy and foresight. Rest in Peace, great warrior.


No city, other than Chicago, exemplifies our current social problems in a more glaring fashion. The policies of the current administration are only going to make the situation worse not better. I will be looking at these very dangerous policies in the weeks to come, and where I think the Democrats are headed. They are taking us down a very dangerous path for sure. It’s good to be back on the keyboard after almost two weeks. Things in our house are just returning to normal, so I didn’t have a lot of time for research. Thanks for visiting and reading my rants. I promise a more entertaining blog in a few days. God Bless all of you. Stay safe, and seek the truth in all things, always.





The ideas and opinions expressed below, are my own. I have formulated this viewpoint based on my observations of what has taken place over the past four years and years prior. I have been witnessing the forward march of the left, grow in intensity in recent years. There is an old saying, that comes from the scriptures, “the fields are white, ready for harvest”. Jesus was talking to his disciples, concerning the people of a nearby town, being ready to hear his word. This is exactly what I think of when looking at what has taken place over this past four years. The Democrats have been sowing the seeds of socialism for years, and they saw the fields as ready for harvest. I would have happened sooner if not for one Donald J. Trump derailing their plans.

In a like manner, Donald Trump also saw the fields as ripe, and ready for harvest, when he launched his populist movement. He just happened to be late to the party, the left had already gained too much power. The left had been putting their big guns in place slowly and surely, right under everyone’s nose and everyone missed it. The big guns were big tech, and their dominance of the media. The Dems were ready for a Donald Trump. They knew if they controlled the public discourse, they could control everything.

The Democrats had another “ace in the hole”. They controlled the CIA, FBI. and the DOJ. The Democrats control virtually every regulatory bureau in the Federal Government. One thing people need to understand, the the Federal Government is an entity unto itself. It’s reason for existence is no longer to serve the American people, but to serve itself, and perpetuate itself. The people that work in the Federal Government, for the most part, are not there for some noble or patriotic reason, they are there to merely enrich themselves in a guaranteed position, and at some point retire with a handsome pension. The American people are nothing more than “worker bees” providing tax dollars for these people to exist in a grand fashion. What’s sad about this, is they despise the very people that support them.

In order for this hostile takeover to succeed, several things had to happen.

  • Donald Trump had to go. He was wildly popular, and had a roaring economy. The economy had to be killed, that was the only sure way to defeat him. It was like Delilah cutting Samson’s hair.
  • In my opinion, the Democrats became bedfellows with the Chinese, and together unleashed the Corona virus on the world. What better allies? Trump was sure to win the election, and it would have been devastating for both of them over another the next four years.
  • Another thing had to happen. The middle class had to be decimated, so severe lockdowns started occurring across the United States. This killed small businesses and empowered the large corporate retailers. While small business owners were locked down, big corporations thrived, unscathed.
  • The general population was quarantined unable to gather. Virtually all of America’s Constitutional rights were nullified by executive fiat. When the general population can no longer gather, they can’t communicate, and thus can’t make trouble for the ruling class. To put the icing on the cake so to speak, the social media platforms started banning any speech that would spark dissent. Twitter even going as far as to censor the President of the United States. So much for the being the most powerful man in the world.
  • Almost everyone has heard rumors of the number of Covid cased being artificially inflated to make the situation appear extremely dire. I personally know less than five people that have contracted the virus that has been going on for almost a year. The Democrats had to make it look extremely dangerous, in order to pull off mail in voting. Voting by mail would almost surely guarantee complete control of all branches of the government. The Democrats have been engaged in mentally terrorizing the general public so they could pull of one of the biggest election scams in the history of this nation.

A very big clue that everything that I said above may be true, is how quickly Joe Biden is getting back in bed with the Chinese. He has nullified virtually all of the protections that Donald Trump put in place to protect us from China, and has opened the door wide, and put out the welcome mat.

There are so many other indicators, too many to cover in a single article. However, probably the most difficult part of this to understand, is the eagerness of the main stream media to go along with killing the First Amendment. There are independent journalists that are putting up a good fight, but they are seriously outnumbered.

I urge all of you that read this to stay alert. Pay attention to what you see, don’t let the main stream media blind you to the truth. From this point forward, knowing the truth is not going to be easy, you will have to seek it. Trust your own instincts, you will be able to discover the lies on your own.

I have been hearing people talk for years of a “shadow government”. I blew it off as “crazy talk”, thinking no way that could happen in America. After what I have seen in the past four years, I’m no longer sure about that. Matter of fact after the past six months, I’m not sure about anything. We may very well be past the point of no return, for getting our country back. I’m not real optimistic at the moment.





One of the people that follow my blog, just happens to be a business associate that deals with building codes on a daily basis. When he read my blog on this subject, he sent me an email with the WELL Building check list. I wasn’t surprised by the far reaching criteria The more complicated you make it, the more serious it sounds, the more likely you are to score a big payday.

I’m only going to give you the headings of each category, because each topic, has a long list of items below it that will bore you out of your mind.

  • Asbestos and lead of course, and all of the names of products that contain these two products
  • Interior finishes and lists of chemicals involved in their production
  • Furniture and upholstery, lots of different chemicals involved here especially formaldehyde.
  • Ceiling tiles and panels, another long list of supposedly dangerous chemicals
  • Wall coverings. ( I’ve always been frightened of wall coverings )
  • Window frames. ( Who knows how many have died from window frames )
  • Glazing??? Who knew?
  • Handles and door knobs. ( Yep, I’ve always suspected my headaches were caused by door knobs )
  • Doors between work spaces now need to be gasketed??
  • Moisture barriers. ( Those pesky plastics again )
  • Shower curtains?? ( I’ve never trusted shower curtains )
  • Countertops and fixtures ( My wife thinks these two need to changed often )
  • Media filters??
  • Thermometers ( No mercury thermometers allowed, get rid of that antique thing you paid $1,000.00 for. )
  • Illuminated signs / lamps ( That mercury thing again in neon lights. No Coors Beer signs )
  • Ultra violet lights in your ventilation system to kill bacteria.
  • Get rid of combustion based heat. ( Get ready to freeze your ass during brown-outs )
  • Lighting has to be placed strategically in relationship to eye level?? ( Sitting, standing, laying down?? How is this determined? )

The items above are part of a check list that the inspectors use when examining your building. As I said above, each one of these categories have numerous sub items that pertain to the main category. The more of these items you can check off as being in compliance with, the higher your building score. Here is the problem, which you probably already figure out. The chances of you getting an acceptable score is pretty slim. That means it’s time to start shelling out your hard earned dollars to be one of the elite building/business owners.

None of this really means much right now, it’s currently a voluntary thing. However, where there is cash flow involved, it becomes attractive to all sorts of people, especially governments. Once the local governments see it as a cash cow, it won’t be long before it becomes a regulation. When this happens, it just adds another layer of bureaucracy, and makes it more expensive for builders. This type of activity is not beneficial for the economy, it’s just the opposite. But, it’s really in keeping with the current mind set, ” I don’t care about you, or the nation, as long as I get stinking rich”.



The minute I saw the ad for this on T.V. and saw who was promoting it, my blood ran cold. This concept is scaring the hell out of me right now. I will be looking into this, as much as possible in this edition of Steel Pencil, and try to get to the bottom of it. You don’t have to be a rocket scientist to realize this is tied into the ‘New Green Deal”. I’m sure the impact on our economy is going to be very big.

So what on earth could be the driving force behind this organization? It was founded by Paul Scialla, an 18 year veteran on Wall Street, including ten years at Goldman Sachs, as a partner. Paul’s interest in altruistic capitalism and sustainability led him to establish the International Well Building Institute ( IWBI ), which of course administers the WELL BUILDING Standard ( copyright ) globally, to improve human health and well being. (statement from WELL website )

To answer the question above; MONEY. Lots of MONEY.

In the promotion, they say when you are selecting a business to patronize, look for the seal on the window or door, and feel better about entering the building. This is sort of like a “soft protection” racket. If you want to attract customers, you need to have this seal to make people more eager to enter your building. If you don’t have the seal, you will need to have the WELL representatives pay you a visit and tell you what you need to do in order to comply. ( sound like a shakedown? ) In order to bring your building into WELL compliance, I’m quite sure the cost is going to be significant. I have to commend Mr. Scialla for his brilliant idea. It sort of reminds me of the old Dire Straights song, “Money for Nothing.”

I am a career member of the construction industry. I have seen massive changes in the way buildings are built. The changes are fabulous. Buildings built today are safer, and healthier for many reasons. Our modern architects and engineers are the best in the world. That said, attempting to bring a 30 year old building or older, up to these standards is a monumental task, and a very expensive undertaking. I seriously doubt that many property owners could afford to do that.

How do you make a building a healthier place to be? We already have strict OSHA regulations for building safety, and an International Building Code, as well as a Universal Building Code. Most of these codes are incorporated into city, county and state building codes. The Los Angeles City building code is one of the best in the world, widely adopted by smaller cities and towns.

It appears that WELL is focusing on personal health rather than safety. Does this incorporate some sort of deep cleaning of the building? If so, who determines that it was done properly and what type of tools are used to determine cleanliness? Does this require your building to be inspected on a regular basis? Seems like it would have to be, very frequently. Who pays for those inspections? This would likely involve a completely new air handling and ventilation system, with maybe some type of bacteria killing capabilities. Wow, that sounds complicated and expensive to operate and maintain. If you are employed in such a building, what types of personal hygiene will you be required to perform? Special clothing processed by an certified cleaner? I don’t see you being able to walk in off the street without removing your shoes, especially where homeless people congregate. Maybe patrons will have to pass through a machine that disinfects your entire person. Seems like that in itself could be a health risk.

Are you with me on this? Does this sound a little scary to you? I’m thinking it’s the Good Housekeeping Seal of Approval on steroids. I am going to keep looking into this, and keep you updated as I find out more information about the requirements. In the meantime, stay healthy. Jack Daniels Old No. 7 is a good mouthwash to kill those pesky Covid germs. ( when used with caution )