JANUARY 23, 2023



This has been on my mind for probably two weeks or more. I sat down for my evening services tonight with Pastor Carlson, and he said everything I have been thinking about in regards to the word “freedom”. Of course, Tucker said it with eloquence that I could never match.

As Americans, the word freedom has been drilled into our brains for as long as I can remember, so naturally we think we are immersed in freedom, exceeding any other nation on earth. Lately, it’s becoming quite clear that simply isn’t true.

Let me give you an example that infuriates me, every time I see it. The “Tunnels to Towers” commercial comes on, and immediately we see young men that are missing legs, arms, and have suffered horrible disfiguring burns. These young warriors are from the middle eastern wars that have been going on since George Bush the elder was the president. Before that it was the Viet Nam war. We didn’t win any of these wars. There was no intent to win any of them. The intent was to enrich the Washington D.C. neocons.

When people talk about these young warriors, they talk about them defending America’s freedom. That simply isn’t true. These wonderful young people were sent into battle by the military/industrial complex to fight totally useless wars that have nothing to do with protecting America’s freedom. These brave warriors stepped up, and did what they felt was their patriotic duty, and lost their lives, limbs, and sometimes their sanity. Sadly, when politicians decide it’s time to end the war, they just call everyone home, and walk away, abandoning the blood and treasure as if it was nothing. Have you ever heard a politician apologize for the pain and suffering caused by these actions? You never will, they have no souls.

Please don’t misunderstand my comments about Tunnels to Towers. I donate to them monthly to help these young folks that have been wounded and disfigured. The federal government should be taking care of these folks and providing them with mortgage and tax-free homes. If you send someone to do a task in your name, and that person can no longer work because of injuries suffered on your behalf, you owe it to them.

There are countless Americans that have been victims of political persecution. The government used to take great care to cloak it with lies and fake lawsuits in order to hide it. Hell, they don’t even try now. Tell all of those folks being railroaded by the DOJ over the January 6th protest about freedom, see what their response is. I’m sure Roger Stone will have a pretty spirited response to what freedom is these days. Paul Manafort can tell you about modern-day freedom, and Michael Flynn will surely be happy to expound on it.

We all know the story well, of how the FBI raided Donald Trump’s home for the so-called reason to reclaim classified documents. They had been there days earlier, they were aware of what he had, his lawyers had been in communication with the DOJ. Trump and his lawyers were satisfied that there were no problems. Then “WHAM” the raid happened like a bolt from the blue. This was purely the DOJ and the FBI flexing their muscles, sending a message that they are the “big dogs”, they can do whatever they want, whenever they want. PERIOD.

A few months ago, Joerg Arnu, a small-time blogger that writes a blog called “Dreamland Resort”, which talks about Area 51, got a very big surprise when 20 agents in full riot gear entered his properties and seized all of his equipment, including a drone, laptops, and phones. Joerg writes about information that is already in the public domain. He has no access to secret information regarding “Area 51”. Mr. Arnu has not had any further contact with the authorities, saying they won’t return his or his lawyer’s calls, and has not been charged with any crime. His personal equipment is likely lost forever. So much for the first amendment.

Here’s a list of folks who I’m sure take a dim view of the word “freedom”. Carter Page, Steve Bannon, Rick Gates, George Nader, George Papadopoulos, Michael Cohen. Do you remember James Rosen, an outspoken reporter during the Obama years. The FBI called Mr. Rosen a “criminal co-conspirtor” but was never charged with a crime. Seriously damaged Mr. Rosen’s career. The list wouldn’t be complete without mentioning Julian Assange, totally demolished by the powerful government intel folks. Throughout US history, presidents have taken a dim view of journalists, and persecuted those who disagreed with them. But Obama was one of the worst.

In addition to its vendetta against whistleblowers, Obama’s administration waged a robust campaign to harass and intimidate journalists, even mainstream journalists, who utilized leaked material. In May 2013, the Justice Department seized the records of phone lines that Associated Press employees used. AP confirmed that the records were from personal home and cell phones of reporters and editors, as well as phones that AP used in the press quarters of the House of Representatives. The administration’s contempt for the basic requirements of due process was alarming. As CBS reporter Sharyl Attkisson noted, such a seizure was “unheard of.” Beyond the abusive display of power that those raids embodied, she was outraged that no advance notice was given to the AP about the subpoena. “Advance notice would have given AP the chance to challenge the move in court.” Of course, that predictable response likely was the reason the Justice Department did not follow such a procedure. (from an article by the CATO Institute, February 11, 2021. Author: Ted Galen Carpenter.

All of the actions taken by Obama, Biden, and other past presidents and their administrations are illegal. The Bill of Rights prohibits such actions. So, how do they get away with this stuff? Why aren’t they forced to face the music for these injustices. George Carlin said it best; “They belong to the big club, and you ain’t in it”. They control all of the levers of power. All of us peons that work every day and pay taxes to keep their sorry asses in power, have no say in what goes on, despite them constantly telling us we do. It’s all a big charade, a lie, a giant deception.

I could go on writing for days about how freedom is more of a concept than a reality. Your freedom depends entirely on not pissing off the wrong people, in high places. Most people understand this and walk the straight and narrow path to avoid trouble. Some of us wrongheaded folks take offense to the blatant disregard for the Constitution and Bill of Rights and refuse to be quiet. I’m just a small irritating noise that is only heard by a few people. If a lot of people start making small irritating noises, it becomes a very loud noise that can’t be ignored.



JANUARY 16, 2023



Former NBA star Bill Walton has co-authored a plan with Times of San Diego George Mullen to create a homeless camp on an empty plot of land owned by the U.S Marines Corps at Miramar Naval Air Station. Granted the topography of the area looks a lot like desert, because it is desert, but close enough to the Pacific Ocean that the mean temperature is 72.5 degrees. Been there many times, it’s pretty darned nice year-round.

The camp would be a tent city, with on site medical care. Each person would have their own private plot for their tent, 24-7 Police services for safety, and full sanitation services with showers.

The giant hurdle is to get the Federal Government to lease 2,000 acres to Sunbreak Ranch group for $1 per year and designate the land as a temporary “federal emergency homeless help zone”.

The city of San Diego just increased its budget to care for the homeless by 28 million dollars. They said the money will be used to end the homeless crisis in the city. That my friend is an outright lie. They have been throwing mountains of cash at this problem for years and it just gets worse. You know why it gets worse? The money goes to organizations that are supposed to be solving the problem, but in reality, are just more useless bureaucracies, that pay comfy salaries to community organizers that can’t organize their bathroom counters.

So, hats off to Bill Walton for trying to do something that no one has tried before. Once the cities found out they could milk the feds for money in the name of helping the homeless, the whole thing became a lost cause. So, give it hell Bill, good luck, keep pushing.


Today was Martin Luther King Day. I will admit I don’t know much about Dr. King, but today I read several excerpts from some of his more famous speeches, and I was very impressed. I’m a bit ashamed that I don’t know more about the man. I am going to make it a point to know him better. That said, when they unveiled the sculpture dedicated to Dr. King and his wife today, I couldn’t believe my eyes. This kind and gentle man, and his lovely wife are supposed to be remembered by this atrocity of a sculpture? Every statue of an American icon or hero are meticulously crafted to be instantly recognizable. The monument to George Floyd was done in a more respectable manner and isn’t that a shame. Dr. King gave his life to improve the lives of African Americans and George Floyd was a career criminal.



There are so many facets to this, it’s hard to find a starting point. I suppose the logical starting point would be that the crazy old codger did not have the authority to remove these from the white house as VP and can’t use the excuse he declassified them because as VP, he didn’t have that power.

Secondly, these docs have been scattered around for about six years now. So I guess you could make the statement that the “classified” status is sort of a moot point now. I also think it’s safe to say that crazy ol’ Joe doesn’t really take this whole classified thing very seriously.

However, the timing of this whole exercise is very suspicious to me. Why are these being discovered now, and by his own staff? We all know how DC loves cover-ups, and how far the Dems will go to hide their screw-ups.

In my opinion, this is being done to keep Joe from running again. The Democrat primaries are set to start soon, and the Dems don’t want Joe back in the mix. Also, the first two years of this presidency have been a disaster and the Democrats know it. I think they are going to invoke the 25th amendment and install Kamala as the first black female president, then do a major reset and throw out the policies that proved so unpopular the first two years.

Finishing up the term with Kamala as President cements a Democrat legacy in the history books, and totally ties up the black female votes. They undo all of the bad stuff Joe supposedly did (he actually has no idea what he did) and it gives them clean slate to run on for 2024.

Then with dual indictments of Biden and Trump on mishandling of classified docs, they take both of them out of contention paving the way (they think) to keep the white house by running pretty boy Newsome of California with his stellar list of achievements.

Well loyal readers, that’s my twisted take on what is happening in the news. We will watch and see if my perception is correct. Print this blog out and put it in your wallet or purse for future reference. If all of it proves to be worthless gibberish, you can use while walking your dog.




JANUARY 7, 2023



I purposely refrained from making any comments on this past week’s drama in the House of Representatives because I am unquestionably biased. I don’t like Kevin McCarthy. I have watched him over the past few years with disgust and anger. I have often said ” how can this guy call himself a conservative”? So that said, I was not rooting for his victory. I don’t see a whole lot of difference between him and “turtle head Mitch”. Kevin has the distinct odor of the old Republican establishment which I detest.

I’m not a big fan of Sean Hannity either. At the beginning of the drama, Sean was acting like they were embarrassing the Republican party, saying things like they just need to get it done and stop the bickering. (paraphrased) His guest Newt Gingrich was echoing his distaste with the whole ordeal. On Friday, when it was apparent the whole dog and pony show was coming to an end, and Kevin McCarthy had given in to the Freedom Caucus demands, Sean and Newt were singing a totally different song. I wouldn’t have expected anything different from Sean, but I was greatly disappointed in Newt. They were praising it as a beautiful exercise in Democracy. They both made me want to throw up. This kind of attitude is precisely why the Republicans are a party of “duds”.

In the old western movies when the battle was raging and it looked like all was lost, the sound of the bugle was heard, and everyone was overcome with joy, the Cavalry was about to save the day. That’s how I feel about the brave men and women of the Freedom Caucus. They didn’t back down from the immense pressure to just go along with the program, they fought the hard battle despite being attacked by their own soldiers. God Bless these people, they are true Americans.

I have renewed hope that the Republican party can regroup and stand strong against the woke mob on the left. I am looking forward to seeing great things from this new group of lawmakers. When you see the zest these folks have, it’s sad the RINOS in the Senate felt it necessary to “hog tie” them for a whole year with that horrible Omnibus bill. When we purge the old establishment RINOS from the Senate maybe, just maybe, we can MAKE AMERICA GREAT AGAIN!!!!


The dictionary definition of Nazi is a person who seeks to impose their views on others in a very autocratic or inflexible manner. Does this sound like climate change activists to you? It certainly does to me. I think the actions of climate activists very aptly deserve to be called Enviro-Nazis.

Let’s go back in recent history and see how these people have been applying pressure to achieve their goals. Quite a lot of their so-called work has been based on outright lies. Even though their numbers have always been quite small, they have achieved incredible results. One of the reasons they have been so successful, is their political allies. Politicians are always looking for ways to enhance their power. When a politician sees an environmental movement that is not based on provable facts, he knows it’s an opportunity for him to acquire more power and tax money. There has never been a better example of this than “climate change”.

OFF ROAD VEHICLES: Beginning in the 1960’s dirt bikes and 4X4 vehicles became extremely popular in Southern California. Most of the off-road activities were taking place in the Mohave desert. between Los Angeles the Barstow. It didn’t take long for someone to claim the motorized vehicles were destroying the desert. The solution was simple; make everyone get an off-road license for their vehicles. Overnight the problem went away when the money started flowing into Sacramento.

One of the reasons given was the “kangaroo mouse”. The off-roaders were destroying its habitat. I don’t think anyone questioned how off-roading in Glamis, California was destroying the Kangaroos mouse’s habitat in Nevada where they predominantly live. It seems science has always been a valuable tool for politicians. Does the name Fauci come to mind?


Population decline of northern spotted owl

The barred owl is an owl species native to the Eastern United States, but has invasively expanded west into the habitat ranges of the northern spotted owl. Invasion of barred owls into the northern spotted owl’s habitat has occurred recently, with all of northern spotted owl territory now also inhabited by the barred owl.[26] Barred owls have a diet of small mammals (74.7%), other birds (8.3%), amphibians (6.4%), bugs (5.6%), crayfish (3.0%), fish (1.5%), reptiles, snails and slugs, and earthworms (<1.0% each).[6] This diet is similar to the northern spotted owl, and the introduction of barred owls to the northern spotted owl’s range creates increased competition for food.[5] In the same areas, northern spotted owls require around three to four times more range than barred owls, which places more strain on the northern spotted owls.[6] As barred owl population densities increase, the strain of food competition will worsen for northern spotted owls.

The greater diversity of diet in the barred owl, notably in the amphibians, crayfish, and fish consumed, threatens ecological stability due to extended predation now experienced by affected species. The additional food sources also give an advantage to the barred owl over the northern spotted owl, worsening the northern spotted owl’s ability to compete. Paired with more predation of prey that is shared between the barred owl and the northern spotted owl, the introduction of the barred owl in these areas may have unknown long term effects on the ecological balance of these habitats.[27] The most drastic effect is on the northern spotted owl population, which is estimated to have decreased at an annual rate of 3.8% from 1985 to 2013.[28] This population loss is directly related to the presence of barred owls. The Diller et al. (2016) study demonstrated that lethal removal of barred owls resulted in the northern spotted owl populations to increase, while populations of northern spotted owls continued to decrease if barred owl populations were left alone.[28] Should northern owl habitat areas continue to be protected under the Northwest Forest Plan and other related legislation, solutions to regulate barred owl populations could reverse the population decline of the northern spotted owl. Without intervention, continued annual decrease in population levels would ultimately end in extinction of the northern spotted owl.


Northern spotted owls and barred owls have been shown to be capable of producing hybrid offspring. Previous geographical isolation had prevented prior hybridization, and current ones are difficult to distinguish from nonhybrids without using genetic testing techniques. However, of those differences that are discernable, hybrids tend to be larger and lighter colored than northern spotted owls, with similar facial features to barred owls.[29] All hybridization occurred between male northern spotted owls and female barred owls. Cross-breeding amongst the species is a very limited event, and likely insufficient to be significantly detrimental to either species. Direct competition between species for habitat space and food is determined to be much more significant issues in affecting both target populations.[30] There has also been genetic evidence of cross breeding between northern spotted owls and California spotted owls (S. o. occidentalis), but since both are subspecies of the same species, this is not truly considered hybridization.[31]

So, I am going to summarize all of this nonsense very quickly. Massive efforts were made to save the spotted owl by the “all knowing” politicians. They killed the northwestern timber industry instead. As a result of their attempt to save the spotted owl from extinction, hundreds of timber companies and small towns were forced into extinction. Timber harvests in the Pacific Northwest were reduced by a whopping 80%.

So, the geniuses devastated a whole lot of families and towns and companies. As you read above the population of the spotted owl continues to decline. The population isn’t declining because of loggers, hell they all starved to death. Nope, it’s that infernal Barred Owl that is taking over the Spotted Owl’s territory and interbreeding with them to create a hybrid. Sort like the Homo Sapiens interbreeding with the Neanderthals. The Homo Sapiens became the dominant race. It was all a “croc of shit”, it was never about the owl, it was about the trees. I’m still waiting on someone to suggest reparations for the Pacific Northwest Loggers.


What started out as global warming hit a snag after several nasty winters. Sensing they were losing public interest, they changed the narrative to “climate change”. Brilliant, now it can encompass any unusual weather events. The proponents of this so-called climate change now have history to contend with. Turns out, severe weather events have been happening as long as they have been keeping records. The climate zealots are not really interested in the controlling the climate, they are interested in controlling the masses.

Warming and cooling of the planet seems to be sort of normal. I have attached a link to a short article that explains it very simply.

I will leave you to ponder these things while I go work on my old 1943 Dodge military truck. God bless you all, Happy New Year. Stay strong, vigilant, and happy.




JANUARY 2, 2023



I don’t spend a lot of time thinking about this topic. My family was lucky to own a cow or a horse. Probably more likely to own a few chickens.

In my opinion, there are a few things one needs to to take into consideration when assessing this whole slavery thing. Slavery ended in the USA one hundred, fifty-eight years ago. Secondly, it ended because 642,427 almost entirely white Union soldiers died securing their freedom. Although 642,427 is a huge number unto itself, it has a much larger significance. Those men that died fighting to free the slaves were each a member of a family tree. Those collective family trees were robbed of tens of millions of future Americans.

Today, 158 years later, Democrat politicians (the party of slavery in the first place) are proposing that the US government pay reparations to the descendants of slaves. People who suffer no impact whatsoever from any of those events. If any reparations were paid, it should be paid by the descendants of the black slave traders who sold their black brothers and sisters into slavery.

Repeating a fact that everyone knows, the US government does not generate any revenue, the only money the government has comes from taxpayers, and the politicians for the most part have no reservations spending it, largely unwisely. So, now the U.S. Government wants to take your money and hand it over to people for a travesty they allowed to happen, and then ended with the blood of almost 650,000 human lives 158 years ago. Only a Democrat would have the audacity to propose such a plan that has absolutely no merit other than to purchase black votes.

In my opinion, the debt has already been paid off, with American blood. The issue should be dropped forever. It’s only compounding the pain with greed.

Gavn Newsome proposing this, is using California taxpayer money to fund his presidential ambitions. The people in California, should wake up, and tell Gavin to pound sand.



DECEMBER 28, 2022



Pretty much standard practice for writers and journalists (I’m neither one, I’m a metal fabricator), to cover the highs and lows of the year about to come to a close. Well, I’m not going to do that exactly, I’m going to talk about how this country is beginning to change, and not for the best. The past two years have accelerated that process.


I’m not trying to say rowdiness didn’t exist, it’s always been present. However, in most cases it just wasn’t tolerated, and trouble causers were dealt with and a swift and decisive manner. The police officers back in the day, could be pretty rough on the bad guys.

In the forties, when I was just a little shaver, I used to go downtown with my mother when she went shopping, or sometimes we would just take in a movie. She always wore her best dress, hat, and gloves, and of course high heels. She always dressed me in my Sunday best as well. I remember all of the women dressed like my mom, and men dressed in suits, ties, and hats. People were kind and courteous, and men always held the doors for women, and allowed women to go ahead. It was clear that women were to be treated with respect. On public transportation men always stood, and offered a woman his seat, as a man, this was expected of you.

When families dined out (that was a real luxury) children were never allowed to act out, scream and throw tantrums. Children were expected to be quiet and exhibit good table manners. A child never left a table without an adult escort. Didn’t happen. As a result, dining out was a pleasant experience, quite different from dining at a family restaurant today. Kids are climbing any vertical structure they can find, running down the aisles, or crawling under the tables, or just plain acting like pint sized jerks.

You rarely heard an adult use profanity in public, or in a group of people at a private gathering. It wasn’t acceptable behavior. Using profanity would be looked upon as disrespectful of others who may be religious or didn’t engage in using such language. It was just bad taste.



I absolutely refuse to fly on a commercial airliner or use any other public transport. You could end up in the presence of an unsavory individual or individuals, with dire consequences. Hell, even cruises today have drunken brawls, and people being pushed overboard. No thank you, if I can’t get there by private automobile, I ain’t goin’.

I did a lot of air travel in the 70’s and 80’s. and I came to the conclusion that when women dressed to fly, they spent hours finding the absolute craziest, ugliest clothes they owned, combined with some outlandish foot gear for their journey. They came to the airport dressed like clowns. Has anyone else noticed this? Men no longer wear business suits to fly, but at least they don’t look like escapees from a loony den.



Public schools have no dress codes, kids go to school looking like slobs. The girls look like hookers, and the teachers look like they just came in from gardening. People in offices nowadays aren’t much better. I see women working in offices wearing dresses I’m pretty sure they wore to a party the night before. People have no sense of pride anymore. I see guys wearing slacks with shoes that look like they stole ’em off a homeless guy. Then somewhere in between is the guy that dresses like a street thug working at a fast-food joint. I’m real excited about that guy handling my food. Thankfully I’ve been vaccinated for hepatitis.

Now there are about 2 1/2 million new immigrants from third world countries in the past two years to join in with the 30 odd million already here. These folks are coming here from impoverished socialist nations. Not to sound like a xenophobe, but I don’t expect them to lift the standards of human behavior to any great new heights. Also, I wouldn’t expect them to usher in a new industrial or technological era.

What I do expect, is a total calamity, as the genius Democrats have pretty much neutered law enforcement, and there is no question a goodly number of these new residents are not exactly model citizens. Yep, gonna be a rough ride for awhile.


This clown show isn’t going to save anyone from anything, I’m just being sarcastic, that’s what I do best. They may actually start another world war that involves nuclear weapons. If anyone in congress survives it, they will surely begin a new investigation to blame it on Trump.



DECEMBER 20, 2022



From the moment I was old enough to create things to this very moment, some 78 years later, I have never stopped. I figure I started creating stuff at around 3 years old. One of my favorite materials for my creations were empty oatmeal containers, the round cardboard type, along with and assortment of other cardboard containers. By the age of five or six, I was running string all over the house, attaching little cardboard gondolas with bent straight pins that would slide down the strings into another room. This craziness went on to building flying model airplanes and model cars and customizing my bicycles.

This is what is driving me to write this article. We are created in the image of God. God is the creator of all things. Being created in his image, we have the natural born instinct to create stuff. It doesn’t have to be art, or machinery. It can be most anything. In my opinion, true happiness lies in exercising this God given gift.

As kids we create stuff constantly. Everything from snow forts to indoor tents, with friends or siblings, pretending it’s where we live. We even go so far as to furnish our indoor tent with makeshift furniture from pillows and etc. All of this is important for our mental growth.

Setting aside material things, the most important thing in the world to create is a family. Creating a family is the single most important thing you can do for your personal growth as a human being. Being the caretakers of a home, children, and all that goes with it, does not allow you to dwell on yourself. You are living your life in the service of others. There is no greater reward. As a homemaker, if you begin to dwell on yourself, you’re failing in your mission. Only misery will follow.

However, you need to understand yourself. Some people have a much greater capacity for this type of life than others. You often see people that manage a family and are able to devote time to community services, and/or their church. If you are feeling overwhelmed, back off, your family will be better for it. You only fail, if you abandon your responsibilities altogether.

When I see youngsters totally into themselves, It’s a clear signal to me, that they were not taught how to achieve true happiness. This is exactly why church is so important for young minds. Most any religion you can name, teaches humility, and service to others. It’s the way of Christ, and the way to lasting happiness.

If you’re an older person, don’t allow yourself to fall into depression as your life is winding down. Meet new people, join a club that has classes on how to create things. There are several places in my area that the guys can work in a wood shop. Once again, you are creating friendships and learning new things.

God gave all of us special talents, sometimes you have to dig deep and find them. Find them and be creative, and happy. Satan has use for all idle hands, that’s what Mom told me. Never knew the woman to give me bad advice.

God bless you all. Honor the Savior’s birthday next Sunday.


DECEMBER 18, 2022



This seems to be when the monster was about to be born, and Dwight D. Eisenhower, the 34th President of the United States, was well aware of what was about to happen. See Wikipedia link below.

I think the statement Eisenhower made regarding the Scientific-technological elite can be applied to quite aptly to what we saw happen during the Covid, so called “pandemic”. Does Anthony Fauci not fit this prediction?

This was the very beginning of a slow growing cancer that has virtually consumed the once great and honorable United States Government. It is the essence of power = corruption.


When someone says “nobody is above the law” you can bet they’re a Democrat, because Republicans and anyone with the intelligence of a Kiwi fruit, knows it’s a blatant lie. Equal Justice Under the Law is an even bigger lie. This lie has been put on display in neon lights over the past few years regarding those poor souls being railroaded by corrupt judges for January 6th activities. This is a huge scar on the so called equal justice claim. You need to understand, there is no such thing as equal justice. I’m not sure there ever has been.


I’ve always been a person who has so called “gut feelings”. My personal history will bear out, that I have not always heeded those feelings, which generally turn out to be valid. For years, I’ve had a gut feeling that something was going on behind the scenes in our government. That there were other powers making decisions behind the veil of secrecy.

The first time I had that feeling was when John F. Kennedy was assonated. I was certainly not alone; a lot of folks didn’t believe what they were being told. The CIA and FBI seemed to be involved way too much before and after the event. Do you remember witnesses saying they heard gun shots from the so called “grassy knoll’? You can bet your last crypto coin that they were not going to fail on this mission. If a powerful rifle was fired from the building behind the motorcade and less power guns were fired from in front it would confuse people near the action. Confusion is a good thing in this type of activity.

So, in my opinion, when it became clear there was growing doubt about what really happened, they appeased the public with a major investigation conducted by the Warren Commission. So far so good, pretty much what you would expect. But then, they sealed portions of the records for 75 years. That anniversary has now come and gone, and they still refuse to let the public view them. That really instills confidence in in the honesty of these meatheads.

Tucker Carlson made a “blockbuster” statement last week, and it has been largely ignored by everyone. Tucker stated that he has been in communication with a person who has seen and read the sealed documents and, claims the CIA did in fact assonate John F. Kennedy. Tucker went on to say this person told him the U.S. government is not what you think it is, “it’s a big lie”. In my opinion, this is becoming more and more apparent every day.


After watching what happened in the 2020 presidential election and now the midterms, is there anyone out there that actually believes we still have Bonafide and honest elections? In the 2020 elections they cheated everywhere, nationwide across the board. When it became clear that a lot of people were not fooled, the Demorats refined their operations, and just cheated in key races so it wouldn’t look so obvious. Now, this is what I think happened, I’m sure I’m not alone. I am watching the Keri Lake lawsuit in Arizona with great interest. By the way, have you noticed how the mainstream media is trying to paint her as a certified nut case? In my state of Oregon, we have had vote by mail for years, and I doubt that we have had an honest election since it began. I certainly don’t believe the results of this past election. I have zero confidence in our elections. They have been bastardized by the left so badly, we may never see a fair election again.


The RINO Mitch McConnell has sided with the Demorats and has encouraged other Republican senators to join with him to pass the Omnibus spending bill which will effectively neuter the incoming House Republicans for a period of at least a year. This will take away their ability to stop some of the destructive acts of the White House such as hiring more IRS agents and shutting down his open border policies among a host of other things. It’s looking like the old Republican establishment has reared its ugly head once again.

I think it would be a good idea in the future to take a look at the promising conservative candidates and make donations to that person and not to the Republican Party. That’s what we have decided to do. We will not support the Republican party in the future until they come into line with the populist desires of the American people and stop acting like Democrats.



DECEMBER 14, 2022



Very soon, we will be looking at the second anniversary of the Biden presidency. His administration has arguably done more damage to this country than any in my lifetime. Even Jimmy Carter wasn’t this bad. Newsmax, Fox News and a few other right-wing outlets have benefitted greatly. This group now in power, is a bottomless well of nonsensical crap. Tucker Carlson mentioned this a few days ago, saying it’s almost impossible to keep up with the never-ending news events. I might add, none of it good.

This is an almost daily conversation at the kitchen table. My wife and I both agree, we are getting tired of the endless complaining, and no one seems to have a plan on how to end the madness. The southern border has been wide open since Biden took office, about a million feet of video has been shot of endless lines of intruders. Probably 100 million words have been spoken by all of the right-wing pundits and politicians, and yet none of the geniuses can formulate a plan on how to stop it. I know how to stop it. United States Army, with orders to shoot if orders to stop are not obeyed. Do not let the intruders cross the river. Simple. Drive the Cartels out of the country with military force. The problem would be over within 30 days.

This whole scenario is looking more and more like the fall of Rome every day. The government is in denial, celebrating useless laws and decisions, while the barbarians are overrunning the borders. The left has infiltrated every nook and cranny of the government, and staunchly defend the ideology that will spell the eventual demise of this great Republic. They are nothing more than mindless idiots.


Shouldn’t we have some sort of Constitutional escape clause in case things get out of hand, like now? It could never be enacted by the lawmakers themselves; it would have to be enacted by the people. Revolutions are extremely difficult, because the government controls the military, and will use it to protect themselves. You could never trust judges; they are the most untrustworthy individuals on the planet.

I think we are very close to the point Thomas Jefferson was referring to in the article you just read in the link above. In my opinion, this government has strayed so far away from the sacred documents created by our Founding Fathers, it’s time for a reset. The great reset should not be about joining the global power brokers, it should be about getting back to the basics of what made our Republic great. The term “Make America Great Again” was never more relevant.



DECEMBER 9, 2022



After watching Fox News and reading my MSN feed it’s really hard to feel any kind of joy about this freaking world we are living in. There is a story on my MSN feed about this creep in Wyoming that killed his girlfriend’s toddler son by suffocating him with by holding his hand over his mouth, then wrapped his body in garbage bags and a blanket and tossed it in a dumpster. When the police examined the body, the little guy’s genitals had been burned with a propane torch found in the home. This story fills me with rage, that’s not good for an old man’s health.


Obviously, this is a piece on Sam Brinton, Biden’s nuclear energy specialist. He identifies as something, I’m not really sure what, but I know one thing, Sam has really bad taste in lipstick. Here wears the ugliest lipstick I have ever seen. By the way, have you noticed how much he looks like Michael Avanati? I wonder if anyone has ever seen Sam and Michael in the same room? I would have never in my wildest dreams thought a fetish for stolen underwear would be a qualification for a nuclear specialist. Oh well, it looks like Sam is headed to the slammer. He has done this several times now. If he goes to a women’s prison that will be truly interesting. I wouldn’t put him to work in the laundry.


Being a freak these days is definitely something you should consider. It is a gold plated “get out of jail free” card. So, Biden and and the other inept fools have a chance to do a prisoner swamp with Russia. They have a choice; A decorated Marine that has been there four years on a false spy charge, or a freak WNBA player that has been there a few months, detained on drug charges that is very verbal about how much she hates the United States, Yep, they took the freak and left the Marine behind. That is a big F— you to all of you normal folks that hate this shit. The “woke” morons will cater to the 2% and give the bird to the rest of us every single time.


I like the old days when freaks were incognito, dressed like us, talked like us………… you know, like Paul Pelosi.


I have a pretty long list, but I’m not going to bore you with it. This is my short list:

Meghan Markle, Kamala Harris, Nancy Pelosi, AOC, Oprah Winfrey, Adam Schiff, Jerry Nadler, Don Lemon, The Cuomo brothers, Chris Wray, Rachel Maddow. I have to stop, I’m getting depressed just having them in my brain.


You had no way of knowing, but I was away from my computer for a while. I went to the bathroom to check and see if I had any sleep aids, this is very disturbing. Elon must be putting together a team of expert negotiators to prevent this horrendous event.


Police in Los Angeles reported the theft of two French bulldogs, from a pregnant woman while she was walking her dogs. The police description of the thief was incredibly detailed. Be on the lookout for a male, around six feet tall, estimated 200 lbs. driving a gray SUV. This guy is toast, he’s going to stick out like a sore thumb.


“BARRON ROUNDTABLE” made this statement in a TV interview. My response: “No shit Sherlock” took a real genius to figure that out.


The meatheads managing medical supplies for the American citizens thought is was great idea to shift the manufacturing from USA to China. The recent Covid related lockdowns in China just happened to be in the area where a great deal of our over-the-counter meds come from. I have an arthritic knee and depend on a Tylenol tablet in the morning to be able to walk fairly pain free. You may see a brief shortage of Ibuprofen and Tylenol for a while. I stocked up on the stuff last night at our local big box store. While I was waiting in the car for my wife to wrap her shopping, a woman came running out of the store hell bent for leather carrying a large package. I thought that’s odd, then I noticed a white minivan with the side door open. She threw the box in, jumped in after it, and they sped off. I figured that out pretty quick, they were Christmas shopping and had to get home to put the kids to bed. Sometimes I’m amazed at how quickly I can figure stuff out.

Don’t weaken my friends. The strong prevail (that’s what I have always heard) Looks like we may get a chance to test it out. Stay alert, stay safe. My advice is to find a lethal weapon you’re comfortable with and keep in on your person at all times. You might run across that six-foot tall, 200 lb guy with a French Bulldog in a gray SUV. Whatever you do, don’t shoot the dogs.



DECEMBER 7, 2022



I literally don’t believe a single thing I read in the news nowadays. Everything I read generates a n automatic conspiracy theory in my brain. For example, over the weekend two electrical sub stations were vandalized and caused extensive power outages. They reported the damage was done by high powered rifles, and the perps seemed to know exactly what to target. They also reported that several spent casings were collected at the site. Put all of those facts in your brain.

Next set of facts; They surmised that the act was done by an extremist group. The investigators claim to have visited social media sights of extremist groups that encourage such behavior, even giving information on how to carry out such an attack.

The next brainstorm by these geniuses is that the sabotage may have been done to shut down a downtown Divas Drag Show in the city of Southern Pines on Saturday night.

OK, are you getting the picture? White extremists, sabotaging a power station in an effort to shut down a queer event.

Think about all the ground this covers. Guns bad, white people bad, white people hate queers. The queers were the victims, not the tens of thousands of regular folks that lost power and had their lives drastically impacted.

In the same article it claims other sub stations across the country have been attacked in the same manner, including one in California. No suspects have ever been identified. But yet they are sure white extremists are behind these attacks. Strangely, this is the first time I remember seeing anything like this on the news before.

Immediately, I’m thinking this was done by the government to put guns and white folks in a bad light, painting them as extremists and hate filled bigots. Somehow, they failed to implicate Donald Trump. How convenient could this be? These substations are often located in remote areas that make them easy targets for saboteurs and vandals.

Electrical sub stations are vital components of the electrical grid. So, they put one of these installations in a remote area unprotected other than high fences and razor wire and don’t even bother installing high resolution cameras in hidden locations? Wouldn’t you think someone with enough intelligence to build a substation would have figured that out?

As much money as they waste on other nonsense, destruction of a substation would be a lot of “bang for the buck” in political capital. Sorry, I don’t believe any of this crap. Show me the shooter or shooters. Oh yeah, the investigators said that the high heat generated by the powder exploding in the casing, burns off any fingerprints that may have been on them. How convenient. And why would saboteurs be so careless as to leave the spent cartridges behind? Maybe it was the FBI, and they used the guns confiscated in the “Fast and Furious” gun running scheme by Obama.