Granny’s house wasn’t this fancy, it was just a rectangular box with a gable roof, two rooms, no running water. The walls didn’t have drywall on them, the walls were covered with masonite, no insulation in the walls, other than crumpled up newspaper. The ceiling was some sort of fiber board. All of the electrical wiring was exposed, mounted on the surfaces of the walls. I would guess the house was built sometime in the late teens or early 1920’s. My Grandmother kept it clean and tidy, although she was very poor, probably never owned more than three or four dresses, maybe two pairs of shoes. It didn’t matter, when my parents went to her home, she was very sweet and kind to me. She was my Mothers Mother, and my only living Grandparent. She was born in 1881 and died in 1971. She was married twice, widowed twice, and raised 12 children in that tiny two room house, with no running water, an outside toilet, and a well. Amazingly, everyone of her children, married, made very good lives for themselves, and lived long happy lives. She lived her entire life in that small house.

The house sat across the road from a large city park, a creek ran through it, complete with minnows and tadpoles. The park had more than it’s share of pecan trees, which thrive in Oklahoma. My cousins and I spent a lot of time gathering pecans in the fall for the Holidays. Also blackberries were abundant, which our Moms turned into delicious blackberry cobbler. The little neighborhood was a poor area, but the people were wonderful, and we loved to go there and hang out in the park.

Based on the picture I just painted for you, having a large Thanksgiving dinner at Grandma’s house probably wouldn’t make much sense. This little house, was where my Mom, and her sisters were born and raised. It makes perfect sense they would want to go home for Thanksgiving, and they did. Probably between 20 and 30 people would converge on that little tiny house with all kinds of food and drink, and we had the most wonderful Thanksgiving dinners imaginable. Somehow, we all found a place to sit and eat. Afterwards the youngsters would play in the park, while the adults caught up on all the latest stuff happening in their families. Out of all the many Thanksgivings I have experienced in my life, those are probably the most memorable.

My family was comprised of good, hardworking folks, most of them born in the early part of the last century. None of them were rich with money, but they were rich with good families. They were rich with great attitudes, and a sense of humor. Many of them talented artists, and craftsmen. They were rich with the desire to be good citizens, and good Americans. They stood and saluted the flag with great respect, some of them died defending it. I will forever be thankful for these people and the lessons they taught me.

Take a moment and remember those people in your past this Thanksgiving, and what they meant to you and your life. All of my aunts and uncles, and some of my cousins are gone now. I will forever remember those times we spent together, so very long ago.

Wishing all of you a very Happy Day of Thanks. Even though it’s been a tough year, there are many things we can be grateful for.




Has your local or state government lowered you taxes lately? I didn’t think so. Our county tax accessor is still sending out full blown tax bills, probably larger than last year’s, I just haven’t stopped to look yet. They haven’t removed the warning about extra charges if you’re late on the payment. Nope, it’s business as usual at the tax collectors office. So, I’m looking around, and I see some pretty flakey shit going on while I’m still paying “full boat”.

Let’s start off with something that happened a while back, but I’m still pissed, and may be pissed far into the future. I had a salad for lunch at a local restaurant, and got some sort of food poisoning. By 10:00 in the evening, I can’t hold anything down, and I’m getting really weak from dehydration. Last resort, I call 911 and the paramedics came over, put me in the ambulance, started and I.V. and away we went to the hospital, about six miles away. Don’t misunderstand, I was grateful, I was fading fast. The following week, I get a bill for $1,200.00. Mind you, this is just a couple of months after paying the county $4,800.00 in property taxes, which supports the fire dept. When I’m paying that much in taxes, in my opinion, charging me for the ambulance ride, is salt in the wounds. I’ve paid roughly $69,000.00 in property taxes over the past 15 years, got no kids in schools, I work every damn day, don’t ask these jerks for anything, and they can’t even give me an hour of time, and a short ride. I’ve got an idea. Stop collecting taxes and let private enterprise run the fire departments. I’ll be money ahead for sure. I won’t be responsible for their wages and retirement.

I drove downtown to pick up some printing on Monday. As I’m driving through what used to be beautifully maintained streets, there are homeless encampments on the sidewalks and under the bridges, trash everywhere, it looks like a garbage dump with people living in the piles of trash. I can’t even walk down the sidewalks, they are blocked with tents and trash. If I wanted to take a walk in the park and just sit and relax, impossible it’s filled with homeless people, tents and trash. As a taxpaying citizen, I should be able to walk unimpeded on city sidewalks, and enjoy the city parks without dealing with feral people. We need to start calling this what it is, feral people. City administrators are letting my city go to hell, but if tell them I’m withholding my taxes until they get their shit together, they come after me for delinquent taxes. These assholes are not doing the job we pay them to do, but we have no recourse. Who are you gonna call, nobody does anything, they are useless drones.

God help you if you need to go to a city or state office to take care of business. They’re closed because of the covid crap. There are folks working everyday in grocery stores, gas stations, hardware stores, you name it. But hell no, those nambi pambi government workers are too valuable to be exposed to covid. This so called pandemic has made one thing abundantly clear, we could get by with at least 50% less government workers. I’m sure no one would even notice. Before covid, when the offices were fully staffed, it took forever to get building permits and other construction related permits.

If you think it’s bad now, if this country goes socialist and you have to deal with these deadheads for medical care, your life is going to get measurably worse. We have relatives in England, and the horror stories they tell about the national healthcare services will make you cringe. My wife’s niece injured her leg, wasn’t sure if it was broken. It too 36 hours before she could be examined. When she was finally admitted, they couldn’t find a doctor that spoke English, in England no less. It is an unmitigated disaster. That’s what Beijing Biden has planned for you. However, that doesn’t stop England from taxing the living hell out of it’s citizens. Believe me, if it moves, they tax it.

Portland, Oregon, Seattle, Washington. Cities located in two of the most beautiful places on the planet, the amazing Pacific Northwest. Two, once beautiful cities, now governed by leftist maniacs, that are driving them into the ground.

PORTLAND, OREGON: The Mayor and City Council are literally a group of people that couldn’t run a lemonade stand. They actually permitted a five or six story building to be built with no available parking, anywhere. They could have designed the building with ” tuck under ” parking, which would have taken some of the load off of the surrounding streets which are already overburdened. But Portland City administrators hate cars, and will do anything to keep them out of the city. Parking in Portland is a nightmare. The streets in Portland are narrow to start with, and the city has put light rail down the center of the streets, plus marked off bike lanes as well. Driving a car in Portland is difficult to say the least, and that’s exactly what the plan was. Leave your damned car at home. Ride the light rail or your bicycle. Then as if it isn’t bad enough, everywhere you look, feral people are living on the streets in tents, or just passed out from some sort of intoxicant. Then at night, ANTIFA, and BLM show up and tear the hell out of things, burn shit, and break windows. So, the geniuses have cut the police budget, which was already stretched to the breaking point, and are allowing the punks to terrorize the city every night, for well over 200 days now. Why is this a big deal? Because, people in the outlying area of the city, are being denied police services, while a depleted police force are defending the inner city.

SEATTLE, WASHINGTON: Conditions same as Portland, only slightly worse. Mayor and City Council, same flavor.

We have friends in Multnomah County where Portland is located. Same size home, same amount of property, taxes over twice as much as ours, over $8,000.00 per year. But the city of Portland say’s they don’t have enough money to fix the streets, and have levied a special street tax to fix pot holes. They have also came up with this genius plan to put trackers on your cars and charge you for miles driven. Nice huh? More leftist bullshit. What is mind boggling, the residents keep voting these idiots back in office. They have to be masochistic.

This is absolutely maddening. They keep raising our taxes, and the services keep getting worse, or disappearing altogether. That doesn’t stop them from dreaming up more welfare projects to assist illegal aliens, and wasting billions of dollars on failed programs for feral people. The system is going to break, and it ain’t gonna be a pretty sight to see. We all know who is going to be responsible, but that won’t make it any easier to deal with. 2020 sucks!



Adam Scott celebrates his win at The Masters at Augusta National Golf Club in Augusta, Georgia, Sunday, April 14, 2013. (Tim Dominick/The State/MCT via Getty Images)

Life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness. Pretty sure, most Americans would agree that’s pretty darned important to them. It is to me. I really don’t want to worry about the government, and next way they plan on screwing up my life. I want the government to fear me, not the other way around.

When you look at the history of the world, it has always been rife with some sort of conflict or upheaval in so called civilization. It has either been driven by aggression, greed, or religion. It seems mankind is never happy for extended periods of time. One would think, that a life of peace would be the most desirable goal in human life, apparently it isn’t.

So in my opinion, when this dilemma is broken down to the most basic component, one culture or ideology, believes everyone else should be, and think exactly like them, even if brute force is required to achieve that goal. Nobody is more blunt than Islam. You convert or die. Pretty sure a lot of folks lied their way out of that one. Maybe that was the birth of politics.

Americans have been extremely blessed that we have only had one armed conflict within our borders since the original revolutionary war. Unfortunately, it was the Great Civil War, which resulted in the deaths of 620,000 Americans . Due to the fact, our schools no longer seem interested in teaching history, we may be teetering on another civil war, also having racial overtones. Very unfortunate indeed. Like the first civil war, it will be 100% American casualties.

Our form of government, if administered as the Founding Fathers intended, can’t get out of control for very long. Every four to eight years another group takes over, and can easily undo any craziness the previous administration may have put in place. The key component in keeping everything going straight down the road is strict adherence to the Constitution and Bill of Rights. If either party goes off the rails and abandons that solemn oath to uphold the Constitution, all bets are off. We’ve all seen the carnage associated with train wrecks and how difficult it is to get those things back on the tracks.

I’ve mentioned this in my blogs before so it may sound familiar. Democrats and Republicans used to exercise a fair amount of respect and decorum while going about the business of the people. This has all changed since the days of Bill Clinton. I would argue that the Clintons ushered in a more hostile type of governing. Bill and Hillary were a young, nice looking couple, Bill was a smooth operator. But, they had a problem coloring inside the lines. This irked the Republicans and ended up with Bubba being impeached. They also tried to tie up Hillary in the Whitewater scandal. So the last four years of the Clinton administration were rather chaotic. The Democrats really wanted this to all go away, “ was born”. In my opinion, this laid the groundwork for the ” tit for tat” way we operate today.

The gap between the Democrats and Republicans regarding how government should work has never been greater. This is my analogy in simple terms; Think of the Democrats and Republicans as chicken farmers, or egg ranchers. Democrats like the idea of putting the chickens in cages, everything is a fixed situation, no chance for anything to go wrong. Republicans prefer the “free range” style, where chickens are free to roam. The chickens are healthy and happy, and produce more eggs. Republicans are confident the chickens are smart enough to stay off the roadway.

A little side note here; Do you remember during the Amy Coney Barrett hearings, when Webster’s Dictionary was adding new words and meanings from Mazie Hirono’s line of questions? I’ve been watching Joe Biden lately, how the hell are the Webster folks ever going to keep up with Joe’s new words and phrases. And by the way, who is the language sherpa that is going to interpret these new words? Could it be that Joe is actually on another plain of spirituality, and he is actually speaking in “tounges”? One more of the great mysteries of 2020.



Donald Trump was elected in 2016 because middle America was tired of being treated like step sisters. The coastalists, who also are, for the most part, lefties, have no clue about how middle America lives, thinks, or earns money. They think we are a bunch of dumb farmers and rednecks. This is coming from a guy that has lived on the west coast for sixty years. I’m a transplanted Okie, and I will always be an Okie until I take my last breath. It’s a frame of mind. Every day when I experience the way coastalists think and act, it makes me extremely glad that I am not one of them, and never will be. I live here for the weather. I surround myself with folks like myself, who have moved here from Red states, and understand the true meaning of being American.

For years, we were known as the silent majority. We pretty much went about our business and left the politicking to our Republican leaders. That didn’t work very well, because our Republican leaders were weak, had no backbone. They let the Democrats run wild. In reality, there wasn’t a lot of difference between the two parties, both were big on squeezing as much money out of the system as possible to line their own pockets. They went to Washington D.C. on a Greyhound, and came home in Cadillac.

Back in the nineties, the Republicrats made a very big tactical error. Both parties were in bed with big money. Big money wanted more money, so with the blessings of the Republicrats, started offshoring jobs, not only to Japan, but Taiwan, and China, in that order. Because China was an emerging market, goods and manufacturing could be had for pennies on the dollar. Middle America found itself in major economic decline, with no hope in sight. Once prosperous cities, were turning into ghost towns.

Donald Trump had been observing this for years. You can watch old videos of him from twenty or more years ago, commenting on the horrible effects it was having on our country. He also had strong opinions on never ending foreign wars. The fat cats on Wall Street and in Washington D.C. were bloated with money from selling war materials, while raking in billions from cheap goods and labor from China. Veering slightly off my train of thought here, but what kind of monsters are these people that promote wars that kill and maim young Americans, so they can rake in billions of dollars. Do they even have any feelings of remorse when they see flag draped coffins being offloaded at Air Bases, or the hundreds of young men and women missing arms and legs?

The madness had to be stopped. A meek mild mannered man would never be able to do it. Only a brash, rough talking guy from the Queens would stand a chance of going up against the richest and most powerful people in the world. It had to be a man that was self made, not beholden to big corporations or special interest groups. Donald J. Trump was that guy. He started a war against the establishment, as an Army of One. He is a human wrecking ball. Because he was willing to take on this task, we now know the extent of corruption in D.C., that if not for President Trump, we would have never known any of it.

Five years ago, I could not have imagined the FBI and CIA, plotting to overthrow a duly elected American President. We all saw it play out in front of our very own eyes. Something you would only expect to see in a movie. Obviously they were unsuccessful, but they made it virtually impossible for the President to conduct business as normal. They painted a very unflattering picture of American politics for the world to view.

What we actually witnessed, was the establishment in self defense mode. This included the Democrat Congress men and women, and even some old establishment Republicans, as well as the DOJ. Donald Trump was shining a bright light on the dark side of D.C. But, the resistance didn’t stop there, the entire unionized educational system and universities nationwide, felt they were being threatened. Nobody milks the system like the educational establishment, they weren’t about to have their gravy train derailed.

We saw the resistance mobilize within days of President Trump’s inauguration. It was pretty damned ugly. The street violence subsided for awhile, during the Mueller shit show. However, nobody foresaw what was coming next, when the Presidential campaigns ramped up. Unbelievable street violence by BLM and ANTIFA erupted. These people shocked us by injuring and killing senior citizens, and committing violence against handicapped people. Mass looting and destruction of public property took place, and is still taking place. You need to understand, these people want to overthrow the United States Government. The Democrats used them to create chaos to help them win the election, but these people are Marxists and Communists, they hate the Democrats as well. BLM is already using strong arm tactics against Biden, as well as Gavin Newsome. If they don’t get their way, violence will follow. These people are morphing into urban guerillas, and it’s only going to get worse.

Intimidation to force someone to comply with your wishes has likely been going on since a few years beyond that fateful day that Adam was convinced to partake of the apple. That’s obviously when things took a turn for the worse. Fast forward a few thousand years and things are really getting out of hand. Intimidation used to be something that was done in the shadows. It’s now done in broad daylight in front of TV cameras. This is the scary part, a very large part of America is not on board, and they are well armed. How long will it be before middle America says enough, and starts fighting back? When that happens, a lot of other folks get caught up in the ensuing vortex of violence.

The only way to stop the inevitable, is through the law, and the support of law enforcement. Not something to look forward to, from the Biden group, if they end up in power. There seems to only be a few states that understand this, Ron DeSantis of Florida totally gets it. Folks, in my opinion, the only way out of this mess is through strong law enforcement, and incarceration of the bad guys. Defunding police and abolition of prisons is a recipe for disaster of the worst kind. Only an idiot would suggest such actions.

One more thought; Notice that the ones calling for socialism, are also the ones calling for defunding the police and getting rid of prisons. Socialist nations have a shortage of neither. Think about that.




Have you noticed this phrase being used by leftists? ” It’s our chance for a reset”. It’s being used a lot lately? If you’ve heard it, have you taken the time to analyze what it means? Simply put, they are saying; now is our time to put all of the old ideas of government in the trash heap and start over, on our terms. The latest world leader to utter these words is none other than Canada’s embarrassing man child, Justin Trudeau.

They have been conducting an eight month experiment, to see if you are willing to give up your Constitutional rights to save yourself from the China virus. The experiment has shown that, for the most part, people are ready and willing to comply. I think the compliance rate, probably even surprised the social engineers. Personally, I would have thought the American people would have been more resistant to having their everyday freedoms sharply curtailed. It was absolute genius how they did it. They led everyone to believe we were looking at a fourteen day ordeal, then everything would be OK. Fourteen days is now around 240 days and counting. Every time things are looking better and they loosen the screws, we have another spike in cases, and we go back into lockdown.

I have a couple of questions for you to ponder. How do we actually know the real number of new cases? You’re being told the numbers are spiking, but is it true? Have you seen any semblance of truth in the media in the past ten years? The main stream media are the last people I would believe. Do you really believe what the health officials are telling you? They have changed their stories at least a hundred times on everything Covid. Are Hospitals being overrun with patients? How many people that you know personally, that have died? In other words, in a real pandemic, death is very obvious. In this case not so much.


New Normal? This is political rhetoric, which means we’re going to screw up your lives some more, so you may as well get used to it. Let me remind everyone, that not even the Congress of the United States of America, has the right to nullify your right to worship, or peaceably assemble. States are clearly overstepping their authority to disallow you to attend church, or gather in your homes to celebrate the Holidays. The states also, cannot prevent you from gathering, to protest these illegally imposed rules.


The far left morons are planning on gradually easing you into socialism, thinking you won’t notice. Nope, it’s not going to happen, there are lot’s of us that are able to see through the smoke screen. Actually there are over seventy million of us that are hyper vigilant regarding this particular issue. Americans will rise up against this attempt at tyranny. I am finding it hard to wrap my head around the idea that there are people out there that want to undo this wonderful nation, so rich in heritage personal wealth and freedom. It’s almost like someone saying, why do I have all of these fingers? I don’t really need ’em, I’m going to have half of ’em removed. It makes that much sense.

Cracks are starting to appear in Oregon over Kate Brown’s latest lockdown orders. Numerous politicians and business owners are speaking out, and urging people to ignore her. A Sherriff in a New York county said today he will not enforce Cuomo’s latest lockdown orders, citing it as being against the Constitution. I think the rebellion is starting to take hold. Conservatives don’t have a good understanding, of breaking the law in sufficient numbers, so the law become unenforceable. Conservatives respect the law, so that’s foreign to their way of thinking. They better start understanding it, if they are going to maintain their freedoms. The Democrats totally understand that principle, you saw them demonstrate it this past summer.

So, the governor has shut down our state again. No bars, restaurants, etc, etc. We have a very rebellious bunch of friends, and we have already planned parties and dinners at our homes on the weekends during the shutdown. We will not be treated like subjects, we are Americans. The governor can put those orders where the sun don’t shine. I will let you know how it goes. In the meantime, pray for the President and his lawyers, that they can uncover the real truth about the election.

By the way, while picking up tidbits of the news, as I went through my day, I heard Trey Gowdy discussing the Durham probe. This will be a topic of discussion soon. Stay tuned.




We are now eight months into the Covid disaster, and major therapeutic treatments have evolved. The death rate from this virus is has improved dramatically. It is now less than 1%, about what we expect from the common flu. I have a friend that is 72 years old, that contracted Covid from one of his employees. He has numerous medical issues including diabetes. He quarantined at home, was completely over it in two weeks. His wife did not contract the virus, living in the same house. I have heard other similar stories. We know a lady in her mid 40’s suffering from severe M.S., residing in a nursing home. She contracted Covid, was in bad shape for about a week, then quickly recovered. Sadly others have succumbed to Covid in huge numbers, I don’t mean to make light of those poor souls and their families. However, among reasonably healthy people, it doesn’t appear that Covid poses a risk much higher than the common flu.

Lately, they are reporting we are experiencing a record number of new cases of Covid. Think about this for a moment, and ask yourself this question. If there is a huge spike in Covid cases, why aren’t the hospitals being overrun. I have not seen one report of hospitals in crisis, or pictures of refrigerated trailers full of dead bodies. We belong to a local lodge with over 2000 members, many of them elderly, we have had one death that was Covid related, and the woman had severe health problems. None of my family members, that are spread out over six states, have reported anyone with Covid. When I hear the work “pandemic”, in my mind I see hospitals overflowing with patients, neighbors, friends, and family members sick or dying. I’m not seeing any of these things happening. If the politicians and media weren’t telling me these things, I would never know it was happening.

In my opinion, we are being lied to, in some sort of epic plot. These people perpetrating this lockdown misery, have a track record that belies their stories of doing this for public safety. These people could give a rat’s ass about anything that doesn’t benefit them or their political party. Honestly, this whole Covid debacle has political motivation written all over it in big red letters.

These are the feelings that I have at the moment. You are going to spend of lot of time and breath, if you are going to convince me that Covid, is not a genetically engineered virus, deliberately released by the Chinese, with the blessings of others within the United States, to cause major economic and political damage. All major assaults have collateral damage and it was all planned. Sort of a ” shock and awe” operation if you will. Combine Covid with major social upheavals by Marxists groups, destruction of cities, public properties, looting, and pillaging. Then to cap off the entire campaign, with massive voter fraud in a Presidential election, to undermine one of the most important underpinnings of our Democracy. Blue state governors are happy to participate, by shutting down small businesses, houses of worship, social clubs, bars, and restaurants. Destroying any semblance of normalcy that may be remaining. Beware of politicians that use the phrase ” new normal”.

You seriously need to get it out of your head, if you think all of these things are simply coincidental. Another frightening aspect is that Bill Gates just happens to be much more visible as of late. Bill Gates is an avid globalist, standing elbow to elbow with other tech giants, that think the idea of individual nations is an anachronism. These people were obviously highly affected by the old Coca-Cola ad. They have a very misguided dream of a “one world order”, with a central world governing body. Can you imagine the enormity of the police force it would take, to manage the world populations? So much for defunding the police.

We have a growing number of people that think they’re social geniuses, and can fix the United States government. Firstly, the United State government ain’t broken. The very foundation of our government, are two of the most brilliant documents ever created by mankind, The Constitution and Bill of Rights. I submit to you, that these documents, although written by mere mortals, were inspired by God Almighty. What’s broken are the people that run the government. They have been corrupted by greed, and power. They have replaced their patriotism and desire to make our nation a better place for all people, with selfish motives, and cheap partisan politics.

Stand strong fellow patriots. There are dark forces attempting to steal our great nation in broad daylight. Do not believe the constant barrage of lies being fed to you from all angles. Take your time and question everything you are being told. Remember the time tested statements by Benjamin Franklin:

“Freedom of speech is a principal pillar of a free government, when this support is taken away, the constitution of a free society is dissolved, and tyranny is erected on it’s ruins”.

“Those who would give up essential Liberty, to purchase a little temporary Safety deserve neither Liberty or Safety”.

Geese are but Geese, tho we think of them as Swans, and truth will be truth though it sometimes proves to be mortifying, and distasteful”. ( slightly paraphrased )

Our founding Fathers were not average men. I believe they were put on this earth by God, at the perfect time, to create the United States of America, the greatest nation this world has ever known. However, the execution of the principles set forth by these great men, have been handed down to lesser men, men less inspired. The general maintenance in the hands of lazy bureaucrats. The greatness of the Documents these men created, are reinforced daily by the fact that they still stand in spite of being managed by inept politicians.




In the weeks leading up to the Presidential election, Democrat party lawyers fanned out all across the United States, filing lawsuits to change the way state election boards managed their elections. Leftist judges were eager to make decisions favoring the Democrat plaintiffs. There was a flaw in the plan, only state legislatures have the power to change election laws, not judges. But the problem, was that local election boards either didn’t know the law, or were complicit in the scheme, and went along with the judges order. Nowhere did the Democrats cause more confusion and chaos, than those important swing states, with a high amount of electoral votes.


The Democrats knew that simply changing voting deadlines wouldn’t be enough the get the desired results. So, they coerced the states into mass mailings, of vote by mail ballots, to virtually everyone on the voter roles. States seem to be resistant to expunging non voters from the rolls. Perhaps this is why, dead people may, at some point, become useful as voters. Thousands of ballots were mailed out over a few weeks, they were literally showing up everywhere. So, the next problem, matching signatures. Democrat lawyers were very clever to get election boards to alter the rules concerning matching signatures. Believe it or not, they convinced the election boards to refrain from matching the “on file” signatures with the ones on the ballots. Some of the ballots actually ended up in other states, and people still voted and mailed them back to the state where they no longer lived. To their credit, the Democrats did an excellent job of causing absolute havoc in this election. The literally created a massive web of fraud that will be extremely difficult and expensive to sort out.


Now that the Democrats have turned the election on it’s head, it’s time for the Main Stream Media to take over. The media declared Joe Biden as the winner and immediately began calling him the “president elect”. Joe Biden is not the president elect, he is, as of now, the presumptive winner. He will not be the president elect until December 17, when the electoral college makes the declaration. Joe Biden has gone as far as to hold news conferences with fake signs that say “Office of the President Elect”. There is no such office, ever, it’s made up propaganda. The media is 100% on board with this nonsense, urging President Trump to concede so that the transition of power can begin. The President and his staff continue to tell them to “pound sand”.


This whole mail in ballot scheme was based on people being terrified by Covid, and that everyone would just accept it as being necessary. The Democrats once again, misread the American people. Voters and patriots everywhere started saying, this is wrong, very wrong, and started speaking out about what they saw going on. The Democrat party has been exposed once again as being the party of lies and deceit. The Democrats will go as low as needed, to exploit any situation, to win power. We have no idea how this is going to end, but one thing for sure, the Democrats now find themselves naked in front of the world. If there is a reversal in the election, and President Trump retains his office, get ready for four years of leftist violence. President Trump will have to be stronger than ever, and declare insurrection and stamp out these leftists thugs once and for all. Stay strong my conservative friends, we need to be fighters, no quitters allowed.




We need to establish some ground rules about kissing and making up. This is the way it’s been done since civilization has been in existence. When you have been engaged in a less than peaceful relationship ( not on the O.J. and Nicole level ) and you want to bury the hatchet, and be friends, you have to be willing to apologize and admit you contributed to the problem. Once each party admits they were willing participants, then a reconciliation can begin. I have been listening and watching eagerly, waiting for the Democrats, or the media, or Robert De Niro to say; You know what? We or/I have been a total asshole(s) for the past four years, and we/I would like to make peace. Now, I can’t watch every TV show every day, I may have missed it. If any of my readers witnessed the Dems or the Media extending the traditional olive branch, acting even slightly contrite, please let me know so I won’t look ill informed.

In the meantime, I have to assume no such actions have been initiated, so therefore, my response to Joe Biden regarding his “let’s be friends speech” is simply, c’mon man, you can kiss my wrinkly old white ass you freaking moron. Actually being able to say that face to face would be totally orgasmic.

Stop for a moment and give this some serious thought. Joe Biden, is asking for everyone to just forget about all of the underhanded, double dealing, false accusations, and attempted impeachment, along with burning down cities, tearing down statues, and hurting innocent people. All of that, while there is mounting evidence that there was mass voter fraud, of which he is the beneficiary. That my friends is audacity to the Nth degree.

Nope, sorry, I don’t wanna be friends right now. Democrats have a shitty track record of being reliable and trustworthy. The minute Republicans let down their guard, they get a knife between the shoulder blades. Trusting a Democrat is like French kissing a rattle snake, it’s not going to be a good outcome.

So, show us what you got Joe. Show us you care about America. Show us you care about the working folks more than your corporate donors. Show us you care about the middle class by not burdening us with more taxes and regulations. Show us you respect the Constitution and Bill of Rights by not attempting to nullify the first and second amendments. Show us you want to make America greater and stronger in the face of Chinese aggression. Show us you want to make our cities and towns safer by standing with law enforcement. You know, and I know you can’t do it. Your beholden to the far left factions for getting you to this point, because you know you’re not up to doing this job. You would have sold your soul to Satan to be known as the 46th President of the United States of America. If you actually pull this off, it will be a very sad day indeed.



I am a huge Mark Levin fan. He is brilliant on Constitutional matters. He is also able to cut through the B.S. and offer clear viewpoints on current political affairs. He doesn’t sugar coat anything, he tells the unvarnished truth, like it or not. I spent an hour with him this evening, watching his show ” Life, Liberty, and Levin”. Spending an hour with Mr. Levin is not entertainment, it’s educational. I must admit however, I find his delivery entertaining, to say the least.

There is a back story I want to share with you before I say anything further about Mr. Levin’s show. My wife and I share a lot of our free time with a small group of friends. We always have a great time when our little group gets together at our Elks lodge or at someone’s home. We’re all close to the same age, and conservatives of the Christian faith. I might add, all Donald Trump supporters. We got together on Saturday evening, and although we had a good time, there was an underlying gloomy feeling about how the election went down. Several people said they felt sorta like they had lost a loved one, and everyone expressed their anger and frustration. It has been hard to accept in our house for sure.

Watching Mark Levin this evening was an eye opener. I heard things tonight that I have not heard anywhere else. The level of election fraud, by the Democrats, all across our nation is appalling. The Democrat party filed over 300 lawsuits all across our nation attempting to alter election laws just prior to the election. All intended to affect the way absentee ballots were handled and counted, as well as other laws regarding voting deadlines. This is important to keep in mind. Judges do not have the authority, or the power, to amend election rules. Only the state legislatures have that power. The Democrats were attempting to do an end run around the state legislatures in order to rig the election. Philadelphia and Detroit, have a horrible track record on rigging elections, several election officials have actually been sent to prison in recent years. The City of Philadelphia took it on their own, to alter the way ballots are certified, which by the way does not comply with the Pennsylvania State law, or Federal law.

Mark’s guests tonight were Ken Star, who is no stranger to anyone, and Hans Von Spakovsky, a senior fellow at the Heritage Foundation. Both of these gentlemen said they were amazed at the blatant level of fraud perpetrated in this election by the Democrats. Both agreed that the Supreme Court will have to be involved in sorting it out. Both also agreed, that the litigation must playout to restore the confidence of fair elections, regardless of who the eventual winner is. Once the dust settles and everyone is satisfied with the vote tally, the Electoral College must meet and certify the results in December. The Congress must then certify the Electoral College numbers.

An interesting side note here. If the State Legislature is not satisfied, that the number of votes is indeed correct and fair, they can direct the Electoral College to assign their votes to the candidate chosen by the State Legislature. So, as you can see, this election is far from over. There are no clear winners at this time, regardless of what the news outlets are telling you. I found it quite amusing, that the New York Post, in today’s edition, was urging the President to concede, so that Biden would have ample time to get this transition team into the White House so they wouldn’t be behind when they took office. The Trump team is choosing to ignore their requests, as he should.

So, tonight I am feeling better about this dog and pony show. Our President has not conceded, nor should he. In spite of what the geniuses in the news outlets , and the Trump hating Republicans are saying. They can all pound sand. So, to all of my loyal Trump Supporting readers, keep your chins high, we ain’t lost yet.




The world isn’t what you think it is. The people you see in the government are just props. These people are paid actors, paid to convince you that you actually have a roll in what happens in your country. It’s a lie, it’s a matrix. The entire United States Government is nothing more than one big theatrical production. These things have been contrived to keep you under control, so you will keep working, so you will pay taxes to support the matrix. We are drones, worker bees if you will. Once upon a time, you had freedom of speech, you had voice in what happened in the government. The professional life long politicians have now successfully stolen that from you. It’s no longer a government of the people, by the people, and for the people. It’s a government for the enrichment for big tech, and multi-national corporations.

Take a moment and write this information down, go to YouTube and type in”defector Yuri Bezmenov’s warning to America”. For reasons unknown to me, this site won’t allow the link to become active, otherwise I would have made it easy for you. Yuri explains how the Soviets slowly transformed the people of Russia into monolithic group thinkers. China has accomplished the same thing, but on an even grander scale.

If you don’t believe this is going on, consider this; Joe Biden’s campaign was almost non existent. He rarely came out of his basement. Kamala Harris was rarely seen, rarely spoke. Joe Biden never told you what his vision for America was, never put forth any plan for anything. Although a Democrat campaign was virtually non-existent, the pollsters told you daily, the Democrats were surging ahead by double digits in almost every state. Joe and Kamala simply sat back and waited for election day. This was done in broad daylight, with everyone’s eyes wide open. Sean Hannity, was totally perplexed, saying, ” I’ve never seen a campaign like this in my lifetime”. Nope, sorry folks, this was not an election, it was a Coronation performed by the alliance of the super rich.

Beware of Biden’s campaign slogan of “Build Back Better”. When Donald Trump and his Justice warriors are no longer standing guard over your freedom, don’t be surprised when it starts slipping away. With Bill Barr gone, the DOJ will rapidly descend into it’s old ways. Don’t expect any indictments regarding the deep state operatives that worked diligently to overturn a presidential election. They will be silently hailed as heroes by the government elites, for helping oust that evil populist President that stood for America at all costs. You need to be acutely aware that there is not one single person in Washington D.C. that gives a rat’s ass about the common men and women, now that Donald Trump is no longer there.

I have not mentioned the most terrifying aspect of this power grab. I have written about this numerous times recently. Joe Biden was selected by the Democrats as their candidate, simply because he is a well known lifetime politician that had name recognition. He was after all a recent vice president under Barrack Hussein Obama. Although they accomplished their goal, Joe Biden is not a well man. He is suffering from a pronounced decline in mental acuity. I don’t know a single person, that thinks that he has the physical ability, to deal with the day to day rigors of the job, as President of the United States. Behind the scenes, the V.P. and the cabinet will likely be pulling the strings, and making important decisions. Pay close attention to how many visits Obama makes to the White House. This actually could be Barrack’s third term. Pay attention to Joe’s cabinet, it will likely consist of the same people that served under Barrack. They all know the drill. Oh, and by the way, I wouldn’t expect much transparency with this group.

Welcome to the new USSA. I keep recalling the image of Nancy Pelosi tearing up copies of Donald Trumps SOTU address, after he vowed this Nation would never be a socialist nation. Think about that one for awhile.