Meet Jimmy Kimmels replacement. Antony Blinken ( AKA ABlinken ) kept me laughing most of the day today. Every time I saw a news clip of him saying the Taliban did not follow through on their promise of including women in their presidential cabinet. As he is saying this, he seems to be inferring that there is going to be some sort of punishment for not living up to their promise. These people are terrorists you dumbass. Antony needs to understand that the Taliban have exactly the same respect for women that Democrats have for unvaccinated Americans. They think they are lower than dirt.

It seems that the Feds have been sending pallet loads of cash to Afghanistan for awhile now, propping up the fake government. The Taliban know this and want that cash to keep coming. What the hell is it with Democrats flying pallet loads of cash to the middle east? Never heard of that before Barrack came along. Could it be that the mental giant pictured above, is hinting the Feds are going to stop sending pallets of money if the Taliban don’t have a few token menstruating people in the cabinet? If that’s what these morons have in mind, how are they going to justify propping up a terrorist government? Maybe since it’s working really well in several large American cities, they think it will work in Kabul. I wouldn’t be surprised if the NBA opens up a franchise there in the near future. What the hell, it could work. Lots of guns and drugs already in place. They could name the team, Kabul Bombers, or something like that.

I sort of feel bad for Blinken. He doesn’t look or sound real bright, then he took a job that totally proves it. Do you remember Dan Quale? Well Antony is another one of those guys that should have never given up his job at the Waffle House.

I’m really trying to get a handle on how the Democrats manage the ” everybody’s a raciest thing”. They burned down like five complete cities last summer. Destroyed over 300 police vehicles, toppled historical statues, and attacked police officers, even killing a few. Looted every major department store in sight. All of this was done because of so called “systemic racism”. Then a genuinely great guy, who happens to be black, runs for governor in the State of California, against a really stupid white guy, and the Democrats hurl racist remarks and eggs at the black guy. The Democrats once again have revealed themselves to be complete dickheads. They really didn’t have to go out of their way to do that, we already knew it.

I saved the best for the last….President Biden. When you saw his performances at the Democrat National Convention, you knew what you would get if he ever became President. I don’t think anyone ever dreamed that would actually happen. How in the world could that stumbling, bumbling fool ever win against Donald Trump and a rip roaring economy. But alas, nobody could have factored in the ” wicked midget ” Anthony Fauci, and his Chinese team of mad bat scientists. We entered into a whole new realm, when folks were willing to kill off a few million people to win an election. Most people are too terrified to even entertain the thought it could actually happen. I think about it a lot. These fools killed my brother. Now we have a guy in the White House that really should be in a nursing home, and a vice president that shouldn’t be anywhere near a position of power. She should be doing “voice overs” for cartoons.

Every day, I think it can’t get any worse, and it does. I remember CNN and all of the other media numbskulls, endlessly repeating ” the adults are back in power” when Biden won. Sorry, but these people don’t match my perception of how adults are supposed to act. These folks are more like the ninth graders I used to transport during my self imposed year of torture, as a school bus driver. Blinken was the kid licking the window.

Have a great day America, while you still can. Kinda.



You really have to ask yourself this question; How did the entire intelligence community, the military, the State Department and the White House screw this up beyond any logical reason? The next thought that naturally comes to mind, was this some kind of a weird bizarre plan? Is there some kind of strategic follow up? It’s pretty obvious that the entire Biden group is inept, but this, was in a totally different category of stupid.

President Trump planned the withdrawl. The date was set, all of the pieces were in place for an orderly exit. The Democrats threw that plan away, and came up with this jewel. So, I have a few ideas about what may be going on, I am going to lay out what may actually be happening.

My first statement is, that all of these people lie, all of the time. Whatever comes out of their mouths cannot be trusted. They are the masters of the old “smoke and mirrors” game. It’s a well established fact now, that we do in fact, have a “shadow government,” or “deep state”. Four years of Donald Trump, pulled back the curtain and exposed the roaches that live beneath the floor boards. During Trump’s presidency, they were bolder than ever, willing to operate in the light of day. In my opinion, the “Deep State” now feels it is strong enough to operate in full view. They have been emboldened by the fact that even though we know who broke the law and when, regarding the attempted soft coup, not a single one of them were indicted or served a single day in jail. By the way, does anyone know what happened to John Durham? That Bill Barr guy turned out to be a giant “dud” as well.

We have all heard the term ” military industrial complex”. The definition is a term that denotes a symbiotic relationship between the nations military, economy, and politics. When President Eisenhower gave his farewell speech at the end of his presidency on January 17th, 1961, he warned about the dangers of allowing this unholy alliance to take control of the United States. Obviously, nobody took Ike seriously, because we’re almost there in 2021, sixty years later. That puts Dwight D. Eisenhower in the realm of a prophet does it not?

The “Deep State” defied President Trump on several occasions regarding the military. So much for the “Commander in Chief” thing. Another myth that you have been fed over the years. For the rest of the article, I will refer to the Military Industrial Complex, which includes the Deep State, as MIC. MIC, loves war, it’s what they do, it’s their business. There is a huge amount of money to be made in warfare. There are very powerful people that operate behind the curtain. The MIC kept us in Afghanistan for twenty years. Politicians share in the power generated by warfare. Lindsey Graham is a major “hawk”, loves to promote military action. I think maybe we should take a hard look at Lindsey’s investment portfolio, and see how deep he is, in the MIC.

I have made my position very clear in past articles, that I am no fan of Joe Biden, or the Democrat party. But, considering what took place in Afghanistan, the MIC, may have been getting revenge on Sleepy Joe, for pulling out of Afghanistan. The CIA pulled up stakes three weeks before the pull out date. The military pulled the plug and left the White House and State Dept. to clean up the mess, and they did a horrible job. I think the MIC wanted to stay in Afghanistan far into the future. If you think it wasn’t lucrative, look at all the weaponry they left behind. The Pentagon could have moved a lot of that equipment out, or completely disabled it. I think they deliberately left it behind to make Sleepy Joe look bad. Now that all of that equipment is gone, they can buy more, making the rich Neocons, even richer, why should they care, it’s not their money.

The actions of the MIC, left the whole area in turmoil, and it’s not going to get better. Once again, It will become the breeding ground for terrorist activities. In light of what just happened, they’re likely to be bolder than ever, thinking America will never venture into Afghanistan again under any circumstances. They’re also better armed than they ever imagined. It’s a perfect setup, for the perfect storm. Just what MIC loves. Just imagine the never ending opportunities for special forces operations and drone warfare. China is also going to be showing strong interest in the mineral assets in the area. It’s going to remain a festering wound, that MIC can continue to exploit. Once again, MIC will have little difficulties convincing Congress for the need to stay involved. We may not have “boots on the ground”, but rest assured, Chapter Two in being written right now.

Biden was stumbling along, with his halfwit cabinet, trying to look like a hero, by getting our troops out of Afghanistan before the twenty year anniversary, and the MIC was undercutting him on every front. Even Joe Biden has enough cognitive ability to realize he was being “snookered”. He was left in between a rock and an abandoned Military Airfield. The only chance he had at that point, to salvage anything at all, was to start lying non stop, and blaming everyone, including the dog. Biden could preserve some integrity of his presidency, by going on a firing rampage, starting with General Millie, and ending up with Tony Blinken. Think of the non stop fawning by the MSM about his “strong man” persona, and his ability to take charge. Then there’s also the book deal later. Don’t expect that to happen, Joe Biden is a tired old man, he doesn’t have any fight left in him. He just wants to get through this, so he can go back to his basement, where it’s peaceful and quiet. He hates those stairs on Air Force One. After he finishes his tour at the White House, Nancy is going to gift him her refrigerator full of ice cream. Nancy and her husband have scored so many great inside deals lately, they are going to buy the company that makes the refrigerators. They will have the top of the top of the line machine.

The Korean war was the last war we kinda won. We could have won that one biggly, if Truman had not stopped General Douglas MacArthur from marching into North Korea. ( I love that word biggly ) Another major blunder by a Democrat President. If Truman had allowed MacArthur to take North Korea, the world would be a very different place today, a better place for sure. Since that time the MIC has continued to grow and amass more and more power. We have stumbled through one armed conflict after another. The only thing we have to show for all of these useless wars is dead, and severely disabled soldiers. The politicians have done a great job drumming up support for these wars, and our wonderful young men and women, have bravely stepped up to the plate, offering to put their lives and bodies on the line, in the name of patriotism. You can never heap enough praise on our soldiers, and their blind dedication to the Stars and Stripes. Likewise, you can never heap enough displeasure on the willingness of our leaders to think of them as mere “cannon fodder”. I’ve long said, that if politicians were forced to fight the wars they willingly start, wars would quickly end.

I sort of veered off course for a moment, but the point is, that our government has never been farther off course than it is now. Unelected bureaucrats and Military brass are openly interfering with the President’s decisions regarding national security issues. It’s obvious there are power brokers embedded throughout the government, each one making moves based on some unknown political agenda. I think most would agree that the Democrat left, is manipulating President Biden for their own agenda, whatever that may be. You might say, Biden made a deal with the devil. Remember the ambassadors in Ukraine working to undermine President Trump? I will never forget those whiney, pathetic examples of Americans. Lt. Col. Alexander Vindman was a disgrace to the Army Uniform. Marie Yovanovitch was a pathetic example of an American Ambassador. These two idiots made me sick to my stomach. Congress gets absolutely nothing done, instead of focusing on the people’s business, they spend their time focusing on party politics, playing gotcha games with the opposite side.

Yes, I think the Afghanistan exit was botched for nefarious reasons, by unscrupulous actors. They were engaging in passive aggressive behavior on a grand scale. Tony Blinken can’t believe the mess he’s in, he just wants to give up stardom and start another garage band. Kamala Harris just wants to stay out of sight, so none of this gets blamed on her. Have you noticed Biden’s people have been really quiet. The only ones coming to his defense are the idiots at CNN. The same ones that thought Michael Avenatti was going to save the planet. Oh yeah, the same ones that couldn’t believe Jussie Smollet was a con artist. Yep, those geniuses.

In the meantime, China marches on, not allowing itself to be deterred on it’s way to becoming the world’s leading power. The United States certainly is not standing in their way, we have digressed into a bunch of sniveling, selfish, people immersed in never ending silliness. In the meantime, go enjoy a pro football game. Watch how the world’s highest paid athletes show their disgust for the nation that makes that possible. Oh, by the way, make sure you don’t wear a jersey from the visiting team, it could cost you your life.

Another side note, Biden has offered to help Afghanistan’s neighbors secure their borders to keep out the bad guys. Ain’t it great knowing he’s all for secure borders?

United States of America: Founded by geniuses, ran by idiots. Sorry if I sound pissed. It’s my country. My people have been here since 1700, we built this damn place. Stick it in your ear Barry.




This miserable group of people, led by a career politician, clearly in severe cognitive decline, have been engaged in the destruction of the United States of America for eight months, and an accelerated pace. I have been on this earth over 80 years, and have never witnessed anything like it. Make no mistake, they are hellbent on transforming this country into something unrecognizable. The American citizens aren’t OK with this, it’s clearly shown in every poll. Yet these people think they have been given authority from some unknown source to fundamentally change America forever. These idiots shown in the collage above are currently waging a war against white people, but if you look at the picture, only only four out of 21 of them are non whites. I don’t know about you, the the strangeness of that escapes my reasoning. But then again, I have yet to see them do anything that really makes sense.

I’m pretty sure that everyone of these folks took an oath to protect the Constitution of the United States while performing their given tasks. Well actually, I know they did. But let’s be clear eyed about who these folks are, they would never hesitate to tell a little lie on their way to power. They lost the spirit of America while pledging allegiance to the Democrat Party. That’s making a wild ass assumption they ever possessed it in the first place. These people are pure partisan hacks, their motto is “what’s good for the party is good for everyone”. I heard someone on one of the evening talk shows, say Biden’s real motive for rushing to leave Afghanistan was to be able to claim he ended the war, just before the 20th anniversary of the World Trade Center tragedy on 9-11-01. The point they were making, was that the hasty and botched withdraw was done for optics, he thought would make him and the Democrat party look great for finally ending the war. That seems to make sense, as it clearly wasn’t done in a manner that benefitted the image of the United States. When you compare patriotic motives with political motives, it makes the political motives look like cheap dollar store jewelry.

In my opinion, Biden and his entire cabinet have broken their oaths to uphold the Constitution of the United States in many different ways, and we are only eight short months into this administration. Biden is bestowing power to the CDC, who is in turn, violating the Constitutional rights of American property owners and private citizens with medical mandates, among other things. I consider all of these losers…. traitors. It is impossible to uphold the Constitution while taking power into your own hands.

It’s an old joke about “how can you tell when a politician is lying”?…..His lips are moving. These people in power today are the most prolific liars in history. Over the past week, we have watched a horrific example of ineptitude unfold before our very eyes, in Afghanistan. They know we saw it, with our own eyes, yet they stand before us and tell us what a huge success it was. Never mind that we still have Americans trapped behind enemy lines. Never mind that they did everything in their power to prevent private entities from rescuing Christians. Never mind that they left Billions of dollars worth of military equipment behind. Never mind that Biden’s people gave the Taliban a list of American citizens present in their country. Never mind they left Afghan allies behind, and took unvetted people without visas. It was a clown show, pure and simple.


All of these morons are cowards. None of them will step up and take any blame for giving the United States the biggest “black eye” in history. The over riding motive is for job preservation. A true patriot would take the hit for screwing up this badly. A true patriot would have sacrificed their position and refused to follow orders for the good of the USA. Sorry, in my opinion there are very few real Americans in the Democrat party. The Republican party has it’s share of the rats as well. Lindsey Graham is a great example, but there are plenty more. I don’t think you will find overwhelming numbers of D.C. politicians willing to stand up for what’s right. They’re likely to check the poles first, to see if it will be beneficial for them to do so.

You may ask, how did we get to this point? Most likely boils down to two mitigating factors: Money and power. Weak people without a strong set of morals are easily corrupted. You can easily spot the strong ones if you’re interested in looking for them. I would highly suggest looking for the strong ones, before it’s too late.


P.S. Can anyone tell me why there was so much military hardware in Afghanistan, when we were only maintaining a relatively small contingency of personnel? Could it be that the Army was using Afghanistan for an equipment storage lot? Were they buying equipment they didn’t need? If that’s the case, it makes it even worse that they were willing to squander billions in taxpayer money just because they were incapable of putting together a plan to move it out. Think about it the next time to write the check to the IRS.


If you think the photo above looks weird, it’s because it’s photo shopped. It’s from a website called, I was looking for a picture of a crashed airliner to demonstrate my point and accidentally came across their site. The site is making the point that the supposed crash site of flight 93 was a hoax. I have to admit, when I observed the news footage of the crash site, I was highly skeptical. But that’s another topic for another day. The level the U.S. government is willing to go in their “gaslighting” schemes defies belief.

So, why is the left hell bent on the destruction of this country? Well, it appears that we are entering into an age where a whole lot of people, seem willing to throw away 245 years of a very successful form of government, and venture off into the unknown. So…why in the world would this seem like a good idea? Because the the colleges, universities, and the main stream media, along with very powerful corporations have convinced a whole lot of folks, that they are capable of creating a utopian society. Which, by the way, has never existed in the history of mankind, and it’s not gonna’ happen ever. Humans are incapable of creating such a society. We are imperfect beings, driven by imperfect ideas and desires.

It’s hard to imagine what this utopian society might look like. Especially considering who the main players are. All countries big and small find it absolutely essential to have a central government. Throughout history, every society has had strong leadership characters. If we scrap the tried and tested Representative Republic, I doubt the new folks that install themselves as the governing body, will remotely consider sharing their newfound power with the common folk. Without a Bill of Rights and Constitution, the new government will be free to impose their will on folks, and the folks will have no redress available to them. Think China.

You can bet your last dollar, or crypto currency, that the corporate oligarchs will dispose of the current politicians right out of the box. Why would you keep a relic from the past, that has been proven to be totally useless? The current government officials ain’t gonna get no golden parachutes, guaranteed!!!.

A word of warning to Black Lives Matter folks. You start looting stores, you’re gonna be stealing from da boss. I don’t think da boss is gonna let that happen. Yo gonna find yo ass in da slammer, foeva. Period. All of that defund the police bullshit……wait ’til you’all see the corporate cops, their rules are, there ain’t no rules. The homeless ( feral people ) will disappear. If you aren’t useful, or cause trouble, you’ll be taken to the train station.

All of the union folks that are helping push this along are going to be in for big surprise. How effective is the union representation in China? Anyone have an idea? I do. About 32% of workers win their arbitration. The Chinese government has watered down the labor laws to the point, they are virtually useless. Corporations do what they damn well please, with the help of the government. All of those cushy union retirement plans…gone. Motorhomes…gone……….private aircraft….gone. The only folks that have that stuff are the corporate people, and government officials. You’re setting fire to your own house, fools.

How did we get to this point where people are willing to throw away the greatest nation that ever existed? The answer is, they don’t think it’s so great anymore. Remember Andrew Cuomo a few years ago, saying “it was never that great”? Well, it was great, but it wasn’t perfect. As I said before, humans are incapable of perfection. In order to have a great nation, the citizens have to love their country, and constantly promote it. Like anything on this earth, patriotism requires constant maintenance. Corruption has crept into our government at all levels. Politicians have never been stellar folks, but we have a bumper crop of self serving, greedy scumbags willing to sell this country to the highest bidders. Those bidders with the most money happen to be corporate America, and China. The citizenry has gotten soft and lazy, and think they deserve to be compensated for just being present. Public schools have decided it’s too hard to produce good students, so they turn out dummies that can’t read or write, or do simple math. We spend more per student than almost anywhere on earth, and we turn out morons. College professors for some unknown reason think it’s fashionable to be anti American, and preach total garbage to youngsters, that haven’t been taught to think for themselves because their parents are either too busy or too lazy. Public schools are too busy indoctrinating students with racial nonsense, and hate American crap, to really teach them anything that will actually help them. They constantly grieve over the rights of transgender people, while trampling on the rights of women and girls.

A healthy nation requires people that care about, and love their country, and conduct their lives for the greater good of all people. When you separate people into tribes, you totally lose the concept of the United States of America, and E Pluribus Unum. E Pluribus Unum to a Democrat is like garlic to a vampire.

In my opinion, we are in a very dangerous place today. The collective mind of America is getting soft and spongey. We are letting politicians take away our personal freedoms over a virus no more dangerous than the common flu. America has demonstrated it’s willingness to give up freedom for safety. Benjamin Franklin famously said if you do that, you deserve neither. He was absolutely correct.

Think seriously about the following words when you hear politicians lecture about masks, and lockdowns.

” A strict observance of all written laws is doubtless one of the high duties of a good citizen, but it is not the highest. The laws of necessity, of self preservation, of saving our country when in danger, are of higher obligation. To lose our country by a scrupulous adherence to written law would be to lose the law itself, with life, liberty, property, and all those who are enjoying them with us, thus absurdly sacrificing the end to the means.”

Thomas Jefferson 1870

This is a dark time for America. Stay strong, stay vigilant, stay vocal, and oppose what you know to be wrong. God bless all of you good citizens.



My blogs have been less frequent in recent weeks, not because of a lack of material to write about, I have been busy not being busy. Like hanging at the coast with my wife and friends. Been really hot in the valley, so the coast and it’s daily temps in the 60’s were irresistible. Even though I’ve been chillin’ I haven’t been able to ignore the daily chaos going on in this country and the world. It’s gettin’ a little scary.

I think even the most hard core lefty knows in their hearts ( though they would never admit it ) that Donald Trump positioned this country very well on the world stage, and for four years it felt “safe”. Donald Trump is a “strong man” and that’s necessary if you want to hold a prominent position in world affairs. You can talk all of the woke nonsense you want, but weak men are not respected in any walk of life. The Berlin wall is gone due to the assertions of a strong patriotic President, Ronald Reagan. Throughout history, America has always faired better under strong leadership. It’s the only thing that works, period. Make no mistake, societies that embrace socialism, are societies made up of weak people, people with no ambition, who want to lay about and be fed like zoo animals.

Weak leaders select other weaklings to serve under them for obvious reasons. It shouldn’t surprise anyone that General Mark Milley allowed Afghanistan to collapse into chaos, he was busy reading about white privilege and Critical Race Theory, and how to flush out all of the white supremacist’s from the ranks of the military. Mark Milley and Lloyd Austin have absolutely no idea what they are doing, they are so blinded by racism they can’t possibly do their jobs. Both of these idiots should be fired immediately if not sooner. Anthony Blinken should be right behind them. Who would have thought, there could have been a worse Secretary of State than Hillary Clinton, but Biden found him. Blinken is as worthless as the Lottery ticket I bought last week. These three dumbasses, along with Biden, ( head dumbass ) have succeeded destroying any and all confidence, that the United States can maintain it’s position as the leader of the free world.

Make no mistake, China has it’s eyes on Taiwan, and Biden’s handling of Afghanistan gave them a clear signal, they are free to take it at will, with no resistance from this White House. This Democrat administration couldn’t run the student council at your local high school. Putin is now free to do what he wants, as well as the Mullahs in Iran. The whole world is up for grabs.

The Biden administration has flung open the southern border, allowing the whole world to enter at will, with no passports, no papers of any kind, no future court dates to make their passage legal. No Covid tests. Many are currently Covid positive, yet they are being transported by the Feds to God knows where, all over the United States. The Feds are actually buying hotels and transportation companies to facilitate this movement. THE FEDERAL GOVERNMENT IS AIDING AN ILLEGAL INVASION OF FOREIGN NATIONALS, WITH NO RESTRAINTS OF ANY KIND, AND NO LIMITS ON THE FINAL NUMBER.

While they are allowing this to happen, and exposing the American citizens to a greater risk of contracting Covid, they are restricting the freedoms and movements of American citizens under the guise of protecting them from Covid. This is insanity at it’s highest level. Nobody knows who these aliens are. Nobody knows if they are serial killers, rapists, terrorists, or what. This is supposed to be a representative Republic. Did anyone ask you if you were on board with this? I don’t remember any town halls concerning this issue. Matter of fact, the next time a politician suggests having a town hall meeting, tell them to “pound sand” and run them out of town, because they don’t give a damn about what you think, they’re just trying to get re-elected.

The Democrats have sown the seeds of racism, very successfully, it is a brilliant plan. While everyone is captivated by this huge lie, the left is busy stripping you of your freedoms, and you don’t even notice. You’re too busy arguing over transgender and gay rights. Too busy arguing over whether cows are causing climate change. Too busy arguing over how to produce electrical power, when every form of power generation has it’s drawbacks. The left is stopping all drilling for oil on Federal lands, and once again we are dependent on foreign oil, driving gasoline prices every higher. Make no mistake, the people getting hurt the worst are the working class folk, you know the ones the Democrats say they support? More leftist lies. Leftist policies are squarely aimed at the destruction of the middle class. The middle class folk are too hard to govern. The left wants low income, low education folks they can manipulate and control.

The whole western world is about to disintegrate, and nobody is paying attention, they are preoccupied with stupid, useless crap the left keeps baiting them with. Cuomo and Whitmer killed thousands of old folks in nursing homes by exposing them to Covid. Whitmer and her lackeys have successfully hidden the numbers, so nobody really knows what they are. The left mounted a campaign of sexual harassment against Cuomo, allowing him to avoid having to face the music for his policies that killed the seniors. Meantime in Australia, the Australian government has seized all control under the guise of Covid, and completely stripped the people of their freedom. This is exactly where we are headed, and we are going there faster than you realize.

Wait people, it’s getting worse. Using Covid as an excuse, the Feds have suspended all property owner rights. You can no longer evict someone living on your property for non payment of rent. This is in direct conflict with the Constitution, and a recent Supreme Court ruling but the Feds don’t care. They no longer need to pack the Supreme Court, they just ignore their rulings. Do you understand what is happening, the Executive and Legislative branches of government just eliminated the Judicial Branch without a single vote from the Senate or House. Did you hear any Republicans screaming ” you can’t do that”? Neither did I.

The “woke left” has successfully neutered police forces around the nation, some more than others, but nonetheless, doing effective police work is one hell of a lot harder than it should be. Police officers are quitting in record numbers, and why wouldn’t they. Would your risk your life and financial future when it’s obvious you have virtually no allies in government? I wouldn’t. So because of weak law enforcement, mob rule is the order of the day. Don’t kid yourself, Justice Roberts caved to mob justice when he refused to hear the voter fraud cases brought by Texas and other states. He didn’t want the mobs attacking his home. It’s obvious the Supreme court does not want to rule on anything that will cause the mobs to descend on them. I never thought I would live to see the day this would happen in the USA.

Today, August 17, 2021, should be noted on your calendars. The Federal Government dropped numerous hints that they will soon be flooding your cities and states with Afghani refugees, millions of them. If you think millions of Afghani refugees are going to improve life in your neighborhood, you would be dead wrong. People that cling to cargo jets, get crushed under the wheels, and fall to the ground from 2,000 feet, aren’t likely to be real productive members of society.

The left imagines the United States, filled with people from all over the world. When these folks come to the US, they naturally create neighborhoods of fellow countrymen. So you end up with hundreds of different cultures, dialects, and life styles. Virtually no unity, just more tribes of folks inhabiting a country different from their native land. Just what the left wants, poorly educated immigrants that can be easily managed, and will pose no problems for the ruling class. Which by the way, will remain mostly white.

The Federal Government, and the main stream media are just propaganda machines. Virtually every word they speak are lies. The entire government has been taken over by the left. There are no checks and balances remaining. There are still a few good Republicans, but I emphasize the word few, and they have no power to combat the actions of the “woke” fools.

I can’t say all I need to say about this in one blog. The following blogs will expand on this subject even more. Mark Steyn made the statement that ” Western society in general, is sliding off a cliff, and nobody is paying attention”. I’m paying attention, and it’s scaring the living hell out of me. I’m scared for my children, and their progeny. It’s time for all of us to fight back any way possible, even in the smallest way, to stop the slide. God bless you all.





I recently purchased this piece of American History, a 1943 Dodge WC51 military truck. It was the workhorse of the military operations during WWll. I came across it in a small town in Oregon while on vacation, sporting “For Sale” signs, and it was love at first sight. It now resides on my RV pad next to my house, so I can see it every time I sit on my patio and enjoy a cold drink. It’s a magical old truck, as I sit and admire it, I think of the greatness that once prevailed all across this nation, and the 110% dedication of Americans to win a very crucial war. Our very existence depended on an “all hands on deck” attitude, and it was a glorious victory indeed. The people and that attitude may never be duplicated again. All of these thoughts and memories come rushing into your head when you gaze upon the relics of this great war. As a die hard patriot, I can’t tell you how great it is, to own this piece of history. I am inspired by it daily.

The strength of a nation obviously depends on a strong military, but along with that, it must be a nation of law and order. People are much happier and productive, when they have the feeling that all is well. When they feel their families and homes are secure, as well as their futures. Add a strong dose of freedom and guaranteed rights, and now you have an unbeatable combination. When the nation’s citizens feel a deep love for their homeland, they will rise up and protect it on all fronts, foreign and domestic. We are about to be called upon again to save our great nation, this time from an enemy already within our borders.

World War Two, was won in a little over six years of fierce, and bloody battles, from 1939 until 1945. This next war will likely last much longer, and the goal will be equally as crucial, and will be fought right here at home. It will be a war of ideologies. The casualties could very well be measured in loss of freedoms rather than lives. The left launched an all out offensive to take over this nation on inauguration day 2021. They were laying the groundwork for how this would be done in 2019-2020. The forces on the right were obviously not paying attention, and as usual, they are playing “catch up”. The Democrats and Nancy Pelosi, actually showed their cards at the beginning of the legislative session in 2019 with the HR-1 bill. The Republicans read it and rejected it, yet allowed the left to implement the voting strategies laid out in the failed legislative bill, allowing them to skew the election, which we all know allowed “Dimwitted Joe” to win. In case you didn’t understand what I just said, the Democrats handed the Republicans the plan for stealing the election, and the Republicans did absolutely nothing to prevent it. What the hell do these people do? They’re supposed to be watching the “bad guys”, and headin’ ’em off at the pass. I’m still trying to figure out which side McConnell is on. If any of you have the answer, let me know.

So, let’s take a look at recent history, which doesn’t give me a “warm and fuzzy” feeling about a good outcome. Donald Trump came into office with a huge mandate, with the backing of working Americans. We had control of the House and Senate. The Republican Establishment led by Rino Paul Ryan, totally squandered it, and the second half of Trump’s term, lost control of the house, paving the way for the Russian circus, and two impeachment attempts. So, you can only come away with two conclusions; The Republicans don’t have the desire to fight, or, they are happy with the way things are, and just wanted Trump to go away. Either way, they have proven to be pretty much useless, and don’t give a damn about what the voters want. As far as ferocity goes, I would rank Mitch McConnell right up there with a cotton tail rabbit.

An excellent example of the lackluster Republican offensive, is the southern border. Biden and the lefties have thrown it open for the whole damn world to walk through. Are you seeing anyone mount a legal challenge to this? It is after all, a breach of the oath of office Biden took to protect our country and the Constitution. Have you ever poked a stick in an ant hill? The Republicans should be responding just like those ants do when you assault their residence. They should be running around “helter skelter” attacking anything that moves. Talk is worthless without action to back it up.

The left has created a whole class of people that hate America. They have convinced them it’s a horrible place. This is a very big problem. There are only two things that will expedite a change in their attitude. America will have to be brought to her knees by some sort of national crisis, where everyone must pull together in order to survive, or the government will have to declare martial law, and rule with an iron fist until law and order are restored. Martial law is a very dangerous road to go down, not a good idea, although is has been implemented several times in the US in limited areas.

What we need very badly, is for our citizens to reject the tribal concept of the left, and start loving our country once again. We need to unite with each other to bring the true meaning back to The United States of America. The left has taken us a long way down this road, it’s not going to be easy to undo their bad deeds. Who knows what the impact is going to be from this mass influx of illegal immigrants. Nobody knows who these people are, and what the real motives are for coming here in the first place.

When I’m relaxing on my patio and deck, I look over at my old Dodge, and long for that unity, and the bonds we once had as a people and a nation. My prayer is that we can somehow find our way back before it’s too late. God Bless all of you, and your families.



I’m back!! I have been taking some needed time away from work and blogging, but I can’t take my eyes off of the left’s insidious hatred for America. I didn’t think I would live to see the day, that elected officials, sitting in the United States House of Representatives would spew such vile hatred for the nation they vowed to protect while taking the oath of office. Isn’t that called treason?

In case you haven’t yet realized it, ( this has been taking place for awhile now ) the left’s front line offensive is right in your own neighborhood. They are headquartered in your local public schools. They are holding the local children hostage and filling their brains with hatred for America, and weird ideas about sex, gender, and race. They are destroying this nation’s future right in front of our eyes. They are literally turning our children into mindless, Marxist robots.

The teacher’s unions are the equivalent of the Pentagon. They have made it very clear over the past few days, that they are pressing on with their agenda, and the parents can “pound sand”. They are going to be teaching Critical Race Theory, and the 1619 Project, whether you like it or not. They have the full backing of the Federal Government, and are feeling very emboldened at the present time. The only way, we are going to win this battle, is to make life very uncomfortable for the local school officials. We absolutely must rescue our children from this vile, and corrupt system.

The second amendment is under attack right now, like never before. But the left is going about it in a very different way. If the left is going to be successful in their take over, the population must be disarmed. The left is purposely stirring up racial violence, which is resulting in a huge crime wave across the nation. Notice the standard statement from the left; ” We need more gun control , we need more stringent background checks”. Neither of these statements have any merit whatsoever. While they keep repeating these useless words, the mayhem continues. The answer to stopping the violence is a beefed up police presence, and more aggressive prosecution. The left already thought of that, and have stripped the police of their power, and are putting in prosecutors in place that refuse to charge the criminals for their bad deeds. They are betting that the public will become paralyzed with fear, and willingly give up their guns just to make the crime and murder go away. At that point in time, it’s “game over”. They will have won.

By the way, have you noticed how Lori “Beetlejuice” Lightfoot has somehow become a victim in all of the Chicago mayhem? Her policies are the reason for the death and destruction. Innocent children are being wounded and murdered, Can anyone explain to me how this crazy bitch can be somehow be a victim? Another BS story is blaming Indiana gun stores for selling guns to street criminals, saying even though Chicago has the strictest gun laws in the U.S., gangsters are buying their guns in Indiana. Anyone with an ounce of sense, and an I.Q. higher than a horn toad, knows gangsters don’t buy guns from gun stores. They steal them or buy them on the black market. There is this little problem with serial numbers on guns. They can be traced back to the owners if involved in a crime, if they were purchased legally, simply using the serial number. The last thing a criminal wants is a gun that has been registered to him or her. Sooo……this whole gun background check crap, it’s them blowing smoke up everyone’s butt, because they can’t bring themselves to start arresting their voters.

Stop street violence by arresting the criminals and putting their asses in jail for long periods of time….problem solved. You don’t have to look back in history very far to see how well this works. Remember the nineties, and the “tough on crime” bills? ” Three Strikes and your out” laws. Commit a crime with a gun and go to straight to jail. Remember those days? I do. It worked very well thank you.

Now, for the “sticky” subject. Have you ever really wondered why all at once, blacks are really special? If they are killed by police while committing a crime, they suddenly become folk heroes, and the police are villified. The guy can have a rap sheet six foot long, but that no longer matters. The left knows very well the propensity for violence’s among blacks, and the more they support them, the more violent they become. The blacks are the left’s useful idiots, to reach the end result of confiscating guns. When they have accomplished their goal, the left will no longer tolerate the violence, and a lot of black folks are going to find themselves in the slammer for a very long time. This is not going to end well for anyone, especially blacks.

Look at history, and what happens when Marxism and Communism takes over. The trouble causers that helped usher in the new regime are quickly eliminated for a very good reason. The new regime wants to send a very strong message that dissent will not be tolerated. And the trouble causers can’t be trusted. Only the very obedient will be safe. Step out of line, and you’ll be whacked. Guaranteed!!!

If you have any doubts about how well this is working, over the Fourth of July weekend, America’s most important holiday, Black Lives Matter proclaimed the United States has to be torn down, and “Old Glory” retired due to it being a raciest symbol. Canadian rebels are burning churches, and the the government is silent. Folks, it is escalating very fast, please stay alert, and mount a defensive effort wherever, and however possible. God Bless America.

If the left takes over, you can bet they will eliminate the police. They will be replaced with ” goon squads”. Put that in your pipe and smoke it.


P.S. Might be a good idea to call your Republican rep, and them to get off their asses and start paying attention. They’re not doing a particularly stellar job right now. Tell them to shut down Congress until the people that were arrested for the January 6th capitol hill disturbance are freed. Tell them to quit using the term insurrection, it was no such thing. We want to know who killed Ashley, no more crap.



Transforming the United States into a Marxist/communist country is hardly a new idea. We have had Marxists in our midst for many years. Fortunately, the patriots have been strong enough in both character and numbers to keep them at bay. When I was a youngster in the 1950’s, there was a TV series called ” I led three lives.” It was a story about an FBI undercover agent named Herbert J, Philbrick, that infiltrated the communist party here in the US, and reported on their anti American activities. This was back in the day, when American patriotism was strong, and TV had not been taken over by leftists. This TV series raised awareness that we had enemies that walked among us everyday. Those enemies have slowly morphed into the Democrat Party, and now the FBI and DOJ, are sadly part of the deep state.

First thing you have to understand is that this is a huge country, an armed revolution is not going to work. This is a transformation that has to happen gradually with very little bloodshed. An all out revolution would destroy this country, and it may never recover. If it did recover, it certainly would lose it’s position as a world power. This has to be a mostly peaceful transition that takes place over many years.

We have some very experienced and skilled people at accomplishing this type of thing. Those people are Central Intelligence Operatives, that have successfully done this in smaller foreign countries. They are experts in psychological warfare. Whether you realize it or not, we are currently involved in a psychological battle. Your language, your thoughts about others, your thoughts about race, and government. All of your mental “norms” are being challenged. They are telling you things that you know are wrong, but if you deny what they are telling you, you’re a raciest, or any number of other derogatory terms, to belittle you, and make you feel bad about yourself. But they aren’t just stopping there, they will make sure you lose your job, and your ability to interact in your chosen career. Conform, or they will ruin your life. They are attempting to brainwash an entire nation. They are making astonishing progress.

A very important thing to remember, in every Marxist / Communist take over, those people that they were unable to successfully brainwash, and indoctrinate, were simply murdered. The numbers are in the tens of millions. Read the story of “Cannibal Island”.

THE STARTING POINT: Slowly, to not raise public scrutiny, you have to transform public schools and universities into indoctrination camps. The goal is to make sure this is happening in virtually every school district across the country. This is accomplished through a slow and steady transition to left leaning school boards. Next is placing left leaning young college graduates in teaching positions, fully dedicated to the Teachers Union agenda. The left leaning school boards, in conjunction with the teachers unions will successfully dictate the curriculum.

HARVEST TIME: It will take about twenty years before the the crop is ready to harvest. Harvest time was the summer of 2020. The left was terrified that Donald Trump was going to ruin their years of hard work and indoctrination. He had to go, and it didn’t matter how, even if it meant the bold rigging of a national election. The fact that they were able to pull that off, is proof of how determined they are, and how far their plan has progressed. However, from the very beginning, the Democrats mounted a full court press to render Trump’s presidency impotent, talking openly about impeachment only minutes after his inauguration.

THE NUCLEAR OPTION: ( The following is opinion mixed with facts ) In order to have an insurance policy against the failure of the plan, you have to have something really big as your “ace in the hole”. What could possibly be better than a world wide pandemic. It’s an established fact that Anthony Fauci and the NIH, have been funding gain of function research in the Wuhan Virology Lab for a few years now. Within the past few days, we now that Google was participating as well. Gain of function research is not legal in the US, it’s deemed too dangerous. We now have irrefutable evidence of just how dangerous.

It’s a widely held opinion among many scientists that Covid-19 is a horse shoe bat virus that has been engineered to become highly transmissible to humans. When looking at this through clear eyes, there are two entities that would have benefitted greatly from a world wide pandemic. China, and the Democrat party. Was there a collusion between them to unleash this virus on the world? We will likely never know the answer to that question. People that operate at that level of evilness, make sure there are substantial fire walls to forever conceal their identities.

China’s plan for world dominance was being greatly threatened by Donald Trump, and his wave of populism that was spreading around the world, along with his demands for fair trade. The Democrat plan to transform the United States into a socialist authoritarian regime was also being threatened by Trump. China knew a world wide pandemic would send the world economy into a downward spiral, and it would benefit greatly, after all, they manufacture most all PPE for medical use. The Democrats knew a pandemic would allow them to curtail “in person voting” and open the door for mass voter fraud, and retake the controls of the Federal Government. This would be a perfect time to scare the living hell out the citizens, make them think if they gathered in large meetings, it could mean certain death. Now you have successfully stopped opposition political rallies and meetings, where people could discuss current events, and possibly mount some sort of opposition to the draconian lockdowns. Perfect plan, keeping everyone isolated from each other.

CLOSING THE LOOP: In order to fully implement your plan, you have to have allies in the media, federal law enforcement, federal judges, and above all in the United States military. If the plan starts to unravel, and an armed insurrection occurs, the last thing you want is for the military to side with the people. To make sure that doesn’t happen, mass indoctrination of the troops as well as the Generals must take place. Installing a “woke” Secretary of Defense would be of major importance, and urgency. That has been done, and they are weeding out any troopers and commanders that are suspected conservatives that may be Trump supporters. Thinking ahead, you need to identify those that you think may revolt. That would be white conservatives. In order to stave off that possibility, you must convince the rest of the population that white people are evil and raciest, and they want to control and dominate you. Especially if you happen to be black. By doing that, you bolster your forces on the street. You also turn a large segment of the population into terrorists. Have you noticed how many young blacks are totally out of control? Last week, a young black man went on a killing rampage, killing white people. When apprehended, he admitted hating whites and wanted to kill as many as possible. Defund the police, and fomenting hatred for the police are all part of the plan. You have to nullify the opposition. When it’s time to unleash the dogs, you don’t want any restraints.

CREATE ECONOMIC CHAOS: High taxes, inflation, and lack of jobs, will demoralize the population, making it even easier to control them. Add social unrest, crime, and soaring murder rates, and rampant gun violence, and people will be afraid to venture out of their homes. Now it becomes easy to convince people that firearms must be outlawed, and a mass confiscation will begin. However, before you do that, you have to create a shortage of ammunition through all sorts of crazy laws, just in case a bunch of folks decide not to go along with the plan. Now that you’ve collected all of the weapons, and people are literally starving, you are free to do anything you wish, while telling people you’re going to fix everything. You saw this happen in Venezuela a few years ago in real time.

GAME OVER: Present government will be abolished, and an Autocratic system will be put in it’s place. A national police force will be established. States rights and self government will cease to exist. Any sign of opposition or rebellions will be instantly crushed. Any and all people that the new regime deems too dangerous will be vanquished. Likely never seen again. Crime will be reduced to virtually zero. The penalties will be so severe, no one would dare attempt it. The lefty’s have always been against the death penalty, that will change quickly. Freedom and autonomy will be forever lost. If the United States Government falls, it is the last free country on the planet, and will never return. The world population will be reduced to “drones” or worker bees if you will. Every facet of human life will be controlled by the governments. The only people on earth that will enjoy wealth, will be the government leaders.

The fate of the United States has been on the brink many times since it was established. It was saved by patriotic men and women who put forth the effort needed, to save this grand old Republic. It’s time once again to rally around the flag, patch up the wounds, and put our great nation on the road to good health once again. We can do it, but it won’t be easy. God Bless you all.



I don’t know how closely you have been paying attention, but I have been hyper vigilant for the past couple of years. A definite pattern is starting to emerge, that exposes the Democrats plans for America. It is pretty far along at this point, I’m not sure if it can be stopped. We can only hope some very savvy Conservatives are aware, as I am, and are making plans to combat the inevitable. The Republicans need to realize, just winning elections is not going to be good enough. Some serious damage has been done by the left over the past twenty years, that is going to take hard work and dedication to undo it.

Over the past twenty years, the Democrats have been concentrating on our public schools and colleges, indoctrinating our youngsters with vile anti American rhetoric. It has been a successful endeavor. The riots of last summer, are living proof that this is true. Our own progeny, are hell bent on destroying everything in sight, that even slightly resembles reminders of the past. Namely, historical monuments, and buildings. A similar and successful plan was implemented during the Cultural Revolution in China by Mao Zedong. Mao called on the nation’s youth to rid the empire of what he called the impure elements of the Chinese society. That resulted in mass destruction of China’s historical data, mostly held by centuries old Chinese families. They virtually erased all signs of China’s history.

This is straight out of the Marxist playbook. The left is priming the population for the transition to a communist Marxist state. This is exactly what happened in China during the Chinese Revolution of 1949. The catalyst for making the transition was a civil war. This allowed the eventual formation of the Chinese Communist government, known as the People’s Republic of China. If you have been paying attention, the left seems hellbent on starting a civil war between the races right here in the US. They are working hard at making that happen. Joe Biden himself, is stirring the pot every chance he gets. Why do you think the left is reluctant to call out the BLM and ANTIFA thugs for their bad deeds. BLM and ANTIFA, are the street soldiers of the left. Don’t you find it ironic that the left is attempting to paint the white population, especially conservatives, as domestic terrorists. Nothing could be farther from the truth. The key to understanding this mind set, is that the mostly white conservatives, are dedicated to preserving America and the American Dream, and the left wants to destroy it.

Lorrie Lightfoot let the cat out of the bag recently, when she said that Chicago is unable to regain control of the streets, and needs federal assistance. In my opinion, along with others, the left is purposely allowing their cities to fall into chaos, in order to spur the formation of a National Police Force. What could be more helpful in a national take over by the left, than having a para military, national police force. Imagine if you will, a para military police force that moves in and roots out the bad guys, confiscates firearms, and rids the cities of crime and murder. Do you think for even a moment, that citizens plagued by crime for years, would not welcome this. Your children could play in the parks safely, walk the streets safely, public schools would be restored, and children would start getting a good education. Cities would become great places to live.

All of the bad guys are going to be locked up, and the keys are going to be thrown away. Wait a minute you say; don’t the Democrats hate prisons and jails? No, they only want to let the bad guys out to help create chaos and mayhem, to attain their goal of creating an atmosphere so bad, you will be willing to go along with anything for peace and safety. Are you beginning to see the big picture yet.

It’s all about a centralized government, taking the power and all autonomy away from the states. It’s about a centralized public school system that only teaches government propaganda. All children will be raised as devout government servants. As China puts it, “it’s for the common good”. Big Tech understands where this is going, why do you think they are willing to censor anything that is anti government? Big Tech, and Corporate America, are clearly key players, in what they view as correcting the flaws of the United States, and those horrible documents, called the Constitution and Bill of Rights. It’s called ” Build Back Better” or the “Great Reset” as they call it.

I would never call myself a “historian”, I am not anything near a scholar, of any type. That said, the rise of Communism has happened during my time on this earth, and I have witnessed what the results have been. I have also witnessed the great times in the United States of America. Arguably some of the best times have occurred during my lifetime. I will always choose freedom over socialism. Socialism kills the human sprit. My wife can tell you first hand, as she toured the old Soviet Union in the 1950’s as a young woman. She paints a very bleak picture of what the Soviet people were subjected to. Take a look at Cuba, Venezuela, Russia, the evidence is before you. The Democrat party is the enemy of the state. We need to start treating them as such.



Part two was deliberately delayed, so that I could comment on Biden’s performance during and after the G7 Conference. His meeting with Vladimir Putin will be in private, so they can spin it anyway they wish, and we will never know what really happened. Biden’s performance has been embarrassing to say the least. One of the most striking incidents, ( and there were many ) He and Jill were walking across an outdoor dining area, and Joe seems to get lost and disoriented. Jill had to call out to him to come along, and the diners sitting nearby were laughing hysterically. Let’s be perfectly honest, Joe is gone, he is a walking shell of a person, barely able to function on his own, and the Democrats are using him as a prop. Like Joe or not, ( I never did ) it is a sad thing to see him being humiliated daily. His own wife is OK with it. She likes being in the spotlight. Despite their high positions, all of these people are low lives. They are really no different than a bunch of meth heads living in grandma’s house, stealing her social security money. Same principle, different circumstances, and one hell of a lot more at stake.

So far, Biden has been performing as expected…. giving away the farm. That cliché the Democrats coined, ” Build Back Better”, translated means; Put all of Obama’s polices back in place, plus things he could have done if he had another four years. Guess what my dear friends, It is pretty clear, Barack is lurking in the shadows, pulling Joe’s strings. So, effectively, Barack did get another four years in office as the shadow leader. Barack was often accused of “leading from behind”, now he is leading from behind the curtain.

Biden’s European visit, has been a very sad day, for America’s standing on the world stage. Joe Biden puts forth and image of a tired old man, suffering from dementia, unable to deliver a clear and concise message, and unable to put forth strong, and decisive posture, as the leader of the free world. This has even deeper implications, it makes the American people look weak and stupid, to elect such a person as our leader. The only thing that takes the sting out of it, for us the voters, is knowing that the election was rigged. Democrats have made a mockery out of free and fair elections. The truth will eventually be known, just like we are finally learning the truth about the origins of Covid-19. The Democrats are truly trying to burn this nation down.

Another truth that is beginning to emerge, is how the FBI has been involved in some very illegal activities, concerning setting up people to be arrested for crimes. Instead of embedding agents in organizations to spy on them, FBI agents have actually been involved in organizing the crimes, and participating in the crimes. Most recently, the January 6th, Capitol riot. Several of the people that participated in that riot were actually FBI agents, inciting the riot. It seems that the attempted kidnapping of Governor Gretchen Whitmer, had an FBI agent embedded in that group that helped in the planning. Didn’t they used to call that “entrapment”? The government is using law enforcement against American citizens at an alarming level, especially if you’re on the wrong side of the political spectrum. When they are bold enough to try and take down a sitting President, the average person is in deep trouble. Look no further than how viciously they went after General Michael Flynn. This information came to light on tonight’s Tucker Carlson show, highlighted in his monolog. Click on the link below to watch in it’s entirety.

I’m not going to waste my time waiting on tomorrow’s big summit meeting with Joe and Vlad. You will likely get a truer picture of what actually happened, listening to Russia’s version. Our media will dress it up and lie about it, so why even waste your time watching.

I had so much more to say, but adding the link to Tucker, took up too much reading time. I will continue to ride this horse, we have a lot more ground to cover on this subject. God bless you all. Stay strong.