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If you clicked on the link above, you just heard Barrack Obama explain very thoroughly how it would be impossible to rig an election. He went on to say, alleging that, would be extremely damaging to our democracy. Then his Justice Department under his direction, spent two years investigating Donald Trump for attempting to do exactly that. That my friend is how you rig an election, after the fact. Anyone that bought into even a smidgen of that, is dumber than a stack of hammers.


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Republican National Convention: Day Four

President Donald J. Trump and his family. Everyone that worked long and hard with him on his victorious campaign. All of his loyal staff members. The hosts on Fox News that stood by him for almost three long years, and defended his reputation. His base that never quit believing in him. And most of all, the American People that now know, without a doubt that their president did not circumvent the law to achieve political victory. He did it the old fashioned way, with hard work and never ending energy. Congratulations Mr. President.


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The worthless Democrats, and certain Republicans in the House of Representatives and the Senate. The slime balls that started this whole mess in the FBI and the DOJ, James Comey, James Clapper, Andrew McCabe, Peter Strzok, Lisa Page, Bruce and Nellie Orr, Loretta Lynch, Sally Yates, Rod Rosenstein, John Brennan, John McCain ( yep, not a mistake ) The Podesta Brothers, Hillary Clinton, Christoper Steele, Glen Simpson, Samantha Power, Susan Rice, and yep, in my opinion, the big guy himself Barrack Hussein Obama. All of these sleeze bags are in it up to their necks. Now it’s time to appoint another special prosecutor, and let these assholes squirm for a couple of years. Sweet Dreams. 



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In my previous article I laid out how the left and the deep state pulled out all of the stops to prevent Donald Trump from being elected, then after he won, gave it everything they had to take him down. As we have learned over the past two days, it was an total failure. However, as you might imagine, the moronic democrats will not simply quit, so buckle up.

Not being content just to attack the man politically, the left has disgraced themselves by attacking his family. One of their favorite targets is Ivanka. She is a very attractive, smart, well educated, business woman. An articulate speaker, she exudes class and dignity. She is totally loyal to her father, however will challenge him when she feels it necessary. Her strength and spirit represents her family very well. Yet on many occasions, the left has taken cheap shots at her, making themselves look small and petty. Samantha Bee called her a “feckless cunt”. Samantha Bee is a feckless idiot.

It is abhorrent the way the left has treated the first lady. They can’t bring themselves to say one single positive thing when it comes to Melania. They criticize her clothing, her shoes, it doesn’t matter what she wears the media picks her apart. If you remember, as soon as the Trumps moved into the White House, numerous fashion designers said they would not dress her. Let’s talk a little bit about the fashion world. It is a virtual slime pit of unsavory characters, that prance, around with their noses in the air as if they are some sort of aristocracy. In reality, they are a bunch of whiny little bitches that look like freaks from a side show. None of them are worth a moment of Melania’s time.

Remember Michelle Obama was featured on the covers of all sorts of fashion magazines? Everyone was always talking about how beautiful she was. Listen, as a totally heterosexual male I have spent a great deal of my life looking at women. I think I’m a pretty damn good judge of what constitutes beauty. I have seen stunningly beautiful women from all races, from all over the world that made my heart race. Sorry, but Michelle Obama falls short of what I would call beautiful. Melania puts Michelle in the weeds, but not one of these left wing fashion rags would dare put her on the cover. Melania is one of the most beautiful first ladies to ever grace the halls of the White House, she makes me proud every time I see her.

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All that I have written above is maddening to say the least, but doesn’t compare to the comments that were made about Barron by Hollywood scumbags. Remember how the left lectured us about how Chelsea Clinton was off limits during the Clinton years? How the Obama girls were off limits during the Obama years? Suddenly, now that Donald Trump is president, all bets are off, his kids are fair game. The towering genius, Peter Fonda, ( idiocy has been proven to be genetic ) said that Barron should be ripped from his mothers arms and placed in a cage with pedophiles. You remember Peter Fonda, he made one B rated flick about a dope smuggling biker, played by himself. Total loser just like his sister “Hanoi Jane”. The genius Peter Fonda also made horrible remarks concerning Sarah Huckabee Sanders children. The man is sick and demented. Another genius that continues to amaze us with her intellect is Rosie O’Donnell, who makes the claim that Barron Trump is autistic. She made that diagnosis by simply watching videos of Barron appearing with his parents. Let me be clear, I am not a medical person of any sorts, but I’m pretty sure Rosie O’Donnell is bat shit crazy.

You tell me, that if all of this happened to you, it wouldn’t make you mad as hell? It’s hard enough for me to be civil as it is, but if people were attacking me and my family non stop, I would be out of my ever loving mind. Every time the prez takes down a lefty, or takes a jab at Hollywood, I’m sayin’, yeah baby. Go!!!


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Dramatic suspense movies are usually about two hours long, give or take. You have just watched the equivalent of a high stakes drama, play out for just shy of two years. That is, the part that you saw first hand. The deep state bad actors were setting the stage for several months prior to the actual beginning of the Mueller probe. This story is a grotesque misuse of bureaucratic power, to subvert the election of the President of the United States of America. I never dreamed I would live to see such a thing happen. If you had asked me before hand if anything like this could happen, I would have called you crazy for even thinking it.

The two candidates running for the office of President, were obviously Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump. Neither of the candidates, despite being chosen in their respective primaries, were very well liked by the general public. Both of these individuals had an uphill battle in front of them. Despite Hillary being unpopular she was expected to win, hands down. It was pretty much taken for granted that she was going to be the next president, all of the poles agreed.

Hillary, being Hillary, and the democrats being democrats, paid a reported six million dollars for a completely fake dossier compiled by Russian operatives, orchestrated by Christopher Steel, a British spy, Glen Simpson and Fusion GPS. A document that was meant to cast serious doubt on Donald Trumps character. The FBI got into the game and used the dossier to get FISA warrants to spy on the Trump campaign. President Obama’s Department of Justice was all too happy to play along. There are so many moving parts to this story, it would take weeks to compile all of it. I’m just hitting the high points.

Then in the heat of the race, it was discovered that during her tenure as the Secretary of State, Hillary had been using an unsecured server, and other unsecured communication devices to conduct the business of the State Department, even while in foreign countries. This of course caused he FBI to launch and investigation into her activities. However, fortunately for her, she had some very loyal followers in the FBI. The investigation turned out to be a sham, in spite of the seriousness of the charges. Her exoneration letter was written before the FBI actually interviewed her. The Attorney General, Loretta Lynch, instructed the FBI to go easy and make sure the case was dropped. The famous tarmac meeting between her and Bill Clinton should not be forgotten. This my friends was collusion and obstruction of justice in real time.

During this time of turmoil over the Hillary emails, James Comey made his now famous grand stand play. He carefully laid out all of the violations Hillary had committed, he literally had everyone on the edges of their seats, then dropped the bomb, in spite of being grossly negligent in her duties, they were not going to prosecute her. Then later in the race, Mr. Comey makes another appearance concerning more State Department emails that were uncovered on Anthony Wieners laptop. That must have been an interesting read, State Department emails mixed in with pictures of good old Anthony’s penis. I think the song ” I have friends in low places ” was written with Hillary in mind.

Fast forward to post election, Donald Trump is now president. James Comey is the head of the FBI. The now President Trump has time to reflect on all of this, and who can blame him for not wanting James Comey anywhere near him, and issues his famous words, “your fired”. Robert Mueller approaches the president and applies for the job of heading up the FBI. The president says no thanks, likely because he knows he is James Comey’s BFF. Everyone starts screaming that the president fired James Comey to obstruct the Russian collusion investigation being conducted by Comey and the FBI. It is then revealed that Comey was fired in large part at the recommendation of Rod Rosenstein, the acting AG.

This is where it gets really interesting. James Comey leaks classified FBI document to his friend, a law professor at Columbia University, who in turn leaks them to the New York Times. This whole exercise was done for one reason, so James Comey could appoint a Special Counsel to investigate the Russian collusion narrative. His choice was, of course his best friend, Robert Mueller. We now know, by reading testimony by Peter Strzok, that nobody really believed there was any collusion. It was all done in an attempt to oust a duly elected president on a totally false premise.

All of this nonsense went on for almost three long years. All predicated on lies and corruption at the highest level of the FBI and Department of Justice. Of course the main stream media outlets were carrying water for the Democrats and were repeaters of the lies and corruption 24/7/365. The intensity of the reporting was successful in convincing over 60% of the public that all of it was real. It has cast a cloud over the Trump Administration that has done untold damage to our foreign policy relations. It kept many important policies from being implemented simply because of perceived political implications.

My friends, this whole exercise has proven what I keep repeating over and over; The Democratic Party is nothing more than a party of lies and deceit. If they can’t get the desired results legally, they won’t think twice about cheating and lying. However, I think everyone will agree, that the level they were willing to take it, to try and oust the duly elected President of the United States of America should scare the living hell out of you. 

The next time you see a tweet from President Trump that is sharply worded, put yourself in his place. He has every right to be thoroughly pissed off.


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I was a Seattle area resident for 15 years. Moved there in 1990 because I wanted out of the California nonsensical lifestyle, made that way by miserable left wing politics. When I moved to California in 1963 it was pretty darn close to paradise. Raised my family in southern Cal, would not change that for the world, what a ride. We are all gone now, we have moved to better places where life makes more sense. When we moved to Seattle, it was a truly beautiful city, just like California was, when we moved there. Over the years we saw the same thing happening to Seattle that happened to California. Leftist politics were slowly destroying a gorgeous city. The documentary you will see is truly disturbing. The city governments in all of the major west coast cities should be thrown out and be replaced with interim officials until they can clean up this disgusting mess. This should not be happening in America. 

Think about something while you are watching this documentary. The morons running these major cities are more concerned about shielding illegal immigrants from ICE, than fixing this truly deplorable problem. These people in the city governments are absolute halfwits, worthless in every sense of the word.


Do whatever you can to help make this problem go away. First thing to do is quit electing democrats to run your cities. They run them alright, right into the ground.


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This is where all of these climate problems started. When the settlers started moving westward, they were met with stiff resistance ( there’s that word again ) from the native Americans. If only those poor suckers could have anticipated what was going to happen they could have built a friggin’ wall somewhere east of St. Louis. The great plains was like a damn freeway, those white suckers just rolled into Wyoming like a whirlwind. Those evil white folks and cavalry figured out pretty dang quick that the bison was the mainstay of the native Americans, for their basic needs. So it only made sense to kill off the bison and starve out their foes. So the slaughter began.

By the late 1800’s most of those pesky bison had been eliminated and the native Americans were officially conquered. However, Karma was about the reach out and touch those evil white folks. Little did they know that those millions of bison were expelling methane gas by millions of cubic feet, causing the temperature on the great plains to rise. The absence of the bison farts caused the temperatures to plunge. 1889 was freaking cold, and became the standard by which to measure cold winters. There were only 45 states at the time, and the bone chilling cold invaded every single one of them.

Tallahassee Florida dipped to minus 2 degrees on Feb. 13, 1889. The only sub zero temperature in the city’s history. It was minus 16 degrees in Minden Nebraska. Yep, killing all of those bison, and eliminating those buffalo farts, had a dire affect on the weather. The numbers of bison are growing again, they are no longer on the endangered species list, and our weather is warming up again. It was that simple.

The experts really have no idea what they are talking about. Cow farts are nowhere near as potent as buffalo farts. So my point is that we need to monitor the number of buffalo until we get the climate exactly right, and then make sure we keep the numbers of buffalo right at that point. Sorta like a big thermostat. Geronimo probably could have told those white guys that if they had just asked him. But then, they probably wouldn’t have listened.

Here is a fact you may not know,  Hollywood made a movie in 1971 titled ” Bless the Beasts and the Children” and probably saved the American Bison from extinction along with the rest of the world. If the American Bison had gone extinct, we would have been plunged into another ice age. Can we ever thank Hollywood enough?


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A special thank you to Leif Erickson of Centennial, Wyoming for the scientific data.