DECEMBER 5, 2022





So, I sat down this evening for my daily church services with Pastor Carlson, or as I sometimes call it Coffee and Tucker. I don’t deny that I’m a huge fan of Tucker. I thought Rush was awesome, but Tucker is awesomer. So, I listen to Tucker layout the case for indicting everyone in the Democrat party along with every TV news and talk show personality except Fox. I totally agree with that by the way. He has a great line up of guests that reinforce everything he says, including the Chinese virologist (female) that says she knows that Covid 19 was produced at Wuhan and purposely released onto the world. However, the bulk of this show was dedicated to the release of Twitter docs that show how Twitter was doing the bidding of the Democrats and the Biden Administration. Then he has Kerri Lake on to back up his claim on election fraud.

So, the content of the show was censorship by the government, Covid was no accident, and there are no free and fair elections anymore. Hell, I wasted an hour listening to something I already knew. I could have been stripping the wax off the kitchen floor.

Then after Tucker wraps up, he is followed by Sean Hannity, the human endless loop recording. Sean continues where Tucker left off. Of course, he had to re-hash all of the Russian Collusion investigation stuff about the FBI and how they duped the FISA courts, on their mission to destroy Donald Trump. Who by the way is doing a really good job of destroying himself lately. Sean seems like a smart guy, but every time he talks about how the FBI was duping the FISA courts, and how that is a crime, I scream at the TV that the FISA courts were in on it, nobody was duped. The whole damn thing is corrupt, there are no straight shooters left. They’re all crooks and liars.

Hannity spent two years yelling about the same thing over and over. Every one of his shows was like watching a rerun. I finally gave up and went back to watching Iron Resurrection install Chevrolet LS engines in everything they could find. At least the cars are different colors.

At the end of two years, and a very disappointing investigation by John Durham which was totally anticlimactic and watching Bill Barr make a total ass of himself and show his true colors, not a single one of those assholes spent a minute in the slammer for doing shit we would be executed for.

So here we go again. The Republicans are going to begin the investigations when they take over the house in 2023, waste millions of dollars with investigations that are not going to bear any fruit whatsoever, the talking heads are going to go on, and on, and on, and not a single damn thing is going to change. They don’t want it to change. They like it just the way it is.

Joe Biden is not going to be held responsible for all of the crooked underhanded bullshit he has pulled in the past five years. Forget about Hunter being charged with anything. If they do, they better to it after Dad is out of the white house otherwise, he will be pardoned. Democrats will never be punished; they hold all the aces. You are being “gaslighted” and lied to every single day and that ain’t gonna change. This country is already lost like it or not. There are two political parties in power, different names, same goals. Amass as much power and wealth as possible and move in next door to the Crypto guy in the Carribean, who by the way made sure he will never face a judge, he bought everyone before it all crashed. Same bullshit, different day.

I hope I didn’t let my feelings influence this article too much.




DECEMBER 4, 2022



The basic idea of public schools is a no brainer. The concept of placing our children in well-regulated classrooms with professional educators, paid for with tax dollars is a fabulous idea. What could go wrong? Well as it turns out, a lot can go wrong, and it has gone very wrong. Undoing the wrong is probably impossible at this point in time.

Keep in mind, as you read this, it is an opinion article. It’s my opinion based on what I see, and experience through family, friends and news articles. I am not one to bury myself in my own environment and ignore what is happening around me. I am an ardent observer of society.

I think the first thing a person needs to understand, is that a large percentage of human beings, are not naturally well behaved. Otherwise, there would be no need for laws, law enforcement, and lawyers. Humans need to be trained like domestic animals need to be trained. The larger and more lethal an animal is, the more important it is for proper training. Humans certainly fit into the lethal category.

If you are even a casual student of the bible and religion, the behavioral issue has been a problem since man was placed on the earth. It started almost immediately in the Garden of Eden and has continued forward until today.

Long before public education, churches were the educators and training centers for creating law abiding citizens. I think one could argue they were very successful. However, I would be the first to say that organized religion was not without its faults. Some bad things happened within the walls of houses of worship. Evil will find its way into every organization. Thankfully the good outweighed the bad and the overall effect on humanity was overwhelmingly positive.


As I said above in regard to training domestic animals, even though the animals are docile on the surface, the keepers of the animals still need to build fences to keep them contained. Even after an animal spends years of its life behind fences, it still yearns to be free, and will stand at the fence gazing into the distance, not realizing the fence is its protection from danger. Humans need the fences that spirituality, and adherence to law provide.


This is probably the most important leg of the three and offers the most support. So many important lessons of societal functions are learned in a well-disciplined home. Especially if there are multiple children. The benefits are innumerable.


Churches of all denominations have one central theme, that you are subject to a higher power. They teach humility, and the need to control your emotions, and stay on a so called straight and narrow pathway through the obedience to God’s laws. One of the most important lessons churches teach is respect for yourself and your fellow man. Churches also teach obedience to man’s laws as well. Probably the single most important lesson of religion is how small your place is in the universe, yet how important you are to your Heavenly Creator.


A good education will allow you to take a prominent position in society. Well-educated people with strong family ties, and religious convictions will always be recognized as outstanding by those around them. People of truly good character shine like a bright star and admired by all.


The quest for total and complete control by the Democrats, and the apathy of the Republicans have brought us to this dire moment in our nation’s history. Religious, well-educated people from strong families are impossible to control. Those are the first people the Soviets executed in their rise to power. This has been played out hundreds of times in world history.

The left has done very well promoting promiscuity, and single parent lifestyle. The destruction of the traditional family naturally leads to a reduced tendency for the need of religion in one’s life. Primarily because religion is opposed to that type of lifestyle, and people feel like they will be judged for it.

This is where public schools could really take up the slack, but because they are almost 100% controlled by the left, you are only going to get a reinforcement of the ideas that created the problems in the first place. So, instead of the public schools being the last line of defense in our downward spiral of behavior and morals, they are promoting such behavior.

Instead of focusing on teaching students important skills to become upstanding members of society, they are sexualizing them, often aiding them in making poor life-altering decisions they are incapable of making at their young age.

I think you get the picture. Their goal is to create people who view the government as their savior, their religious experience. They are creating mindless robots to follow government orders without question. How more apparent could it be, when we have college graduates advocating for the end to free speech.

Politicians are nothing more than virtual termites eating away at the foundations of our Republic. The insecticide is truth. Spread it often, spread it freely. Eradicate the liars.




NOVEMBER 27, 2022



The wheels keep falling off faster than they can be put back on.

Why are these people allowed to have a pulpit where they can spew garbage all over decent God loving people? If the church doesn’t excommunicate this moron, they are as bad as he is.

Rampant crime in big cities makes it unsafe to simply drive your car. Car jackings are at an all-time high in all major Democrat run cities. While digging for crime rates, I ran across a very interesting website. I have no idea if it is weighted politically, but it has some interesting information that may surprise you.


I think the biggest shock to me is how the public schools have morphed into a defender of pedophilia. Who would have imagined this twenty years ago? The schools have always been on the alert for any unsavory characters lurking about the school property. The public schools have always taught students how to recognize predators. Now the predators are sitting in the classroom disguised as a teacher, teaching underage kids about oral and anal sex. In several cases the teachers openly talk about their own sexuality, which is almost, if not always, an alternative to heterosexual lifestyle. Call it what you want, it’s nothing more than “grooming”. Why aren’t these people fired and/or arrested? By the way, this ain’t nothin’ new. I was in high school over 60 years ago, and the assistant gym teacher was gay and everyone knew it. When my daughter was in high school, her gym teacher was lesbian, it was totally obvious. These people work hard for these positions so they can be in the presence of naked kids in locker rooms. If you don’t believe that, you’re still waiting to see the appearance of the ‘Great Pumpkin”.

How deep does kiddy porn run in our society? In recent years, numerous people in high paying positions have been fired when kiddy porn was discovered on their computers or large collections of photos and/or videos were found in their possession. Now a prominent retailer has openly produced an ad campaign with disturbing images. Balenciaga blamed the ad company, saying they had no idea. Really? Companies gear their ad campaigns according to what is trending. So, is child porn “trending”? It certainly seems to be.

Apparently, a lot of “higher ups” were hanging with Jefferie Epstein. During his first trial, it was pretty much a whitewash. Then when the pressure mounted, they had to get rid of old Jefferie before he started ‘singing’. You know the old pirate mantra, ” dead men tell no tales”. So now Ms. Maxwell is in the slammer and still alive, there are probably some very nervous folks sitting in their gated mansions and government offices. The assassination of Epstein also sent a strong message to Ms. Maxwell to keep her mouth shut, else she suffers the fame fate.

The bottom line here, is that a lot of people that held the public trust, were engaging in sex with underage girls on a remote island, away from prying eyes. Have you ever wondered why news reporters didn’t show any interest in what was going on? It wasn’t exactly a secret. Could it be some of the big network executives were involved? I think if we really knew how vast Epstein’s network was, we would be shocked to our core.

After consideration of what I have written above I pose this question. Has society deteriorated to the point that we can no longer allow our children to be exposed to government institutions such as public schools? The public schools seem to more interested in transforming our children sexually than preparing them to be productive citizens. How in the hell did we arrive at this point?


Fauci said in an interview a couple of days ago that “he has a completely open mind” about the origins of covid, but that evidence strongly suggests it was not leaked from a lab. Yep, that’s a CYA statement if I ever heard one. He is in this up to his eyeballs, and this whole vaccine debacle has made him a very wealthy man. He’s benefitted from the vaccines more than anyone. Why do think the Democrats run for cover when the subject come up. They are also in this up to their eyeballs. I would suggest everyone just move on, you will never know what really happened, pretty much like a dog chasing its tail. It’s in the same vault as Epstein’s client list.


I’ve wanted to write about Mr. Musk for a while now, so I will be busy doing some in depth research on the man. Look for an article soon. In the meantime, stay safe, stay alert, be aware of the liars. They are all around you.



NOVEMBER 24, 2022



For someone my age who has definitely seen America in a much better state of health, it is slightly difficult to have rosy feelings about the homeland. Don’t misunderstand me, I love my country, I detest the government. So, on one hand I’m elated and thankful about being an American, on the other hand I’m totally bummed about what is happening on a hundred different fronts. The prospects of dislodging the corrupt politicians and bureaucrats is looking less likely all the time. For someone like me, that loves my country passionately, and who never forgets those brave soldiers that carried our flag into battle for freedom, the current state of the union casts a long shadow over Thanksgiving.

I am however eternally grateful for my family. For those that have passed on, and those still here, that I love dearly and give me such happiness in our relationships. They are the true bright spots that make life worth living.

I’m thankful for my lovely wife who is my faithful companion, and for the most part listens to my craziness. (Most of the time). She is a very social person, much more than I am, and for that reason we have quite a large circle of friends. I lean more toward being slightly reclusive. I really don’t like talking to anyone for the first couple of hours after arising.

I’m very thankful for the good Lord for allowing me to stay on this earth this many years. It has truly been an interesting journey. I have made many lifelong friends and had some unforgettable experiences. I was born with all the parts in the right places, and a pretty darn good brain. Had two great people for parents that loved and cared for myself and my three siblings. They always provided food and shelter and warm clothing. They also provided a heck of a lot of fun and laughter while we lived in their home, and always welcomed us back for more good times.

My parents taught us true American values, and how to be good neighbors, and for that I will always be thankful. They taught us to obey the laws and respect our fellow human beings. They also taught us to love our country and respect our glorious flag. But most importantly, they taught us to always give thanks to God for all that we have.

I truly hope all of you enjoyed your day of Thanks and hope your cup runneth over with blessings from our glorious Heavenly Father. May your joyful moments be many, and your sorrows be few.



NOVEMBER 16, 2022



Donald Trump is a complex guy, he’s pretty rough around the edges, and very definitely opinionated. He is not afraid to tell you exactly how he feels. He has a strong ego, that’s for sure. He loves the common man but likes to live biggly. He likes the flashy lifestyle but doesn’t have much use for the rich elitists. He loves to see his name in gold on everything from mega hotels to Boeing airliners and helicopters. But his greatest asset is that he loves the United States and hates crooked politicians. I think he may stretch the truth on occasions to make a point, but when he tells you he loves the United States of America, you can take that to the bank. He worked for you like no other president ever has and yet refused to take a paycheck for his long hours of work.

As smart as DJT is, and considering his success in the business world, there really isn’t any other explanation as to why he thought he could clean up Washington. He clearly had no idea how powerful the embedded bureaucracies were. He also clearly had no idea how powerful the Democrat party is. The bureaucrats are Democrats, almost 100%. In order for Trump to drain the swamp, he would literally have to serve 10 terms. The Democrats have been building this dynasty for decades. It is virtually indestructible.

The Republicans don’t have the control of the bureaus like the Dems do, but rest assured they wield a lot of power in D.C. They also have spent decades developing their own dynasty. The politicians on both sides of the aisle get very rich selling favors to lobbyists and knowing which stocks to sell and buy from their manipulation of the laws. So, when an outsider like Donald Trump threatens to upset their cushy gig, the knives come out, and someone is going to get hurt. You saw it play out, no question who the victors were.

The political power roots run deep and wide. They penetrate in places you would never imagine. Do you remember John DeLorean? He was a big honcho at General Motors for years. When you see a 1974 Pontiac Grand Prix and the badge says Model J, that J stands for John. So, when John DeLorean decided he would become an auto manufacturer. General Motors was not happy with that decision and wanted him to fail. GM enlisted the help of the FBI and they set up a sting operation and accused DeLorean of being a cocaine dealer to raise money for his fledgling car company. His legal battle to clear his name, ultimately bankrupted him and his company. When the GM execs met with the FBI, the story goes that they told the FBI they wanted them to put shit on DeLorean’s shoe. For anyone who may not know what that means, you tag someone powerful with an accusation of a serious misdeed, and no one will want to deal with them in the future.

That was a long way around the barn to get to the point, but fast forward to Donald Trump’s running gun battle with Nancy Pelosi. In a meeting with her fellow lawmakers, she said she wanted them to put doggie-do and Trumps shoe and anyone that worked with him. They did exactly that and did it well. Washington D.C. and Corporate America is a dirty, filthy world. They have amassed power you would never imagine. One guy, like Donald Trump, thinking he is going to make any significant changes is like a flea walking up an elephant’s ass with rape on its mind.

If you want indisputable proof that what I just said is true, the Republicans just voted to give the Speaker of the House job to the RINO Kevin McCarthy, and leader of the Senate to Mitch McConnell. Kevin McCarthy is another iteration of Paul Ryan, and Chuck Schumer and Mitch McConnell are interchangeable, different personalities same ideology. NOTHING IS GOING TO CHANGE.

Donald Trump will never be President again; the big blue machine will make sure of that. Don’t kid yourself, the big red machine will take part as well. I purposely stretched the writing of this blog out over several days to get a feel for what I am saying. If I could give Mr. Trump my advice, I would urge him to grow the Trump dynasty bigger than ever before and use his money and power from outside the beltway, and cause mayhem among the powerful in D.C. and make sure he remains untouchable by the corrupt FBI and DOJ. His operation must always be squeaky clean and above board. They completely blindsided DeLorean.

Stay strong my friends, stay safe and vigilant. God Bless you and your families.



NOVEMBER 15, 2022



I told you so! Just a few days ago in my last blog, I told you this was going to happen, and WALA, just like that after two of the most politically horrific years in this nation’s history the jerks that have been tearing this country apart at the seams, retained power. I have to ask you; do you really think the American people are this stupid? This was just a replay of 2020 orchestrated in a slightly different manner, but with the same results.

The people in Penn state elected one dead guy, and one live guy with a dead brain. The people in Arizona elected a dimwit for governor that can barely speak, refused to debate Kari Lake because she’s as dumb as a stack of hammers, and hasn’t shown up for work as the Secretary of State for weeks. Katie Hobbs was in charge of the state election board as SOS, and should have recused herself during the elections process, but refused to do so when asked. By some miracle, Katie Hobbs won by just over nineteen thousand votes, and magically pulled ahead late in the game when supposedly, ballots were being counted from heavy Republican areas. I’m sure Kari Lake is asking “what the hell just happened”? Pretty much same scenario in Nevada. Tonight, Republicans are one seat away from controlling the House. The Dems are no doubt, dealing from the bottom of the deck, trying their best to not let that happen.


I realize that the Constitution says the individual states are responsible for managing elections. That was obviously a workable plan when there were only a few states. I’m not sure the founding fathers ever imagined the United States would evolve into what it is today. How could they?

Make no mistake, the Democrats are exploiting the Constitutional rule. If we are ever going to have free and fair elections again, the voting laws must be standardized across every state. The states can still manage the elections process but must adhere to universal election rules.

If voting machines are allowed, they must be manufactured by no more than five firms and must have identical operating systems. Machines must be sealed and locked to prevent tampering. Machines must be certified by an independent laboratory whose employees are deputized and bonded.

If “in person” voting becomes the preferred method of voting, the ballot counting machines must be certified to be in proper working order, and have back up machines in case of break downs. Machines must have a current certification sticker or will not be used.

Absentee ballots should be issued only after proof that the voter will not be able to vote in person. Early voting and ballot harvesting must be stopped. No ballots should be counted if not received by 8:00 pm on election day. Drop boxes will no longer be needed and should never be used again. Ballot boxes should be under constant surveillance by election workers, and in view of security cameras.

Election results must be posted by 10:00 am the day following the election. No exceptions.


CNN should be elated. Ever since Biden snuck in the back door of the White House, their ratings have plummeted. Biden is about as exciting as watching paint dry, and they are forbidden to report any negativity at all on Dems. I would expect Donald Trump to begin campaigning immediately. All of the wacko people will once again appear on the landscape and start looking for ways to tear down ‘Ol’ Orange’. The Dems knew this would happen, that’s why the rape charge has re-surfaced. Hold on to your seats, it’s gonna be one hell of a ride for the next two years.

I greeted the news with some reservations. I absolutely think Trump is one of the greatest Presidents ever, but is he the right guy to take back the White House at this point in time? I’m not sure he is. I will be analyzing this closely in coming weeks. The political landscape is really strange right now, not a familiar place at all. My biggest concern is one that I have expressed several times in my blogs. If he wins, he is going to be a “one termer”. That’s a bit risky. A two-term president can initiate some lasting changes, a one termer, not so much. On the other hand, if De Santis were to run in 2028 and capture the flag for eight years, that would be twelve years of Republicans in the “oval”. Two great candidates for sure. By the time the 2024 election rolls around, I’ll be well on my way to 84 years old. That said, my concern is not for me, but all of the younger folks that have 20,30 years or more to work and live the good life. The Dems need to have a good ass whoopin’ and quit trying to turn this country into a socialist hell hole.


Democrats are two faced liars. Leftists are promoting transgenderism, which is diametrically opposed to womanhood, while telling women they are on their side. Women are marching for their grievances, and transgender males are perpetrating violence and threats of violence against them. The video I saw today was despicable display hatred against women. So, the next time a Democrat brings up the word misogynist, tell them to “pound sand”.


It’s a proven fact that people over fifty years old rarely survive a serious head injury. Paul Pelosi was said to have had a fractured skull and underwent brain surgery as a result of the hammer attack. It’s a miracle, he’s back home and resuming his life a short six days. Thank God he had a St. Christopher in his pocket.




NOVEMBER 9, 2022



Donald J. Trump, the man people love to hate. You have to admit, the guy is larger than life, and loves to let you know just how smart he is. Does he really have to do that? Dumb people don’t own vast amounts of very expensive real estate and fly around on private airliners and giant helicopters. No doubt his persona works really well in the business world. Also works well as a tough negotiator in foreign affairs. But when it comes to politics, you have to be tough, yet know how to pick your battles based on your chances of winning, and the fall out if you lose. Picking a fight with the “deep state” as a new president was a huge mistake. Likewise, getting into a battle with the mainstream media is going into an arena with five or six opponents, all of which are bigger than you. They blast negative propaganda over the air waves 24-7-365, and it doesn’t even have to contain a shred of truth. As Mr. Trump found out, Washington D.C. is a brutal, vicious swamp. The Democrats control almost every bureau, and they are more than willing to wage warfare against people like Trump that want to upset their dynasty.

As smart as Donald Trump is, he made some grave mistakes, that cost him dearly. The raid on Mara Largo was a message sent by the “deep state” telling him to “stay down”. If you get back up, we’re going to hurt you again. They let him know very publicly, that they can come into his house, ransack his wife’s panty drawer, rummage around for hours, even break into his private safe, and he can’t do a damn thing about it. You have no recourse against these people, they have more power than you will ever have, or even imagine having. My wife worked for a large county in California. She will tell you, if you like your job, and want to keep it, stay in your lane. The powerful above you, will snuff you out in a New York minute, if you threaten their positions in anyway. As Americans we have always been taught, our system is a fair and just system, that if wrongly accused we will always have recourse for justice. My advice to you, is forget you ever heard that nonsense, keep your head down and stay out of sight.

So, my advice to Donald Trump is to step aside, and let Ron De Santis step up, and take front and center stage. Ron De Santis in the front office and Donald Trump in the rear office would be a force to be reckoned with. Besides, Trump is going to be close to 80 years old in 2024. De Santis is half his age. On that issue alone, De Santis is going to be miles ahead in appeal, without the scars and baggage that Trump carries. Also, and perhaps most importantly, De Santis is good for eight years, a two termer. I really like DJT, but he needs to set his ego aside for the benefit of the nation, and work to support the younger Republicans. Besides, he’s mega wealthy, has all the toys in the world. Hey Donald, go enjoy life, let the younger guys fight the battles.


You really don’t have to be super smart to figure this out. This is how the Democrats are winning, by utilizing several super blue states, with Democrats controlling the election machinery. They have amended their state laws to allow early voting, vote by mail, and even allowing ballots to be counted up to two weeks after election day.

Think about this; there are three Senate seats in play that are going to determine who controls the Senate. One is Georgia where a runoff is going to take place between Walker and Warnock. The election boards in Arizona and Nevada are chaotic and dragging out the results until sometime next week. Make no mistake, the longer they delay the results, the more likely it is the Democrat will be victorious. This is not me just shooting off my mouth, Tucker Carlson and his staff did extensive research on this, and found this to be absolutely true. By stripping away all of the traditional voting laws and allowing people to vote with no I.D., harvesting ballots, as well as counting votes that arrive after election day, it’s a slam dunk for the left. Some blue states have are even counting ballots with no date stamp. Picture this; the DNC is watching the election results come in, and immediately see they need to make something happen in three states, to guarantee a win. The calls go out to Arizona and Nevada: put the brakes on the results. The counting slows down to a snail’s pace, while they start laying the groundwork for the big cheat. With the lax laws, it would literally take researchers years to prove they cheated. Yep, the Dems have cheating down to a science. They are very, very good at it.

We saw this happen before our very eyes in the 2020 presidential election. Trump was winning big before midnight, the vote counters went home, and the next day millions of ballots just materialized out of thin air. Joe Biden who didn’t even bother campaigning, won by millions of votes. They are cheating this time, but on a smaller scale, so as to not raise any red flags. My darling little mother always said, ” a leopard can’t change his spots”. Once a cheater, always a cheater.


I’m going to close this rant and wait for the results from Arizona and Nevada before I make any further comments on it. Overall, the Republicans didn’t do as well as expected, but not bad either. I’ll explore what I think the other reasons were in my next blog. God Bless all of you. Stay strong, stay vigilant, stay safe.




NOVEMBER 2, 2022



I am sick to death of wall-to-wall media of all types, shapes, and sizes, 24-7-365. I long for the good old days when you could have a newspaper if you chose, and/or watch the evening news. I’m sure the news organizations have always been biased to some degree, but today it’s out of control. To make things even worse, social media has successfully “hooked” almost everyone from six years of age to death. It’s literally almost more than the human brain can endure. Actually, some brains are not able to endure, and bad things happen when existing wackos go over the edge. Innocent people get hurt or killed.

I remember well, California in the late seventies, early eighties. “Road rage” was suddenly a thing. I rode my motorcycle to work in the sixties and early seventies on the freeway, splitting lanes. I never experienced road rage during those years. Then one day, someone fired the first shot in a road rage incident. It was all over the news, non-stop. Then all at once it’s an epidemic of gun fire on the freeways. I’ve always wondered, how much non-stop news coverage contributes to copycat crimes.

I’m thinking the news has become a “score board” of sorts. The news hypes the hell of the reporting, even distorting the events for maximum impact when a police officer kills a black person, say in Detroit. They almost always say the black perp was unarmed when he actually wasn’t. So, the black street thugs set out to even the score. Some innocent cop gets killed in an ambush in Atlanta in retaliation for the shooting in Detroit. This has turned into a gang war. Police against the thugs. If the original incident in Detroit was treated as a local event, instead of being billed as another example of racial hatred by every mainstream media outlet in the US, the Atlanta cop probably wouldn’t have been killed for no good reason. I think you understand my point, that in my opinion, the media fans the flames of racial discord. Make no mistake, they do it at the behest of the Democrats. Unfortunately, we are losing a lot of really good police officers due to being killed, severely injured, or just quitting because they see the situation as hopeless.

Have you noticed in the past few weeks how the so-called climate crisis has gotten measurably worse almost overnight? You will find a lot of frantic reporting on this on the left leaning social media platforms such as MSN. The climate has actually gotten worse. The temperature in my neck of the woods has dropped 40 degrees since September. What the hell is going on? Oh yeah, winter is coming. I read an article on my MSN feed today, on Greta Thunberg. In just a matter of a few years, this now 19-year-old woman that seems to have some sort of mental deficit going on, has become an expert on climate, and is now making a move to end the evil scourge of capitalism. Her reasoning is that capitalism is destroying the world by ruining the climate. I don’t know, maybe I’m just being naive, but according to my scorecard, the communist nations have been the largest destroyers of the environment by far. In reality, Greta is a great tool for the left. She is a very effective emotional agitator.


Joe Biden has been lying non-stop for the past two years about almost everything. It’s nothing new. This video clip proves that Joe Biden hasn’t changed, he is still a prolific liar, however, his brain can no longer keep up with this mouth. Just a side note here, can you see today’s media taking on a Democrat in this manner?


Let’s just take a very casual look at voting laws. We’re not going to examine the different state laws, no need for that. The Constitution says that states regulate their own voting, not the duty of the Feds. The states report the results to the Feds and the Congress certifies the election. Simple, right? That is until the Democrats get involved and start trying to tilt the scales in their favor.

What should be driving the voting laws is an effort to have an absolutely fair and free election, no fraud, no monkey business. When you move away from ‘in person’ voting, and start pushing mail in voting and absentee voting, the door is being opened wide for voting fraud. The more ballots that can be handled and counted out of the public view is temptation for bad guys.

Putting the genie back in the bottle is going to be very difficult, and one hell of a fight. We must find a way to eradicate mail in voting and go back to ‘in person’ voting, and voter I.D.’s to minimize the chance for election tampering. With the huge influx of illegal immigrants in the past two years, this problem is going to get much worse.


I’m sort of like a one-armed paper hanger, or a one-legged place kicker when it comes to discussing the economy. But I’ve pretty much figured out the basic stuff, simply living through the economic cycles. When the morons shut down the oil production during a so-called pandemic, when local businesses were shut down and lots of folks were out of work, and they started handing out money like Halloween candy, I knew it wasn’t going to end well. It’s kinda like gifting a serial killer a 1990 Chevy van, equipped with blankets, shovels and duct tape.

If a dumbass old ironworker like myself knew this stuff, the geniuses in the government had to know it, but they did it anyway. Even the stupid Republican lawmakers went along with the plan. This should be a clue that we already have a one-party system. I had to go out to the market this evening for a few items. My Suburban was sitting in the driveway with a full tank of gas ($109.00 worth to be exact) my wife’s Caddy CTS was in the garage ready for a trip to the gas station. So, when I made the decision on which one to drive, I thought I can’t bear going to buy groceries and gasoline on the same day. I wasn’t sure I was mentally up to that.

What the hell are these halfwits thinking? Winter is just around the corner, and they are letting us run out of diesel, kerosene, and jet fuel. You can’t name three more essential items to keep people working, warm, and fed. Every stinking thing you can name that you buy on a daily basis reaches you by some type of diesel-powered vehicle. A huge percentage of homes and buildings in the northeastern United States are heated with oil. That heating oil is now over six dollars a gallon. Try to keep from having a heart attack when you fill up that 300-gallon oil tank at six bucks a gallon which is only going to last about four months. For the math challenged folks, that’s about $450.00 per month.

You couldn’t wreck the economy worse if you tried. And it certainly looks like they are trying. Every day, a new crisis pops up. But running out of diesel, and jet fuel is just pure insanity, when the US is sitting on the largest oil reserve in the world. The only plan that comes to mind when you analyze this, is that they are intentionally crashing the economy to bring down the country. Does Venezuela set off any alarms in your brain? It does mine. If the CIA is interfering in elections in Brazil, what makes you think they aren’t doing the same here at home.

If the conservatives don’t take back the house and senate in a few days, we are screwed. We only have one option, that’s to vote the bastards out. I think we can do it if the Democrats don’t pull some sort of underhanded election fraud. We have to vote in record numbers, it’s our only chance to save the Republic. God bless all of you and your families. It’s going to worse before it gets better. Don’t fade away.



OCTOBER 26, 2022


For the readers that haven’t been following my blog, I basically have two formats. “Snapshots of the News”, it’s my rants and comments on the latest news stories and how I feel about them. “The View From St. Charles” is pretty much me venting about things that irritate and concern me, like Democrats and the endless lies they spin. Or as they like to call it, “disinformation”. I prefer the term “liars” because we need to attach as much negativity as possible to telling lies. Wow, since the campaign season has started its “wall to wall” lies all day every day.

If you know me, you know I am a conservative God loving, Gun loving, Freedom loving, Flag waving maniac. I am not a Republican; I am an Independent. If you don’t think I’m serious, my truck is pictured below. Being an independent means that when Tulsi Gabbard appeared in the Democrat debate stage, I instantly liked what she had to say. On the other side, there are one hell of lot of Republicans I wish would disappear, Mitch McConnell is number one on the list, followed closely by Mitt Romney and Lindsey Graham. There are others as well, those are the ones I dislike the most.

Before I start this rant, I think we can all agree that the Federal Government has amassed far too much power and has inserted itself into our lives farther than we ever imagined possible. The number one job of the Feds is to protect our borders and our citizens from foreign invaders. They are failing at that really badly. There is a group that ranks the readiness and strength of our military, and their reports are not exactly rosey. China is building a huge Navy that will be massive by 2030.

However, if it will make you feel better, our navy will be “pronoun friendly”, and none of our sailors will be made to feel badly when a male sailor shows up at his gunnery station in a summer dress. I’m sure that casual dress will be allowed on all ships on Fridays, so sailors can feel free to dress in “drag” is so desired. Chinese submarines will be well equipped with transcontinental Ballistic Missiles, our subs will just be well equipped with transgender morons. In years past, when the Navy docked at a local port, fathers had to lock away their daughters, now they will have to lock away their sons.

In the modern US Army, we will have to worry about soldiers being triggered, instead of being able to pull a trigger. In past wars, a soldier’s “safe space” was a fox hole. I think these new guys and gals are going to require something far more secure. You think that may be the reason why they are putting so much emphasis on robotics? No question, all things considered, machines make the most sense. When artificial intelligence figures out how stupid humans are, it won’t take long for the takeover to happen.

Don’t be angry with me for talking badly about the military, I love the military, but the Democrats are ruining it from the top down. The top brass are now woke idiots. You know who is not woke? Yep, Chinese military brass. How many drag queens do think you will find in the Chinese military? I can answer that question with certainty… Unlike our military leaders, those folks are deadly serious.

Speaking of artificial intelligence versus human intelligence; If Joe Biden were artificial intelligence, he would be a “ring doorbell” with faulty Wi-Fi.


The first thing that will happen is that the Democrats will keep Kamala in seclusion for at least a week so she can calm down and refrain from giggling and laughing uncontrollably. While she is in seclusion, the Democrats are going to be in major meetings with the DNC, NBC, ABC, MSNBC, and CNN deciding how they are not going look like fools for claiming Kamala is the first Black Woman President in the history of the United States, after trashing the term “woman” for the past two years. The term Black birthing person is not going to work, she has never been pregnant that I know of. If you have never given birth, I don’t think you can claim that title. That would be disinformation, or misappropriation, or something like that.

She will need to appoint a “Border Czar” immediately, if she is not in her “Border Czar” office, things at the border are going to go the hell really fast. That’s crazy important. All of those migrants could overrun the community banks, since they are banks located in the local communities near the border. Since the border is a river, don’t confuse the community banks with the riverbanks.

I do have a major concern if this happens. The government just purchased several million dollars’ worth of radiation sickness medication, in case nuclear war breaks out. Considering Kamala’s track record with Covid, that medication will be doled out based on equity. So, if you’re white, you better start digging a damn deep hole right now, ’cause you ain’t gettin’ none of that shit.

If old Joe did kick the bucket, you wouldn’t really notice any difference. Joe is just a prop. An unknown group of leftists and big corporations are in charge of the government. The congress is just for show. The FBI, DOJ, “The Committee”, and big corp. are really in charge. Oh, and you can bet your sweet ass that Obama is in the mix somewhere.


My dear little Mother was a bit of a home spun philosopher. She was 4′-10″ of pure dy-no-mite. She had a lot a whole mental library of southern sayings. One of her favorites was, “be careful what you say and how you act, your chickens could come home to roost”. I hate to speak badly of people that have suffered misfortune but considering how Nancy Pelosi has turned a blind eye to crime, and the attacks on police officers, it looks like her chickens have indeed come home to roost. Maybe the old war horse should tone down her rhetoric.


Considering the state of the union, the people in the current administration including Biden himself, are definitely not smarter than a third grader. When you are sitting on the largest deposit of oil in the world and have more natural gas and coal than most anyone, and you are running out of gasoline and diesel, you have to be dumber than an earthworm. When you ban fertilizers that make it possible to have the largest supply of food in the world, you’re really stupid. When you can’t keep the lights on and you demolish coal fired generators, exacerbating the situation just to be “woke”, words cannot describe the level of your stupidity.

There is nothing wrong with having a fixation on electric vehicles. But when your fixation is so out of line, you are willing to destroy the present world, and bring down a vibrant economy for something in the future, you are an immature moron. When you are talking about something as complex as power grids, supply chains, and the welfare of millions of people, you can’t throw an “I want it now” tantrum. Something this big and this complicated has to be done gradually, so the whole damn thing doesn’t come crashing down.


Is this the “October Surprise”? Hint, listen to the voice message without restriction.

You would have to be asleep to not realize that Americans are totally fed up with the Democrat shenanigans and want to throw the bums out. But if we learned anything over the past two years, the Democrats are geniuses at stealing elections. I’m cautiously optimistic about a “Red Wave”, when the Democrats could have a secret “big blue torpedo”.

Do your part, vote and encourage others to vote. I’m really jazzed thinking Oregon may actually get a Republican governor for the first time in over forty years. Oregon needs all the help we can get. The last three Democrat governors have been disastrous.



OCTOBER 23, 2022



If you have been analyzing the news as well as watching it, you will have noticed the increasing number of crimes being perpetrated by young blacks, male and female, against corporate retail establishments, White and Asian Americans. The crimes are increasingly violent. Pretty hard to watch actually.

A recent unprovoked attack took the life of 49 year old Jeffery Chapman, after being struck more than ten times with an automobile lug wrench. The knuckle dragger that killed him was Jermaine Adrian Bennett, who is now facing first degree murder charges. A similar attack happened a few miles away shortly before this one. During his questioning Jermaine showed no remorse and stated that “the ills of society had gotten to him”. If you need that translated, I will be happy to provide that service. What the black asshole is saying, is that he hates white folks and he and his accomplice that got away, were simply out on a hunting trip. Fortunately, the person previously attacked did not die. I’m not saying all blacks are assholes, but I am saying they seem to have an overabundance of them in the culture.

When the local governments defund and gut the police departments, and the leftist media condones this behavior as some sort of social justice, these are the resultsl

The Feds turn a blind eye to all of the vandalism and looting. You won’t hear Biden, Harris, Pelosi or Schumer say one negative word concerning the looting and violence. Matter of fact, Kamala was promoting raising bail for the rioters in the 2021 “summer of riots”. The DOJ is far more interested in prosecuting Donald Trump supporters than looters and murderers.

Don’t you find it strange, that the Feds are hell bent on taking away the guns from law abiding citizens, but don’t seem to be making any effort to sweep the illegal guns off the streets?

The leftist media promotes race hate every single day. MSNBC is absolutely the worst. MSNBC literally promotes hatred of white people out loud; they don’t even try to cloak it. When you listen to what they are saying, it appears they are openly promoting a race war. When blacks like Jermaine Bennett hear this stuff again and again, he becomes filled with hatred to the point he bludgeons an innocent cyclist to death. Make no mistake about it, he’s glad he did it.

What you just saw in that video was a man named Reginald Denny being nearly beaten to death. By some miracle Mr. Denny survived that beating by black thugs. That my friends is pure hatred and disregard for another human being.

Extreme violence is alive and well in the black culture. It’s a fucking elephant in the room that everyone chooses to ignore. People act like it’s not happening. This is an evil in our society that needs to be exorcised. People that are violent and hurt others, need to be locked away, no matter what color, race, or nationality. Civilization cannot tolerate such acts. Violence is the antithesis of Civility. They cannot coexist.

That said, the position of the left to release violent criminals and hobble the police, tells you everything you need to know about who these people are. They are evil. They are anarchists.

That my friends is how the news has affected my viewpoint. Not sure how you feel about it, but life has become a lot more dangerous in the past three years. When you stop prosecuting crime, it’s only gonna get worse, and that’s a guarantee.