Duesenberg DSC09045


American automobile manufacturers knew from the beginning how important it was to build brand loyalty. They wanted their buyers to come back again and again, and convince their friends to buy a car of the same brand. The cars had to be reliable, handsome, and special in any number of ways. They also had to have an impressive badge. Something that would make the owner proud, and would make others think the car had class and style. Some obviously worked better than others. The ones that worked well are still revered today, many decades later. I am going show you some of my favorites. Some of the most impressive are no longer around, even though the cars that wore these badges were very special indeed.

Buick Badges


chrysler badge



graham-paige badge


Peirce arrow hood orn.


A fine automobile is determined by exquisite styling and performance. In essence the perfect blend of art and engineering. I will cite an example of what I am talking about. I was driving north on I-5 on a beautiful Pacific Northwest summer day, hundreds of cars on the freeway ahead of me, they may as well have been blobs of unknown origin, then suddenly out of all of those nameless cars one stood out from all of the rest. I was too far away to identify it, but it was clearly different than anything else on the freeway. Being me, I had to get closer to see what it was. As I approached the car, it was gorgeous, it was a brand new Bentley sedan silver in color. It looked marvelous and expensive. When your creation is able to stand out among hundreds of other automobiles from a half mile away, you have obviously hit the mark. The point I am making here is that as I got closer to the Bentley, I identified it by the beautiful winged badge with the B in the center.



I had to take a break from politics for awhile to allow my brain to recuperate. It gives me a chance to write about my life long love of automobiles. I remember my first encounter with a Packard when I was about six or seven years old. My Dad’s friend dropped by our house one afternoon with his newly acquired 1930’s Packard sedan, and took us for a spin. I was in the back seat of this huge car and I could literally walk around between the front and rear seats. It was a lot different than my Dad’s 1939 Plymouth. When we returned home, the men went in the house and I remained outside walking around this car, mesmerized by the sheer size of it. But the one thing that fascinated me most was the big chrome hub cap at the center of the gigantic wheels, with a bright red hexagon in the center. I remember that like it was yesterday. I was simply born this way, I have no other excuses to offer. I said this before, but take the time to visit an automotive museum or car show and enjoy these wonderful creations.



Caddy v16



Almost from the very beginning, auto manufacturers designed the instrument panels to be beautiful works of art, settings for instruments that looked like expensive time pieces. As a young boy, I was mesmerized by these creations. I remember my Father had a Plymouth, it was a 1939 model, as the speed increased the speedometer changed colors. Low speeds were green, when you reached about 40 mph it changed to yellow, and over 60 mph it turned red. This is from my memory so if someone out there is an expert, they may know this better than myself, but as a youngster, it was a big deal. I used to stand behind my Dad in the back seat area and watch him drive, absolutely fascinated by it all. I had my first chance at 12 years old, my Sunday school teacher took all the boys in the class out on a country road and we took turns driving his 1939 Hudson Terraplane. I have assembled a few pictures of classic instrument panels so you can see why I still love these things all of these years later.


1930’s PACKARD

1932 Chrysler Imperial




1930's Packard


1949 Plymouth




1956 DeSoto

1956 DeSOTO

There are literally hundreds of examples of beautifully designed instrument panels, that were installed in cars over the past 100 years, that would be worthy of display in the finest art museums. If you have never really considered going to an auto museum, you should, and take a peek inside of these beautiful old cars, it is incredible “eye candy”. Be sure to take your camera.



Old Glory


Olds dash

This is the dash of a 1950’s Oldsmobile. You could learn the location of every knob and switch very quickly, and if you notice everything was well in the reach of the driver, directly in front of him or her. As you were driving it wasn’t necessary to take you eyes off the road, you knew the location of the controls, and because they had their own shape and feel, you knew you exactly which one it was. You preset the push buttons on the radio, so you really didn’t need to be distracted, simple reach out and push a button.

Auto touch screen

Mobile phones have been around for a very long time, but weren’t available to the general public on a large scale until fairly recently. To say they were warmly received would be a gross understatement. People cannot function without having their mobile phone within reach 100% of the time. I’m not speaking as someone guilt free here, I love my mobile phone, and it’s always with me. Mobile phones and computers have exposed a serious flaw in human behavior. Human beings have a natural fetish for electronic monitors of all types. It may have something to do with our desire to be entertained starting with the big screen movies, then TV, then computers, now telephones. Whatever it is, when it’s mixed with operating a motor vehicle, it becomes a deadly affliction.

This fascination with electronic screens and it’s deadly consequences when driving, wasn’t just discovered a month ago. Safety experts and the general public have known about this for a very long time now. It isn’t coincidental that pedestrian deaths took a sharp upturn when people started using cell phones while driving. People are getting mowed down on sidewalks, not even crossing the streets.

Car manufacturers always scrambling to have the latest and greatest innovations incorporated in their products, simply ignore these safety statistics and slap a great big touch screen right in the middle of the instrument panel. There is absolutely nothing tactile about a touch screen. It requires you to physically look at it, to make a selection of what function of your automobile you wish to utilize. This means you have to take your eyes off the road long enough to perform this function. No different than you reading a text message on your phone from your friend. So, if you are driving on a cold rainy night and need to switch you heater function to defrosters, that requires you to scroll through the touch screen, that becomes distracted driving in an already dangerous environment.

I drive a mid 2000’s car without a touch screen, however, the manufacturer designed the functionality of the car with a series of individual buttons and switches, none of which are in the least tactile. So, I’m faced with basically the same problem as having a touch screen, I have to physically look at the button array while driving to operate the ventilation system. This also results in distracted driving.

There are so many things that can happen in an extremely short period of time while driving, you really need to devote you complete attention to the road ahead of you. That is why the older cars were designed with simple, tactile controls. You would think that this far downstream from the original automobile that the designers would have safety foremost in their minds. But alas, I think the focus is selling more cars, not making them safer to operate.

It would be unfair of me to ignore the fact that automobiles are so much safer today than in the fifties, there is literally no comparison. The manufacturers have done a marvelous job in this respect. People survive crashes today that fifty years ago would have resulted in certain death. That said, I think they need to do a better job designing the controls. My car doesn’t need to look like the bridge on the Star Ship Enterprise, it just needs be more touch friendly and require less visual attention.




deep thinker

The Democrats have a real dilemma on their hands. They have a whole field of candidates that are total losers and they know it. I don’t believe I have ever witnessed such an incompetent group of individuals hoping to become the President of the United States. God help us all and any one of these dumb asses should actually make it into the White House.

JOE BIDEN:  One day he’s the front runner, and then on another day a pole shows him trailing someone else by a few points. But it seems Quid Pro Joe manages to consistently stay among the front runners. Saying Joe is beyond his prime is a very serious understatement. Joe peaked a very long time ago, and that peak was at very low altitude. Looking back on Joe’s long political career is a little painful. He’s been on the wrong side of everything, every time. He is entertaining to watch as he plays the part of being a working class dude, from a lower class neighborhood, always talking like a tough, street wise guy. I don’t think that’s an accurate description. He attended college from 1961 through 1968. Became the sixth youngest Senator in history in 1972. He’s been in Washington politics almost forty years. The nickname ” lunch bucket Joe” is as fake as he is. These days, as Joe is campaigning, he doesn’t seem to know which state he’s in half the time. He seems to be confused as to where and when historical events happened and what he was doing at the time. He talked about interviewing the kids from the Parkland shooting while he was Vice President. Parkland happened long after he had left office. Do you really think this guy is fit to lead the most powerful nation in the world?  

ELIZABETH WARREN:  This whacko couldn’t tell the truth if her life depended on it. She’s as fake as a Louie Vuitton bag from Juarez. She passed herself off as native American for years. I grew up in Oklahoma where she did, and I never saw one native American girl with blond hair and blue eyes, and really white skin. Let’s say, I was more than a little skeptical when I heard her claim. She’s been caught in more lies than Adam Schiff. She is clearly not presidential material, and pretty much everyone realizes it now.

BERNIE SANDERS: This is a madman, he has absolutely no business anywhere near the oval office. He has the quintessential persona of a socialist dictator. We need this guy in the office of the President like we need another round of the plague. What’s really scary is that a lot of crazies are backing this guy. Project Veritas just released hidden camera interviews with one of his campaign managers saying really scary stuff. Claiming that Bernie is masquerading as a democratic socialist, when he is really a full blown communist style socialist. This guy is advocating putting non Bernie supporters in prisons and re-educating them in the ways of socialism. This guy claims if Bernie doesn’t get the Democrat nomination that Milwaukee will burn. I can tell you if these assholes burn down the Harley Davidson factory, they will all be dead in 24 hours. This is the Harley owners Temple, harm it and there will be hell to pay.

PETE BUTTIGIEG:  Don’t start calling me a homophobe, but I just don’t think America is ready for a First Husband. I mean it doesn’t even work, FHOTUS? Pretty sure this ain’t gonna happen, just sayin’. Plus, this guy has been a total failure as a mayor for cryin’ out loud. If he can’t manage the South Bend Police Dept. how the hell is he going to deal with the entire military?

So recapping what has emerged over the past few days, it is very apparent that the Democrat establishment does not want Bernie Sanders to get the nomination. CNN has been trying to help kill Bernie’s campaign by leaking his statement to Liz Warren, that a woman could never be President. Then they leaked the altercation between him and Elizabeth Warren after the debate last night. All of the CNN pundits then chimed in after the debate claiming Liz Warren took out good ol’ Bernie big time. Now Bloomberg is making noises that he plans on being the disrupt-er during the Democrats National Convention in Milwaukee. It has all of the earmarks of this becoming a giant train wreck. Did Nancy orchestrate the timing of the impeachment trial to harm the Sanders campaign since he is a sitting Senator? Was that the real reason for the delay? If Bernie doesn’t get the nomination will there be mega riots? If Bernie does get the nod and goes on to lose to Donald Trump, the Bernie supporters will be reinforced by ANTIFA and reign terror on American cities.

So my friends, the political landscape is looking a little rough over the next few years, and you can thank you local Democrats for totally screwing up things up. I’m not trying to be a dooms day guy, but it ain’t lookin’ real peachy.






humvee hit by roadside bombs


soleimani's car


This my friends, was a real life movie of ” The Avengers “. How sweet it is. Considering that good ol’ Qussam was the major supplier of materials and knowledge of how to construct IED’s I can’t imagine a better ending to his life. It’s not often you get to see this level of justice played out on the world stage.

This is a time when all of America should be walking tall, and waving their flags. At least half of us are. The Democrats are embarrassing themselves, painting themselves as enemy sympathizers, making totally outlandish statements, and condemning President Trump for avenging the deaths of over 800 American soldiers, and thousands of ordinary citizens around the middle east.

This man was pure evil. This was a fitting end to his sadistic life. After hearing how Chris Matthews spoke about Soleimani, I would spit in Chris Matthew’s face given the chance. The left is a disgrace to America, giving aid and comfort to the enemy. I loathe anyone that subscribes to the Democrat agenda. They are miserable pieces of camel dung.

Do you understand what is happening? It is unprecedented, that a political party would put the enemy above our own President. These people couldn’t get any lower. In all of my life I have never witnessed such hatred. The left are sick and demented people. If they love Iran so much, I would strongly suggest they all pack up, and get their asses to Tehran. They better have their prayer rugs with ’em, or the crazies will burn their decapitated bodies in the town square.

I have truly lost all respect for anyone that claims to be a Democrat. I really don’t believe you can be a patriotic American and a Democrat at the same time. That’s sort of like being a Baptist and an aithiest. In case you haven’t noticed yet, the lefties just piss me off, even beyond finding out the dog ate my last peanut butter cookie. That my friend is really bad shit.


Eagle and Flag



LBGTQ Flag burner


This past summer, the man pictured above, an Iowa State resident, removed an LGBTQ flag from the front of a church and set it ablaze. He was arrested for his act, and charged with a hate crime, and third degree harassment. In the police report, Martinez said ” it was an honor to do that”.

The city, wants to make an example of Mr. Martinez, and wants to incarcerate him for 15 years for his dastardly act. Martinez says he doesn’t plan on contesting the charges, stating ” he knowingly and willingly burned the flag”.




These ANTIFA idiots burn American flags, cars, buildings, harass journalists, beat innocent bystanders with bicycle chains, and create general mayhem. Their acts of violence have been caught on camera, and many have been arrested. I am still waiting on a news story about any of these low life, bottom feeders being sentenced for anything. I keep hearing this crap about they’re expressing their first amendment rights. Does Mr. Martinez not have first amendment rights? Are Iowans excluded from the first amendment?

Antifa is very active in Portland, Oregon, mainly because Ted Wheeler, the mayor is clearly an ANTIFA sympathizer, as well as anti police. That’s sort of odd because he is in charge of the Police. I think mayor Ted hates the police as much as Bill DeBlasio. There is video of the ANTIFA goons attacking a local journalist, Andy Ngo, pictured below.


Jouralist attacked by Antifa

Andy was savagely attacked by ANTIFA and received serious injuries. He was rushed to the hospital and a CT scan revealed a subarachnoid hemorrhage, ( bleeding of the brain ) which is a potentially fatal injury. Fortunately Andy survived and will continue to engage in what he believes. The irony here is that nobody served a day of jail time for this brutal attack, not one mention of a hate crime even thought Andy Ngo is admittedly gay.

Every single part of the craziness that I just wrote about is the direct result of leftist politics and the “shit for brains” people that buy into them. Much of this stuff is being driven by our colleges and universities. The U.S. Government refuses to list ANTIFA as a domestic terrorist organization, and leftist controlled cities still allow these scumbags to wear masks while engaged in their anarchists activities. And these hate filled lefties want to sentence a guy to 15 years in prison for burning an LGBTQ flag? Give me a freaking break.


maga hat


  fourth of July Picnic

I was born eight months before Japan attacked Pearl Harbor. By the time the war was in it’s final stages, I was old enough to understand what was going on. My uncle was a medic, serving in the Southern European campaign and was killed by a sniper in Italy, on the last day of the war. I remember quite well the impact that had on my family. I remember the ration books with the stamps that allowed you to purchase certain commodities, and all of the other activities people engaged in an all out effort to be victorious. Virtually everyone was engaged even in the smallest ways. My aunt was a weldor in the San Francisco ship yards. My Father worked in factory that made artillery gun barrels. Life was anything but normal, but everyone was willing to make some sort of sacrifice to support the war effort. Workers had to carpool because gasoline was rationed, as well as rubber, which meant new tires for your car was nearly impossible to obtain.

As you might imagine, nearly everyone became a super patriot. I say nearly everyone, because even in those days, when you would least expect it, there were the detractors, the anti war people. The numbers were few, but they were there nonetheless. I’m sure I don’t need to tell you, they were not very popular. People were jailed for being a sympathizer of our enemies. If you were a conscientious objector, you could also find yourself in the slammer, if you refused to report for duty if drafted. It was a no nonsense period in history. The United States was going to victorious or else. Sounds good doesn’t it?

All during the war, the government mounted a huge public relations effort to keep everyone focused on the goal. They urged everyone to help in any way they could. Posters and signs were everywhere, and the newspapers played a huge role as well.

  war poster 1

When the war was over, the national pride was still alive and well. Movies were made that glorified our victory, great books were writen that told the stories of our magnificent heroes. Those heroes were celebrated, and many of them became famous movie stars. Some of great movie stars enlisted and served proudly. It was a generation of very special people. Tom Brokaw, referred to them as the ” Greatest Generation “. They truly were.

All through my public school years from 1946 through 1959, the Spirit of America was alive and well. We started our school days with the Pledge of Allegiance and the Lord’s Prayer. Every single student in the class repeated those words, every single day. That single activity was priceless in making students aware of the importance of God and Country. It certainly didn’t make everyone perfect, but sure as hell didn’t hurt anyone either. Our school curriculum was all about learning life skills that we could use as adults, in our everyday lives. Politics were never discussed, and sex education was the responsibility of our parents. If we did something stupid, we were mildly punished and sent home to let our parents finish the job. Nobody cut us any slack. If we didn’t perform to expectations, we received a failing grade, period. Too many failing grades and you found yourself in “deep poop”. Your friends didn’t cut you any slack either if you failed. It was a ” do or die ” atmosphere, and I’m glad. The only snowflakes we knew of, were the ones that fell in the winter.


Then, these people showed up. These are the ancestral origins of today’s snowflakes. These people are the offspring of the people that went through World War Two, born circa 1950. Their parents were born circa 1930. So… how were the sacrifices and memories of the horrific nature of WWll so quickly forgotten? The hippie movement began circa 1965, only twenty short years after the end of WWll. Eighty-five million people died in WWll, 3% of the total world population in 1940. The only conclusion one can draw, is that human beings are incredibly selfish, and don’t really consider any of this important if it didn’t, or doesn’t affect them. If it didn’t happen in their lifetime it’s just not worth their time to think about. That’s precisely why an astonishing amount of Americans know nothing about the Constitution and Bill of Rights, or American history. I wouldn’t consider myself an expert on American History, but thank God, my teachers cared, and thought it was important for us to know the origins, and foundations of our rights and freedom.

pelosi and nadler

And now, we have these idiots. These dumbasses are willing to throw out all of our great legislative traditions and American values for the sake of political power. These people are the most pathetic examples of Americans I have ever known. Their presence in the halls of Congress are the equivalent of David Duke in a Black Lives Matter meeting. They don’t belong there, period. They are an utter disgrace, they themselves should be recalled for abuse of power. I can’t bear to look upon their lying, and deceitful faces. They have absolutely no connection to the ” Spirit of America “. They are empty shells. They surely don’t belong in the great halls of freedom that our Founding Fathers built.

With clowns like this in Congress, backed up by a corrupt and totally fake mainstream media, how do we ever regain civility? These people sow seeds of hate, and the media doubles down by telling outright lies to back them up. It is nothing less than a giant cluster—-. Brett Kavanaugh wasn’t guilty of any of the lies and and accusations made against him. Everything they threw at Brett Kavanaugh was concocted in the back rooms of leftist slime balls. Donald Trump is likewise not guilty of a single thing he has been accused of. The left knows they can’t remove him from office, their hopes are to brand him as having been impeached, and weaken him as a 2020 candidate. Understand one thing, if you don’t understand anything else; the Democrats will literally stop at nothing to gain full and compete power over you and your rights and freedoms. They care nothing about the this great Nation, they would throw it all away in a heartbeat for utter and complete control of all things. Sounds a bit like that infamous biblical character, that Eve met in the garden one fateful day. Very similar strategies.

Fight these people with all of your heart. Do not let them strip you of your rights and freedoms. Once that happens, you will not live long enough to see them restored. As a matter of fact, if this great experiment fails, it may never be seen on this earth again. We can’t allow that to happen. The United States of America will always stand against tyranny, and oppression, in spite of LaBron James and the NBA.


Eagle and Flag