JULY 6, 2022



These thoughts have been rattling around in my brain for a long time. I have some experience in planning large events, pretty successfully I might add. One of the events I planned 23 years ago, is still happening every summer. The original volunteers and I have not been involved for 19 years, yet it happens every August. Planning a large event requires thinking about lots of little details, and how people will react to what you present. So, when something big happens, no matter what it is, someone put a lot of thought and effort into making it happen.

Let’s get one thing out of the way immediately. Joe Biden is incapable of planning anything. He is nothing more than a distraction while others do their work behind the scenes. Kamala Harris fills the same role. She is as dumb as a stack of hammers and has as much trouble communicating as Biden.

The first day Biden stepped into the Oval Office, he signed thirty-six executive orders, signaling the demolition crew to start work. We all know he didn’t write them, hell, I doubt he even knew what they were. Those executive orders were the “green flag” for the left to unleash destruction of the United States Government. These executive orders were, if you will, were the “no host bar” at the beginning of the big event, when the celebration begins.

The left always telegraphs its intentions. I think they think it’s fun to tell you what they are planning in a cryptic sort of way. They probably laugh behind closed doors, while saying; we told those stupid Republicans what we are planning and they’re too stupid to figure it out. This season’s cryptic message was ” Build Back Better”. Biden was handed a great economy, created by Donald Trump, the country was running like a well-oiled machine. “Build Back Better” interpreted, means ” we’re going to tear it all down and start over.

The economy is in the process of being intentionally wrecked. The southern border has been intentionally thrown open. They are intentionally creating racial divisions. They are intentionally doing bizarre stuff in public schools. All of the craziness you are experiencing is all being done to cause chaos and unrest and cause the ultimate collapse of society as we know it. All of the crime in the major cities is all part of the plan of creating chaos, along with defunding the police, and making it virtually impossible to control. When everything is upside down and sideways, the left will make its move, and set up a new form of government. The general population will be in such disarray, it will be like taking candy from a baby.

I can see the plan unfolding. You can too if you take the time to observe it with an open mind and clear eyes.

The black population is going to be in for a major surprise. They are being used now as disruptors by the left. When the New World Order is in place, they will clamp down on crime like you have never seen. It simply will not be tolerated. All of this gay pride stuff going on now, will be eradicated. Habitual criminals will be sent to hard labor prisons where they will live out the rest of their lives. You can bet your sweet ass, the new government will not tolerate crime in the streets. Oh yeah, you can forget about owning guns, they will search and seize until every last one is out of the public’s hands.

The big question that I have, and think about a lot; who makes up this shadow government? Is it an international group? Is it a secret order of super rich corporate owners? It has the odor of fascism. Every large planning committee has a chairman. Is this “chairman” the “Anti Christ”? How will the so called “New World Order” align with China?

People are acting like this can simply be fixed by electing conservative politicians. I’m sorry, this is way more serious than that. How did that work out with Trump? One strong guy or gal sitting in the oval office is going to be surrounded by lifelong lefties making sure they are going to undermine his or her every move. The old guard Republicans are no different than Democrats, they will protect their turf, to hell with what is best for America. A strong president can’t accomplish anything with a weak house and senate. Washington D.C. is rotten right down to the core. The whole damn thing needs to be flushed.

The old saying about not being able to see the problem because you’re too close to it, applies to Republican politicians. I’m sorry but there are many more that resemble Mitt Romney than Rand Paul. But the truly dangerous part of this equation, is that the populace doesn’t seem to be overly concerned about any of this, other than high prices. If the price of gasoline and groceries came back down to normal, everyone would be happy, despite the fact they are being stripped of their freedoms on a daily basis. A sad time for America.



JULY 4, 2022


I’m still here, been majorly distracted for a couple of months with my restoration project on my old 1943 Dodge military vehicle. Fabricating and welding up new body work is hard work for an 81-year-old guy. You can see by the picture below how serious this project is.


Another part of the project has been building the replica armament. When the body work on the truck has been completed and painted, a replica 30 cal. Browing machine gun will be mounted in the bed. I built the gun from official Browing plans that are available online. Check it out below.


I’m sure you realize the time and effort it takes to create this stuff and doesn’t leave much time for writing blogs. Thanks to Joe Biden and his band of imbeciles the whole atmosphere in the good ol’ USA is more than depressing, so doing my military stuff is keeping me from going insane. I used to turn to my motorcycle for relief but got too damned old to ride.

Looking to wrap up this project by mid-July, then it’s parades and car shows for the remainder of the summer months. People love seeing this old truck, it reminds them of a how strong and resolute America was, once upon a time. Hopefully it will inspire them to be more patriotic and take a more aggressive approach to politics.


There is a general feeling of despair, you can see it and feel it when you talk to people. I went out today to pick a few things from the market, and I think I saw two autos displaying old glory. In the past they were everywhere. People are genuinely unhappy with how this country is being driven into the ditch. Every morning, I have my breakfast ritual. I get my big bowl of raisin bran (Post only) and sit down in front of my computer and tune into Fox Breaking News. Every single day, the Democrats are making another assault on our freedoms and rights. It seems they pick a new topic every day to piss me off even more.

I’m really not an evening TV watcher after Tucker signs off. Watching TV pisses me off even more. It seems every commercial is a brain washing exercise. It’s gays, trannies, blacks. If you just woke up after a two-year nap, you would think all of the white folk died off. Black folk make up approximately 13% of the overall population, LGBTQ somewhere around 5%. But, you would surmise by watching TV commercials they collectively make up 90% of the population. I don’t really have a problem with blacks and gays, I have a problem with media companies and big tech fucking with people’s brains, trying to create some sort of outcome for God knows what. I’m telling you, they are working hard on our kids with TV programming, and it’s working. TV is 98% garbage. You keep your garbage outside, think about sorting out what you watch on TV, especially what your kids watch.


The first time I remember hearing this phrase, was when Bush the elder said it during his one term in office. When he said it, I was puzzled. I thought to myself, what is he talking about. Thirty years down the road, it’s becoming very clear. The super wealthy, and large corporations think they can do government better. Google has been making these noises for a very long time now, not trying to hide the fact, they think they could create a much better world. Thinking about this raises the question; if the large corporations are so righteous, and so concerned about the well-being of the workers, and people in general, why is it necessary to form unions, to make keep them in line?

You only have to remember a couple of things. Corporations and Governments are entities with a strong desire for self-preservation. They will stop at virtually nothing to protect themselves. That was what was so unique about the Constitution and Bill of rights, and our original Republic. It was designed for the protection and good of the people. A government of the people, by the people, and for the people. I’m sad to say, that government has been gone for a while now. If it does return, I’m afraid it’s going to take some form of revolution. Numerous lawmakers made it very clear when the SCOTUS overturned Roe vs. Wade last week they were going to ignore the ruling. I have heard President Biden say more than once, that nothing in the Constitution and Bill of rights is absolute. He is telling you; he will not enforce or support it. Did you ever, in your wildest dreams, think you would hear the POTUS make such a remark?

The future of our Republic is grave peril. I really don’t have any idea what is going to happen. I was very dismayed by how easily Americans gave up their Constitutional rights during the so-called Covid pandemic. They closed down our schools, churches, restaurants, and public gathering places, and the public push back was almost immeasurable. The citizens of free countries all around the world were like sheep going to slaughter.

We need an old-fashioned revival of the Spirit of ’76. I’m doing my part, for what that’s worth. Even if you can only do something small, together we can create something big. God Bless all of you and your families, God Bless the USA.



JUNE 21, 2022



Republican congressmen and women are a useless lot, for the most part. There are some good ones, we know who they are. It’s easy to remember their names, it’s not a long list. The Republicans could be a rowdy bunch of rebel rousers and upset proceedings on laws that don’t suit their constituency, but they don’t have the stomach for the fight. Instead, they let the crazy old lady from Frisco push them around like kindergartners. They would rather just “go along and get along”. How about going AWOL when the Dems are trying to do something stupid like pass “Red Flag laws”. How about doing something, anything?? Hey republicans get off your dead asses.

Stephen Miller and Tom Fitton are doing more than the whole damn Republican congress put together. Visit Stephen Millers new endeavor at “The Center for Legal Equality”. This man is an “Army of One” when it comes to putting up the good fight. Tom Fitton is a thorn in the left’s side, constantly uncovering their lies and misdeeds. We need more of these brave soldiers. Anyone can run their mouths, it’s quite another thing to put on the armor and actually start swinging your Claymore.

So, the Republicrats are about to seriously damage your rights to keep and bear arms. I didn’t vote for these morons to dismantle the Constitution, quite the opposite. I can’t tell you how pissed I am at the RINO’s in congress. You could put a pile of dog crap in 90 percent of the Republican seats in Congress and get the same results. How stupid are the voters in their respective districts? Doesn’t anyone pay attention to what these idiots are doing? I think the sad reality is, that these useless twits are lining their pockets and couldn’t give a rat’s ass about you.

Another little note for those of you that may not be paying attention. If the Republicans win back the house, don’t expect anything good to come from it, if Kevin McCarthy ends up as speaker. That guy is a complete RINO. He’s probably worse than Paul Ryan, and that’s a tall statement. A recipe for zero results for conservatives, would be McCarthy, and McConnell as a team.

As for Donald Trump running for a second term, I’m not particularly jazzed about that. There are so many RINO’s that dislike him, and so many leftist bureaucrats embedded in key positions, that getting anything meaningful done in four years will be really tough. If the Republicans fail to win the house and the senate, it will be a quagmire for sure. We need a Republican tough guy, that can serve for two terms. There are several strong candidates that could do the job. I heard an interesting proposal a few days ago. A Trump / De Santis ticket, De Santis being able to run for president after serving as vice president to Trump. Could end up being a twelve-year dynasty.

But none of this really matters, if the do nothing Republicrats allow the Democrats to dominate the election process the way they did in 2020. What the hell were the Republicans doing while the Democrats were undoing election laws in key red states. This all reminds me of a cartoon I saw a while ago;. Two dogs returning home from and evening out, the male dog tells his wife “so we were robbed, what was I supposed to do”? “He had a rolled up newspaper”

In my 81 years as an American citizen, I have never seen so many screwed up people. Not only in government, but in everyday life. How the hell did our schools totally deteriorate before our eyes? Why are they talking to our kids about weird sexual practices, and having drag queens performing in elementary and secondary schools? What possible benefit can come from allowing illegal immigrants from all over the world to flood into our nation, when we are headed into a deep recession, and possible food shortages? Mass illegal immigration is horrible in good times. Why is the Navy focused on gender pronouns? What does that have to do with maintaining our dominance of the seas? This is all headed toward a massive failure of America as we have known it. How did we produce a whole generation of America haters? Sadly, America has proven to be a huge success because of personal freedoms, and these morons want to replace it with something that has failed again and again. This too will end in failure. I’m sad for my Grandchildren, and Great Grandchildren. They are about to have something stolen from them that’s irreplaceable.



JUNE 6, 2022

VOL. 28

D-DAY, JUNE 6, 1944

78 years ago on this day, Allied troops landed on beaches in France, code named Omaha, Utah, Juno, Sword, and Gold. In one single day, 4,414 Allied soldiers died in the assault. More than half of that number were Americans. More than 5,000 were wounded. Every single President acknowledged that horrific day in their first year in office, that is until Biden. This year, Biden didn’t make a statement until end of day, which by that time was June 7th, in Normandy, France. The statement he finally made, which was likely due to him taking flak for not doing it earlier, was a puny tweet, of 48 words and a picture.

The men that died on those beaches and later in the march to Berlin, deserve every American Presidents time and thoughts, and taking time to visit Normandy, and honor those brave souls that secured Americas freedom. Later in 1944 and early 1945, America fought the bloodiest battle in American military history, the “Battle of the Bulge”. American soldiers suffered 75,000 casualties. Those men deserve one hell of a lot more than a sorry ass 48-word tweet. Truth be known, he probably didn’t even write it. Biden and his group of totally incompetent knuckleheads are embarrassingly un-American. I literally cannot bear to look at them, they make me physically ill.


Well, the Republican that ends up running for office in 2024 should revamp that phrase to something like;

1.”Do you even recognize this country anymore”?

2. How many kindergarteners were in “Drag Queen” contests four years ago?

3. Do you remember four years ago when every major city had functioning Police departments?

4. Do you remember $2.50 per gallon gasoline?

5. Do you remember what a functioning supply chain looked like?

6. Do you remember what life was like before your own government turned on you?

Obviously, I could go on and on, but you get the picture. Biden and his ilk have spent every cent of their political capital attempting to tear this country apart at the seams. They’ve actually done a pretty damned good job of it.


Headline should actually read: Biden and Democrats buy future votes with taxpayer money, or Democrats just committed the largest act of bribery in U.S history with your money. You can call it anything you want; it’s a despicable act.


Peter Navarro’s arrest, as well as Steve Bannon’s should scare the living hell out of you. The lawmaking branch of the government is now blending in with the law enforcement branch, arresting executive branch officers for citing executive privilege. The so-called January 6th committee is illegitimate on any day, and designed for one purpose only, to keep Donald Trump from ever being President again. Liz Cheney is just keeping an ‘Old Family Tradition”, alive and well in D.C. BTW, before Donald J. Trump came along, did you ever imagine D.C. was this corrupt?

I had to take some time away from the keyboard, by brain was going into ‘overload’ watching this clown show. But like the news junkie I am, I was drawn back into the cesspool. I hope my next statement isn’t too offensive, but all of my life I’ve heard the term “cluster fuck” but never saw one until Biden was elected. Now I know unequivocally what the term means in its fullness.

‘Til we meet again, God bless you and your families. Stay safe, stay strong, stay vigilant.



MAY 29, 2022


I’m sure that those you that follow my blog, (by the way I appreciate every one of you) have noticed my production of blogs has dwindled considerably in recent months. It’s not because I don’t have anything to say (that’s never been the case my entire life). I find the current state of world affairs very dismal and depressing, and I don’t want my blogs to be dismal and depressing. I’m not depressed, my life is good, I have a very good life, great wife and companion, and a super little terrier that adores both of us. Our kids, and all of their kids are doing well. The area where we live is very green and populated with every kind of tree imaginable, (except palm trees) Both of us are ex-Californians so that’s kind of a bummer, we miss ’em.

So, writing a blog with an uplifting message is getting increasingly difficult, but I’m going to give a try. I turned 81 years old this spring, and I can tell you that if your health is relatively good, and you have a sound mind (unlike our current president) it’s kind of cool being this old. You’re not nearly as pretty as you used to be, but strangely you don’t seem to care. People don’t ask you to help them move anymore, they don’t wanna be responsible for your hospital bills. Got rid of my pickup, nobody moves in a Cadillac. You get really good at saying, ” you know, I just don’t feel like doing that today”, and nobody ever questions you.

One of the parts I like best is that you can say stuff that would have gotten you in fight years ago, now people just roll their eyes, and write you off as a nutty old person. Now, if you think I don’t take advantage of that you haven’t figured me out very well. I once told a young woman at a Taco Bell with an overabundance of piercings, that she looked like she had been shot in the face with a nail gun. She was annoyed, I didn’t care. When I came back a couple of weeks later, she had them removed. I went into another fast-food joint, the guy behind the counter had very large white discs in this ear lobes. I stood back and looked at him and asked if they were turn signals. It’s really hard to mind my mouth at this age.

When I was younger, I must have gone on every diet ever concocted. I was very weight conscious. I guess in reality I was quite vain. I thought it was absolutely essential to keep my waist under 36″. I just knew if my waistline went over 36 life would end somehow. Well that happened years ago, and miraculously, I survived. My belly got bigger, and ass got skinnier, and my pants just would no longer stay up, so I gave up and bought some suspenders. I love those dang things. I was having to gird up my belt like a saddle cinch to keep my pants up, it was horrible. I threw my belt in the closet, and strapped on my big heavy duty Carthart suspenders. I’m not “Joe Cool” anymore, but my pants stay up, and that’s a good thing, nobody wants to see me naked. My idea of good grooming these days, is to keep my hair cut and, my beard trimmed so that I’m not mistaken of a homeless guy.

I think I’m a pretty good driver, no tickets for years. Last accident was almost thirty years ago. Up until maybe fifteen years ago, I drove pretty fast and aggressively. I’m much nicer behind the wheel now. Pretty sure the lower testosterone is playing a part in that, as well as being too old to fist fight. But driving less aggressively and slower is much more relaxing. Another side effect is that when we arrive at our destination, everyone is still talking to me. They aren’t pissed off, and hoarse from screaming. I commuted in southern California for 30 years, if you don’t drive like an asshole, you don’t survive. Ex-Californians really need to go through some sort of training to make them human again when they’re behind the wheel.

When I was a young man, I spent years in the building trades. If you’re not moving at warp speed, the foreman is barking at you to pick up the pace. That sort of set the pace for all of my activities. I thought everything had to be finished right now. I never put anything off ’til tomorrow even if it meant working late into night. That attitude was ditched a few years ago. If it doesn’t get done today, no problemo. Hell, I may put it off until next month or forget about it entirely. I now assess my tasks with a “critical” factor. If water isn’t leaking profusely, or we have a lack of electricity, or something looks like it’s in danger of collapsing, I will usually postpone the repair until the NASCAR race is over, or the weather changes. I’m not sure what our lawn would look like if we didn’t have a gardener, because I hate yardwork.

Well, that’s the best I could do all things considered. I’m totally sick of dwelling on the ineptitude of the idiots in government. Our society gets sicker by the hour, and I’m really trying hard not to become some sort of deranged psychopath trying to deal with it and end up on the six ‘o’clock news. So, for the time being, we’ll talk about fun stuff.



MAY 22, 2022



Fact: You cannot become or remain a leading world power without an adequate energy supply. Look at the history of the second world war. In the end, Japan and Germany ran out of fuel for their war machinery. Oil, gas and coal, are absolutely essential to maintain your position of power on the world stage. All of that state-of-the-art war machinery must also be manufactured, which takes tremendous amounts of electricity in the factories, and gasoline and diesel to move the materials from mines to mills. After the machinery is manufactured it has to be moved to its strategic locations by ground transportation, aircraft, or ships.

Solar and wind are great ideas, as they help offset the consumption of fossil fuels, and extend life span the oil and gas reserves. The wacko idea that you can totally replace fossil fuels with renewables is ludicrous at best. A well-balanced energy supply is essential in the United States to remain at the top of the food chain.


Abortion on demand, is clear evidence that modern day human beings have become selfish monsters. Sixty-five million babies (human beings) have been murdered by unscrupulous doctors and abortion clinics since the passage of Roe vs. Wade. However, these doctors and clinics didn’t go hunting for these babies, their mothers offered them up for murder, and paid to have it done, which is even more disturbing. Come to think of it, that sounds like murder for hire. If these women had an ounce of compassion they would have offered these children up for adoption. But that would have meant they would have been inconvenienced for nine months, and possibly faced some ridicule. Sad, and pathetic human beings. In my opinion, they themselves don’t deserve life. Abortion has become a religious cult of murder, nothing more, nothing less.


The fact that Covid-19 has been proven to be a product of gain of function research and was allegedly released into the public realm by accident just prior to a presidential election should scare the living hell out of anyone. Now we are coming up on super important mid-term elections, and wa-la, Monkey Pox emerges around the world. African scientists are baffled by this. Oyewale Tomori, a virologist and advisor to WHO, said ” This is not the kind of spread we’ve seen in West Africa, so there may be something new happening in the West”. (understatement) Christian Happi, director of the African Centre of Excellence for Genomics of Infectious Diseases said; He’s never seen anything like what’s happening in Europe”. The fact that Joe Biden has sounded the alarm while in South Korea, should tell you volumes. The good news is it is similar to smallpox, so smallpox vaccinations provide a certain level of protection. In my opinion, the left is making a full court press for political domination and will stop at nothing including the release of pathogens.


Six dollar gas, Seven dollar diesel, $300.00 weekly grocery bills, everyday essentials up in price at least 30%. Jif peanut butter issues recall due to potential Salmonella, major shortage of baby formula. Food processing plants being destroyed. Shortage of new cars due to lack of computer parts. But, on the bright side, no shortage of cocaine and fentanyl. The Biden / Mayorkas central American supply chain is firing on all eight cylinders.

Do whatever you think necessary to prepare for the coming recession. There are already signs of it. I think it’s going to be a “doozy’. The clowns currently in charge have no clue how to mitigate it. God bless all of you and your families. God bless the USA.




MAY 13, 2022



We are now into the reign of the “Pedo Man” and the “Adults” about two and a half years and just about everything has gotten way worse. Biden is sorta like Midas in a way, but instead of everything he touches turning to gold, it turns to shit. Maybe he should be called “Dungas”.

How about the Medical services? Are your medical services getting better? Mine aren’t. I recently had to take my wife to the local hospital emergency room, and it was literally like walking into a third world hospital. I have never been in such a dismal place. American health care has always been the best in the world, period! I think those days are gone.

What the hell is going on with medicines. Why is the federal government all at once in control of who gets what medicine? Why weren’t therapeutic medicines available in large quantities to treat Covid? I have never seen a deadly disease that medical science didn’t rush to create and distribute numerous methods of treatments. Why all at once did choices of treatment become political? I’ve never known medicine to be political. The government pushed vaccines that didn’t prevent you from getting Covid, or spreading it, but they virtually threatened you with capital punishment if you didn’t comply. The halfwits nearly killed the economy and screwed up a whole generation of kids who weren’t even vulnerable. If all of the above wasn’t bad enough, what about the thousands of senior citizens in nursing homes that were literally murdered by incompetence?

Are you getting the same level of service where you shop and dine? I’m not. Supermarket shelves are missing a lot of popular products, but at least the aisles are not one way anymore, and you don’t have to wear face coverings. I’m curious, how many lives were saved by one-way aisles? What’s the difference in a group of people all facing the same direction as opposed to people facing different directions? What imbecile or group of imbeciles came up with that example of stupidity? Restaurants are poorly staffed, and the food is lousy. Portions are smaller and waits are longer. Went to a mexican place a few weeks ago and the chicken in the enchilada was like rubber. The Sheri’s in our little town looks like it’s abandoned from the outside. Plants and shrubs need to be trimmed and the parking lot hasn’t been cleaned in months.

Probably 20-30% of our downtown area stores are gone. The sidewalks are littered with trash and feral people. They didn’t even bother putting up Christmas decorations this past Christmas. Went to a job site meeting in downtown Portland recently, there is not enough words to describe the anger and disgust I felt. A once beautiful American city is a virtual hell hole. Now, Portland is not only weird, it’s just plain scary.

America, once the land of prosperity is now quickly moving toward the land of poverty. Biden and the Democrats with the help of the Rino’s, are running the economy into the ditch, and one thing is sure, there is a very deep recession in the near future. A shortage of baby formula will be the least of our worries. If you are going to survive a recession, you need to have some survival skills of the economic kind. I’m wondering what the hundreds of thousands of illegal aliens that crossed the southern border during Biden’s time are going to do? They have no job skills, they have no language skills. The only thing they can do is suck up welfare money. One more major drain on a struggling economy.

Are you happy with the pay cut your getting? Everything you buy now just to live is at least 20-30% higher. You’re paying more and getting less. I’m not happy about any of this.

Every large commercial aircraft comes with a very sizable operation manual. That manual is critical to the operation of the aircraft, and readily available to the pilot and co-pilot during the flight in case anything goes wrong. Not following the manual could end very badly. Running a large nation may not have a written manual, but over the course of time, people have learned what works and what doesn’t. The current group of halfwits in Washington have decided to throw all of that learned knowledge out the cockpit window and fly the nation into the ground. Same results, massive wreckage and dead bodies. My famous last words from a couple of years ago; ” one man couldn’t do that much damage in four years”. Boy, was I wrong?

I’ve never put much stock in political slogans, I mean, you have to consider where they come from. They are dreamed up by professional bullshitters. When I heard Biden’s slogan of “Build Back Better” I admit I was amused, to say the least, considering the history of his failures and plagiarism. But Biden was nothing but a trojan horse, a vessel for a whole army of crazy left wing ideologs to sweep in and take over the government. Biden just wanders around saying stupid shit, while the far-left crazies write his script, and operate behind the curtain. They use Joe Biden’s best asset, his ability to look you straight in the eye and lie to you. The United States, for the first time in its history, does not have a functioning President. The executive branch is a committee made up of inept political hacks. Considering the state of the world, a highly dangerous situation.

Have you ever considered how utterly stupid it is, to demand that the people who caused a major problem, correct it, and make everything good again? They don’t know how to make it good again. They are incapable of doing that. You need someone like Donald Trump to step in and fix things. But people that fix stuff are tough talking and aggressive, I’m not sure if Americans are able to handle that anymore. Most older folks like myself understand how that works, we were raised by tough talking Dads and stern Mothers. We worked for bosses that demanded performance. They made us better.

America is broken, seriously broken. It is going to take a huge, concerted effort to undo the damage done by leftist morons. Be honest in your assessments, the cracks run deep. Make no mistake, this didn’t happen by accident. The left has been on a mission to destroy the USA for many years, and they are closer than ever. Their dream is to replace our Republic with a Marxist State. Their biggest obstacle is the Constitution and Bill of Rights. Over the past two years, we have seen with our own eyes how fragile these documents can be. They are only as strong as the American peoples resolve to preserve them.

God bless you and your families. Never give up the fight to preserve our freedoms and way of life. God Bless America.



MAY 4, 2022



Joe Biden made a very big statement today, that happened to be pure hyperbole, and a bald face lie. He said; ” the MAGA crowd is really the most extreme political organization that’s existed in American history-in recent American history”. Then he said that overturning Roe vs. Wade could mean that gay children could be outlawed from sharing classrooms with straight kids. Nobody including Joe bothered explaining exactly how the two were connected. He said on Tuesday that overturning Roe could end the use of contraceptives and same sex marriage. I don’t know how you feel, but to me, this doesn’t sound like someone that has a good mental grip on things.

Trump has a great record on his association with gays, but I’m not interested in defending Trump at this moment in time. There is a much larger issue at hand. The Democrats are doing everything in their power to bring down the institutions of this great country.

The one bureau the Democrats are going to preserve at all costs is Department of Homeland Security. This is an organization that was tailormade to usurp the Constitution. If any federal bureaucracy ever needed to be defunded, it’s the DHS. Don’t ever think for a moment that the Feds won’t hesitate to seize more power if the opportunity presents itself. DHS is the perfect tool for spying on private citizens and your political opponents. They have the power of the FBI, and the DOJ as their allies, and there are virtually no limits to their power. Ask those poor souls languishing in the D.C. jail for participating in a political protest. Who would have ever thought that an American citizen could be jailed for a misdemeanor, denied bail, and a speedy trial? But an even bigger mystery is why hasn’t there been a huge outcry and demonstrations demanding their release? Apparently, as a conservative your life ain’t worth much. I’ve seen huge efforts by the government to get political prisoners released from foreign jails. Can anyone explain to me why nobody cares about these people? Did you ever think you would see your fellow Americans jailed as political prisoners for expressing their free speech rights?

The refusal of the DHS to secure the southern border of the United States is in direct conflict with the very reason the department was created, to provide security for the homeland. This is like hiring a security firm for your business, then instructing them to ignore any and all intruders. It is a dereliction of duty.

Thousands of illegal aliens have crossed the border undetected, nobody has any idea who they are, where they came from, or why they are here. The US has plenty of enemies around the world that would love to kill hundreds of Americans at one time. That sounds like a Homeland Security problem to me. A big problem.

If I were a leader of a Latin American country, I would be very likely to gather up all of the criminals and give them some lunch money and send ’em north. If you don’t think that’s what’s happening, you probably still sit up waiting to see the Easter Bunny.

What a boon for the cartels. Wide open border to traffic drugs and people. What a boon for sex traffickers, flooding the US with underage prostitutes. Sounds a little like the ol’ Homeland Security folks are partners in crime.

We all know how the Democrats turn a blind eye to their street minions that burn and loot businesses and cities, to force a political outcome they couldn’t get any other way. That my friend is domestic terrorism. They are at it again trying to sway the opinion of the Supreme Court in regard to Roe vs. Wade. All of the things I have written about in this article are actions of the Democrat party.

Just for the record, it’s the Democrat party that has morphed into a huge domestic terror group. It’s the Democrats that want to steal your children from under your noses. It’s the Democrats that want to flood this country with illegal aliens to change the voting demographics. It’s the Democrats that openly call for burning down the system. It’s the Democrats that have the reputation for rigging elections. It’s the Democrats that cozy up to large corporations to fight against freedom of speech. It’s the Democrats that can’t wait to kill the second amendment. It’s the Democrats that want to release violent criminals while gutting the police departments. It’s the Democrats that are placing far left prosecutors in major cities that won’t prosecute criminals. It’s the Democrat lead teachers’ unions that continue to poison the minds of our children against religion, and patriotism. Democrats are the enemy of Democracy. Don’t forget it. There are a fair number of Republicans that are enemies of the state as well. It’s time to cull ’em out.

Fight the good fight any way you can. It’s amazing how effective even small victories are at local levels. God bless you all. God Bless the United States of America.



MAY 2, 2022



Absolutely nothing is going good for the Biden Administration. The poll numbers are falling faster than Susan Serandons bust line. Now, if you’re a Democrat strategist, you make a list of topics that cause the most civil discord, and you pick one to revive for a diversion, to take everyone’s eyes off of your stupidity. Top of the list is Roe vs. Wade. Wow, you’re really in luck because the SCOTUS is reviewing it right now. The one thing that is not in short supply in the Democrat party is lawyers. A lot of them have experience in dealing with the Supreme Court. So, you create a false document of a draft opinion, that looks like the SCOTUS is on the verge of overturning the infamous law and give it to someone in the press. In a matter of hours, thousands of people will gather on the streets and the steps of the Supreme Court and cause a huge commotion. Mission accomplished. The media will be on fire for perhaps weeks until they figure out it wasn’t a leaked document at all, it was just a plant. Nobody does this better than Democrats. Do I need to remind you of the Steele Dossier?


Nancy Pelosi and Adam Schiff paid Zelinski a visit and pledged all out support in the form of money and weapons to Ukraine until the battle is won. I don’t think I ever remember a speaker of the house acting in this capacity. So, I guess in the Biden white house everyone is free to do whatever they want and make unilateral decisions on National Defense. Pelosi vowed to “fight to the end”. Let’s understand something very important here, none of the dumbasses are going to be involved in any kind of fighting. They are going to send your kids, and grandkids to get killed and maimed, while they sit in their gated communities drinking expensive wine and eating gourmet ice cream. In the end nothing will change except the “Tunnels to Towers” housing developments will get bigger along with the bank accounts of the neocons.


There are so many things wrong with this idea it’s almost impossible to find a starting place in the discussion. I think the most logical place to start, is in regard to probably millions of Moms and Dads that saved money for their children’s educations depriving themselves of some of life’s common luxuries. Who is going to pay these hard-working folks back? How about the guys and gals that chose to work in the trades, or certain professional careers that required a sizable investment of tools and equipment far greater than a college degree? How are they going to recoup their investments? Lastly, these young people signed up for these loans, eyes wide open, knowing they were expected to pay them off. If they are reneging on paying them off, they aren’t “snowflakes”, they’re are just plain “flakes”.


A jury found the Kardashians not guilty in the Blac Chyna defamation lawsuit. You can now resume your life. That was a nail biter.


44 & 46.5


APRIL 27, 2022


I’ve been in a good mood lately. We have a new resident in our home, and he is full of naughty energy. If you have ever been around a wire-haired Fox Terrier, you will know exactly what I mean. We adopted him from a family in Palm Springs, California, who had another wire Fox Terrier and the two of them did not get along. So, through some very good friends we were able to adopt him. He immediately settled in and made himself at home. He doesn’t seem to mind the radical climate change of living in the Pacific Northwest. Our Schnauzers both died of old age over the past couple of years, so we were dog lonely. Our friends laughed hilariously when we told them his name was Trevor. Trevor loves to watch TV and take naps with the old guy. We took him on this first camping trip to the river last weekend, he loves the outdoors. His presence in our home makes life a lot more bearable and fun.


We live in a relatively small town, but it seems to have the same problems as the larger cities around the state. While we were having dinner this evening, we both commented on how the restaurant was beginning to look a little dingey. The waiters didn’t seem to look as neat and well dressed as in the past. We were seated next to a window overlooking the parking lot, and I noticed it hasn’t been cleaned in a while. Lots of little bits and pieces laying around, and the shrubbery needs to be trimmed. I’m willing to give them a pass, I’m surprised they are still open after what our illustrious leaders put them through for the past two years. I’m sure they took one hell of a financial beating.

My wife commented that the whole town is looking like the Obama years. We just came back from a driving vacation covering six states. Everywhere we went looked poorer, dirtier, and the roads are not up to standards of the past. Phoenix, Arizona was the one exception. Phoenix is experiencing a boom, and it looks great.

After dinner we went by the local market to pick up a few food items, about six bags, over $200.00. The shelves seemed to be fairly well stocked, but we were stunned by the price of beef. A package of two dinner sized steaks was $42.00. Needless to say, we opted out of that deal. I’m thinking they are trying to force us into eating plant-based meat substitutes. We are only feeding two people, and I work from home, so my gasoline purchases are pretty spaced out. My wife asked how do people manage, that have three or four kids, drive two cars to work daily? Food has to cost $350.00 per week, and gas for two cars $200.00, plus all of the other day to day expenses. Life has to be pretty damned grim for a lot of folks. So, when exactly can we expect the “Build Back Better” thing to kick in?

Click on the link below to feel better about how the government is spending your tax money.

Ain’t life great? Well, it would be if we had a lot less politicians constantly screwing it up. God Bless all of you and your families. Stay alert, your wellbeing depends on it now more than ever.