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Imagine a world without Face Book, Twitter, Instagram. It would be a quieter, safer, and friendlier place for sure. These platforms are incubators of insanity. In the next few paragraphs, I will layout my case as to why the social media platforms are extremely dangerous to our way of life.

A. The lefties discovered long ago, that by creating a “boogeyman” it is extremely effective in influencing masses of people to act in a certain way by . A “boogeyman” is group or an issue they can demonize and rally large groups of people to respond. They have been doing this for years, they are very skilled in this arena. Social media is a dream come true for the perpetrators of this type of behavior.

B. There is no way of knowing what your reading is true or not. Since this is an open forum, anyone can post anything, for any reason, good or bad. It could be a bald face lie and if you don’t take the time to investigate it, you will never know. How many of us have time to do that? The problem immediately becomes a huge number of people that are ready and willing to believe anything. This can obviously lead to major problems like people storming a business thinking bad things are happening in the back room, because they read it on social media, and it was nothing more than a lie posted by someone that hated the owners of that particular business. People can get seriously injured or killed, when it was all a lie.

C. Momentum has been building for a mass invasion of Area 51 by citizens, and it all started on social media. Someone made the claim that the United States Air Force has the corpses of interstellar travelers ( space aliens ) recovered from the wreckage of a UFO. Just for fun, I attended an abductee / UFO believers conference. That was an incredibly absurd experience. No person with a shred of sanity would take these folks seriously. But, obviously a lot of people have taken them seriously and are planning to overrun  security and storm the facility at area 51. This is where the most top secret weapons of the future are being developed. The USAF is deadly serious about security. This could end up in a large scale tragedy started by a bunch of idiots on keyboards.

D. Human beings will do most anything for the so called “fifteen minutes of fame”. They imagine themselves being seen by millions of people, and becoming instantly famous. The more outrageous and dangerous the act the better. All too often these acts lead to loss of life, and/or serious injury to themselves and others. Not to mention danger to first responders, and search and rescue teams attempting to save them after their act of stupidity.

E. A person’s reputation, and career can be totally destroyed by false claims, by someone hiding behind a keyboard. You can be tried, and convicted in court of public opinion, and never get the chance to meet your accuser. Your whole life can go down the drain, in spite of your best efforts, and your losses devastating. It could take you years to recover from someone bearing false witness via the internet. There have been dozens of youngsters commit suicide because of cyber bullying.

F. Social media is a great place to recruit followers for most any cause. You can readily find like minded folks willing to join up with you. ISIS recruited thousands of militant Muslim fighters in an effort to establish a Caliphate, on Face Book no less. Antifa is using Face Book to recruit followers to join the revolution against the evil and fascist United States, and it’s institutions. Black Lives Matter use Face Book as well. Strangely Face Book doesn’t have a problem with these groups using their platform, but regularly ban benign organizations with conservative agendas. You can only surmise that evil has a home on social media.

G. Social media has too much unrestricted power. Google is unquestionably the most powerful company in history. Google’s origins are right here in the good ol’ USA, but because of the anti American sentiment that resides within the hallowed halls of their strange world, they refuse to assist the US military in AI development, but are willing to assist Chinese developers. It’s no secret that the hierarchy at Google is very left leaning and anti American. It’s been said these people view themselves as citizens of the world, not a particular nation. I seriously doubt that attitude would fly in a communist regime such as China. I imagine the communist leaders would sort that out fairly quickly. I’m pretty sure the Chinese to could give a shit less about the Bill of Rights. Just a guess.

Summary: So, if social media is so dangerous, and many experts are making that claim, why haven’t our law makers reigned it in? It’s called greed. Social media giants have insane amounts of money, and pay law makers very well, to make sure their operations are not curtailed in any way. Politicians will do anything for big money donors, so they can keep their jobs. Politicians will put their political future ahead of your well being every single time, make no mistake about that. It don’t matter which side of the aisle they sit on. That’s why the Washington establishment hates your President. Hope and pray the lawmakers wake up and take action before it’s too late. But I wouldn’t count on it as long as the money keeps flowing into their accounts. Unfortunately the oldest profession in the world is alive and well in Washington, D.C.


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AA Fuel Dragster

Straight out of the womb, I loved everything that had an internal combustion engine. It didn’t matter if it ran down the road, or flew across the skies. I loved that sound. Even the sounds of steam locomotives made my brain waves go into hyper mode.

Back in the day, the early automobiles had distinctive sounds. Model T Fords and early Model A’s with four bangers were unmistakable. You could identify these cars with your eyes closed. The cars of the thirties and forward, had very effective mufflers, so unless the exhaust system was modified, it was nearly impossible to tell one from the other.

In the late forties, guys started hot rodding the old ford flat head V8s and that sound of a flat head with modified exhaust was unmistakable. Also after world war two, Harley Davidson, and Indian Motorcycles became wildly popular, each had it’s own signature sound.


In the fifties, import motorcycles started getting very popular. Along with the imports bikes came new and different sounds. The English bikes had a softer more melodic sound, that I love to this day. Almost nothing sounds better than a Norton 750 Commando, or a Triumph Bonneville 650 vertical twin. That one bike that sounds better than all of them is an Ariel Square Four with drag pipes. That sound will give any true gearhead, like yours truly, goose bumps. I could ramble on for hours about motorcycles, but I need to cover more ground.


This bad boy is the ultimate sound experience. Four giant 18 cylinder radial engines cranking out approximately 3,000 horsepower each. If you ever see and hear a B29 Super Fortress take off, you will never forget it. Guaranteed. This particular model, did the honors of dropping the world’s first atomic bomb over Japan.


You are looking at a 2019 Ford GT40. Not many folks will ever get the pleasure of owning and driving one of these magnificent machines. You have to be in the category with Jay Leno. Make no mistake, the sound of the exhaust on this beauty will make your goose bumps get goose bumps. This is like driving an F18 on the ground, and the sound of that beautiful engine is a very large part of the overall experience.

By now, you’re probably scratching your heads wondering what the heck is the point in all of this. Well, I was inspired to write this when I was watching the New York Formula E race this morning. These cars are like Formula One cars except they are powered by batteries and electric motors. They perform similar, except the wonderful high pitched sound of the Formula One engine is missing. They just make a whirring noise.

So, if the greenies get their way, and they are highly likely to do so, we will see the demise of internal combustion engines, and the wonderful sounds they make. The cars of the future, while delivering stunning performance, will have no soul. When you see one speed past, there will be no accompanying sound of a powerful engine to seal that experience in your brain. It will just be another bland, four wheel appliance much like your toaster. Thank God I am old, and I won’t have to experience that dreadful day.

supercharged v8

This is what is supposed to be under the hood of your car, not some silly electric motor. 


Old Glory







If you read my blog, you’ve heard me say many times that I’m a hopeless news junkie. At my age there ain’t a lot to do to occupy my time other than scope out whatz happenin’. But, let’s face it not much is actually new in the news. In, northeast Portland, it’s pretty much a given that there’s gonna be a drive-by shooting or two, one or two pedestrians are gonna be run over, there’s gonna be a crash caused by street racers. Some group of totally whacked out morons are gonna be demonstrating in downtown Portland. Demonstrating is a perfect word, they’re demonstrating how stupid they are. Believe me, stupid is an understatement when talking about Portlanders. I’m pretty sure these people are the missing link between Neanderthals and humans. You can always count on the Mayor, whacko Ted Wheeler, to say something really outrageously dumb. Then, there’s the eternal circus known as Portland State University. They seriously need to consider tossing out the cap and gowns for graduation ceremonies, and replace them with clown suits. If all of this wasn’t bad enough, the so called “homeless” people, actually drug addled human garbage, have taken over the streets in downtown and surrounding areas. It is truly a sickening sight to behold. One of my friends posted on Face Book a few weeks ago saying ” pray for the people of Portland”, nothing has happened, it just sucks to be there. I don’t live there, I live south of Portland a considerable distance, and I have no desire to go anywhere near it.

Kate Brown, our illustrious governor, is a real piece of crap. She is an outrageously far left wing Democrat. Her solution to fixing any and all problems, is tax the living hell out of everyone, and everything that moves. Our property taxes are already through the roof and she’s proposing a tax hike of 40%. That’s almost $2,000.00 a year for my house. Where does this halfwit think people are going to come up with this extra money? The median income in Oregon ain’t all that great, it’s $60,212.00. Median price for a home in Oregon is $346,000.00. Those are not good numbers for working folks. At the median income a person can only afford about $1,200.00 per month for rent. If you’re a governor you should be focusing on how to improve the lives of the citizens, not how to drive them further into poverty. She doesn’t give a rat’s ass, as long as she funds the PERS, and rewards all of her union buddies that put her worthless ass in the State Governors Mansion. It ain’t likely to change anytime soon, Eugene, Salem, and Portland dominate the political demographics, and Republicans are a rare breed in western Oregon. So, the liberal idiots will continue to drive Oregon into the ground with high taxes and overly abundant regulations on everything.

Wow, it’s the latest craze by crazed Democrats to express how much the hate America. What’s up with that? Why would you be running for President of a country that you hate? Everyday the list gets longer of what they hate, and who they hate. These people are really a bunch of miserable assholes. I’m listening very intently, and I have not heard one positive message out of any of these people. Congressional Democrats are constantly attacking Trump for anything they can dream up, and when they’re not doing that, they’re attacking each other. All these idiots do is waste time and money, they are totally, 150% useless. Cortez, Omar and Talaib, are a joke, in my opinion, they are not worthy to be sitting in Congress, when harboring such disdain for America, and Americans.

After reading everything above, you’re probably thinking, wow, this guy is really stressed out. Nope, not so. I’m 78 years old, so I’m a short timer here on this planet. My kids and grandkids should be the ones stressed out, the Democrats are totally screwing up their world. I’m just an observer at this point, telling like it really is. I have to admit, I was a little stressed that the US Women’s soccer team won. I really wanted to see those pompous little broads get their butts kicked. Does that make me a bad guy? Oh well, don’t look for an apology.


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Nike, you know, the multibillion dollar corporation that makes sneakers, and has a gigantic corporate campus in Portland, Oregon. Yep, that Nike. Well they came up with this really cool design to celebrate the Fourth of July, complete with a Betsy Ross flag on the rear of the shoe. I’m not a huge Nike fan, I think their shoes are heavily overpriced, considering they pay the people that actually make them next to nothing. That’s not my point, my point is that they pulled the product because Colin Kaepernick complained, because he claims, the Revolutionary Flag is a symbol of slavery. Never mind that good old Colin was adopted and raised by wealthy white people that made sure he had everything money could buy. He lived that much sought after California lifestyle with plenty of money for whatever his little heart desired. Then to top it off, he was hired by the San Francisco Forty-niners to lead their team as the quarterback, with a multi-million dollar contract. Unfortunately for the “Niners” he sucked as a quarterback. So, how does this dumbass repay America for this charmed lifestyle…….. he disrespects the American Flag and Fallen American Heroes by kneeling for the National Anthem. Then to make matters worse, Nike takes sides with this POS, and hires him as a spokesperson. So, in my estimation, that puts Nike in the same category as American haters. That’s the perfect example of ” the tail wagging the dog”. Based on the facts above, if you love America and the American way of life, I suggest you join me and buy Sketchers and tell Nike to pound sand.

Brit Air Traveler

This British Spitfire boarded a plane in Europe headed home for London in the outfit pictured above. The stewardess promptly provided her with a proper top and demanded that she change before she would be allowed to fly. She complied, but continued to be a pain in the ass, obviously not happy about having to cover up. Eventually, the crew had enough and booted her from the flight. All of this brought back memories of years ago, when I flew out of LAX, and picked up visiting family members. I was always highly amused by the wild and crazy outfits that women wore when they traveled by air. I said at the time ( fifty years ago ) that I was convinced that women had a section in their wardrobe for air travel, that was a collection of the most bizarre clothing they could buy. I’m sure they look far and wide for this stuff, and would never dare to wear anywhere except to a International Airport. If they dared to wear it in front of their friends they would risk severe ridicule. I thought it might just be me, then I started looking around, and never observed women outside of airports dressed in such ridiculous fashion, except maybe at the midway at the county fair.


This halfwit was in Mexico over the weekend, speaking to small gatherings of Mexican citizens talking about how climate change had something to do with the economy in Central America and why the US was obligated to take in the migrants because the US was responsible for climate change. Why the hell is this guy in Mexico? Does he even have a clue that he’s an American citizen, and his first obligation is to Americans, not migrants from Central America. Maybe he should have been in LA trying to convince the idiots in California to clean up the homeless mess. Then he could have traveled up the coast to Frisco, and made the same speech there. We have plenty of problems to deal with right here at home. The dimwit California governor traveled to Guatemala a couple of months ago to lecture them on how to run their country, while his own state is literally falling apart. Almost 50% of California families don’t speak English, the poverty level is shameful, homeless people are creating an environmental nightmare. They just raised gasoline taxes to pay for the social programs, which are certain to cause already poor people to fall farther behind, making it harder for them to get to their jobs. I’m sure he had great suggestions for the leaders of Guatemala. Every time I think it’s impossible for the Democrats to get more radical and out of touch with reality, they come up with another idea dumber than before. Please don’t elect any of these idiots to any political office.








We belong to a large RV club and throughout the summer months, we have a group campout every month. One of the traditions is a nightly campfire. Everyone brings their folding camp chairs and favorite beverages, and we enjoy a roaring fire and lots of friendship.

There is something magic about campfires, people seem to relax and let their guards down, and have fun. In the early evening hours when the numbers are large, the conversations tend to be casual, funny, and light hearted. As the evening wears on, and the numbers get smaller, the conversations become more serious and candid.

Our club has people from all backgrounds, and ethnicities. Professional people and blue collar folks. We have retired firefighters, and police officers, nurses, you name it. ( that sounds a bit like ” I love this bar ” ) A real cross section of America. But when we’re gathered around the campfire, we are just everyday people that have faced some really tough challenges as we navigated our way through life, and enjoy talking about those challenges and how we dealt with them.

It is also amazing how people of different religious beliefs are open to discussing religion without getting wrapped around the axle. The campfire seems to have a way of taking the edge off of those discussions, at least in my experience. It’s always interesting to hear about how others worship, without having an altercation over it. It’s my opinion, you should be able to listen and learn without feeling threatened.

If you don’t have the opportunity, or take the time to enjoy a campfire, you’re missing a wonderful experience. You have another similar option to think about. My Nephew and his friends gather on his front porch every Wednesday night and smoke cigars and have a glass of good ol’ Kentucky bourbon. Same concept without the fire. I have had the opportunity to sit on his porch with his friends and it was a great experience. All of these guys work in the film industry, very entertaining to say the least.

It’s all about setting aside those things that make you crazy, and just relax with folks you really care about. Chill out and shed your anxieties and responsibilities for a few hours. A good campfire, or a facsimile thereof, soothes the soul.





History is great. When you’re faced with a perplexing problem that you just can’t figure out, you can look back in time and see if the problem existed before. If it did, you can easily find out how it was dealt with. Vagrancy is as old as the world. Everyone says prostitution is the worlds oldest profession, and I say being a bum is the world’s oldest non-profession. There were bums around when I was a kid, but they didn’t bed down on the city streets. When the sun set, they were either gone or in jail. If they were picked up and spent the night in jail, the local police transported them to the city limits and told them to keep on moving.

People are a lot closer to the animal world than you think. Some have already made the transition. Those folks that have made that transition are found on your local city streets laying in urine, feces, trash, and used drug paraphilia. I would venture to say that a lot of these folks started out life fairly normal. The way they descended into the trash heap of human waste is pretty obvious…..narcotics. Opioids and or alcohol.

A huge percentage of these folks are totally fixable. I would venture to say the number may be as high as 80%. But when your as far down as these folks are, you can’t do it by yourself. These people need qualified help, working within a well thought out plan, to  rehabilitate them. The real reason this problem continues to grow and fester, is pretty damned obvious. Nobody cares!!  It takes too much effort.

Cancer survivors almost always have the same story to tell. ” They discovered it in the early stages”. That’s how you fix any problem. You fix it when it’s still small. If you wait and let the problem grow, it will eventually become overwhelming. When that happens the only solutions become very severe and costly. Then the natural reaction is to ignore it and hope it goes away. That’s what the west coast mayors are doing in regards to street dwellers. Hoping the environment will become so toxic, they will simply all disappear, or all die off from some uncontrollable plague.

Let me tell you what these mental giants are up to in Portland and Seattle. The mayors and city councils of these once beautiful cities, recently came up with a brilliant idea . They are handing out trash bags to the street dwellers ( they’re not homeless ) and telling them to pick up their trash and bag it, for the refuse companies to pick up. These geniuses are using the police officers to hand out the bags, while the street dwellers are shoplifting from the local businesses and breaking into cars. Now, if you think the street dwellers are going to pick up their trash, you’re even dumber than the city officials. I’ll lay you ten to one odds that the bags are plastic. While they are handing out plastic bags to street dwellers, you can’t get a plastic straw in a restaurant or a plastic bag in a market. The street dwellers are urinating and defecating on the streets and the waste is ending up in the street drains. This is against every environmental law on the books. Meanwhile the guy running a company a few miles away, paying huge taxes, is being fined for improper rain water run off on a property that he is leasing.

Putting all of this in perspective, I can only assume that the only reason these people hold positions in city governments is that they are too stupid to work in the private sector. They lie to the voters, and feed them massive amounts of B.S. to win the election and the position. What we ultimately end up with, is a dog chasing a car, he finally caught it, and has no idea what to do with it. Unfortunately, I don’t see any end in sight in this epidemic of stupidity. Every day, they do stuff more bizarre than the day before. It’s damn depressing. Maybe they should ask China how they deal with street dwellers. I’m sure that would be interesting.  


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The Masters 2013If you read my previous blog, I spoke of my life in Southern California and the sheer energy that filled the air from the non-stop activity. In the 60’s thru the 80’s, it was a highly competitive atmosphere. If you didn’t hustle you didn’t make it. As I said in the previous blog, I lived there 30 years. The fast pace lifestyle was for the young and restless, not the ideal place for older folks. I’m sure it hasn’t changed.

About eight years into our residence in California, we converted to the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints. So for the next 22 years, my life was pretty structured to say the least. Having been raised as an Evangelical Christian, I had a very hard time getting on board 100%, and actually never did. I did however feel it was the best for my family, so I pretty much went along with the program. Being an artist and free thinker, I’m not a real good follower. Group thinking was never my thing.

Sixteen years into our life in the Pacific Northwest, my wife passed away, and I found myself single again after 46 years. Thus, the beginning of the second and final round. My youngest daughter suggested I go on and see if I could find a new soul mate. Dating again after that many years being married, is awkward to say the least. In the fall of 2007 I met a lovely lady who was, and is quite unique, and fun. She was born and raised in London, England and immigrated to the US in the eighties. She has a lovely British accent that everyone loves, and has a very different point of perspective than anyone I have ever known.

Part of that that different point of perspective obviously comes from being British. The other part is from being raised in a wealthy family, and having sailed around the world twice as a young woman. She has seen just about every country on the planet and can tell you some very interesting stories of things she has seen. She was in Russia during the height of the communist regime. She said she it was depressing to see the poverty of the Russian people. She said there were shops on the streets with nothing in them, there was nothing to buy. Nobody had any money. That was a sharp contrast for someone that traveled by chauffer driven Bentley, while at home in London. As a young woman, she had the honor of meeting Queen Elizabeth, at the Royal Command Performance in 1973.

After moving to the US, she decided to go back to college, and earned a Masters Degree in Forensic Psychology. Having read all of the above, you might think she would be the stereotypical “snooty brit”. She is anything but. She is a down to earth fun loving lady that loves animals ( especially her schnauzer ). She has a wild sense of humor and loves to tell slightly naughty jokes.

So, the point of all of this, is that I was a very lucky guy. Having gone through the grim reality of losing my first wife, she brought with her, a whole new reality. She has taught me so many lessons on what is really important in life, and what isn’t. She is always teasing my about being ” anal”. She is totally right. But it’s hard to undo a whole lifetime, and learn a different way to look at things. One of her most amazing traits is being able to get over being upset with someone, and reconcile the issue quickly and move on.

She has taught me how to be comfortable in my home. Being able to relax and enjoy my surroundings without constantly having to be doing something or going somewhere. Having to get rid of my nervous energy. That’s hard for someone who’s brain never stops.

So, I have an incredible lady to love and share the remainder of my life with. We’ve both had cancer and survived with an absolutely clean bill of health, I survived open heart surgery and never felt better. We are still going strong, and enjoy life and our crazy fun friends. Oh yeah, I got two great Stepsons in the deal, and more Grandkids. ( cute ones too.) It’s the second and final round, and I’m winning………….. for now.

P.S. About being a Mormon; Members of the LDS Church are wonderful people, but I just couldn’t participate any longer for a number of reasons. I have no regrets, having been an active member for many years, It just doesn’t work for me. I have returned to my roots so to speak. I now proudly wear a Christian Cross once again. Another part of round two.