Strong leadership, and aggressive leadership, unfortunately is not synonymous with the Republican party. Unlike the Democrats, when Republicans are not in power, they think it’s the “off season”. They think it’s time to kick back and watch the waves crash on the sun bleached beach and drink Margaritas. On the other hand, when the Democrats are not in power, they are raising hell, making threats, making as much noise as possible. Like impeaching the President twice, accusing him of collusion with foreign powers, as in RUSSIA.

Now that the Democrats are solidly in power at the present time, doing one radical thing after another, Republicans are in hiding. I used to have a dog that barked like the most vicious animal God ever created as long as the person was on the other side of the door. Once the person entered the house, they were instant buddies. I once said, if a burglar came into our house while we were away, he would show them where the safe was located. So, now that the Democrats have broken down the door, the Republicans are rolling over on their backs in submission. Hey Republicans, wake up, get off your asses, this is the time to fight.

Do you remember the original “orange man” John Boehner? Always wiping away the tears. What a loser. Then we got a bigger loser, Paul Ryan. If you put him and Mitt Romney in a bag and shook it up, you wouldn’t know which would come out first. Paul Ryan didn’t make any effort to hide his dislike for Trump, and by doing so, in my opinion, ruined the first two years of Trumps presidency,. Compare those two losers with Nancy Pelosi. She never stops being a crazy aggressive witch, whether she’s in power or not. You will feel her presence. She’ll be throwing bombs from her deathbed.

God help us if we get another Republican president, and Kevin McCarthy is the Speaker of the House. Kevin is another iteration of Paul Ryan. I have been watching him for awhile now, this guy is a RINO. It just came out today that he is rooming with Frank Lutz, and apparently they are best buds. As the leader of the Republicans in the House of Representatives, the last guy you wanna be hanging with is Frank Lutz. Frank Lutz is a consultant to virtually every one of the big tech corporations, and his views are 180 degrees opposed to Republican viewpoints. The dumbass Republicans are hiring him, to tell them, what positions to take on major issues. Which by the way, are completely out of line with Republican voters. Republican politicians are living in La La Land, completely disconnected from reality.

This is precisely why Donald Trump won in 2016, people were sick and tired of the “do nothing” Republicans. Make no mistake, that feeling still persists today among Republican voters, they just don’t have a strong leader, or leaders, they can depend on. The Democrats are on path to demolish America, and nobody is fighting back. Republicans and Conservative Independents are ready to fight, we just don’t know how, or where to start. We are crying out for help to save our beloved nation. If you remember, when the Democrats couldn’t beat Trump in the legislature, they filed lawsuits all around the country, lot’s of ’em. Why aren’t the Republicans suing Biden every time he makes another dumb move? Hey!! Any of you guys awake?

Now is the time for the Republican leadership to mobilize on all levels, local, state, and national. Go to the large cities, small towns, and rally the troops. Come up with a plan for resistance to the Democrat madness. Don’t let them steal another election. Don’t let them bully the school boards. Support the local Police Departments. There are countless things we can do, but we are in serious need of organized leadership. Don’t let the “woke” crowd shout us down, and defeat us.

For instance, Portland and Seattle, beautiful Pacific Northwest cities, are under siege by Antifa and BLM. The business owners in these towns are crying out for the nonsense to stop. If the business owners and police had reinforcements, and solid plans to combat the opposition, they could win. The Democrats are allowing these thugs to run “willy nilley” and turn the cities into chaotic nightmares. When these thugs start facing real opposition, and it’s no longer easy to intimidate the Mayors and City Councils, they will scale back and go away. It starts with strong Police presence and prosecutors that respect the law. The citizens need to call for the Soros backed prosecutors to be recalled, and thrown out of office. It can be done with strong leadership. It will never end if everyone is complacent.

I’m hearing Republicans saying, “We will win back the house in 2022, after the Democrats screw everything up”. Ok, then what. You guys have a pathetic track record for doing anything after scoring a win. If the Republicans do win back the house, I wouldn’t get too excited about any major changes. Especially if Frank Lutz’s buddy is still in charge. By the way, the Republicans could have headed off the big tech power grab years ago, but they enjoyed the lobbyist money, and did nothing. Sorry, a bunch of losers. Senator Lee from Utah, one of the biggest.


By the way, I wouldn’t expect too much to change in the FBI, Chris Wray is still in charge. He should have been dumped with the other losers.


There is probably no other place in the world, where a wider range of topics are discussed in a single session. My wife and I being older folk, and the only inhabitants of our house, often have a simple dinner in our kitchen area. We used to eat in the living room, while watching Sean Hannity, but that was causing indigestion, and lingering depression. During and after dinner, we discuss everything from family to politics, and dozens of things in between.

Tonight is Friday night, and we normally get all spruced up, and have dinner at our local eatery, then stop by the lodge, and have a couple of drinks, before calling it a week. Tonight we had dinner at home because our Governor just shut everything down again, so eating out was not going to happen. Nobody is sure why she did this, it’s a mystery to everyone but her. I can only guess that she gets off making everyone’s lives miserable.

As you can imagine, taking into account all of the nonsense going on in government, tonight’s discussion was longer and more intense than usual. We decided unanimously that it was time to take up arms and revolt, then we looked at our age and finances and decided that was out of reach. We talked about relocating to somewhere like Chile, but again, the age thing put a damper on that as well. So, it looks like we are just going to have to ride it out. Lately we have been discussing the topic of reincarnation, and my wife said if she dies, she is going to request that she takes a long rest before returning to earth again. At least until Trump is re-elected.

My wife was born and raised in London, England, me in south central U.S, so we have quite a different perspective on things in general. She has a deep gratitude for the American soldiers that gave up their lives to liberate France, and help defend Britain, and defeat Hitler’s war machine, . She is probably one of the most patriotic Americans alive. I was only five years old when world war two ended, but my life was forever impacted by that event, in many ways. The love of Old Glory, and the United States of America, were permanently engrained into my psyche for the duration of my life. So, we are deeply saddened by what we see happening to our beloved homeland.

We spoke about how there is virtually no difference between Democrats and Republicans anymore. The Republicans have abandoned conservative Americans like us. They no longer represent us, they seem to only be in the game for themselves. The Democrats are going to crush anyone that disagrees with them, and the Republicans will stand by, say and do nothing. We are utterly astonished, at the disinterest the Republicans are showing while the left is dismantling our nation. Everyday Americans are outraged, our representatives don’t seem to notice.

The conversation then took a lighter tone, and we laughed about Joe Biden and his obsession with wearing a mask. Even wearing a mask while on a zoom conference call with other world leaders. To everyone else in the world, Biden and his administration must be like watching a sitcom. Then we had a good laugh about Jill Biden’s choice of attire last week. Someone posted a picture of her on Facebook in her outfit, and captioned it ” leather, lace, and liver spots”. We speak daily, about the incoherence of what Joe Biden says. He is obviously reading everything from notes, or a teleprompter, so his speech writer has to be an idiot, or Biden is just screwing up constantly. The Biden administration is like watching the British sitcom ” Fawlty Towers “.

The Kitchen Table conversations will continue. The room obviously hasn’t been ” bugged “, otherwise we would be ostracized from the family by now, or under investigation by the FBI. On second thought, we have a Google Assistant, so our conversations may be under scrutiny. We might be wise to unplug that damn thing while we have our talks.

I want to thank all of you that took the time to read Steel Pencil. In the four years since I have been writing this blog, April was my best month ever, I am humbled by your loyalty. God Bless you all.



After my wife read my latest blog about reincarnation, she recounted an experience she had years ago in London, her birthplace, and residence for many years. Her family was entertaining a young woman from South Africa, taken there from England as a small child. My wife volunteered to show her around the historical places in London. When they approached the Tower of London, the South African woman said “I remember taking this walk the day my lady died, she was executed”. My wife said this is not the place where they held the public executions. My wife’s companion said she died around the corner, and led my wife to a group of buildings. As they approached, the woman became weak kneed, close to fainting. She led my wife into a garden, and to a small monument marking the place where Ann Boleyn, second wife of Henry the Vlll was executed on May 19, 1536. Her spirit witnessed the execution of Ann Boleyn, about 425 years prior. My wife said that when the South African lady nearly fainted, she held her to keep her from falling, and for a split second, saw the woman as she would have been dressed in that period.

Another reader, recounted his experience while in High School, visiting Victoria, British Columbia. After their hockey match, he and his friends toured the city. To his amazement, he knew the city as if it was his home. He said he knew the names of the streets, and where he was at all times. He had never been there before. ( in this lifetime anyway )

This is probably one of the most interesting subjects I have been involved in. I am anxious to read more accounts from people with past life experiences. I am totally fascinated with the notion of reincarnation. Please let me know if you have experienced this, or know someone that has.

The Democrats are in the process killing our beloved Uncle. They are out to eradicate him, and everything he stands for. They are hellbent on the destruction law and order, our court systems, our public schools and colleges. They are weaponizing the DOJ, and FBI to take out political opponents, taking on the likeness of the old KGB in Russia. They are out of control, and rapidly destroying all that America stands for. Equal justice under the law is quickly being wiped out. It is becoming very clear, they are making an unprecedented power play to transform this nation into a socialist hell hole. All of those illegal immigrants flooding over the border, are in for a rude awakening, when the USA starts looking a lot like their home countries. The wanton printing of currency to fund all of this crazy stuff, will eventually weaken the dollar to the point your 401K’s will be decimated, and inflation will be rampant. The Democrats seem to be deliberately driving the US over a cliff at high speed. The question is; for what? What is the end game?

I didn’t think I would see the day when Americans were so fearful, they would be willing to give up their basic freedoms, and liberty for personal safety. The government has taken a virus that is no more deadly than seasonal flu, and created mass fear and hysteria among the citizenry. So much so, that Americans have willingly followed along like sheep for over a year now, and some blue state governors, are not even close to relinquishing their new found powers. They continue to stoke fear with reports of increasing cases of covid. What they aren’t telling you, is that the new cases aren’t resulting in extended hospitalizations, and death. They are just positive tests, period. But the numbers keep folks terrified and willing to quarantine in their homes. Everyone just accepts that these jackasses are telling the truth, which is highly doubtful.

For years now, we have made major progress in race relations. But in the blink of an eye, we have regressed into to most hateful and raciest nation on earth. That’s according to the Democrats and their lackeys in the main stream media. This is simply not true, you are being gaslighted, pure and simple. Overnight, white people bad, black and brown people good. The Democrats and the MSM have kept hammering this message home now for the past few years, and people have started believing it. Police are bad, criminals are victims of Police violence, Police must be reigned in. Meanwhile, murders, rapes, robberies, drive by shootings, crimes of all types, are at all time highs. Guess who is committing the crime, yep, those wonderful black and brown folks that are being oppressed by the bad white folks. Lot’s of black and brown folks are getting murdered and raped and robbed. Not by white folk, by other black and brown folk. This is insanity at all levels.

Meantime in Beijing, they’re not having racial problems, no cities are getting burned to the ground, they’re not shutting down critical businesses and industry for some non existent threat caused by covid. They’re not destroying their country by pitting one race against another. They aren’t opening their borders and letting hordes of illegal immigrants overrun their cities and towns. Nope, China is focused on one goal. Making China number one on the world stage, dominating the world economy, and having the most powerful military on the planet.

American politicians are fools, American citizens have become weak and complacent, willing to huddle in their homes like rats in order to avoid a made up pandemic. We better wake the hell up, before it’s too late. It may already be too late. The Democrat Party is the enemy within that is going to destroy America, and nobody is resisting them. So sad my friends, so sad.



I don’t know about all writers, but my mind tends to wander around and ” dabble” in ideas, and ask a lot of questions about stuff that people consider established beliefs. Everything will be going along just fine, then I read something, and my brain says ” hey, what if? ” This is one of those moments.

I recently read a piece on reincarnation, that started the cogs in my brain spinning, and I haven’t been able to quit thinking about this topic. I consider myself to be a Christian man, and this topic is not well received in Christian circles, but maybe, just maybe, the so called Christian scholars got it wrong. So, let’s explore some areas nobody seems to have answers for.

After reading actual accounts of young children, accurately recalling events that happened in past lives, anyone with a tiny bit of curiosity wants to know more. So, we know that our brains store memories of past events, like an organic recorder. Obviously, the spirit has the ability to store information as well, and carry it forward without the aid of the brain. I doubt that anyone knows what percentage of children, have these memories, maybe more than we realize. When a child is termed a prodigy, in my opinion, they are exercising talents they possessed in a previous life, and were somehow allowed to carry them forward. In my own family, we possess similar abilities and skills that show up in our family tree for generations. You can call it genetics, but I’m pretty sure there is more going on than just similar physical traits.

The Bible clearly says that no one enters the Kingdom of Heaven, without being ” born again”, in other words baptized in the name of Jesus Christ, the Savior. The first thing that comes to mind is, wait a minute, that automatically excludes people born before Christ appeared on earth and brought forth the New Testament. If reincarnation does in fact exist, that problem is solved. Another problem solved, are people that never heard the Gospel of Christ, in ancient civilizations.

Reincarnation coincides with the Christian faith in other ways. The resurrection of Jesus Christ demonstrates how the spirit is able to move in and out of physical bodies, and does not perish with the death of the physical body. The gospel teaches us that God created countless souls that were with him in Heaven before he created Earth. As the population of the earth increased, more souls were given the opportunity to come to earth to begin their long journey through time, and their quest for perfection, to be able to prove their worthiness, and one day to return to Heaven and live for eternity in the presence of the Creator. I think this also explains the threat of “being cast into the outer darkness for eternity” for committing unforgivable sins. Your spirit would not be allowed to pass on to another physical body, and be forever in limbo, and thus prevent you from making the full circle back to the Creator.

As I mentioned above, it seems the spirit carries learned knowledge, as it moves on it’s journey through time. That would indicate to me, that each time the spirit inhabits a human body, it’s part of the ongoing attempt to achieve perfection. We know from our human experience, it takes some people a long time to get their act together. Some go through an entire lifetime and never make any notable progress. It would make sense that the same condition exists in the spirit world.

I have met people that are wonderful human beings. They make you feel good just being in their presence. There is not a single thing offensive about them. They make you feel totally welcome, and you are always eager to visit them again. I would think you are in the presence of an old spirit, one very close to completing their journey. When the spirit reaches that point of perfection, and God calls them home, is that what it means to stand before God and be judged?

These are just a few of the thoughts that were generated by reading the article on reincarnation. A collection of “what ifs”. I spent over thirty years in the LDS Church, before I opted out. One of the teachings of the LDS religion that I totally agree with, is that God operates within the laws of nature and physics. Thus, logic rules in all things, that God does, and creates. So, if the goal is spiritual perfection, why would God create a brand new spirit each time a person is born,? The time span of a human life, compared to eternity, simply isn’t sufficient to meet that goal. I believe that God created a finite number of sprit beings, and the human race as we know it, will end when all of the spirit beings have reached perfection, and have been called back, or eliminated through disobedience to God’s laws.

I hope you enjoyed my slightly unusual thoughts on religion and the spirit world. It was fun to speculate on something we know almost nothing about, other than what theologians tell us. I’m not sure they can back up a lot of what they teach. Just wanted you to know, that I have other thoughts and interests other than politics. Lately politics have gotten so vile and nasty, I had to step away or go stark raving mad.

Let’s hope and pray for a more peaceful summer, and an end to the madness the Democrats have created. My fear is, that this is only the beginning of a long tough road before the violence comes to an end. God bless you all.



If you’re still in doubt, you’re either blind or just plain stupid. It should be clear to you by now, that the Democrats are pulling out all the stops to destroy everything possible that even resembles the old America. Running amok doesn’t even begin to describe their actions. The Biden administration has yet to enact any program that is “constructive”. Literally everything they done to date has been “destructive”. When you compare how President Trump governed, he was focused like a laser on improving America any way he could. What he accomplished in four short years was phenomenal.

Biden and his wrecking crew are engaging on four different fronts, that are going to have very far reaching impact on future life in this nation.

TAMPERING WITH ELECTION LAWS. Since this country was founded, free and fair elections have been one of America’s Crown Jewels. It has set us apart from virtually every other nation on the planet, and has kept us free, and prosperous. The Democrats want to change the laws so the elections can be manipulated, and keep them in power. If they are successful, the U.S. will become a one party nation, and your freedoms, what few you have left, will be stripped from you. Their goal is to disenfranchise half of American voters. Make no mistake, the Democrats would love nothing more than to have complete control over your lives. They already control most of the news outlets. The main stream media is now fully on board with spewing endless propaganda. They have been caught “red handed” numerous times in the past few years editing interviews to fit the leftist narrative.

IGNORING IMMIGRATION LAWS: There is no better indicator, of how much the Democrats despise American citizens, when they allow unmitigated illegal immigration. That’s no different than your local government ordering you to remove the locks from the doors of your house, and allow anyone to enter your home at will, and take up residence. Not only can they live in your house for free, they order you to feed and clothe them as well. Imagine total strangers coming into your home, that is a safe haven for you and your family. You don’t get to vet them, you have to accept whoever shows up, no questions asked. You have no idea if they are murderers, or drug addicts, or rapists. I doubt if you’re going to sleep well under those conditions. Check out the link below for an eye opening experience.

(1) Facebook

We have a huge homeless crisis on the west coast, it’s common knowledge. It’s also common knowledge that the homelessness is most rampant in Democrat controlled cities. Democrats have no interest in fixing this problem. Every night homeless folks fend for themselves to stay warm and dry anyway possible. Why this problem exists is not the point. The point is, that the Federal Government, houses illegal immigrants in hotels, gives them clothing, and food, and even puts the children in classrooms with “in person” teaching, while your kids are being kept at home. Illegal immigrants are being given preferential treatment over American citizens, when they have no right to be here in the first place. But you can forget about voting the miserable bastards out of office, they have the elections rigged so your vote doesn’t matter anymore. How does that make you feel?

STOKING RACIAL DIVISION AND HATRED: This is probably the most sinister of all practices. By sowing the seeds of racial division, the natural by product is hatred of people you wouldn’t normally take much notice of. Since the two terms of Barrack Hussein Obama, I am super aware of race. Before Obama took office I rarely gave it much thought. Obama began almost immediately, highlighting how white folk were oppressing black folk. His first foray was attacking the Cambridge Police for arresting a black educator trying to break into his own home, after misplacing his keys. It immediately became a racial issue instead of simply a misunderstanding. Barrack and his “wingman” Eric Holder, never missed a chance to stoke racial division. To say they had “chips on their shoulders” would be an understatement. Every president has an outstanding achievement during their time in office. Barrack’s was fomenting racial tensions.

Make no mistake, stoking racial division is just a leftist tool to help them achieve a bigger goal. By dividing Americans by race, religion, sex, and anything else they can think of, they are able to destroy the unity that made America great in the first place. A divided nation is weak, and easily controlled. Unity is power. However, there is a dangerous aspect to this, that the Democrats are willing to ignore for short term power. Dividing people into tribes, will soon to permeate every level of the population like a cancer, and eventually kill the host.

Blacks are being sucked into this hate vortex at an alarming rate, and it should cause everyone great concern. What’s even more amazing is that the hate is being generated by whites against whites. Large multi-national corporations and Universities with virtually all white hierarchies, and the Federal government, are up to their eyebrows in pushing critical race theory. This garbage being crammed down the throats of white workers, is telling them they are inherently filled with hate for people of color, and they can’t do anything about it, it’s in their DNA. Of course blacks and other people of color are starting to lash out against whites convinced that whites are responsible for their problems, whatever they may be. Basically, the left is attempting to make white folks the minority even though they make up 73% of the total population.

If you are paying attention, blacks are becoming increasingly violent and a lot more bold in their violence. Car jackings are increasing at alarming rates, along with random violence. Broad daylight shootings in large cities are becoming commonplace. The left is trying to pin the growing violence against Asians on white supremists, when videos and arrests are showing these acts are being perpetrated by blacks. Young black criminals are acutely aware of the leniency of the law toward them, and are taking full advantage of it. The left has very successfully convinced young blacks their problems are all caused by the established society, which just happens to be overwhelmingly white. Asians only make up a small percentage of the overall population, roughly half of the black population yet are wildly more successful than blacks, due to their cultural differences. So, as you might imagine, the blacks are thinking they are getting the short end of the stick, but not for the reasons they think.

Now, for some irony. The left has used the black folks for years to help them stay in power, and given them nothing for their party loyalty. Now, the Democrats are throwing the blacks aside for the Latino votes. The Latinos in California have pushed the blacks out of their traditional neighborhoods. It’s happening all around the nation. The Democrats are on a quest to import as many Latinos into this nation as possible to completely change the voter demographics. Basically, the Democrats are going to put the screws to the blacks again. So, when the hordes of Latinos start moving into the black strongholds of eastern cities, where are the blacks going next? In 2019 Latinos already made up 18% of U.S. population, 5% more than blacks, and accounted for 52% of all U.S. population growth. The black community better start listening to Candace Owens and others like her before it’s too late. By the way, ever wonder why the Democrats stay silent while blacks burn and loot cities? It’s a great smokescreen while they go about replacing them with Latinos .

ATTACKING THE CONSTITUTION: If you have been following my blog, I have been saying for years, the Constitution is the left’s biggest problem. It stands in their way of total a total takeover of America. The very foundation of our freedoms are wrapped up in the First and Second Amendment. The Democrats never stop hacking away at these two very important amendments. If they can strip those away, everything else crumbles. Biden made a statement a few days ago that should shake everyone to their core. He said, ” no amendment in the constitution is absolute”, meaning they can be stripped away at will. ( According to Joe ) I’m not really sure how much fight the American people have in them, but I would hope, if the Democrats attempted eliminating Constitutional Amendments, it would result in a serious uprising. That would certainly separate the men from the boys, as virtually every one in the United States Military, from Privates, to Generals, took an oath to protect and preserve the Constitution, as well as Congress, DOJ, FBI, and CIA.

More bizarre things are happening every day at the Federal level. We can only hope there are some brave American souls in key positions willing to do the right things. Stay strong my conservative friends. God Bless you and your families.



The corner stone of any society is the nuclear family. It is a totally natural phenomenon that has been in place since the beginning of civilization. We’re just naturally made that way, it’s part of our survival instincts. We speak at lengths about how our nations founders, created this fabulous place where we live, but it never would have worked without the traditional families, that signed on to the idea, and passed on those ideals and the passion for freedom on to future generations of Americans.

The family is where children are taught how to interact with others in society, based on the way family members interact with each other. A family that attends church together are much more likely to treat each other with respect, simply because the message of Christ, is to love and respect one another. If the father and mother are strong disciplinarians, the children are thus, taught to respect authority. In my family, my mother was the spiritual teacher, my father the strong, male influence with respect for the law, and tireless provider. No family is perfect, we are mere mortals, and make mistakes as we pass through this life. But building a strong family that loves and respects each other, and forgives one another for those mistakes is priceless. A strong nuclear family gives peace and comfort you will not find anywhere else in the world.

It is also important for the parents to exhibit patriotism. Children growing up with patriotic parents will almost always be patriots themselves. It was part of their family traditions. So, it’s easy to see why families are so important for a strong nation. A nation of strong families, will endure all of the challenges it faces from the combined strength of the families themselves. When you create a substance made of of millions of tiny fibers, such as fiberglass, the combined strength of those millions of tiny fibers held together by a bonding agent, create an almost indestructible product. Families are the fibers, held together with patriotism as the bonding agent, that made America great, and will keep America great.

The primary objective of socialists, is to downplay the importance of the family. They know that if they can convince people that single parent families and no families at all is the way to go, they can weaken the fiber that makes America strong. Black Lives Matter being a Marxist Communist organization is calling for the abolition of the nuclear family. One only has to look at how the left has destroyed the traditional family structure in the black communities by creating a welfare state, and making them dependent on government handouts. Traditional families in the black community were commonplace before the Democrats implemented the massive welfare programs. As a matter of fact, children born out of wedlock in the black community in the 1960’s was about 24%. Today that rate is closer to 70%. A very notable side effect is the lack of patriotism among young blacks. Who can forget the statement by Michelle Obama when she became first lady for the first time. She famously said, ” for the first time in my adult life, I am really proud of my country”. It’s not uncommon for black athletes earning massive salaries, to make statements that are anti American.

This is not only happening in the black communities, it has been creeping into the white communities as well, albeit at a slightly slower pace. More and more young white people are opting out of traditional marriages, and expressing disdain for America. I don’t think anyone would question my opinion, this is in large part to our current educational system, coupled with the powerful influences by entertainers that glorifies single parent families, and a socialist ideology. Sadly for young women that make the choice to be a single Mom, that choice is going to make their lives extremely more difficult. Often ends up with them living in poverty, working multiple jobs just to make ends meet. The effects on children growing up under these conditions are devastating. You don’t have to be a genius to figure out when single parents are spending fourteen to sixteen hours a day working, it doesn’t leave much time for parenting. Another unpleasant side effect is the number of Grandparents that find themselves raising more children late in life.

For a nation to be strong and prosperous, you must maintain an orderly society. People acting in an orderly manner voluntarily is the essence of freedom. Realizing there are consequences for being disorderly, needs to be instilled in the minds of children to create a peaceful society, without the need for heavy handed law enforcement. This is exactly why the opponents of the police are missing the point entirely. You create law abiding citizens and heavy handed policing is not required. For the most part Americans are law abiding, That is why we are able to maintain law and order with approximately 2.5 officers per 1,000 citizens. The people clamoring for less police are the ones that are causing the most problems. Sorta makes sense.

There are so many facets to the problems facing American society today, it’s impossible to identify all of them in one article. At the risk of over simplifying the matter, one of the main components is selfishness. When people are willing to do bad things to others, to get what they want, civilization begins to deteriorate rapidly. The young people under the age of 25 years old, are the worst I have seen in my eighty years on this earth. I saw young people in the summer riots of 2020, attack the elderly, and disabled folks. They destroyed the businesses and property of innocent people. Looting is now considered a form of reparations to Black Lives Matter. Corrupt politicians are attempting to blame the recent attacks against Asian Americans on White Supremists, when videos clearly show almost all, if not all, are being perpetuated by Blacks.

I identified several conditions that are contributing to societal problems, but there are many others to talk about in future articles. When I titled this article “Disappearing Americans” I’m talking about the people that were around when I was growing up, and when I was a young married man. People that got married, had children, bought homes, got up an went to work every day, had evening BBQ’s, weekend outings at the lake or river. The kids rarely got into any real trouble other than childhood mischief. Every morning in our first class of the day, we recited the Pledge of Allegiance, and the Lords Prayer. The streets were safe, we were able to play and walk the streets at night without any fear of danger. Most of the families I knew owned guns, they weren’t locked up, we were taught to leave them alone, and we did. It wasn’t a perfect world, there are always people that do bad things, but it was certainly a different world than we live in today. Those Americans are disappearing quickly. America has changed, and sadly, will never be the same again.

Time has moved on, the old America has passed away. The new America is like an unruly infant, and like an infant, you have absolutely no idea what he or she will be when they grow up. They can turn out to be a marvelous human being or a hell raising maniac. Right now, it’s not looking real good for the former. I have said this before, I’m really happy to be eighty years old next month. I won’t have to endure the pain of watching my beloved country destroyed for too long. I’m beginning to understand the term ” Grateful Dead”. I pray for strong young men and women that are willing to take up the banner of the American Dream, and fight for it’s survival. God Bless you all.


Click on the link below, and watch as Biden forgets the name of his Secretary of Defense.

I totally respect the office of the President. The office deserves respect for a thousand different reasons. However, we seem to running short of men that can fill the shoes of great presidents of the past. The flowery speeches, and smooth talking silver tongued devils, don’t always mean a person is going to be a good president. They may sound great, but it’s all action when you sit behind the biggest desk in the world.

In my mind, the job description is pretty simple and straight forward, President of the United States. Does that title not suggest, that the person occupying the White House has one job, looking after the citizens of the United States of America? Donald J. Trump totally understood it. Foreign policy must be conducted with the well being of American workers and businesses in mind. Why would you create policies that benefit foreign countries and businesses over your own?

If a president is going to be successful, he has to conduct himself in a manor that earns him respect from not only citizens of the USA, but around the world, including world leaders. The president must project strength, and a firm commitment to American principles and ideology. Most importantly, he must be of strong body and mind. An aging person, frail in body and mind is unacceptable. Why do you think Vladimir Putin does photo shoots shirtless, in the snow, and riding horses, and doing other outdoor activities? He is projecting strength and vitality.


  • Must be healthy of body, with a good medical record.
  • Must be of sound mind, with no previous brain disorders
  • Must have a record of rational behavior in past endeavors, political or business.
  • If coming from a business background, did the person make sound decisions.
  • Must be able to speak coherently, and have good communication skills.
  • A married person with children, that has had a long lasting marriage is desirable.
  • A person of strong moral character.
  • A person of religious faith indicates compassion for fellow human beings.
  • A strong patriot, that loves this country and what it stands for.
  • A person that wants every American to have the best life possible.
  • A person that puts American citizens before his/her political party.
  • A person that promotes cohesiveness among all people of all colors, all religions.
  • A person that eliminates racial and political discussions in K-12 public schools.
  • Must be a skilled negotiator on all levels.
  • Must be able to resist the Neocon war hawks, and stop useless wars.
  • Must be able to secure our borders and gain control of illegal immigration.
  • De-politicize the DOJ, FBI, CIA, and Pentagon.
  • Establish term limits in Congress.
  • Reinforce the first and second amendments, plus others.
  • Full transparency of all government activities not related to national security.

The ” chicken in every pot ” politicians are very rare today. Politicians today are looking to fill their pots with gold, and their constituents are on their own. While I was taking my afternoon break today, I was reviewing in my mind, what I have seen and read in the news lately. It suddenly became quite clear, that this country is pretty much out of control with no one at the wheel. It’s like a runaway train careening down the tracks at full speed, destined for one hell of a wreck. The head of Homeland Security has no freaking idea what he is doing. He’s staring a disaster in the eye at the Mexican border, without a clue how to fix it. The Secretary of Defense is ravaging the military. Biden is staffing the DOJ with raciest radicals. I’m getting the feeling that staffers are running amok, and Joe is mentally AWOL. Gasoline prices are on the rise, steel prices are going through the roof, and lumber is following steel through the hole. Biden is raising taxes on virtually everyone and everything. This is alarming, it’s looking like the beginning of inflation. I’m getting the feeling that my disposable income is about to be seriously compromised. Sort of reminds me of the old Jimma Carter days.

On the brighter side, my new back yard deck will be finished tomorrow, and I’m going to sit my old self down and have a shot of Jack Daniels, Tennessee Honey whiskey and celebrate the accomplishment, just as soon as it quits raining. ( about June 1st ) God’s Blessings to all of my readers. I leave you with some of my Father’s wisdom: ” It’s a great life, if you don’t weaken “.



It should be abundantly clear to you by now, that a Democrat speaking the truth ranks right up there with ‘hens teeth’ for rarity. The images of the people above are in the Hall of Shame for liars, they are just a few of many. They just happen to be some the most prominent, and well known.

Women’s rights, respect for women, believe all women, women deserve equal wages for equal work, on and on. That’s election time diatribe, Democrats don’t really believe that. Time and time again, when women are victimized by Democrat men in the real world, the crusaders for women’s rights are no where to be found. Oh sure, once in while they will speak up, but when a guy has been a loyal Democrat soldier, such as Andrew Cuomo, and someone that wields a lot of power, not so much. The wacky old witch Pelosi, has played the ‘woman card’ hundreds if not thousands of times, but she’s reluctant to speak out when it comes to Cuomo. Could it be she’s more loyal to her Italian heritage than her fellow women? Just sayin’. I almost forgot about good old Keith Ellison, attorney general for Minnesota. His ex-girlfriend Karen Monahan, produced photos of herself after being attacked by Mr. Ellison, during a domestic dispute. Democrat crusaders for women’s rights obviously didn’t believe her. Hmmm.

How many times have you heard the Democrats preaching to us about compassion for all. Well obviously, they never told us there was an age limit on compassion. You’re only eligible to receive compassion from the Democrats up to somewhere around 75 years of age. When you’re in a nursing home, you’ve exceeded that compassion redline, and they pretty much see you as worthless, and dispensable. Virtually all of the large numbers of nursing home deaths occurred in the blue states, under Democrat governors. So, the next time you hear a Democrat talking about compassion for your fellow man, chalk it up to DBS.

Now for another view of the Democrat’s perspective on old folks, just consider the Cuomo affair unfolding before our eyes. No one is actually sure about the real number of nursing home deaths caused by the gross incompetence of Cuomo’s actions. The estimates are somewhere around 12 to 15,000 seniors that perished. We don’t know for sure, because again, the Democrats are lying through their teeth. What is more disturbing, is that the focus is more on his abuse of eight women, than the mass murder of thousands of senior citizens. Yes, considering the circumstances, murder is the appropriate term. You should remember this when the Dems are telling you how great a government ran health system will be. You can be sure, looking at their track record, after a certain age, you will be denied expensive medical procedures based on economic viability. They will send you home to die baby, you can count on it.

There are some real questions beginning to surface concerning the Wuhan virus AKA Covid-19. American observers noted that China was experimenting with coronavirus strains found in bats several years ago. Those observers reported that the Chinese virologists were attempting to make them more transmissible to humans. Fast forward to last year, when a Chinese woman scientist, defected to the US, and appeared on Tucker Carlson’s show, making the claim that they in fact did that, and it was somehow released into the public realm. There are others now saying this is beginning to look like it was an intentional act. By the way, I have not read, or heard anything further, regarding the female Chinese scientist. Have you noticed the total lack of curiosity among American scientists regarding the Covid virus? I have said this before, and will continue to say it. The release of the virus onto the world, was done at precisely the right time, to benefit China, the Democrats, and powerful multi-national Corporations. After seeing what these people are capable of, over the past year, I wouldn’t put anything out of bounds as far as the Democrats are concerned. They’re as close to pure evil as you’re going to get on this earth.

Are you totally sick of hearing about race? This is the “go to” excuse for Democrats to explain anything that’s not working. The Democrats have successfully convinced black America, and all other people of color, that every problem they have is because of white folk. Actually that may be true if you stop and analyze it. White folks have dumbed down school curriculums to make it easier for blacks and other minorities to get into colleges and universities. White folks created affirmative action programs so blacks and minorities could get into business as contractors, and gave them an edge by making requirements, that projects with government funding had to have a certain percentage of minority contractors. Everyone is aware of the power plays by Jesse Jackson and Al Sharpton, that strong armed large corporations to hire a certain percentage of blacks. I could go on for hours about how white folks have created all sorts of programs to help minorities.

In spite of all of the efforts to help black Americans succeed, black Americans have resisted and held onto their culture, which in itself holds them back. Black culture is not compatible with mainstream life style. Black culture is steeped in violence and anti social behavior. Blacks are far more likely to commit violent crimes than any other race. Black on black crime is rampant. Studies pretty much conclude that all of the advantages given to blacks and minorities, have not been hugely successful. They’re sending a message to blacks that they aren’t smart enough to compete in the labor market. They can’t make it without help from the white folks. So when they in fact don’t succeed, it must be the white man’s fault. These programs breed contempt, they keep sending the message to blacks that they are somehow inferior to whites and Asians.

You may be asking what do the last two paragraphs have to do with lies and gaslighting? The answer is everything. These are programs designed by Democrats to make Blacks and minorities dependent on government, by convincing they aren’t capable of taking care of themselves without the help of big government. Those lies have created a Democrat voting block of brainwashed people, that think they can’t exist without the Democrats. In reality, the Democrats don’t make the lives of these people better, they make their lives worse. Democrats envision a world where they have total control. Pay very close attention to the moves they are making right now in D.C.

Good ol’ Gavin made a statement today that the recall effort is being driven by race. White supremists and some obscure militia group. No Gavin, 55% of Californians think you’re an idiot.

Nancy and Chuck said yesterday that the mess on the southern border is Trump’s fault. They are claiming he dismantled the system and facilities, thus making it impossible to deal with the influx of illegal immigrants. That is the perfect example of this entire blog. It is a lie of epic proportions.

Good old Erick Swallwell, is one of the most highly skilled liars on the hill. He stood in the Capital building and swore that he had seen hard evidence of Trump’s collusion with Russia. Now we know that while he was saying that, he was banging Fang Fang, the Chinese spy. So, how much classified information did Fang Fang extract from Swalwell during their sexcapade. Rest assured you will never know, he continues to remain under the protection of Nutty Nancy. He does whatever she says, as long as he wants to keep his position.

Harry and Meghan, two rich highly privileged individuals, sit down with Oprah, another highly privileged person, and lie about being victims of racial discrimination by the Royal Family. What is ironic, when you examine the interview, you will notice that it very subtly promotes the projects of both parties. Harpo, Oprah’s company received 7-9 million from CBS for the interview rights. Harry and Meghan received millions in free advertising for their Archwell Foundation. So, lying can be profitable.

The Democrats, and the mainstream media have officially merged to create the largest propaganda machine this side of Beijing. Moscow was once the premier propaganda center, but China and Washington D.C. have far outpaced the Russians in recent years. As a matter of fact, you can’t see a lot of difference in the Democrat party and Chinese Communist Party these days. I will use one of my phrases my wife finds highly amusing, “they’re the same, only different.”

Stay alert my friends, the Democrats are attempting to remake America into something you will not be happy with. You’re about to have your disposable income reduced by a significant amount by higher taxes and inflation. Yes, it is indeed true, elections have consequences, as Barrack Hussein Obama once said. Don’t blame me, I voted for the orange man.




MARCH 8, 2021 VOLUME 12

ANDREW CUOMO: Now ain’t this interesting that the Democrats are finding themselves in this dilemma? Their poster boy, their chosen one, the Trump destroyer is now nothing more than a chump. Nobody wants him around anymore, even the Democrats. He was useful at one point in time when they were trying to get rid of Trump, now Trump is gone. It’s clear that he is responsible for thousands dying in the nursing homes, and he’s a serial sexual bully. Actually he is a bully most of the time. But the really sad part of this story, is that killing old people by the thousands just doesn’t raise anyone’s ire, but sexual harassment, that’s the hot ticket. So as more and more women come forth, the ceiling is about to come crashing down on Andrew’s head. But I am perplexed as to why the deaths of thousands of seniors doesn’t seem to register on the ” oh shit, that’s bad ” list. I am left to conclude that when our seniors are admitted to nursing homes, they’re as good as dead anyway, so who cares. I really need for someone to tell me I’m wrong here, since I am really old myself. Maybe I’m being a bit insensitive here, but I think killing someone is a lot worse than stealing a kiss or copping a feel. Just sayin’.

DON LEMON: I was going to insert a picture of good ol’ Don, but couldn’t find one of a black clown. I’m trying to remember seeing a black clown. Actually, I’ve seen a lot of black clowns, I mean a black clown with grease paint on his face. After I wrote that, I thought, how would you know. Maybe I have seen a black clown and didn’t know it. OK, enough silliness. Don Lemon says Meghan Markle’s racism claim against the Royal Family ” rings very true “. How the hell does Don Lemon know anything about the Royal Family? He’s too busy looking for cute boy bartenders. Don Lemon is an idiot, the guy that puts gas in my car is smarter, way smarter. So this paragraph officially earned me the title of a raciest homophobe. Actually I’m neither one, I just happen to be free to say whatever comes into my head, whether anyone likes it or not. So I do.

REP. MACE: Claims that Senate Democrats are trying to ‘silence dissent’. Gee, that’s observant Rep. Mace. She also just discovered that most Democrats are liars. Next she’s going to realize that Nancy Pelosi is bat shit crazy.

MEGHAN AND HARRY: Absolutely, the worse of the worse. The level of stupidity between these halfwits is beyond comprehension. Meghan is happiest when she is causing family mayhem. She is now 2 and O. Harry’s elevator doesn’t go all the way to the top floor. I think he is secretly holding grudges against the Royal family for how they treated his Mom. The burning question is why does he want to punish his brother? Oprah has digressed to the level of Jerry Springer.

SCHOOL TEACHERS: Wow, remember when teachers were revered as special and admired individuals? Not so much anymore, they have been exposed as just more swamp creatures. UTLA teachers have been warned not to post vacation pictures on social media, as the unions are battling to keep them off the job, citing Covid-19 as the reason. The union says that vacation pictures could hurt their argument that it’s unsafe to return to the classroom.

Over five days of voting 24,580 ballots were received, 91% voting yes to continue refusing to return to the classrooms. John Burke, the public communications director for Kevin Faulconer, for the Governor, said ” The union’s decision to condone international vacations while keeping students out of the classrooms is so hypocritical you would think Gavin Newsome thought of it himself”.

I was a teacher in the Los Angeles School District years ago, and I’m sorry to say, that I have lost all respect for teachers. They are just more useless government drones. They have become left wing indoctrinators, ramming politics down the throats of our kids, while neglecting to teach them life skills they can use to succeed. Public Schools are a joke.

JOE BIDEN: If you notice, I did not write President Biden. Joe is not really running the country, Ron Klain is. I noticed today that Acting President Klain, has allowed Joe to have a news conference soon. I am anxiously awaiting that event. Not to hear what Joe has to say, but to see how it is staged. Joe had an event on Women’s Day, it didn’t go well, Joe forgot the names of his staff members.

So, how does this work? Joe signed an executive fiat allowing transgender males to participate in women’s sports, literally crushing any chance for women to win, then two weeks later holds an event honoring women? He literally destroyed the pride and dignity of women, and not one peep from the so called ‘women’s rights’ people. This is all really confusing to me. The Democrats say one thing, then do the exact opposite. Hillary Clinton is always running off at the mouth about women’s rights, where the hell is she? The only explanation is, they are all opportunistic liars.

I have never seen such lying and hypocrisy in my entire life, from this group of nut balls. I’m so tired of hearing about race, racism, and people of color, it’s making me sick to my stomach. How about we just refer to everyone as humans, or men, or women. These people are mentally demented, and they are trying to inflict it on the rest of us. This whole notion that children have the abilities to decide they want to change their sex is absurd. Let’s be honest, when a child is having thoughts about sex, those thoughts are being planted in their heads by sicko parents.

I have never been happier about being really old. Stay strong dear conservatives, don’t give up the fight, the victory is worth it.



MARCH 2, 2021 VOLUME 12

I’m still engrossed in undoing the damage done by the ice storm a couple of weeks ago. The ornamental shrubs around the yard took a beating. Took out about five or six, and now the job of re-landscaping the front and rear yards begins, which means I need to replenish my supply of Tylenol for sore muscles. I’m not disturbed, it’s forcing me to do something that is long overdue. Like all things, time seems to be unkind to yards, and a makeover was long overdue. It just seriously cuts into my time for doing fun stuff, like creating this blog, which I thoroughly enjoy. So, the frequency of my blogs will suffer for awhile, but stay tuned, I’m paying close attention to the dumbass in the White House.


This is another example of how bad decisions have bad consequences. The decision by the Biden administration to take a stance on immigration, that would cause a surge of illegal crossings ended up taking at least 13 lives today. It is reported that about 25 people were stacked on top of each other inside the SUV pictured above. This is only the beginning, of a nightmare that is going to go on, for years to come. More illegal immigrants will lose their lives in the future in all sorts of ways. The impact on lower wage folks already in the US will be devastating. An unmitigated number of low wage, uneducated workers, will not be good for black Americans. It will not be good for the economy as a whole. When a reporter asked Biden today if he was briefed on the incident, he said yes. The reporter then asked what did you learn? Biden responded “a lot”, as he and his staff quickly left the room. Biden is clearly being used as prop by the staff. He answers no questions, offers no information on policy, when he does speak, he often drifts off into some sort of alternate mental universe. We are being governed by some sort of behind the scenes committee. Some say Biden’s strings are being pulled by his Chief of Staff, Ron Klain. Klain is a long time Democrat operative, lawyer, and knows his way around the white house, having worked under Obama/Biden previously. To make the assumption that Klain is likely behind most of Biden’s decisions and actions, is very likely, and very frightening.

SERIOUS DISCONNECT: Catholic bishops are cautioning followers against using Johnson & Johnson covid 19 vaccine, citing it was developed using aborted fetal cells. The vaccines do not contain any fetal tissue. The cell line HEK-293 was cloned from a fetus aborted in the early 1970’s. Moderna and Pfizer, also have connections to aborted fetal tissue, although very remotely. I’m certainly no fan of abortion, I strongly feel it’s nothing more than premeditated murder. However, we are talking about cloned cells, from an abortion that took place over fifty years ago. The jury is still out on the effectiveness of these vaccines, but if millions of lives are saved by this research and development, it seems to me, the aborted child did not die in vain after all. Abortion is a horrible and inhumane practice, and is widely supported by Democrats, including our current President ( a practicing Catholic ) and his administration. I personally know a lot of Democrats that are followers of the Catholic faith, and never met one that was not pro choice. In my opinion, that is a serious disconnect.


There are no suitable words to describe this fool. He has been the governor of New York State since 2011. He clearly thinks he is some sort of omnipotent being. Exalted above all others, able to act on his whims, without any consideration of laws or protocol. I have been writing about what an idiot he is for years, and he keeps getting elected. People clearly get what they deserve. Well, it looks like his reign is about to come to an end, and not a minute too soon. He is an arrogant, pompous ass. He actually makes De Blasio look good. ( I can’t believe I just wrote that ) He needs to face criminal charges, for the deaths of thousands of senior citizens, that died in nursing homes, because of his utter stupidity and arrogance. Nothing more than another useless POS Democrat.

Stay strong my fellow conservatives, there are glimmers of hope starting to appear all around us. The Democrats are starting to lose their grip as people everywhere are starting to fight back. Be one of those fighters. Take back our freedoms and rights.