Real, genuine movements organized to bring forth positive changes, don’t do it in a super negative manner. Dr. King understood that, he and his movement brought forth real and lasting changes, and Dr. King is widely regarded as an honorable man. He left behind a lasting legacy. Dr. King was not only a civil rights icon, he was first and foremost and American patriot. His strategy is in very sharp contrast to what we are witnessing today.

If this past month has taught us anything, it’s that Black Lives Matter, really don’t give a rip about black lives. The riots, and the full press attacks on the police, have left poor, disadvantaged blacks vulnerable to street thugs and murderous gangs. If Black Lives Matter really cared about black lives, they would have demanded better police protection and an end to gang violence in the inner cities.

Black Lives Matter is nothing more than a strong arm of the Democrat Party. Their goal is to cause chaos and mayhem. Turn this country wrong side out, to stop Donald Trump from being re-elected. They are trying everything in the book to push the President into actions they can call raciest. The goal of the Democrats in this election cycle, is to basically turn this nation into a socialist nation, dispensing with our most precious of all documents, the Constitution and Bill of Rights.

If you look back at the Democrat debates, they were totally up front about what they wanted to do. Everyone was shocked at how far left the proposed policies were. I remember the pundits saying, oh this is just hype to get attention, they will go back to center when the real campaign starts. That turned out to be a gross misjudgment. These folks are dead serious about this transition. Crazy old Joe said as much this past weekend. The women he is considering for his running mate, are as far left crazy as you can get. By the way, they have tracked the donations to Black Lives Matter, and the money is ending up in the hands of the Democrat Party.

Once again, the Democrats are using the poor uneducated blacks in the inner cities to secure an election. After the election, the plight of the inner city blacks will only get worse if the Dems win. The Democrats don’t give a rip about black folks, they never have. Look at their history as slave owners, KKK members, secessionists, Jim Crow laws, segregationists, and deniers of civil rights. Why do you think the Democrats are OK with public schools in the inner cities being in shambles. Having well educated black folk would not bode well for their plans. Ask Leo Terrell, a prominent black civil rights lawyer how he feels about it. Listen to Candace Owen, she gets it, so does Larry Elder, a black talk show host.

If the Democrats are willing to destroy cities, pull down historical statues, and attack the police, that are first line of defense against the criminals for the most vulnerable, what the hell are they willing to do if they gain power? What is this country going to look like. Is it even going to be safe to go about your everyday lives? They will undoubtedly destroy the economy as we know it. They will surely throw open the borders, and let millions of illegals flood into the country, to secure every election into eternity. These people are evil, pure and simple.

If we will lose this battle, it will be because of spineless Republicans, RINOS if you will. The best example of a totally worthless Republican is Lindsay Graham. I wouldn’t trust him for a minute. He talks big when he’s on Sean Hannity’s show, and never follows up. There are plenty more examples of RINOS in Congress and the Senate. Mitt Romney is a total joke. There are so many Republicans that are “wishy washy girlie boys”. Donald Trump is leading by example, showing strength in the face of the opposition, and instead of the Republicans getting behind him, they say things like he’s too harsh, too course, he tweets too much, he’s brash and embarrassing. No, you’re the ones that are embarrassing. If you don’t stand behind the President, you need to turn in your “man cards”. ln the disappointment department, the Republicans just keep on giving. Start counting all of the Republicans that you have heard denouncing the rioting, and the assault on police, and our national monuments. You won’t run out of fingers. That my friend is something you need to remember when your congressman or senator is up for re-election. If they don’t stand up for America, throw the bums out. The Republican party is the only thing standing between the preservation of the Republic and a take over by the socialists.

A note of caution; stock up on ammo before the election. If the Democrats win, the first thing that the Dems will do is choke off the supply of ammunition. Next thing they will do is confiscate fire arms. France was a major supplier of arms to the revolutionaries the first time around, I don’t think you can count on that this time around.




According to Christian teachings, Satan was a very powerful being in the pre-existence. He allegedly had a large following of lesser angels. He got a little to big for his robe and started a war with God. It didn’t end well for Satan, and he was cast out of Heaven, along with his band of ne’er-do-wells. Now, we know from what we see today, that criminals are not the sharpest tools in the box, apparently based on the story of Satan, it’s been that way for quite some time now. I mean, who in their right mind would start a war with God?

When you read between the lines, it’s pretty clear that God had some laws that he expected everyone to follow, Satan didn’t want to obey the laws and became belligerent. Well he lost the battle big time, and his followers were probably having serious remorse for listening to this fool. Bottom line, is that God had a very good police force, and took care of the problem once and for all. Satan was not allowed to set up an autonomous zone in Heaven. If you subscribe to the Christian teachings, apparently the dope is now running around on earth causing all of the problems we are currently having. It’s rumored that he has some very impressive digs in Martha’s Vineyards.

Every major civilization in history has had police forces of one kind or another. It’s the way the government protects itself from being overthrown by the likes of that Satan guy. The governments always require enforcers to keep the peasants in line, and working, so they keep paying taxes. Besides nothing makes you feel better than to have a bunch of knaves tote you around in a gold carriage on their shoulders, and dozens of well armed soldiers marching in columns fore and aft. That my friends has to be the ultimate ego trip.


So here we are in the 1800’s, those Satan types are still running around robbing banks, stealing horses and rustling cattle. I’m pretty sure those cattle rustlers were the MacFarlane’s that immigrated from the Scottish Highlands. One of those bank robbers was my great uncle, and the local sheriff was scared to death of him and shot him in the back while he slept. Back to the point, you just can’t allow those evil doers to run around creating havoc on the local citizens. So as law enforcement always does, they come up with great deterrents like hanging gallows. Then as always crazy judges emerge like Judge Roy Bean, the hanging judge. Then you have that group in the picture above that were the heat in Dodge City, Kansas. I understand they had a pretty narrow focus when it came to lawbreakers. I’m pretty sure if you gathered on the street with signs demanding the sheriff not get paid, you would be relocated to Yuma.


Early in the last century, the government decided that alcohol was not good for the advancement of society, so they banned it. Another example of the government passing a law that they really wasn’t thought through very well. Mankind has been brewing alcohol since the days of Noah, and a lot of folks knew how to do it. Especially the Virginians, and Carolinians. Mankind also has an affinity for alcohol, some more than others. Alcohol and crime sort of go hand in hand, so outlawing it just made a bad situation worse. Enter Elliot Ness, and his band of merry men. These guys played rough to say the least, the Feds gave them license to kick some serious ass, and they did. Back in those days, when the Federal guys showed up, it was show time.


So, here we are in 2020, after probably more than 3,000 years of policing of one sort or another, enforcing government laws, suddenly the Democrat geniuses decide we don’t need them anymore. I’m pretty sure, after 3,000 years of law enforcement, if it wasn’t really necessary, that would have been decided a long time ago. On the contrary, we are not having a shortage of criminal activity. This whole idea is extremely dangerous for everyone, good and bad, rich and poor. I have a message for the Democrats; You can feel free to disband all of the police departments when the Bible prophecy comes true, and Jesus Christ returns to earth, and casts the evil one in the dungeon. You won’t need a single police officer for another 1,000 years. However, my advice for the time being is keep funding the police very generously, if not you will face the wrath of everyday Americans that ain’t going to stand for your bullshit. Wake up morons.





Think about how wonderful the concept is. The people in every corner of this nation elect a person or persons to represent them in the this great system of government. The idea was ( emphasize was ) to have someone speak for you, to convey your ideas, to address your grievances in the great halls of Congress. In essence, help make your lives better. Help make your cities better, and more prosperous. Make sure you are protected from invasions of foreign armies. To help you in your pursuit of life, liberty and happiness. It may have been that way for awhile, but as always, absolute power, produces absolute corruption. It’s a human frailty.

Somewhere along the line, Congressmen and Senators lost sight of the vision of the Founders. Making lives better for the folks back home, doesn’t seem to matter anymore. All that matters are scoring political victories, without any benefit whatsoever to the common man on main street. Our elected representatives are bought and paid for by lobbyist for rich corporations and special interest groups. They go through the motions by holding town halls back home. They’re shit shows, that never have any meaningful results. It’s just more appeasement, to get your votes. People never look at their representatives record of accomplishments, if they did Maxine Waters would have been gone years ago.

The riots you are seeing on the streets right now is really not about race. It’s about the rich getting richer and poor getting poorer. The middle class is shrinking, and elevating yourself into the middle class is getting increasingly harder for young folks. Especially young black folks. These folks are not being oppressed racially, they are being oppressed economically. The Democrats tell them it’s about race to hide the fact that they have failed them. The local leaders have failed them. The lawmakers at the Federal level allowed manufacturing jobs to be moved offshore, effectively killing off millions of middle class jobs. They did that willfully, because they got rich doing it. The leaders at the local levels allowed the unions to dominate public education, which resulted in sub standard schools. They did this because the unions gave them big donations for their campaigns to keep them in power, and within reach of even more public money. The majority of the lawmakers in Washington D.C. are totally worthless twits. Where else could you get a job with a phenomenal salary, and perks beyond belief, with absolutely zero responsibility? They campaign on fixing problems they created, and the voters are stupid enough to buy into the lies. It’s too bizarre to be real, but it is.

Federal lawmakers are part of what the comedian George Carlin, called the “Big Club”. They are not there to do the work of the people, they go there to enrich themselves and play this big game of political checkers. If they can get their guy in the white house, they can pass more crazy laws that have nothing to do with making your lives better. They no longer serve you, they serve the money barons. Both parties are corrupt, the Democrats just happen to carry it to more ridiculous levels, such as weaponizing the FBI and CIA to spy on political opponents. Oh yeah, Nixon did that too. Virtually every judge in the Washington D.C. area is a lefty, and prosecuting a Democrat is a total waste of time. The old Republican establishment didn’t lift a finger to help President Trump for the first two years when they had control of both houses. They hated the fact that an outsider had penetrated their “Big Club” and was challenging the status quo. These worthless morons own the riots that are gripping the nation at the moment. The Democrats are geniuses at creating chaos, and the Republicans are too spineless to mount an effective opposition.

So, we seem to be at the crossroads, where something has to be done to fix this problem once and for all. Black Lives Matter has a solution, but you sure as hell don’t want any part of that. The Democrats have no solutions, they have an old crazy guy in a basement with a Visiting Angel. Who’s going to fix it? How are they going to fix it? I personally don’t see any way possible short of getting rid of every single lawmaker, and starting over fresh. While they’re at it, the whole seventh floor of the F.B.I. needs to be cleared out. The Justice Department needs to be gutted. and the C.I.A. needs to be replaced with new folks.

How about this plan? Everyone in the Federal Government has a time limit, or term limit. If you are in Congress, Eight years, just like the president. Ten year tenure for Bureaucrats. Once you have done your tour of duty, you have to leave civil service and return to the private sector. Lobbyists must be eliminated to clean out the corrupt money influence. Politicians are allowed a reasonable, limited amount money for campaigns, the money must come from private donors, no more corporate donors. No more than 50% of the lawmakers can be professional lawyers. Congress must be made up of an equal amount of ordinary citizens. The most important part; Congress must be non partisan. All congressmen are required to poll their constituency before voting on any bill, and their vote must reflect the desires of their voters, based on certified data. Only the office of President is partisan.

The worrisome part, is that every single thing on this earth has a life span. Nothing is exempt. Everything dies sooner or later including governments. If they don’t die, they go through major changes. One can only hope, if we are on the brink of a major change, it will be for the better. If it isn’t, God help us all. It’s in your hands. Your input is important, let your ideas be heard anyway you can. That is precisely what drives me to write this blog numerous times per week.




If they told you there is a locust plague, you wouldn’t believe it if you didn’t see a single grass hopper now would you? If they told you there was a giant beetle invasion and you didn’t see a single one, you would roll your eyes and say, ” oh yeah, right “. I remember when someone said that on certain day, women should step out of their homes nude for some silly reason, and I made sure I was outside on the particular day, only to be disappointed. I have worked a long career, and been semi retired for years, been in Fraternal organizations, church congregations, and social clubs. In other words, I have been around a lot of people, of all colors and creeds. I have never witnessed racism. So if systemic racism really exists, I’m sure I would have seen at least one example of it.

Wait a minute, I just remembered one racial incident that happened back in 1995. I was running a crew of men in a fabrication shop, on Harbor Island, in Seattle, WA. A very nice looking, will dressed young black man came into my office and applied for a job. I asked him if he had any experience in metal fabrication, and he said no, but wanted to learn. I hired him as an apprentice. I introduced him to the crew ( 100% white guys ) and they all said they would be more than happy to help him learn the trade.

Several weeks went by, and we tried teaching him how to spray paint, tried teaching him how to run several different machines. Everyone was going out of their way to find something he could do. No matter what we tried, he just didn’t seem able to grasp it. Finally, after spending a lot of time with the guy, I had to stop throwing money at a lost cause. I offered him the job of working with the other apprentice doing odd jobs and clean up. He said no and quit.

About two months went by and I got a call from the Washington State Employment folks. They informed my that we were being sued for racial discrimination. I was stunned, and immediately asked for more details. It seems this young black man, that everyone tried to help, was claiming a false discrimination suit. I have to applaud the State Employment folks, they did their investigation and determined it was false, and dismissed the case.

Systemic racism is a giant lie. Systemic racism equals power and money. Jesse Jackson, and Al Sharpton have gotten rich from finding racism around every corner. Louis Farrakhan is another guy that lives off the lie. Now the biggest liars of all are Black Lives Matter, and the Democrats. Think about this, Colin Kaepernick has now embraced Islam, which has a very bad habit of capturing women, and enslaving them as sex slaves. I never hear good ol’ Colin of railing against that. Colin Kaepernick didn’t grow up in the projects, he grew up with adoptive white parents in California. He was never shut out of anything because of his race ( by the way, his mother was white, his father was black ) He was a very successful young athlete, then later became the quarterback for the San Francisco 49ers. There is speculation that the only reason ol’ Colin became an activist, was that everyone was noticing that he was seriously lacking the talent to quarterback a major NFL team. That seems to have shades of using race for gain, does it not?

With all of this glaring like the noon day sun in Phoenix, Nike jumped in with both feet. ( pun intended ) Now numerous other mega corporations are making it known they are on board with Black Lives Matter. I think the reason is clear why the big boys are getting in line. Black Lives Matter has made it quite clear over the past several weeks, they are willing to do anything to have their demands met, even burning and looting your stores if need be. Jesse Jackson would threaten boycotts and other political actions, then meet with the company board members and shake them down. It’s hard to go up against a man of the cloth, even when you know you’re being shafted. Black Lives Matter however is a ” horse of a different color”. BLM has a huge contingency of dumb ass white folks, brainwashed college students. That puts these guys in a totally different category, and nobody as of yet, has figured out how to deal with them.

Another very strange aspect of this phenomenon is that Black Lives Matter is a Marxist organization and makes no secrets about it. They are quite proud of the fact. ANTIFA is also a Marxist group, operating under the guise of anti fascist. ANTIFA are not anti fascists, they are terrorists and anarchists. The Democrat party, is embracing these idiots, thinking they are going to ride this horse to power in 2020. You only need the IQ of a kumquat to realize that BLM will be the dominant force of the Democrat party in the future. You also need to realize that if the Democrats do regain control of the white house, BLM will be influencing every move Joe Biden makes, and it won’t end well. Trust me on this. Your life will become measurably worse. You can kiss the American Dream goodbye.

I briefly mentioned corporate America earlier, these people are disgusting. They are nothing but whores, willing to jump in bed with whoever has the money and power at any given moment. Corporate America loves to spew moral judgements by withholding sponsorships to people they deem unworthy. Saying they don’t agree with the messages. The real truth, is that most of these large corporations are leftist at the core, and they hate conservatives. These same corporations are willing to cozy up with nations that have terrible human rights records, i.e. Communist China. The NBA, and Hollywood Studios, are constantly lecturing us on how we should act, yet both have sold their souls to Communist China, and allow China to dictate how they do business. The bottom line is simple, these people are willing to do anything for money, they live in a world of smoke, mirrors and lies. When you combine the Democrat Party, with BLM, ANTIFA, and Corporate America, the stench is overpowering.




This is where I live. It has been my home for 79 years, as long as I have been on this earth. I have traveled across 30 of the 50 states, and resided for extended periods in four of them. Never cared to be a world traveler, I will most likely die before I get to see all of the USA. I was taught from a young age about the greatness of the USA, and I am still convinced, there is no better place to live on the planet. So, I am thankful to God Almighty every day, that I was born here.

I was never called upon to defend this beautiful country, although I stood ready as long as my selective service card remained valid. I was married at a very young age, began my family right away, so my draft status was pretty much, we don’t need you unless things get really bad. I Lost several of my childhood friends in Viet Nam, that was hard to take. For my entire life, I have loved and revered my wonderful country. I cannot recite the pledge of allegiance while looking at Old Glory without a lump in my throat, and a tear in my eye, for my family, friends, and fellow citizens that paid the ultimate price defending that glorious banner. At my advanced age, I wouldn’t hesitate to pick up my trusty 30/30 carbine and defend my country if it came to that.

I have stood on the Atlantic coast, the Pacific coast, traveled across the Mississippi river by steam train. Stood on the Battleship Arizona Memorial in Pearl Harbor, traveled across South Dakota by motorcycle and viewed Mt. Rushmore. Watched Old Faithful erupt, and watched the sunrise over the east rim of the Grand Canyon. I’ve seen Carlsbad Caverns twice, and traveled across Highway 50 in Nevada ( loneliest road in America ) to see the oldest tree in the world. Stood at the exact center of the USA on one very cold winter day. Walked on the Washington DC mall, and marveled at the Smithsonian Museum. Stood within feet of Enola Gay, the B29 Super Fortress that dropped the atom bomb on Japan. I was at Cape Canaveral and saw the space shuttle Challenger on the launch pad, just days before the fateful flight. I’ve stood in the rotunda of the US Capitol building, and was awe struck by the size of the Lincoln Memorial. I have driven across the Continental Divide five times, on the famous Rt. 66. I traveled across the upper USA on a blue highway trip, retracing the route taken by William Least Heat-Moon. Stood with my daughters in a Kansas Wheat field at the base of a creaky old windmill, we were the only human beings for hundreds of miles. I have stood in the ruts from the covered wagons, on the Oregon Trail, and been in the L.D.S. Temple in Salt Lake City. I am hopelessly in love with the United States of America.

It is breaking my heart, and causing me great angst to watch people disrespecting this great nation by burning cities, and looting businesses, and destroying national monuments. It infuriates me to watch the Democrats aid and abet this behavior for no other reason than for political gain. This is my home, it is the home of millions of other Americans that feel the same way I do. These poor fools are nothing more that illiterate human beings, that are the victims of greedy politicians and labor unions that have prevented these people from getting a proper education. The Democrats have gutted the inner cities, lining their own pockets while creating an illiterate sub culture of street thugs. I am feeling sad for my country, but at the same time, I feel sad that these poor souls never got to experience the greatness of this nation. They have no idea of anything that goes on outside the city limits. They are clamoring for reparations for slavery, yet they continue to be enslaved by the Democrat Party, and have been since the 1960’s. The whole damn scene is maddening. It’s almost more than a person can bear to watch.

People, this great nation is amazing, the Founding Fathers were amazing. The leaders of this nation made some serious mistakes in the beginning, when it came to civil rights, but remember it was a different age, people had much different ideas, and had few bench marks to go by. We have gotten way better at this civil rights thing, and we will continue to progress as time goes by. This is precisely why our history is so important to preserve. Those bench marks are priceless reminders why we need to be better people, and treat each other with more love and respect.




Allow me to begin this blog with an experience that I had yesterday. I have a friend that is a regular reader of my blog, and after reading my last blog entitled ” Is it sinking in yet?” confronted me via email accusing me of causing racial division with my blogs. No, I simply report on what I see, and offer my opinion on what I see. I have been diligently searching for evidence of conservatives burning and looting and destroying national monuments, but to my dismay have not been able to identify a single one. The people perpetrating this violence are of all races, the common denominator is they are leftist. That my friends is not racist, its facts.

Barrack Hussein Obama, first black President, and the first President in the history of this nation that I can recall that openly disparaged law enforcement officers. It didn’t take him long start the downward spiral of respect for the police. It started with his interference with the police action involving a black professor in Cambridge, Mass.

It seems the professor was locked out of his own house, and while attempting to break into his own house, the police arrested him on suspicion of burglary. It was obviously a mistake, but Barrack just had to weigh in from the bully pulpit, and decry the police as acting stupidly, along with hinting that race may have played a part in the arrest. Had Barrack Hussein not gotten involved, the problem would have been resolved, no harm no foul. But in an effort to embarrass the Cambridge Police even more Barrack Hussein arranged a “Beer Summit” with the Cambridge Police which drew national attention. That was his first salvo at the police, many more followed.

Barrack Hussein said in a presser, that he thought the military style clothing and vehicles were visually inflammatory, and the police should refrain from dressing in such a manner. Call me crazy, but I’m pretty sure that heavy clothing and armor was born out of necessity. In the eight years that Barrack Hussein served as president he, and his so called “wing man” Eric Holder, did a huge amount of damage to police / community relations in minority neighborhoods.

The big event that took place in Ferguson, Missouri when Michael Brown was shot and killed by Darren Wilson, a Ferguson police officer, it was a cataclysmic event that spawned Black Lives Matter. The real events that took place that day, were overshadowed by a virtual cascade of lies told by multiple witnesses. The truth finally came out, that Darren Wilson was attacked by Michael Brown, and a fight ensued with Brown trying to wrestle Wilson’s gun away from him. It of course ended with Brown being shot to death. Witnesses lied, saying Brown had his hands in the air saying, “don’t shoot”. Thankfully, an eye witness debunked that lie, and Darren Wilson was exonerated. However, Barrack Hussein dispatched his ” wing man ” to make sure justice was served, instead of letting the locals take care of the problem. Barrack made it clear, he didn’t trust the white folks to do what was right.

Now add Baltimore and Freddie Gray to the mix, and even more hatred is spawned for white police officers. Like Ferguson, it turns out that the police officers were innocent. But all of the hoopla generated by these two events did very serious damage to being able to function as a police officer in black communities. What resulted was what is called the ” Ferguson Effect. ” Police officers simply didn’t respond to calls in the bad neighborhoods knowing that it could mean their jobs, or their lives. Because of that, a lot of innocent folks died at the hands of street thugs.

So, here we are today, utter chaos in the streets of many large cities, and the police are standing down at the orders of the City Officials, while criminals destroy everything in sight. The Democrats and far left crazies are advocating the elimination of police departments, saying they can police their own communities. You only need the I.Q. of a house cat to know that’s going to be a disaster, besides being totally illegal.

Folks, there is more to this than meets the eye. These street thugs are acting at the behest of the Democrat Party, to cause mayhem, confusion and general disruption of society. They are doing this for one reason, because they are running an old tired war horse with dementia against the vibrant hard working incumbent President. They know that on a level playing field, Biden doesn’t stand a chance. Their only hope is turn this nation wrong side out and upside down, in an effort to defeat Donald Trump. If a political party is willing to inflict such pain on innocent folks to win an election, they are scumbags, pure and simple. They need to be sent packing in November.



When the mobs started destroying statues, Black Lives Matter claimed they just wanted all images of the Confederacy gone forever. That was a lie. A bold faced lie. It’s now obvious that they want all statues of Historical figures destroyed because they were white men. They don’t want to see a statue of a white man anywhere. Next it’s going to be portraits, which like the statues, are the property of the people of the United States of America and it’s our decision whether they go or stay, not the mob’s.

Recently nutty Nancy said she wanted to take down all pictures of former speakers of the house, that were members of the Confederacy. That is not her decision, those pictures belong to us. the citizens of the United States, she needs to keep her bony old witch claws off of them. Side note: they are all Democrats.

Next it’s going to be the destruction of history books, and rewriting them, showing the white race as raciest devils, hell bent on the destruction of all indigenous people. Black Lives Matter leader Shaun King has said that “all murals and stained glass windows of a white Jesus, and his European Mother, and their white friends should also come down”. Adding ” they are a gross form of white supremacy”.

The silence of the Republican Party is deafening. The only one speaking up is the President, and a handful of others. Our leaders…. you know the ones that are supposed to be looking out for everyone? They seem to be paralyzed by the mobs, which in actuality only represent a small minority of the population. Our elected leaders are failing us on virtually every front. The United States is a Constitutional Republic, which means the majority rules, period. A small group of thugs don’t get to remake our nation because they don’t like being the minority. Sorry folks, that’s not the way it works. If these folks don’t like being the minority, there are places in the world they could relocate to, where they could be in the majority. I strongly recommend they do that, it would be highly educational.

I have visited this topic several times in my four years of producing blogs, but I think it’s time to revisit it. This land that we now call the USA, was once inhabited by people that were semi nomadic and tribal. They were an ancient race of hunters and gatherers. They were not builders, they were not engineers, they were not sailors, they didn’t aspire to create infrastructure, and sophisticated governments. They were happy to live off the land. Only one tribe had an established alphabet, and written word. Sequoyah of the Cherokee tribe is the only person known to have invented an entire alphabet. This is not meant to disparage the Native Americans, that’s who they were. The Europeans in contrast were builders, engineers, sailors and adventurers. They wanted to explore the world and plant the flag of their nation on foreign lands to expand their power. That was simply the mind set of the day. It was a young world, everything was up for grabs, and strength prevailed. Do you really think a rich and bountiful land that is now known as the USA, was going to become a large hunting and fishing resort? Think about this, the college professors, teaching in prestigious universities, living in luxury with a six to seven figure salary, tenured for life, living in absolute comfort, is brainwashing his students on the evils of colonialism. That my friend is the height of hypocrisy. Colleges and Universities are cancers that are being allowed to live in democracy, and like cancer it’s goal is to kill the host. If these college professors were as smart as they think they are, they would realize the first people to be eliminated in a socialist take over are the educators. If you don’t believe me, study the history of Lenin and Stalin, and every other socialist revolution.

What we are witnessing is the left using race as a facade, to upend everything this nation stands for. To do that, they have to dethrone the power structure, that is managed for the most part by the white folks. The reason whites are in power is not some sinister scheme to keep people of color down, whites make up 73% of the population, and are the most highly educated. It’s what happens under those circumstances, it’s simply a natural occurrence based on numbers. It’s what happens in a Republic where the majority rules. It’s what happens when leaders are selected by their abilities and educational backgrounds, and not the color of their skin.

Make no mistake about what is happening right now. The left wing rich white elitists, are making a push to take over the government of the United States of America. The thugs in the streets are their foot soldiers. Their goal is a one party system. If they are successful, when the smoke clears, and all of history is erased, and freedom as we know it is gone forever, the valiant street fighters that helped usher in the change, will be doomed to live in abject poverty forever. The rich white elitist they supported, will cast them back into monetary slavery, and will never allow them to rise again. After all, who knows their potential for violence better than those who used it to gain power. I not only fear for what will potentially happen to white America, but black America as well. There are a lot of good, God fearing blacks that are going to be hurt very badly in this, if it is not stopped.

The irony, is that the street fighters, burning, looting, tearing down statues, are being paid and urged on by rich white people and are too stupid to realize they are being played, and will be disposed of in the end. That’s the price of stupidity. They are in essence, poor ignorant, brainwashed automatons. The only ones that reaped rewards from the Cuban Revolution were the Castro brothers. All others, were cast into poverty, and became property of the State. That’s why they kill the educators, and former government officials. To preserve the movement, everyone has to be 100% indoctrinated. Stalin killed and estimated 20 million soviets that he deemed to be dissidents. Nobody actually knows how many Castro killed after this takeover. Every socialist takeover is marked by mass killings to eliminate the threat of an uprising against the new government. These street thugs are playing a deadly game in which they can’t win.

You must realize this is being perpetrated by the Democrat Party. They are traitors, every last one. They must be driven back and not allowed to destroy this great nation in the quest for power. They are willing to do whatever it takes, even a full blown revolution to gain and keep political power. Do not let that happen for the sake of your progeny. Preserve this great nation for generations to come. This is a very serious and dangerous time in this nation’s history. We need a strong man to stand up to these threats. Donald Trump is ready and willing to take on the task. He also needs the House and Senate to back him up. Do your part to save this great country.



The underpinnings of the Grand Old Republic are showing signs of failure, and need to be shored up quickly, with strong new measures. The left has been chipping away with small hammers and picks for years, but now they have brought in a full blown demolition crew.

You really have to give the Democrats credit for being able to quickly respond to the fake pandemic, and the murder of George Floyd by a deranged cop. These two totally unrelated events, were an absolute Godsend to the leftist agenda, to upend the economy and prevent Trump from being reelected.

China set the stage for worldwide panic, by the brutal tactics they were using on their citizens. Everyone jumped to conclusions that this virus must be from the bowels of hell. When in actuality, it’s no worse than than H1-N1 that occurred during the Obama years. It may be more contagious, but it certainly doesn’t appear to be more lethal. This was phase one of the plot against Donald Trump. China wants Trump out of office just as bad as the Democrats do. China played the panic card, and then allowed it’s citizens to fan out all around the world. China knew once the viral infections exploded, the world would likely react the same way they did, why not, they had the WHO spreading propaganda on their behalf. WHO was saying China acted swiftly and decisively, putting the virus down and everyone should follow suit. This was China’s plan, to stymie the world economy, and ruin Trump’s chance for reelection.

When the President put his Covid team together, he couldn’t have picked a worse member than Anthony Fauci, who was far too cozy with the World Health Organization, and heavily influenced by them. President Trump became boxed in by Fauci’s supposedly expert dialog. If Trump went against Fauci’s recommendations, or simply removed him from the team, it would have been a political firestorm. In hindsight, it may have well been worth it, because the Democrats took full advantage of the situation and rallied their blue state governors to shut everything down. Make no mistake, this was a 100% politically based move to cause a recession. The plan damaged the economy to some degree, but far less than the Democrats had hoped for. Voters need to remember in November, how the Democrats were willing to ruin everyday peoples lives to achieve a political victory. They have no love for the working folks, regardless of what they say on the podium. It’s all for the party friends. If you get ran over by the party wagon…… that’s life.

Phase two: Mobilization of Black Lives Matter. This is the strong arm of the Democrat party, augmented by the wimpy little white kids of ANTIFA, that grew up unloved, unwanted, and ugly. I’m serious, have you seen these people without masks? They look like something from a Mad Max movie, or serfs from the dark ages. They run in packs like stray dogs. BLM was handed a gift of unimaginable value when George Floyd was murdered in plain view. No one could deny the horror of that moment. Black Lives Matter has been beating the drum of Police brutality and the wanton killing of black people by Police for a few years now. Even though that is not factually accurate, it doesn’t matter anymore, you saw it with your own eyes, facts be damned. Black Lives Matter, just became a political nuclear power. If you don’t bow to their demands, they will burn your city, and steal you stuff. Sorta like a modern day version of the Vikings.

If you think this is really about the importance of black lives, you couldn’t be more wrong. This is about wrenching the power away from the white establishment, and intimidating law enforcement across the USA. This is all about the Democrat Party and it’s final push to transform America into something that you will not recognize. This is about nullifying the Constitution and Bill of Rights. This about disarming the white community, and taking the power away from the majority, and handing it to the minorities. If this was really about black lives, they would start by reforming their own communities with better schools, and encouraging people to live peacefully, and stop killing each other. They would educate youngsters to have families, and seek religion to strengthen their families. They would work to eradicate the gangsta culture. They would seek higher education and training for high paying trades jobs. The Democrat party created this monster, and now they are unleashing for the purposes of a power grab.

I want you to consider what I am about to say. This is not factual, it is my gut feelings, and I have a pretty good track record of calling these events correctly. Consider what is up for grabs here. This is a huge prize for the taking, bigger than anything I have seen in my lifetime. There is something seriously strange about the George Floyd murder. Did you see the FBI carrying out bags of evidence out of Derek Chauvin’s house? Who is this guy and what is his past? He killed George Floyd in broad daylight in front of dozens of witnesses, in a totally casual manner. Does that not seem strange to you? Was George Floyd a sacrificial lamb to achieve the goals of the Black Lives Matter movement? They had George Floyd in the cruiser at one point as I understand it, then took him out and put him on the ground, while still handcuffed. I’m sorry, but this whole thing has a very bad odor. We have all seen how the court system is being manipulated lately by crooked judges. Could it be that a deal was struck with Derek Chauvin, that they would make sure he was taken care of, if he killed George Floyd, in order to set the wheels in motion for the take over? Probably wouldn’t have been hard to convince him to do the deed, he didn’t like George Floyd, and there could have been a very large sum of money up for grabs. It seems strange to me that no one seems interested in pursuing the details of this. Think about this, and try to find anything that seems remotely normal. I cannot. Another thing to consider, none of the events of the past two weeks would have been possible without the death of George Floyd. They needed a very dramatic flash point.

The genie is out of the bottle, I’m not sure anyone can get him back inside and cork it. Did you ever think the Democrat party would have taken things to this level? Whether you like it or not, whether you agree or not, this is full blown insurrection, cloaked in a racial disguise. Wake up, before it’s too late.


Maybe, if the FBI became more interested in what is happening in our cities and towns, and less interested in Donald Trump, they could find out who is really behind the mayhem. What would J. Edgar do?



The recent riots looked pretty much like riots past, with a slightly different flavor. The black rioters had white allies. ANTIFA is now allied with BLACK LIVES MATTER, an unholy alliance if ever there was one. ANTIFA isn’t exactly a grievance group, they just hate government and want to wreak havoc, and joining with BLM gives them a little more legitimacy. I don’t know for sure, but I would guess that ANTIFA was spawned in some degree by the Anarchists that were centered in Eugene, Oregon back in the 90’s.

The continued theme, which was enhanced by Barrack and Eric, is police brutality. Barrack hated the military look of the police in riot gear, and the military looking vehicles. He said that more than once. But like anything that’s simply not true, if they say it enough times, everyone thinks it must be true, why else would they keep repeating it. Well, most Americans are not liars, they take what their leaders say at face value. That’s a very big mistake, because we have all learned that Democrats are liars to the Nth degree.

So, because Mr. Floyd died in such a horrific manner, in broad daylight, at the hands of a white cop, it lent credence to their words like nothing else could. And we were off to the races. ( no pun intended ) Suddenly, Colin Kapernick was back on top, and destined to be a starting quarterback, for a yet unnamed NFL team. I mean, how could anyone refuse ol’ Colin now? As a matter of fact we may even see Drew Brees on his knees. Most importantly, Nike is now vindicated for naming good ol’ Colin as their spokesperson. Don’t you think it’s interesting that Nike chose to focus on 13% of the population? I’ve seen a lot of white folks wearing Nike gear. Speaking for myself, I wouldn’t be caught dead wearing Nike’s.

So, the narrative that Colin Kapernick brought to the forefront, that of police brutality, is now bigger than anyone could have imagined. Probably because no one believed it. But now they do, they saw it with their own eyes. Albeit one whacked out lunatic. But what is harder to believe, is the demand to disband, or defund the police, and it’s now growing very fast. Almost the entire Democrat party is all over this new idea. This is in fact an insane idea, which if actually implemented would result in total chaos, and death. No sane person would ever consider eliminating the protection from the ever present criminal elements.

So, are they really serious, or is something else going on? They never tell the truth. You saw how they planned this no bail thing, so the rioters could be released to continue creating mayhem. This is also, likely a plan, with a predetermined outcome. The police unions contribute millions of dollars to the Democrat party, why would they throw that away? I doubt that they are serious about disbanding the police departments, they simply want to transform them into very leftist organizations. Police departments that are another arm if you will, of the Democrat party. They want total say so in how the police operate. So, if you are a middle class white person, living in a nice part of town, don’t look for the same quick service by your new all black police department. That level of police protection will be considered white privilege, a Minneapolis city councilwoman said as much today in an interview with CNN.

Make no mistake about what is going on here. They want to beat the white majority into submission once and for all. If you are white, they don’t want you to hold any position of power that could be used against blacks, deserved or not. Don’t blame me for fanning the flames of racism, I’m not saying this stuff, they are. I am simply repeating their own words. They have forced white mayors, teachers, police officers, and even a lone woman on the street to bow down and pledge allegiance to their cause. This is an all out push to wrest the power from the majority, and put it in the hands of the minority. This is, in a sense, the biggest transfer of wealth ever.

The blacks are making a huge mistake. They are playing a game with folks 1000 times smarter, and super rich. The blacks are just the foot soldiers of the super rich. This will be the end result. When the super rich have completed the destruction of the middle class, they will rule the blacks with an iron fist. The blacks will suffer domination like never before. The rich are not going to allow anyone to destroy their domain. The blacks will live with a jackboot on their neck. The Democrats bought the blacks when they passed the “War on Poverty” bill. They have convinced the black population that they are unable to take care of themselves and must rely on the government. Again, don’t blame me for saying this, these words are constantly uttered by black people that have awoken to this fact. You can read their words for yourselves if you care to. Read the writings of Bob Woodson, Shelby Steele, Thomas Sowell, or Deroy Murdock.

What will raise the black population to heights they never dreamed of, is proper education, a structured family life, adherence to the laws of man and God. Seeking the joys of entrepreneurial life, building their wealth with their own sweat, not relying on someone else for their welfare. The black community will become a major power broker, and it can happen quickly. The black community has tremendous talent that is being wasted, waiting on handouts from the Democrats.

In closing, I heard a comment today that confirmed what I have suspected for a very long time. Look for my report on that in a few days. Pay very close attention to what is actually happening, not what they say is happening. The truth is there, look for it.



We have been witnessing a whole lot of hate goin’ on lately. The riots we have watched on TV over the past week or so were the by product of immense hate. Both sides of the political factions are pointing fingers at each other saying ” it’s your fault, for doing this or that wrong ” The term racism that is being thrown around with little regard, is really just another word for hate. It has been overused to the point that it is almost meaningless now. I’m sure you have heard the phrase; if everyone’s raciest then no one’s raciest.

Before I get started, let me make one thing clear, I am not a psychologist, I’m not a sociologist, I’m an old retired ironworker, with a passion for writing. I don’t have a degree in journalism either. In the absence of all of those things I have learned one hell of a lot in my 79 years on this earth just observing people and the stupid acts they commit. One glaring fault I have seen in common folks, is the the lack of common sense and an over abundance of emotions. Over emotional people almost always find themselves in trouble when emotions overshadow common sense.

Hate just happens to be one of the most powerful emotions in the mix of other paralyzing emotions. We are not born with hate, or are we? Is it a standard emotion that we come equipped with like fear, and sadness? It may be that we are born with this emotion, and it requires something to ignite it. Either through personal experience or planted in our brain through vicarious means, such as printed or visual materials. I can tell you that hate can be caused by printed images, allow me to explain.

I was born in 1941, a few months before the attack on Pearl Harbor. America’s response was a declaration of war. By the time I was four years old, I could read fairly well thanks to two sweet older sisters. Our enemies, the Japanese, Germans, and Italians were portrayed in cartoons, and given names like Japs, Krauts, and Wops. As a child I was taught to hate these people because they were our enemies, and were killing our soldiers. My dear Uncle was a medic, and killed on the last day of the war by an Italian sniper. Those bad images stayed in my head for years. I won’t lie to you and tell you they completely went away, they didn’t. Those images were implanted in my brain by printed media, and conversations I overheard between adults.

I grew up in eastern Oklahoma, close to the Arkansas and Missouri borders. Racism was cold, hard, fact, period. I was exposed to it every single day of my life in one way or another. The infamous Tulsa race riots happened just a few years before my birth. The emotions from that unfortunate incident took awhile to go away. My parents were definitely prejudiced against blacks, I think in large part due to that race war. But something amazing happened in my life that saved me from that hate. I met Mr. and Mrs. Freeman. I never knew them by any other name. Believe it or not, they were friends of my parents, and they were black folk. Years before my Father had worked with Mr. Freeman and they had become good friends. Mr. and Mrs. Freeman visited my parents a few times when I was young, and it was always a joy. Mrs. Freeman was a sweet lady, she would sit in the rocking chair with me on her lap, and sing softly while she rocked. I never forgot those moments, and the memories of those wonderful people.

Later in life when I moved to Southern California with my family as a very young man, we lived in small town in the East San Gabriel valley. My mother-in-law worked as a house keeper at the City of Hope. She met a young black doctor that had a private practice in our town. He became our family physician. Dr. John Corbin, was not only our doctor, but our dear friend. He loved fast cars just like we did, and we hung out at the drag races on Wednesday nights. He drove a really cool Buick Gran Sport. I had nothing but the utmost respect for Dr. Corbin, he took care of my family for several years.

Hate can be controlled, it doesn’t have to consume your thoughts. Stopping racial hatred begins with you. You can’t force the entire population to somehow magically quit hating people of other races, through some sort of government regulation or law. The riots of this past week did nothing to stop racial hatred, in fact they made it worse. Now a vast segment of the population views young blacks as crazed looters hell bent on destruction. The statements I just made apply to both blacks and whites and all races. You don’t have to be a Phi Beta Kappa to see the hate in the actions of the black rioters and looters. They clearly hate whites, and institutions they perceive as white. This rhetoric that only whites can be racist is ludicrous.

Watch one of the most astute people on this issue, that calls it like it is. Ms.Candice Owens. see link below.

She is getting huge blow back from the black grievance groups that profit from racism, for speaking the truth. But the truth always prevails. Only seek the truth, lies are what spreads racism and hatred. In closing, I come in contact with a lot of people in my life, have known many more. I can truthfully say that I have never encountered this so called systemic racism the left keeps talking about. It is nothing more than another lie to turn people against each other for political gain. Did you see any systemic racism while folks of all colors went about saving their fellow citizens in the aftermath of Hurricane Harvey? Didn’t think so. It’s all bull crap people.