I have been researching some numbers regarding how people die for a couple of days in preparation for this blog. Tucker Carlson beat me to the punch tonight on his show. But, I’m not going to be discouraged because I think it’s important to think about it.

The numbers that you will see shortly are roughly the same year after year. They vary based on how society behaves in regards to each category. Why this is more important than usual right now, is because we have shuttered our economy and social activities based on a virus that is killing a lot of our citizens. Why this matters is obvious, it is going to be very, very costly in terms of jobs, businesses, and families suffering great financial hardship. The question is also obvious…..was it worth it? You can decide for yourselves.

It is now projected based on the latest information, that about 60-75,000 people will die from COVID-19. These latest numbers are based on our experience with what we have seen, not on models that were constructed using projections based on theory, and conjecture. This new number is without question, much lower due the very extreme restrictions on how people went about their daily lives.

Here is the part that baffles me. Alcohol and drug overdoses kill about 160,000 people per year, pretty consistently. That’s over twice the amount we expect to die from COVID-19. So where is the panic, where is the outrage? Apparently everyone seems to accept these deaths as ” no big deal “, or is there some other reason here? Are the alcoholics and drug users not considered worth saving? Seems that maybe there is a little self righteousness afoot here. Why aren’t these folks as important as the victims of a pandemic. Seems to me like alcohol and drugs are pretty close to a pandemic. Could it be those addicted to these drugs have to pay heavy taxes on them? It’s very obvious that legalization of marijuana had very much to do with the revenue to the states. How do I know this, because the State of Oregon and Washington, were so excited about the new stream of revenue, they didn’t even have the the regulatory laws fully in place before allowing the sale of pot. That’s another story for another day.

In 2018, 40,000 people were killed in auto crashes, and another 4.5 million were seriously injured. How many of those accidents were caused in part from drug and alcohol usage?

Maybe, the general attitude is, that these people are doing this harm to themselves, and the victims of COVID-19 are totally innocent victims. Maybe that’s why there isn’t an urgent rush to save the substance abusers from their own misdeeds. So, one can only surmise that your lifestyle, determines how important your life is.

Here is another twist in this whole thing that is becoming apparent. A great percentage of the folks dying from COVID-19 are morbidly obese, with all of the other factors that go with that condition, such as hypertension, and diabetes. You can yell and scream at me all you want, but obesity is caused by one thing, and one thing only. Over eating. These folks are addicted to food, just the same as an alcoholic, or methamphetamine user, is addicted to their drug of choice. It may sound cruel, but I once had a friend that made this point by saying, ” there aren’t any fat people in concentration camps “.

So, how many folks are dying from food addiction every year? I don’t think anyone actually knows. The reason nobody knows, is that if you did such a study, you would probably be banished to some desert island for body shaming. It’s politically incorrect to even suggest such a thing. If you call somebody fat on Face Book, you’ll be banned, ask my wife.

So, here we are, we have literally shut down the entire United States, because we will end up losing about the same number of folks to COVID-19 as we did last year to the everyday ” run of the mill ” influenza. You can easily make the case that COVID was way more contagious, and I would concur. However, now that we understand that, my little pea brain says OK, we go back to work with some very unusual measures, like wearing masks, gloves, and stay out of each others faces.

I think you have probably figured out by now, that I think this was a little over the top in the response, maybe not. Time will tell. But there is one glaring message that comes from all of this. It matters how you die, whether your fellow citizens think you’re worth saving or not. Sometimes life is just plain cruel and unjust. It’s not likely to change based on the history I’m looking at.





I was right


Keep in mind, most of what you read in my blogs are just my opinions, based on what I see and hear. I see and hear a lot, so I just kind of pick and choose what sounds like truth, and omit what I think are lies. So you will probably rarely ever hear me repeat anything from the lame stream media, or any of the major newspapers which are also filled with lies. However, when I am writing about something that is actually factual, I do my research and try to get it as right as possible. You always have the option of calling me out, if you think I misrepresented something. I welcome that.

THE NUMBERS GAME: I live in Oregon, where the Chinese Virus seems to be pretty much in control. The reason is pretty simple really, all of those areas where the virus is on a rampage are places that people are interested in seeing and being there, because of the activities and excitement. That’s not Oregon. People come to Oregon to hike in the woods, ski, and paddle around in kayaks. So when the governor closed everything down, that pretty much happened in about 45 minutes. This is the time of the year when most Oregonians are holed up in their houses anyway, the weather hasn’t made it transition to spring yet when the rain gets warmer.

I don’t think the summer is going to be any big deal anyway, I think the virus is going to kill most everything that we do for fun, allow me to explain. The virus seems to infect about 3 in one thousand give or take. So any large sporting event, with, say an attendance of 30,000 will have about 90 infected folks in attendance. Each one of those folks will infect perhaps 4 other folks in their proximity. Now, 360 folks are infected. Those 360 folks perhaps infect two or three more, now you have possibly over a thousand folks infected. As you can see, the numbers grow very quickly. So, unless this virus is completely under control by June, I’m thinking it’s going to be a pretty damned boring summer kids. You probably should take up Kayaking, and forget about MLB and Nascar.

BETO O’ ROURKE: I was looking through my photo files yesterday and saw him and Willie Nelson together. I hope and pray, this guy opens up a chain of pot shops, and disappears forever from the political spectrum. God help us if this moron every gets in position of power. He could name his chain of pot shops, the New Green Deal. 

 2020 ELECTIONS: I could be wrong ( that wouldn’t be unusual ) but I’m pretty sure the President will be re-elected for a second term. But holy cow, will the Republicans please mount an all out offensive to take back the House of Representatives! I can’t take another two years of that bunch of insane Democrats, being lead by the “bat shit crazy Pelosi. I’m not sure who is more incoherent, her or “crazy uncle Joe”.  Every time they blink their eyes, they wake up in a new world. Then there’s Adam, what a piece of work this guy is. Adam Shiff reminds me of the back street lawyers you see in the movies. The ones the bad guys go to see to get something “fixed”. He’s always sitting in a small dark office wearing a cheap suit, with a cigarette burning in an ash tray. Yep, that’s Adam.

GOVERNOR CUOMO:  Can this guy talk without whining? I can’t take him seriously, he just whines and whines. His theme song is Poor, Poor, Pitiful Me. He wouldn’t exactly win the award for being a forward thinker either.

” CRYIN’ ” CHUCK SCHUMER:  I’m going out on a limb here, but I’m pretty sure he is the only Senate Minority leader to ever publicly threaten not one, but two sitting Supreme Court Justices simultaneously. This just happens to be a serious crime. If you did it, you would be reading my blog in your jail cell. By the way, you probably noticed that Democrats don’t go the jail, or get charged with crimes, only Republicans do. If Hillary had been a Republican, she would be in Rikers right now.

THE LARGEST EXAMPLE OF “SCREW YOU” IN THE HISTORY OF THE WORLD: The Chinese Communist leaders, allowing thousands of  COVID-19 positive Chinese citizens to fan out all around the world, taking the lives of hundreds of thousands of innocent people, and wrecking the world economy. Will they ever have to face any retribution for this? Sure, when Hillary pays for the crap she’s done, which will be never.

Think about those rotten commies in Beijing, while you’re stuck in your homes, watching your 401K go down the drain with your savings while you try to keep food on the table for your family. Think about those commie assholes that are responsible for your fellow Americans dying a horrible death from this crap. Think about the greedy corporations and politicians that allowed our industries to be relocated and controlled by the rotten commies. Think about the rotten commies that have threatened to cut off our medical supplies during these horrible times. There are only a few politicians with the balls to stand up to the rotten commies and bring our industries back home, and cut ties with China. Not a single one of them have a D behind their names. Don’t forget this in November.   



trump on tank



The three branches of government, although each charged with a different task, only have one end goal. That goal is to uphold the Constitution in everything they do. If all of their actions, are done with that pure intent, they will fulfill the measure of their given duties. The Constitution and the Bill of Rights, in a secular sense, are the holy scriptures of freedom. They were clearly written with the inspiration of God.

The intent of the framers, was to guarantee that all Americans would be able to live their lives in freedom, able to follow their dreams and ambitions in the absence of tyranny. When people are free to create, and to recreate, live in the manner which they choose, they achieve great things. Americans have lead the world in development of medicine, vehicular travel, industrial innovations, electronics, on and on. This greatness is based on our freedom to be ourselves.

America was primarily an agricultural based economy until the early 1900’s, then the airplane and the automobile were invented. In my opinion, these two machines set the stage for a virtual explosion of industry, and innovations like the world had never seen before. It happened in America, not by accident, it happened in the birthplace of freedom. It happened where men were able to follow their dreams. America, where your ideas belong to you, not the state. You own your destiny, be it good or bad.

Something started happening to our American Dream in recent history. It came under attack by political activists. These activists don’t believe all of this freedom is necessarily good. They really believe your actions need to be regulated more. What you’re doing may not be the best thing for the rest of mankind, so maybe they need to outlaw your activities completely. Then perhaps if you have a really good legal team, and a very large sum of money, you can continue but only under their guidelines.

However, it has become obvious in the past few years, that even though your company may be doing offensive things as they relate to our freedoms, if your company subscribes to the correct ideology they will look the other way. That would be all of the social media platforms. Another important factor I left out, was these rich and powerful people also throw a ton of money around D.C. buying influence. Basically, what has happened, is that politicians spend a huge amount of their time and energy trying to make the big money donors happy, while they ignore the everyday Americans.

This takes place in plain sight, they don’t seem to care. When Donald Trump was elected to office, he had a Republican controlled house for the first two years. The old school Republican establishment people did not want him upsetting the apple cart, so they were happy to join the Democrats in the so called ” resistance “. Paul Ryan was not going to cooperate with President Trump, not even for a minute. They had ample time to come up with a decent replacement for Obama Care. Paul Ryan only mounted a half ass attempt, it was pathetic. Paul Ryan is a disgrace to the Republican Party. He literally wasted the first two years of this administration’s chance to make monumental gains in all areas.

So, what you are looking at for the most part, is a group of people who really have no connection to the precious documents written by our great forefathers, the founders of the United States of America. For the most part the Democrat party and some Republicans don’t see these documents as being relevant in this day in age.  I’m telling you right now, these documents are as important as ever, maybe even more so, in the year 2020. Our personal freedoms are under attack today, more than ever. The Democrats are using the COVID-19 disaster to strip you of even more of your freedoms. The Police Chief of Seattle, Washington is urging you to snitch on your neighbor if you hear them making raciest statements. Democrat governors are using this opportunity to close gun stores, and levy super high taxes on guns and ammunition. They are using the crisis to release prisoners back into the public, and telling police to quit making arrests. Governor Cuomo made the statement today that the thinks the United States will be changed forever. That’s what Cuoma wants, that’s not what America wants. This is a dangerous person.

If you haven’t figured it out yet, what you have in Washington D.C., are people that are there for their own personal agendas, whatever they may be. They are not there to govern according to the Constitution. They are not there to represent you, they are there to represent themselves and their particular special interest group.

There are some members of the House and Senate that are truly great statesmen. They shined in the recent impeachment trial. Sadly, they are becoming a minority.

Remember this, remember it always, activists are not constitutionalists. Activists govern by emotion not law. Activists govern by polling data. Activists become dictators. Activists are extremely dangerous to your freedom. If you want a perfect example to examine, so you will know what to look for, watch and listen to Nancy Pelosi, Adam Schiff, Jerry Nadler, Alexandria O. Cortez, and the squad. These people are so far removed from Constitutional behavior, I can’t believe it. All of them are the epitome of buffoonery.

These are the people that have allowed our precious pharmaceutical industry to migrate to China and leave us dependent on a hostile Communist regime for our medicines. These are the people that have allowed our once great infrastructure to become, broken and obsolete. These are people that have allowed our borders to be overrun by illegal aliens, driving down wages for working folks. These are the people that allow tech workers to immigrate here on special visas and take jobs from American citizens. These are the people that have let our educational system deteriorate, and turn out students that can barely read and write. These people don’t even like you, they think you’re stupid. They could give a rip less if your community is being ravaged by opioids, and illegal drugs. They’ve never been to your town, they don’t want to come to your town. If you don’t live in a major coastal city, you don’t matter.

Wake up America, dust off the Constitution, and make these fools follow it to the letter. Save your freedom, and freedom for your progeny. There is a guy in Washington that loves you and wants to keep you free, his initials are DJT. He’s freedoms warrior, like  precious few that came before him.


bill of rights


B-52s in mothballs


Over the past thirty years, China has been slowly absorbing a vast amount of the world industries, by offering greedy corporations super cheap labor, to make their products, resulting in huge profits on everything from sneakers to computers. So, how did China suddenly become so proficient making such a wide variety of products? We taught them, built the plants, provided the engineers. Basically, we transferred our manufacturing wealth for free. You might say, we sold our soul to the devil.

The shortsighted morons are getting fat, dumb and happy, rolling the riches, while China is very quietly, buying huge chunks of real estate all over the world. Why would China do that? Well, China is buying property in nations that are poor and underdeveloped, or that already have leftist regimes in power. China then provides these folks jobs, builds industrial plants, and builds infrastructure. China is not going to make the working folks rich, but it’s going to give them a better life than they had before. The real trophy the Chinese are after, is to control the governments of these poor countries. These underdeveloped countries will become puppets of the Chinese Communists. If you’re looking for a perfect example of this tactic, look no further than Cuba. The Soviet Communists bought Fidel Castro, lock, stock, and barrel. Cuba has not been able to shake off the communist curse, that has been in power for sixty plus years. You can expect a lot more Cuba’s in the future. Everybody has been fretting over the Muslims taking over Europe, I can tell you China will decimate Islam.

One big thing is standing in the way of China accomplishing this goal, the United States. Now, more than ever, with Donald Trump at the Helm, because Donald Trump knows, and understands very well what’s at stake. China just played a “trump card”, or a trial balloon if you will. They unleashed a virus that went worldwide in a matter of weeks. They willfully allowed their citizens to travel all across the globe, to largely populated areas knowing full well what the results were going to be. They wanted to see what effect this would have on the world economy. The world economy tanked, trying to save innocent people from this despicable virus. China has now won round one. They now know how easy it is to manipulate the world economy through fear.

At this point in time, when the entire world is linked together economically, you don’t need armies, navies, and super weapons, you just need to figure out how to dominate the world markets, and be able to hold nations hostage, fearing they aren’t going to have all of that nice stuff they have grown accustomed to. You can easily destroy a culture hundreds of years old, through starvation. Ask the Cubans. How long do you think the Islamic terrorists can survive if suddenly they can no longer buy munitions? Arab countries are not manufacturing centers, they buy weapons and ammunition from China and Russia. The communists sell it to them, just so they can harass the Western world, knowing we are going waste blood and treasure without good results. The westerners continue to go down the bloody path because weapon manufacturers and lobbyist’s make fortunes from warfare. The real tragedy in this whole scenario, is that we sacrifice the lives and limbs of our young men and women.

Another facet of this game is the free movement of foreign nationals. Back in history, the only way you could take over a nation was to invade with ground troops and massive weaponry. Borders were hard and fast, and breaching them was an act of aggression. With free movement of people from foreign nations being able to come and go at will, it is very easy to saturate the population of a given nation with your own citizens, and essentially conquer a nation and never fire a shot. Slowly, without anyone noticing, you can instill your culture with very little difficulty. Keep an eye on Europe as it is transformed from Christian to Islamic, not an army in sight. Europe and Britain handed it to the Muslims on a silver platter. All of those beautiful old Cathedrals will be gone once the transformation is complete. I won’t live long enough to see it, but you can bet the Vatican will fall.

So, while everyone is sitting home, social distancing, and fretting over losing their loved ones, China is crashing our economy. The talking heads are busy trying to get one up on the Prez, The governors are all trying to act like presidents, they are just chasing their tails while the Chinese are watching in glee. I’m afraid the Chinese have outsmarted us all, by playing on our greed and fears. This whole thing is a lot more serious than a few thousand folks falling prey to a virus. China is on the move, pay attention. I don’t think it’s going be easy to take our marbles back without a few punches being thrown. Is the world willing to do that, I’m not sure.

In the meantime, Joe Biden is sitting in his library asking if it’s time for his meds, and the NBA is asking Beijing when they will be able to resume play. God I hate stupidity and greed.


trump on tank




flu virus

Obviously not all viruses originate in China, but a disproportionate number do. I don’t know much about China except 98% of the merchandise in Harbor Freight comes from China. I haven’t done any real research to back up this claim, but I’m pretty sure 99.9% of the Dollar store crap comes from China. Pretty much anything that comes from China is sub standard junk, made to last long enough to get it home. The minute you unwrap a Chinese product, it starts to self destruct, even if you just leave it on the shelf.

When I was a young man collecting tools to fill up the big red roll-a-way tool box that I knew I would have sometime in the future, I bought all made in the USA stuff, period, no exceptions. I still have the original tools I bought in 1965, made by Husky. I have used those wrenches and sockets hundreds of time, beat on them with hammers, put pipes on the ratchet wrenches for leverage, never broke one, and the chrome finish is still 100% intact.

Two years ago, I bought an electric pressure washer on Amazon. Unpacked it, looked pretty good. Tested it, it worked. I bought it late in the winter, so didn’t really get to use it for about three months. Started using it, and it lasted about two hours and quit. Tried getting the seller on the phone, no luck. Tried going through Amazon, no luck, too much time had passed since the purchase. I took it apart and tried to fix it, but the parts in the pressure switch are such poor quality, it’s impossible to repair. Yep, made in China.

I was building a steel and wooden gate, and needed a good quality screw gun to attach the wood to the steel frame. Went to Harbor Freight and bought one on the higher priced models. It lasted about two hours. I ended up using my trusty old DeWalt that I’ve had for about 20 years, that has never skipped a beat. Bottom line, if you need a tool, and you’re hard up for cash, Harbor Freight crap might get the job done, but don’t count on it twice.

Chinese electronics, unfortunately, are what you’re gonna get, whether you  like it or not. If  you don’t buy Chinese, you’re not gonna be watching the Super Bowel, or Nascar, or reading this amazing blog. You could follow the guys around on American Pickers and find an old Philco or Zenith, if you’re that passionate about it. But make sure you buy about a dozen, so you can have parts for repair if needed.

Why the heck can’t we buy that Made in Japan stuff anymore? Japanese make really good stuff. I had a Panasonic portable radio and cassette deck that simply would not die. We drug that dang thing to hell and back and it never failed. Panasonic stuff was bulletproof. Makita power tools, fabulous products. Japanese cars, everyone knows how good those things are. How many Toyota stories have you heard about someone driving a Toyota Hi Lux pickup gazillions of miles? The body rusts and falls off and the engine is still running.

So, you might ask, what does any of this have to do with viruses? My answer is, I just don’t think much of anything comes from China that’s worth a damn. So why wouldn’t a horrible virus that rots your lungs come from China. I mean who eats bats that’s not on hallucinogenic drugs. I just can’t imagine people that have rat farms, eat dogs, cats and other off the wall crap being able to build anything worth a shit. I mean, holy crap, it’s 2020 and they are still eating with a couple of sticks?

I’ve said this before and I’ll say it dozens of more times, the only reason China is  a major world power, is the westerners handed it to them on a golden platter. Communism never builds anything of any value, because the ones in power steal all of the wealth.

So, here we are, we have thousands of sick people, hundreds dying, and we are reliant on drugs made in China , because our half wit leaders allowed everything but condoms to be manufactured off shore. Pretty sure those lawmakers that allowed that to happen profited handsomely off of that deal. BTW, I just threw in that thing about condoms, those things might be made in Lithuania for all I know. Who the hell looks at a condom package to see where it’s made? It’s usually too dark to read it anyway.

So, send your cards and letters to the half wits in Washington and demand that your drugs be made in the USA, unless you’re only buying meth or marijuana then you’re gonna die sooner than later anyway, so it don’t matter. So, if you’re one of the folks that aren’t getting your drugs behind the ” no tell Motel” write to your representative and demand action. Then if they don’t follow through, vote their ass out next election.

I hope this wasn’t so vague that I didn’t get my point across. I tried really hard not to sound raciest or xenophobic. Just kidding, I don’t really give a rat’s behind what people think, they wrote the first amendment especially for people like me with a big mouth.


trump hat KAG

Re-elect our great president, allow him to finish what he started. 



crap table

This is a high stakes game the Prez is playing right now. It could go really good, or it could go really bad. Him and his merry band of warriors have laid down a very big wager on the come line, to the tune of over 5 trillion dollars. The question is; is it really necessary? Let’s examine the odds as they pertain to all of us that are spectators.

If you lived your life exactly the same as you did a month ago, before this all happened, how would you be affected?

They have determined that you are three times more likely to contract COVID-19 than the average influenza. Here are the average statistics, they vary from year to year, but this is close, so you can see what your odds are.

Average number of people that get the flu each year: 9.2 to 35 million, between 140,000 to 700,000 will be hospitalized. The average is between 5% and 20% of the population will be infected with the flu in any given year. Sixty to seventy thousand will die.

That means you personally stand about five to six percent chance of contracting the flu,  if you haven’t been vaccinated. Those are pretty good odds. So even though COVID-19 is three time more contagious, you’re still only looking at about 15 – 20% chance of getting it.

So, what happens if you get it? These are the numbers so far today. In the United States, there are currently 35,270 confirmed cases, 471 resulting deaths. That is about a .013% mortality rate. I believe that’s about where it has been from the beginning. From what I have been reading and hearing, these deaths are primarily elderly, and folks with compromised health. In a regular year, the mortality rate for the flu is .07%. A flu shot is going to give you a little edge, they are rated at only 47% effective.

So, if I am interpreting all of these numbers correctly, the mortality rate of COVID-19 so far is looking like its about less than 2%, and the mortality rate for the average flu is about 7%.

So, is trashing the economy, with over the top preventative measures worth it? Personally, although I am in the very high risk category at 79 years old, I’m not so sure. So many people are going to be hurt very badly financially, many may never recover. If someone loses their small business, and they are in their mid to late sixties, their lives will be destroyed and will probably never be able to recover. They may lose everything they have worked all of their lives for. When you consider they have faced even greater odds for years dealing with yearly flu outbreaks, this doesn’t seem fair. Our small businesses are the true economic engine in the USA. Why would we kill off our businesses trying to drive down the mortality rate that has been totally acceptable for years.

So, here is what we need to tell our government. Get it fixed in two weeks, because we are going back to work, and resuming our lives whether you like it or not. You may not be able to develop a vaccine that quickly, we understand that, but get your collective asses in gear and figure out an effective treatment. In the meantime, we’ll take our chances, it looks like the odds are in our favor. 


trump on tank





Big Bang

Holy cow, what a difference a few weeks can make. Just a couple of weeks ago the Dow was around 30,000, it has dropped about 10,000 points. I don’t know diddly about stocks, don’t own any. Don’t own any because I don’t know diddly. That being said, I can tell you what has happened in the past couple of weeks has been a disaster. This is what the numbers tell me when I look at them. When the numbers fall through the floor,  everyday folks that work for a paycheck to survive week to week, are going to suffer, and start losing stuff. That covers most people in my family. I’m already seeing the pain setting in with my kids and their kids, and my friends. My youngest is a physical therapist with a private practice, she has already lost over half of her clients, which is going to be a financial disaster for her. She is certainly not alone, restaurant owners, salon owners, small businesses of all types are literally going to get “killed” by this. The economic engine of the nation is small business. They make up 99% of the business community. The suffering is just beginning, we have a long way to go before this subsides.

So, how did this happen, and why now? I have a theory, and I’m willing to bet that it is pretty darn close to reality. I wrote a blog last week about how China has been spinning this web for years, and slowly drawing not just the United States into it, but the rest of the world as well. You don’t have to be some sort of genius psychiatrist to understand the power of greed. China offered the world cheap, almost slave labor, to produce goods at a very low cost, so they could be sold at a huge profit. China was very patient, it has taken them over thirty years to achieve their goal. They now control the world market on almost every essential need for everyday existence. What a spectacular position to be in. Along the way, the greedy corporations of the world have willingly allowed China to steal their intellectual property, not willing to give up their precious profit margins.

So, what was once a country with poor farmers, and an almost non existent GDP, has amassed a huge industrial complex that produces almost every product imaginable, and the engineering and science to make that happen, didn’t cost them a single cent. What is even more astounding, is the foreign corporations built the factories and labs. The western world in essence, just built and furnished the house of it’s future landlord.

Now, let’s discuss what just happened with the COVID 19 virus. The following is my theory, and opinion, based on my personal observation over my lifetime. You have seen these enormously evil guys in James Bond movies for years, plotting to take over the world through massive chaos and destruction. My friends, you are now watching this happen in real time, just like it happened in WWII. Only this time it’s not being done with Armies and Navies. It’s being done with fear and financial dominance.

The Chinese unleashed this virus on the world, that was engineered in their own laboratories. They knew exactly how it would perform, and how quickly it would spread. My guess is they have had this biological weapon in place for years, just waiting on the right time to release it on the world population. The time had come. Donald Trump was doing something no other President had the courage to do, he challenged China’s unfair trade practices, and did it very handily. He was putting a hurt on China’s plans. Not only that, Donald Trump is enormously popular, and they knew he was likely to win a second term. Four more years of Trump would set China’s quest for world dominance back years, maybe decades.

The perfect smokescreen would be to unleash the virus on their own people first. Who would think a nation would be so cruel. Anyone that knows communism, knows it has a very long history of killing it’s own citizens. After all, what’s a big deal about sacrificing a few thousand out of 1.5 billion in the quest for world dominance? They’ll never be missed. It’s certainly a much lower body count that you would have, if you engaged in an all out hot war. China certainly doesn’t give a rip about thousands of other people dying around the world, these are heartless bastards we are dealing with. Average Americans can’t fathom the cruelty of communism.

So, the whole world sinks into panic, the stock markets tank, and the western world comes to a virtual halt. The next move, which will happen very soon, the Chinese will make a move that will devalue the dollar, and sink the western markets into a deep depression. The western world will be mortally wounded, and the Chinese will have done it with only a minimum loss of life, and didn’t  fire a single shot. Not a single inch of infrastructure was destroyed by explosives. If you are going to conquer your foe, it’s very smart to do in a way that you don’t destroy that which made them wealthy.

The icing on the cake, is that there is a political party already in place, that will be totally willing to join forces and help the communists complete the task. What these fools don’t realize is that when the Chinese communists are finished with them, they will be systematically executed. Want proof, pick up a history book before they are all burned. It didn’t have to end this way, we should have kicked the greedy bastards out of office long ago. Sleep well America.