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I saw a stand up routine by Dennis Miller a few years ago, and in reference to Nancy Pelosi, he said she has to sleep hanging upside down, because she is crazier than batshit. I saw a more recent performance by Dennis and admitted that she is the only politician, that he has trouble not being able to mentally dismiss. She is definitely one whacko woman. She makes me crazy just watching her unhinged tirades, that virtually make no sense whatsoever. When she speaks, she sort of stumbles around, holds her hands out with her fingers spread open, smiles with that fake smile, and all the time she is speaking,  I’m thinking when are they going to put this poor soul in an retirement home.

I started this blog a week ago and my friend came to me with a request to help him with the design of a new fast food restaurant he is going to open, so I put my writing aside. I always enjoy working with my good friends Rich and Nancy on their projects. It’s very rewarding to have lunch in a restaurant you helped create.

While working my regular job today, I heard there was a flap in the White House during a meeting that Nancy and Chuck were attending at the request of President Trump. All I could learn at the time is that Nancy and Chuck and one or two other congressmen stormed out of the meeting, after President Trump called Nancy a “third rate” politician. Trump has a problem with the truth, he likes to express it. I totally agree with his assessment of Ms. Pelosi’s skill levels.

I waited patiently all day for the evening Fox News shows to begin so I could find out what really happened. Tucker didn’t address it at all, Hannity didn’t address in detail, but Laura Ingraham said she was going to. I couldn’t wait. Halfway through the show, she has congressman Kevin McCarthy on to report what happened. I was on the edge of my chair waiting for the blow by blow account from McCarthy. What did I get? I got Laura’s never ending motor mouth. She couldn’t shut up long enough to let Kevin give us the story. When you watch Laura Ingraham, she can have dozens of guests on, but what you get is 10% guests and 90% Ingraham. She must have been trained by Sean Hannity. Honestly, I don’t know why Sean and Laura even invite anyone to appear on their shows. They constantly talk over their guests and cut them off. If they don’t have enough time for their guests to speak, invite fewer guests and shut the hell up.

New Mug


Went camping this weekend in the beautiful Cascade foothills on the bank of the Willamette River. One the way home we stopped in a tiny village for breakfast. Luckily for us, the Republican Headquarters was right next door to the café. We spent 50 or 60 dollars on Republican merchandise to help the cause, but this was the best thing in the house. Trump calling Pelosi a “third rate” politician makes my coffee taste even sweeter.

I didn’t watch the Democrat debates. That would have been about as exciting as watching an autopsy. However I did catch up on the highlights ( that’s a joke ) today, and I don’t know who the biggest loser was, the candidates themselves or CNN. My gosh, the content of the questions was something you would ask a third grader. That may actually be an insult to third graders. Quid Pro Joe, seriously has a circuitry problem going on in his brain. I used to have a Jeep that did that. It would just quit running while you were driving down the road. Scared the hell out of you. Watching Joe’s brain quit functioning in the middle of a sentence should scare the hell of voters.

Will someone please tell Bozo O’Rourke the train has left the station, and there won’t be another one for six more years?

I’m really having trouble getting my brain wrapped around the fact that Elizabeth Warren is the leading candidate, and Joe and Berny are close second and third. These are old white people of priveledge. I thought the Democrats hated old white people of priveledge. I have been hearing that for months, but their top three candidates fit that description to a tee. Even Cory Booker isn’t a bonified person of color. He’s sort of brown, but was raised by wealthy parents in an upscale neighborhood, just like Kamala Harris who is also trying to pass herself off as a disadvantaged minority. These people are as phony as the ideas they are trying to promote.

It’s great to be back on the keyboard again. I’m hoping to regain my momentum in the coming weeks. It’s winter in the Pacific Northwest which translated means non stop rain. So, I’ll fill up my new coffee mug and set it beside my computer for inspiration. Whatever you do, vote and encourage your friends and family to vote ( if they’re Republicans ) so we can get rid of “nervous Nancy” and her rendition of F Troup.


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tucker carlson

I am a huge fan of Tucker. I have been listening to conservative pundits since the great Rush Limbaugh came along in the eighties. I actually went to see him when he was doing concerts, at ( of all places ) University of California at Irvine. Can you imagine Rush doing a concert at any University in the USA? That was the good old days before liberals lost their minds and became deranged lefties.

I used to be a Bill O’Reilly regular when his show came on at 5:00 pm, then followed it up with Megan Kelly. I was bummed when they both went down in flames. Then Tucker took over the 5:00 pm slot. I liked Tucker’s style from the start.

Tucker’s straight forward, tell it like it really is style, proved to be more than the lefties could handle. Hate speech to the lefties is any speech they don’t agree with. Tucker gave them plenty to disagree with. Consequently, they started strong arming the sponsors, and Fox News. Many of Tuckers sponsors couldn’t take the heat and dropped away. Fox News stood behind him kind of. It is pretty evident that Tucker has toned down his writing, and is pulling his punches.

I think the reason I find this guy so interesting, is his writing style. It’s not made up of “boiler plate” conservative rhetoric like Sean Hannity. His writing is well thought out, and intelligent. His monologues are products of a true ” wordsmith “.

If you don’t currently watch Tucker Carlson Tonight, check it out. Anyone that knows me, knows that I don’t take calls between 5:00 and 6:00 pm. At my house that time is known as the “Coffee and Tucker Hour”.

I know, this sounded like a paid ad, but it’s not. I think this guy strives to deliver a clear, and honest assessment of what is happening, without all of the nonsense biases.


Old Glory




trump on phone

The Ukrainian phone call circus is one of the most hilarious chapters in this whole get Trump crusade by the Dems. This is what I love about Donald Trump; the dems were swarming like killer bees, over a conversation they knew nothing about, putting all kinds of spin on it, and Trump say’s here you go guys, this is the transcript, knock yourselves out. The whole damn thing immediately falls on it’s face. Kinda.

By doing this Donald Trump just kicked in Joe Biden’s door. The Trump Dump truck, just dumped about 15 cubic yards of dirt in crazy Joe’s office.  Now Biden will spend the coming months defending himself trying to clean up the mess, and I predict it will sink his campaign. Elizabeth Warren is already edging ahead in the polls. Joe is going to find it harder and harder to mount an effective campaign with this hanging over his head. Brilliant strategy on the part of the master troll.

Donald Trump recognized that his Ukrainian counterpart, has goals similar to his own, in wanting to clean up the corruption in his nation. Volodymyr Zelensky will likely welcome the opportunity to sweep out the dirt and Trump knew it. He didn’t have to pay a dime for it, didn’t have to offer favors, he just had to give the guy a reason to begin the cleaning process. Brilliant.

In the middle of this, another story emerges concerning a guy that I am no fan of, Mitt Romney. This guy is one of the strangest dudes to come down the Pike since John McCain. It can’t be reincarnation, they were both alive at the same time. The LDS faith, which Romney is part of, believes that there is a possibility that some of us knew each other, in what they call the pre-existence. If there is any truth in that, these two guys must have taken a blood oath. What the hell does Mitt Romney think he is going to achieve by constantly going up against the President, a fellow Republican. That’s sort like the wide receiver telling his teammates to ignore the quarterback. Mitt, you need to get with the team or get the hell out of town. I would prefer you do the latter and go back to selling pencils and paper. You made it painfully obvious you were a total loser during your own presidential campaign.

Of course the usual Democrat loonies came out of the woodwork. Swalwell, Schiff, and of course the all American combat hero Richard Blumenthal. These guys remind me of people who call themselves “contactees” who claim they were abducted by space aliens and were used for some type of medical experiments. In the case of most of the Democrats, if they really were abducted, they would have been immediately rejected for lack of any visible signs of intelligence. What a bunch of whack jobs.

Stay strong my friends, this is going to be a long hard road to travel. But all of my motorcycle trips that were troubled by weather, or mechanical break downs were the most memorable. You have to rise up to the task, and win the battle. The victory will be sweet.


Republican National Convention: Day Four




If you’ve ever known someone suffering from dementia, it’s hard to watch. Especially someone that was once a very vibrant and strong personality. My Father was a victim of advanced dementia. To watch the person you once knew and loved gradually disappear before your eyes is really sad. It appears that Uncle Joe is just beginning to see the ravages of this disease, he is clearly not the guy he used to be. More importantly he is not up to the task that he is attempting to take on. In reality, I’m not sure Joe was ever good Presidential material.

You would think a person like Joe Biden would be surrounded by people that loved him and respected him enough to council him and advise him not to do this. This will destroy his legacy, and end up being a total embarrassment to him and his family. I predict this won’t end well if it continues. If elected, Joe would be eighty years old at the end of his first term. This is where the sinister part comes in.

If you remember, months ago, the media were touting polls that Biden could easily beat Trump in a general election. In my opinion the Democrats were well aware of  Joe Biden’s condition, but urged him to run anyway. The reason; To win the White House at any cost. If they paired up a much younger female running mate, and in fact were successful in the general election, old uncle Joe would just be the front man, the Democrat bureaucrats would actually be in control. Then maybe two years down the road, they would enact the 25th Amendment, Joe is out, and the VP takes over, becoming the first female president.

If you think that’s far fetched, that’s exactly what they did with Bob Mueller. It’s obvious that Mueller had no idea what was going on. They used his good name, to run a sham investigation. In the end, the whole thing was a “bust” and Bob Mueller looked like a total dope. That’s what happens when you care more about money than your character and reputation.

Sadly for the Dems, it looks like old Joe is farther over the edge than they thought, and he ain’t never going to make it to the finish line. Even if he did make it to the finish line, someone would have to be there to remind him where he was. I never thought I would see such a spiritually, and morally bankrupt group of people as the current Democrats. These people would sacrifice you in a moment, for the party, and never think twice.

The Democrats are looking more like the old Communist Party as every day passes. They despise Christians, and Jews. They embrace the ideas of Islam ( that’s a real head scratcher ) They view the Constitution and the Bill of Rights, as big obstacle standing in the way of controlling the masses. If they can just rid of those pesky guns, it will be a whole lot easier to keep ya’ll in line.

The list of anti American actions by the left just gets longer everyday. The actions by the House Democrats speak volumes about their agenda. Look at what is going on with the youngsters, the under 30 year old crowd. These people are seriously screwed up individuals. They’re not sure if they’re male or female. If a male actually claims to be a male, he’s really not sure how to deal with women. The women hate the males, especially if they act like a male. Males think they have to be more feminine, women think they need to more masculine. Then there’s the group that have no idea what they are, but you better not call them male or female, they will find a way to have you fired, or publicly reprimanded. I’ve seen some of these people and I would be hard pressed to identify their gender. I just file them under weird suckers. The Democrats have single handedly created this massive herd of worthless human beings. They did it to control them. It worked.

How far is the left taking this plan? How about this; The trend is to install coed bathrooms in modern buildings and get rid of urinals. Yep, just another move to erase the image of being a man. Since women nowadays so badly want to become men, I suggest  keeping the urinals and providing women with a device so they can stand up and pee. While they’re at it, maybe the medial scientists can figure out a way to transplant prostrates and testicles into women and the can screw themselves. See what happened, the lefties have turned me into a misogynist.

You can be sure of one thing, I’m not really a misogynist, anyone that knows me can testify that I love women. I’m making the point of how crazy the left has gotten, and how far they are willing to take this nonsense. Make no mistake, the left is willing to totally destroy the country you know and love to achieve their goals of total and complete power. Don’t let them do it. Do everything in your power to push back against these jerks.


Eagle and Flag



This gathering of Democrat hopefuls may have set a new world record for the largest group of human beings assembled in one locaton with their heads up their asses.

Joe Biden continues to lead in the polls, which by the way, it has not been widely reported, but the polls were taken in Calico, California. The pollsters felt this is where they could achieve the most accurate results. Biden admitted that these particular pollsters yielded great results when he was running for the Prime Minister’s job in Macadamia. By the way, he lost that election by a slim margin. According to Mr. Biden it was a nutty election.

Bill DeBlasio announced today on the Tucker Carlson show, that he is anti robot. He cited that the Feds are rewarding companies for putting robots in the place of human workers, and it is going to cause widespread layoffs and hardships. While there may some truth in that statement, Bill himself has nothing to worry about. No one is going to spend money on developing a robot that only works seven hours a month. By the way, motor mouth Bill claimed today on Tucker’s show that crime rate was lower than it’s been in years. That is the obvious results when you no longer enforce the law. 

Wacky Bernie is out there winning friends and votes by telling parents of little kids in the audience to keep them quiet. Why is this old man so grumpy and pissed off all the time? He is pretty observant though, in a recent interview, he said China has done more than any other government to end poverty. Yep, if you kill 2,000,000,000 of your own citizens that goes a long way in curtailing poverty. Bernie’s right again. Maybe that’s Bernie’s plan for ending the homeless problem. When I see him on TV with a red face, and what little  hair he has standing on end, he just strikes me as an escapee from the funny farm.

Mayor Pete; he is clearly running for the wrong office. He should be campaigning to be the first gay Pope. Yeah, I know, he ain’t Catholic, but that could be fixed. He damn sure ain’t never gonna be President Pete.

Liz Warren; She is clearly the female version of Bernie Sanders. She is always waving her arms around, shouting, and saying crazy stuff, like we’re taking your guns away and if you resist we’ll kill you with your own gun. She didn’t really say that but I expect her to any day now. Maybe she should take another look at her DNA, I’ll bet her genealogy reveals that she is related to Bernie. If she wasn’t dying her hair they would probably look very similar.

Camala Harris; This woman is as fake, as hood scoop on an Oldsmobile. It’s no secret that her rise in politics can be attributed to her tryst with Little Willie Brown while he was the governor of California. At least that is what I have heard from some very reliable folks. How else would she have gotten the nickname of “heels up Harris”.

Cory Booker; This guys whole persona is a towering pile of pure B.S. In my opinion, out of all of these candidates, he is the most hollow. He doesn’t seem to have any core beliefs. He seems to just make up stuff as he goes. He surely missed his calling, he should have been an actor. If you hear him make any policy statements that are not being read by others on CNN, please let me know.

Robert Francis O’Rourke; This guy is so in over his head. He’s clearly in a state of arrested development. Can you imagine this guy at a conference table with world leaders with his skate board leaning up against this chair? He wears a baseball hat from time to time, he really needs one of those multi colored hats worn by court jesters. Beto is a total “dweeb”

Tulsi Gabbard; While I don’t agree with all of her policies, she is probably the most honest candidate on the stage. I think she sincerely believes what she says, and it’s a very big contrast to the rest of those morons. Her foreign policy platform ( which none of the others seem to have ) makes sense in some ways, all though it’s a very big departure from what we are used to seeing. In my opinion, she is the only Dem candidate I would take the time to listen to, and consider her argument.

God help us if any of the half wits should make into the White House. Please get out and vote, and don’t let that happen. I can’t afford to move to Macadamia.


wacky happy face




Click on the arrow “Police officer shot during gunfight” and witness first hand what our law enforcement officers deal with far too often today. Twenty years ago these incidents were not commonplace, but something has happened to alter the landscape of law enforcement. I have an opinion as to why this is happening. It all started on a very small scale back in the sixties during the hippie era. The hippies were a free wheeling group of youngsters, the first generation of “the rules don’t apply to me” folks, that wanted to run free, and break every law on the books. Their goals were to trash every social moray possible and throw them in the face of ” the establishment”. Of course the Police stood in the way of most of their antics, and in rebellion nicknamed the Police “pigs”. The less than glamourous moniker stuck like glue.

One of the most famous of these rebellious acts was the shootout between Los Angeles Police and the SLA, of which Patty Hearst was part of. The Los Angeles Police were overwhelmingly victorious, and wiped out the SLA in one fell swoop. You can probably find video of that famous gun battle on YouTube. The results of that gun battle seemed to quell the desire to take on the Police for many years. But now, here we are again. Only this time it’s a little different.

This desire to combat the law clearly has it’s beginnings in leftist ideology. It’s roots can almost always be traced back to the colleges and universities that employ socialist professors. The SLA was comprised of several young men from the Berkley and San Francisco area that were influenced by the guerilla warfare tactics of South American rebels. Their ideology was anti-racism, anti-capitalism. Sounds a little like Antifa, ironically from the very same breeding ground.

This is what’s different today. Back in the sixties and seventies, the police were still widely respected and supported by the Feds as well as State Government. Today, the left openly hates the police, and look upon them as oppressors. The leaders of the left frequently express disdain for the way police conduct their activities. President Obama lamented that he didn’t like the military style weapons and equipment used by the police. Did he imagine them going about their business in shorts and tee shirts, wearing flip flops, carrying billy clubs? You have to wonder what he was thinking.

While we’re on the subject of good ol’ Barrack, he started off his first term in office, by calling out the police for doing their job, by questioning a black college professor while trying to break into his own home. Seems he forgot his house keys. How were the officers supposed to know that? So good ol’ Barrack made a big deal out of it, disparaging the local officers in the process. That was just the beginning. Over the next eight years, he an Eric Holder made it known, that they didn’t trust the police under any circumstances, citing racism, and civility began to slowly crumble. Inner city blacks suddenly felt they were given the green light to raise merry hell, that good ol’ Barrack and Eric had their backs. The end results were disastrous to the inner city folks, because the police simply pulled back and let them “have at it”. Thousands of folks have died needlessly, many of them young children. The whole exercise has proven that strong police presence saves lives and keeps the peace. Somehow the lefties can’t grasp that concept.

The Democrats are screaming their freaking heads off over immigration enforcement by ICE. They want ICE disbanded immediately. They want the Border Patrol to back off and let illegals pour into our country unmitigated. Mexico and Central America has the highest murder rates, and sexual abuse crimes in the world. If you were a criminal from these areas, and you knew you could come to America, and some city ruled by leftist fools would protect you from the law, wouldn’t you rush to fresh hunting grounds? If you don’t believe me look at what is happening in Montgomery county, Maryland. These morons won’t do anything about what is going on. Eight illegals have been arrested for raping underage girls, even crawling through windows and raping them at knife point. The county officials won’t even turn these creeps over to ICE. These people are total and complete idiots. They are allowing innocent people to be preyed on by these low lives, putting the rights of illegals above the safety of American citizens. Mark Elrich, Montgomery County Executive should be fired and stripped of all benefits, and jailed for putting the public in grave danger.

So, let’s recap the issues:

  • The Democrats want the police to basically become ornaments, not able to enforce the laws. God forbid a criminal could be injured or worse.
  • The Democrats want to abolish ICE and the Border Patrol
  • The Democrats want Sanctuary Cities, States, whatever, where alien criminals can reside freely and without consequence.
  • The Democrats want free healthcare and subsidies for illegal aliens.
  • The Democrats want free college for all regardless of who or where you come from.
  • The Democrats want to tax you into oblivion thinking they can somehow effect the climate by taking your hard earned tax dollars and doing who knows what with them. That doesn’t include them not using their private jets.
  • The Democrats want to take your guns, because people are dying due their stupidity.
  • The Democrats want to curb your rights to free speech, they hate your opinions, and your not allowed to express them. Their interpretation of hate speech, is that they hate what you are saying.
  • The Democrats are bolstered by CNN, MSNBC, NBC, CBS, ABC, Washington Post, New York Times, Google, Facebook, YouTube, and Twitter. Not to mention numerous other smaller publications.

So, what exactly is the end game for the Democrats. The direction they are heading is begging for anarchy. So are the Democrats going to paint a big red D on their foreheads so they won’t be targeted. Why would you intentionally enact policies that would lead to total lawlessness? They are inviting chaos. Criminals don’t give a damn about your political leanings, they just want your stuff. Stock up on ammo, keeps your guns cleaned and ready, you’re probably going to need them soon. Do you think those Guatemalan creeps asked those young ladies what political party their families were before they raped them? Wise up suckers.


Eagle and Flag



Donald J. Trump, is obviously not Neo but he may be pretty darn close to Morpheus. My point is, for years, what you thought was real, was not real at all. You were told for years, that the CIA, and the FBI were the bulwarks of truth, justice, and the American way. We now know that’s total, unadulterated bullshit. Unlike Joe Biden, I know there is no difference between truth and facts. The facts happen to be, the FBI and the CIA have been corrupted by politics and power. The truth is, that both organizations were willing to overthrow an election in favor of Hillary Clinton and the Democrats. When they failed miserably at that, they shifted gears and tried to unseat the president by framing him with lies and false witnesses. If Hillary had won the election, you would have never known any of this, the Matrix would have remained in place and undisturbed. We learned today that the corruption in the FBI went even deeper than anyone knew. The Inspector General found this out a year ago, and the Justice Department, and Chris Wray have refused to release any documents, even though there is plenty of evidence that it occurred.

You may not think much of Paul Manafort, although I think Paul may have operated slightly outside to the law in some cases, but give me a break. Hillary and Bill Clinton make Paul Manafort look like a “piker” when it comes to shady dealings. The FBI raided his house at 5:00 AM and marched him out in his Pj’s for loan fraud?? The FBI raided Roger Stones house @ 5:00 AM with automatic rifles ( with CNN in tow ), what a crock. The only reason they did the “grandstand” arrests was that both of these guys were associated with Donald Trump. Neither one of these guys were remotely dangerous. AR’s @ 5:00 am, it’s beyond stupid and lame.

The dumb shits in D.C. aren’t smart enough to create a Matrix like the one in the movie, so they do it the old fashioned way, they build walls with lies and deceit. The guardians of the Matrix are not super humanoids like agents Smith, Brown and Jones, they’re just everyday crooked lawyers and deep state actors, steeped in political bias.

The Founding Fathers were indeed inspired by a higher power when they created the Constitution and the Bill of Rights. The creation of this nation was one of the greatest accomplishments ever achieved by mortal man. But, over the years, the cockroaches and rats, have burrowed into what was once a noble establishment. I doubt the Founding Fathers would even recognize their creation if they were somehow able to view it today.

I am becoming more and more convinced, the perpetrators of the lies, and deceit will never face justice. It’s becoming more apparent every day. The Matrix will protect it’s creators at the peril of the Republic. The law only applies to the common man and political opponents of the Matrix. Wake up commoners, the climate change lie, is one more tool the Matrix will use to control you and tax you into submission.  If they succeed, your future is slavery. You can kiss freedom goodbye forever. If you think I am being over dramatic, go post a conservative comment on Face Book, You Tube, or Twitter, and see what happens. You are allowing these people to censor your speech, and yet you still use the platforms. You’re surrendering your first amendment rights without even the slightest resistance. You are sleeping with the enemy.

Your freedom has never been in more danger than it is right now, and it’s not from outside of our borders. Your freedom is under assault by the leftists, that want total and complete power, and don’t give a damn about the Constitution.


bill of rights