I was born just months prior to the so called “Day of Infamy” when Japan bombed Pearl Harbor and thrust the United States into World War Two. 416,000 brave U.S. soldiers lost their lives over the next four years, joining the 743,800 brave souls that perished in wars defending Old Glory since the Revolutionary War, when this great nation was founded. That my friends, is approximately 1,750,000 gallons of American blood spilt defending freedom. God only knows how many missing arms, legs, hands, eyesight, and sanity. That my friends, is one hell of a big deposit of human lives, given freely, expecting nothing in return. Done for the love of our great nation.

American pioneers were also brave, with a dream of building a nation like no other before it. Many of those brave men and women gave their lives in pursuit of their dreams. In the end, the American spirit prevailed and a new, free nation was born.

In the past 246 years, America has stood as a beacon of freedom, a place where people from anywhere in the world could start a new life, with opportunities like no other place on earth. That promise of pursuing their dreams, attracted the best and the brightest, from the far corners of the earth. America benefitted greatly from these immigrants and grew mightily as a result of their energy and talents.

When the industrial revolution began, it would be no time, before America became a virtual powerhouse of manufacturing. Shortly thereafter, an undisputed world power. Another reason for America’s greatness, it was a nation guided by men of good moral character and collectively, America had a conscience. America knew right from wrong, and knew slavery was wrong. America paid a very big price to right that wrong. Even though slavery was ended, bigotry was not. It would be years before the old mindset was finally changed. Getting back to what I said earlier, the mindset was changed because men of good moral character, kept working tirelessly to change it. Men of both races working side by side, sometimes in the face violence and death. Their blood spilled on American streets; every bit as hallowed as the warrior’s blood spilled on foreign battlefields.

As a young boy, growing up post World War 2, it was without question a very special time in America. You could feel the excitement as the country exploded with new and innovative machines for the home, new exciting automobiles, single family housing developments being built everywhere you looked. New roads, bridges, and superhighways. Shopping centers with supermarkets and just about anything you could imagine. It was an amazing experience.

Winning World War Two, as you might imagine, was an emotional high among all Americans. Patriotism was the strongest I have ever seen it. There has never been anything like it since. The United States was fighting a huge war, all around the world. It was a mighty effort that involved every working age American in some way. So, not only was it a victory for our military, but it was also a victory for everyone. It had a profound effect on me as a child, seeing families losing fathers, sons, brothers, and uncles. While experiencing the absolute dedication of everyday folks in so many different ways. Those years and the years afterwards, formed my personal dedication to uphold the Constitution of the United States, and defend it for the rest of my life. When I have the honor to raise Old Glory, I cannot hold back the tears, thinking about all of the brave men women that gave their blood and lives, for all of us. A debt that can never be repaid.

Still, in the light of what America was, and in many ways, still is, there are dark forces that are working tirelessly to destroy our once glorious nation, and all that its people achieved. Racism was almost wiped out until the Democrats revived the monster. They revived racism to empower their party, thinking it would guarantee them power. College professors are driving social wedges between people with the “colonialists” diatribe. I still haven’t quite figured out that argument. Are they saying everyone that does not have native American ancestry should go back to their homelands? My family has been on this continent for over 300 years. I can assure you I’m not going anywhere, until God makes the call.

I’m really not sure, we will be able to reverse the trend toward socialism. Most of the old patriots like myself are nearing the end of the road. The leftist influences on our schools and universities have been very powerful. Most youngsters have been indoctrinated very thoroughly, and taught America is an inherently evil place. What is ironic, the people that are teaching them America is evil, are in fact the evil ones. They are invested in killing the last nation on earth, that is truly free.

As an old guy, the only thing left for me to do, is to continue sounding the alarm. I’m too old to be any kind of physical protestor. I really don’t want to get knocked around and beat up. I’m just gonna’ sit here and keep on asking the younger folks to put up a good fight to save our glorious nation, the United States of America. It’s worth it.




I’ve refrained from writing about this event in the past because I have been waiting to see what the fallout was going to be. I’m going to lay out what I think has actually transpired over the past two years. Yep, in my opinion, the events that have shaped politics over the past two years, and the capitol riot are connected, in ways we may never know.

The CIA has been toppling governments all around the world for a very long time. They are experts in mind games. They are experts in causing turmoil, and unrest, leading to the eventual fall of existing governments. They are notorious gun runners. Supplying the insurrectionists with weapons. I am making this statement, because I believe the CIA and FBI are involved up to their necks in the unrest and riots that have been going on for over two years. These are the people that Dwight Eisenhower warned us about.

I think the plan to release Covid-19 or something like it, has been part of the plan from the beginning. It’s now very common knowledge that Fauci and the NIA, and been funding GOF research in Wuhan since 2017. It’s also common knowledge that Google was contributing as well. When you have a long-range plan, and the opportunity arises to put it into effect, even if you’re not 100% ready, sometimes the pros outweigh the cons, and you go for it. I think that is precisely what happened with Covid. The Democrats found themselves with a stable of very weak candidates, and a very strong and dangerous incumbent, so they pulled the trigger. They released the virus on the world, and they pulled off the largest election fraud in history. Killing a couple of million people in the process was simply ” collateral damage”.

Remember what I said earlier. We aren’t just dealing with the Democrat party, we’re dealing with the entire CIA, FBI, and DOJ. Every single one of these organizations hate Donald Trump with a passion. Actually, they would hate Donald Duck if he acted like Donald Trump. We are dealing with geniuses at manipulating large populations of people.

Problem number one; Donald Trump supporters are intelligent people, and they knew they had been “hosed”. They were pissed, and that amounts to a very large amount of pissed off people, that just happen to be very well armed. Those facts were making the deep state very nervous. When there are stupid people on your side, one of them always says something to reveal the mindset. Remember when Brandon said, “don’t even think about trying to overturn the government, we have F14’s and Nukes”? When was the last time you heard an American president threaten to nuke his own poeple? I am saying it again, so you don’t forget, the deep state has a very effective war room, with dangerously cunning and intelligent players. These guys had been studying Donald Trump for years, they knew him inside and out. If you’re going to defeat your enemy, you must know your enemy. Donald Trump pulled the biggest blunder of his life when he organized the rally at the capitol. Trump is smart, but he’s no match for the deep state.

JANUARY 6th, 2021

The minute they heard the news that Trump was organizing his capitol rally, they sprang into action. First, meet with Nancy Pelosi and Chuck Schumer, and secretly lay out the plan; Make certain the capitol police don’t overreact. Secondly, do not activate the National Guard, that will certainly ruin the plan. Thirdly, infiltrate the crowds with federal agents as plain clothes agitators. Fourth, place agitators at strategic locations to tear down barriers and break windows. Just for good measures, throw in a fake pipe bomber. Their missions were nothing more than to incite a riot. They executed the plan perfectly and made it possible, with the help of the media, to label all Trump supporters as “insurrectionists”.

But wait, the show was not over. To instill in everyone’s mind that they were dealing with a very serious threat from mentally deranged Trump supporters, they built a wall around the capitol and manned it with hundreds of U.S. Soldiers.

They still weren’t done. They had to let everyone know they would never tolerate this kind of action from conservatives ever again. So, they incarcerated a bunch of folks in the D.C. jail, continue to hold them without bail, have never charged them with any crimes, and have not set trial dates. But there’s even more, a year later they are still actively hunting down and arresting folks that were on the capitol grounds that day. Merrick Garland, just last week, promised they would be brought to justice.

The Feds had a definite advantage in this game. American citizens weren’t ready to believe their own government would act against them in such a manner. For your own protection, you need to understand, that this present government, is the government the founding fathers warned us about. That’s the very reason for the second amendment. If we ever let them disarm us, we will be among the biggest fools to have ever lived.

However, I believe they have a plan in place to disarm us. I believe, the Feds will attempt to incite a civil war. If they are successful in doing that, it will surely result in the confiscation of all privately held weapons. I’m going to remind everyone once again; We are dealing with extremely cunning and diabolical people, that are willing to do virtually anything to gain full and complete power. Do not fall into their traps. Even a smart guy like Trump walked right into the spider’s web with his eyes wide open.

The January 6th hearing currently going on, is not an attempt to learn anything further, they know what happened. This is a “dog and pony show” in an effort to somehow, render Donald Trump impotent. At the same time sending a clear message to other conservative presidential candidates, and their supporters, to watch their steps.

I’m sure most of my readers are fully aware that the Democrats lie, 100% of the time. That said, tread carefully. Keep your eyes and mind wide open. God bless the patriots, they are the defenders of liberty and freedom.



I’m nearing the end of my time here on earth, but still having one hell of a lot of fun. That pretty much sums up the driving force behind most of the decisions I made over the course of my lifetime. Now that I am really old, I sometimes stop and think about how I lived my life. I can tell you one thing for certain, I ain’t sheddin’ no tears, everything I did, I did because I wanted to.

I was very fortunate (or unfortunate) depending how you want to analyze it. I was born with a multitude of talents. That’s a curse in a way, because it makes it very hard to decide which one of those talents you want to follow for a career.

When I was a little guy, I was fascinated with aircraft and automobiles, probably in equal amounts. By the time I was ten years old, I was building “stick model” balsa wood airplanes powered by rubber bands. That may sound pretty simple to most people, but to build a model airplane, you have to know aeronautical terms regarding the construction of aircraft. Terms like fuselage, dihedral, elevator, rudder, spars and ribs, and etc. Plus, you have to be able to read the assembly drawings, which aren’t a lot different than the real deal. In a year or so, I graduated to building gas powered models, and rocket propelled aircraft. Needless to say, I was a bit of a nerd when it came to this stuff. My brother-in-law was a retired naval flight instructor and worked at Douglas Aircraft. I was able to tour the Douglas Aircraft factory in Tulsa during an open house. What an experience for an eleven-year-old.

I was automatically drawn to anything mechanical, wanting to know exactly how it worked. The bigger the machine the more exciting it was. When I was probably three years old, I got into my dad’s toolbox, and proceeded to disassemble my tricycle. He was very amused when he found out what I had done.

I was born with the ability to look at something and draw it, in great detail. So, when I wasn’t building model airplanes or cars, I was drawing pictures of them. Still doing it and making a few bucks here and there. The picture below is a 1956 Ford Delivery I did a few years ago. When I was in Junior High, General Motors had a program where they were recruiting youngsters to join a design guild, obviously looking for future talent. I was highly interested in it but have no idea why I never signed up.


Going into high school, we had a choice of the courses we wanted to take. They offered the standard courses, plus what they called college entrance courses. I decided I wanted to do the college entrance classes. That lasted one and a half years. I pretty much hated the advanced math, except for geometry. I excelled at geometry. I had no idea why at the time, but I later understood why. Geometry is what you use to build stuff, and I loved to build stuff. I later taught myself, basic trig, so that really helped out later in my work life.

When graduation time approached, a lot of my friends were making preparations to go on to college. Not me, I couldn’t wait for school to be over and done. I literally had no idea what I was going to do, but I knew whatever it was would be exciting. I did however, have a set of papers from the aptitude test we were given before graduation. After taking the test which lasted about three hours, they analyzed our answers and gave us their best guess at what type of work we were best suited for. The results….you guessed it…..I was best suited for work in the tech industries.

My parents being old school parents kindly told me if I was going to continue occupying space in their home, they expected me to pay rent. That of course meant if I was going to keep driving my car, paying insurance on said car, and pay rent on my 125 square foot abode, plus continue eating mom’s fab food, I needed to get my ass to work, and soon. My dad was a weldor at a very large steel fabrication shop, had worked there for all of my life. I knew most of his closest working friends since I was a little kid. I guess it was a natural that I started working there. Of course, the management knew me as well, so it was pretty easy to get hired.

My first day on the job was an absolute shock. It was loud, dirty, and really hard work. Everything was steel, and heavy as hell. Not one damn thing they gave me to do was easy. It felt like I had been mistakenly placed on a crew for prisoners doing hard labor. My family detested sissies and quitters, so I knew I had to suck it up and get over it. I mean if I had quit, my dad and my uncles would have labeled me a slacker forever, I would never have been able to show my face at the family Thanksgiving table until they all died.

I toughed it out, and it got better, and I got deafer. If you were going to measure the sound decibels in that place, it would take a sound meter the size of a Volkswagen. It was eight acres under roof, with 200 men. Each one of those bastards had a hammer and never quit pounding on shit. I learned to literally tune it out and ignore it. Worked well in my marriage too.

Being a union shop, they offered us apprenticeships. I was able to take advantage of that because I had spent a lot of my younger life building stuff from plans. Then I took vocational drafting in high school. I had a leg up on most of those guys. I got into an apprenticeship right away and worked really hard for the next two years becoming a full-fledged deaf journeyman. Well, I wasn’t really deaf but close. Now, Bubba had a plan. Just as soon as I was declared a journeyman, I packed up my Plymouth, and a trailer and headed to the Golden State, where I resided for the next 30 years. During that time, I honed my craft to a fine edge.

Steel fabrication shops are all the same. Noisy, dirty, cold or hot depending on the weather, and just generally unpleasant. But it kind of has a romantic feel to it, like being in combat. I mean, you look back when you were working at Acme Steel, and remember when you almost lost you finger in punch press, or when you were working at Weld Rite, and a beam rolled over on your foot and broke two bones. Lots of fond memories to recall. This is not even taking into account the number of total asshole foremen I worked for. I can’t tell you how many murders I plotted and never actually committed.

I had finally moved out of the shop,and into the coveted position as an estimator. After getting pretty good at that, in a total moment of insanity, I thought it would be good idea to become an owner. Almost the moment I started thinking about that, a steel salesman that called on me, said he had a deal I may be interested in. He went on to say one of his clients had a tank shop, and wanted to start a structural shop, and was looking for a partner to operate it. I took the bait, hook line and sinker. Oh, what a mistake it was. These guys were crooks, they made Michael Avanatti look like “little goodie two shoe”. It was a total disaster. I was so discouraged, I packed up my tent and went to Seattle. So basically, I went from one disaster to another. I couldn’t believe the rain. The first week I was there, a storm came through with torrential rain and wind, and sank the I-90 floating bridge. Then two weeks later we had 17 inches of snow. All of this shit after spending 30 years in L.A. and getting ripped off by a bunch of crooked Mormons.

But the story has a good ending. Life was pretty good in Seattle. I started a small fabrication shop after learning who all the players were and had a very good run. I closed my shop during the recession following 9-11 and went to work for a friend and very honest guy. Couple of good years with that company, then moved to Oregon where the good times continue.

I have always loved writing. Never had any type of education in journalism, but it doesn’t matter. Like everything else in my life, I wanted to do it, so I did it. God has been very good to me in more ways than I can possibly enumerate. I am grateful to him for all that I have, and the manner in which I have been able to live. If you have a good life, don’t forget where those blessings come from.

This article was longer than I ever intended it to be. I hope you enjoyed it. God bless you and your families.




JOE BIDEN: 79 year old man in cognitive decline, an avid plagiarist, liar, and willing to bend the law for self, and family enrichment. Has always been on the wrong side of every foreign policy decision his entire career.

  • Opposed school busing for desegregation in the 1970’s,
  • Voted for a measure outlawing gay marriage in the 1990’s
  • Voted as an ally to the banking and credit card industries
  • Chaired the committee to support Anita Hill allegations against Clarence Thomas
  • He openly praised Sen. Strom Thurmond a known KKK high ranking member.

In my opinion, Joe Biden is a “go along to get along” guy, with no real commitments of his own except for those that can put money in his pocket. It was clear in the early days of the primaries that the moderate Democrats didn’t support him. Bernie Sanders was clearly outpacing him in the west, supported by younger more progressive voters. The only thing that saved him was the panic inside the Democrat party, terrified that they were going to end up with “Bolshevik Bernie”. The black voters in the south rallied to save him, and in the end handed him the Democrat nomination. Let’s be clear, Joe Biden didn’t win the primary fair and square, or the general election.

After the primaries and during the presidential campaign, it was absolutely clear, that Joe was not up to the task. The Democrats would not allow him to be seen, or heard for any appreciable length of time, terrified of what he may say. As hard as they tried, they were unable to control his many gaffes.

The Democrats just needed a candidate with at least some legitimacy, so they could get back in the White House and oust the big bad “orange man”. It was never a question for the Democrats whether or not Joe was up to the task, their plan from the start was to staff the cabinet with all of the old Obama people, and use Joe as a “front man.” Joe only does what his staff allows him to do. Every statement he makes is very well scripted. Recently during a few public appearances, he has veered off the script and started telling tall tales about his experiences that never happened.

If there is anything at all comforting in this, it’s the fact that we all know we were “punked”. Joe Biden only won because of manipulation of the electoral system. The United States Government overruled the voters, pretty much it, in a nutshell.

KAMALA HARRIS: An empty shell of a person, a hundred times worse that Joe Biden. Couldn’t make it past the third round of the debates. The people of her home state of California don’t like her. She can only speak using “buzz words” and cliches. She recently did an interview with CBS and was literally unable to respond in a coherent manner regarding the question of inflation. The only reason she is the VP is her gender and ethnicity. I’m not alone in that assessment, it is a widely known fact. Her rise to the top in her career is also controversial, having an affair with then married Willy Brown, a prominent California politician, then being appointed to important positions. In my opinion she is a person of no substance. There is an old term for a person, getting by without actually knowing anything called ” winging it”. An apt description for Kamala.

My only hope is that we can get by for the next three years without either one of these dumbasses getting us into some catastrophic situation due to their ignorance. God Bless the USA and the loyal patriots that never give up hope.

This is my last blog of 2021, and I want to thank all of my readers and followers for their support. Wishing all of you the very best for the New Year, especially health, and prosperity.



DECEMBER 27, 2021


You probably noticed I updated the signature photograph for my series. No particular reason, other than I get bored looking at the same stuff for long periods of time. Which leads me into the next statement, I’m getting really bored with the current Presidential administration and their lack of ability to get anything done that benefits the American people. I don’t often find a reason to use the word “stagnated”, but this seems like a really good time. It’s a perfect description for this group. Biden’s poll numbers have now dropped to 34%, so I’m hardly alone in my opinion.

Biden’s first year in office has been an unmitigated disaster, but we still have three years to go. I’m not sure America can survive three more years of this craziness. He refuses to reverse the open border policy, and the Democrats are quickly losing the Hispanic support because of this stance. It appears to be working in exactly the opposite way the Democrats imagined. Our cities and states are being overran with illegal aliens from all over the world. Schools are no longer being faced with two or three languages to manage, but more like five or six, at least. Biden’s foreign policy is a joke. After the insane withdrawal from Afghanistan, none of our allies trust his decisions. In my opinion, his approach to Iran is going to lead to Israel attacking Iran in a self-defense move, which is going to set off a virtual firestorm. In a “nutshell”, this man and his staff, are extremely dangerous.

During his campaign, Biden criticized Donald Trump for his management of the Covid-19 response, saying he would be able to do it much better, going as far to say, He and his administration would bring it under control quickly. More people have died from Covid during his time in office, than Trump’s. Another check mark in the failure column. After months of lockdowns, mask mandates, and attempted vaccine mandates, during his online conference with nation’s governors, he finally admitted, “there is no federal solution”. After that admission, I would think the next step, would be to fire Fauci. By the way, Fauci doesn’t think it would be a good idea to have a New Year’s Eve party. I’m sure all of you are going to cancel all of your plans based on Fauci says.

A BIT CONFUSED: Rogel Aguilera-Mederos, the trucker that rammed into multiple cars and killed four people in Colorado, was sentenced to 110 years. Apparently, the sentence was based on the fact that after the brakes failed on the truck, he passed three escape ramps, which if taken, would have prevented the massive accident. The sentence has drawn outrage from around the US. About five million people signed petitions to reduce the sentence. What is confusing me, is there are major amounts of criminals around the US, getting away with murder every day. The body count far exceeds four. Criminals are looting, burglarizing homes and cars, beating people to death in broad daylight on our city streets, and walking free. Attacking police officers, actually killing many of them. Where the hell are the petitions with millions of signatures to stop this bullshit? A bit out of balance I would say. People are outraged about one truck driver’s sentence, but don’t give a damn about all of the other violence plaguing our cities and towns? I don’t get it.

XAVIER BECERRA: Biden’s Secretary of Health and Human Services, has gone missing. No one seems to know where he is, or what he is doing. Maybe that’s why Joe says there is no federal solution for Covid. They aren’t capable of putting together any sort of plan. That’s a pretty good clue as to why they ran out of Covid testing kits. Becerra has no background in these matters, he was an attorney before being appointed to this position. My wife always says,” don’t hire a plumber to lay your carpet”.

FINALLY: Quite frankly, I wasn’t holding out much hope for any type of resistance to the transgender athlete nonsense. The “Alphabet Mafia” so far, has been very successful in making everyone cower in their corners. The tide is turning. A USA swimming official, Cynthia Millen, has resigned in protest of the University of Pennsylvania transgender swimmer, Lia Thomas that is destroying standing female swimming records. Ms. Millen is gaining support from other officials as well as past Olympic athletes and championship women swimmers. I’m pretty sure, we are seeing the beginning of the end of the transgender nonsense, where biological males are decimating women’s sports.

WHY I DON’T FLY DEPT: Ex-Playboy model and Baywatch actress went off the rails on a Delta Airlines flight and attacked an eighty-year-old man. Patricia Cornwall says she suffers from anxiety and may not have taken her medicine before the flight. Florida arrest records show Cornwall was arrested last month on a DUI and released on $1,000.00 bail. She asked for a public defender indicating she has no source of income. She was released for this latest run in with the law on $20,000.00 bond. Ironically, she made a Playboy appearance in 1996, titled “Women Behaving Badly”. According to witnesses and airline attendants, this whole thing started because she was behaving badly. I think Patty needs to go to a dark room and take her meds.

In spite of the never ending chaos we seem to experience on a daily basis, it’s still a good life, and the USA is still a great place to live. Just vote for the people you know will fix it. Stay safe, stay alert, stay alive. God bless all of you and your families.




DECEMBER 20, 2021


It seems every time I do another “Snaphots” article after taking a hard look at the news, I can’t believe it’s actually gotten crazier than the last time. Holy crap, I think the Democrats may start killing each other soon. Not that would necessarily be bad, but can you believe it. The Dems seem to have a deep well of hatred to spread around.

Did you happen to see the interview Kamala Harris did with Charlamagne the God? The expression Kamala had on her face when her press secretary tried to stop the interview was priceless. She literally looked scared, and helpless, like a child watching their parents argue. I was totally taken aback by her reaction.

Joe Biden is facing a growing number of crisis, and doesn’t seem to have a clue about how to deal with any of them. Tucker Carlson made a great point in his show today. This is when things can get very dangerous. When politicians start making really dumb decisions in an effort to save their behinds. The new Omicron varient is likely to become wildly blown out of proportion, as a tool to make Joe and his lackeys look better.

In a surprise statement, Kamala Harris refused to blame the unvaccinated for the continuing spread of Covid-19, a stark departure from the stance of her boss. She said, “I don’t think this is a moment to talk about fault”. “It is no one’s fault that this virus hit our shores, or hit the world….It is more about individual power, and the responsibility, and the decisions that everyone has the choice to make”. I was, needless to say, pleasantly surprised by her statement. It’s the first thing I have heard either of them say that sounded like a sane person.

SARAH PALIN: She made her statement about being vaccinated. I really didn’t have to hear her say it, or read it. I could have written it with total confidence of being correct. Sarah said, ” It’ll be over my dead body that I take that shot”. “They better not touch my kids either”. I don’t know how you feel about Sarah, I happen to admire the hell of her, and her “take no prisoners” attitude. You’re never left wondering how she feels about the issues.

BETTE MIDLER: I have the same opinion of Bette Midler, that I do about Joy Behar. They are both loudmouth, obnoxious, cows. The obnoxious, loudmouth cow had to walk back her statement about the folks in West Virginia today. In her rant against Joe Manchin, she said, ” He sold us out. He wants us all to be just like his state, West Virginia, poor, illiterate, and strung out”. The statement only stood for about an hour before the heat became too intense, and she apologized. The leftist elites hate common everyday Americans, and they just can’t help themselves from letting it be known. But hey, we hate them too, so checkmate.

JOE MANCHIN ( D-WV ): If an individual is a person of integrity, it doesn’t matter to me if they are a Republican or Democrat. If they are willing to put the best interests of the American people ahead of their political party, they have my vote. That is precisely why I am a registered independent. Although I am a staunch conservative, there are a bunch of Republicans I would never vote for, because they don’t vote for me. Joe Manchin told Brett Baier on Fox “News Sunday”, if I can’t go home to the people of West Virginia, and explain why I voted for it, then I can’t vote for it. (paraphrased) Wouldn’t it be nice if all of our Senators and Representatives felt that way? It is hilarious when I hear the hardcore Democrats claiming that Manchin is destroying democracy. Democracy is, in a nutshell, majority rule. When Mr. Manchin places his vote with the majority, and his side wins, he just exercised democracy in it’s purest form.

I saw this little blurb in the news today that made the hair on my neck bristle. A Swedish company has developed a microchip about the size of a rice kernel that can be read by a number of devices. The chip is designed to be embedded in your arm or in the skin between the thumb and index finger. They say it will contain your vax status, a passport of sorts that will allow you to use public transportation and purchasing opportunities, and etc. The phrase ” purchasing opportunities” really grabbed my attention. Are they saying, in order to purchase goods and services, you must have this chip in your body? Sounds that way to me. The Europeans are said to be “on board” with the idea. This is where I join Sarah Palin, and say ” over my dead body”. Nobody is chipping me like an animal. If this is what it comes down to, I’m gettin’ off the train.

I can’t say I’m not totally elated with the chaos going on in the Democrat party. But be warned, I have seen this before. The Democrats come back to life like the ‘ Terminator’. If just one little piece is left, they will rise again. Do whatever you can to rid the Republican party of the RINO’s . Do whatever you can to resist the Democrat’s efforts to turn this country into a socialist hell hole. God Bless you all.




This article is going to venture into an area that I don’t fully understand. Therefore, I will be asking a lot of questions, that I’m not sure anyone can answer, at least truthfully. Why are educators suddenly interested in sexual preferences of pre-teen youngsters? Why do the public schools feel it’s their job to mold our children’s sexual tendencies?

When a person or institution, embarks on a program of any sort, it has likely been well thought out, and the creators have set a goal they are trying to achieve. Why waste time and money if there is no end goal? It seems pretty obvious that the public schools are embarking on some sort of plan to intercede in the sexual development of the young students. Why is that?

I’m sure you have noticed as I have, the growing power and influence of the “Alphabet Mafia”. What roll are they playing in this program? If they are playing a roll, what do they expect to gain from it?

From this point, I will refer to the Alphabet Mafia, simply by AM. A few years ago, who knows exactly when, the AM came up with another classification of human, called ‘Transgender”. There is actually no such thing as “Transgender”, it’s a made up term to describe someone, that for whatever reason, wants to identify as the opposite sex. As an 80 year old male, I have encountered quite a few homosexual men and lesbian women. I have also realized, that all of them that I have known, were born that way. They had no choice. Make no mistake, being gay, is not an easy life. Gay people will tell you that.

Here is another thing I know as an old man. People who, are let’s say a little off center, and like weird and kinky things, will immediately start scheming when it comes to something like this transgender nonsense. The geniuses in the government always want to be thought of as being cutting edge on this type of thing, when in fact they are really just idiots.

So, the government imbeciles in an effort to appease some group, no one actually knows who, decides it’s a great idea to have “transgender” restrooms. Crazy old Jerry, a wackadoodle first class, thinks it’s a great idea, and can’t wait to participate. Crazy old Jerry dresses up like a girl and starts hanging around the girls restroom. There is a real good chance, that Jerry might get a little over excited and expose himself, or actually rape some unsuspecting woman. The government imbeciles don’t give a damn about public safety, they only care about being perceived, as being “woke”.

Transgenderism, is actually a huge assault on women’s rights. It is happening in women’s sports all over the US. Transgender females, are dominating women’s sporting events, and making impossible for an actual woman to be competitive. Women have trained for years with the expectations of winning a major event, perhaps even setting a record in their chosen sport, only to have their dreams smashed by a guy made up to look like a girl. Transgender females should be barred from competing in women’s athletic events.

Why are the athletic governing boards allowing women to be crushed by these bizarre rules. The left has been harping on women’s rights for decades. Saying ” we must protect the rights of all women”. Do you think it was just a lie, when all they really wanted was the female votes? You will be hard pressed, to find a conservative that agrees with this craziness. The next time you hear a Democrat tell women they have their backs, think about all of the young women athletes that have had their dreams trashed. DEMOCRATS LIE.

I have heard this topic discussed among women, and they are freaked out by a “trans woman” being in their spaces designated for women. My wife went to a make up counter, and the sales person was a 6′-0 tall guy with a beard wearing a dress and women’s accessories. He wanted to help her with her make up. Let’s just say, it didn’t work out well.

Once again, why are the schools so interested in the sexual preference of youngsters? They seem to be pushing the students into alternative life styles. The schools should be focusing on helping students have the best life possible, and alternative life styles are not going to make their lives better. Only 4.5% of adult Americans identify as LGBT. Why in the world would you want to push a youngster into a situation even harder than a normal life?

Public schools as of late, seem to feel once you put your children in their classrooms, they own them. There seems to be this strange mindset, that once your child crosses the threshold, and enters into the school building, they are free to influence and mold them as they see fit. How did this happen? We send our children to school to be taught how to read, to be skillful in math, learn history and literature. Nobody wants some stranger, influencing their child in politics, sex or religion. Those are subjects that should be reserved for family discussion. Teachers need to be told to stay in their lanes.

There could be another aspect to this. The left has successfully divided almost everyone into different camps or tribes. Public school teachers are notoriously Democrat, and have some pretty strange ideas. Youngsters are very easily influenced by teachers. I’m thinking the teacher could be consciously proselytizing for their tribe.

I would highly recommend, that if possible, people should remove their children from public schools. If you aren’t able to do that, be very proactive in what is going on at your child’s school. Get on the DOJ’s watch list.




They created the Covid-19 virus in a lab in Wuhan through “gain of function research”, with the monetary assistance of the NIH. This is now factual knowledge, no longer some crazy conspiracy theory. Then somehow, it mysteriously escaped into the general population. China then allowed the citizens of Wuhan to go on their holiday, traveling all around the world, spreading it as they went. I don’t know about you, but I find it really hard to fathom, that none of this was planned. China really needed to put the brakes on Trump’s anti-China policies, and put a major cramp in the world economy. Now, try and convince me the Democrats didn’t know this was coming. The left already had the plans in place to lock everything down, crippling the economy, and stopping Trump dead in his tracks. They made sure he would not be elected to second term by manipulating the votes, and engaging in an unholy alliance with Twitter, Face Book, Google and You Tube. Google alone, prevented Trump’s campaign from collecting millions of dollars in campaign contributions. Not to mention Twitter’s blackout of the Hunter Biden bombshell.

All of that was just a trial balloon to see if we would resist in mass. We didn’t. Now, our individual freedoms are being picked off like ducks in a shooting gallery. They are going to start altering our lives like we would have never imagined. California, Oregon and Washington State, are already making it virtually impossible to get a permit to build a single family home. They want you in multiple family dwellings, on mass transit, or electric vehicles. Your freedom of choice of how you want to live and travel, are melting away like a snowball in hell.

It’s going to take a major upheaval in the United States Government to reverse the free fall into becoming a socialist/marxist nation. I’m not sure if the general citizenry doesn’t really care, or perhaps, don’t understand what they are facing. They are being “gaslighted” daily by the main stream media, it could be plain old ignorance. Whatever the reason, we are reaching the point of no return.

You see how they have villainized the “unvaxed”, claiming they are endangering the “vaxed”. Some pundits even going so far as to promote witholding medical treatment, for people who have not been vaccinated. Wait until the electric car owners start a hate campaign against gasoline vehicles. This craziness is going to escalate, count on it.

Make no mistake. You are being mentally manipulated by people who have made this their life’s work. Nobody does it better. What I find really amazing, is the Russian government did it to their citizenry, we know it, we saw it. we saw the devastating human tragedy that resulted from it. We are allowing it to happen here, with our eyes wide open. Very sad indeed. The people behind this are pure evil, and nothing more than agents of Satan. What did you think was going to happen when God kept getting pushed out of our lives? Satan always takes advantage when this happens.

I have said this before, resist any way you can. Even if it’s in a small way, a lot of small efforts add up and become effective. God bless all of you, be careful and stay safe. Crime has been allowed to spiral out of control. Keep your eyes open and stay alert.




Every single thing you do is monitored by all of these devices that you love so much, and carry with you everywhere you go. The link below was never more appropriate.

Every single communication that you make no matter which device you use, land line or wireless is being surveilled. The only possible communication that remains private is by voice, with another live person. And even then, the privacy of that conversation depends on the integrity of the person you are communicating with.

You were excited by all of this stuff, you embraced it like a new lover. Now it’s taken your Freedom and privacy, and you ain’t gettin’ it back.