Schiff and Barney

I really felt bad about disrespecting Don Knotts this way, but I just couldn’t help myself. 

Adam Schiff really is like a bad venereal disease. VD causes great discomfort in the area of your body that is the most sensitive. Certain venereal diseases, like Schiff, are virtually impossible to get rid of. He’s probably most like herpes. When you have an outbreak, the pain is excruciating, and it ain’t ever going away, but it ain’t gonna kill you. Then you have to tell all of your potential lovers that you have this crud. Unless of course, you’re a heartless liar. 

Well, Adam Schiff is the Republican’s herpes. Right now they’re having an outbreak, and it’s causing them all great pain in that sensitive area. They really can’t do anything under the current circumstances, except let this latest outbreak run it’s course. Nervous Nancy has the antidote, but it looks like she’s going to withhold it.

Jerry Nadler was like a common type of HPV, he was easy to get rid of, because he was mostly ineffective and stupid. He was sort of like Curly, without Moe and Joe. I think earlier in his life when he was grossly over weight, he went on some type of program to slim down, and somehow lost his brain mass along with his fat ass. It’s pretty clear Nervous Nancy saw that his dog and pony show had to many dogs and not enough ponies. She went with good old Adam, he can spread falsehoods faster than Katie Hill can seduce her staffers. AOC might be into throuples, if she thought it would save the planet.

Having to deal with good old Adam is bad enough, but they have rounded up the most bizarre group of witnesses you could ever imagine. The first two bozos were largely clueless. These two guys had information that was four or five times removed from the source. If that wasn’t bad enough, these two idiots actually think that foreign policy is established by the diplomatic corps. They reminded me of a bunch of employees sitting in the break room complaining about the boss. You can complain all you want, just try to changing his policies, you will be introduced to a new group of friends at the unemployment office. Unelected bureaucrats don’t make policy, the elected leaders do. Unelected bureaucrats implement the policies whether they like them or not.

We have another witness coming today which should be interesting. This dumbass was participating in Ukraine elections, among other dumb stuff. She is even more clueless than the first two. She has already broken down and cried when she lost her job, so this may digress into a crybaby drama. She actually thought she was some sort of free agent sent out to change the world as she pleased. She was fired because she is just another Obama holdover partisan hack. Hey stupid, you were working for the Donald, not the eunuch.

The really sad thing about this, is that these partisan bureaucrats are like a termite infestation. They are hiding in the dark corners of the government, gnawing away at the Constitutional framework. Donald Trump is the official Orkin Man, but it seems he is having a real hard time hiring reinforcements. How much damage have the termites actually done? Can it be fixed? Only time will tell, how many more Donald Trumps are willing to take on the task.

Your assignment, if you decide to take it, is to elect more people like Donald Trump, and clean up the infestation. Warning, this message will self destruct in 10 seconds. 😉




Alarm Bell

I have been concerned for quite some time about the way the left is attacking the rule of law, and law enforcement. I’m shocked every single day by the level they are taking this to. San Francisco is reeling out of control now. They just elected a new District Attorney by the name of Chesa Boudin. His genealogy is certainly not something to brag about. His mother and father, who were members of the “Weather Underground”, a domestic terror organization, pulled off a heist of an armored car which left three men dead. His mother spent 22 years in the slammer, and his father is still incarcerated. If that wasn’t bad enough, he was raised by Bill Ayres and Bernadine Dohrn, also members of the “Weather Underground”. His resume also lists working for the leftist dictator Hugo Chavez as a translator. I’m sure his education was greatly enhanced during that gig. Bill Ayres is also best buds with Barrack for what that’s worth. Kinda explains Barrack’s views of law enforcement.

Jesse Watters said it best today, saying that Chesa Boudin is there to transform San Francisco into a leftist paradise. Chesa has vowed to pretty much shut down prosecution of public decency laws, shop lifting, break ins, auto theft, etc. Citizens of Frisco are going to see what anarchy looks like up close and personal.

What is stunning, is that all of the major media outlets are giving good ol’ Chesa a glowing review, as if his polices are somehow going to be good for Frisco. How can these people produce this “shit for brains” news and look their viewers in the eyes. It is simply mind boggling.

People, this is just one horrible example. The left is hell bent on destroying our laws, and law enforcement. The ” Sanctuary City ” crap is turning our once beautiful cities into hiding places for illegal alien criminals. The reason that the left is engaged in this insanity, is a power grab. Burn this into your memory; the left will always be willing to sacrifice your peace and safety, it if means they gain power in the end. The left is a social cancer, destroying the body of Democracy, little by little.

If you want to take a stand, and fight off this scourge, arm yourself with facts and stats. When you’re confronted with a left wing nut, be ready to defend your position. Most of these morons just spout talking points and leftist rhetoric, and lies. Fight them with truth. Truth is the most powerful weapon you can use against these cockroaches.

Put on your armor of truth. Never back off from engaging the liars. Be careful, if they think they are losing, they often turn to violence. Stay strong in the defense of our Constitution and Bill of Rights. If we loose the first and second amendments, we’ve lost the battle. Never give up.


bill of rights


dji drone

Dji Inspire Camera Drone

For my entire life, I have been fascinated with things that fly. I took flying lessons as a teenager, but was majorly disappointed, it just didn’t generate the thrills that I had imagined. I found the feeling that I was looking for in motorcycles, and became a life long motorcyclist. However, I still loved aircraft, and over the years I was involved in flying gas powered model aircraft, also rockets. I also happen to really like photography. I found the perfect blend of all of the this stuff in camera drones. I bought my first camera drone a few years ago, it was pretty basic, and cheap. I bought better and more expensive drones and learned how to fly them proficiently. 

I recently acquired my dream drone, the one in the picture above, a Dji Inspire. This is a very large, powerful and serious drone. This model is what most filmmakers use, with a better cameral of course. A movie grade camera cost $1,800.00 to $3,000.00 dollars. My camera will work just fine for filming landscapes and real estate.

This drone has a range of about 1.5 miles in any direction, and will fly at 500 foot altitude all day long. The batteries will allow you to fly for about 22 minutes each. I have two. You can cover a lot of ground in 44 minutes.

I am unquestionably a total novice at arial photography, but I will get better. We went to a local state park on a major river today and flew for about an hour with three separate drones. It was awesome.

dji drone 2

This site doesn’t support video, so I am working on putting all of my videos in a location where you can view them. Keep an eye out for more information on where you can go to see them. We are planning on going to a local water fall next weekend, weather permitting. It is located in a really beautiful setting. I’m already excited.

We all need to enjoy ourselves, and spend time with our families. I am flying with my Stepson Marc, and that just enhances the whole experience. We live in a wonderful place where we can enjoy these kinds of things, but we need to keep our eye on the ball, there are forces out there that would like to take it away from you. Don’t let that happen, stay vigilant, stay strong.


Old Glory



World's Biggest Liars


What do you think the odds are that these two dimwits would ever be paired up, running a huge scam on the American public, right out in the open, as if no one could see it. These two people put the sleaze in the term sleaze bags. I watch these two everyday, unable to believe my eyes. They are the very reason, the average person loathes lawyers.

Nancy Pelosi doesn’t deserve an ounce of respect. Her actions as the Speaker of the House are nothing short of deplorable. She has been around forever, and knows perfectly well what the “drill” is. She knows perfectly well how impeachment proceedings are supposed to be conducted. She is very well aware of what constitutes and impeachable offense, and she simply doesn’t have what it takes. I think she is secretly seeking revenge for Trump cancelling her flight a few years ago, not allowing her to leave the country. She is probably harboring deep seated anger over that. Whatever her reasons are for the way she is conducting the business of the people, she should be fired. She is putting her petty hatred for the President ahead of everything, and nothing is getting done to make the average persons life better. Her job performance is really bad. If your job performance was as bad as hers, you would be unemployed. Truthfully, she is speaker in name only, the far left mongrels are really in charge.

Adam Schiff has to be, the world’s biggest liar, and at the same really bad at keeping track of all of his lies. When you lie on camera, it’s really hard to deny lying when you get caught red handed, which happens to “Shifty Schiff” on a regular basis. Schiff is like a bad “knock off” of an expensive brand. You know it’s fake the moment you look at it closely. When the man is talking he’s lying. The only time he’s not lying is when he’s not talking. I’ve heard it said that this infatuation about impeachment is going to backfire on the Dems hugely in the 2020 election. We will see, but the Democrats have pretty much squandered their political capital over the past three years. They have accomplished none of the things they ran on in the mid term elections such as infrastructure, healthcare, and etc., while attempting to bring down Donald Trump. In the meantime, Trump just keeps on racking up wins on multiple fronts.

Impeachment is a no win idea for the Democrats. The more they scream for impeachment, the more the Republican base becomes energized. The angrier the average people get because nothing is getting done. They have no criminal activity to base the charges on. Even if they somehow begin impeachment hearings, this will drag well into next year and be a huge distraction, stealing the show from their own presidential candidates. The Senate will never entertain impeachment hearings based on such nonsense. In the end, the only thing Pelosi will have accomplished, is guaranteeing Donald Trump will be re-elected, and the Dems losing the house majority. Couldn’t happen to a nicer bunch of boneheads.

Another bright idea the Democrats are engaged in, with the help of the MSM, is trying to convince people the economy is starting to fail, and there is an impending recession. The way this works, is if they can convince enough people that it is indeed true, people will curtail spending and stop making large purchases. If they are able to do that successfully, they can actually have an impact on the overall economy and take some of the steam out of it. By doing this they feel they can lessen the chances of Trump being re-elected. So…you have to stop a moment and think about this…..the Democrats are trying to induce a recession to regain power. In other words, they are willing to inflict hardship on the everyday hard working folks, who have struggled for the past eight years, just to stay alive. The Dems are willing to put you through that once more just so they can regain power??? After thinking about that for about 1 3/4 seconds, are you still wondering who has your best interest in mind? If you still haven’t figured it out, it’s DJT, not the DNC.

In the meantime, while wacky Nancy, and Schiff for brains are running their fake impeachment hearings, the little darling of the left, AOC, is advocating for violence against the police in NYC. These dumb shits need to be ran out of town on rails. Who in the world has ever, in the history of this nation, heard a member of Congress advocating violence against police? It’s like I’m watching a really bad movie. This is stupidity magnified a thousand times. The people that are going to be harmed in this are lower income folks just trying to scrape out a living. She isn’t going to feel any pain from it, she lives in an upscale DC neighborhood. She just runs her mouth, the results from her words be damned. She’s a mouthy, little moronic witch.

When  you watch and listen to these nitwits, you can’t believe they can get any crazier, then Liz Warren, the make believe native American, comes up with a Medicare for all plan that will literally bankrupt the USA in ten years, and kill millions of jobs. When she’s questioned about it, and told it won’t work, she doubles down on it, and makes the ludicrous claim that middle class folks won’t pay more taxes. She happens to be correct on that issue, because when she’s finished, there won’t be a middle class. This is like watching an episode of ” Jackass”.

People, we’re at a critical time here. You have to wonder, if any one of these Democrat morons were to win the Whitehouse, is this when the wheels fall of the American Dream and the whole damn train goes over a cliff? To borrow a favorite phrase from crazy uncle Joe, c’mon man! Al Gore is even starting to look acceptable. Can you imagine what Harry Truman would think of the modern Democrat party? If this is a glimpse into the future, I’m overjoyed to be almost 80 years old, I won’t have to endure it very long.


Old Glory




red donkey (2)


The past three years have really been eye opening. I have been very aware of how the lefties were influencing our educational system, but the extent of their success is far  beyond anything I would have imagined. They are poisoning the minds of the K-12 kids ever so slowly, but when these kids get into colleges and universities, they turn up the volume. By the time these kids are two years into college, they are literally bonkers.

They have been at this long enough now, they think it’s time to pull out the stops, and go full court press on socialism. Twenty years ago, if a presidential candidate would have put forward ideas that you are hearing today, they would have literally been drummed out of the race overnight.

Take some time and pay attention to how many leading Democrat leaders, in particular, Gavin Newsome of California, are openly defying the law with absolutely no consequences. When prominent leaders start openly defying the law, it emboldens the common man to follow suit. The old “if he can do it, I can do it” mind set. Make no mistake, the Democrats want to destroy this country, and turn it into a socialist hell hole. If you notice, in socialist societies, the leaders are not living in poverty. They still live in gated homes, in luxurious lifestyles, while the common people can’t even afford toilet paper. These dirt bags like Gavin Newsome, Kate Brown of Oregon and Jay Inslee of Washington state, think they’re going to be local governors, ruling over the masses. Party bosses if you will. Truthfully…..these people are nothing more than inept party hacks doing a really lousy job for the citizens of their respective states.

These people aren’t stupid, they are very aware of what socialism brings. They don’t care, they are drunk on the quest for power. Californians are already paying a huge amount of taxes, to carry the burden of all of the socialists programs. California state sales tax has now reached 7.25%, plus California State Income tax of approximately 8% on a median income of about $55,000.00. This is in addition to some of the highest gasoline taxes in the nation. Californians are being taxed to death. An article appeared on the Fox Breaking News page this morning, saying that so many large wage earners are either leaving the state or paying themselves less, that the expected revenue is half of what the state expected. Oregon and Washington State aren’t far behind. My property taxes took a huge jump this year. Then these whackos want to give Medicare to everyone, even if you’re not a citizen. There is no possible way that program can work. It would literally be impossible to collect that much money from taxes. It’s a bold faced lie, period.

There are two sure fire indicators of what they have planned. They want to deny you freedom of speech, and the right to keep and bear arms. That pretty much tells you everything you need to know about the Democrats agenda. Shut you up, and take away your ability to fight back. Take a look at the news footage from Venezuela, the cops have guns the citizens are throwing rocks. That my friends is the Democrat dream.

Why are Democrats so intent on taking away your Constitutional rights and Freedoms? If you listen to what they are saying, it’s quite obvious. Their ideas of what society should be is 180 degrees opposed to Conservatives. The Constitution and Bill of Rights is a huge stumbling block in achieving these goals. The Democrats want to establish the rules of human behavior. They think they are way smarter than you, and they want to tell you exactly how to live your life. They’re already attempting to do that, but they can only be marginally successful under the current system. They need to blow up the system, so they can have their way. Think I’m overstating it? Look at their actions in recent weeks in the House of Representatives. They have been working tirelessly to bring down a duly elected President with bogus, contrived charges of impropriety.

There are so many pressing national issues that sorely need to be addressed. The Democrats are not interested in doing the work of the people. They are only interested in this insane fixation to undo the Constitutional election of the President. The President should have never apologized for calling it what it is, a lynch mob. But, what else would you expect from Democrats, they wrote the book on lynch mobs. Just because Schiff and his ilk aren’t wearing white robes and pointy hats, they’re engaging in similar tactics. I guess that makes Pelosi the first female Imperial Wizardess.

Make no mistake, the openness of the Democrats courting Socialism, is a very clear look into the future. This was only the opening salvo. It will continue to grow in intensity. The push for gun confiscation is real. The MSM will be the tip of the spear, to soften up public opinion by reporting distorted statistics on gun violence. Every story that involves a firearm will be worked from every angle. If you don’t believe me, look back at the circus that CNN put together after the Parkland Shooting in Florida. Every single socialist idea that the Democrats are pushing will be showcased on CNN, MSNBC, NBC, CBS, ABC. This is exactly why Donald Trump says openly, they are the enemy of the people. He understands exactly what is happening. The main stream media is in fact, the communication arm of the Democrat Party. If that’s not apparent to you, I suggest you open your eyes before you’re no longer free.


bill of rights



San Franny Granny

I saw a stand up routine by Dennis Miller a few years ago, and in reference to Nancy Pelosi, he said she has to sleep hanging upside down, because she is crazier than batshit. I saw a more recent performance by Dennis and admitted that she is the only politician, that he has trouble not being able to mentally dismiss. She is definitely one whacko woman. She makes me crazy just watching her unhinged tirades, that virtually make no sense whatsoever. When she speaks, she sort of stumbles around, holds her hands out with her fingers spread open, smiles with that fake smile, and all the time she is speaking,  I’m thinking when are they going to put this poor soul in an retirement home.

I started this blog a week ago and my friend came to me with a request to help him with the design of a new fast food restaurant he is going to open, so I put my writing aside. I always enjoy working with my good friends Rich and Nancy on their projects. It’s very rewarding to have lunch in a restaurant you helped create.

While working my regular job today, I heard there was a flap in the White House during a meeting that Nancy and Chuck were attending at the request of President Trump. All I could learn at the time is that Nancy and Chuck and one or two other congressmen stormed out of the meeting, after President Trump called Nancy a “third rate” politician. Trump has a problem with the truth, he likes to express it. I totally agree with his assessment of Ms. Pelosi’s skill levels.

I waited patiently all day for the evening Fox News shows to begin so I could find out what really happened. Tucker didn’t address it at all, Hannity didn’t address in detail, but Laura Ingraham said she was going to. I couldn’t wait. Halfway through the show, she has congressman Kevin McCarthy on to report what happened. I was on the edge of my chair waiting for the blow by blow account from McCarthy. What did I get? I got Laura’s never ending motor mouth. She couldn’t shut up long enough to let Kevin give us the story. When you watch Laura Ingraham, she can have dozens of guests on, but what you get is 10% guests and 90% Ingraham. She must have been trained by Sean Hannity. Honestly, I don’t know why Sean and Laura even invite anyone to appear on their shows. They constantly talk over their guests and cut them off. If they don’t have enough time for their guests to speak, invite fewer guests and shut the hell up.

New Mug


Went camping this weekend in the beautiful Cascade foothills on the bank of the Willamette River. One the way home we stopped in a tiny village for breakfast. Luckily for us, the Republican Headquarters was right next door to the café. We spent 50 or 60 dollars on Republican merchandise to help the cause, but this was the best thing in the house. Trump calling Pelosi a “third rate” politician makes my coffee taste even sweeter.

I didn’t watch the Democrat debates. That would have been about as exciting as watching an autopsy. However I did catch up on the highlights ( that’s a joke ) today, and I don’t know who the biggest loser was, the candidates themselves or CNN. My gosh, the content of the questions was something you would ask a third grader. That may actually be an insult to third graders. Quid Pro Joe, seriously has a circuitry problem going on in his brain. I used to have a Jeep that did that. It would just quit running while you were driving down the road. Scared the hell out of you. Watching Joe’s brain quit functioning in the middle of a sentence should scare the hell of voters.

Will someone please tell Bozo O’Rourke the train has left the station, and there won’t be another one for six more years?

I’m really having trouble getting my brain wrapped around the fact that Elizabeth Warren is the leading candidate, and Joe and Berny are close second and third. These are old white people of priveledge. I thought the Democrats hated old white people of priveledge. I have been hearing that for months, but their top three candidates fit that description to a tee. Even Cory Booker isn’t a bonified person of color. He’s sort of brown, but was raised by wealthy parents in an upscale neighborhood, just like Kamala Harris who is also trying to pass herself off as a disadvantaged minority. These people are as phony as the ideas they are trying to promote.

It’s great to be back on the keyboard again. I’m hoping to regain my momentum in the coming weeks. It’s winter in the Pacific Northwest which translated means non stop rain. So, I’ll fill up my new coffee mug and set it beside my computer for inspiration. Whatever you do, vote and encourage your friends and family to vote ( if they’re Republicans ) so we can get rid of “nervous Nancy” and her rendition of F Troup.


Eagle and Flag





tucker carlson

I am a huge fan of Tucker. I have been listening to conservative pundits since the great Rush Limbaugh came along in the eighties. I actually went to see him when he was doing concerts, at ( of all places ) University of California at Irvine. Can you imagine Rush doing a concert at any University in the USA? That was the good old days before liberals lost their minds and became deranged lefties.

I used to be a Bill O’Reilly regular when his show came on at 5:00 pm, then followed it up with Megan Kelly. I was bummed when they both went down in flames. Then Tucker took over the 5:00 pm slot. I liked Tucker’s style from the start.

Tucker’s straight forward, tell it like it really is style, proved to be more than the lefties could handle. Hate speech to the lefties is any speech they don’t agree with. Tucker gave them plenty to disagree with. Consequently, they started strong arming the sponsors, and Fox News. Many of Tuckers sponsors couldn’t take the heat and dropped away. Fox News stood behind him kind of. It is pretty evident that Tucker has toned down his writing, and is pulling his punches.

I think the reason I find this guy so interesting, is his writing style. It’s not made up of “boiler plate” conservative rhetoric like Sean Hannity. His writing is well thought out, and intelligent. His monologues are products of a true ” wordsmith “.

If you don’t currently watch Tucker Carlson Tonight, check it out. Anyone that knows me, knows that I don’t take calls between 5:00 and 6:00 pm. At my house that time is known as the “Coffee and Tucker Hour”.

I know, this sounded like a paid ad, but it’s not. I think this guy strives to deliver a clear, and honest assessment of what is happening, without all of the nonsense biases.


Old Glory