MARCH 13, 2023



As I was preparing my thoughts for this article, I realized how other people can change the trajectory of your life and you don’t even realize it’s happening. Before I get into the details of this, you have to realize I came out of the womb with the desire to make stuff, fix stuff, and figure out how things work. My late wife once asked me, how do you know how to fix something you really don’t know much about? I jokingly told her that mechanical things talk to me. In fact, they do. If I stop and think about the object that isn’t working, quite often I can imagine how it works, and why it isn’t working. I’m not sure if that makes sense.

So, a new family moved into our neighborhood, Tom was my age and a likable kid. I liked his family as well. His father was a bit younger than my father, and very smart about mechanical things. He was a WWll veteran and had a strong military attitude. So, it was fun to hang out at Tom’s house and see the projects his dad was involved in. By the way, Tom was the kid I used to hang out in the tree with and shoot everything that moved with our BB guns.

I’m not really sure how it happens, but some kid in the neighborhood does something and then everyone has to do it. One of the most popular with boys in those days was coaster carts or “soap boxes”. We just happened to have a great hill to coast down. Everyone was building really crude wooden carts with ropes tied to the front axles to steer them with. Tom and I started building one in this garage, then his dad stepped in. He started getting out all of this power tools and you would not believe what we ended up with. Bear with me and I will try to describe it.

The base was probably a 2×10 about 5′ long. He built a back rest over the rear wheels. He built a wooden box like a model T hood on the front with the remnants of the 2×10 for the front and rear of the box. He put a round wooden pole through the box and mounted an actual automobile steering wheel on it. He the wrapped sash rope around the pole, routed it through a pully on each side to steer the front wheels. Nobody in the entire neighborhood had anything that could hold a candle to it. We were the official Kings of the Hill.

If that didn’t make Tom’s dad cool enough, He had a high-performance Hudson automobile. So, Tom’s dad had us making model airplanes, and we joined a local model airplane club, and his dad took us to the meetings in his Hudson. I was transfixed by that car. One night we were returning home, there was a long straight road ahead of us, and Tom’s dad opened it up. I watched the speedometer climb to 110 mph. I must have thought about that experience for about a couple of years. Think about the atmosphere during this event. Nighttime, the only light in the car was from the instrument panel and watching the needle on the speedometer just keep climbing all the way to the top. It was pure magic.

The time I spent hanging out with Tom, just sort of launched me into the next phase of my life of building and creating things. One of the next big phases was probably the most dangerous. I’m really amazed that someone wasn’t seriously injured or killed. We started making real honest to goodness sling shots. Just like the one David used to slay Goliath. Imagine one of those in the hands of a ten- or twelve-year-old with absolutely no experience whatsoever. I mean, where do you go to take sling shot lessons? I’m not kidding you, when the stones came out of these things, they sang like a bullet ricocheting off a rock. Most of the time we had no idea where the rock even went. Luckily that didn’t end with a fatality.

We were building model aircraft with small gas engines that ran on some kind of fuel, it wasn’t really gas, otherwise we would have blown up our homes. Then a company came out with a miniature solid fuel rocket engine. We were on that immediately. We put them on model cars, as well as aircraft. I built a large wingspan free flight aircraft with a rocket engine, and it was amazing. It was a large aircraft, so it was rather slow. Being a pint-sized mad scientist, I built a smaller aircraft with shorter wings like a fighter jet. It almost killed my neighbor. I ignited the rocket engine and released the plane. It immediately nosedived into the ground. When it did, the rocket engine came loose and shot through the air like a bullet, just missing the neighbor woman two doors down as she was walking out of her house. Luckily for me, she didn’t even know how close she came to being on the ten-o-clock news.

Now you have read three installments of my young life and I’m still not up to twelve years old yet. So, my adventures in this exciting new world of mine just keep coming. I’m also starting to notice girls more and more. So somewhere around twelve years old, these pesky creatures start finding their way into my life. More on this in later articles.

It’s been fun to recall this stuff, that I don’t think about much. But I thought I should write about this being that my 82nd birthday is coming up next month. So far, my brain hasn’t reached its expiration date, so I should probably share this before it’s lost forever. It’s so frustrating, to think about something that happened when you were a kid and you wanna talk about it with your siblings, and then you realize they are all gone. You’re the last one standing. But life is good. Live it at full throttle. It’s what you’re supposed to do. God Bless all of you.



FEBRUARY 26, 2023



I received a very good response from readers on my last blog, revisiting my childhood experiences in Tulsa in the 1940’s. So, I decided to expound on that, for two reasons. Number one, folks liked it, and I like it when I get positive response from my efforts. Number two, the world is so damn depressing, I’m tired of writing about it. I’m sure I will resume my bitching and complaining soon, but for now, I just wanna do “feel good” stuff.

By the way, my mother hated the term “okie”. She was born and raised in Oklahoma and damn proud of it. She and my father struggled through the depression and the dust storms of the thirties. The term “okies” was given to the migrants that left the south central states during those horrible years, headed to California. The Californians weren’t happy about all of the new arrivals and gave them that derogatory moniker. So, the people in the south central area fired back at California, and gave the derogatory nickname, of “prune pickers”.

Later, the south-central folks carried a little further, saying California was like granola. Take away the fruits and the nuts, and what you have left is “flakes”. If you’re a Californian, don’t be getting all mad at me for writing this, I moved to Southern Cal when I was 23, and lived there for the next thirty years. I loved California in the sixties through the eighties, then it got way too weird for me.

So, in 1949, I-40 took out the home I was born in, and grew up in. I was eight years old, and really upset I was going to have to leave my house and move to another home. My dad and mom built that house from the ground up. Every nail in it was driven by my father, while my mother worked alongside of him doing whatever a tiny 4′-10 woman could do. In reality she was a tough little gal, never heard her whine once. Her favorite saying was “can’t never did anything”. She lived by that; no task was too big for her. By the way, she didn’t allow any whining either.

Our new home was about 3-4 miles north. After we lived there for a couple of months or so, I was pining away for old home, had so many good memories there. So, one day without telling anyone, I got on my bike and rode back to the old home. It was early summer. In Oklahoma during that time of the year, vegetation grows like crazy. So, when I rode up to the house, all of the weeds were growing up around it, the grass was very tall, and those big scary garden spiders were hanging around everywhere. I walked around the house, and through the back yard where we had so many good times as a family, but it looked sad and abandoned. The spirit of the family home was gone. At that moment, the sadness and homesickness left me, and it was gone forever. As a nine-year-old, I knew it was time to move on with my life.

The old neighborhood was small, not many kids to hang with. Our new neighborhood was a housing tract filled with young parents with lots of kids. New adventures with new friends, and that was exciting. Now we had a really big, wooded area to explore, and we didn’t waste any time getting to know our way around.

On the south side of our new home was a huge pasture with a few head of cattle. The south property line of the pasture was the Frisco Railroad. Beyond that another 100 feet or so was the old Route 66. North of our new home was a large hill named “Lookout Mountain”, that ran for several miles, probably about 200 feet high. Heavily wooded, for great adventures. At the highest point was the local TV station. More on that in a later article.

Being ten years old, and much more mature, when we went on our adventures, we were armed with Daisy BB guns and real honest to goodness hunting knives we wore on our belts like Davy Crockett. There was quite a large tree in the pasture close to the railroad. My neighbor buddy and I used to climb the tree with our knives and BB guns and terrorize small animals and birds. There was a large Herford bull in the pasture with the cows. He had quite a large pair of testicles. We tried to hit them with our BB guns numerous times, but he never showed any response. I can only assume we missed. Needless to say, we were shooting while sitting in the tree, we were young but not stupid.


The neighborhood to the north of us one block was much older, with large mature trees. There was a vacant lot on the corner, very overgrown, where we played. Someone came up with the idea we should build a cave. How do you “build” a cave? Well, you arm about four or five 10-year-olds with their family garden tools and start digging a really big hole about two or three feet deep, about five foot long. Then you go around to everyone’s home and find as much lumber as possible, and cover the hole, then cover the wood with dirt and weeds, leaving one end open for access. You lay cardboard on the floor, dig out little holes in the walls for candles. We created a very cool hideout.

When the novelty wore off of the cave, we built a tree house in Bubba’s tree. It was pretty awesome. Looking back on it, it’s hard to believe a bunch of ten-year-olds built it. It was about 15 feet above the ground. Bubba came up with the idea of spending the night in it. My mom said no. They took kerosene lanterns up in the treehouse and let them burn all night, and nearly asphyxiated themselves. At about 4:00 am they were all hanging out sick and throwing up. My mom was probably the smartest mom ever. She had a sixth sense for stuff like this.


Summer nights are awesome in Tulsa, we loved to play “kick the can” at night. One night we all met a Bubba’s house, and the can was located in his front yard. The game started and lasted for maybe two hours. We always made sure everyone was accounted for when the game was over. Gene never showed up. We all fanned out an looked for him for probably an hour or so. No Gene. We were terrified that something bad had happened. So, we all went down the street to Gene’s house and told his parents we had lost him. Gene’s mom informed us that Gene had came home and went to bed probably an hour and a half ago. Every neighborhood has one kid that is just a little different, that was Gene. I re-connected with Gene some 55 years later at our High School reunion. Much to my surprise, he was quite normal. Bubba was a little strange though.


Having grown up around farms and animals, I was very used to seeing the internal organs of butchered animals. So, I wasn’t fazed by blood and guts. One day while my friends and I were running around playing, we heard sirens and saw a lot of activity on the railroad tracks. So, naturally we had to go see what it was all about. Seems some guy was hit by a train and his body was virtually ripped apart. By the time we got there they had already pick up the large parts of his body, but his internal organs were still scattered about on the tracks. As I looked at the guy’s insides laying on the ground, I remember thinking they looked just like any other animal. We all went back home, and nobody ever mentioned it again. It always made the think that kids probably aren’t as affected by stuff like that as adults think they are.

I am forever grateful for being able to be a kid, without being burdened with a bunch of adult nonsense. TV was totally sanitary, as were the movies, except for a lot of folks getting killed in cowboy and gangster movies. Anyway, it was OK, the bad guys were getting killed. Besides, we knew it was make-believe. Our parents aided and abetted our childhood adventures. God Bless their souls.



FEBRUARY 22, 2023



Saturday morning, early summer, west Tulsa, 1947. I was a six-year-old boy with more curiosity than five kids my age. I woke up excited about life every single day. Still do actually. My mission in life was to explore and have fun, rainy days were horrible when I had to stay inside. In the mornings while I was getting dressed and ready for my next big adventure, The smells of my mom cooking breakfast filled our house. Breakfast was a big deal. Bacon, eggs, toast and coffee being prepared has a wonderful aroma. But on Saturday’s I chose to have something different, a dish of “stir around”. I’m not sure who named it that, it’s what we called it. Stir around is a made by putting a big chunk of peanut butter on a plate and pouring on a generous amount of maple syrup. Stir it around until it makes a gooey mess, then spread it on toast. Yumm!! Still have it once in a while.

With breakfast behind me it was time to go out and have a look around. You never know what you may find in a huge yard like mine. My mom liked flowers and stuff, so on the corner of our lot, she planted a “honeysuckle” bush. I always like to walk out there and smell the sweet fragrance of the flowers. Every now and then I would pull off one of the flowers and suck the nectar out of it. I think I saw someone else do it first. Then take a walk out in the back yard and see what was going on there.

As I walked along the side of the house, I saw a shiny black wasp walking along the foundation and flipping his wings as he walked. I was an experienced nature observer by six years old, so I knew what the wasp was doing. He was hunting “wolf spiders”. So, I followed him along until he spotted one, and then I watched the ensuing battle. The spider always put up a ferocious fight but always lost. Then the wasp would drag him off to his nest, somewhere. Never did see where he went.

Quite often in my back yard adventures I would come across a terrapin. Of course, little boys always have to pick them up and carry them around for some reason. You always had to be careful and not let them pee on you and give you warts. (All of the kids said so) So, nothing else happening around the back yard so I went across the street to see my little buddy, Jimmy Presley. Jimmy and I decided to walk down to the creek with a couple of fruit jars and catch tadpoles. After a successful tadpole gathering trip, it was time for lunch.

Lunch kinda makes you lazy, so another one of my favorite things was to lay in the cool grass by the honeysuckle bush and take a little nap in the warm sun. Sometimes just watch the clouds float by and see if you can spot any interesting formations. By six years old I could already identify all of the major aircraft by their sound, both commercial and military. Being under the flight path for Tinker Air Force base in western Oklahoma, I saw a lot of B29’s, and B36’s fly over. Loved the sound of those engines.

I’m not sure if I was an unusual kid, but I was extremely aware of sights, sounds, and smells. Later in the evening after dinner, (or supper as it was called in Oklahoma) we would often sit on our large screened front porch and enjoy the summer breeze and have a glass of iced tea. Due west of our house was a small black community, with a Baptist church. On Saturday nights we could hear the congregation singing gospel hymns, it was a sweet sound. In the distance you could also hear the faint sound of “pump jack” engines in the oil fields. Mix all of that with the sounds of a steam train blowing it’s whistle, overlaying the sounds of crickets, frogs, and whippoorwills, and you have a southern, summer evening symphony. How sweet it was.

Sunday mornings were always special. Not much happened on Sundays in those days. None of the stores were open, it was the universal day of rest. So, if you were outside on Sunday morning, which I was most of the time, the larger churches had bell towers, and the sound of church bells on Sunday morning was indeed a sweet sound. My mother made sure I made it to Sunday school. God bless her for giving me that knowledge of God and Jesus Christ. Those Sunday school lessons stayed with me throughout my life. They taught me how to interact with other human beings, and how to respect the value of life.

I loved Sundays, my mom always cooked a special dinner which we enjoyed in the early afternoon. My mom was a southern lady and cooked like one. To this day, my preference is southern style food. Probably why I had bypass surgery at 78 years old. Sunday afternoon softball game in the park were common, and really fun. But later in the day was the special time. We would pile in the family sedan and head down to the watermelon stand. Oklahoma watermelons are huge, and super tasty. Back in the day the watermelon stands would fill big tanks with ice water and the melons would float in the ice water. My dad was the expert on picking the melons. They went through a ritual. My dad would look over the melons in the tank and using his special talents would pick one. However, there was one more step. He would have the owner cut a “plug’ so my dad could taste it. Then dad would always say he was OK with his choice, and we would head home for the Sunday evening watermelon feast.

My moms sister lived in the house behind ours, she was a widow with three children. My mom and dad would invite her and my cousins over to enjoy the watermelons. After the gorging ourselves on watermelon, we ran around our yard chasing and catching lightning bugs or firefly’s as city folk called them. Of course, playing outside in the summer grass at night would result in several applications of Calamine lotion for the chigger bites. That spelled the end of another great weekend.

Summers were magical times. I can remember going to visit my aunt and uncle who lived on a farm not far away from our home. Driving past the alfalfa fields in the evenings after they had been freshly harvested is one of the sweetest smells in the world. Of course, cars didn’t have air conditioning in those days, so all four windows were down. You didn’t miss anything. During hay baling time my dad would always help my uncle. When I was eight years old, I was driving the flatbed truck while the men threw the bales onto it. I felt like a big shot.

I was the baby of the family until 1948. Before my brother was born, my mom would often go shopping downtown Tulsa and take me along. We only had one car, so we rode the bus to and from. Not one of my favorite memories. But when we were downtown it was awesome. My favorite store was Kress’s. When you walked in your olfactory nerves were attacked by all of the wonderful aromas of that store. The floors were oiled hardwood and had a sweet smell from that red colored sweeping compound they used. Then you were hit by the smell of the roasted nuts, and the fresh popcorn. The ceilings were stamped metal tiles with beautiful designs and the big brown ceiling fans spun slowly, distributing all of those wonderful aromas to every corner of the store. What an experience that was. To make it even better, I usually came home with a new cap pistol with the white steer head handles, and several boxes of caps. I wore those things out pretty fast as I remember. That was before I graduated to a Red Rider BB gun.

Life just made a lot more sense in those days. We never locked the doors on our home. As little kids, we would go on daytime adventures, sometimes as far away as three to four miles, walking, or riding our bicycles. Hike through the woods, play along the creeks and ponds. We were perfectly safe. Kidnappings and molestations were very rare in those days.

Schools and schoolteachers were 100% business. They were there to teach you the basic skills in life. There was no monkey business, no politics, no nonsense. They didn’t tolerate bad behavior, period. Bad behavior was dealt with in a forceful but civilized manner. Parents were involved in the discipline as well. Did bullying exist, of course, but to a much lesser degree.

It was a kinder, gentler world where kids were allowed to be kids. Kids don’t need the heavy burdens of adulthood put on them prematurely. They need to enjoy being children and doing childlike things. They need to play and be free of the mental burdens of adult life.

I feel extremely blessed I got to grow up in a simpler world with nicer people. I’m glad we didn’t have a TV until I was ten years old. I’m glad I wasn’t allowed to use the phone unless I had permission. I was extremely blessed to have parents who understood how to raise kids, and what was important and what wasn’t. I’m really glad my dad was a watermelon expert, and my mom knew how to cook hushpuppies and catfish.

God bless all of you. Try to give your young folks a little taste of the old days if you can. They will love you for it.




FEBRUARY 21, 2023



I’m watching Joe Biden walking across the courtyard of the Ukranian Palace, or whatever the hell it is, and he looks like a character from a horror movie. He has a mechanical gate, and his hair, what little he has, is sticking out on the back of his head. Looking a lot like a walking dead man. And then he speaks. He ain’t no Ronald Reagan that’s for sure. Sounds more like Ron Jenkins down at the local Alzheimer’s home.

So, they sent the old coot out on a mission to give more loot to the Ukranian con man, and make stupid statements, to push us ever closer to a hot war with Russia. While he was there, he visited Poland, and said something to the effect that he had Polish ancestry. Wasn’t he Puerto Rican a couple of weeks ago? Was that after he went to an all-black school. The rumor is that after he gifted Zelinski all of that money, Zelinski gave him a key to a private rail car on the Ukranian Railway. Zelinski later admitted he got the idea after watching Fox News.

While you’re watching all of this unfold, you ask yourself; what the hell is the end game here? Why did the U.S. Europe, and the U.K. think this was a good idea? The Ukraine has always been Russian territory, they speak a Russian dialect. That is Russia’s only outlet to the sea, which is extremely strategic to Russia’s military. Does anyone really think Russia is simply going to allow it to be taken? If you have been paying attention, Russia’s military is, let’s say less than stellar. The Russian army has suffered monumental losses over the past year. However, Russia has a nuclear arsenal that can decimate the Ukraine in one day. If Russia does this in a last ditch effort, Katy bar the door.

But, in the meantime, the west seems hellbent on seeing this through to the bitter end. It could be the bitter end for real. The Russians are not the least bit shy about killing innocent civilians with artillery and missiles. So thousands of souls have perished and more will perish in the future, thousands of Ukraine citizens are now refugees in foreign countries.

So why hasn’t the Biden administration assembled a peace envoy, instead of a weapons convoy? Firstly, the military/industrial complex are likely pushing this hard, and the military hardware corporations are swimming in money right now.

Putin has been eliminating his opposition in all sorts of creative fashions, but the most popular are falls from high buildings and poisonings. So, we know from these actions that Putin is not going to back down. If he is backed into a corner by the West, this could get really bad, really fast.

If you need proof of how focused Biden and his gang are on Ukraine, he is giving Zelinski billions while the folks in Palestine, Ohio got $400.00, and they are watching their livestock die, and their town and surrounding area is going to be a chemical hotbed for years to come. If I wasn’t seeing this all happen before my eyes, I would have never believed it could happen. This is how far the left, have taken our country toward the brink of destruction. Pure insanity.


Gavin Newsom, California’s illustrious governor, has made no secret his aspirations to become the next Democrat President of the U.S. To prove that his is worthy of the job, he is driving the state of California every closer to financial ruin. California’s budget deficit will be close to 30 billion for the coming fiscal year. Way to go Gavin, good time to hand out billions of reparation payments to an undeserving group. It will be a boon Cadillac and drug dealers though.


Biden and Congress are desperately trying to spend their way out of a recession and can’t understand why it isn’t working. Biden was heard saying; ” maybe we should send even more money to Ukraine”. The Democrats are the type of people that say: ” I can’t be broke, I still have checks in my checkbook”.


The government is hell bent on prosecuting this poor guy, accusing him of murder and they haven’t even been able to determine what kind of gun it was that killed the illegal alien. Read the full story below. Guaranteed to piss you off.





FEBRUARY 14, 2023



This is exactly what happens when government agencies are no longer focused on everyday problems everyday people face. I’m going to rewind the clock a few years to the mid 1900’s in California. The state of California had one of the best Motor Vehicle Codes, if not the best, in the entire U.S. The vehicle code was common sense laws and regulations that protected the owners and operators of motor vehicles. The hotrodders were probably the most well-read because the cars they built had to comply or else faced harassment from “Johnny Law”.

One of the most regulated parts of your car was the lighting. It had to meet code, period. The reason was purely about public safety. Nonfunctioning or poorly maintained automobile lighting is dangerous, especially if traffic is normally fast paced like it is in California.

California was especially tough on forward lighting, or headlights. You had to have your headlights properly aimed by a certified auto shop prior to getting it registered. The headlights had to be within a certain distance above the ground, and aftermarket lights had to meet strict requirements. The obvious reason was to prevent blinding oncoming drivers. Offroad lighting had to be covered while operating your vehicle on public roads.

I haven’t lived in California for thirty years, so I don’t know if the vehicle code has changed or is still as strictly enforced as it once was. I can tell you that where I live now, in the Pacific Northwest, it’s pretty wide open to whatever you want.

Everybody loves trucks. I love trucks. I own two. But the lighting on my trucks is what the factory installed. I’m not about to install “killer lights” on my vehicles, I have more respect for my fellow motorists.

Back to my statement that everyone loves trucks, they make a huge portion of the autos on the road, and most are late model pickups or SUV’s. The manufacturers have been installing LED headlights for a few years now, and I swear they just keep getting brighter. The new vehicles are taller now with larger wheels. If you notice the headlights are placed much higher in the body work. Then to make it worse, there are the 5′-6″ tall guys that lift their trucks at least a foot higher than stock, plus install the brightest damn LED lights they can find. When you are facing these guys on two lane roads it’s brutal. When they are behind you at the traffic signal the interior of your car is illuminated like a tanning booth.

We have a Cadillac sports sedan, my butt is about 12 inches off the ground. When these big SUV’s and pickups are coming at you at night it’s a challenge. You have to train yourself to focus on the “fog line” on the edge of the road so your eyes absorb less of the super white LED light.

I know dang well my wife and I are not the only ones that struggle with this. Even though we are late in our years, our vision is still very good. Lately, I have heard more and more folks complain about this issue.

I don’t have much hope we are going to get any relief from this considering what our local, state and federal government are spending their resources on. When they are letting criminals run rampant on the streets, not prosecuting them, allowing homeless people to take over the cities, and China to fly spy balloons over our countryside, they probably aren’t devoting much mental time to headlights.

So, my fellow citizens, I don’t look for any help on this matter coming anytime soon. When they poison an entire area with a chemical fire, and don’t lift a finger to help the townspeople, we probably need to suck it up and buy some of those “Tactical” night driving glasses advertised on “Forensic Files” or some other off beat channel. Not that I am admitting to watching “off beat” channels.

The writing is on the wall. Buy a gun, get a concealed carry permit, because we are on our own. The government is now inept, and ineffective at keeping us safe on any level. We have been taken over by Bozos.



FEBRUARY 12, 2023



Everything is subject to age, and age takes its toll on everything, no exceptions. Everything in this world has a lifespan, no exceptions. It’s the world we live in, and for nations, companies, and private organizations, constant renewal and self-examination is critical for survival. I have personally seen companies floundering and slowly failing, bring in consultants to help them “fix things,” only to revert back to their old ways when the consultants leave, and ultimately fail. Human beings have an incredible overpowering tendency to believe that what they have been doing for extended periods of time is correct, when it isn’t.

It’s long past time for the Federal Government to stop regulating public education. It’s long past time for the Teacher’s Unions to be “booted” out of public education. It’s simply not working anymore. It is critically important that we fix education, it is paramount to our survival as a free society and leading world power.

Let’s talk about labor unions. As a young steel worker, I belonged to several unions over the years. I pursued union jobs because the pay rate and benefit packages were better than non-union jobs. I served my apprenticeship on my first union job. But, there were a lot of things I didn’t like about labor unions. Everyone gets equal pay and benefits in your particular classification. There were a lot of guys that were slackers, I was not one of them. I worked hard and it pissed me off that the slackers got the same pay and did less work. The unions protected them and made it almost impossible for the companies to fire them. Even though I was a high achiever, the unions made it impossible for me to earn a premium wage for my efforts.

I think you probably already figured out how this relates to public schools. The really lousy teachers get the same pay as the good ones, and the unions protect the lousy ones. Eventually, the inevitable happens. The good teachers find other jobs, and we are left with the lousy teachers that couldn’t find work anywhere else if their lives depended on it. The end result is predictable, it’s the overall degradation of public education.


It’s very troubling when a government agency clearly and openly expresses their rights to control what they teach, and how they influence your child. Again, they are openly saying you no longer have parental rights over your child while they are on the school property. Considering all of the current government overreaches, this is probably the most disturbing.

Entrusting your child to the school for six hours a day, means you expect them to teach your child academics, and keep them safe from harm. Nothing more, nothing less. Nobody expects to find out the school administrators have been counseling your child to change genders. This is so far out of bounds it literally makes my head crazy. What gives these morons the idea they can mess with your family behind your back? If anyone did this to one of my mom’s kids, she would have opened up a super-size can of “whoop ass”. A nuclear war would have looked pale in comparison.

When this is going on in public schools, and the federal government and teachers’ unions are backing it, it’s all over folks, the system has rotted from the inside out. It’s time to tear it down and start over again and never let the feds or teachers’ unions near the reformed public schools.


My nephew and his wife have six children and are active Christians. My late brother’s wife, the kid’s grandmother, is their home schoolteacher. I had a long talk with her last year, as I was interested in the origins of the teaching materials and what they consisted of. The textbooks and other materials are purchased from a home-schooling network. I was amazed at the high quality and diversity of the subjects. After our conversation I came away with a totally different opinion of homeschooling. I’m convinced in today’s world, it’s a better way to educate your children.

In my neck of the woods, the Mennonite church has several highly accredited K-12 schools. I had the opportunity to tour one not far from my home, it was amazing. Super clean, well-organized, with great athletic facilities. The kids that come out of these schools, are very well educated. Also, I can tell you with absolute certainty that Critical Race Theory is not taught in Mennonite schools, or home schools. Don’t let them poison the minds of our kids.


The left has virtually destroyed this country and its moral values. The left is the face of evil, it is the antithesis of law and order, and good moral character. We must never stop fighting to regain the dignity of what was once a great nation. Even if you can only do something small, a lot of small deeds by a lot of people amount to a powerful force. Never give up. Stay strong, stay vigilant and fight locally for righteous causes. God Bless all of you good and faithful Americans.



FEBRUARY 5, 2023



NORAD, North America Air Defense Command. These are the people that are supposed to dectect, intercpt and/or destroy any unauthorized aircraft from entering the sovereign airspace over the American continent. How many news clips have you seen in your life showing fighter jets being scrambled to maintain the safety of America and Americans. Apparently, that was then this is now. Now we just sit and watch as enemy surveillance aircraft float around taking photos and mapping our military installations.

OK, I’ve got it, they are surveilling our nation from spy satellites all the time, so what’s the big deal about this low tech spy balloon? IT’S NOT SUPPOSED TO BE IN OUR AIRSPACE!!! That’s what the big deal is. Plus, the idiots in charge of protecting our airspace didn’t react to it properly. They are guilty of dereliction of duty. I think it’s safe to say that NORAD knew the balloon was heading toward the US mainland days before it actually arrived. It only makes sense that the president was briefed on it. Considering the fact that Joe is still spinning tall tales about his adventures on Amtrack, among other miscellaneous lies, you can’t seriously think he is capable of making a decision concerning something this strategic.

Holy crap people, we have just witnessed our president and top military commanders paralyzed by a freaking weather balloon. God help us if anything serious happens. It does make me wonder if General Mile called Beijing and got permission to shoot the damn thing down.


Funny thing about lies, they don’t stand the test of time. The reason is simple, history is a natural lie detector. Case in point is the now infamous Hunter Biden laptop. John Brennan, James Clapper, and a host of other former intel officers all claimed in a letter saying it was Russian propaganda. Of course, all of the top Democrat liars in congress jumped on the bandwagon, with Adam Schiff leading the way. Bringing up the rear is the usual group of motor mouths at MSM.

All of those lies came crashing down this past week, like a Chinese ballon pierced by a missile. In one of the dumbest moves ever witnessed, Hunter’s lawyers attempted to stop the never-ending filth and corruption from continually being exposed by certain news agencies, by demanding everyone “cease and desist” from publishing Hunter Biden’s personal information from his laptop. Citing that the laptop and its content are Hunter’s personal property, and they have no rights to the information contained therein. They probably should have thought that move through for a few more days.


I was going to say something about this topic, couldn’t find any further news. Hmmmm. Strange.


Don’t laugh. He’s Hispanic, he’s gay, dresses in drag, and he’s a serial liar. Checks all the boxes.


Nope, not talking about Joe Biden. Beef ranchers are becoming extremely concerned that due to the porous southern border with little or no monitoring of who and what are coming across, that the dreaded “foot and mouth” disease could re-enter the US. The United States has been free of FMD since 1929.

It can come in by an infected animal, or even manure on someone’s boot. An outbreak in the UK in 2001 resulted in the destruction of more than six million pigs. The outbreak had an economic impact of between $12 and $19 billion pounds.

So, this is just another reason that regulating border crossings is so important. It can have the same effect spreading disease among humans. Another example of Biden’s dereliction of duty to protect the citizens of the United States, which he took an oath to do.

(Foot and mouth Disease facts from an article by Kelsey Koberg of Fox News.)

I spent my Sunday doing manual labor, building a tailgate for my old 1943 military truck. At my advanced age a little of that goes a long way. Fitting and welding parts together used to be a piece of cake; those days are gone forever. So, I’m tired, and sore, and although armed with lots of gripes and complaints, I’m going to call it a day. Thank you for stopping and taking the time to read my blogs, writing them is extremely therapeutic for me. My wife and dog have no interest when I try to tell them this stuff. Stay strong, stay vigilant, fight for your rights.




JANUARY 31, 2023



Have you ever had the feeling, that something is weighing heavily on you to the point, it’s almost overwhelming? It feels like you’re about to be smothered by it. It can be many things, from indebtedness to fear for the life of someone in your family. Well, that’s how I feel right now about what is happening to our wonderful home, the USA, the “beacon on the hill” for the rest of the world for so many years. At the risk of sounding “corny”, I feel like there is a growing presence of evil virtually everywhere.

Now I’m going from sounding “corny” to sounding naive. I always felt that there was an unfaltering vein of honesty and righteousness, that guaranteed good would prevail, and evil would be quashed, within the hallowed halls of our government. That feeling was chipped away a little with the assassination of JFK. The feds did a great job of deflection on that one, but somehow, I just knew in my gut, we were being lied to.

Then they pulled another great “smoke and mirrors” show with Richard Nixon. Now, I wasn’t really interested in politics when that all went down, I was busy destroying the Mohave desert with my trusty dirt bikes. All of these years later, it is now apparent that this was another FBI, CIA operation to take down a wildly popular Republican president. I have not yet had time to study this, but I will. Perhaps it will be the subject of a future blog.

However, recently, there are so many evil forces attacking from all directions, it feels overwhelming. I would really like to write about positive things, funny things, happy things. But, this feeling of darkness being perpetuated by our current government is inescapable. I’m not alone. I used to receive emails from my friends with some really funny jokes. Granted some of them were what people today would term insensitive. They weren’t any worse than what comedians were saying on live TV thirty years ago. Now everyone is afraid to speak about anything that may offend someone. Pro comedians are suffering from the same issues. Our world is becoming some sort of nightmarish existence of mutes and automatons.


If you do the research, you will find that the Democrats started really ramping up the racial issue during the Obama years. The spike happened during “Occupy Wall Street”. There is speculation that is was ramped up as a diversion to take everyone’s attention of the OWS protest. In my opinion, it worked so well, the Democrats decided to ride it hard, and they are still at it today. The results have been disastrous for patriotism. The Democrats have very successfully divided this nation into hundreds of “communities” that are no longer willing to pledge allegiance to the United States, but rather hold it in contempt for what they view as the reason for their lesser position in society. So rather than have people willing to work for the betterment of their country, they want to destroy it, thinking they will end up in a better place.


Wow, the Democrats set their sights on this issue a long time ago. Homosexuality has been around since the beginning of time. Openly accepted by more liberal societies, banned by ultra conservative societies, and some religions such as Islam. So, I think it’s safe to say, that homosexuality is pretty darned controversial, period. The reason is simple, they are a very small percentage of the population and their sexual practices are about as contrary to normalcy as it gets. So, the Democrats set out to make sure that gays were a protected class of poeple. Think about how far this has come. You can bash white straight people all you want, any way you want. But, you start bashing gays, get ready to be banished and unemployed. You can’t even tell a gay joke, heaven forbid.

So as a result of this effort by the left, a very tiny percentage of the population, wields massive political power. Just exactly what the plan was in the first place. It has been so successful, why not add about a hundred more sexual deviates to the list. I mean this has been like opening up a Krispy Kreme donut shop across the street from a fat farm.

Back in the good old days when it was universally accepted that there were only two sexes, men and women, the Democrats were really successful at driving a giant wedge between the sexes with all sort of claims about unequal treatment for women and becoming the champion of women’s causes. Remember the ERA? Remember men getting called before the HR manager for daring to tell a woman she looked great in her tiny little dress? Well, I’ll be damned, who would have thought after all of that effort, the Dems would throw women under the bus, with dynamite strapped to ’em for the new and better issue, to champion…..TRANSEXUALISM? But think about it, it’s a perfect plan. Men are terrified of saying the wrong thing to virtually anyone now, hell everyone is off limits to men. Women are totally confused. Men are still getting in hot water for making remarks that may be deemed inappropriate, but naked men can show up in their locker rooms and if women complain they are destroyed. Biological men are being allowed to compete in women’s athletic events. So, while everyone is walking around tight lipped covering their genitals, the Democrats are trashing the Constitution and Bill of rights, ripping away your freedom at a blinding pace. Thats how it works folks.


The left has convinced the women they claim to have so much compassion for, to kill their babies, it will make their lives better. They will be able to climb the ladder of success unincumbered by raising children. So far, they have killed over 650 million babies in the interest of something or another. One million, seven hundred and fifty-nine babies were aborted in 2018 and 2019 alone. So, I think it’s safe to say, the left really has some sort of problem with women having babies. When you think about this whole abortion issue for more than thirty minutes, it’s disgusting. How can a nation that puts “In God We Trust” on its currency, be so hell bent on killing babies? Abortion is a right? Our founding fathers would have been repulsed by the practice. Outlawing abortion is absolutely in line with the Bill of Rights, to protect life, everyone’s life, even the unborn.

If they missed your kid at the local planned parenthood clinic, they have another chance. At the local public school. This whole thing with coercing kids to explore different sexual identities just whacks out my brain. They start messing with these kids at grade school levels. What the hell are they thinking? I mean really, what could possibly make these morons think they have a right to mess with someone’s family behind their backs? When I was a kid, that would have resulted in some serious shit. Someone would have suffered a Bonafide ass whoopin.

In all seriousness, what could be the motivation behind this stuff? So, they convince these kids to take puberty blockers, which will likely result in them being sterile, and you rob them of having children of their own in the future. That’s some really bad stuff right there. They are coercing these kids make a decision they don’t have the capability to make at that age. Think about this, a child can’t buy cigarettes, or alcohol until they are of legal age, but it’s OK for them to make a life changing decision a million times more important than smoking a cigarette? People,what they are doing to our children is nothing short of criminal. These people should be in the slammer for a long time for this crap.

This topic is something I think about a lot. One thing I have learned in my extended time on this earth is that when something as sinister as messing with kids is being done, it’s being done for a reason. This was a plan that was contrived and promoted by someone or some group. These people are doing this for an end result. I just can’t figure out what that result could be. If you have any ideas, please share in a comment. I would love to hear your thoughts.


The Democrats don’t even try to hide the fact that they don’t like the predominate color of America’s population. Caucasians and Asians are not very compliant, and tend to be better educated, thus they are harder to control. Democrats say openly they support the “browning” of America. Whites and Asians make up 81.9% of the U.S. population. Both races aren’t doing really well at reproducing, but letting nature take its course is going take a lot of years before the population is “brown” enough to suit the Dems. So, to fix the problem faster, just open the borders and the brown folks will flow across the border like flood water. The second part of the equation is the birth rate among brown folk is very strong. So, this whole process is going to extremely successful, extremely fast.

I am watching this happen and it’s becoming apparent that American traditions are going to start disappearing, as the new residents tend to bring their former national traditions with them. They tend to live in communities with similar languages and traditions. So as the older white Americans begin to die off, they will take traditional America to the grave with them.

If you listen to the words, and do a little reading between the lines, you will understand what is going on with the war against the police. When you think about it, nothing could be more bizarre. We depend on the police to keep us safe in so many ways. In my opinion I think I know what the motives are. Until recently, police have been mostly white. Most of the crime is perpetrated by minorities. So white police officers represent oppression by white people in a general sense. Never mind that if they weren’t committing the crimes they wouldn’t be getting arrested constantly. So even if they are getting arrested by minority police officers, they still view policing as a white contrivance. The overriding effect is that more minorities die as the result of relaxed policing activities. The bottom line is that this is a situation being driven by stupid people, for stupid reasons, with stupid results. But alas, I have yet to hear a really good idea put forth by a Democrat. Nobody knows how to perpetuate racism better, they’ve been doing it since this country was founded.

One more thing to thank the Democrats for before I close up shop for the day. I’m sure there are some good folks in the millions pouring into our country. But you are going to see, it’s going to get one hell of a lot more dangerous on our streets in the coming years, because a lot of bad people were in the mix. These bad folks know our police departments have been gutted, and it is going to embolden them even more. I have been procrastinating getting my concealed carry permit, but my one and only New Year’s resolution is to become a CC citizen. As an old person, I’m an easy target for young tough criminals. But I’m still a damn good shot. Good luck tough guys.



JANUARY 23, 2023



This has been on my mind for probably two weeks or more. I sat down for my evening services tonight with Pastor Carlson, and he said everything I have been thinking about in regards to the word “freedom”. Of course, Tucker said it with eloquence that I could never match.

As Americans, the word freedom has been drilled into our brains for as long as I can remember, so naturally we think we are immersed in freedom, exceeding any other nation on earth. Lately, it’s becoming quite clear that simply isn’t true.

Let me give you an example that infuriates me, every time I see it. The “Tunnels to Towers” commercial comes on, and immediately we see young men that are missing legs, arms, and have suffered horrible disfiguring burns. These young warriors are from the middle eastern wars that have been going on since George Bush the elder was the president. Before that it was the Viet Nam war. We didn’t win any of these wars. There was no intent to win any of them. The intent was to enrich the Washington D.C. neocons.

When people talk about these young warriors, they talk about them defending America’s freedom. That simply isn’t true. These wonderful young people were sent into battle by the military/industrial complex to fight totally useless wars that have nothing to do with protecting America’s freedom. These brave warriors stepped up, and did what they felt was their patriotic duty, and lost their lives, limbs, and sometimes their sanity. Sadly, when politicians decide it’s time to end the war, they just call everyone home, and walk away, abandoning the blood and treasure as if it was nothing. Have you ever heard a politician apologize for the pain and suffering caused by these actions? You never will, they have no souls.

Please don’t misunderstand my comments about Tunnels to Towers. I donate to them monthly to help these young folks that have been wounded and disfigured. The federal government should be taking care of these folks and providing them with mortgage and tax-free homes. If you send someone to do a task in your name, and that person can no longer work because of injuries suffered on your behalf, you owe it to them.

There are countless Americans that have been victims of political persecution. The government used to take great care to cloak it with lies and fake lawsuits in order to hide it. Hell, they don’t even try now. Tell all of those folks being railroaded by the DOJ over the January 6th protest about freedom, see what their response is. I’m sure Roger Stone will have a pretty spirited response to what freedom is these days. Paul Manafort can tell you about modern-day freedom, and Michael Flynn will surely be happy to expound on it.

We all know the story well, of how the FBI raided Donald Trump’s home for the so-called reason to reclaim classified documents. They had been there days earlier, they were aware of what he had, his lawyers had been in communication with the DOJ. Trump and his lawyers were satisfied that there were no problems. Then “WHAM” the raid happened like a bolt from the blue. This was purely the DOJ and the FBI flexing their muscles, sending a message that they are the “big dogs”, they can do whatever they want, whenever they want. PERIOD.

A few months ago, Joerg Arnu, a small-time blogger that writes a blog called “Dreamland Resort”, which talks about Area 51, got a very big surprise when 20 agents in full riot gear entered his properties and seized all of his equipment, including a drone, laptops, and phones. Joerg writes about information that is already in the public domain. He has no access to secret information regarding “Area 51”. Mr. Arnu has not had any further contact with the authorities, saying they won’t return his or his lawyer’s calls, and has not been charged with any crime. His personal equipment is likely lost forever. So much for the first amendment.

Here’s a list of folks who I’m sure take a dim view of the word “freedom”. Carter Page, Steve Bannon, Rick Gates, George Nader, George Papadopoulos, Michael Cohen. Do you remember James Rosen, an outspoken reporter during the Obama years. The FBI called Mr. Rosen a “criminal co-conspirtor” but was never charged with a crime. Seriously damaged Mr. Rosen’s career. The list wouldn’t be complete without mentioning Julian Assange, totally demolished by the powerful government intel folks. Throughout US history, presidents have taken a dim view of journalists, and persecuted those who disagreed with them. But Obama was one of the worst.

In addition to its vendetta against whistleblowers, Obama’s administration waged a robust campaign to harass and intimidate journalists, even mainstream journalists, who utilized leaked material. In May 2013, the Justice Department seized the records of phone lines that Associated Press employees used. AP confirmed that the records were from personal home and cell phones of reporters and editors, as well as phones that AP used in the press quarters of the House of Representatives. The administration’s contempt for the basic requirements of due process was alarming. As CBS reporter Sharyl Attkisson noted, such a seizure was “unheard of.” Beyond the abusive display of power that those raids embodied, she was outraged that no advance notice was given to the AP about the subpoena. “Advance notice would have given AP the chance to challenge the move in court.” Of course, that predictable response likely was the reason the Justice Department did not follow such a procedure. (from an article by the CATO Institute, February 11, 2021. Author: Ted Galen Carpenter.

All of the actions taken by Obama, Biden, and other past presidents and their administrations are illegal. The Bill of Rights prohibits such actions. So, how do they get away with this stuff? Why aren’t they forced to face the music for these injustices. George Carlin said it best; “They belong to the big club, and you ain’t in it”. They control all of the levers of power. All of us peons that work every day and pay taxes to keep their sorry asses in power, have no say in what goes on, despite them constantly telling us we do. It’s all a big charade, a lie, a giant deception.

I could go on writing for days about how freedom is more of a concept than a reality. Your freedom depends entirely on not pissing off the wrong people, in high places. Most people understand this and walk the straight and narrow path to avoid trouble. Some of us wrongheaded folks take offense to the blatant disregard for the Constitution and Bill of Rights and refuse to be quiet. I’m just a small irritating noise that is only heard by a few people. If a lot of people start making small irritating noises, it becomes a very loud noise that can’t be ignored.



JANUARY 16, 2023



Former NBA star Bill Walton has co-authored a plan with Times of San Diego George Mullen to create a homeless camp on an empty plot of land owned by the U.S Marines Corps at Miramar Naval Air Station. Granted the topography of the area looks a lot like desert, because it is desert, but close enough to the Pacific Ocean that the mean temperature is 72.5 degrees. Been there many times, it’s pretty darned nice year-round.

The camp would be a tent city, with on site medical care. Each person would have their own private plot for their tent, 24-7 Police services for safety, and full sanitation services with showers.

The giant hurdle is to get the Federal Government to lease 2,000 acres to Sunbreak Ranch group for $1 per year and designate the land as a temporary “federal emergency homeless help zone”.

The city of San Diego just increased its budget to care for the homeless by 28 million dollars. They said the money will be used to end the homeless crisis in the city. That my friend is an outright lie. They have been throwing mountains of cash at this problem for years and it just gets worse. You know why it gets worse? The money goes to organizations that are supposed to be solving the problem, but in reality, are just more useless bureaucracies, that pay comfy salaries to community organizers that can’t organize their bathroom counters.

So, hats off to Bill Walton for trying to do something that no one has tried before. Once the cities found out they could milk the feds for money in the name of helping the homeless, the whole thing became a lost cause. So, give it hell Bill, good luck, keep pushing.


Today was Martin Luther King Day. I will admit I don’t know much about Dr. King, but today I read several excerpts from some of his more famous speeches, and I was very impressed. I’m a bit ashamed that I don’t know more about the man. I am going to make it a point to know him better. That said, when they unveiled the sculpture dedicated to Dr. King and his wife today, I couldn’t believe my eyes. This kind and gentle man, and his lovely wife are supposed to be remembered by this atrocity of a sculpture? Every statue of an American icon or hero are meticulously crafted to be instantly recognizable. The monument to George Floyd was done in a more respectable manner and isn’t that a shame. Dr. King gave his life to improve the lives of African Americans and George Floyd was a career criminal.



There are so many facets to this, it’s hard to find a starting point. I suppose the logical starting point would be that the crazy old codger did not have the authority to remove these from the white house as VP and can’t use the excuse he declassified them because as VP, he didn’t have that power.

Secondly, these docs have been scattered around for about six years now. So I guess you could make the statement that the “classified” status is sort of a moot point now. I also think it’s safe to say that crazy ol’ Joe doesn’t really take this whole classified thing very seriously.

However, the timing of this whole exercise is very suspicious to me. Why are these being discovered now, and by his own staff? We all know how DC loves cover-ups, and how far the Dems will go to hide their screw-ups.

In my opinion, this is being done to keep Joe from running again. The Democrat primaries are set to start soon, and the Dems don’t want Joe back in the mix. Also, the first two years of this presidency have been a disaster and the Democrats know it. I think they are going to invoke the 25th amendment and install Kamala as the first black female president, then do a major reset and throw out the policies that proved so unpopular the first two years.

Finishing up the term with Kamala as President cements a Democrat legacy in the history books, and totally ties up the black female votes. They undo all of the bad stuff Joe supposedly did (he actually has no idea what he did) and it gives them clean slate to run on for 2024.

Then with dual indictments of Biden and Trump on mishandling of classified docs, they take both of them out of contention paving the way (they think) to keep the white house by running pretty boy Newsome of California with his stellar list of achievements.

Well loyal readers, that’s my twisted take on what is happening in the news. We will watch and see if my perception is correct. Print this blog out and put it in your wallet or purse for future reference. If all of it proves to be worthless gibberish, you can use while walking your dog.