Do you ever stop for a moment and wonder ” what are they thinking “, when you hear Joe Biden talk about a Quartermaster in the Lingerie Dept.? Or Joe Biden having an interview with Cardi B, or any of the other crazy, whacko things he says and does? The Democrats could be running Elmer Fudd, it doesn’t matter. They plan on winning this election with mass deception, and an army of lawyers. A weak and fragile person like Joe Biden can be easily manipulated by the forces of the far left. They will conduct the nations business by committee.

They have been laying the groundwork for this for months. Just yesterday, a Chinese virologist appeared on Tucker Carlson’s show, claiming that the Corona Virus was man made by the Chinese Military and unleashed on the world as part of a scheme. The exact scope of the scheme still unknown. However, if I was a betting man, I would wager it was nothing more than an effort to help the Democrats in their aspirations of power, and weaken the position of the USA on the world stage.

I think it’s worth noting that the Democrats are openly embracing Marxism, and Socialism. Which by the way, parallel the Chinese Communist ideology. Donald Trump’s foreign policies have been a huge stumbling block for China’s quest for world domination, and the Democrat’s quest for transforming this nation into a Socialist State. The Corona virus was released at the perfect moment in time to inflict maximum damage on Donald Trump’s re-election campaign. It was literally a grenade in the Western economy. The Democrats seized the moment, and used the virus to scare the hell out of everyone, convincing them to curtail normal activities. It’s hard to believe the Democrats and China are bedfellows in this scheme. Well, maybe not that hard.

Just to make things even more interesting, two other left wing organizations enter into the fray. Black Lives Matter and Antifa. Both are leftist, Marxist, domestic terror groups. Suddenly, out of nowhere, we are being told that racism, is an out of control mega monster, that must be crushed at all costs. Elementary schools now have text books declaring that the Caucasian race is evil, and must be subdued, driven from any position of power for the sake of humanity.

Government agencies have been pushing “Critical Race Theory”, which started under the Obama Administration. They have been doing this under the guise of “Diversity Training”. It’s nothing more, nothing less, than intense reverse discrimination. racism if you will, against white people. So, what is to be gained by inciting racial tensions to this degree? A huge division among the masses, discord among normally peaceful folks. Distrust of your neighbors. It’s a smokescreen, to allow the left to grab power, and convince everyone they can fix the problem they, themselves created.

The Democrats are using the Corona Virus to make you think it’s unsafe to vote in a traditional manner. In order to maintain public health safety, you must vote by mail. Voting by mail is opening the door to voter fraud at levels we have never seen before. If we vote by mail, and Donald Trump wins, the Democrats are going to surely contest the election with a virtual army of lawyers. They will drag the elections results out for months, most likely past the traditional inauguration day, causing mass chaos, resulting in the Speaker of the House assuming presidential powers. Imagine “nutty Nancy” in the oval. While we are on this subject, how is standing in line at Walmart, different than standing in line at a polling place? More pure bullshit propaganda.

While all of this is going on, Black Lives Matter and ANTIFA, are going to be reigning terror in the streets. You aint seen nothing yet, when it comes to the mayhem they have planned for your city. This could very well end up being a very bloody civil war.

Who would have ever imagined that the Democrat party, would end up being America’s number one enemy? If you haven’t reached that conclusion yet, you’re not paying attention. Even if the election goes wildly in Trump’s favor, and the results are indisputable, don’t expect the left to lay down and be quiet. Unless Donald Trump invokes martial law, there will by mass rioting, looting and destruction. This revolt must be crushed with an iron fist, once and for all. It is not a just revolution, it is backed by evil forces, inside and outside of our borders. Stay strong, and true to the RED, WHITE, and BLUE. Your freedom depends on your willingness to fight for it.



Putting on riots every day for almost four months is a costly operation. You have to pay for pallets of bricks, frozen bottles of water, car loads of baseball bats, transportation to move all of those folks and gear from one riot to another. Plus, getting the sorry ass rioters out of jail, by paying thousands of dollars in bail. Then you have the cost of the accelerant to start fires to burn buildings, and of course all of the commercial grade fireworks, and lasers. One of the ANTIFA geniuses known as “commander red” was arrested in possession of a military grade flame thrower. Oh, and a side note, when they arrested “commander red”, he fell to the ground in a fetal position and started crying. This is consistent with the ANTIFA twerps I have seen arrested before, their bravery is in large numbers armed with clubs and pointy things.

So, journalistic investigators, ( not CNN, CBS, NBC folks ) have uncovered the source of the money….Black Visions Collective. They aren’t exactly a covert operation, they are totally in the open, visit their web page and you can see who they are and their mission statement. But make no mistake, they are the money and brains behind the riots. BVC raised 20 million dollars in just a matter days after George Floyd died in Police custody. They are of course associated with Black Lives Matter. Some very big names, in politics ( Democrats of course ) and the entertainment industry pump millions of dollars into the organization through contributions. Kamala Harris and the Biden Campaign workers contributed heavily to their operation to spring the rioters after they were arrested for petty stuff, like arson, assaulting police officers, and citizens. Not to mention destruction of public and private property. Another little item I noticed, since I have been in the construction industry my entire life, was the sophisticated straps and ropes they used to pull down the statues, not to mention the battery operated saws and drills. Not exactly things that someone brings to a riot.

In case you haven’t come to grips with this whole thing yet, or maybe you just don’t want to let this get in the way of your next campout or golf game, these folks only have one goal, overthrowing the United States Government. They envision the United States as being a Socialist State. What they are too stupid to realize, is that if that happens, and it could, they are going to find themselves at the very bottom of the pile. The people that end up on the top of the pile, are going to be the very same ones that are on the top of the pile right now. There was a study back in the 60’s that said, if you were to take all of the wealth in the world and distribute in evenly among the population, the same ones that control it now, will control it again within two months. Socialism doesn’t work for the masses, never has, never will. You still end up with a small group of people controlling the wealth, end everyone else gets what’s left over, which is never very much.


So, if you don’t want to see your life get really bad, and you really like the place where you live, and the cars you drive, and being able to hang with your buds at the local watering hole. Get off your asses and start working to hold on to everything you worked for your whole life. This means getting Trump re-elected, and take the house and senate by big margins. By the way, send a strong message to your federal and state lawmakers, you aren’t going to stand for across the board mail in voting.




Do you have any idea what your children are being taught? Do you think teaching children about race should even be a topic? The left somehow along the way, decided that when you sent your child to public school, you gave up your stewardship and parental rights. That has became increasingly more apparent in the last few decades. I was shocked to hear the stories my Grandchildren told back in the nineties, and believe me that was child’s play compared to today.

I read a story recently that took place in the state of Georgia. A white family was having a discussion about Black Lives Matter. The parents were not on board with what BLM was doing, and their message. The fifteen year old daughter went ballistic, telling the parents she hated them and ran out of the house. Where do you think she learned that? You can bet your sweet ass, her public school teachers drummed that propaganda into her head, to the point, she turned on her own family.

Don’t you find it odd that so many young white people have joined with BLM and are fomenting violence and hatred against older white folk? Yep, they were indoctrinated in our public schools. We are paying teachers in public schools to turn our own children against us. We have let the left dominate our school boards, and the unions dominate our teachers. The results are not pretty. We are allowing the public schools to turn our children against their own families and nation.

You probably would have never been aware of this if not for the Covid-19 virus. Now that teachers are communicating with students via computers, suddenly, their dirty deeds are out there for anyone to see, that happens to be in the room with the student. Some school districts have even had the audacity to try and restrict the parents from eves dropping on the lessons. They had some lame excuse that it would expose the privacy of other students. Did they really think anyone would buy that crap? Students don’t have rights to privacy in public schools. For a shocking expose’ of how far this has gone click on the link below.


They are literally teaching this stuff in the LA Unified School District, and God knows where else.

It is absolutely imperative that conservatives start demanding that public schools refrain from social engineering ventures, and start steering their energy toward academics. Our schools and students are not meeting the goals to keep this nation on the cutting edge, to compete on the world stage. Our public schools are a joke. The left is more worried about political domination, than giving our students a good education. Start turning on the pressure.




The Democrats have systematically destroyed a once beautiful state. They have given it away to illegal aliens over the past 60 odd years, with the plan to create a permanent Democrat Party controlled state. The Democrats have plundered the wealth of the Golden State to the point it’s once well deserved nickname is now a thing of the past. Hispanic immigrants now make up 40% of the overall population. According to Pew Research, illegals make up 20% of that number. Admittedly, Hispanics are very industrious folks, but are slow to assimilate, holding on to their native country’s language and culture. This always causes animosity between races, and creates segregated neighborhoods that allows crime to flourish. 48% of California homes now speak a foreign language. This is the perfect scenario for the Democrats, it creates divisions in the population and makes it easier for them to dominate the political landscape. California has the highest poverty rate in the United States. California spent 958 billion dollars on welfare from 1992 to 2015. In essence, the California taxpayer is paying for Democrat votes. One in four Californians lives below the poverty line. Do you really think these people are going to vote against their benefactor. There is an old saying that goes “where California leads, the rest of the nation will follow” let’s hope that only applies to clothing trends.

California is one of eight states with the highest number of illegal aliens. The chart below shows the most concentrated areas.

I’m certainly not against immigration, I’m against illegal immigration, for a whole host of reasons. Legal immigration based on the merit system is absolutely a plus. There are thousands and thousands of people around the world with great educations that are highly skilled, that will be a huge positive influence on our nation. On the other hand, illegal immigrants that are poorly educated, without skills are not a positive influence. They perpetuate a never ending welfare state. They also drive down wages for American workers, many of them other Hispanics that are here legally. They put an extra burden on schools when they can’t speak English. They can’t afford healthcare insurance, and they know they can’t be denied medical care, so they end up going to hospital emergency rooms for care. This overburdens the emergency room doctors and hinders the real purpose of emergency rooms. I know this to be a fact, I have witnessed it with my own eyes. I happen to know Spanish speaking immigrants that have lived here for decades, and are still not proficient in English. This is another burden on businesses and government agencies that have to hire bi-lingual people just to provide service for these folks, when they could in fact make the effort to learn English. All of this is nonsense is the product of spineless politicians, pandering for votes, who won’t make English the National Language.

Another issue that no one seems to want to talk about, is the fact that Mexico and Central America, have weak and corrupt governments. Bribery of public officials and police officers are a way of life. Drug cartels rule large portions of these countries by terror tactics, often killing anyone that they deem dangerous to their dominance. People who grow up in this environment, and know nothing else, are not going to make the best U.S. Citizens, I don’t care what anyone says. Gang members such as MS13 cross the borders at will, and reign terror in poor immigrant neighborhoods in the USA. Just one more burden for the law enforcement folks to deal with. Unmitigated illegal immigration, is extremely detrimental to the social fabric of this nation, or any other nation for that matter. All nations must have immigration quotas, to allow time for the new citizens to assimilate and take their place in society, and maintain the national culture. France for instance, allowed so many Muslim immigrants to flood their country, there are now Muslim only areas. The same thing is happening in England. The goal is to have immigrants become part of the general community, not create a foreign settlement in the host nation. This does not bode well for anyone.

You may be shocked to know how many “sanctuary cities” exist in the United States. These are cities that offer sanctuary to illegal aliens. I have given this practice a lot of thought over the past few years and cannot come up with any rational reason for doing this other than to create political dominance. It does absolutely nothing to promote the American way of life, it is in fact, anti American. The states with the most sanctuary cities are California, Oregon, Washington, Colorado, Ohio, and all Northeastern states. Not surprisingly, these are states and cities, ran by democrats. It couldn’t be more obvious that this practice is the product of a leftist agenda, and it is greatly harming our nation, and the safety of our citizens. When you couple sanctuary cities, and far left prosecutors that refuse to punish criminals, or set them free without bail, it is a recipe for innocent people to be hurt or killed. I simply fail to understand the rationale behind these actions. It goes against every natural instinct for the preservation of yourself, and your neighbors.

Left wing socialist policies must be defeated. They are a cancer growing in our nation that must be excised sooner than later. The longer these morons are allowed to harbor illegal aliens in our cities, and shield them from deportation, the worse the living conditions are going to get. Quite frankly, this has been going on for so long, and in so many cities, county’s and states, I’m not sure it’s reversible. Pew Research is still claiming the number of illegal aliens is around eleven million. A large University has placed the real number at 22 to 30 million. They may not be able to vote, but if the Democrats get their way, and allow them to counted in the census, it will result in more Democrats in the House of Representatives. Make no mistake about this, illegal aliens are here in great numbers, because the Democrats benefit in any number of ways. If it makes your life worse, or your neighborhood more dangerous, it’s not problem for Chuck and Nancy. You will never see any seedy characters in their neighborhoods where private security guards are on duty round the clock, every single day. They’re only minutes away at the sign of trouble. Chuck and Nancy don’t really give a damn about your life and your community, you need to remember that always.

The ideological differences between the two political parties has never been greater. Donald J. Trump is responsible for that, because for the first time in decades, we have someone in the White House that really cares about America, and keeping her glorious spirit alive. For far too long, both the Republicans and the Democrats were just riding the gravy train, maintaining the status quo. Allowing foreign governments to rip us off in bad trade deals, and the neocons were keeping us in stupid endless wars. Why should they care, the taxpayers would pick up the bill, it wasn’t their money. Donald Trump pulled back the curtain, and now everyone, has been able to see the graft and corruption, that’s why they hate him. That’s precisely why we need him in the White House for another four years. We also need to boot the Democrats out of the House of Representatives.



” A strict observance of the written laws is doubtless one of the high duties of a good citizen, but it is not the highest. The laws of necessity, of self preservation, of saving our country when in danger, are of higher obligation. To lose our country by a scrupulous adherence to written law would be to lose the law itself, with life liberty, property, and all those who are enjoying them with us, thus absurdly sacrificing the end to the means.”

Thomas Jefferson 1810



The picture above, is what your average politician looks like when they’re not in costume. In other words “dressed for work”. What I am about to write, came to me quite clearly a number of years ago, but I still find myself unable to escape the this false political world that all of us are caught up in. This whole political shit show that these clowns put on every single day, is just plain old ordinary bull crap. It just intensifies every two and four years.

I have spoken about this before, but I think it’s very important to remember. The founding Fathers created a system, so that the remotely located states, could have representation in the Congress. This, in theory would allow everyone an equal voice, in the affairs of the government. What we have now, is only a facsimile of that plan. The members of Congress, for the most part, could give a rat’s behind what their constituents really want. They are there for their respective political party, not the people. They are there to line their pockets with the ill gotten money from lobbyists and other special interest groups. President Harry S. Truman said, ” show me a rich politician, and I’ll show you a crook”.

The Democrats and Republicans in years past, have pretty much operated as a single party. It’s all been a charade. They would give and take just to make everyone think they were actually doing something for the folks back home. Nobody really got excited because both parties pretty much governed as centrists. Those days are over folks, the Democrats have now decided to make an attempt to push the United States into full blown socialism. It doesn’t matter to them, that they only represent roughly one half of the nation. They are hell bent on doing this, and they are pulling out all the stops to make it happen. Make no mistake about what I am about to say. The last State of the Union speech Donald Trump gave, he vowed this nation would never be socialist. Nancy Pelosi ripped up the copies of that speech, in defiance of those remarks. She knew full well what was in store. I have heard rumors lately from people connected with the military, that they are gearing up for urban warfare. This may turn out to be one hell of a ride before it’s over.

The reason we find ourselves at this junction, is that politicians on both sides, have lost the “Spirit of America”. They put on a grand show, standing in front of dozens of flags, with red, white and blue splashed everywhere, but it’s just a show, it’s a fa├žade to make you think they are patriots, in reality it’s a bald faced lie. They scream racists, misogynists’, xenophobes, and any other derogatory label they can think of, it’s just more of the same old shit show. These people are just trying to stay on the gravy train, they don’t give a damn about you, or the future of this country. I’m really sad to say this, but the system is rotting from the inside out. The Democrats have made thousands of promises to the Blacks over the years at election time, the Blacks fall in line and vote them back in office. After they get elected or re-elected, those promises are forgotten, swept under the rug. The Democrats have been in bed with labor unions forever, that’s precisely why schools in Black neighborhoods are a disgrace. That’s why public schools in general are a disgrace. They are controlled by Democrats and labor unions. The Republicans have been just fine with allowing the Democrats to get away with this. They have their own priorities, and it hasn’t been making the inner cities better for poor folks.

If you don’t think this is true, remember when Donald Trump took office, his own party defied his wishes, and made disparaging remarks about his demeanor. The majority in the House of Representatives was Republican, but Paul Ryan refused to work with the President for the first two years, and those actions resulted in them losing control of the House. Paul Ryan didn’t give a rip about the people that voted Donald Trump into office, he had his own agenda, whatever that was. Paul Ryan is a pompous ass that put his feelings before the wishes of the Republican voters. This is precisely what I am talking about. The cold hard facts are that Donald Trump was an outsider, determined to muck up the status quo, he had to be stopped even if he was a Republican.

Hell, even the FBI and CIA jumped into the fray. They gave it their best shot to keep Trump from being elected, then tried to effect a soft coup to get him out of office after a legal election. All sorts of government officials were involved. So why are these people so scared of Trump? In my opinion, they would have done the same thing if any outsider had been elected, with an agenda to drain the swamp. These people are the real government, and they don’t want anyone upsetting the system. You just think you are electing a President to run the nation, in reality it is being ran by unelected bureaucrats. How many times have you seen bureaucrats in Trump’s circle try to circumvent his actions? People that are supposed to serve at his pleasure testified against him at the fake impeachment hearings. These people are nothing more than totally self absorbed assholes.

Wake up folks, do you really think the Congress passes laws? They don’t do anything that might upset their chances of re-election. The real laws over the past few decades have been decided by the Supreme Court. The Congress is basically a useless bunch of drones. Why do you think the Dems went ballistic over Trump’s SCOTUS picks. They knew it was going to be very difficult to promote their agendas. They know full well who really makes the laws. You should realize it as well.

All of this is why we are at this point. Young people can see the futility in electing people that do nothing. They can see that their lives are not getting better. They can see the future is not looking real great for them to have what their parents and grandparents achieved. The greedy politicians have squandered the riches of America, and people are starting to realize this. Socialism is not the answer, but people are growing tired of nothing ever getting done.

Donald Trump has the desire to bring prosperity and peace back to America, but he has an army of enemies that want him to fail, and will work day and night against him. In reality, the whole rotten bunch in Washington D.C. needs to be thrown out, but we all know that will never happen. The real power brokers in D.C. are very deeply entrenched bureaucrats, and you don’t stand a chance in hell of getting rid of them. The whole system has been corrupted by money and greed.

You are witnessing the Democrat party trying to take down democracy. If you think I’m joking, look at these people pictured below. The Democrats are allowing thugs to run wild in the city streets, looting an burning everything in sight. They are turning violent criminals loose on society, and innocent people are getting hurt. What kind of people intentionally unleash mayhem on the public, for nothing more than political gain?


Violent riots have been going on in Portland, Oregon for over seventy days, and mayor Ted Wheeler, is not even attempting to rein them in. Governor Kate Brown, stands silently by, while buildings and public vehicles are damaged and burned. Innocent bystanders are beaten by the BLM and ANTIFA thugs. The city allows a public podium erected on the sidewalk to be used by agitators to incite the violence. Don’t you find it interesting that the rioters stand behind the first amendment to do their dirty deeds, while actively circumventing your first amendment rights. These thugs are in reality no different than Hitler’s Brown Shirts that ravaged Europe in the 1930’s.


Make no mistake about what is going on, it is being sanctioned by the Democrat party. BLM is a wing of the Democrat party, follow the money. ANTIFA is supported by the Democrat party. Do you really want to vote for these evil bastards? How can anyone with an ounce of Patriotism even consider allowing these people anywhere near power? Start weeding these evil doers out of the system.

Donald Trump is willing to stand up for the people against this nonsense, but he needs your help to fight another four years. He will never be able to totally beat back the dark forces, but at least he can set their agenda back decades. Stand strong against these horrible people, vote for the right side. Don’t procrastinate, we need every hand on deck. This is do or die time for the Republic.



When an individual or group of individuals unveils a plan of action, be it big or small, they are trying to affect an outcome, that is desirable for the cause. They have an end game. Abolishing police is not going to have a desirable outcome for anyone other than criminals. So what exactly, do the Democrats have in mind with such a ludicrous agenda? The Democrat constituency is just as much at risk of falling prey to criminal activity as Republicans, so why on earth would you risk putting your own people in danger?

So, let’s assume for the sake of discussion, that this is all nothing more than an effort to create mayhem and chaos to affect the election. The Democrats hoping it will somehow ruin Trump’s chances of being re-elected. Let’s assume for a moment that it works, and the Democrats are once again in power. Since this whole “defund the police” movement started, it has amazingly gained traction, in some of the nations larger cities. The recent shootings, robberies, rapes and pillaging, are clearly the result of these actions. Will the Democrats be able to magically turn a switch. and stop all of the carnage in February, 2021? Do they send out memo’s to the residents in the inner cities and tell them the party’s over? Does Black Lives Matter and Antifa, go into hibernation for another four years? I think the most terrifying aspect of this, is that the Democrats attempt to use this coalition of bad actors and thugs to usher in Socialism by force. That in fact will result in a civil war, in which no one is safe. If a civil war ensues, the Federal government will have no choice except intervene. The big question is, will they side with the conservatives or the Democrat thugs. Either way, you can kiss the Second Amendment goodbye. They will disarm the general public to quell the violence.

So, perhaps through the method of deduction, I have stumbled onto the plan. If the Democrats can preside over a civil war, they can very effectively and easily, transform the country into a one party system. That system obviously being full blown socialism. If that happens, China will rule this country in ten years. There isn’t a single Democrat I have ever seen, that has the intelligence to go “toe to toe” with China. I wonder what the yearly salary of an NBA or NFL player will be then?

When I stand before that glorious red white and blue banner, and pledge allegiance to it, and what it stands for, those words are from my heart. I feel both pain, and gratitude for all of those great patriots that died in it’s defense. It makes me sad that a major portion of the leaders of this nation are lying when they recite those words. They only care about their personal enrichment.

Do everything you are capable of to make sure the Republicans maintain the White House, the Senate, and retake the House. Our Republic is in peril. Please take it seriously.



The Democrats are making an attempt to turn this country into a socialist hell hole. De Blasio has already succeeded in turning New York City into a crime ridden shit hole. Ted Wheeler is doing everything he can, to do the same to Portland, Oregon. Jenny Durkan is ravaging Seattle, when she’s finished the once gorgeous Emerald City will by in ruins. The dynamic duo of Gavin Newsome and Eric Garcetti, will turn the once spectacular state of California into Bangladesh. Gretchen Whitmer, the governor of Michigan appears to have declared herself the sole ruler of Michigan, much like Kate Brown of Oregon. These people have one thing in common, besides being Democrats, they could care less what the citizens want, they are going to ride roughshod over everyone. They don’t even try to conceal it. They may as well call a news conference, stand before the camera, and flip you the bird. It’s obvious that’s the way they feel about you. They are openly as much as saying, “go to hell,” you can stick your Bill of Rights where the sun don’t shine. They are hiding behind the overblown Covid crisis as they strip away your precious freedoms that were fought for by thousands of patriots, many of them died preserving this gift from God. Are we really going to let some tin horn political ideolog take away our freedoms that are guaranteed by the Constitution?

Every single Democrat lawmaker, governor and mayor that stands by and says nothing while the mobs destroy our cities and towns, are guilty of treason. Every Democrat that utters the words “defund the police” are guilty of treason. They are attempting to destroy the barrier between the law abiding citizens and criminal predators. Do these IQ challenged idiots think that criminals are going to ask you which political party you support before they rob you, rape you and maybe kill you and your family? Anyone that thinks diminishing the number of police is a good thing, are living in some sort of alternate universe.

The Democrats are like a pack of wild dogs, ripping and tearing apart everything in their paths. Make no mistake, they are in a full blown battle to overthrow the current government, and turn it into who knows what. I can guarantee one thing, whatever it is, you ain’t gonna like it. Everything you have worked for your whole damn life, is going to taken away from you. Everything will belong to the government, including you. If you want a preview, take a look at Venezuela, or Cuba. Venezuela was once an economic powerhouse, now people are starving, can’t even buy toilet paper. The asshole President ain’t starving, he’s as fat as ever. Do you think the Castro brothers live in squalor like the Cuban people do? Hell no, they live in mansions with servants and the best money can buy. Kim Jon Un eats Maine lobster while his people starve, and their bodies are riddled with disease.

The first step in fighting back is to vote the Democrats out of office, strip them of their power to lord over you. Then keep them out of power until we get our country stabilized once again. We have a ‘to do” list a couple of miles long. The first item on the list should be to purge the anti American assholes out of our colleges and universities. Then purge the commie pinkos out of our K-12 school system. Throw out the corrupt teachers unions. Clean up the curriculum in our school systems, clean out the trash they are teaching our kids. Teach our kids about the goodness of this country, stop tearing it down.

Start fighting back today, support the Republican party, it ain’t perfect, but it’s the only chance we have of saving our country. Once we get the Republicans back in power, start culling out the ones that aren’t true to the cause. There are a lot of fake Republicans. If they sound like John McCain and Mitt Romney, they’re fake. Get rid of them. Stay strong and keep the faith.



All Americans should embrace the First Amendment with vigor. We should protect it with all of our strength, both mentally and physically. It is the anchor point of our freedoms. It is being seriously eroded by some very powerful and evil people.

The left, Democrats, liberals, whatever you choose to call them, are setting themselves up as the arbiters of speech. No individual or group of individuals have the right to do that. As long as the Bill of Rights stands as part of the framework of our Republic, nobody, can mitigate your speech, period.

Colleges and Universities have become the tip of the spear for eliminating free speech. They have successfully convinced a huge number of students that free speech is bad. Expression of ideas and opinions have been pretty much banned at most major universities, unless the ideas and opinions align with the leftist point of view. The obvious rub, is that these same institutions take tax dollars, and government grants. Therefore they need to follow the Constitutional law. University campuses are not sovereign states, they are in fact subject to both Federal and State laws and need to start obeying the laws, and stop banning freedom of speech. They have no license to negate the laws. When someone tells you hate speech should be against the law, you should be very concerned about that persons motives.

While I’m on the subject of hate speech, I have seen and heard a lot of hate speech lately. All of it directed toward white people. CNN is one of the biggest purveyors of anti white rhetoric. It wasn’t that long ago when I saw TV news crews rushing out to cover a story about someone spray painting a swastika on someone’s garage door, or the front of a church building. In the riot torn cities around the US, graffiti is covering every vertical surface available, the prevalent message is hate speech directed at white people. Messages like, “kill all white people” seen that one a lot. ” White people are dogs”, ” kill all cops”. I don’t think anyone can deny the fact that these people are filled with hate. What is overwhelmingly obvious, is no one, not one single TV news person has expressed a single word of concern about this level of hatred directed at a particular race of people. The main stream media is in fact stoking the flames of racism and hatred every single day.

While the left, and the main stream media are harping on the right for being racist’s and haters, they condone the rioting, and looting as peaceful protests against racism. Meanwhile, the rioters are destroying statues and monuments of our white ancestors along with spray painting anti white slogans on anything left standing. I don’t think anyone with any level of intelligence would disagree that the act of rioting is in itself is an act of hate. Smashing things, burning buildings and cars, is not something done to show affection. Those things are done because they hate the people they perceive as the owners and creators of those items.

Anyone that has been watching the events that I have described above, now fully understands the left is willing to resort to violence in order to achieve their goals of total domination of society. The left wants to be able to police your thoughts and speech, so as not to impede their march to total control over your actions. All you have to do is take a look at modern China The government has total and complete control over it’s citizens. Unbelievably, they are exerting their control over Hollywood film makers, the National Basketball Association, along and big tech companies, that are partnering with China on various projects in China. Chinese citizens who speak out against the Chinese government, mysteriously disappear. We saw that with our own eyes when Chinese doctors said too much about Covid 19 outbreak, and they were sent on permanent vacations.

The Democrat dream, is to not allow dissenting speech period. Their dream is a one party system without those pesky documents that give people their so called ” inalienable rights”. When people are able to enter into a free exchange of ideas, that could go badly for tyrants. People that want to ban hate speech, really want to ban speech they hate. Remember that.

There is something going right now that should have you very concerned. You should be writing to your congressmen and women demanding they do something about it. The social media platforms, Google, Twitter, Facebook, and others are engaging in censorship of conservative voices. This is a very serious matter and needs to be dealt with. Republicans, the ones that are supposed to be watching over this kind of stuff, have been turning a blind eye to the problem. Mike Lee of Utah, could be a pivotal voice in this problem, and he is remaining neutral. Has be been bought by big tech?

Just saw this story on Fox News, Breaking News internet feed this morning. Steel Pencil does not condone the behavior of these two perps, but the story makes my point perfectly about the racism issue becoming very one sided.

This past Friday, two individuals ( white man and woman ) were arrested in Torrance, California for vandalism and committing a hate crime. The victims, a black man ( driver ) and a Hispanic woman ( passenger ) were stopped at a red light. The white couple pulled in front of them, blocking their car, and got out of their truck. The white woman shouting ” white lives matter,” and the man shouting “white power.” As the victims drove away, the white man allegedly smashed their car with a shovel.

My opinion: These individuals were total strangers. I’m just guessing here, but I would suspect that the victims identified themselves with ” Black Lives Matter ” emblazoned on their automobile, which enraged the two white folks. While the actions of the white couple are in no way justified, I have seen countless vehicles totally destroyed and incinerated, white people beaten and killed, buildings spray painted with hate filled slogans, and no arrests for hate crimes or vandalism are being reported. As a matter of fact, nothing is more racially inflammatory than a giant street mural stating ” Black Lives Matter.” California being California, my guess is that the D.A. for Torrance is a Black Lives Matter leftie, and jumped at the chance to charge these two individuals with the maximum penalties under the law. The law is not being applied equally, sometimes not a all. Portland, Oregon, and Seattle, Washington being perfect examples.

This is not exactly breaking news, but the Black Lives Matter organization is undeniably linked to the Democrat Party. It has been reported that donations to BLM go directly to the DNC. This is not at all surprising as the Democrat motto is to “divide and conquer”. BLM has been one of the most racially divisive organizations ever created. Which by the way, was by design.

The current social upheaval you are witnessing has a lot of moving parts, engineered by some very clever minds. They are attacking America on many different fronts, including the first and second amendments, racial division, law enforcement, and the economy, thanks to a virus that is being hyped into a pandemic, when it is in reality, no worse than most strains of influenza. The socialists are betting on this being the right time to overthrow and reform the entire United States government. The Democrats have a presidential candidate that clearly has some very serious cognitive issues, being influenced and pushed by “Bolshevik Bernie” at his side. The other Democrats are circling around like vultures hoping to feed on the left over power if “clueless Joe” should be elected. There are a lot of vulgar phrases that come to mind, to describe what a Biden presidency would be like, I will let you assign your own.

Do not rest on your laurels, this election is incredibly important for the preservation of our Republic. Vote Republican, encourage your friends and family to vote Republican. Save our Nation.



I see the bad moon a-rising, I see trouble on the way, I see earthquakes and lightnin’, I see bad times today.

Hope you got your things together, Hope you are quite prepared to die. Looks like we’re in for nasty weather. One eye is taken for an eye.

Well, don’t go around tonight. Well it’s bound to take your life. There’s a bad moon on the rise.

Those are partial lyrics from a song by Credence Clearwater Revival, on the album Green River, released in 1969. Written by John Fogerty, and it just happens to be very appropriate for what is happening today, in 2020.

The left has cast a dark and evil cloud over this beautiful nation of freedom. They are hell bent on it’s destruction, and reshaping into something you will never recognize. They are drunk with the quest for power, and have unleashed thousands of their minions in cities across America to accomplish this sinister plan.

What they have accomplished, is very clever. They have managed to virtually erase racism on one side and simultaneously create it on the other. For years, they have drilled anti racist messages into the heads of white people, and the white people have complied very well. While doing this, they have convinced the black population that all of their problems are the result of systemic racism practiced by whites. The results are manifested in blacks acting out against what they perceive as white priveledge. Suddenly, white people are the brunt of racist acts, that would have resulted in themselves being arrested and jailed, and charged with a hate crime. The young recently indoctrinated white people, I substituted indoctrinated for graduated, that are immersed in shame for their whiteness, joined their black brothers and sisters in the fight.

In order for the plan to be carried out with the least amount of interruption, the left has successfully painted the police as a bigger part of the problem, and rendered them all but useless in maintaining law and order. It is the perfect plan for unmitigated chaos.

It turns out that the left, has a lot of allies in this evil quest. These forces have been around, lurking beneath the surface for years, just waiting on the chance the strike. The Democrats are at last giving them that opportunity. Believe it or not, socialists, communists, and Marxists, are in abundance right in your cities and towns. New York City’s mayor openly supports a communist form of socialism, and has been active in supporting communist governments in Central America. Our colleges and universities are largely responsible for keeping this ideology alive and well.

I think a lot of folks are asking, why isn’t something being done to stop this? I know this is a common question being asked by the people I hang with. It’s pretty simple really, this stuff is going on the Democrat ran cities. The Democrats are betting on all of this chaos, ruining Trump’s chances for re-election. However, in my opinion, the Democrats have a larger problem than they realize. Once you allow these demons to run free for months on end, they are not going to go back into their dungeons voluntarily. The mayor of Portland got a little taste of that last week when he made his cameo appearance and was hissed, booed and pelted with missiles. Wait a minute, good ol’ Ted has been on Antifa’s side for years, how could they turn on him? Don’t kid yourself, the Democrat leaders will be first on the list to be “drawn and quartered”, in a full blown take over. These people want power for themselves, they are not about to allow the present leaders to remain in power. Read your history books, Democrats are skating on very thin ice. Take notice of the actions of AOC, in promoting new far left candidates, throwing out the old guard they deem as too moderate. They are on the move baby, pay attention.

I have said this again and again. The left cares nothing about you, the everyday American, that gets up and goes to work everyday and obeys the laws. This past weekend, the police chief in Seattle, told the citizens, they were on their own. The police were simply stretched too thin to be able to serve the general public. So, Jenny Durkan ( affectionately known in Seattle as ” Jenny Dumbfuck “) has made the decision to sacrifice the safety of Seattle’s law abiding citizens in order to allow the rioters to destroy a beautiful city, that was literally rebuilt in the nineties and early 2000’s. When the chief of police tells citizens “they are on their own”, it’s sending a very clear message to criminals that they are free to ply their trade. The Police chief is obviously on the same intelligence level as the mayor.

I have thought about this upheaval a lot in the past two weeks, and the dire consequences that it can have if not reigned in. It is going to take brute force, with large numbers of enforcers. The local police forces will not be able to amass enough man power and/or equipment. This is ultimately going to result in the president invoking the Insurrection Act of 1807. United States military personnel and equipment will be deployed to every major city that is under siege, and law and order will be restored. The penalties for insurrection are fairly harsh with a fine and imprisonment for not more than ten years. In my opinion, unless the rioters just pack up and go back under their respective rocks, martial law is going to be inevitable. It is going to be absolutely imperative for the restoration of law and order.

Re-electing Donald J. Trump, is our only hope for the preservation of our Republic. Don’t fall for the lies of the Democrats, they are the enemies of the state. So, do everything possible to help him win a second term. Your future is at stake.