The past two weeks have been amazing. We logged in 3,825 miles on the trusty Suburban, traveled across four states, and feasted our eyes on the beauty of America, and reunited with friends and family. Said goodby to an old friend that turned ninety last Saturday, I know I won’t see him alive again. Saw great grandchildren for the first time. It’s been years since I did a trip like this, probably won’t do it again. I have crisscrossed the western United States many times in my life, enjoyed every minute of the adventures. William Least Heatmoon, a native American writer, wrote a book called “Blue Highways”. I followed his journey part way across the upper western United States, in my truck and camper, saw some magnificent sights. If you really want to get acquainted with what America is all about, that’s the only way to do it. Below is a picture of a blue highway we traveled in Nevada last week.


I stood on the centerline and took a picture in both directions, each one is identical. No people, no cars, no buildings, just nature. No sounds, no wind, just absolute solitude. Something not often experienced in our daily lives. When I took the blue highway trip in the early late sixties, both of my girls were very young. We were on a highway in Kansas, very similar to the picture above, except thousands of acres of wheat on both sides of the highway, and not a soul or car anywhere to be seen. Being southern Californians, I wanted my daughters to have an experience. I pulled the truck off the road, shut off the engine and stood in the middle of the highway. The only sound was the wind in the wheat. Not far off the highway was an old fashioned windmill, spinning in the wind. I took them down the entry road to the base of the windmill and stood at the base and listened to it creaking and squeaking, and the wind rustling the wheat. In my mind I was creating a lifetime memory. I will guarantee that if I asked them today if they remembered that moment, their response would be; ” we were in Kansas? “

I will tell you how I know this. I came home from work on Friday afternoon, told my wife and girls to get the camper loaded up, we would be leaving right away. They asked where we were going. I said, “we are going to drive all night and watch the sunrise on the rim of the Grand Canyon. It will be a once in a lifetime experience. We arrived at the rim of the canyon about 4:00 am. When daylight started to break, we sat up our chairs facing the east. It was cold, the girls were wrapped in blankets. My oldest daughter said, ” what are we doing again?” I reminded her we were there for the sunrise. Everything came off as planned, I was very proud I was able to give them this special memory. About 30 odd years later, at a family gathering, I mentioned that historic morning. They both looked at me with blank stares, neither of them remembered it.

My youngest daughter loved horses. On our family famous “blue highway” tour, we stopped at a general store in Montana literally in the middle of nowhere, no other signs of life anywhere. We went inside to get some road snacks and a young boy about my daughters age was sitting on the bench in front of the store, in traditional cowboy attire, well-worn and a bit dirty. He had a cast on his arm. My daughter was not, and never has been bashful. She engaged him in conversation and asked how he broke his arm. His reply; ” ridin’ them wild horses”. I will guarantee you my daughter who is now 62 can recite that conversation verbatim but can’t remember the sunrise at the Grand Canyon. Go figure.

Traversing the United States by automobile, or similar conveyances, is exciting, and rewarding. I literally have hundreds of stories to tell about auto travel via two lane blacktop roads. Countless songs and stories have been written about life on the road. My father traveled to California from Oklahoma and back, by hitch hiking and riding freight trains looking for work in the 1930’s. I must have heard his stories a hundred times, but never got tired of hearing them one more time. You can still have those experiences today. I just experienced two weeks on the road, seeing things I never saw before. Yep, gas was expensive, I went through 221 gallons of that wonderful stuff. It’s wonderful stuff, because it’s freedom. Sometimes you have to bear a little pain to experience freedom.

If you can afford it, give the Democrats the finger and burn the hell of gasoline. Let ’em know they aren’t going to deprive you of the great pleasure of the open highways. I can’t enumerate the FJB and Let’s go Brandon signs we saw along the way on businesses and painted on the back windows of SUV’s and Pickups. It’s good to know the true feelings of America, not what you see on TV. That’s the kind of information you get on the roads. Go see for yourself.

God bless you and your families. Stay safe, stay vigilant. Vote the bastards out of office.




FEBRUARY 28, 2022


This doesn’t have anything to do with recent news, but I was sort of dumbstruck today when I looked at the date, and the realization that my parents were married on this day 94 years ago. I’m not sure why it had such an impact on me today, but it did. Maybe because it was a reminder of how old I am getting. Oh well, it was bound to happen.

RUSSIA AND UKRAINE: This is really getting into territory that I know absolutely nothing about other than what I read and hear on the news outlets. What I mean about that, is I have no idea what would drive a world power to engage in blatant aggression and invade a much smaller nation for no apparent reason. This is what I think will happen, based on the chatter I am hearing from European leaders. It has been 77 years since the follies of Adolf Hitler and the brutality he inflicted on the world. This kind of action is totally abhorrent to people of today. This is an extremely “bad look” for Russia when innocent citizens start getting slaughtered by the thousands. The only nation that will remain friendly with Russia will be China.

Russia will end up being a pariah nation. It could end up destroying the Russian economy and the end of Putin’s reign. Putin is a smart guy, so why would he play such a poker hand? I think his strategy is based on current USA weakness in leadership, both in the white house, and the pentagon. I think he sees the free world as being without an effective leader.

I believe the invasion of Ukraine is a strategy by Russia and China, to draw Nato and the US into a very bloody conflict, betting that another world war would spell the end of the free world forever, Russia and China being the victors and world rulers, dividing the spoils of war.

For the sake of the conversation, let’s say that indeed happened. The scale of conflict would be something horrifying, like the world has never seen. The mere existence of inter-continental ballistic missiles would mean everybody gets to experience the devastation of all-out warfare. The carnage would be unbelievable. It could literally spell the end of humanity. If you would like to see what could actually happen, watch the old movie from 1959 titled ” On the Beach”. It was also a book by Nevil Shute.

BIDEN’S ROLE AND HOW HE IS HANDLING UKRAINE CRISIS: Five minute news conferences, afternoon naps, and weekend trips to Delaware. Aside from that he doesn’t seem to be doing much at all. Don’t know about all of you, but I wasn’t expecting much more. It sure as hell would have helped Ukraine, if the dumbass had taken all of the stuff we left in Afghanistan and parked it in Kiev.

PRICE OF OIL: While Putin is waging war on the Ukrainians for being Ukrainians, the Democrats are waging war against everyone, including their fellow Democrats. Biden and his New Green Deal zealots, refuse to resume drilling of oil and gas and we are about to experience $5.00 or more per gallon gasoline. Biden will tell us tomorrow night in his SOTU address how we should be happy to be able to sacrifice for the good of the nation, while the USA continues to buy millions of gallons of oil a day from Putin and the Mullahs of Iran. I’m not sure about you, but this seems like fuckery to me.

I am remembering the times during the cold war with Russia, we had really tough guys in power, they stood up to Russia. I remember the videos of the meetings, they all wore hats and overcoats, and looked like the mafia. I think it’s time to close up shop for the night before I make myself so depressed, I won’t be able to sleep.

God bless all of you and your families. Stay safe and pray for America and its return to greatness, to a tower of strength to keep the world safe.




FEBRUARY 22, 2022

A moment of looking back on history, will tell you, the world has always been a very dangerous place. There seems to be a never-ending supply of meatheads that want to dominate every square inch of it. Here we go again.

Russia seems to be a breeding ground for aggressive assholes with dreams of grandeur. A very long line of strong U.S. presidents, and strong Eruopean leaders kept Russia at bay for a lot of years. The formation of NATO also became a strong deterrent. But alas, rot and decay has set in, and the western nations have become weak and flabby, more concerned about transgender restrooms than foreign policy. The politicians are in bed with the big corporations and media, and we are slowly sinking into a fascist society. We are also looking at two very formidable opponents, if they become allied against the US, in my opinion, cannot be defeated.

Over the past several weeks, we have witnessed Canadian government become a dictatorship. The police have been transformed into Trudeau’s “goon squads”. The Canadian government has confiscated private citizens bank accounts and seized crowd funding donations. People who would flee to the US, will likely be prevented from doing that. Sounds a lot like the old Soviet Union does it not. How long will it be before Trudeau declares that all personal property is now owned by the Canadian government? But what is very disturbing, is how easily it was accomplished. No riots, no gunfire, the government just suddenly confiscated the money. It’s pretty hard to mount an offensive if you’re broke, and have no food, or gas for your vehicles.

This is exactly how governments become dictatorships. Slowly, and gradually, creeping into every aspect of your lives. Dominating public schools, creating thousands of seemingly innocuous regulations, written by bureaucrats not lawmakers. These life changing regulations come out of the darkness, many of them with evil intent. They just keep piling up, until they smother the life out of business and creativity.

All of this happens because of complacency on part of the general population. People don’t pay attention, they trust the people they put in power, never dreaming that these same people, would do anything against the Constitution. Hey, they stood before God and the public and took an oath to uphold the Constitution. Get real, politicians are liars. They have always been liars, and likely always will be.

Here is a bit of news you may not have heard. After hearing it, you may wish you hadn’t. The Democrats are planning on invoking the Fourteenth Amendment, section 3, on all Senators and Representatives, seeking re-election that they deem as engaging in insurrection, or giving aid and comfort to the enemies of the state. So, now you know what the January 6th Commission is all about. The Democrats are working hard to tag as many Republican lawmakers as possible, as being guilty of giving aid and comfort to the insurrectionists. The DOJ is going about arresting hundreds of people that attended that rally, for no other reason than to enlarge the image.

This is how far ahead the Democrats plan this stuff. When they found out Trump was going to have his Capitol rally, they went into action. The Deep state is in this up to their eyeballs. They told the Capitol police to minimize their reaction to the protestors. they refused to activate the National Guard. They placed FBI agents in the crowd to incite violence and instigate entering the Capital building. The left immediately tagged it as an insurrection, so the Fourteenth Amendment could be put into play against the Republican lawmakers. Do you remember when Chuck Schumer said Donald Trump was foolish for going against the deep state? He said; “those guys have six ways from Sunday at getting back at you”. And that my friends just played out before your eyes, over the past year and a half. Trump is a smart guy, but he’s no match for the “deep state”. By the way, in case you haven’t noticed, the ” deep state” is definitely on the left side of the center line. The United States Government has become a living breathing entity, it is no longer a government of the people by the people and for the people, it is a government unto itself, hell bent on self-preservation, willing to do whatever it deems necessary to remain intact.

One thing I have noticed in my time here on earth. God has planted a lot of stuff in nature, for us to learn from. Cancer is one of those things. The nature of cancer is that once it establishes itself, it starts feeding off of the host, eventually consuming all vital functions, and the host slowly dies. This has played out in hundreds of nations in history. They are consumed by their own governmental greed and corruption to the point they are unstainable. It is political cancer. The United States in my opinion is in a stage four status at the moment. The Democrats seem hellbent on driving this country into a ditch.

But here is the strangest part. The left is clever enough to come up with elaborate plans to decimate the Republicans, like January 6th, that reaches out two years into the future, and yet the best people they have is Joe and Kamala? These two individuals are nothing short of buffoons. That says to me, it doesn’t matter who is out in front, the real leaders are behind the curtain. It’s clear, Joe is nothing but a front man, someone that is authorized to sign documents. Kamala is there to appease the minorities, totally incapable of doing the actual job she was elected to do. Well, elected is a bit of a stretch, but you get it. Joe is way out of Putin’s league, having a summit with Vlad on the world stage would be a total disaster, everyone knows it, especially Vlad. So, who is really running the show? If they were smart enough to perpetrate this scheme, and take over all branches of the government, why do they look so lame doing it?

Joe, Kamala, Mayor Pete, Mayorkas, Austin, Milley, Blinken, and all the rest are buffoons. All of the blacks that Biden installed in the DOJ, are blatant raciest. The entire group is probably the most incompetent assembly in my lifetime. They collectively disparaged the police, and glorified the criminals, (especially black criminals) which has resulted in open season on cops. The government gave a clear message that it was OK to kill cops. Well, BLM actually put out the message, but the government is in full support of BLM. As a matter of fact, now that I am thinking about this, the Biden administration seems to be 100% behind anything that is anti-social behavior.

On one hand I am totally impressed at the elaborate schemes the Democrats are able to concoct, on the other hand they look like idiots. Are they just lucky, getting in a lick now and then, or is this some grand scheme that is so grandiose that we are unable to recognize it? How are they going to benefit from the nation going from hyperinflation to a deep recession? I have heard some say, the intent is to totally break the system, then claim to be the only ones able to fix it. I think the fix would be a socialist form of government.

Whatever happens, I can guarantee that we the people are going to be the major losers. When a government reforms, everything is done to make the government stronger, and the general population weaker. The government never sees the general population as participants, they only see you as worker bees. That’s the way they view you now, it will only get worse. This last presidential election was not decided by the voters, Biden was installed. It is highly likely that you will never see another free and fair election. Elections may still be held, but they will be for show only.

Ladies and Gentlemen, I feel that we are approaching a turning point in this country. I can’t say if it’s going to be good or bad, but something is going to happen. Chaos is reaching an unsustainable level. If you think I am exaggerating, take a look at Seattle and Portland. These two cities used to be beautiful, peaceful, and welcoming. They have turned into virtual hell holes. Los Angeles and San Francisco have always been borderline, they too have gone over the edge. We are at a point now, that law abiding citizens should be armed at all times, you can no longer depend on law enforcement.

My dear friends and patriots, stay safe, stay vigilant, fight for the right in whatever capacity you are able.



I’ve made an executive decision. Since there isn’t anyone else involved in creating this blog, other than the leftist fools I love to write about, I consider myself the CEO, and Exalted Leader. My executive decision is that going forward, this blog will consist of two formats. Snapshots Of the News, and The View from St. Charles.

I was reflecting on my childhood today, old people tend to do that a lot. Truthfully, I don’t do that a lot, but I have friends that do, and frankly, it’s extremely boring. One of my friends has a ton of old pictures of himself on his phone and loves to start a conversation about the old days, and suddenly whip out his phone and engage in “show and tell”. That’s when I say, ” sorry pal, I’m about to pee my pants”, and excuse myself, then never return. He’s either never figured out my escape plan or doesn’t care.

I think what triggered my thoughts on my childhood, was reading about what our little kids are experiencing in today’s classrooms. Holy cow, it’s nothing less than madness. What effect is it going to have on their little brains? I can’t imagine how confusing it is.

I was born in 1941 in Tulsa, Oklahoma, at home, in the house my father built with a collection of very basic tools. (All cordless by the way). I want to make sure I give my mother credit in this endeavor; she was one of the hardest working women I have ever known. She was a 4′-10″ tall giant. I don’t think that woman had an ounce of fear in her body. We lived on the outskirts of Tulsa, sort of in the Twighlight zone between city and farmlands. The house I was born in, still exists believe it or not. My folks built a good strong house, in more ways than one. They raised four kids in that house until the interstate took it out. The state bought it and it was moved to another location not far away, and we all moved into a brand-new house. Myself and my siblings were hard working folks, just like Mom and Dad, everybody stayed on the right side of the law, and had successful lives. Everyone is gone now, except me. I am proud to have been a member of that clan, and it is an honor, to be the offspring of those two fine individuals of such strong moral character.

OK, here is the part about walking to school in the snow, uphill in both directions. Well, it wasn’t uphill in both directions, but I walked to school from kindergarten until I was 16, in the rain, snow, sleet, whatever mother nature conjured up. My parents only had one car, and my dad drove it to work. In those days, we had “home rooms” where we reported each morning. Probably still the same. The teacher asked us to stand and recite the “Pledge of Allegiance”, then we recited the “Lord’s Prayer”. She called roll, and we got down to business. School was no nonsense, you either paid attention and did the work, or they would fail you. If you were really bad, they would fail you for the year, and you had to do that year over. The prospect of that was terrifying. I only saw that happen a couple of times, nobody wanted to stay back while their friends advanced to the next grade level. Great incentive by the way.

I loved being outdoors, except when it was raining. It wasn’t real smart to play outside in the rain in Oklahoma, always a possibility of lightning. As soon as the rain stopped, I was outside, with anything that would float, putting it in the drainage ditches and running along side it. Those same drainage ditches usually had standing water in them, and crawdads, as we called them when we were kids. We caught our share of those critters. When we weren’t catching crawdads, we were wandering around the woods to the south, with our Daisy BB guns, shooting anything that moved. (Nobody ever lost an eye) Then when we wanted a bigger adventure, we walked about a 1/4 mile to the big creek and caught tadpoles, put them into quart jars. Saw a lot of tadpoles turn into frogs in my day.

About a block down the road we had some Dutch neighbors, that owned a small dairy. My mother used to send me down the street to buy a couple of quarts of milk. I loved that assignment. Those folks were always really nice to me and would always give me a glass of warm milk directly from the cow. If you have never had that experience, you have missed out. Across the street from the dairy was a pear tree, best pears I ever tasted.

When you grow up being outdoors, and around farms most of the time, it’s amazing how much you learn about nature, even as a little kid. You learn what’s OK to touch, and what not to touch. You see life and death in real time. You quickly learn how to identify electric fences. You learn how to stay out of trouble and stay safe when there aren’t any adults around to supervise your actions. Of course, my mom and dad taught us how to stay safe as well. All of that said, here is a very strange fact. I grew up around creeks, rivers, lakes and ponds. My mother and father were strong swimmers, both of my sisters were swimmers. Nobody ever taught me how to swim, and I came very close to drowning while we were at a family picnic on the lake. I was going down the third time and my oldest sister pulled me out of the water. Even after that, none of them took the time to teach me how to swim. When I was about ten years old, I used to go to the public pool with my little girlfriend, she taught me how to swim. I still don’t know why nobody in my family was interested in teaching me how to swim. I had two daughters, and I taught them how to swim when they were very young.

I loved the summer evenings in Oklahoma when I was a kid. We had a huge yard and my cousins would come over and we would play until we were worn out. I’ll bet we must have caught a thousand fireflies and put them in quart jars. My dad would buy a huge watermelon, and everyone would eat watermelon until we could barely walk. Seems like there is always a penalty for having fun. Rolling around in the cool green grass with your cousins and friends, always yielded a good crop of “chigger bites”. Thank goodness for Calamine Lotion.

Seriously, it was a great life. No TV, one land line telephone on a “party line”. We listened to the radio shows when we couldn’t play outside. My mom was a great cook, we had a huge garden with fresh vegetables, even grew peanuts on occasion. My dad was a very good fisherman, we had fresh bass and catfish often. Sometimes we would go down to the creek and catch big bullfrogs and have fried frog legs. My mom was no shrinking violet, she would cook anything from frogs to squirrels to rabbits.

I’m a pretty busy guy, but when I do stop and reflect on my life, I thank God for letting me live in the best of times. Life was simple, crime was not even on the radar. Nobody in our small neighborhood locked their doors. If you needed to borrow something from your neighbor and they weren’t home, you borrowed it and left a note. Everyone looked out for each other. We played outside after dark, no worries. I would tell my mom I was going for a ride on my bicycle and be gone for hours. We lived in virtually total freedom in every way. I know freedom, I love freedom, I cherish it. We must not allow the leftist morons to steal it away from us.

God bless all of you, and your families. Stay strong, fight for your rights and freedom any way you are able.



My DNA, according to, says I’m mostly British, Scottish, and Irish. Which is kind of odd because I have a French surname. It turns out that I’m only 9% French thank God. I’m extremely proud to be a mixture of the of those glorious blood lines. But I’m especially proud to be a bit Scottish. I’m really happy I was born a male, and the ancient Scots were the ultimate males. So, in keeping with the modern trend, I identify as Scottish. I have a magnificent kilt, hand made in Glasgow, with an official Prince Charlie Jacket, and all of the accessories. When I wear my kilt, with a dagger on my belt, and a knife in my stocking, I feel very manly. That’s me in the picture below, first one on the left.

All of this northern European linage, of course means I’m very white. But my whiteness is tempered with a little Italian, and 1% South Asian, and of course the cursory bit of Spanish.

We just happen to be living in an age that being white is some kind of curse. I find that disturbing to say the least, because I’m damn proud to be white, and a bit Scottish. As a matter of fact, wearing a kilt makes it quite easy to bare my butt so if anyone doesn’t like my whiteness, they can kiss it.

The ancient Scotts were freedom lovers. They fought the Brits valiantly to maintain their freedom. Scotts were some of the fiercest warriors to ever walk on to a field of battle. They were totally willing to die for freedom.



John Knox, the reformer, born 1514 was a Scottish minister and theologian. He lead the country’s reformation and founded the Presbyterian movement. John Knox’s life was an incredible journey, and contributed greatly to the struggle for genuine human freedom. It is impossible in this blog to cover his life. Go to Wikipedia and read about this incredible man.

Scotland is a country rich in history and culture. Scotts are great inventors, engineers, and warriors, and just plain tough. Scotland is not a particularly hospitable place to live, so if you can survive there, you can probably survive anywhere. Take the time to study Scotland, and its history, check out the beautiful castles and bridges. The British destroyed Dunnottar, my ancestors castle, check out what’s left of it, and the story behind its destruction.

Am I the rugged, tough guy that William Wallace ( Brave Heart ) was? Not even close. But I’m extremely proud to have a little bit of that glorious Scottish blood. The love of freedom has certainly made its way down through the generations and resides in my heart.

I’m proud to be a white, Anglo Saxon, protestant. Don’t even think about suggesting that I not be. My heritage contains some of the greatest men and women that ever walked on this earth. Don’t misunderstand, I’m not suggesting my heritage is better than yours, and don’t suggest yours is somehow better than mine, and we will get along gloriously.

Never stop fighting for total freedom from any and all kinds of tyranny. It’s a worthy battle, worth losing your life for.




I don’t really know when I started learning about the Constitution and Bill of Rights in public school. I do know however, they made it pretty damned clear, nobody could nullify those documents. What was written in the founding documents was cast in stone, and as close to eternal as anything ever created by man. I just assumed, as most everyone else did, those words were gospel.

I’m eighty years old, and I totally believed that story up to April of 2020. For 78 long years, I believed that unless another nation were to take over the United States, my freedom and rights were 100% guaranteed. PERIOD!!! Then I watched President Trump turn over power to the states to combat Covid 19. The day he did that, I cringed. I knew at that moment this nation was going to change, possibly forever. I have never told anyone this before, but I felt, Trump betrayed the American people when he handed over the power to the states. President Trump made a huge mistake by not standing tall, and managing the Covid crisis from the White House. He could have controlled it far better, and we would have been out of this much quicker.

I know this sounds like Monday morning quarterbacking, but solving problems with a central management team, will outperform managing by committee every single time. Many times in my life, I have been assigned to a committee to manage a particular issue. It is the worst approach to management you can ever do. Turning over the management of the so-called pandemic to the states, was 50 committees, without a chairperson. Once President Trump did that, he lost all control. He had the people that could have done it. His cabinet was comprised of some of the brightest minds available. Why he handed off the ball, we will probably never know. One thing I do know, it was a monumental blunder.

The glaring message that came from all of this, came through loud and clear, your rights can be taken away in a heartbeat under the right conditions, and you are totally powerless to reverse it. Getting our power back is not going to be easy. Ask any Canadian.

Any government that ever existed on the face of the earth, always seeks total and complete power over the people, it’s an act of self-preservation. That’s what governments do. The Constitution and Bill of Rights kept the power-hungry wolves away for a very long time. Sadly, they finally chewed their way through the doors and are now threatening our way of life and freedom.

Governments are very sinister. They manage to creep into your lives unnoticed and lay down a mine field to keep you in line. The mine fields are licenses and regulations. With each one of the licenses and regulations comes a fine, penalty, or jail time if you dare violate them. You saw this play out hundreds of times over the past two years. A bar owner decides he is not going to comply with the mandates and stay open. The local government just suspends his liquor license, turns off his water and gas, and bingo, he is out of business. The government controls every single lever that makes it possible for you to survive. Now that you know and understand it, what are you gonna do about it? You have no one to turn to, the government controls the law enforcement, the military and can even shut down the availability to obtain fuel through emergency powers acts. The Canadian government is confiscating fuel belonging to the truckers so they can’t run their rigs and stay warm. They are literally freezing them out.

I hear people bravely holding up the second amendment saying our privately owned guns will allow us to defend ourselves against a tyrannical government. I’m not so sure that would work. Guess who controls the manufacturing of ammunition? The Federal government can make ammo very scarce, very quickly by taking control of the munitions companies. It’s true we have a lot of brave souls that would take up arms, but they are just small groups of guys, with little or no equipment, and no central command. Communications with each other would be instantly monitored by the phone companies who would be totally on the government side.

Armed resistance is not totally out of the question, but if you want to know what that looks like, check out Afghanistan, Syria, Iraq, Libia, or most anywhere in the middle east. The countryside becomes a hell scape. Life becomes dispensable, and very bleak. The US government may as well have posted a gigantic sign on the Capitol lawn, directed anyone that dared take on the establishment, that they would find the deepest hole possible, throw you in it, and forget where they left you.

Stop and think about it, and I think you will realize our only hope is to slowly and gradually take back our government through conventional means. We have allowed the government to get out of control. As conservatives, we are going to have to change the way we operate. We are going to have to become forceful, in your face adversaries of the left. We are going to have to throw out all the old, tired warhorses, and replace them with young energetic warriors for freedom. We are going to have to be willing to fight hard for what we believe and quit rolling over on our backs like a cowardly canine. Forget the romantic visions of civil warfare and storming the capitol. The odds of being successful with that approach are not good. There is a very successful campaign going on right now, a beach head if you will, with the parents taking over the school boards. That is a huge step in the right direction.

In closing, don’t mistake my remarks about Donald Trump as me being a “never Trumper”. I think the guy is a brilliant leader, some people are put off by his direct speech. I think it’s great. For whatever reason I think he trusted people that ultimately betrayed him in hopes he would fail. In spite of it all, his accomplishments were huge.

Stay safe, stay strong, pick the battles you can win, little by little we can take it back. God Bless all of you and your families.




FEBRUARY 3, 2022



This topic isn’t exactly breaking news, making headlines on all of the nation’s news outlets, although it should be. It’s been going on for years. Google has been quietly going about its business gathering up virtually every gigabyte of data from everywhere in the world. People that don’t think past the next five minutes of their lives may say, so what? It’s so handy to get factual data in an instant. The answer to that question lies in the statement. Whoever controls the data, controls the facts. Facts are no longer guaranteed truth. They are the truth as Google wants it to be. Right now, at this point in time, you can no longer depend on the information you get from Google, or any of the other search engine, as being absolutely true. Information is being manipulated and tweaked to further the leftist goals and aspirations of complete and total control of the masses.

This has been a major concern of mine for a while now. What prompted me to write about it, came about while doing some research for my last blog. It became apparent that the FBI is tweaking the facts. I went to the FBI website to research racial crime stats. I was shocked to see how it has been changed. I have gleaned data from this site before, and it was very clear and concise the way it was presented. Now, they have made a concerted effort to make sure the white vs. black crime stats look almost identical. They haven’t exactly lied, but they have manipulated the numbers by percentages to present a very deceiving picture of reality.

The White House and other governmental agencies have been doing this with the Covid stats. The numbers have been proven to be so convoluted nobody actually knows what is real. The government handing out money to hospitals for treating Covid patients just might be an incentive for hospitals to “cook the books”. Hospitals are always complaining about going broke, I would think a deal like this would be too hard to resist.

Recently, I have heard a lot of noise from the left about Democracy and its impending death. They should know, they are the actual killers. I’m highly amused by the constant “whining from the left about “disinformation”. These idiots are the purveyors of misinformation in its highest form. Everything that comes out of their mouth’s are blatant lies. Everything the left says and does, is designed to affect a certain outcome. These people are thinking years into the future. I’m not really sure what the Republicans are thinking about. They should change their name to the reactionary party. If the Republicans had half a brain, they would have seen the writing on the wall and broken up big tech monopolies years ago. But alas, it was easier to just take the money and shut up. If you’re going to preserve Democracy, you have to preserve the truth as well.


This guy changes sides more often than a tennis ball. People are talking about Biden’s mental condition, I think they should be taking a close look at Lindsey’s as well. I never trust anyone that can talk and smile at the same time. Those people scare me to death. One week he is Donald Trump’s biggest fan, next week he thinks Trump is wrong on everything. He has sided with the Democrats on every leftist Judge presented by Biden. He is going to endorse Biden’s pick for the SCOTUS, he has already said he would. Lindsey is far too dangerous to have in the senate. He is too unpredictable. He could very well abandon the party on a crucial vote and cause major damage. I really hope he faces a young and serious Republican on this next run for the senate and gets handed his walking papers.


This appears to be a very high stakes game of chicken. I am in a minority at the present time, but I think we should worry about our borders before we start enforcing the borders of Ukraine. This move by Russia, may be nothing more, than to diminish America’s influence in Europe, and the middle east. If Biden allows Russia to walk into Ukraine unabated, it will be a huge blow to America’s influence in that region. When coupled with the Afghanistan debacle, it will take decades to heal those wounds and build back trust in America. All of that considered, I don’t want to see more American blood and treasure spent on defending another country’s borders. I think the Biden State Department should be heavily engaged in negotiations right now to head off a potential disaster. The huge problem lies in the fact that Anthony Blinken is not Mike Pompeo. Anthony Blinken is as much an idiot as his boss. If Biden and his entire team were gun powder, it wouldn’t be enough to blow the lid off a can of Pork and Beans.


Start enforcing the damn law you freaking idiots.


What can we take away from this? Well, a black woman with a Jewish stage name, trumps a real Jewish woman, for making a dumb remark. The blowback against Roseanne was much more severe ( being really honest here ) because she verbalized her support for Donald Trump, and routinely called out leftists. Trump was also an avid supporter of Israel. Making light of the Holocaust in my opinion is much more egregious than making a remark about Valerie Jarrett. So they suspend Whoopi for two weeks, and fire Rosanne from her own show? Its gotta stop.


Pelosi warned US atheletes not to risk ‘incurring the anger’ of ‘ruthless Chinese government during Olympics. She went on to say that China could retaliate by damaging the reputation of the athletes. Will someone explain to me why we are participating in the Chinese Olympics? What Pelosi is in fact saying, is shut up and obey, don’t you dare speak out against the atrocities that China inflicts on its own people. It’s becoming apparent to me, the Democrats are in love with China. I think the Democrats see themselves as the leaders of the Peoples Republic of America. I’ll bet Pelosi already has her crimson uniform ready and waiting for that glorious day, when they can bury the Constitution in a time capsule. The Congressional Black Caucus will never have to salute the evil symbol of slavery, the Stars and Stripes, ever again.


The article talks about how Harry engages in self-care to help combat ‘burnout’. Burnout from what? Dealing with his crazier that batshit old lady? Give me a freaking break. What a self-absorbed asshole.


As you probably noticed, the big man is a spokesperson for everything from car insurance to pain cream. Everyone loves Shaq. Today he spoke out about Covid vaccine mandates, so you will probably be seeing a lot less of Shaq in the future. Sorry Shaq, I love you man.


This is exactly what happens when you allow the Federal government to control public schools. I worked as a public-school teacher in southern California for one school year in adult education. I was told by administrators that the Feds exerted a lot of power over school policies, in return for the money they gave the school district. Keep in mind, this was in the mid-seventies. You can only imagine what the pressure is like today. Public schools today are an abject failure in their intended role to educate the students, but they are a raging success in leftist indoctrination. If I were raising children today, there is no way I would allow them to attend public schools. I have relatives that are raising young children, and my sister-in-law (the children’s grandmother) is home schooling them. I recently spoke with her and asked her if she was using some sort of organized curriculum. She said it was from a Christian based organization, for grades K-12. She went on to explain the content, and how she organized her class time. I was totally blown away. When these kids graduate I will guarantee they will be way out front, compared to kids educated in the public school system.

I am not out of material by any means, but I am running low on energy. I am getting anxious to reunite with My Pillow. God bless Mike Lindell and his marvelous product. God bless all of you and your families. Not sure if we are going to win this battle, but God has promised you glorious place to reside for eternity on the other side. So, place your efforts where they count the most. Stay safe, stay strong, seek the truth always.



I have been thinking about this a lot lately, I think most Americans are on the same wave lengths right now. Our country is being ripped apart by a very sinister and evil force, and that force is the Democrat party. If you follow my blog, you know I am a Christian conservative. I try to avoid leaning too heavily in the religious direction, so that I don’t get labeled as some sort of religious nut. I readily admit to being a little nutty, but you would be hard pressed to identify me as a particular kind of nut. That said, I want to explore what is happening right now, as I see it.

Our valiant men and women in blue are being hunted down and killed. The men and women that put on their uniforms and service belts every day and stand ready to risk their lives to save ours, are being slaughtered like animals. This is a recent phenomenon. There was once a time when “cop killing” was rare, and justice was handed down swiftly with the full force of the law.

We started seeing a hint of this happening in the 60’s and 70’s when there was a rise of militant leftist organizations forming in colleges and universities. These organizations sort of went away after they were hunted down and put in the slammer for long periods of time. In the case of the Symbionese Liberation Army, the ones that allegedly kidnapped Patty Hurst, the Los Angeles Police and the California Highway Patrol simply annihilated them on the spot. Law and Justice was alive and well in the 80’s and 90’s. At the beginning of this paragraph, I mentioned the militant leftist groups that formed in the so-called Institutions of Higher Learning. I firmly believe that colleges and universities are one the greatest threats to our Republic. They brainwash and poison the minds of thousands of young Americans every single day. Sick and demented professors preach Marxism and Communism openly. I have often wondered, and still do, how Congress allows this unamerican activity to continue without an extensive investigation. Isn’t that what these folks are supposed to be doing, protecting the Republic?

On the other end of the spectrum, we have the uneducated blacks in the inner cities that live on an entirely different level than everyone else. They are what I term as a subculture. The Democrat party has put forth a great effort to keep this segment of the population exactly where it is, better known as a reliable voting base, the welfare of these folks be damned. Educated blacks, term these people as being on the Democrat’s plantation. The race baiters such as Jesse Jackson, Al Sharpton, and Louis Farrakhan, use these folks for personal enrichment, not improving their lives one iota. The black representatives and senators from these areas, sit in the ivory tower in D.C., making sure their handpicked people get elected to mayoral, and city council positions sucking up the taxpayer funds, all of them getting fat and rich, and the poor folks just stay poor and uneducated. What is important to note here, is that the black government officials stay in power telling he poor folk that the reason why their lives are in the toilet, is because of the white man. They are being perpetually held in economic bondage by the white folks. In fact, just like the days when blacks in Africa were being sold into slavery, it was their black brothers selling them into the slave market. Some things never change.

The constant drumbeat of white oppression, has unquestionably created a deep disdain for whites among the black people in the ghetto. It has also created a disdain for America in general. I have seen several documentaries where blacks openly state they have no feelings for the U.S. Flag, it means nothing to them. Why would it? For their entire lives they have been taught that it represents whites only.

Blacks in the inner cities commit an overwhelming amount of crime. Because they commit an astounding amount of crime, they have an unusual amount of interaction with law enforcement. In the mindset of the inner-city blacks, they are being wrongly targeted, that idea is fortified by race baiters. Last year a police officer killed a black offender, and of course there was a huge outcry. LeBron James made the statement during an interview that blacks were literally being hunted down and murdered in the streets by police officers. The real facts are, that of the blacks killed last year, only 1% were killed by police, 97% were killed by other blacks. Unfortunately, poor blacks don’t read FBI Crime stats, they get their information from CNN, MSNBC, CBS, all of the state run media outlets, and what they hear on the streets. Urban myths.

2020 was the creation of what I call an “unholy alliance”. Young white people, recent graduates from our Ivy League Institutes of Marxism, teaming up with Black Lives Matter and ANTIFA. BLM and ANTIFA, both self-described Marxist organizations. It is estimated that between 15 and 26 million people participated in the 2020 riots. This resulted in between 1-2 billion dollars in damage. In the year 2020, amid all of the turmoil, nine blacks were killed by police, eleven whites killed by police. Not sure how you feel, but that hardly sounds like an organized effort to commit genocide.

Kamala Harris is always talking about getting to the root causes. To date, I don’t think she has discovered any root causes, ’cause she don’t do shit. Sorry, I got off track for a moment. The root causes of the unrest, and violence we are seeing in the United States today, can be laid at the threshold of the DNC. Every time I see a Democrat, any Democrat, stand at the podium, with the Stars and Stripes behind them it makes my blood pressure top out. These are the biggest America haters ever. I saw a picture once of Nancy Pelosi holding a tiny American flag, the caption read; ” This must be like Dracula holding a Crucifix”.

In the name of social justice, leftist leaders are releasing violent criminals back on the street. Let’s think about that term ” social justice”. If one of my family members was murdered, and they sentenced the killer to life in prison, I consider that “social justice”. The victims were compensated to a degree, by seeing the person that killed their loved one incarcerated for life, thus protecting others in society from possible harm. When the perp stabbed your mother 27 times, how does that asshole deserve any sort of so called ” social justice”. I’m having trouble sorting that one out.

The Democrats are no longer enforcing bail laws in many large cities, allowing violent felons back out on the street within hours to commit more crimes. They say, they are doing it because it is unfair to the underprivileged, keeping them incarcerated due to their inability to pay bail. That is a bald-faced lie, these people could give a rip less about poor folk. They are doing this for some other nefarious reason, which I have yet to understand. My gut feeling is that the end game is to tear down the system to the point of failure.

If you honestly access what is happening right now, you can only reach one conclusion. The left is attempting to destroy our Republic one institution at a time, until it is virtually nonfunctioning. When it reaches that point, the same people that destroyed it, will tell you they can fix it.

The point of my blog is that due to the disruption of societal norms by the left, our world has gotten very dangerous. Dangerous criminals are being released from jails. Street thugs are running wild due to the constraints on police departments. Car jackings are going through the roof, often erupting into gun fights on city streets. Police officers are literally being ambushed almost daily. Our southern border is wide open, thousands of unknown aliens pouring into our cities, being placed there by our own government.


Just for the record, I can’t blame the Democrats for all of this. The Republicans have been sitting across the aisle the whole damn time. As a matter of fact, the Republicans could have headed off this tech monopoly numerous times over the past decade. Nope, they just couldn’t refuse the cash. The whole damn lot are worthless, both Dems and Republicans. All of them loved money more than their country. That’s why we are where we are. The voters have a hand in this too. We voted the useless bastards into office. I read a statement once that said, “everything on this earth, regardless of what it is, has a lifespan”. I think you will agree, our nation as you once knew it, may be nearing the end of its life.

You may want to buy some good Kentucky Bourbon, and a good cigar, and watch the sunset. You’ll feel better. (For a while anyway) Unless you have a stash of anti-depressants, they’re probably on a ship in the L.A. harbor. Sleep well America. (With one hand on your pistol)



JANUARY 24, 2022


If you read or follow my blogging adventures, you know I’m old, and you also know I have many varied interests, including motor vehicles and art. My recent absence from the blogosphere are the results of two of those interests colliding. Last summer, I bought an antique military vehicle, a 1942 Dodge 3/4 ton weapons carrier, better known as a WC51. It was 80% restored by the former owner who found it rusting away in a barn on a northern Oregon tree farm. A big chunk of the rear half of the body was missing, tossed away by the farmer. I have been fabricating new body panels and they are almost ready to install. However, that means working outside, and it’s cold and wet right now in the great Pacific Northwest. So, while I’m waiting on the weather to warm, I decided this truck really needed a .30 caliber machine gun to be mounted in the bed. I have been building a replica of a Browning .30 caliber to roughly the same dimensions as the original. That my friends was a task I greatly underestimated. I have been working tirelessly (that’s not exactly true, I tire rather quickly) but it is nearing completion as you can see from the picture below.

I need to fabricate and mount the front and rear sights. Then it will be painted the required Army olive drab green. The next task is to build the mounting pedestal that bolts down to the bed of the truck and holds the gun to the correct operating height. Keep in mind, I am building this in my workshop, with very basic hand tools. Everything you see here has been made by hand.

After spending a lot of hours on my labor of love, I needed a break from my grimy little metal shop and communicate with all of you. While I have been creating this piece of art, Biden and the Democrats continue on the mission to destroy America.


I know it’s old news, but it continues to have major fallouts. Probably the most significant take away, is Joe’s lack of cognizance. Numerous times during the presser, he seemed to completely lose track of his thoughts and stare into space in silence or look down at the podium as if totally confused. I have never seen an American president in this condition. When I was born, Franklin D. Roosevelt was president, so I’ve seen a lot of these guys come and go. Jimmy Carter was a very bad president, but at least he was completely lucid, while being totally clueless. The really scary moment was when confronted with the Ukraine question, and he was totally unprepared, as if the was thinking about it for the very first time. I thought these guys had daily security briefings. Did he forget what he had been told? Is he even included in those briefings? Maybe, they do the briefings during his nap time. Who the hell knows what these morons are doing.


The preservation of the position, of the United States on the world stage, is simply economic power, front and center. Military power is only a part of the puzzle. The world remains relatively stable, because the United States is an economic powerhouse, and the dollar is the dominant currency. Every major world power is aware of this, but the American model of capitalism trumps socialism with ease. Biden and his lackeys are putting America in dire straits with really stupid economic policies. America was blessed with an abundance of oil and natural gas. You know, that stuff the lefties hate, but the whole damn world depends on it.

Putin reportedly has 100,000 soldiers poised to take over Ukraine. Why do you suppose he is considering doing this, knowing we consider Ukraine to be an ally? He wants to expand his energy production capabilities and he knows Biden is weak, and NATO is in disarray. He sees this as the perfect time to make his move without getting bruised up.

Anyone with the brains of a Concorde grape, knows that an armed conflict with Russia over Ukraine, would be the height of stupidity. (Even Joe) Sleepy Joe and the Dems, have already began talking about massive sanctions, to deprive the Russians of things that make life bearable for the Russian folks. That’s incredibly stupid, Russia just starts buying from China, making China stronger, and US weaker.

Biden has at his fingertips, the key to putting Russia back in its place without firing a single bullet or missile. Open up the oil fields, resume fracking, resume natural gas production, resume work on the Keystone XL pipeline, and start flooding the world with affordable energy. This will drive down the price of oil, badly hurting Russian income, making it a lot harder to afford large military operations. At the same time, driving down inflation and getting our economy back on track, making the dollar stronger. A strong dollar and roaring economy will spawn industrial growth here at home, making America even stronger. Don’t be fooled into thinking I’m really smart here, I watched Donald Trump do this, now I know how to do it.


Of course, if Joe were to do all of the things I just laid out, AOC and New Green Deal crowd are going to go absolutely “ape shit”. Maybe they could turn their attention to convincing the general population that transgender people are a real thing, and we really don’t need to refer to females as women, because somehow that term needs to be erased, and in the hereafter, women are to be referred to as birthing people. Womens athletics should be abolished because they are not inclusive enough, and cause pain and suffering to men with fucked up brains, and underdeveloped Gentelia.

See what happens when I start doing stuff like building fake machine guns? My mind goes completely off the rails. I’ll be back once I start watching all of my Tucker Carlson recordings. God bless you all, and your families. Stay strong and resist. I’m feeling an urge to start bad mouthing the deep state next.




I was born just months prior to the so called “Day of Infamy” when Japan bombed Pearl Harbor and thrust the United States into World War Two. 416,000 brave U.S. soldiers lost their lives over the next four years, joining the 743,800 brave souls that perished in wars defending Old Glory since the Revolutionary War, when this great nation was founded. That my friends, is approximately 1,750,000 gallons of American blood spilt defending freedom. God only knows how many missing arms, legs, hands, eyesight, and sanity. That my friends, is one hell of a big deposit of human lives, given freely, expecting nothing in return. Done for the love of our great nation.

American pioneers were also brave, with a dream of building a nation like no other before it. Many of those brave men and women gave their lives in pursuit of their dreams. In the end, the American spirit prevailed and a new, free nation was born.

In the past 246 years, America has stood as a beacon of freedom, a place where people from anywhere in the world could start a new life, with opportunities like no other place on earth. That promise of pursuing their dreams, attracted the best and the brightest, from the far corners of the earth. America benefitted greatly from these immigrants and grew mightily as a result of their energy and talents.

When the industrial revolution began, it would be no time, before America became a virtual powerhouse of manufacturing. Shortly thereafter, an undisputed world power. Another reason for America’s greatness, it was a nation guided by men of good moral character and collectively, America had a conscience. America knew right from wrong, and knew slavery was wrong. America paid a very big price to right that wrong. Even though slavery was ended, bigotry was not. It would be years before the old mindset was finally changed. Getting back to what I said earlier, the mindset was changed because men of good moral character, kept working tirelessly to change it. Men of both races working side by side, sometimes in the face violence and death. Their blood spilled on American streets; every bit as hallowed as the warrior’s blood spilled on foreign battlefields.

As a young boy, growing up post World War 2, it was without question a very special time in America. You could feel the excitement as the country exploded with new and innovative machines for the home, new exciting automobiles, single family housing developments being built everywhere you looked. New roads, bridges, and superhighways. Shopping centers with supermarkets and just about anything you could imagine. It was an amazing experience.

Winning World War Two, as you might imagine, was an emotional high among all Americans. Patriotism was the strongest I have ever seen it. There has never been anything like it since. The United States was fighting a huge war, all around the world. It was a mighty effort that involved every working age American in some way. So, not only was it a victory for our military, but it was also a victory for everyone. It had a profound effect on me as a child, seeing families losing fathers, sons, brothers, and uncles. While experiencing the absolute dedication of everyday folks in so many different ways. Those years and the years afterwards, formed my personal dedication to uphold the Constitution of the United States, and defend it for the rest of my life. When I have the honor to raise Old Glory, I cannot hold back the tears, thinking about all of the brave men women that gave their blood and lives, for all of us. A debt that can never be repaid.

Still, in the light of what America was, and in many ways, still is, there are dark forces that are working tirelessly to destroy our once glorious nation, and all that its people achieved. Racism was almost wiped out until the Democrats revived the monster. They revived racism to empower their party, thinking it would guarantee them power. College professors are driving social wedges between people with the “colonialists” diatribe. I still haven’t quite figured out that argument. Are they saying everyone that does not have native American ancestry should go back to their homelands? My family has been on this continent for over 300 years. I can assure you I’m not going anywhere, until God makes the call.

I’m really not sure, we will be able to reverse the trend toward socialism. Most of the old patriots like myself are nearing the end of the road. The leftist influences on our schools and universities have been very powerful. Most youngsters have been indoctrinated very thoroughly, and taught America is an inherently evil place. What is ironic, the people that are teaching them America is evil, are in fact the evil ones. They are invested in killing the last nation on earth, that is truly free.

As an old guy, the only thing left for me to do, is to continue sounding the alarm. I’m too old to be any kind of physical protestor. I really don’t want to get knocked around and beat up. I’m just gonna’ sit here and keep on asking the younger folks to put up a good fight to save our glorious nation, the United States of America. It’s worth it.