I don’t know how closely you have been paying attention, but I have been hyper vigilant for the past couple of years. A definite pattern is starting to emerge, that exposes the Democrats plans for America. It is pretty far along at this point, I’m not sure if it can be stopped. We can only hope some very savvy Conservatives are aware, as I am, and are making plans to combat the inevitable. The Republicans need to realize, just winning elections is not going to be good enough. Some serious damage has been done by the left over the past twenty years, that is going to take hard work and dedication to undo it.

Over the past twenty years, the Democrats have been concentrating on our public schools and colleges, indoctrinating our youngsters with vile anti American rhetoric. It has been a successful endeavor. The riots of last summer, are living proof that this is true. Our own progeny, are hell bent on destroying everything in sight, that even slightly resembles reminders of the past. Namely, historical monuments, and buildings. A similar and successful plan was implemented during the Cultural Revolution in China by Mao Zedong. Mao called on the nation’s youth to rid the empire of what he called the impure elements of the Chinese society. That resulted in mass destruction of China’s historical data, mostly held by centuries old Chinese families. They virtually erased all signs of China’s history.

This is straight out of the Marxist playbook. The left is priming the population for the transition to a communist Marxist state. This is exactly what happened in China during the Chinese Revolution of 1949. The catalyst for making the transition was a civil war. This allowed the eventual formation of the Chinese Communist government, known as the People’s Republic of China. If you have been paying attention, the left seems hellbent on starting a civil war between the races right here in the US. They are working hard at making that happen. Joe Biden himself, is stirring the pot every chance he gets. Why do you think the left is reluctant to call out the BLM and ANTIFA thugs for their bad deeds. BLM and ANTIFA, are the street soldiers of the left. Don’t you find it ironic that the left is attempting to paint the white population, especially conservatives, as domestic terrorists. Nothing could be farther from the truth. The key to understanding this mind set, is that the mostly white conservatives, are dedicated to preserving America and the American Dream, and the left wants to destroy it.

Lorrie Lightfoot let the cat out of the bag recently, when she said that Chicago is unable to regain control of the streets, and needs federal assistance. In my opinion, along with others, the left is purposely allowing their cities to fall into chaos, in order to spur the formation of a National Police Force. What could be more helpful in a national take over by the left, than having a para military, national police force. Imagine if you will, a para military police force that moves in and roots out the bad guys, confiscates firearms, and rids the cities of crime and murder. Do you think for even a moment, that citizens plagued by crime for years, would not welcome this. Your children could play in the parks safely, walk the streets safely, public schools would be restored, and children would start getting a good education. Cities would become great places to live.

All of the bad guys are going to be locked up, and the keys are going to be thrown away. Wait a minute you say; don’t the Democrats hate prisons and jails? No, they only want to let the bad guys out to help create chaos and mayhem, to attain their goal of creating an atmosphere so bad, you will be willing to go along with anything for peace and safety. Are you beginning to see the big picture yet.

It’s all about a centralized government, taking the power and all autonomy away from the states. It’s about a centralized public school system that only teaches government propaganda. All children will be raised as devout government servants. As China puts it, “it’s for the common good”. Big Tech understands where this is going, why do you think they are willing to censor anything that is anti government? Big Tech, and Corporate America, are clearly key players, in what they view as correcting the flaws of the United States, and those horrible documents, called the Constitution and Bill of Rights. It’s called ” Build Back Better” or the “Great Reset” as they call it.

I would never call myself a “historian”, I am not anything near a scholar, of any type. That said, the rise of Communism has happened during my time on this earth, and I have witnessed what the results have been. I have also witnessed the great times in the United States of America. Arguably some of the best times have occurred during my lifetime. I will always choose freedom over socialism. Socialism kills the human sprit. My wife can tell you first hand, as she toured the old Soviet Union in the 1950’s as a young woman. She paints a very bleak picture of what the Soviet people were subjected to. Take a look at Cuba, Venezuela, Russia, the evidence is before you. The Democrat party is the enemy of the state. We need to start treating them as such.



Part two was deliberately delayed, so that I could comment on Biden’s performance during and after the G7 Conference. His meeting with Vladimir Putin will be in private, so they can spin it anyway they wish, and we will never know what really happened. Biden’s performance has been embarrassing to say the least. One of the most striking incidents, ( and there were many ) He and Jill were walking across an outdoor dining area, and Joe seems to get lost and disoriented. Jill had to call out to him to come along, and the diners sitting nearby were laughing hysterically. Let’s be perfectly honest, Joe is gone, he is a walking shell of a person, barely able to function on his own, and the Democrats are using him as a prop. Like Joe or not, ( I never did ) it is a sad thing to see him being humiliated daily. His own wife is OK with it. She likes being in the spotlight. Despite their high positions, all of these people are low lives. They are really no different than a bunch of meth heads living in grandma’s house, stealing her social security money. Same principle, different circumstances, and one hell of a lot more at stake.

So far, Biden has been performing as expected…. giving away the farm. That cliché the Democrats coined, ” Build Back Better”, translated means; Put all of Obama’s polices back in place, plus things he could have done if he had another four years. Guess what my dear friends, It is pretty clear, Barack is lurking in the shadows, pulling Joe’s strings. So, effectively, Barack did get another four years in office as the shadow leader. Barack was often accused of “leading from behind”, now he is leading from behind the curtain.

Biden’s European visit, has been a very sad day, for America’s standing on the world stage. Joe Biden puts forth and image of a tired old man, suffering from dementia, unable to deliver a clear and concise message, and unable to put forth strong, and decisive posture, as the leader of the free world. This has even deeper implications, it makes the American people look weak and stupid, to elect such a person as our leader. The only thing that takes the sting out of it, for us the voters, is knowing that the election was rigged. Democrats have made a mockery out of free and fair elections. The truth will eventually be known, just like we are finally learning the truth about the origins of Covid-19. The Democrats are truly trying to burn this nation down.

Another truth that is beginning to emerge, is how the FBI has been involved in some very illegal activities, concerning setting up people to be arrested for crimes. Instead of embedding agents in organizations to spy on them, FBI agents have actually been involved in organizing the crimes, and participating in the crimes. Most recently, the January 6th, Capitol riot. Several of the people that participated in that riot were actually FBI agents, inciting the riot. It seems that the attempted kidnapping of Governor Gretchen Whitmer, had an FBI agent embedded in that group that helped in the planning. Didn’t they used to call that “entrapment”? The government is using law enforcement against American citizens at an alarming level, especially if you’re on the wrong side of the political spectrum. When they are bold enough to try and take down a sitting President, the average person is in deep trouble. Look no further than how viciously they went after General Michael Flynn. This information came to light on tonight’s Tucker Carlson show, highlighted in his monolog. Click on the link below to watch in it’s entirety.

I’m not going to waste my time waiting on tomorrow’s big summit meeting with Joe and Vlad. You will likely get a truer picture of what actually happened, listening to Russia’s version. Our media will dress it up and lie about it, so why even waste your time watching.

I had so much more to say, but adding the link to Tucker, took up too much reading time. I will continue to ride this horse, we have a lot more ground to cover on this subject. God bless you all. Stay strong.



This day has been coming for a very long time. The left is realizing it’s dream coming true, after decades of dismantling America one brick at a time. In case you haven’t realized it yet, the Democrats have very cleverly and quietly, amassed quite a large group of street fighters, and it’s growing daily. Black Lives Matter, and ANTIFA, are the insurgency. The sooner you realize this, and accept it, the better off you will be. The Democrats no longer try to hide it. They condone the violence with their refusal to speak out against it. They could not make it more obvious. Joe Biden saying ANTIFA is only an idea, and Jerry Nadler, saying ANTIFA is a myth, tells you all you need to know. Nancy Pelosi won’t even address the issue when asked. We are already in a civil war, and most people don’t even know it. Sadly, the people most oblivious to this, are the Republican lawmakers.

The great Civil War was indeed very bloody, every casualty was an American. About 750,000 to be exact. The greatest toll of life of any war in American history. The number of losses on the Confederate side stands at about 258,000. It is widely recognized that the war was fought to bring and end to slavery. This brings me to the point I have a hard time understanding. The Democrats are constantly talking “reparations”. Roughly 490,000 men gave their lives so black Americans could live free. I think the indebtedness lies with the blacks, not with the whites. What price do you put on 490,000 lives, and the lost progeny? Do you think that perhaps since the slaves were owned by Democrats, it could be a bit of smoke and mirrors?

But wait, there is more to this story. on January 8, 1964 America declared war on poverty. This was aimed directly at the black population of the inner cities. Since 1964, American taxpayers have shelled out 23 Trillion dollars on behalf of black Americans. I’m not sure the taxpayers got their money’s worth in this deal. Inner city poverty and crime are still alive and well. It’s looking like we lost the war on poverty. So, back to that “reparations” thing. Based on history, the main benefactors on reparation payments are likely going to be Nike, gold chain dealers, and illegal gun runners. Just sayin’.

For awhile now, the left has been pouring money into city and county elections, to seat far left prosecutors and Attorney Generals, to disrupt the criminal law system. Our old favorite bad guy George Soros, is squarely to blame for most of these shenanigans. The plan is starting to make sense now. Defund the police, and disrupt law enforcement, then the “perps” that do end up getting arrested, walk free with no bail. This allows the Democrat’s street fighters to remain active and effective. Remember “Commie Harris ” bailing out the rioters last summer? Of course, the Democrat street thugs are going to need reinforcements, so they start emptying out the jails. Now you have guaranteed chaos, 24/7/365, and no law enforcement to combat it.

The never ending outcry of racial injustice ramped up during the Obama presidency, and is now at a crescendo. Literally everyone these days is a raciest. Everything that is said and done anywhere, is attacked for being racially motivated no matter what it is. You could literally order a vanilla ice cream cone, and be called raciest for not ordering chocolate, it’s that crazy. Of course, there is no truth is any of this. It is a very clever plan by the left to divide the blacks from the whites, the two largest segments of the population. Because whites make up about 70% of the overall population, police officers are going to naturally be predominately white. Labeling white police officers as raciest, is going to make it very hard to arrest blacks, who by the way, commit most of the crime. If a black person is injured in anyway while being arrested, God help the white officer. He can pretty much kiss his career goodbye. It becomes a loosing game for police officers. The end result is a mass exodus of officers, and very few willing to step in to replace them. The left wins again. You wanna know how deep this goes? Joe Biden made a trip to Tulsa, Oklahoma last week, on the 100th anniversary of the Tulsa race riots, hyped racism in his speech, and totally ignored the anniversary of ‘D’ Day, and the thousands of Americans that lost their lives defending our freedom on Omaha Beach. We now have the most anti American president to ever occupy the white house. You thought Barrack was bad.

A little side note at this point; the leftist street thugs don’t have to pay bail, and are back on the street to commit more crimes in hours. On the contrary, a whole lot of the white, January 6th capitol trespassers, are still in jail, some in solitary confinement. Also note, it’s crickets from the Republican congressmen, that should be taking a stand against this injustice. Could it be, they are sending a warning to white conservatives not to step out of line. Another thing you may not know; The black Capitol Police Dept. officer that shot and killed Ashley Babbitt, has still not been publicly identified, or charged with any misconduct. However, we now know, he is a member of Black Lives Matter, and has taken part in BLM protests. Put that in your pipe and smoke it. Something else to consider, Joe Biden invited the family of George Floyd to the white house for a meeting, but has yet to invite a single family or group of families, of police officers killed in the line of duty over the past year, their numbers are astounding, a total of 264 officers lost their lives in 2020. Another 43 have died so far this year. So, if you’re a cop, you gotta be feeling pretty low right now. These officers are the only thing standing between peace and total mayhem in our cities, and they are being treated like dirt, by their own damn government. You know, the people that go everywhere with police protection. Go figure.

Another battle raging in this civil war is the battle to save our children from the leftist, commie, teachers union. The very people we thought we could trust have turned against America, and are indoctrinating our youngsters with all sorts of vile ideas, and racial garbage. Good news, parents all around the US are catching on, and confronting these monsters, demanding the nonsense stops. Some real stars have emerged in this battle, and are becoming role models for others to follow. The fighting spirit of Americans is alive and well. Now we need to start weeding out the leftist anti American professors from our universities. That battle hasn’t started yet, but it will.

This is what substituting DNA for IQ looks like. This woman is so far in over her head it’s laughable. She wasn’t even able to beat Andrew Yang in the primaries. The more people saw of her, the less they liked her. She didn’t even make it to the first round of the voting. What’s really sad, is this moron is now the Vice President, when we could have had the real deal, Tulsi Gabbard. She is even a bigger fake than Elizabeth Warren, that my friends is a big accomplishment, maybe her only accomplishment. The really scary part of this, is that she could actually end up as President. God help us all if that happens.

Way too much to cover in one article. Part two will follow soon. Stay alert, resist the left’s effort to destroy our beautiful nation. Be vocal, be active. God Bless.




Over the past two years, I have been like a repeating loop audio tape, telling you repeatedly, that the Democrat party is the party of lies, deceit, and hate. They are being exposed daily. Let’s take a look back at the garbage these morons have spouted.

  • “Fast and Furious”: Some genius, or group of geniuses, came up with the brilliant idea of allowing U.S. licensed firearm dealers to sell guns in Mexico, under the guise of trying to track cartel bad guys. The net result was the killing of a Border agent, by some idiot with one of the guns placed in Mexico under this boneheaded idea. The program was an utter failure. Barrack Obama invoked the executive priveledge after Holder was charged with contempt of Congress. The idea was stupid on it’s face, and the Democrats lied their asses off to protect each other.
  • Michael Brown, Ferguson, Missouri: Darrin Wilson, a Ferguson, Mo. police officer, spotted Michael Brown and his friend walking down the center of the street, stopped and ordered them to move to the sidewalk. An altercation began when Michael Brown tried to shove Officer Wilson back into his car. After that, the details get really murky, as witnesses gave false testimony about what really happened. It really comes down to this; Michael Brown, was in King Kong mode, and was going to intimidate officer Wilson, and possibly attempt to take him down and strip him of his weapon. That decision ultimately cost him his life. The Democrats, and their media minions, purposely lied and distorted the facts, to create a racial event, when none existed. In the fog of the lies and propaganda, “Black Lives Matter was born”
  • Trayvon Martin: While visiting his father’s finan’cee’s townhouse in Miami Gardens, Florida, he walked to a nearby convenience store to buy a few items. George Zimmerman was a member of the community watch, thought Martin looked suspicious, and called the local police. Apparently, Zimmerman, confronted Martin, and a struggle ensued. Zimmerman was clearly coming out on the wrong end of the scuffle, and according to him feared for his life. Zimmerman being armed, shot Martin in the chest, fatally wounding him. According to Zimmerman, there had been recent, numerous incidents of crime, and he was concerned about Martin’s presence. Big problem here, is that Zimmerman should have waited for the local police to take care of the matter, instead, decided to get involved. The media and the Democrats, including Barrack Obama, immediately played the race card, calling it out as racial violence. In my opinion, it was simply George Zimmerman, a man with an “enforcer” syndrome, and a young black man with an attitude, and their meeting turned out to be cataclysmic. The media and the Democrats worked around the clock to paint the whole incident as racial hatred, when in reality it was nothing more than two guys looking for trouble.
  • Crossfire Hurricane: Undoubtedly one of the biggest hoaxes to date, ever perpetrated on the American public. It has since been proven to have been nothing more than political persecution, and spying on a an opposing political party. The resulting investigation into then President Donald J. Trump, known as the Mueller Investigation, consumed over two years of time, at a cost of ( get ready to gag ) between 32 and 35 million dollars. All based on lies and media hype. The real motive behind the entire exercise, was to overturn a presidential election.


I had this man pegged as a fake and a liar, from the minute I saw him, and heard him speak. Within the first four months of the pandemic, he changed his positions more times than Lulu White. ( look it up ) Turns out this hyper active prevaricator, knew from the start where Covid-19 originated, and what was likely to happen. He acted like he was as uninformed as we were, and was trying to navigate the unknown, when in fact he knew precisely what was happening and what the end results were likely going to be. In my opinion, he found himself in way over his head, and was shooting from the hip, when he was making his statements about the best ways to cope with the virus. Turns out, a lot of scientists were aware of what was happening, and were involved in a huge cover up, to try and save their collective asses.

We are just now discovering the enormity of this mess. I will write more in the coming days as we find out more details.

The enormity of this disaster spills over into all sorts of other areas, to the point of pushing your brain into maximum overload. Think of how the media has played along. Think of how the Democrats have used it to their advantage in stealing a presidential election. Blue state governors, using the pandemic to leverage federal funds to bail them out after years of leadership ineptitude. Lies on top of lies, on top of lies. Teachers unions using the pandemic for nefarious purposes, and now exposed for being partners with Black Lives Matter. People, it’s nothing less than a total “shit show”.

If our Nation survives this, it will truly be, an unequivocal indicator, of the resilience of the United States of America and it’s people. God Bless you all.



In the very beginning of this whole covid disaster, China restricted travel into Wuhan from other parts of China, and out of Wuhan to other parts of China. Conversely, China allowed travel from Wuhan to anywhere else in the world. The period of time when this all happened was a Chinese holiday, and Chinese citizens from Wuhan, fanned out to locations around the world. Now, I don’t have a degree from a high powered university, matter of fact, my diploma is from a high school in Oklahoma, but I had this shit figured out immediately. A year has come and gone, and we are still in this battle to eradicate covid. Suddenly, all of the naysayers, that refused to admit the obvious, are now jumping on the ” Wuhan Lab Accident ” bandwagon. I did the cartoon below, in April of 2020.

If you don’t think China did this intentionally, you probably still believe in the tooth fairy. There could not have been a more opportune time for China to release this virus on the world. The resulting human and economic chaos, moved China ahead by years in their quest for world dominance. Despite what LeBron says, the Chinese Communist Party is ruthless, and will do anything possible to attain their goals.

I’m not going to name people and organizations, you know who they are. I just want to highlight the virtual mountains of lies that were fed to the American people over the past year and six months. I also want to remind you of how quickly the Democrats stripped you of your basic freedoms, without a shred of scientific data to justify their actions.

It is extremely important on this Memorial Day of 2021, to remember the thousands of Americans that died for our freedoms over the past 245 years. It is also extremely important to realize that the Democrat party is willing to disrespect the lives of those heroes, and everything this country stands for, in the quest for all out power. The Democrats are no different than the Chinese Communists, they will stop at nothing to attain all out power.

If you love this beautiful Nation, you must recognize and defeat those that would destroy it. It’s obvious to even the most casual observers, that the Democrats are liars and the enemy of freedom. Spread the word.

Remember the fallen heroes on this day, created in their honor. Honor the living heroes in November on Veterans Day. God Bless the Patriots.



If you have been reading my blog for any length of time you know I am 80 years old. Time has been pretty good to me. It would have been a lot worse if it weren’t for a few really good surgeons. Having been around as long as I have, I have some pretty strong feelings about a lot of stuff. Human behavior, being one of the biggest issues, I am currently dealing with. We are currently experiencing a bumper crop of total idiots. Very unfortunately, a lot of these total idiots are school teachers, and they are turning out more idiots. It’s sort of like an assembly line at General Motors. One big difference, the assembly line at GM has panic buttons strategically placed along the line, so if anything is going wrong you can shut the line down until the problem is corrected. We need a big red button on the front of every school building, so we can stop the madness at anytime.

The “trigger” ( he, he, he, ) that started this whole thought process was a little story my wife told me at the kitchen table this evening. Our house has a long covered front porch. A few weeks ago, she hung a bird house on the south end of the porch for decorations, never thought a bird would actually use it. While she was hanging it, our ten year old neighbor girl informed my wife, that a bird would never live in a painted bird house, because it was toxic and the bird would reject it. She then revealed this choice bit of knowledge came from her teacher. I am happy to report that a little finch family moved in immediately, the eggs have hatched, and both parents are frantically flying in and out bringing in bits of food for the little ones. I really want to tell my little ten year old neighbor, to tell her teacher she doesn’t know jack about finches.

My wife said that she thinks one of the reasons people make the decision to be teachers, is that they can say damn near anything, and never get called on it. First of all, most kids don’t know if what the teachers are saying is right or wrong. It’s a perfect occupation for someone that wants to inflict weird ideas on children and get away with it. You know, like birds won’t live in painted birdhouses, and God knows what else.

If we learned anything going through this whole Covid mess, it’s that government is not on our side. Who would have thought the teachers and the teachers union would have abandoned our youngsters like a pair of dirty underwear. They used the so called pandemic to leverage more money, and benefits, and all sorts of other stuff. You now know, the students have no value in the eyes of these morons. They are in it for themselves. They may not realize it yet, but this is going to bite them in the ass in a big way, in future negotiations. The teachers we once thought were so wonderful, are really just ordinary money grubbers. Before you start ragging on me, I have a teachers credential from the Los Angeles Unified School District. That said, I don’t claim any allegiance to this bunch losers.

I have recently became a huge fan of John Kennedy, GOP senator from Louisiana. If you haven’t been watching him perform in the senate hearings over the past few days, you have missed a brilliant performance. He is the epitome of a southern lawyer. Smooth talking, respectful, and without people being aware of it, he makes them look like total idiots. He dressed down Biden’s pick to run the ATF and made him look like the fool that he is. David Chipman is nothing but a political hack, with the brain of a piss ant. Chipman is a rabid opponent of the AR15, calling it an assault rifle. ( BTW it isn’t and assault rifle ) Senator Kennedy repeatedly asked him to define what an assault rifle is. He was speechless, he has no idea at all what an assault rifle is, he just sat there. Senator Kennedy may as well have asked him to recite the theory of relativity.

I’ve been watching Anthony Fauci wiggle and squirm for the past few days, Senator Kennedy raked him over the coals as well. While watching Fauci, I began to notice he reminded me a lot of Michael Avenatti. Have you noticed that? Not really providing anything of any value, on virtually every news channel, and getting paid really well for doing nothing.

Every day, I look at the people around me, and can’t believe my eyes. It’s not as bad in the area I live in, but it’s still pretty bad. I see people every day outside, walking alone, or riding a bicycle, wearing a face mask. I can’t help but wonder, how is a person able to function, that lives with that level of fear? Or, the person driving alone wearing a face mask. I’ve seen two people in a car, both wearing face masks. I have to admit, I am really ashamed of my fellow Americans for being such a big bunch of sissies, and letting the media and the government take over their brains. It’s been like watching one of those old black and white ‘B’ movies from the fifties. ” The Body Snatchers” is the first one that comes to mind. If you haven’t seen it, you are living it right now.

Right now I’m thinking about “My Pillow”. How great is Mike Lindell? I have never had a decent pillow until I bought a ” My Pillow”. I asked my wife, how can it be that only one man in the world knows how to make a pillow? Probably one of the most amazing products on the market. Nothing can compare to a hot shower, and My Pillow. Life is good. God Bless you all. Remember the not famous words of my Father; “its a great life if you don’t weaken”.





In case you haven’t noticed by now, since the Democrats have taken total control of the Federal government, their goal is standard leftist policy, which is to throw crumbs to the poor, and saddle the successful with high taxes, and regulations to strip them of their wealth. It is a very lightly veiled version of socialism. The facts are not pretty, when they are put in front of your eyes. The Federal government has spent 23 trillion dollars in efforts to fight poverty since 1963. Out of that 23 trillion dollars, the poor have only seen a tiny amount trickle down to their level, it has all ended up in the hands of city administrators and other local officials. While I don’t have the information to back up my claim, I would venture to say, a tidy sum of that money found it’s way back into the hands of the Democrat party. I make that claim, because the Democrats have maintained total power in cities like Detroit, Baltimore, Chicago, St. Louis, and others. I would wager, if you followed the money, it flows directly from the U.S. Treasury into the hands of the Democrat party. If you think for a moment, the Democrats are really concerned about the welfare and future of these inner city folks, you are in serious need of counseling. Just in case you get lost in zeros, there are 1,000 millions in a billion, and 1000 billions in a trillion. I don’t think I need to tell you how enormous that amount of money is. It is literally beyond the comprehension of most folks whose minds function in thousands of dollars, like mine. After spending that amount of money, with virtually zero success, these idiots have the gall to say they want to pay reparations? They don’t give a rip about making anyone whole, they are buying votes with your tax dollars. You are going to be an unwilling donor to the Democrat party.

I found this little video on line that you may find fascinating.

The video is a few years old, so the national debt depicted is about 10 trillion larger. Uggghh!!!

Getting back to the title of the article, Democrats don’t think on a grand scale of how to make America great. They think on a grand scale of how to make the Democrat party great, and stay in power. Unfortunately the ideas and policies held by the Democrats don’t translate into a strong middle class, and opportunities for a robust small business community. They would rather see the wealth in the hands of powerful corporations, and tech companies. That scenario equates in to raw power over the masses.

Think about what has happened to your rights over the past year. The blue state governors have successfully taken away your rights to worship, your rights to gather, and forced your neighborhood businesses to close, and allowed the large corporate stores to remain open. They have quarantined you in your homes, forced you to wear useless facial coverings, and now they are going to force you to be vaccinated or you will be banned from all sorts of activities. The social media platforms have been more than happy to get on the band wagon, banning you if you dare complain, or disparage government officials or talk anti vaccine.

If the Democrats wanted to make America great, wide open borders would be out of the question. On one hand, they talk about higher wages for everyone, but they are driving down wages and the economy by allowing hundreds of thousands of unskilled workers to flood across our borders, putting an even larger burden on the welfare and law enforcement systems.

Socialism never makes great nations, it only makes a few people at the top of the pyramid very wealthy and privileged. Everyone else is destined to live in substandard conditions. The picture below is what Cuba looks like after 60 odd years.

If you look at any large inner city neighborhood ghetto in the US, it doesn’t look much different. Most all of our large cities are controlled by Democrats, this is the result. Look at what has happened to Seattle, Washington, and Portland Oregon over the past year. Those cities have plummeted into chaos under Democrat rule. This is exactly what the Democrats have in mind for the entire United States. This is exactly the way they like it. Poor people are powerless, they have no means to fight back against tyranny. They have been stripped of everything. The once great state of California, now has the highest amount of poverty in the U.S. Wake up, and pay attention to what is happening to our great nation. The Democrats are dismantling it, one city at a time, next the states will start falling. The Democrats are releasing dangerous felons from the prisons to cause more chaos, while simultaneously restricting the authority of the local police departments.

What a surprise for people when the Democrats finally complete the plan, and have total and complete power. They will turn this nation into a police state, and anyone that doesn’t obey their strict rules of behavior will be locked up, and never see the light of day again. Look at any place on the planet where this has happened, it’s always the same, sometimes worse. Being banned from Facebook will be the least of your worries. Pay attention to what happens to political dissidents in China and Russia. If they’re not executed, they are imprisoned for the rest of their natural lives. Think Roger Stone and Paul Manafort. The Democrats would have group orgasm if they could put Rudy G. behind bars. This is just getting started. You ain’t seen nothin’ yet.

The experts agree, this nation has never been more divided, or violent. The Democrats are adding to the violence by refusing to prosecute criminals. Members of the Democrat party in the Congress openly support anti-Semitic rhetoric, and violence. Democrats refuse to speak out against anti-Asian violence. Some have made weak watered down statements. Democrats have not yet condemned the riots of last summer, when people were murdered, injured and whole cities burned to the ground. Democrats refuse to denounce the actions of Black Lives Matter and ANTIFIA. Both organizations are clearly domestic terrorists.

In my humble opinion, the number one enemy of the United States of America, is the Democrat Party. They have clearly aligned themselves with China. ( that’s a whole other blog for another day ) Democrats are clearly pushing this nation down the path to socialism. But make no mistake, there are a lot of Republicans that seem to be just fine with the whole idea. This nation is on the brink of disaster, thanks to the Democrat socialists and useless Republicans. We seriously need a bunch of Freedom zealots, with fire in their bellies. I’m tired of listening to the news about how dire the situation is. I want to hear someone start laying out plans on how they plan on reversing this mess. We need solutions, not complaints.

This morning, I sat down in front of my computer and started reading Fox Breaking News. The stupidity of politicians and news organizations was ablaze like the fires of last summers riots. After perusing the news for about 10 minutes, I made the decision to stop writing about depressing crap, and switch my attention to subjects more interesting and humorous. So, from this point forward, Steel Pencil will take on a different look. I won’t be able to refrain from making fun of politicians and dumb celebrities, but I’m finished with deep dives into the political swamps, it’s too depressing. At this point in my life, I need more humor, getting old is depressing enough. By the way, have you noticed the similarities between Anthony Fauci, and Michael Avenatti?



At this point in time, no one is really sure. While this is certainly nothing new, whoever, or whatever it is, seems to be stepping up the game. Recently, UFO’s or UAP’s as they are now called, have been stalking U.S. Navy nuclear aircraft carriers and fighter aircraft on a daily basis. Read CBS news article below.

The Pentagon reportedly has a lot of information they have been hiding away, for whatever reason. According to all of the reports, they are going to start releasing this information within the coming weeks. There are rumors that the US Government is in possession of wreckage from one of these aircraft. Will they let us know everything? If we have learned anything from history, the answer is probably no.

The performance characteristics of these aircraft are clear indications that the beings operating them, are greatly superior in knowledge. These UAP’s have been spotted below the surface of the ocean, traveling at incredible speeds. It’s obvious that the physical barriers that we have not been able to overcome, are no problem for whatever or whoever has created these vehicles.

The big question on everyone’s mind, is why are they openly stalking our naval vessels? UAP’s have been seen around nuclear sites since the first atomic bomb was being created and tested. There have been reports from other world powers, but sketchy at best. England has logged hundreds of sightings over the years, and they are available in public records.

For decades, people have scoffed at the idea of alien aircraft operating in the earths atmosphere. But, we are now learning, that this is true. So what about the people that have been dubbed as wacky and nuts, for saying they were abducted by alien spacecraft? Could their stories be true as well? If these alien visitors are indeed as advanced as they appear to be, why wouldn’t they be highly interested in earth’s inhabitants? Abducting a few folks here and there shouldn’t be a major problem for them. Being arrested for kidnapping probably isn’t a big concern for these little folks with big eyes.

So, if these folks are hostile, I would say we are probably SOL. If they can make amphibian aircraft that travel hundreds of times faster than our fastest fighters, and are capable of operating under sea at hundreds of knots, our conventional weaponry, will be no match for theirs. These alien craft, have no exhaust signature, and can change directions in an instant. Their rapid movements would kill a human being at the controls. They are either unmanned probes, or have been able to counteract the earths gravity in some way.

We have been developing HPM weapons for some time now, and are perfecting them more and more. These weapons, as scary as they are, would likely be highly inferior. Click on the link below to read more about high-power microwave weapons.

If we do make contact with these folks sometime in the future, I would highly suggest an all out attempt at peace negotiations. I would also highly suggest, that we assemble a team of negotiators made up of non politicians. Look at the mess they have made of this world, just in the past four months. Probably some folks from the Unitarian Church would work, you can’t get more passive than Unitarians.

Stay tuned for occasional updates on this subject as the next few weeks are going to yield more and more information. You can count on me to take a serious look at what is happening.




There is a lot of talk going around these days among the “woke” crowd about “Equity”. Joe Biden loves to throw this word around. This term is not about equality, but something much different. This is taking wealth away from one group and giving it to another, in an effort to put the less fortunate group on the same level as the wealthier folks. The left has always excelled at masking their real intentions, by twisting the meaning of key words, making their ideas sound innocent, when in reality, they have very sinister motives.

They are attempting to sell socialism, with words that are being used in the wrong context. A person that made the effort to get an education, lived their lives within the boundaries of the law, created a family, and, is a citizen in good standing, of the United States of America, has equity in the American Dream, regardless of your skin color or religion. PERIOD!!!

On the other hand, if you have chosen to engage in criminal activities, and avoided getting an education, and have contributed nothing to society, only taken from society, you have no equity. PERIOD!!!

Equity is an earned stake, in the ownership of something of value. I have equity in my home, because I made the payments required of me, under a contract with the mortgage company. As I made the payments over the years, and paid off the mortgage, my stake in ownership grew. As with most folks, it became very difficult to make those payments at certain points in our lives, but if we sacrificed and didn’t default, we were rewarded, sometimes very nicely.

The definition of equity according to Merriam-Webster is as follows: Justice according to natural law or right. Specifically: Freedom from bias or favoritism.

Taking wealth from one person and giving it to another, is by definition, bias and favoritism.

The National Association of Colleges and Employers ( NACE ) have given the following meaning to the term equity: ” The term ‘equity’ refers to fairness and justice, and is distinguished from equality: Whereas equality means providing the same to all, equity means recognizing that we do not all start from the same place and must acknowledge and make adjustments to imbalances. The process is ongoing, requiring us to identify and overcome intentional and unintentional barriers arising from bias or systemic structures.

The statement you just read by NACE, is a horse turd dressed up as a cream filled delicacy from your local bakery.

I chose the feature picture above to illustrate my point, that the governments, both federal and states, are purveyors of bullshit. I recently spent several days in and around this little town, and witnessed the hardships these kind folks are enduring. They are being victimized by Covid restrictions to their small businesses, which are totally draconian and unnecessary. They are about to be decimated even more by the insanity of the Federal government’s wanton spending spree and the resulting inflation. Several years ago, the fake crusade to save the spotted owl, killed the logging industry, and very nearly killed this little town. More lies by Democrats. One would conclude after looking at recent history, the government seems to want small town America to go away, forever.

So it appears to me, there ain’t a lot of equality or equity going on when it comes to poor white folk. If you’re poor and white, you’re up shit creek without a paddle. There ain’t nobody coming to your rescue. The left hates you asses. No matter that you pay your taxes, when you really can’t afford to, or that you obey the laws, and even profess your appreciation for the police. No matter that you openly express you love for the USA, and proudly fly the stars and stripes at your homes and businesses. No matter that a lot of your family died defending this country. Nope, your skin just happens to be the wrong color, which negates your equity.

The Democrats and the left are hell bent on remaking the USA, into something our grandfathers and grandmothers would never recognize, and would be horrified to witness. We need to fight this transformation however we can. We need to save America from the ravages of socialism. Stay alert, watch and listen to what is happening in your towns and cities, make your voices heard. A lot of this stuff is originating in our public schools. Take a stand against Critical Race Theory being taught in our public schools. May God give you the strength, and desire, to fight the socialists.



In all my years of watching politics, I have never seen such rampant lying. It’s nothing less than astounding to watch and listen to. Not only do the Washington bureau rats lie constantly, the main stream media echoes those lies and adds more on top. It virtually goes on 24/7/365.

Then add to that, the lies being told to our youngsters in K-12, and every single institute of higher learning, barring a few religious based institutions. Even Notre Dame has pulled some real shenanigan’s in recent years. In my opinion, I wouldn’t put the Pope in the conservative column.

The lying has been going on for years, but the liars were afraid to be too obvious about it, and cloaked the lies so you wouldn’t notice. That’s over, they sit behind their desks on national TV, and tell bold faced lies, as if nobody knows any different.

The Biden administration is a complete lie. Biden is no more running the show than I am. It’s a well known fact that he spends very little time doing anything that even resembles leadership. They trot him out and stand him in front of a teleprompter, as part of the charade, and hope like hell he can do it without screwing it up. They are totally open about not allowing him to engage with the press, in fear of what he may say.

There is a group of individuals, running the day to day business of this nation, and I think everyone pretty much knows who they are. Kamala has taken the lead role in speaking with foreign leaders in Joe’s stead. I would think that would make our allies a little nervous, conducting business with the second in command. Have you noticed that the curtain has been drawn ever since Joe has been president? You don’t get to see what’s going on behind the scenes anymore. The Trump white house was open door, no secrets. It’s not necessary to hide the truth. I want to see the white house guest register, and see how many times Barrack visits each week.

Then there’s Covid. They rushed to create a vaccine, which I don’t have a problem with, but I don’t trust what they tell us about the vaccine. The vaccine has only been approved for release through emergency measures. It’s no secret that it’s unknown what, if any, long term affects this medicine may have on people. There is a very big concern about how it affects women’s reproductive systems. Will there be birth defects? Who knows? The governments own records show more people have been injured by this vaccine in the first four months of this year, than by any other vaccine in the past fifteen years.

Dr. Fauci and the CDC, have been all over the map on protocols to protect yourselves. First masks were useless, then they were essential. Then they recommended wearing more than one, maybe three. They even admitted lying about the masks being useless, so that the nurses and doctors would have an ample supply. Then everyone was to stay home for fourteen days to ” flatten the curve.” Once it was apparent that people were willing to comply, they took complete control over everyone’s lives. We were told the virus lived on surfaces for several hours and all surfaces had to be cleansed constantly. Now, they say that’s not so. When did they know that? They are now saying that social distancing at six feet is not necessary, three feet is adequate. Have you seen anyone changing that rules where you shop? Why is it OK to cram 200 people on an aircraft, after making them stay six feet apart in the terminal? Why do you have to wear a mask entering the restaurant, then it’s OK to unmask while seated at your table, while you and your friends are sitting elbow to elbow?

You would have to be brain dead to not know you’re being played as fools. Democrat governors and mayors are using this virus to control your lives, and strip you of your freedoms. The Federal government is using it to strip you of your freedoms and transform this nation into a socialist hell hole. They used the virus as an excuse to modify election laws and steal an election. The Democrat party, is a party of deceit and corruption. The level of evil they are willing to engage in, to achieve their objective, is mind boggling.

One more troubling issue about the Covid virus. If you go back in history and look at any major disease outbreak, I think you will find that researchers and doctors very rapidly, developed a somewhat standard treatment protocol, to treat people prior to the need for hospitalization. The goal has always been to keep people out of the hospitals. Do you remember the fierce resistance to hydroxychloroquine? It became a political “hot potato ” and pharmacists refused to provide it to doctors, even though there were some very positive results being reported from around the world. The media even got involved, calling anyone that recommended it ” quacks. For the first time in my memory, medicine became political. More than a year has passed, and still no standard treatment protocols exist. By the way, what the hell doe’s Jake Tapper and his cohorts know about pharmaceuticals?

At the risk of sounding like a conspiracy nut, it seems to me that the unleashing of the virus on the world, just prior to a very consequential presidential election, is simply too coincidental. I would absolutely expect the Chinese Communist Party to do such a thing. The outcome has been huge in their favor. I believe they knew exactly what they were doing. The Chinese Communists would not hesitate to sacrifice a few thousand of it’s citizens, to move their game piece forward about 20 spaces. ( spaces being years ). The bigger question is, was the Democrat party privy to this move. It seems to me, the Democrats moved forward very rapidly with their election strategy, for an un-informed organization. Nope, I think there was some fuckery going on here.

Something else to consider. Were the old people in nursing homes willingly sacrificed to run the numbers up to the panic level? This only happened in Democrat strongholds. Why else would they have knowingly put these old timers at risk? If you took the number of nursing home deaths away, the fatalities would be far less scary. Think about this; while people are dying like flies, Cuomo and others are talking about not ever going back to normal, and the big “reset”. These assholes were telling you what they had in store for you, but nobody was listening. I’ll bet you get it now.