Lately, the news is like a pan of boiling water on a high flame, overflowing on the stovetop, causing even more action. It’s hard to find a starting point, so many things to talk about. One of the things I have noticed lately, is the more frequent appearances of Karl Rove on Fox News. Today he was on the evening edition of Fox Prime Time with Trey Gowdy. During his commentary, he brought up the name of Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene, the freshman house member from Georgia. She is the new person people love to hate. That seems to be a necessity of late. Green is a Trump loyalist, and also, according to reports, is a conspiracy theorist. Rove went on to say, we don’t need people like her in the GOP, we need the likes of Liz Cheney. If you haven’t figured this out already, I will lay it out for you. Rove and all of the other “old guard” Republicans are slithering back into D.C. like snakes, now that Trump is gone, in an attempt to purge the Republican Party of any remaining signs of Donald Trump. Karl Rove and those like him are the very people that need to be purged from the Republican Party.

The Democrats threw away the best presidential candidate they had on the podium, because she wasn’t radical enough. When you watch her and listen to her speak, it’s clear she was the brightest and best in the on the stage. In my opinion, she loves this country, and isn’t beholden to big money. She is the best evidence possible, that Democrats are not motivated by patriotism, but the raw quest for power. Watch this interview with Tulsi Gabbard, hosted by Trey Gowdy.

You may not like all of her policy positions, but when you have someone that is willing to discuss the issues and not start calling you names and trying to silence you, she deserves a chance to sit in the big chair. I will guarantee she wouldn’t be issuing 41 executive orders in one week. In my opinion she would be a tad more thoughtful about how her actions would affect the nation.


Have you heard the main stream media reporting that Biden is sending troops into Syria? Probably not, but he is. There is also a growing presence of military in the Persian Gulf. Looks like the war hawks are back in business. Now that the greenies are starting to strangle the U.S. oil production, we will have to get back into the business of keeping the Saudi’s safe from the Iranians. We wouldn’t want our supply of black gold to be interrupted now would we? We need to make sure there is enough gear oil to keep the windmills turning, and enough crude for making kayaks for those clean energy adventurists. Oh yeah, and it takes a lot of oil to maintain major military operations, along with John Kerry and Al Gore’s private jets and massive yachts.


The Democrats are the perfect example of “you can’t have your cake, and eat it too”. In one of my blogs this past summer, when the Democrats were openly promoting the riots, I said they are not going to be able to put this genie back in the bottle, even if they win the election. My predictions are unfortunately, turning out to be true. Disparaging the police began during the Obama years, and even though Donald Trump spoke out against it, he received no support from the Democrats. Governors and Mayors of Democrat ran cities and states conveniently looked the other way while ANTIFA and BLM destroyed their cities. Portland and Seattle are some of the worst. Black Lives Matter organization, stands by quietly, while hundreds of young black people are gunned down in major cities across this nation. So, how much do black lives really matter? To date, I have not heard a major statement from “Slow Joe” regarding law and order. I have not heard any support for police. All of that said, there are 25,000 National Guard Troops stationed in Washington, D.C. They have been there since a week before the inauguration, and are still there three weeks later. Some reports say they will be there at least through March. From what I am hearing, it appears the reason the troops are there, is they are afraid of Trump supporters, aka, white nationalists, rising up and attempting another insurrection. Actually I heard some of the Trump supporters were considering such a move, but couldn’t get time off work, and had already used their vacation time to come to the rally. In case you haven’t figured it out, the whole Biden presidency is a ” shit show.” Trust me, it’s only gonna’ get worse from here.

Stay strong, and thirsty my conservative friends. God Bless you and yours. God Bless the U.S.A.




How good is your memory? Admittedly mine is not what is used to be, but still pretty darn good. I recall a news blurb about three and a half years ago, that Senate Democrats were making it almost impossible for President Trump to get his nominations passed to fill out his staff. In July, he criticized Democrats for being obstructionists for not approving his nominations, especially Ambassadors. The whole process is mired in usual procedural nonsense, one side making the other side’s life as difficult as possible. So getting to my point, quite a few of Biden’s picks are nothing short of laughable. Are the Republicans going to simply rubber stamp these wackos, or are they going to start actually vetting these people? Joe’s prerequisite seems to be how far left and crazy they are.

Click on the link below to see what kind of people Joe Biden is surrounding himself with. This woman is a certified nut. Just the kind of folks you want in the DOJ, right? How has that worked out over the past few years?

When you watch and listen to the remarks in the clip from Tucker Carlson’s show, one comment stands out that is truly alarming. The guest says that he is concerned that Biden is surrounded by people that will overpower him with their ideas, and he will implement programs that we, as a nation, may not be able to recover from. I have maintained from the beginning that Joe Biden was nothing more than a Trojan Horse for the far left Socialists. He is after all the perfect candidate, he is obviously declining mentally, but is also personally greedy. In my opinion, he is willing to be used, knowing he won’t make it four years, but his big reward is being the 46th President of the United States. It’s all about Joe, it doesn’t matter if he trashes our nation in the process, as long as he gets what he wants out of it. What the hell, why would he care, he’s going to be six foot under in a few years, and he showed Obama he could be number one.

In my next blog, I will take a look at Joe’s pick for the State Department Spokesperson. Trust me, it will be entertaining and scary at the same time.





Hang on boys and girls, the Biden train to hell is picking up speed. However, this week I have been encouraged by the number of people starting to throw objects on the tracks to slow it down. People are starting to realize how serious this attack on Freedom really is. The do nothing Republicans are even showing some spunk. ( big surprise ) So it appears that “Slow Joe” is going to start experiencing some of that resistance from Republicans, that the Democrats were so good at while Donald Trump was in office. One of the funnier examples of that happened this past week, when an anti-Cuomo troll on Twitter, used an old Tirade by Maxine Waters about harassing Trump aids, word for word. The Democrats went ballistic, forgetting that is was a direct quote from Maxine herself, and roundly condemned it as inciting violence. The speaker of the New York State Assembly said; ” it was appalling and dangerous, encouraging violence must never be tolerated”. Of course those of us that remember crazy Maxines statement, were rolling on the floor for a good five minutes. It really isn’t that hard to expose the stupidity of Democrats.


If this nitwit ever actually becomes President, it’s going to be an unmitigated disaster. She is 100% Democrat in the fact that every thought and decision this woman makes is based on race, and division. I would exhort you to look up her record as the California Attorney General, but thanks to Google, California Democrats, and other big tech folks, you won’t be able to find those records. They have mysteriously disappeared. How odd? Tulsi Gabbard was able to get that information during the Democrat primaries and used it very effectively against her. One of the many examples of her being on the wrong side of things, is how she responded to the Jesse Smollett debacle. Kamala Harris’ response; ” Jussie Smollett is one of the kindest, most gentle human beings I know, I’m praying for his quick recovery”. She went on to say; ” This was an attempted modern day lynching. No one should have to fear for their life because of their sexuality or color of their skin. We must confront this hate”. You don’t need another single piece of evidence to prove, that this woman is, at her core raciest.


How often has this tragedy happened in the world. A man or woman that speaks well, and is easy on the eyes, turns out to be dumb as a rock, ( or a crook ) after you have entrusted them with your fortunes. After all of the examples over the years, you would think people would wise up. Never forget, good looks don’t automatically translate to intelligence. Gavin is the perfect example of this. He was a disaster as the Mayor of San Francisco, and he has been a disaster as the governor of California. Even the Democrats agree, and have recently started voicing their concerns about his handling of the Covid mess. It seems to be a certainty that he will be recalled, the Republicans will have more than enough signatures by the deadline. You would have to delve into Gavin’s history of how he governs, to understand what brought him down. He has a history of being a “cowboy” and openly defying the law to get what he wants, and has never been challenged. It became obvious to observers, that Gavin was simply making up the rules on Covid as he went along, not really based on science, but rather on his own personal feelings. He made decisions on his own, leaving lawmakers in the dark. The governor of Oregon, Kate Brown, operates in the same way. Unfortunately, both recall efforts failed to bring her down. It doesn’t look like even his sister-in-law Nancy Pelosi, can save him.


Adam Kenzinger voted to impeach Donald Trump. Whining to Chuck Todd, on Meet the Press ( or as Rush calls it Meet the Depressed ) , Kinzinger says ” it is very difficult to take a stand in the Republican party.” He went on to say that his family and friends have turned on him, calling him a ” sellout”. That makes it pretty obvious that Adam is the only one in his family that has a mental disorder.

If you read my last blog, I was pretty bummed about things in general. I’m feeling a little better now as I am seeing evidence of a growing resistance to the Democrat take over. In my future blogs, I will be looking for positive examples of successes in this area, and report them. Have a great week, stay strong my fellow conservatives. Push back whenever, wherever you can.




For months, you heard the cry of Black Lives Matter, ANTIFA, and others, DEFUND THE POLICE! This picture looks a lot like what’s going on in Washington D.C. right now. The Democrats in power were openly saying they agreed with the demand to defund the police. Welcome to reality folks. The Washington elite ruling class are using the United States Military as their own private police force. They don’t give a rip if your city is ravaged with crime and murder, but you can bet your sweet ass they are going to be protected no matter what.


Make no mistake, the Democrats are using our military for political power. That is the epitome of a radical power grab. The actions of a dictatorship in full bloom. This is a disgusting act, every American should be outraged, no matter which side of the aisle your on. The only message you can take away from this, is they are in full control now, and if you try anything stupid, they will crush you. This is just the beginning of the beating you are going to take from these morons. When they are finished, you will be completely demoralized. They will take everything, including your dignity. We have seen this same scenario played out again and again, and yet we allowed it to happen.

All of the major corporations, media companies, and the government have now joined together as one force to whip you into obedience. It’s already happening, if you’re on the wrong side, you will not be able to find a job. People are already losing their jobs, and their business because they were Trump supporters. When you are losing everything, you will come around to their side pretty quickly. Democrat lawmakers and TV news commentators are calling for Trump supporters to be fired, or barred from holding office. This morning they arrested a young man because he was posting memes on social media that were disparaging to the people in power. I normally don’t get into religious rhetoric in my blog, but this is sounding a lot like the bible prophecy, the “Mark of the Beast”. If you don’t receive the “mark” you won’t be able to buy or sell, you will be an outcast.

You need to seriously think about this. These people are holding all of the power. They already monitor where you go, and what you purchase, by tracking you on your cell phones. They know what you buy, and who you talk to, by monitoring your internet use. They control your entire universe. They are watching your every move. It is impossible to escape their surveillance. The large financial corporations can make it impossible for you to obtain loans if you’re a conservative. They can deny your ability to buy firearms or ammunition with your credit cards. They will tax you into oblivion, to the point of breaking you.

You should understand that at this point in time, you are now powerless to change any of this. The government and large corporations have already taken over this nation. The images of the military and razor wire around the Capitol are all you need to know. The United States of America has now been bought and paid for. The politicians you voted into power, sold it to the highest bidders. Joe Biden and his minions are now going about the business of making Washington D.C. a state, Puerto Rico will be next, and there will never be another Republican controlled Senate. They are already laying the plans for packing the Supreme Court. It’s over people. Stealing the election was the last part of the plan, once that was done, the game was over. Over the next four years, you will see this country go downhill as you never imagined possible.

God Bless you all. I hope everything I wrote tonight turns out to be totally wrong, but I very much doubt it. The only Alternative is a civil war. That would be a very tragic end indeed, and would likely end up creating more misery than success.

Oh, by the way. The folks you saw on the street this past summer burning and looting, they will be unmercifully crushed by the new regime. The new people in power will not tolerate dissidents.

In the words of Kid Rock, “you ain’t got nothing to lose, that you ain’t already lost”.




Watching all of the falderal over the past few years between Dems and Republicans, it is becoming glaringly apparent, that they are more interested in scoring points against each other, than doing things that actually help the American people. Considering how important it is to these people, there must be an electronic scoreboard located in the Capitol building somewhere. The more I think about it, there are probably two, one for each party, located in large conference rooms, complete with podium, and huge jumbotrons for planning their strategy. These rooms would have to be under tight security, no cell phones allowed, so as not to reveal the complete and utter lack of social distancing, and lack of facial coverings. I mean it is pretty difficult, to social distance while constantly patting each other on the back, and doing “high fives”.

The New York Times is the perfect media outlet for the Democrats. These people can put a positive spin on anything, truth never being a prerequisite. The “old gray lady” is now attempting to sell Joe Biden as deeply religious, saying ” President Biden is perhaps the most religiously observant commander in chief in half a century”. Warning, do not attempt to verbalize this, you could end up choking on your vomit. The New York Times also said “ A different, and more liberal Christianity grounds his life and his policies. Having been a Christian for my entire life, and an ordained minister, I tend to focus on the word ” different“. I would heartily agree that his religious beliefs are indeed “different”. Make no mistake, there is no such thing as liberal Christianity. If you are a serious Christian, there is only one doctrine to follow, I have yet to see anything in the scriptures that even suggest liberalism. God makes it quite clear, you’re either in, or you’re out. God doesn’t offer any middle ground. One has to wonder, how a newspaper like the New York Times, can operate with such a preponderance of ignorance.



Joe Biden is off to a great start in his first few days residing in the Oval Office. The number of people, states, and nations he is pissing off, continues to grow. I don’t think anyone capable of rational thought, believes the executive orders Biden is signing, are actually things that have been in the forefront of his mind, and he just couldn’t wait to spring into action. Think again boys and girls, these are things that have been on the wish list of the far left crazies for long time, and my guess is these executive orders have been prepared months in advance. If you don’t believe me, think about this one; San Francisco, has been putting up homeless folk in hotels for awhile now. They spend about $15 to $18 million a month to house around 2,200 people in 25 hotels according to the San Francisco Chronicle. One of the Executive Orders signed last Thursday by the President, could, and probably will, put you, the American taxpayers on the hook for that money. This is based on the laws that certain kinds of emergency housing, is eligible for full reimbursement through September. In case you don’t have a calculator handy, that is about $8,182.00 per person, for a total of $162 million bucks over nine months. How does that make you feel that you can’t even get a $600 stimulus check after being put out of work by stupid lockdowns? Think about this, a couple in Enid, Oklahoma, with two kids, work every day, struggling to make ends meet, they are now looking at their taxes being increased which means less money for necessities. Gasoline prices are sure to rise sharply under Biden’s energy policies, and the economy will inevitably tank as the result. These great American folks in Enid, could very well lose their jobs, while the Feds are doling out dollars to put homeless folks in hotels. My point is, this San Francisco nonsense is just the tip of the iceberg. And, rather than taking a serious look at how to fix these things, the dope is blindly signing executive orders simply to make points with his far left constituents and donors. Trust me, your needs, as a hard working American taxpayer, is the last thing on Biden’s mind. Shut up and keep working, they need your money to give to the jerks that lay around on the street all day and night drunk, or doing drugs. Oh by the way, you feed these feral people too. I hate to say this, but it’s not going to get better any time soon.


The invisible man, Mitt Romney. He’s invisible because he has no substance. He has no convictions other than perhaps the persona he presents as a religious person. I know his religion pretty well, I was a practicing member of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints for 35 years. There are a lot of Mitt Romneys in the Mormon Church, I found them to be less than desirable associates. You cannot trust this person, he will turn on you in the name of religion, just like he did on Donald Trump in the first fake impeachment. Now he’s back at it, calling for another fake impeachment, in the name of unity. Unity for who Mitt? Who is it that you want to be united with. We all saw you walking with the Black Lives Matter crowd that are avowed Marxists and Communists. These people are calling for the end of the nuclear family. Do you want your name associated with Marxism, and destruction of families, while sitting in the Temple in Washington D.C.? You’re a fake Mitt. You’re a disgrace to your country and your religion. I look upon you with disgust.

Stay strong my Conservative friends. God Bless you and your families. God Bless the United States of America.




Every day, gets a little crazier. The Democrats and their media minions are sounding more and more deranged. Katie Couric has always allowed her leftist bias to be seen ever so slightly, sort of like a strip tease artist. But wow, she dropped her laundry to the floor and let it all hang out on Bill Maher. But if you’re familiar with sweet lil’ Katie, what you saw was exactly what you would expect, and it wasn’t worth the price of admission. She, like a lot of the crazies on the left are calling Trump supporters a cult following, and suggesting they need to be corralled and put into re-education programs. We need to eradicate Trump and his wacko ideas of America First, is what they are saying. Katie is so caught up in the leftist propaganda, she is advocating concentration camps, and interning innocent people for their political beliefs. A few years ago, making such a statement would have gotten you on the “do not contact” list. It is now the rally cry of the left, and that my friends is on the “very scary” side, if it is not reigned in.

Joe Biden has always had a problem with shooting off his mouth. Well, that can have some unintended consequences as he is about to find out. His immigration rhetoric during the campaign was heard loud and clear by our southern neighbors, and they took as “come on in” amigos. Biden is saying, wait a minute, not so fast, but the migrant reps are saying he needs to honor his words. I think it’s pretty clear even to a casual observer that Biden is in over his head on immigration, and has no idea what the hell he is doing. I suspect this scenario will play out in many other arenas as well, especially his foreign policies. He has already indicated he is ready to jump back into Iran nuclear deal, and has named all of the old Obama gang to head that up. What could go wrong?

Meghan and Harry said they wanted to move to the U.S. for privacy from the ever present scrutiny associated with the Royals. Well, so much for the nonsensical B.S., they have scored over 100 million dollars in deals for production contracts, and recently purchased a 14 million dollar estate in Montecito, California. Isn’t this sort of like Hunter selling the Biden Family name? Apparently a lot of folks in the Motherland think so to, and it’s not sitting well with them.

In about 15 minutes I am going to start taking the bowel prep for tomorrow’s colonoscopy. For the next 12 to 14 hours I am going to suffer from self induced diarrhea. It will all be over tomorrow morning around 9:00 am. Unfortunately we are going to have to experience a similar situation over the next four years with this new group in the white house. I have a feeling it’s going to be every bit as unpleasant for all of us, as the next 12 hours are going to be for me personally. Joe Biden pledged today that he is going to purge white supremacy from the earth forever. If your a Caucasian as I am, that should be very worrisome for you. Hang tough my Conservative friends, it may be a rough ride for awhile. Remember the words of Winston Churchill that were never written, ” piss off you morons”. I don’t know if Winston ever said that, but I’ll bet he did, more than once. I have a British wife, I know how Brits think.





The House Democrats now find themselves in a dilemma. It has been revealed that the Capitol break-in was planned long before Donald Trump gave his speech last Wednesday. Those that planned it, are not Trump supporters, just plain old everyday anarchists. So, is “nutty Nancy” going to keep pressing on? Who knows. What do you say Turtle head?

It gets even more interesting. The FBI and the NYPD, had advance warning of the planned break-in. The House and Senate security details were also informed. The Capitol police were informed. Seems the only one that was totally unaware to what was about to happen was President Trump. When all of the details are finally known, it won’t bear any resemblance at all to the claims that it was incited by President Trumps address. More lies by the most accomplished liars on the planet, the Democrats.


Holy smoke, have you seen the steel barriers, high fencing with razor wire around the Capitol in preparation for the inauguration? I don’t get it. Democrats have been telling us for years that walls don’t work. Don’t kid yourselves, this is just a show, signaling that those badass white supremacists are out there, and they have to erect these massive fences to keep them out. No telling what they may do, there’s literally thousands of them hiding behind every tree and rock. What makes them really dangerous is they all look alike. They used to be easy to spot, when the bad guys wore mullets and drove Trans Ams.

Don Lemon, a commentator on CNN says that Trump voters are Klansmen and Nazis. I find it a little hard to take this guy seriously. He bad mouths white guys, and his boyfriend is a white guy. Then a young off duty bartender named Dustin Hice sued Lemon, claiming that Lemon walked up to him and put his hand in his pants, ( his own ) rubbed his genitals, then shoved his fingers in Hice’s mustache. Lemon then asked Hice, do you like pussy or dick? Then left the bar. It’s still unclear which attribute Lemon possesses.

It is becoming increasingly clear the Democrats have a plan for total control of the House. Republicans are not allowed to have a dissenting position. If they dare engage in debates there is an immediate call for them to be expelled from congress. Madison Cawthorn from North Carolina, said some bad things on his Twitter feed last week during the capital riots. Mr. Cawthorn told a rally of young people to call their representatives and and “lightly threaten them” and tell them they are “coming after them”. Sorta like Maxine Waters did, telling people to accost Republicans wherever they see them, restaurants, gas stations, etc. Democrats have been stoking violence for a long time now, but it’s just not the same when a Republican does it, especially a white guy.

A huge document drop occurred on the infamous Russian hoax that plagued the President for three long years, and, just as expected, it was all a sham. The FBI was in it up to their necks, in an effort to protect Hillary, deflecting attention from the email debacle, to help her in her bid for the White House. Of course all of this is a little late to help the Prez, but make no mistake, nobody is really interested in helping the Prez. Trump was hell bent on eradicating the swamp creatures, but in the end, the swamp creatures won. Pretty much a one man army against the corrupt hordes. Give the man credit, he was able to expose the dark and smelly underbelly of our government. Who knows, his courageous efforts could pay big dividends in the future.

We need to help an old friend, the NRA. The once thriving bastion for protecting the second amendment has been under fire in the State of New York for years, and it has taken a toll. The NRA has filed for Bankruptcy protection, and is moving to Texas to re-incorporate, to escape the toxic political environment of New York. The NRA, has numerous organizations, attempting to destroy it. Letitia James, New York’s attorney general has vowed to keep fighting to destroy the NRA once and for all. Wayne La Pierre said that NRA members will continue to enjoy full membership benefits, and operate as usual during this crisis. If you’ve let your membership lapse as I have for several years, it is important now, more than ever before, to reup your membership. We need to fight the forces that want to disarm us.




Nothing could make me happier than to once again disavow any connection to the Republican Party. I am a registered Independent, die hard Conservative. Which means that even though I am not a Republican, I haven’t voted for a Democrat since John F. Kennedy. Looking back on JFK’s time in office, I’m certainly not proud of that.

This week is the perfect example of why I don’t associate myself with Republicans, they’re idiots. If anyone has read my blog for any appreciable amount of time this won’t be a surprise. For the life of me, I can’t figure out, how these losers think. Out of the House of Representatives, there may be 20 or so Republicans that are willing to fight hard for our conservative cause, and take the heat.

I would like for someone to explain this to me; Donald Trump was without doubt, the strongest Republican President since Ronald Reagan. His accomplishments were amazing, both at home and in foreign policy. Not a single president in history has been more successful in the middle east. He reigned in China’s theft of intellectual data, and leveled the playing field in trade, something no other president has even attempted. The economy was soaring before Covid-19 hit our shores. He even managed to rally the pharmaceutical companies to produce a vaccine in record time through the program ” Warp Speed”. He built the wall along our southern border and reigned in illegal immigration, just as he promised he would do. Have you ever seen a politician in your lifetime keep a promise? So, my question is this; When you have such a strong robust leader, that 75 million people will follow to the ends of the earth, why in the world do you abandon him, rather than put your full weight behind him? By not standing behind this brilliant leader, you ended up with an old has been crook, with the onset of dementia, and a vice president that even the Democrats rejected.

Another reason I can’t stand these spineless Republicans, is that we are at this point, where the huge social media companies are literally more powerful than the Federal Government, because the Republicans couldn’t resist the money being doled out by big tech. Even your local barber could tell you these people were becoming a dangerous threat to our democracy. For those of you that are old enough to remember, the government broke up Bell Telephone for the very same reason. They were in total control of all communications. You paid to use the Bell system, at a rate Bell Telephone set, you had no other choices, and believe me, they billed you for everything. But, I wouldn’t get too excited about the Democrats busting up big tech, they like being able to keep you quiet.

Why the hell is Karl Rove still around? He needs to take his white board and go back to wherever it is that he comes from. He’s making judgement of how Donald Trump handled the Capitol Break-in, when he has no idea what he’s talking about. He accused Trump of not running out on the Capitol lawn, into the crowds, and telling them to stand down. That in itself tells you how stupid this man is. Then said that even after that, Trump did not condemn the violence. How far do you have your head up your ass Karl? I heard the President condemn the actions and promise to prosecute the trespassers. Make no mistake about good ol’ Karl. He’s just trying to let everyone know, he’s on the right side of things so he doesn’t get cancelled, and lose out on those cushy consulting fees.

Liz Cheney is the offspring of another old swamp rat, from the old Republican Establishment. She is just as vile as her Father. She is a certified Trump hater as well. She is right on the front lines calling for Trump’s impeachment. She probably had a long talk with Dad and made that monumental decision. Don’t ever trust anyone, even their offspring, that is willing to stage a hunting accident and shoot someone accidentally on purpose. It’s been rumored that Cheney was not particularly fond of Whittington. Cheney said they were friends. Whittington later said they only knew each other casually. Whatever the truth is, it left a lot to speculation, and a lot of folks did indeed speculate.

While we are the subject of swamp rats, good ol’ Mitch McConnell has to be addressed. Can anyone tell me exactly whose side he’s on? While the Georgia elections were going on, my wife said to me, ” Mitch McConnell is not going to give Americans the stimulus money”. I told her ” he doesn’t have a choice, if he balks, the Republicans will lose Georgia”. While that may not be the only reason the Republicans lost, I would put it is the top three reasons. Today, ol’ turtle head, says that he is furious with Trump and his movement. I think you can interpret that, as Mitch thinking he is somehow superior to Trump and his movement. Tucker Carlson said last week, that the Republican hierarchy despises their constituents, this may be the glaring proof. I’ve never been impressed with the old dweeb, I really don’t think there’s much difference between him and Schumer. I wouldn’t be surprised if they were fishing buddies.

Andy Ngo, a conservative writer and independent reporter was nearly killed last year in Portland by ANTIFA thugs, while covering one of their riots. Andy has written a book called “Unmasked: Inside ANTIFA’s Radical Plan to Destroy Democracy”. He has spent several years following and chronicling ANTIFA’s activities. New York Times writer Sarah Jeong, said today that Andy Ngo, is the real threat, and should be banned from Twitter. The left is desperately trying to kill this book. Support Andy, he is a true patriot. You can buy his book online at Powell Books of Portland, Oregon.




Lot of internet chatter going on right now, about something big that is supposed happen soon, before January 20th. Several sources are reporting this, and saying the same thing. Have gas in your car, cash in your pocket, and at least two weeks of food put away. I think I have seen all, or most of these reports, and none of the sources are connected. One source I have heard this from personally, works in the Department of Homeland Security. I watched a video on Parler just before it was shut down, done by the ” My Pillow” founder, Mike Lindell, pretty much making the same claims.

It is being bandied about, that the President may invoke the ” Stafford Act”, in which, the entire nation will be quarantined for a two week period. There have been other people saying, that during this time, numerous people will be arrested for insurrection, and other crimes. Also, that the President will reveal indisputable proof of election fraud. Whether not any of this is true, remains to be seen, but there are signs of large movements of military personnel around the nation. If the Stafford Act is invoked, it will require a strong military presence to deter looting and rioting.

If this does happen, it will be remarkable time in history, but also dangerous. Stay calm, stay safe. Don’t take any unnecessary chances. Be super vigilant for you and your family. God Bless the USA.




First thing to realize, and I know all of you do, governments do not produce anything of value, therefore, they don’t make money. Governments spend money, lots’ of it. They have little restraint on spending, because if they need more, they raise your taxes. The geniuses that run the United States Government, have spent so much money, the taxpayers couldn’t possibly make up the deficit, so they borrow more, or print more. But make no mistake, no matter how they do it, you’re on the hook for it. If the government spending, and or mismanagement of funds plunges the nation into a recession or depression, or rampant inflation, you suffer. The idiot politicians don’t suffer, their paychecks just keep coming in the same obscene amounts. So, they need insurance policies to make sure you don’t rebel and stop paying taxes.

Their main insurance policy is income tax. Income tax is the prime example of why you should never, ever, believe a politician. The American people were told not to worry, it was only temporary. The original income tax was imposed to help pay for the civil war. It was passed as the Wilson-Gorman tariff, which was repealed about ten years later. But government’s lust for money resulted in a Constitutional Amendment, #16 to be exact, passed in July of 1909, and ratified in February of 1913, to establish a permanent income tax. Along with this new tax was a slew of new laws to make sure you didn’t renege. Basically, if you don’t pay, they are going to take everything you own, personal and real property, and auction it off to the highest bidder. They will get their money, guaranteed. State property taxes have similar laws. Bottom line is this; You will make payments on your property, as long as you live, you will never truly own it. The government owns everything. I have said this before, and it is 100% true. You are nothing but a worker bee, a drone if you will. Makes homelessness a little more attractive.

In recent years, the states have been quietly going about their business grabbing more of your freedoms. More and more jobs, that used to be held by trained technicians, now require state certifications, and licenses. You can only obtain these certifications by attending a specialized school. This is an all out assault on lower wage people, that used to be able to get on the job training, and a certificate after a couple of years, while earning a livable wage. These same people could never afford the tuition costs of technical schools. Another important factor, is that the requirements for the same occupation differs from state to state, and makes it very difficult for a worker to move to another state, because they face the cost of obtaining another license, which can be expensive. In the 1950’s only 5% of workers required licensing, that number now is about 25%, and growing. The licensing makes sense when it concerns public safety, such as health care workers, but not so much for general services. My opinion, is that increased licensing, is really nothing more than another tax and method of control. By the way, the states can seize you home and property for non payment of taxes, just the same as the Feds. It’s a double barreled shotgun folks.

Recently we have been seeing even more examples of how licensing and permits are the state’s tools for making you knuckle under. States all across our nation have been imposing strict regulations to combat the spread of the Corona Virus. Never mind that these regulations have nothing to do with science, but everything to do with a political agenda. The states have been closing down bars, restaurants, churches, and schools, while allowing large corporate stores to remain open. I finally figured out the reason for this. People that frequent bars, restaurants, schools, and lodges, know each other, and have personal conversations. People that frequent large corporate stores don’t know each other, and don’t have conversations. The more people talk, the more likely they are to act out against authority. It’s exactly the same reason social media censors speech, to protect the establishment. To get back on track, if these bad folk that own small businesses don’t comply with the lockdown orders, they simply suspend or revoke their licenses and put them out of business forever. The ability to destroy a persons life and livelihood is a powerful tool, and it’s being misused by unscrupulous politicians.

The government pretty much has it all covered. You can’t put your boat in the water unless it’s licensed. Ok, your boats licensed, but forget fishing unless you have a license. How about if you have a desire to go hunting? Not without a hunting license, and these can be expensive. If you’re going into a remote area you may want to take an ATV, but you better have an off road license on that bugger. What the heck, I don’t wanna hunt or fish, just ride my dirt bike. Not unless you have an off road license. Don’t even think about flying an aircraft, that’s serious stuff. How about if I fly my drone, nope, not without an FAA license for unmanned aircraft. How about if I take video with my drone to make some extra money? If you do that, you have to have the same license required to fly an normal aircraft. That’s not an easy test to pass. What the hell, I’ll just take a walk with my dog. Is your dog licensed? If not they can take your dog to the pound until you pay up. I heard HAM radio was fun, but it’s rife with regulations and requires a serious test to acquire a radio operators license. Recently, I believe last summer, the city shut down a kid’s lemonade stand for not having the proper license. That didn’t end well for the city. Probably the easiest government agency to get in trouble with is OSHA. They have more regulations than you can imagine, and the fines they levy are horrendous. One serious OSHA fine can bankrupt a small company. This is probably the “sledge hammer” in the states arsenal of weapons against you. Maybe they should change that verse in the National Anthem to say, “the land of the fees, and home of the brave”.

I’m thinking this whole freedom thing is largely overstated. I think if you start enumerating your real honest to goodness freedoms, and if you’re honest with yourself, you will become a little depressed. You’re not nearly as free as you’ve been lead to believe. The United States Government, and your State and Local governments, are working against you every single day, to regulate and restrict your freedoms even more. The big road blocks are the First and Second Amendments. You will see an assault on these rights, like never before with the new administration. Now that they have complete control of all the levers of power, it may come down to mass civil unrest to preserve what little freedoms we have left.