OCTOBER 7, 2021


Yep, I told you the old codger would cave and allow the Democrats to raise the debt ceiling. Not only that, ten other RINO’s caved along with him. Miserable spineless people that can’t bring themselves to do the right thing. Did the Democrats reach out and thank them for capitulating, nope, they mocked them. This is the stuff that drove me away from being a Republican. I am and always will be, and independent conservative, standing for the American way, proudly pledging allegiance to the flag, and the United States of America. I don’t recognize these miserable souls as true Americans. I’m not really sure what they are. They obviously have no principles.


Quisha King, a Florida Mom, called for a mass exodus from the public school system today. She says that the school systems have left parents with no other choice for fighting leftist ideas. In response to her remarks, she received a prolonged applause, and brought many of the attendees to their feet at the Leesburg, Virginia event. She drew national attention in June of this year with her speech opposing CRT. She works with the group Moms for Liberty, which is one of many battling to get leftist ideology out of public schools. Hurrah for the brave women, willing to take the heat for the kids. God Bless them.


Joe Biden’s poll numbers are sinking faster than an Oldsmobile in the Chappaquiddick. I’m not sure what they really are, because there are so many liars that want to cover for him. I heard yesterday they were actually in the low 30’s. Why would anyone think they would be different, when he is clearly at war with the population. Washington D.C. swamp dwellers clearly despise the general population of this country, they make it very clear in their actions. They view us as nothing more than the “worker bees”, necessary to fund all of their nonsensical bullshit ideas. The assault on everyday folks just trying to make sure their kids have a good education, is going to backfire majorly on the Democrats.


Some of you may have missed this choice little morsel of news. It clearly got swept under the rug quickly. Merrick Garland, AG, aggressively came out against parents protesting CRT, with threats of swift action, utilizing the FBI and DOJ. People were stunned by this action, that is until it was revealed that Merrick Garland’s daughter and son-in-law own a company called Panorama Education, which produces CRT teaching materials. Alexander Tanner who married Garland’s daughter, is a major kingpin the Social Justice Education movement. Garland’s son- in- law and daughter have gotten rich producing materials devoted to ‘systemic racism, white supremacy, and intersectionality. It gets really smelly when you pry open the lid on these swamp creatures.


Donald Trump, arguably one of the best agitators in the world, is hard at work. He is seeing the disarray among the Democrats, and the sinking popularity of Biden, and he is driving wedges wherever he can. He is also calling out the weak spineless Republicans, calling for Mitch McConnell’s ouster from the Senate leadership. He very well may be more effective speaking in public rather than his famous tweets. His remarks are always newsworthy.


At this point in time, after nine months of watching Joe Biden fail at virtually every endeavor, fewer and fewer people think the election was fair and honest. Think about this, he was going nowhere in the debates, or the primary voting after the debates. He was losing everywhere. It wasn’t until the primaries in the south, that he started winning. The Democrat primaries are a joke, everyone knows they are rigged. Go back and look at what happened during Hillary’s run for the presidency. After winning the primaries, Joe campaigned from the basement of his home, his remarks and appearances heavily guarded by his managers. In the meantime, Trump was filling stadiums with thousands of cheering followers. Then election night came and everything changed after midnight. It was a miracle, somehow votes just magically appeared and Joe somehow pulled of a victory. Not a hard fought victory, quite the opposite. Take a look at the Maricopa Audit report below, and suddenly you realize it wasn’t a miracle, but a fraud.

This is the results from one county, in one state. It was all smoke and mirrors folks. We are living through the results of a stolen election.




Seems like the big story of the day is St. Anthony Fauci. This guy has turned into a major lightning rod. Disney is trying to save his miserable ass by doing a documentary, and trying to immortalize him. That’s not really surprising, as Disney has morphed into a leftist propaganda machine, here at home, and in China. I remember when Disney was 100% Americana. Now it’s just another greedy, slime ball corporation, that will sell itself to the highest bidder. Basically another International Prostitute of the corporate world.

Wow, I completely got off track railing against Disney. So how do you immortalize a liar, and a money grubbing guy like Fauci. A guy who admittedly said that even though “gain of function research is extremely dangerous, it’s worth the risk”. Really? This latest experiment in gain of function research has now killed about 2,270,000,000 people world wide. In the US alone, 831,000,000. One of those just happened to be my little brother. He and his circle of self absorbed scientist colleagues, successfully politicized any treatment for Covid that they deemed ineffective, and the state run media was more than happy to parrot whatever they said. Keep in mind, that other treatments they didn’t approve of, were used with great success around the world. Fauci and his minions literally dominated the entire Covid scene in the US, and you wouldn’t exactly call it a success story. This so called documentary, is nothing more than State Propaganda.

I‘m not a conspiracy nut, but this whole Covid debacle has evil written all over it. The more I know, and the more I analyze what happened, it brings me closer to being 100% convinced that unleashing it on the world was intentional, to bring the world closer to what they term as the New World Order”. Have you noticed that every major western nation has used Covid in exactly the same way, by stripping their citizens of their rights, and freedoms. Coincidental? I think not. ( Canada and Australia seem to be way out in front )

If you don’t find this next little tidbit of news hilarious, you’re really taking life too seriously. New Zealand’s University of Otago, named trans weightlifter Laurel Hubbard, Tokyo Olympian, “Sportswoman of the year”. The article didn’t mention how many real women athletes, were shouting “f–k you” at the tops of their voices.

As if the Biden presidency wasn’t weird enough, he is now using a fake White House set that features a digital monitor behind him that shows the Rose Garden in full bloom. According to Stephen Miller, the reason Biden uses this bizzare virtual set for televised meetings, is that they can control the lighting, and he can read from a monitor facing him, so it looks like he is just talking, not reading from a teleprompter. It makes him look like he still has a functioning brain, which he doesn’t. ( Stephen Miller didn’t make the remark about a functioning brain, I take credit for that )

Before I sign off for today, keep an eye on “Shifty Mitch” , he’s about to make the Democrats lives easier by allowing them to raise the debt ceiling. That old RINO has to go, he’s revealing himself to be another slimy swamp creature.

God bless the USA, and all of you. Thank you for dropping by for a visit. ( don’t drink the Kool Aid )




Holy crap, it feels like I’m trapped in a giant Jerry Springer show. Everybody hates everybody, and they all wanna kill each other. I never thought I would see the day the Democrats would start feeding on each other like piranhas. Probably the best news story I have heard in a long time, is that Marc Zuckerberg lost six billion dollars today. I mean, it’s not like if I lost $600.00, which would be really hard for me to handle, but just the thought of that jerk losing that much money made me feel pretty good anyway.

If the whole Brian Laundrie thing wasn’t weird enough, now the sister wants to be in the spotlight too. “Dog” the bounty hunter is now using the tragedy to promote himself, while some unknown dude visits the makeshift memorial in front of the Laundrie home and goes on camera telling Brian to “come out of hiding and answer the questions”. Another video blogger posted a video saying she saw the van parked in Wyoming after Gabby disappeared. Wow, that was helpful, especially since the van was already back in Florida when she posted her remarks. Bottom line, just another person using the tragedy as an opportunity to get some air time. I will guarantee that if Brian had killed Gabby in a public setting, not one person would have stepped in to help her, but twenty people would have filmed it on their cell phones. My friends, we are living in very sick times.

Andrew Yang took the red pill and quit the Democrat party. I would normally rejoice at such news, but what I remember most about Mr. Yang is his statement in the Democrat National convention when he was speaking about men’s rights to abortions. Sorry, I’m not ready to get on that train anytime soon.

Kristen Sinema is finding it hard to be a Democrat lately. The far left idiots followed her into public restrooms, trapping her in the stall, while filming on their cell phones, yelling at her about amnesty for illegal aliens. Then attacking her at the airport, and while she was on the airplane, for her failure to support the huge spending bill. Finding civility in any endeavor today is proving to be very difficult. Young people have been very clear, they think it’s acceptable to harass and intimidate public officials. Ironically, these are the same people clamoring for socialism. I would like to see them try those tactics in China or Russia. They may want to analyze their actions before they find themselves in a re-education camp.

Now, think about what you just read in the previous paragraph, as you read this one. The DOJ is launching a program to combat parents intimidating school boards for insisting on teaching CRT in public schools. They issued a statement saying ” threats against public officials are not only illegal, they run counter to our nation’s core values”. AG Garland went on to say, “those who dedicate their time and energy to ensuring that our children receive a proper education in a safe environment deserve to be able to do their work without fear for their safety”. Translated for those with impaired comprehension: Shut up, we own your kids, we’ll teach them whatever we damn will please, you have no say in what we put into your kids minds.

You see how that works? There actually isn’t really any core values as far as the government is concerned. They just make up the rules as they go. They don’t worry about yesterday’s rules conflicting with today’s rules, as long as it serves their needs. There’s never any real repercussions, nobody gets fired, or demoted, it’s just business as usual. Pay real close attention to the growing number of political prisoners. That should tell you where this is going.

Nearly 100,000 people have now disappeared in Mexico. Killed by drug cartels and dumped in shallow graves or their bodies burned. Nobody has been charged in the killings, families have no idea where or how their family members died. There really isn’t any effective law enforcement in Mexico. Huge amounts of gang activity occur in all of the Latin American countries, and Haiti. Having a totally open southern border is an act of Treason by this administration, by allowing an invasion of this country by unknown individuals known to have a propensity for violence. It exposes American citizens to needless danger, and crime. Mexican citizens are living in a reign of terror. Without effective immigration control, it will come to the USA.

There is a huge amount of the news I wasn’t able to cover this evening, but there is always tomorrow. One thing you can count on, is a brand new wave of insanity every single day. Meantime, China is preparing to take over Taiwan, and ” Little Rocket Man” is building and testing new missiles daily. Biden is way too busy to pay attention though, he is looking for new ways to punish the American citizens for non compliance of his Covid vaccine mandates. It’s a Mad, Mad, World. Besides he doesn’t wanna piss off China, they may stop Hunter’s payments.




When our founding Fathers wrote the Declaration of Independence, then the Constitution, followed up with the Bill of Rights, they were declaring the United States of America a sovereign nation. When you declare yourself a sovereignty, you have to establish the area that belongs to you, which you rule over. Everything within those borders, are under your jurisdiction.

When the founding Fathers wrote the Constitution, and other founding documents, they had a clear vision of the kind of nation they wanted to create. The preferred language was English, and the preferred cultural influences were European. You were free to worship as you chose, but the dominant religion was Christianity. Exactly what you would expect, of a nation founded by European migrants.

Over the next two hundred years, people immigrated to the United States from all over the world. They came here to be free to follow their dreams. They were willing to give up their own cultures and customs and become Americans. That is what made America great from the very start, E Pluribus Unum, out of many one. My ancestry is English, Northwest European, Germanic Europe, Ireland, Norway, Scotland, Sweden and Denmark. My family has been here since 1700. Certainly, I’m proud to have that ancestry, but I am more proud to be American. I love my country, and pledge my allegiance to the Flag, and the United States of America.

Borders, language, culture, those are the flesh, blood and bones of any sovereign nation. Nations create borders, and enforce their borders to protect them from being overran by invaders, with the intention of taking them over to impose a different culture and government. They are protecting their safety, wealth and identity. No different than you putting a fence around your property and locks on your doors.

Limiting the number of immigrants and nationality of the immigrants is very important to preserve the culture of the host nation. California is a perfect example. For years, there has been virtually unlimited immigration of Hispanics from Mexico, Central and South America. The state has slowly undergone a major transformation. Over 50% of households are non English speaking. California culture is vastly different than when I moved there 58 years ago. The same exact thing happened to Miami, Florida with the mass influx of Cubans and Puerto Ricans. Without question, too many immigrants from one geographical area is not a good idea.

Some of the most obvious problems, is that these hordes of people are poorly educated. Most lived in extreme poverty in their homelands, and know little or nothing about living in an ultra modern, fast paced country, such as the United States. A very high percentage don’t speak English, and have no skills with which to earn a living. The jobs they get, will be low payed laborers, or servants. They are extremely vulnerable to exploitation by low life, back alley criminals. Many get involved in crime themselves out of desperation.

Strangely, although these immigrants are poorly educated, they know how the game the system the minute they walk across the border. How do they know these things? How would a native Honduran, know how to go about getting free health care and welfare in the US? Or any of the thousands of other perks available to them, especially when they don’t speak English. Do you think these huge caravans of people just accidentally happened? The Democrats recruited these people, they organized the caravans. The Democrats are 100% responsible for for what you see at the southern borders. The Democrats want to change the demographics of this nation, so they never lose another election. They want the populous to be needy, obedient, and controllable. Normal everyday Americans see this as a humanitarian crisis. The Democrats see it as a plan that is working.

Most people are aware that the Feds are putting the migrants on buses and airplanes, and transporting them who knows where. Have you ever wondered what happens to these folks when they reach their final destination? Do you think they are just going to dump them, after spending hundreds of thousands of dollars putting them up in temporary housing, feeding them, then the transportation costs to take them to your cities and towns? You can bet your sweet ass, they prepared homes for them, and give them living assistance until they can survive on their own. The Feds are handing out green cards as fast as they can print ’em. Just a side note here; Are you aware the Feds have been buying up motels and hotels around the nation and turning them into temporary homes for the migrants? That’s a well documented fact, been going on ever since Biden has been in office. In reality, it’s a pretty simple plan by the Dems. These folks will be forever grateful for being rescued from abject poverty and given free and easy residence in the USA, and will vote Democrat for the remainder of their lives. Oh yeah, don’t forget the “chain migration” thing. As sleepy Joe said, “it will be a steady, never ending, and unrelenting flow” of black and brown immigrants. Oh, by the way, you don’t think the Dems are just going to sit around and wait for these folks to become naturalized citizens on their own do you? Hell no, they need those voters now, that’s why they will be pushing for amnesty for all of these immigrants before the end of Joe’s first and only term. I would bet my last dollar, the amnesty thing is buried deep in this huge, so called, infrastructure bill they are trying to pass.

If you look back at years past, you can see the trajectory of the Democrat party. It was pretty obvious what their plans were. So what the hell were the Republicans doing? Obvious answer; as usual, little or nothing. It was blatantly obvious, during the years the Republicans controlled the House and Senate, that big tech was getting completely out of control. They chose to do nothing, as they spent the millions of dollars in donations big tech was handing out. All the while, social media increasingly censored conservative speech. This whole circus is maddening to watch.

We have a perfect storm brewing to bring this nation to it’s knees.

  1. Sinking economy.
  2. Rising unemployment.
  3. Shortages of goods and services.
  4. Ongoing Covid restrictions on business and private lives.
  5. Over crowded hospitals and ER facilities due to huge influx of aliens.
  6. Overcrowded schools due to huge influx of aliens.
  7. Mass crime increases due to large influx of aliens and downsizing of police forces.
  8. Overall quality of life will begin to diminish as jobs decrease and crime increases.
  9. The federal government will smother the population with needless regulations and laws.
  10. As state and federal governments struggle financially, services such as street and bridge repair, street cleaning and trash pickup will be cut back. Cities and states will become dirtier and more dangerous. If you can’t imagine this, ask someone that lives in California.
  11. Runaway inflation, already underway.
  12. This once glorious and wealthy nation is going to be reduced to third world status.

I don’t enjoy writing with such negativity, but you need to be aware of what the Democrats are doing to our great nation. It doesn’t have to be this way, we are experiencing an attempt to dismantle our present form of government and replace it with socialism. Sadly, the Dems are very close to succeeding. What actually happens remains to be seen. Will the American people rise up in resistance, or simply roll over and accept it. I personally think the latter will happen.

Pay attention, learn as much as possible about ways to fight back. I can’t tell you how to do it, I am doing what I can by writing about what I see happening, and waving the red flags. You can bet I will be doing anything I can to resist this push for socialism. God Bless the USA, and each of you, and your families.




If you’re perplexed as to what is happening at the border, click on the link below, and you will understand.

After watching that clip, you now understand, what is driving the old geezer’s actions to flood the United States with illegal immigrants.

To better understand the whole immigration issue click on the link below, you will probably be surprised by what you read.

So after reading the article in the link, we don’t have a lot of protection against mass illegal immigration if the Federal Government chooses not to enforce current immigration laws. I’ll bet you never thought the immigration laws were so weak, I certainly never did. How many times have you heard politicians speak about “broken immigration laws”, now you understand what they mean.

I have given you a lot of information to digest, but have much more to say about this. Look for part two in a few days. I will be discussing why limited immigration is so important.

Thank you for taking the time to read this. God Bless the USA and all of you.





I haven’t done one of these since last March, but there is so much to talk about, and it’s happening so fast, this seems to be the best format. The Democrats seem to be in some kind of frenzy to screw up as much stuff as they can, as quickly as they can. They operate according to the latest polling numbers, and it doesn’t take some kind of expert to see their whole agenda in quickly going down in flames. It appears that they are trying to ram through as much far left crap as possible before the mid term elections. Joe Manchin is putting a major road block in their path, refusing to vote on the huge 3.5 trillion dollar spending bill. Which could also kill their so called Infrastructure bill. If they failed to get both of these bills passed, it would be a huge blow to their wanton spending spree. Let’s take a look at what has happened over the past few days, and throw some shade at the deserving parties.

All of my grandkids are pretty old now, only have a few under thirty. ( second round group ) As I watched my daughters raise their children, I noticed a new method of controlling the munchkins. Instead of swatting them on the behind and telling them to cease their present activities, the modern Moms divert the child’s attention to something else, and the child quickly forgets and moves on to something else. Thus, successfully eliminating the need for corporal punishment. I don’t totally agree, but it’s no longer my show. You’re probably wondering what does this have to do with anything. Well…. it’s what is being done to the American public by the major media companies. The Biden administration just pulled off the biggest blunder in the history of American warfare in Afghanistan, and it’s all been successfully washed away by the media. Biden very quickly shifted the narrative to Covid-19, threatening war against his own citizens, then a few days later threatened to weaponize the IRS, and allow them to confiscate your financial records. See how it works? Your attention is being re-directed to a different subject to keep you off balance. Afghanistan is all forgotten now, including the folks they left behind. One more thing, in my opinion, the new method of raising kids, is having about the same results as the new method of governing.

Speaking of Biden’s botched Afghanistan withdrawal; I thought there would be a lot of noise from the GOP on this matter. Not hearing enough to make me feel real good about the Republicans. Usually when someone is passionate about a particular matter, they let you know. So, at this point, I can only assume the Congressional Republicans are OK with what happened.

There is a sure fire solution to the mass illegal immigration problem. ( actually it’s an unarmed invasion ) If they transported all of these folks to the affluent neighborhoods around the nation, where all of the political class leaders and big corporate owners lived, it would stop immediately. They don’t want to see or hear these people ever, the only reason for them being here is to create future Democrat voters, and to displace the middle class white folks.

Donald Trump is becoming more active and talking about running for a second term. I am a huge Trump fan, I thought he did an amazing job, while being attacked six ways from Sunday. That said, I would not be in favor of him running for a second term. First and foremost, we need a strong, Trump like candidate, with the same “populist ” agenda with a clean slate. Ron DeSantis would be my pick. We also need a candidate that is eligible for two consecutive terms. Trump simply has made too many enemies in too many places. While I don’t disagree with the things he has said about the military leadership, and the other major bureaus, including their leaders, I do disagree with how he approached it. The best way to deal with these folks is to quietly remove them from office, while having iron clad reasons for doing so. Acting like a “bull in a china shop” results in politicians and bureaucrats digging in their heels, and mounting a staunch resistance. I don’t think the American people would be willing to go through more Trump drama, even though his policies are what America badly needs. We need another guy like Trump, with better strategic moves. Sledge hammers are not effective weapons in the swamp, against deadly critters that lurk underwater and in the shadows.

I’m hearing a lot of chatter from all of the usual folks, about how all of the craziness the Democrats are currently engaged in, will surely result in a huge defeat in the midterms. Really? Did you think Gavin Newsome would still be the governor of California this week? I certainly didn’t until I saw how the state saturated the landscape with mail in ballots, and started handing out millions in checks. Do you really think that election was on the level? You couldn’t possibly screw up a state worse if you tried, yet he’s still in his chair. What makes you think the same thing isn’t going to happen on a National level. You just saw it happen with your own eyes in the 2020 Presidential election. I personally don’t think this country will ever see another honest election. In my opinion, free and honest elections are a thing of the past. They discovered it’s possible to pull it off without any repercussions, so why not do it again. Hell, the Supreme Court wouldn’t even hear the case brought by numerous states.

I am searching for a glimmer of hope that I am dead wrong. If I see that glimmer, I will certainly share it. I will continue to speak out against the commie socialists, and the “do nothing” Republicans that sit on their laurels while the Democrats are destroying our beautiful country. Stay politically active, and fight the battle wherever you can. It’s worth it.



Meet Jimmy Kimmels replacement. Antony Blinken ( AKA ABlinken ) kept me laughing most of the day today. Every time I saw a news clip of him saying the Taliban did not follow through on their promise of including women in their presidential cabinet. As he is saying this, he seems to be inferring that there is going to be some sort of punishment for not living up to their promise. These people are terrorists you dumbass. Antony needs to understand that the Taliban have exactly the same respect for women that Democrats have for unvaccinated Americans. They think they are lower than dirt.

It seems that the Feds have been sending pallet loads of cash to Afghanistan for awhile now, propping up the fake government. The Taliban know this and want that cash to keep coming. What the hell is it with Democrats flying pallet loads of cash to the middle east? Never heard of that before Barrack came along. Could it be that the mental giant pictured above, is hinting the Feds are going to stop sending pallets of money if the Taliban don’t have a few token menstruating people in the cabinet? If that’s what these morons have in mind, how are they going to justify propping up a terrorist government? Maybe since it’s working really well in several large American cities, they think it will work in Kabul. I wouldn’t be surprised if the NBA opens up a franchise there in the near future. What the hell, it could work. Lots of guns and drugs already in place. They could name the team, Kabul Bombers, or something like that.

I sort of feel bad for Blinken. He doesn’t look or sound real bright, then he took a job that totally proves it. Do you remember Dan Quale? Well Antony is another one of those guys that should have never given up his job at the Waffle House.

I’m really trying to get a handle on how the Democrats manage the ” everybody’s a raciest thing”. They burned down like five complete cities last summer. Destroyed over 300 police vehicles, toppled historical statues, and attacked police officers, even killing a few. Looted every major department store in sight. All of this was done because of so called “systemic racism”. Then a genuinely great guy, who happens to be black, runs for governor in the State of California, against a really stupid white guy, and the Democrats hurl racist remarks and eggs at the black guy. The Democrats once again have revealed themselves to be complete dickheads. They really didn’t have to go out of their way to do that, we already knew it.

I saved the best for the last….President Biden. When you saw his performances at the Democrat National Convention, you knew what you would get if he ever became President. I don’t think anyone ever dreamed that would actually happen. How in the world could that stumbling, bumbling fool ever win against Donald Trump and a rip roaring economy. But alas, nobody could have factored in the ” wicked midget ” Anthony Fauci, and his Chinese team of mad bat scientists. We entered into a whole new realm, when folks were willing to kill off a few million people to win an election. Most people are too terrified to even entertain the thought it could actually happen. I think about it a lot. These fools killed my brother. Now we have a guy in the White House that really should be in a nursing home, and a vice president that shouldn’t be anywhere near a position of power. She should be doing “voice overs” for cartoons.

Every day, I think it can’t get any worse, and it does. I remember CNN and all of the other media numbskulls, endlessly repeating ” the adults are back in power” when Biden won. Sorry, but these people don’t match my perception of how adults are supposed to act. These folks are more like the ninth graders I used to transport during my self imposed year of torture, as a school bus driver. Blinken was the kid licking the window.

Have a great day America, while you still can. Kinda.



You really have to ask yourself this question; How did the entire intelligence community, the military, the State Department and the White House screw this up beyond any logical reason? The next thought that naturally comes to mind, was this some kind of a weird bizarre plan? Is there some kind of strategic follow up? It’s pretty obvious that the entire Biden group is inept, but this, was in a totally different category of stupid.

President Trump planned the withdrawl. The date was set, all of the pieces were in place for an orderly exit. The Democrats threw that plan away, and came up with this jewel. So, I have a few ideas about what may be going on, I am going to lay out what may actually be happening.

My first statement is, that all of these people lie, all of the time. Whatever comes out of their mouths cannot be trusted. They are the masters of the old “smoke and mirrors” game. It’s a well established fact now, that we do in fact, have a “shadow government,” or “deep state”. Four years of Donald Trump, pulled back the curtain and exposed the roaches that live beneath the floor boards. During Trump’s presidency, they were bolder than ever, willing to operate in the light of day. In my opinion, the “Deep State” now feels it is strong enough to operate in full view. They have been emboldened by the fact that even though we know who broke the law and when, regarding the attempted soft coup, not a single one of them were indicted or served a single day in jail. By the way, does anyone know what happened to John Durham? That Bill Barr guy turned out to be a giant “dud” as well.

We have all heard the term ” military industrial complex”. The definition is a term that denotes a symbiotic relationship between the nations military, economy, and politics. When President Eisenhower gave his farewell speech at the end of his presidency on January 17th, 1961, he warned about the dangers of allowing this unholy alliance to take control of the United States. Obviously, nobody took Ike seriously, because we’re almost there in 2021, sixty years later. That puts Dwight D. Eisenhower in the realm of a prophet does it not?

The “Deep State” defied President Trump on several occasions regarding the military. So much for the “Commander in Chief” thing. Another myth that you have been fed over the years. For the rest of the article, I will refer to the Military Industrial Complex, which includes the Deep State, as MIC. MIC, loves war, it’s what they do, it’s their business. There is a huge amount of money to be made in warfare. There are very powerful people that operate behind the curtain. The MIC kept us in Afghanistan for twenty years. Politicians share in the power generated by warfare. Lindsey Graham is a major “hawk”, loves to promote military action. I think maybe we should take a hard look at Lindsey’s investment portfolio, and see how deep he is, in the MIC.

I have made my position very clear in past articles, that I am no fan of Joe Biden, or the Democrat party. But, considering what took place in Afghanistan, the MIC, may have been getting revenge on Sleepy Joe, for pulling out of Afghanistan. The CIA pulled up stakes three weeks before the pull out date. The military pulled the plug and left the White House and State Dept. to clean up the mess, and they did a horrible job. I think the MIC wanted to stay in Afghanistan far into the future. If you think it wasn’t lucrative, look at all the weaponry they left behind. The Pentagon could have moved a lot of that equipment out, or completely disabled it. I think they deliberately left it behind to make Sleepy Joe look bad. Now that all of that equipment is gone, they can buy more, making the rich Neocons, even richer, why should they care, it’s not their money.

The actions of the MIC, left the whole area in turmoil, and it’s not going to get better. Once again, It will become the breeding ground for terrorist activities. In light of what just happened, they’re likely to be bolder than ever, thinking America will never venture into Afghanistan again under any circumstances. They’re also better armed than they ever imagined. It’s a perfect setup, for the perfect storm. Just what MIC loves. Just imagine the never ending opportunities for special forces operations and drone warfare. China is also going to be showing strong interest in the mineral assets in the area. It’s going to remain a festering wound, that MIC can continue to exploit. Once again, MIC will have little difficulties convincing Congress for the need to stay involved. We may not have “boots on the ground”, but rest assured, Chapter Two in being written right now.

Biden was stumbling along, with his halfwit cabinet, trying to look like a hero, by getting our troops out of Afghanistan before the twenty year anniversary, and the MIC was undercutting him on every front. Even Joe Biden has enough cognitive ability to realize he was being “snookered”. He was left in between a rock and an abandoned Military Airfield. The only chance he had at that point, to salvage anything at all, was to start lying non stop, and blaming everyone, including the dog. Biden could preserve some integrity of his presidency, by going on a firing rampage, starting with General Millie, and ending up with Tony Blinken. Think of the non stop fawning by the MSM about his “strong man” persona, and his ability to take charge. Then there’s also the book deal later. Don’t expect that to happen, Joe Biden is a tired old man, he doesn’t have any fight left in him. He just wants to get through this, so he can go back to his basement, where it’s peaceful and quiet. He hates those stairs on Air Force One. After he finishes his tour at the White House, Nancy is going to gift him her refrigerator full of ice cream. Nancy and her husband have scored so many great inside deals lately, they are going to buy the company that makes the refrigerators. They will have the top of the top of the line machine.

The Korean war was the last war we kinda won. We could have won that one biggly, if Truman had not stopped General Douglas MacArthur from marching into North Korea. ( I love that word biggly ) Another major blunder by a Democrat President. If Truman had allowed MacArthur to take North Korea, the world would be a very different place today, a better place for sure. Since that time the MIC has continued to grow and amass more and more power. We have stumbled through one armed conflict after another. The only thing we have to show for all of these useless wars is dead, and severely disabled soldiers. The politicians have done a great job drumming up support for these wars, and our wonderful young men and women, have bravely stepped up to the plate, offering to put their lives and bodies on the line, in the name of patriotism. You can never heap enough praise on our soldiers, and their blind dedication to the Stars and Stripes. Likewise, you can never heap enough displeasure on the willingness of our leaders to think of them as mere “cannon fodder”. I’ve long said, that if politicians were forced to fight the wars they willingly start, wars would quickly end.

I sort of veered off course for a moment, but the point is, that our government has never been farther off course than it is now. Unelected bureaucrats and Military brass are openly interfering with the President’s decisions regarding national security issues. It’s obvious there are power brokers embedded throughout the government, each one making moves based on some unknown political agenda. I think most would agree that the Democrat left, is manipulating President Biden for their own agenda, whatever that may be. You might say, Biden made a deal with the devil. Remember the ambassadors in Ukraine working to undermine President Trump? I will never forget those whiney, pathetic examples of Americans. Lt. Col. Alexander Vindman was a disgrace to the Army Uniform. Marie Yovanovitch was a pathetic example of an American Ambassador. These two idiots made me sick to my stomach. Congress gets absolutely nothing done, instead of focusing on the people’s business, they spend their time focusing on party politics, playing gotcha games with the opposite side.

Yes, I think the Afghanistan exit was botched for nefarious reasons, by unscrupulous actors. They were engaging in passive aggressive behavior on a grand scale. Tony Blinken can’t believe the mess he’s in, he just wants to give up stardom and start another garage band. Kamala Harris just wants to stay out of sight, so none of this gets blamed on her. Have you noticed Biden’s people have been really quiet. The only ones coming to his defense are the idiots at CNN. The same ones that thought Michael Avenatti was going to save the planet. Oh yeah, the same ones that couldn’t believe Jussie Smollet was a con artist. Yep, those geniuses.

In the meantime, China marches on, not allowing itself to be deterred on it’s way to becoming the world’s leading power. The United States certainly is not standing in their way, we have digressed into a bunch of sniveling, selfish, people immersed in never ending silliness. In the meantime, go enjoy a pro football game. Watch how the world’s highest paid athletes show their disgust for the nation that makes that possible. Oh, by the way, make sure you don’t wear a jersey from the visiting team, it could cost you your life.

Another side note, Biden has offered to help Afghanistan’s neighbors secure their borders to keep out the bad guys. Ain’t it great knowing he’s all for secure borders?

United States of America: Founded by geniuses, ran by idiots. Sorry if I sound pissed. It’s my country. My people have been here since 1700, we built this damn place. Stick it in your ear Barry.




This miserable group of people, led by a career politician, clearly in severe cognitive decline, have been engaged in the destruction of the United States of America for eight months, and an accelerated pace. I have been on this earth over 80 years, and have never witnessed anything like it. Make no mistake, they are hellbent on transforming this country into something unrecognizable. The American citizens aren’t OK with this, it’s clearly shown in every poll. Yet these people think they have been given authority from some unknown source to fundamentally change America forever. These idiots shown in the collage above are currently waging a war against white people, but if you look at the picture, only only four out of 21 of them are non whites. I don’t know about you, the the strangeness of that escapes my reasoning. But then again, I have yet to see them do anything that really makes sense.

I’m pretty sure that everyone of these folks took an oath to protect the Constitution of the United States while performing their given tasks. Well actually, I know they did. But let’s be clear eyed about who these folks are, they would never hesitate to tell a little lie on their way to power. They lost the spirit of America while pledging allegiance to the Democrat Party. That’s making a wild ass assumption they ever possessed it in the first place. These people are pure partisan hacks, their motto is “what’s good for the party is good for everyone”. I heard someone on one of the evening talk shows, say Biden’s real motive for rushing to leave Afghanistan was to be able to claim he ended the war, just before the 20th anniversary of the World Trade Center tragedy on 9-11-01. The point they were making, was that the hasty and botched withdraw was done for optics, he thought would make him and the Democrat party look great for finally ending the war. That seems to make sense, as it clearly wasn’t done in a manner that benefitted the image of the United States. When you compare patriotic motives with political motives, it makes the political motives look like cheap dollar store jewelry.

In my opinion, Biden and his entire cabinet have broken their oaths to uphold the Constitution of the United States in many different ways, and we are only eight short months into this administration. Biden is bestowing power to the CDC, who is in turn, violating the Constitutional rights of American property owners and private citizens with medical mandates, among other things. I consider all of these losers…. traitors. It is impossible to uphold the Constitution while taking power into your own hands.

It’s an old joke about “how can you tell when a politician is lying”?…..His lips are moving. These people in power today are the most prolific liars in history. Over the past week, we have watched a horrific example of ineptitude unfold before our very eyes, in Afghanistan. They know we saw it, with our own eyes, yet they stand before us and tell us what a huge success it was. Never mind that we still have Americans trapped behind enemy lines. Never mind that they did everything in their power to prevent private entities from rescuing Christians. Never mind that they left Billions of dollars worth of military equipment behind. Never mind that Biden’s people gave the Taliban a list of American citizens present in their country. Never mind they left Afghan allies behind, and took unvetted people without visas. It was a clown show, pure and simple.


All of these morons are cowards. None of them will step up and take any blame for giving the United States the biggest “black eye” in history. The over riding motive is for job preservation. A true patriot would take the hit for screwing up this badly. A true patriot would have sacrificed their position and refused to follow orders for the good of the USA. Sorry, in my opinion there are very few real Americans in the Democrat party. The Republican party has it’s share of the rats as well. Lindsey Graham is a great example, but there are plenty more. I don’t think you will find overwhelming numbers of D.C. politicians willing to stand up for what’s right. They’re likely to check the poles first, to see if it will be beneficial for them to do so.

You may ask, how did we get to this point? Most likely boils down to two mitigating factors: Money and power. Weak people without a strong set of morals are easily corrupted. You can easily spot the strong ones if you’re interested in looking for them. I would highly suggest looking for the strong ones, before it’s too late.


P.S. Can anyone tell me why there was so much military hardware in Afghanistan, when we were only maintaining a relatively small contingency of personnel? Could it be that the Army was using Afghanistan for an equipment storage lot? Were they buying equipment they didn’t need? If that’s the case, it makes it even worse that they were willing to squander billions in taxpayer money just because they were incapable of putting together a plan to move it out. Think about it the next time to write the check to the IRS.


If you think the photo above looks weird, it’s because it’s photo shopped. It’s from a website called, I was looking for a picture of a crashed airliner to demonstrate my point and accidentally came across their site. The site is making the point that the supposed crash site of flight 93 was a hoax. I have to admit, when I observed the news footage of the crash site, I was highly skeptical. But that’s another topic for another day. The level the U.S. government is willing to go in their “gaslighting” schemes defies belief.

So, why is the left hell bent on the destruction of this country? Well, it appears that we are entering into an age where a whole lot of people, seem willing to throw away 245 years of a very successful form of government, and venture off into the unknown. So…why in the world would this seem like a good idea? Because the the colleges, universities, and the main stream media, along with very powerful corporations have convinced a whole lot of folks, that they are capable of creating a utopian society. Which, by the way, has never existed in the history of mankind, and it’s not gonna’ happen ever. Humans are incapable of creating such a society. We are imperfect beings, driven by imperfect ideas and desires.

It’s hard to imagine what this utopian society might look like. Especially considering who the main players are. All countries big and small find it absolutely essential to have a central government. Throughout history, every society has had strong leadership characters. If we scrap the tried and tested Representative Republic, I doubt the new folks that install themselves as the governing body, will remotely consider sharing their newfound power with the common folk. Without a Bill of Rights and Constitution, the new government will be free to impose their will on folks, and the folks will have no redress available to them. Think China.

You can bet your last dollar, or crypto currency, that the corporate oligarchs will dispose of the current politicians right out of the box. Why would you keep a relic from the past, that has been proven to be totally useless? The current government officials ain’t gonna get no golden parachutes, guaranteed!!!.

A word of warning to Black Lives Matter folks. You start looting stores, you’re gonna be stealing from da boss. I don’t think da boss is gonna let that happen. Yo gonna find yo ass in da slammer, foeva. Period. All of that defund the police bullshit……wait ’til you’all see the corporate cops, their rules are, there ain’t no rules. The homeless ( feral people ) will disappear. If you aren’t useful, or cause trouble, you’ll be taken to the train station.

All of the union folks that are helping push this along are going to be in for big surprise. How effective is the union representation in China? Anyone have an idea? I do. About 32% of workers win their arbitration. The Chinese government has watered down the labor laws to the point, they are virtually useless. Corporations do what they damn well please, with the help of the government. All of those cushy union retirement plans…gone. Motorhomes…gone……….private aircraft….gone. The only folks that have that stuff are the corporate people, and government officials. You’re setting fire to your own house, fools.

How did we get to this point where people are willing to throw away the greatest nation that ever existed? The answer is, they don’t think it’s so great anymore. Remember Andrew Cuomo a few years ago, saying “it was never that great”? Well, it was great, but it wasn’t perfect. As I said before, humans are incapable of perfection. In order to have a great nation, the citizens have to love their country, and constantly promote it. Like anything on this earth, patriotism requires constant maintenance. Corruption has crept into our government at all levels. Politicians have never been stellar folks, but we have a bumper crop of self serving, greedy scumbags willing to sell this country to the highest bidders. Those bidders with the most money happen to be corporate America, and China. The citizenry has gotten soft and lazy, and think they deserve to be compensated for just being present. Public schools have decided it’s too hard to produce good students, so they turn out dummies that can’t read or write, or do simple math. We spend more per student than almost anywhere on earth, and we turn out morons. College professors for some unknown reason think it’s fashionable to be anti American, and preach total garbage to youngsters, that haven’t been taught to think for themselves because their parents are either too busy or too lazy. Public schools are too busy indoctrinating students with racial nonsense, and hate American crap, to really teach them anything that will actually help them. They constantly grieve over the rights of transgender people, while trampling on the rights of women and girls.

A healthy nation requires people that care about, and love their country, and conduct their lives for the greater good of all people. When you separate people into tribes, you totally lose the concept of the United States of America, and E Pluribus Unum. E Pluribus Unum to a Democrat is like garlic to a vampire.

In my opinion, we are in a very dangerous place today. The collective mind of America is getting soft and spongey. We are letting politicians take away our personal freedoms over a virus no more dangerous than the common flu. America has demonstrated it’s willingness to give up freedom for safety. Benjamin Franklin famously said if you do that, you deserve neither. He was absolutely correct.

Think seriously about the following words when you hear politicians lecture about masks, and lockdowns.

” A strict observance of all written laws is doubtless one of the high duties of a good citizen, but it is not the highest. The laws of necessity, of self preservation, of saving our country when in danger, are of higher obligation. To lose our country by a scrupulous adherence to written law would be to lose the law itself, with life, liberty, property, and all those who are enjoying them with us, thus absurdly sacrificing the end to the means.”

Thomas Jefferson 1870

This is a dark time for America. Stay strong, stay vigilant, stay vocal, and oppose what you know to be wrong. God bless all of you good citizens.