OCTOBER 17, 2022



So, Joe (the lights are on but nobody’s home) Biden, seriously hobbled the oil supply in the US by shutting down pipelines, oil leases, and stopping fracking. Making us once again dependent on Saudi oil, then made a huge diplomacy screw up and pissed them off by making threats of reprisal because they wouldn’t play along with his election strategy. The dumb shit has no leverage. The Saudis can pull the plug and put America in a very bad way, very fast, at a very bad time. The Saudis could wipe out any chance the Democrats have, not only this election, but the next ten. It’s messing with my mind thinking we actually have a president this freaking stupid.

But wait, it’s actually worse. The dumbass has been selling off our strategic oil reserve. You know, the one that Trump filled up before he left office. These people would make great dog park employees picking up dog shit. I’ll bet they couldn’t even get that right.


I wonder if any of the geniuses in Washington D.C. ever considered that Russia might prevail, and Ukraine ends up under Russian rule? After pouring billions of dollars into a dictatorial regime. (Ukraine is not a democracy despite what the liars are telling you) Now you have two really big problems. Number one, Russia now controls a lot more territory, way more natural resources, and a huge food supply the Western Nations depend on.

If you think the relations with Russia are bad now, if that happens it’s gonna be super bad. Russia will suddenly have a lot of leverage they didn’t have before, and make no mistake, they will use it. Why wouldn’t they? After the West tried to oust Putin. This is just another major foreign policy blunder by the Democrat halfwits.

The US should have stepped in early and brokered a peace deal between Ukraine and Russia. Putin just wanted to make sure Ukraine didn’t join NATO. Why wouldn’t he be concerned, it’s no different than when Russia was putting missiles in Cuba, and the USA went nuts. This whole mess is being driven by the Democrat’s desire to unseat Putin and sign-up Ukraine for NATO. Now, thousands of innocent Ukrainian citizens have been killed or rendered homeless and hungry. The Ukraine infrastructure has been seriously damaged, including a nuclear power plant. This is stupidity at its highest level. And never ever forget, this was a Bi Partisan play.

The really insane part of this, is that several nuclear powers are involved, and it could very easily get out of control, and millions of people could end up dead, along with massive destruction. The ones that weren’t killed by the nuclear blasts would probably end up dying of starvation. I would like for just one of these geniuses to explain why Ukraine was worth risking the world.


How many decades have we heard the Democrats moaning and groaning about the plight of the Native Americans? Remember back in the seventies when it was non-stop rhetoric, about how their land was stolen, and they were living in horrible conditions on the reservations? Would someone please enumerate the number of major programs the Democrats initiated on behalf of the Native Americans? I can’t remember any. While you’re thinking about that, ask yourself why, after all of the empty words, and posturing, why the government decided to hand over free land and benefits to the Hondurans, Guatemalans, Salvadorians, and Nicaraguans. Not to mention the Venezuelans and Haitians. If I were native American, I would really be pissed right now.


There is only one proven way to deal with a bully. You give them a bigger ass whoopin’ than they gave you. Pretty much works every time. That my friend is the whole theory behind jails and prisons. The good folks tell the bad folks; hurt one of us, and we gonna’ lock yo’ ass up forever. Bad guys don’t like being locked up either, so jail and prison is a definite deterrent. When they know they face the death penalty for murder, they will think twice before pulling the trigger. The Democrats will try to tell you none of this works. If that’s really so, why are the Democrats locking up the Conservative protestors. They are doing it, because the know damn well it works.

We have allowed the commie assholes to tear down our beautiful historical statues and beat us into submission over the Confederate Battle Flag. We are allowing them to rename military bases and public schools, and streets and roadways. We are allowing them to deface historical places like the Jefferson Memorial and Washington Monument. We are allowing them to decimate our police agencies and kill the officers. We are allowing them to firebomb Crisis Pregnancy Centers, that work to promote the well-being of the mother and save the life of the child.

We have been allowing them to poison the minds of thousands of people with the Critical Race Theory bullshit including our little children. We are allowing them to groom our school age children by sexualizing them in elementary level schools. These people deal in murder and mayhem.

We absolutely must quit “caving in” to these vile people. When they want an apology for what we say or do, we need not only say no, but hell no. If you “cave in” they will come after you again and again until they destroy you.

God bless all of you and your families. Stand strong as families. Your family is your fortress against outside enemies. Stay strong, stay vigilant.




OCTOBER 13, 2022



This has been on my mind for weeks maybe months. Then out of the blue, Tulsi Gabbard dropped this bombshell statement, and touched on all of the issues that have been making me crazy. She did it very eloquently, so I thought I’ll let her speak for me and the way I am seeing things. I hope you enjoy this video, and I hope it heightens your awareness of the urgency for a change of leadership in our government.

As always, thank you for taking the time to allow me to bend your ears. God Bless all of you in these dangerous times.



OCTOBER 9, 2022



As I sat down at my desk to begin this blog, I looked out my office window and saw a huge yellow globe in the sky. The moon is just awesome tonight. The weather has been gorgeous here in the pacific northwest. You really can’t count on dry weather after the first of October, but this year has been spectacular. I took a drive on the backroads today in the old 1943 Dodge weapons carrier, which is all finished and painted, what a great experience. It’s an open cab truck (like a jeep) so you get to experience all of the fall smells and warm sun.

I actually set up this blog with the title four days ago, but just haven’t gotten around to working on it. When I saw the moon just before executing the first keystroke, I had a vision of all of the history of this world, the moon has witnessed. No matter what sort of mayhem man has created, no matter how many heinous acts man has perpetrated on his neighbor, nature carries on as if nothing has happened. The sun and moon rise and set, undeterred. When you see and comprehend the absolute magnitude of nature and the universe, you understand the total foolishness of any human being that claims they can change the world weather patterns, and climate. Those that actually believe that, have identified themselves as liars and/or fools.


I have written about this so many times, it’s like an endless loop recording. The left has been slowly transforming public schools and higher learning institutions into centers for political indoctrination. It was very low key for years, but the Biden administration isn’t trying to hide it anymore. They are putting the “pedal to the metal”, going so far as to enlist the FBI and DOJ to enforce this nonsense. However, this is hardly breaking news. Anyone that has been even slightly awake knows this is happening. What is important to note, is how aggressively they are pursuing it. They seem to have ample support from local school boards. I live in a pretty small city, and I was shocked when I read an article in the local newspaper today, that our school board closed the meetings to the public because they were upset about the increasingly vocal parents that were showing up and voicing their concerns. I will be watching this play out, and keep you informed.


I really can’t hang any blame on Biden for the way the left manipulated and twisted the 2020 presidential election. But, unless you have been in a coma for the past two years, you know damn well it happened. If you have any doubts about how brazen the left is, think about how hard they worked to overturn the results of the 2016 presidential election, going so far as to set up a bogus investigation into Donald Trump’s campaign that was based totally on false information. There is literally no limit to what these people are capable of. Numerous bad actors on the left, including FBI agents, DOJ employees, Congressmen, and judges were involved in the sham investigation and not a single one of them were charged with a crime. On the eve of the mid-term elections, the FBI and DOJ are hunting down influential conservatives, engaging in illegal search and seizure operations. They are showing up at innocent people’s homes, guns drawn, scaring the living hell out of them, taking their communication devices and computers. These folks haven’t broken any laws, it’s nothing more than political persecution and intimidation. They just happen to belong to the wrong political party. The government will bring suit against them on erroneous charges and bankrupt them in a court of law in order to silence them. I thought this kind of stuff only happened in communist dictatorships.


The media’s right to report and expound on the news is protected by the first amendment. You would think, they would take that very seriously and protect that right. Nope, if you think that is the case, you would be wrong. Instead of questioning those in power, and their motives, they’ve jumped in bed with ’em. So, one can only surmise that they feel the left is going to eventually prevail, and they are going to make sure they are on the winning side. It’s called “sucking up”. It is so painfully obvious it makes you wanna’ vomit. It works out pretty well for the left, they use the media to broadcast their bullshit, and about half the people in America are half asleep, half drunk, or just plain stupid, so the message sticks if it’s repeated about a thousand times. Do you think it’s any accident that the verbiage describing a pivotal event is almost identical no matter which channel you watch except for Fox or Newsmax?

If there is a news story that is going to be damaging to their bosses, they just don’t report it. It’s “radio silence” across the board, TV, Social Media, Newspapers, Public Broadcasting. Do I need to remind you about the Hunter Biden laptop story? It’s very obvious the mainstream media takes its marching orders from the DNC. The fact that we ever get a conservative elected to any office is in itself pretty darned amazing.


I’m not going to get into the analysis of why inflation happened. Inflation happens in short because of poor governmental policies. Inflation is insidious for the average American household for obvious reasons. Most of us are working with a limited amount of income, and we budget to work with that particular amount of money. We don’t have the luxury of being able to dial up the income as needed to offset the added cost of consumer goods. The first things that go are the small pleasures of going out to our favorite restaurants or bars. Next is not taking the Sunday drives in the country to enjoy the fall scenery. You get it, we have to give up those small things that we work so hard for. We enjoy campouts with our travel trailer, but when gasoline is between four and five dollars a gallon, and the truck gets 8 mpg pulling the trailer, our trips get shorter and less frequent. We are getting punished for the ineptitude of our elected leaders. So, what follows inflation? Recessions. That’s when people are in debt up to their eyebrows from living through inflation, and can no longer afford to buy much of anything, companies start laying off workers, and unemployment goes through the roof. Commercial building grinds to a halt along with most other private money ventures. The good thing is that automobile prices drop through the floor, but most people can’t buy one anyway. Basically, you get screwed for a very long duration of time. (Remember the Obama years?) You know who doesn’t get screwed? Yep, the bastards that caused it.


President Biden is obviously not in charge of the day-to-day operations of the white house. If he isn’t reading from the teleprompter all bets are off on what he may say. He is likely to go from speaking about Ukraine, to the time was whale watching on Lake Michigan, when he was driving a semi for Inter Mountain Express in 1945.

Biden is clearly a puppet of the Democrat party, doing whatever they tell him to do, saying whatever they tell him to say. When he spends virtually every weekend in Delaware, and nobody knows who he sees while the is there, I suspect much of what is going on is being directed by Obama himself. Some have said this is really Obama’s third term.

The Biden entourage is a freak show. His Vice President is unable to speak coherently, she seems to have some sort of glitch in her brain that repeats the same phrases and words in different order to make it sound like she has expanded knowledge of the topic, while saying nothing. When she is cornered and doesn’t know what to say, she starts laughing hysterically. The whole group is embarrassing on the world stage.

The Secretary of State has no freaking idea what he is doing. The secretary of Transportation doesn’t know a semi from a pickup. Janet Yellen should be calling numbers in the VFW Bingo games. Ron Klain and Susan Rice should have to report their daily activities to a non-partisan public oversight committee. I don’t trust those two anymore than I trust the Ayatollah.

But the worst of the worst is the FBI and DOJ. These people are totally out of control. These folks are reminiscent of the old Soviet KGB. I never in my wildest imagination ever thought I would see the FBI investigating parents for protesting school board actions. Arresting Christians for singing hymns at abortion clinics and turning a blind eye to left wing activists firebombing pro-life centers. Arresting conservative leaders for supporting Donald Trump, plus raiding Donald Trump’s private residence for obviously bogus reasons, in an attempt to sway the elections. The whole damn government is out of control from DC to the state houses.

I remember when Biden was elected (if you wanna call it that) my wife was beside herself with fear of what may happen. My famous last words were “don’t worry, he can’t screw things up that bad in four years”. That’s what you call a major miscalculation. This country has gone from being well managed by the master tweeter, to a giant “cluster fuck” by the crazy old geezer.



SEPTEMBER 28, 2022



I never thought much about race until Barrack Hussien Obama became president. I remember when he was elected, I thought this is good, an African American has been elected as the President of the United States. I remember thinking that this will be great for the black population, it will give them hope, and bolster their pride as Americans. I was expecting to see a turning point in the struggles of blacks in the inner cities. That didn’t happen, instead things got measurably worse. A black man as U.S. President had the opposite effect. In my opinion, the negative impact was the direct result of Barrack Obama’s overbearing raciest attitude. Barrack Obama had the chance to heal the old wounds, and go down in history as a great unifier, far greater than Martin Luther King ever dreamed of. But instead of following in the foot steps of Dr. King, he chose the road of division and victimhood.

Obama was openly critical of police. If you remember one of his first acts as president was to condemn the police for arresting a black college professor that was attempting to break into his own home after losing his keys. Think about this for a moment, in a rational frame of mind. Police officers observe a guy attempting to break into a house in broad daylight. There is no way, they know this guy owns the home, or that he is a local college professor. They are simply doing the job they are paid to do. In my opinion, there was no racial component until Obama got involved. Also, why is the president of the United States interfering in city police affairs. Did someone not give him and outline of his job description? He’s supposed to be dealing with world leaders, not local police officers. That’s the mayor’s job. Not sure how many remember his tirade about how much he hated the appearance of police officers. He said they were too aggressive looking, too militarized. Obama planted the seeds that have grown into the anti-police movement.

Allow me to explain how this happens, and how basic it is. I once had a beautiful male Seal Point Siamese cat. Our neighbors across the street had a tabby tomcat. If I was not outside with my cat, he was terrified of the neighbor’s cat. However, if I was outside my cat was very aggressive, he felt confident I would back him up, and would chase the neighbor’s cat back home. I was highly amused by this, but it also taught me a very big lesson about how things work on all levels.

Once the black hooligans felt the President of the United States, and the whole Democrat party had their backs, they became much more aggressive and dangerous. This has been chronicled by statisticians, and they can tell you this all started around 2011. The Democrats started using racism as a smokescreen to cover up the ‘Occupy Wall Street’ problem, they couldn’t control. It really spiraled out of control with Michael Brown in Ferguson, Freddy Gray in Balitmore, and Trayvon Martin in Florida. Of course, we all know the ultimate climax was the George Floyd disaster in Minneapolis. George Floyds death was a huge win for the left, it was a powerful catalyst to move the Marxist movement forward.

The Democrats have successfully neutered the police departments around the United States. The officers have been demoralized by restrictions put on them by local “woke” mayors and police chiefs, and the fear of losing everything if they arrest or otherwise harm a black perp. Not that long ago, a police officer could expect an arrest to be uneventful for the most part, nowadays, that same officer fully understands an arrest can result in hand-to-hand combat with the perp. Often times the officer coming out on the bad end of things, even losing his or her life. Make no mistake, this is a top-down problem. The government leaders, from Washington D.C. to your local city Mayors are causing this problem. It’s completely “fixable”. Just enforce the law, and put the perps behind bars, and keep them there. Placating criminals with no bail, and short sentences only makes them more likely to commit crimes and injure or kill innocent people.

Young black men have a proven propensity for committing violent crime, and they are getting bolder and more dangerous. If this is the life you choose to live, and the law enforcement is turning a blind eye, why wouldn’t you escalate your activities. They commit the crime, are arrested, and are out on the street without bail within hours. Democrats are always screaming about how they are advocates for all things women. You know that’s a lie, when they stop investigating sexual assaults and prosecuting rapists. It’s impossible to pinpoint exactly what Democrats are supporting these days other than violent criminals, especially black ones.

Every action taken by a politician or group of politicians is, designed for an intended result. So, what exactly is the result they are looking for by promoting criminal behavior? Do Democrats somehow feel they are now, and forever, going to be immune from crime? Are the criminals given some sort of secret special spectacles that identifies Democrats, so they won’t attack them? Do the criminals have a list of addresses, so they won’t burglarize Democrat homes? It appears to be just plain craziness, but there must be some sort of desired result. It’s a very big action they are taking, I want to know why, because it’s totally illogical, and against basic human instincts.

I’m going to have to continue this baring of thoughts in the next blog. The more I think about things, more stuff comes into question. Why is Joe Biden asking about the whereabouts of a woman that is dead, and he is attending her services tomorrow? What was he talking about when he singled out a woman in the audience and said; “we go back a long way, I was 30 and you were 12”? Does he even know what he is talking about? Does this man have a functioning brain. Who blew up the Nord Stream Pipeline? Is Putin going to survive the Ukraine war that he started? His future is looking a bit grim. I think I have about ten years of stuff to write about.

Please vote as many times as possible, it’s pretty damned important. I would check out the Democrat homes and apartments, you could probably acquire about a thousand mail in ballots in a day or two. Remember, you will never win, if the other side is cheating and you’re playing fair. Just kidding, please vote. It’s never been more important. God bless you all. Stay alert and stay safe. Conceal/Carry permit is a smart thing.



SEPTEMBER 21, 2022



I have to admit, that I felt bad for the Venezuelan immigrants, even though they are here illegally. Initially they were used as pawns by De Santis and treated like garbage by the residents of Martha’s Vinyards. That said, the move by De Santis was brilliant, it exposed the hypocrisy of the left’s indisputable display of bigotry. This is who the left leaning elitists really are, it’s who they have always been, despite what they say they are. Democrats are lying hypocrites. Democrat politicians in San Francisco allow the insanity to prevail in the city, and at the end of the day, they retire to their gated communities protected by a private police force. They don’t live in the filth and squalor of the city. The city leaders that allow the “feral people” insanity should have to spend a month living with them on the streets with zero protection by law enforcement.

Yep, that was a high point move by Governor De Santis.


Fauci needs to go away, so we can forget his never-ending, and constantly changing renditions of the truth. In my opinion, he should never be allowed to be anywhere near young impressionable people. Wherever he goes, he should take at least half of the D.C. politicians and bureaucrats with him. That would certainly be inspiring.


Ignorance (Don Lemon) meets Intelligence (UK Scholar) promptly gets shut down.

It just doesn’t get any better than this!!


We are living through the most convoluted Presidency in the history of the USA. (My opinion) There may have been worse, I just don’t know about any. We actually have a President and a Vice President that are unable to communicate above the level of a third grader. If Joe Biden is unleashed and allowed to speak his mind, it is really bizarre. Apparently, they try to have a teleprompter as much as possible, and even then, he not only reads the prepared text, but he also reads his instructions on how to deliver the speech. Maybe I’m being a little too judgmental, but that indicates to me, a lack of critical thought processes. People are still trying to figure out what Joe was talking about in his 60-minute interview when he said, something like “he was amazed he could still fly at his age”. As far as Kamala is concerned, my Fox Terrier has a larger vocabulary.

You have probably noticed that “old Joe” seems to speak more clearly, and the words seem to come easier when he is pissed. My Father had dementia, and Joe’s actions are exactly the same as my father’s when he was pissed. The speech he gave a couple of weeks ago with the two Marines and red lighting was brilliantly staged by his handlers. They prepared an angry speech, with an angry red background with two members of the military behind him. A Brilliant exercise in psychology. I’m sure his staff got him riled up beforehand as well.

The past few days Joe has appeared in several places including the United Nations, where he gave a speech, that was marred by incoherent words. He later appeared on stage at another event, and when he completed his speech, he had no idea where he was or what he was supposed to do. He just stood on the stage as if he was lost.


The Democrats are on the wrong side of everything, and the polls clearly show Americans think the country is headed in the wrong direction. All indicators say the mid-terms are going to be a disaster for the left. But the 2020 polls said the same thing. It makes you wonder what kind of tricks the left is up to this time. When it comes to stealing elections, nobody does it better than Democrats.

Make certain that you vote and encourage your family and friends to vote (if they’re Republicans). God Bless the U.S.A. Let’s take our country back.



SEPTEMBER 11, 2022



The United States is a totally unique place (or was) like no other place in the world. The 48 contiguous states is a gigantic piece of real estate. What makes it so unusual, is that each state has its own government, including its own legislature and governor. Each state has its own laws, even though most states are fairly similar in their approach to law enforcement.

The USA has dense forests, gigantic inland lakes, huge rivers and small trout streams. Deserts and magnificent mountain ranges, including active volcanoes. Millions of acres of some of the richest farmland in the world. Also, the USA has thousands of miles of beautiful ocean beaches. But the best thing of all, is that we have an abundance of energy available for virtually anything we care to do.

The incredible men and women that came before us had a vision of what America could be and set about capturing that energy, building electrical grids, natural gas facilities, and infrastructure to provide clean water and dispose of sewage. Superhighways and magnificent bridges. The USA has the most advanced system of air travel in the world, as well as the safest. All aircraft pilots and air traffic controllers are required to communicate in English, because we wrote the book on air travel. American engineers are the gold standard worldwide. Our building standards the best in the world. America and its people are indeed extremely exceptional, I don’t care what Barrack Hussien Obama says.

America has always confronted its enemies and prevailed through the strength and unity of our people. But we are facing another enemy now that is not utilizing armies or navies, or nuclear missiles. We are being attacked by our own government, using our own laws and lawmakers against us. They are attacking us on several fronts, but it’s very clear, they feel climate change is the best weapon in their arsenal. It has everything going for it, a huge amount of the population has bought into it simply because the mainstream media has parroted the words of the left for years, so they have effectively turned propaganda into truth. It’s unprovable, a lot of really smart people have studied the computer models and say they are wrong, but everyone writes them off as climate deniers. So, like it or not, the momentum is clearly on their side.

Even if the planet is getting warmer, it is an extremely small number. I always fall back on an article I read a few months ago by a well-known scientist that said at the current rate of warming, it will take about four million years before the earth becomes uninhabitable. So, what is the rush to kill the fossil fuel power generators? The truth is there is no urgency. The infrastructure to switch over to an all-electric world is nowhere near being ready, it’s not even close. The technology for this to happen hasn’t even been developed yet.

My dear friends, this whole thing has absolutely nothing to do with the environment, it is a power grab. Stop and think about this for moment. The energy producers have always been private companies. When the government forces everyone to go to renewables, it is essentially the same thing as nationalized oil and gas. The government will be able to control your travel, your mode of transportation, they will control your life right down to the temperature in your home. The natural gas suppliers here in Oregon wanted to be able to control my wi-fi thermostat, I said no way. When the government is the sole supplier of anything you need on a daily basis, you’re pretty much screwed. It is a well-known fact, and many jokes have been made, about the how utterly horrible the government is at managing anything. (except collecting taxes)

I knew this was coming, I fully expected the blue states to start trying to get rid of old cars by passing nonsensical laws. There are millions of guys like me that love our old classics. To the climate cult, they want to see these old cars to go away. They want to erase them just like the historical statues and monuments.

The classic car industry is a multi-billion dollar industry. Las Vegas is host to the SEMA show every year that brings in millions of dollars in revenue to the area. I don’t think the car guys are going to be so happy with Nevada. The SEMA show could end up in Phoenix. I’m pretty sure everyone in the classic car world is going to see this for what it really is. In my opinion, this is just the first move, it’s how this stuff is done, little by little.

We could really slow this whole process down and maybe even stop it if we could load up the house and senate with young smart Republicans. (Real conservatives, not fake ones) Take a lesson from the Democrats and vote, not once but two or three times.






I have had my house burglarized twice in my life, and it’s very disturbing every time it happens. But the first time is the worst. Your house is your castle, it’s your domain, nobody is supposed to be within the walls of your home unless they are your invited guests. The thought of a stranger within your domain, rifling through your personal belongings invokes thoughts of revenge, deep thoughts of revenge. Bad ass Liam Neeson forms of revenge.

That’s what America has been all about since the Declaration of Independence. Your personal home is your sanctuary. The Bill of Rights guarantees that authorities cannot search your home or seize your assets without due process of the law. Before any of that happens, you have the right to council.

Since the Biden Administration has taken over the reigns, and taken control of both chambers of Congress, they have totally ignored the Constitution and Bill of Rights, and waged war against their political enemies. The list is quite long now of Donald Trump supporters that have been harassed and or jailed. Donald Trump himself is now a victim of this unlawful search and seizure operation being conducted by the FBI and DOJ. I would be disrespectful if I didn’t mention those poor souls languishing in the D.C. jail that were rounded up for the January 6th riots, which was totally insignificant in respect to the riots of 2020. Make no mistake, the incarceration of the Jan. 6th rioters, was a psychological strategy on the part of the Democrats. They were telling Republicans; “This is what will happen to you, if you do something like this”.

This is the way things work; When foreign invaders take over a village, or country, they inflict pain and suffering. They take the possessions of the rich, they rape the wives and daughters of the rich and powerful. They kill the male citizens that dare resist, and rape the townswomen. It is total domination and intimidation. Normally it only takes a few months before they have complete and total control of the population. They have broken the spirits and taken the “fight” out of the people.

Our government is a little more civilized in their actions. They use the goon squads of the FBI and invade your property, march you out in front of CNN cameras (the official government news agency) and then ransack your property while you sit in a jail cell. But in Trump’s case, they wanted to do the psychological equivalent of raping the wife, by going through all of her belongings. I mean, Afterall, what would be more demeaning to a former First Lady to know a lowly FBI agent went through your lingerie drawer, and to her husband knowing he was powerless to prevent it. That my friends, is total psychological warfare. It was meant to break their spirits. It was meant to make Trump feel totally helpless and let him know unequivocally where the real power is. They were saying, “OK big shot, you own this mega property, and have billions of dollars, but we can break down the doors and come in anytime we wish, and you can’t do a damn thing about it”.

When I was much younger, I worked with a Hungarian refugee, that escaped when Russia took over Hungary. He was very young, the Russians killed his parents. He told me the Russians intimidated the Hungarian people by putting up large wooden stakes, sharpened to a point like a pencil, and sat prominent townspeople on them while they were alive. Over the course of several days, the stakes completely penetrated their bodies. The Russians left their bodies on the stakes to intimidate the citizens. Governments will stop at nothing to gain complete power if they are so inclined. Our forefathers knew and understood that well

This is the way I am looking at things on September 2, 2022. We are just a scant two months away from the mid-terms. Vote like your life depended on it. It may.



AUGUST 31, 2022


I’m not sure how this blog is going to appear when you see it, the page seems to be quite different. I have been watching the insanity on all of my news feeds, and the intensity seems to be increasing daily. However, the one thing that continues to grab my attention is the sexualization of youngsters. If it was being done by obscure groups, in secret settings, you could sort of understand it. It’s just some kinky wacko fringe group. Well, that isn’t the case. It’s being done by children’s hospitals associated with public schools. Chris Rufo just blew the lid off of this today. Go to for the complete story. Don’t miss this, it’s shocking to say the least.

I grew up in a solid, traditional family in the south-central United States. Never knew what a gay person was until I was in high school. Turns out, we had a few in our local community, but they weren’t openly gay, just different. I was pretty sure our assistant coach was gay, all of my buddies agreed. I can’t fathom, youngsters under the age of 10, being exposed to this depravity. So, what is the point, why are they doing this? Public schools are supposed to be a safe place (relatively) for kids. The last thing in your mind, is that teachers and administrators would be grooming your kids to become sexual deviates. No sane parent wants this to happen to their kids. We thought CRT was bad. Obviously ” Crazy Joe” thinks it’s OK, his focus is on taxing you to death and finding all of the “Maga Fascists.” Speaking of “Crazy Joe”, have you seen any of his speeches in the past few days? He’s coming across as a madman, shouting and looking totally deranged, while he gets the candidates mixed up.

Has anyone seen Kamala? I’m not missing her, just curious about what they’ve done with her. Maybe she’s down on the southern border after Jill told her about the fantastic breakfast tacos.

Europe is about to re-enter the “dark ages” since they embraced renewable energy. Germany is turning off the traffic signals at night, and all of the office buildings have to turn out the lights. Britain is looking at cutting back power usage so Brits won’t be able to use the A/C. California just announced that no gasoline powered cars will be sold after 2035, and just hours later said they would be unable to supply enough power to keep the lights on this weekend and told residents to refrain from charging their electric cars. So, if you live in Bakersfield which is similar to living in the Sahara, and you have an electric vehicle, you won’t be able to take a trip to the beach, you’re just going to have to tough it out. The climate change idiots are running the western world over a cliff, and not one sane person is standing up and saying ” you fools can’t do this”.

When you see how the entire western world is beginning to crumble and fall apart before your eyes, it’s astonishing. But when you look closer and see what the leadership is focusing on, a sane, thoughtful person is going to realize it was inevitable. They are abandoning the tried-and-true methods, for building strong nations and societies. Instead, they are focusing on how they can remain in power, forever. When government is desperate to hold on to its power, it turns on its own citizens. They start looking for ways to strip you of your power and enhance their own. That is exactly what the “New Green Deal” is all about, nothing more nothing less. The more you depend on government for your basic needs, the less freedom you have.

I’m out of time, so I have to go. I will be back soon, my brain is overflowing with things I want to say, or have to say in order to maintain my sanity. My blog is my emotional outlet. I’m so glad there are people that are willing to listen to my rants. God Bless all of you, stay safe, search for the truth always.



AUGUST 12, 2022


This is not something I normally do, but you likely won’t see this news anywhere on the mainstream media outlets. I am posting a link to an article from the Associated Press. The information that is missing is even more important. China is buying up land all over the world and ruining the environment mining “rare earth” minerals for green energy products and electronics. The article is quite lengthily, but worth every bit of your time to be better informed.

Stay alert and stay informed. Stay safe. God Bless you and you families and the USA.



AUGUST 8, 2022



How many times have you heard “democracy dies in darkness”? I’m sorry but democracy has been slowly tortured and murdered before your eyes in broad daylight. I don’t think I’m gifted or some kind of psychic, I’ve just been watching this happen over the past number of years. If you haven’t seen it coming, you haven’t been paying attention. If you have been following my blogs, I have said many times, that the Republic was at the tipping point of destruction and may not be recoverable. Today may have been the final straw. The administrative state just gave everyone a very loud and plain message. ” We are in charge now, and you will obey or else”. They have been arresting people on false charges and putting them in jail for nineteen months now. They are not even trying to hide it anymore, it’s clear they now feel have the upper hand. Once they hire another 80,000 IRS agents, which is one of the most powerful bureaus in DC, the common man doesn’t stand a chance. Forget about the IRS agents showing up armed with calculators, they will now show up armed with calculators and 9mm side arms. When 100 FBI agents can storm a former president’s residence and ransack it without even announcing their intentions, or allowing him to have council present, democracy is already dead and buried.

Have you figured this one out yet? The reason the left wants to defund your local police departments, is getting clearer by the day. They are going to be replaced by federal police. The left will eliminate any form of resistance thru prosecution.


Some genius White House deputy press secretary named Andrew Bates, tried to create a new image of Biden as some kind of superhero tough guy. Someone shot some footage of Biden today, struggling to put on his sports coat. But the most damaging image is the eagle image behind him that bears a striking image of the one used by the Nazi Party in the 1930’s. All of this begs the question; Just how stupid and immature are these people?


In my opinion, I’m certain that the reasons they gave for her permanent suspension is pure bullshit lies. Washington State lefties are the same as Oregon lefties, mean, vindictive sons of bitches. If you cross them, they will do everything in their power to bury you.


I’m heartbroken for my country. All of the pundits are talking about changes when the Republicans sweep the house and senate in the mid-terms. I have two thoughts concerning that. If it’s possible to actually have a free and fair election, which I doubt, the Republicans have a piss poor record of making any meaningful changes. If we end up with Mitch McConnell and Kevin Mc Carthy, not a damn thing is going to change. I’m thinking about that “Dark Brandon” nonsense, maybe it’s not far off as a darkness falls over America. God bless you all. God Bless America.