MAY 13, 2022



We are now into the reign of the “Pedo Man” and the “Adults” about two and a half years and just about everything has gotten way worse. Biden is sorta like Midas in a way, but instead of everything he touches turning to gold, it turns to shit. Maybe he should be called “Dungas”.

How about the Medical services? Are your medical services getting better? Mine aren’t. I recently had to take my wife to the local hospital emergency room, and it was literally like walking into a third world hospital. I have never been in such a dismal place. American health care has always been the best in the world, period! I think those days are gone.

What the hell is going on with medicines. Why is the federal government all at once in control of who gets what medicine? Why weren’t therapeutic medicines available in large quantities to treat Covid? I have never seen a deadly disease that medical science didn’t rush to create and distribute numerous methods of treatments. Why all at once did choices of treatment become political? I’ve never known medicine to be political. The government pushed vaccines that didn’t prevent you from getting Covid, or spreading it, but they virtually threatened you with capital punishment if you didn’t comply. The halfwits nearly killed the economy and screwed up a whole generation of kids who weren’t even vulnerable. If all of the above wasn’t bad enough, what about the thousands of senior citizens in nursing homes that were literally murdered by incompetence?

Are you getting the same level of service where you shop and dine? I’m not. Supermarket shelves are missing a lot of popular products, but at least the aisles are not one way anymore, and you don’t have to wear face coverings. I’m curious, how many lives were saved by one-way aisles? What’s the difference in a group of people all facing the same direction as opposed to people facing different directions? What imbecile or group of imbeciles came up with that example of stupidity? Restaurants are poorly staffed, and the food is lousy. Portions are smaller and waits are longer. Went to a mexican place a few weeks ago and the chicken in the enchilada was like rubber. The Sheri’s in our little town looks like it’s abandoned from the outside. Plants and shrubs need to be trimmed and the parking lot hasn’t been cleaned in months.

Probably 20-30% of our downtown area stores are gone. The sidewalks are littered with trash and feral people. They didn’t even bother putting up Christmas decorations this past Christmas. Went to a job site meeting in downtown Portland recently, there is not enough words to describe the anger and disgust I felt. A once beautiful American city is a virtual hell hole. Now, Portland is not only weird, it’s just plain scary.

America, once the land of prosperity is now quickly moving toward the land of poverty. Biden and the Democrats with the help of the Rino’s, are running the economy into the ditch, and one thing is sure, there is a very deep recession in the near future. A shortage of baby formula will be the least of our worries. If you are going to survive a recession, you need to have some survival skills of the economic kind. I’m wondering what the hundreds of thousands of illegal aliens that crossed the southern border during Biden’s time are going to do? They have no job skills, they have no language skills. The only thing they can do is suck up welfare money. One more major drain on a struggling economy.

Are you happy with the pay cut your getting? Everything you buy now just to live is at least 20-30% higher. You’re paying more and getting less. I’m not happy about any of this.

Every large commercial aircraft comes with a very sizable operation manual. That manual is critical to the operation of the aircraft, and readily available to the pilot and co-pilot during the flight in case anything goes wrong. Not following the manual could end very badly. Running a large nation may not have a written manual, but over the course of time, people have learned what works and what doesn’t. The current group of halfwits in Washington have decided to throw all of that learned knowledge out the cockpit window and fly the nation into the ground. Same results, massive wreckage and dead bodies. My famous last words from a couple of years ago; ” one man couldn’t do that much damage in four years”. Boy, was I wrong?

I’ve never put much stock in political slogans, I mean, you have to consider where they come from. They are dreamed up by professional bullshitters. When I heard Biden’s slogan of “Build Back Better” I admit I was amused, to say the least, considering the history of his failures and plagiarism. But Biden was nothing but a trojan horse, a vessel for a whole army of crazy left wing ideologs to sweep in and take over the government. Biden just wanders around saying stupid shit, while the far-left crazies write his script, and operate behind the curtain. They use Joe Biden’s best asset, his ability to look you straight in the eye and lie to you. The United States, for the first time in its history, does not have a functioning President. The executive branch is a committee made up of inept political hacks. Considering the state of the world, a highly dangerous situation.

Have you ever considered how utterly stupid it is, to demand that the people who caused a major problem, correct it, and make everything good again? They don’t know how to make it good again. They are incapable of doing that. You need someone like Donald Trump to step in and fix things. But people that fix stuff are tough talking and aggressive, I’m not sure if Americans are able to handle that anymore. Most older folks like myself understand how that works, we were raised by tough talking Dads and stern Mothers. We worked for bosses that demanded performance. They made us better.

America is broken, seriously broken. It is going to take a huge, concerted effort to undo the damage done by leftist morons. Be honest in your assessments, the cracks run deep. Make no mistake, this didn’t happen by accident. The left has been on a mission to destroy the USA for many years, and they are closer than ever. Their dream is to replace our Republic with a Marxist State. Their biggest obstacle is the Constitution and Bill of Rights. Over the past two years, we have seen with our own eyes how fragile these documents can be. They are only as strong as the American peoples resolve to preserve them.

God bless you and your families. Never give up the fight to preserve our freedoms and way of life. God Bless America.



MAY 4, 2022



Joe Biden made a very big statement today, that happened to be pure hyperbole, and a bald face lie. He said; ” the MAGA crowd is really the most extreme political organization that’s existed in American history-in recent American history”. Then he said that overturning Roe vs. Wade could mean that gay children could be outlawed from sharing classrooms with straight kids. Nobody including Joe bothered explaining exactly how the two were connected. He said on Tuesday that overturning Roe could end the use of contraceptives and same sex marriage. I don’t know how you feel, but to me, this doesn’t sound like someone that has a good mental grip on things.

Trump has a great record on his association with gays, but I’m not interested in defending Trump at this moment in time. There is a much larger issue at hand. The Democrats are doing everything in their power to bring down the institutions of this great country.

The one bureau the Democrats are going to preserve at all costs is Department of Homeland Security. This is an organization that was tailormade to usurp the Constitution. If any federal bureaucracy ever needed to be defunded, it’s the DHS. Don’t ever think for a moment that the Feds won’t hesitate to seize more power if the opportunity presents itself. DHS is the perfect tool for spying on private citizens and your political opponents. They have the power of the FBI, and the DOJ as their allies, and there are virtually no limits to their power. Ask those poor souls languishing in the D.C. jail for participating in a political protest. Who would have ever thought that an American citizen could be jailed for a misdemeanor, denied bail, and a speedy trial? But an even bigger mystery is why hasn’t there been a huge outcry and demonstrations demanding their release? Apparently, as a conservative your life ain’t worth much. I’ve seen huge efforts by the government to get political prisoners released from foreign jails. Can anyone explain to me why nobody cares about these people? Did you ever think you would see your fellow Americans jailed as political prisoners for expressing their free speech rights?

The refusal of the DHS to secure the southern border of the United States is in direct conflict with the very reason the department was created, to provide security for the homeland. This is like hiring a security firm for your business, then instructing them to ignore any and all intruders. It is a dereliction of duty.

Thousands of illegal aliens have crossed the border undetected, nobody has any idea who they are, where they came from, or why they are here. The US has plenty of enemies around the world that would love to kill hundreds of Americans at one time. That sounds like a Homeland Security problem to me. A big problem.

If I were a leader of a Latin American country, I would be very likely to gather up all of the criminals and give them some lunch money and send ’em north. If you don’t think that’s what’s happening, you probably still sit up waiting to see the Easter Bunny.

What a boon for the cartels. Wide open border to traffic drugs and people. What a boon for sex traffickers, flooding the US with underage prostitutes. Sounds a little like the ol’ Homeland Security folks are partners in crime.

We all know how the Democrats turn a blind eye to their street minions that burn and loot businesses and cities, to force a political outcome they couldn’t get any other way. That my friend is domestic terrorism. They are at it again trying to sway the opinion of the Supreme Court in regard to Roe vs. Wade. All of the things I have written about in this article are actions of the Democrat party.

Just for the record, it’s the Democrat party that has morphed into a huge domestic terror group. It’s the Democrats that want to steal your children from under your noses. It’s the Democrats that want to flood this country with illegal aliens to change the voting demographics. It’s the Democrats that openly call for burning down the system. It’s the Democrats that have the reputation for rigging elections. It’s the Democrats that cozy up to large corporations to fight against freedom of speech. It’s the Democrats that can’t wait to kill the second amendment. It’s the Democrats that want to release violent criminals while gutting the police departments. It’s the Democrats that are placing far left prosecutors in major cities that won’t prosecute criminals. It’s the Democrat lead teachers’ unions that continue to poison the minds of our children against religion, and patriotism. Democrats are the enemy of Democracy. Don’t forget it. There are a fair number of Republicans that are enemies of the state as well. It’s time to cull ’em out.

Fight the good fight any way you can. It’s amazing how effective even small victories are at local levels. God bless you all. God Bless the United States of America.



MAY 2, 2022



Absolutely nothing is going good for the Biden Administration. The poll numbers are falling faster than Susan Serandons bust line. Now, if you’re a Democrat strategist, you make a list of topics that cause the most civil discord, and you pick one to revive for a diversion, to take everyone’s eyes off of your stupidity. Top of the list is Roe vs. Wade. Wow, you’re really in luck because the SCOTUS is reviewing it right now. The one thing that is not in short supply in the Democrat party is lawyers. A lot of them have experience in dealing with the Supreme Court. So, you create a false document of a draft opinion, that looks like the SCOTUS is on the verge of overturning the infamous law and give it to someone in the press. In a matter of hours, thousands of people will gather on the streets and the steps of the Supreme Court and cause a huge commotion. Mission accomplished. The media will be on fire for perhaps weeks until they figure out it wasn’t a leaked document at all, it was just a plant. Nobody does this better than Democrats. Do I need to remind you of the Steele Dossier?


Nancy Pelosi and Adam Schiff paid Zelinski a visit and pledged all out support in the form of money and weapons to Ukraine until the battle is won. I don’t think I ever remember a speaker of the house acting in this capacity. So, I guess in the Biden white house everyone is free to do whatever they want and make unilateral decisions on National Defense. Pelosi vowed to “fight to the end”. Let’s understand something very important here, none of the dumbasses are going to be involved in any kind of fighting. They are going to send your kids, and grandkids to get killed and maimed, while they sit in their gated communities drinking expensive wine and eating gourmet ice cream. In the end nothing will change except the “Tunnels to Towers” housing developments will get bigger along with the bank accounts of the neocons.


There are so many things wrong with this idea it’s almost impossible to find a starting place in the discussion. I think the most logical place to start, is in regard to probably millions of Moms and Dads that saved money for their children’s educations depriving themselves of some of life’s common luxuries. Who is going to pay these hard-working folks back? How about the guys and gals that chose to work in the trades, or certain professional careers that required a sizable investment of tools and equipment far greater than a college degree? How are they going to recoup their investments? Lastly, these young people signed up for these loans, eyes wide open, knowing they were expected to pay them off. If they are reneging on paying them off, they aren’t “snowflakes”, they’re are just plain “flakes”.


A jury found the Kardashians not guilty in the Blac Chyna defamation lawsuit. You can now resume your life. That was a nail biter.


44 & 46.5


APRIL 27, 2022


I’ve been in a good mood lately. We have a new resident in our home, and he is full of naughty energy. If you have ever been around a wire-haired Fox Terrier, you will know exactly what I mean. We adopted him from a family in Palm Springs, California, who had another wire Fox Terrier and the two of them did not get along. So, through some very good friends we were able to adopt him. He immediately settled in and made himself at home. He doesn’t seem to mind the radical climate change of living in the Pacific Northwest. Our Schnauzers both died of old age over the past couple of years, so we were dog lonely. Our friends laughed hilariously when we told them his name was Trevor. Trevor loves to watch TV and take naps with the old guy. We took him on this first camping trip to the river last weekend, he loves the outdoors. His presence in our home makes life a lot more bearable and fun.


We live in a relatively small town, but it seems to have the same problems as the larger cities around the state. While we were having dinner this evening, we both commented on how the restaurant was beginning to look a little dingey. The waiters didn’t seem to look as neat and well dressed as in the past. We were seated next to a window overlooking the parking lot, and I noticed it hasn’t been cleaned in a while. Lots of little bits and pieces laying around, and the shrubbery needs to be trimmed. I’m willing to give them a pass, I’m surprised they are still open after what our illustrious leaders put them through for the past two years. I’m sure they took one hell of a financial beating.

My wife commented that the whole town is looking like the Obama years. We just came back from a driving vacation covering six states. Everywhere we went looked poorer, dirtier, and the roads are not up to standards of the past. Phoenix, Arizona was the one exception. Phoenix is experiencing a boom, and it looks great.

After dinner we went by the local market to pick up a few food items, about six bags, over $200.00. The shelves seemed to be fairly well stocked, but we were stunned by the price of beef. A package of two dinner sized steaks was $42.00. Needless to say, we opted out of that deal. I’m thinking they are trying to force us into eating plant-based meat substitutes. We are only feeding two people, and I work from home, so my gasoline purchases are pretty spaced out. My wife asked how do people manage, that have three or four kids, drive two cars to work daily? Food has to cost $350.00 per week, and gas for two cars $200.00, plus all of the other day to day expenses. Life has to be pretty damned grim for a lot of folks. So, when exactly can we expect the “Build Back Better” thing to kick in?

Click on the link below to feel better about how the government is spending your tax money.

Ain’t life great? Well, it would be if we had a lot less politicians constantly screwing it up. God Bless all of you and your families. Stay alert, your wellbeing depends on it now more than ever.



APRIL 17, 2022




You can say anything you wish about me, call me what you will. Human beings are born either male or female with a strong sexual attraction to the opposite sex. God installed that basic instinct to perpetuate the human race. There is a ton of debate as to whether people are born gay, or are products of their environment. From a layman’s perspective, judging from the increased amount of gay people in recent years, I would say the environment is playing a very large part in the growing numbers. I don’t happen to be anti-gay, I believe in freedom to be whatever you want (short of a violent criminal). I do however believe a very large gay population is detrimental to society in general, for obvious reasons. Gay people don’t procreate and don’t tend to be religious or overly patriotic. A healthy robust society is built on faith based heterosexual behavior, in nation with strong borders and culture. A nuclear family is the cornerstone of a strong nation and society. This isn’t a political viewpoint, it is a known fact whether you agree with it or not. The United States of America was founded on those principles, and it’s rise to greatness are testament to their truthfulness.

When you view the following link, I’ll let you be the judge if this stuff belongs in public schools.

The use of the word “freak” may offend some readers, but a person that identifies as anything other than a heterosexual male or female is indeed a “freak”. Regardless of the reason for the behavior, it’s irrational. A lot of the same people that claim to be transgender and dozens of other identities, cite fear of the world ending due to climate change as a reason for their behavior and choices. In fact, their excuses are nothing more than a cop out. Their choices will ultimately degrade society and result in far more chaos than will ever be caused by climate, and much quicker. Experts say if the world continues to warm (key word continues) it would take between two to four million years to make the world uninhabitable. The way our society is decaying, you can kiss life as we know it goodby, by 2050. (my opinion based on graph above)

I see articles about crime, increased homosexual activities, anti-government activism, and any number of other antisocial activities. Nobody is looking at the big picture. I don’t think people can see the forest for the trees. In my opinion, we are witnessing the beginning of the end of the America our forefathers created. Our society is descending into chaos, no longer united toward one common goal. Everyone is grabbing onto any kind of government program they think can save them and their chosen group. When you abandon God and replace him with government as your savior you’ve lost the battle. Wokeism has become a religion of extremely convoluted doctrines, none of which, are going to benefit anyone in the end except the rich and powerful.

Straight or gay teachers should be barred from discussing sexual topics with children under the age of sixteen. Children should be allowed to develop on their own without any assistance from an adult that is not a parent or parents. Public education has zero business interjecting ideas or sexual ideology into a child’s brain. Transgenderism is a sexual ideology. Horror stories are starting to emerge about youngsters that were coerced into altering their sex, only to find out later it was a huge mistake. Some are reversible, others aren’t, often times youngsters take their own lives out of despair. Probably one of the saddest parts of this recent phenomenon is that the child’s parents are often involved in giving very young children sex change hormones. When a mother consents to this, or pushes for it, the mother should immediately be given a mental health evaluation. I think often times the problem lies with the mother, not the child.

This is obviously a multi-faceted problem with unscrupulous physicians making it worse. I want to reiterate, there is absolutely no reason for a seven-year-old to even be considering any question about his or her sexuality. Children under the age of sixteen are not mentally developed enough to make decisions that will alter their lives forever. I’m really not sure why the government is so interested in children’s sexuality, other than possibly grooming them to become mindless robots, following government dictates. Whatever the motives, you can rest assured they are not based in the persons best interest, only the governments.

The bright side, if there is one, is 70% of Americans think we are headed in the wrong direction. Perhaps the people will rise up and cause the government to reverse course. We can only hope and pray this happens. In the meantime, stay safe, alert and happy. God bless you and the ones you love.




APRIL 11, 2022



The midterm elections are coming up and the Democrat party is so far underwater in the polls they need to ditch the donkey and replace it with an image of a submarine. But remember, submarines can launch nuke missiles from below the surface. The Democrats have successfully brainwashed a lot of folks regarding Covid-19. The dreaded virus was the single biggest factor in getting the cadaver in the White House. Don’t scoff at the idea, it was pretty easy the first time. Democrat governors just took away your Constitutional rights with the stroke of pen with emergency powers acts. Have you seen any lawsuits by GOP groups, or anyone else against these power-hungry governors? Neither have I. They got away with it so easy the first time, why wouldn’t they try it again? They say a wave of infections is going through the White House. Do you believe them? Several cities are reinstating the mask rules, and Biden refuses to lift the mask rule for air travel. New York is still masking toddlers. The Dems are keeping the fires going, Covid is a great tool, they will not let it die, trust me. China has locked down the entire city of Shanghai, literally starving people to death in their own homes by bolting their doors from the outside. All in the name of stopping Covid. Hmmm. Is Covid a problem in Shanghai, or is freedom the problem? I’m thinking the latter. Think of it as Hong Kong 2.0. Have you heard the NBA or Disney complaining about this gross human rights violation by China? Me neither.


You have to understand this whole ghost gun business is “smoke and mirrors”. They are trying to get you to look the other way, while they pursue their “soft on crime” agenda. What they are referring to as “ghost guns” are parts for guns. Let’s say you have a Ruger 9mm and a company makes an improved part for it, that enhances your gun’s performance. You buy it and upgrade your weapon. I think it’s a stretch for them to think they can ban the sales of gun parts. It makes no sense. What does make sense, is arresting and prosecuting criminals and putting them behind bars for long periods of time. Then stop promoting violence by preaching racism.

While we’re on the topic of guns and gun control, I have watched how the Dems operate, and I think I have a good idea what they are up to when they are pursuing an agenda. The Democrats operate in a passive manner most of the time, setting the stage for a climax that no one sees coming. Allow me to explain. To subdue the population of any country, they have to be disarmed. The Brits did it to the Scots back in the 17th century. The Brits did it to their own citizens later on. I think it was the template for many others to follow. Australia coerced their citizens to willingly give up their guns a few years ago. That hasn’t worked out well. Americans aren’t ready to give up their guns. I believe the Democrat plan is to stop prosecuting criminals, defund the police, and allow crime to flourish until the American public cries out in desperation for them to take all guns off the streets, in the name of safety and security. The Democrats will gladly carry out the public wishes. That my friends is when your freedom is officially dead and buried. The public will give them the permission to do something they could never do on their own.

Stop and think about what you are witnessing. Which race is the most prone to commit violence with guns? That’s correct, young black men. Why all of a sudden, have they stopped prosecuting young black men for gun crime? Why do you think the Democrats and their media lackeys never stop harping on race? The government is ginning up hate for whites among young black men, to perpetuate the cycle of gun violence. Frank James, the subway shooter, is the perfect example of what I am talking about. His brain was so filled with hatred for white folk, he finally exploded. When you rail on guns being the blame every time one of these incidents happen, people start to connect guns with death and destruction. In the end, the public just wants the guns to go away. The public is being slowly and steadily brainwashed. The guns are taken away, and the criminals remain on the streets, and you have no way to protect yourselves. Your life is going to go from bad to worse.


The Feds created this economic crisis we are in. Every honest economist will tell you that. The Biden administration is blaming it on Russia and the Ukraine conflict. The following numbers are all you need to know to debunk that claim. The proof lies in a very simple comparison. The factor is the GDP, or gross domestic product. When the government is involved in some sort of unusual activity such as war, you need to know what percentage of the GDP that activity is consuming. During World War ll, the war was consuming 40% of the GDP. Thus, we had rationing of food, and domestic goods. In comparison, the Viet Nam war consumed 2.2%. The Viet Nam war had almost no noticeable effect on the everyday economy. The Ukraine conflict is probably not even causing a measurable impact on the GDP. There are other factors connected to the Ukraine war affecting our economy, but they are for the most part self-inflicted. If the current leaders had any idea what they were doing, the effects on the US economy would be negligible. It’s more “smoke and mirrors” in an effort to hide ineptitude and stupidity.


Hillary’s lawyer, Michael Sussman, requested the Durham case be dismissed. The Federal judge presiding over the case denied that request and ordered that the trial move forward as planned next month. I’m still not getting my hopes up yet, they are after all trying to convict a Democrat. When was the last time you saw that happen? By the way, it will be worth following just to hear the lies the defense conjures up.


First time I’ve heard anything from this guy I agree with….kinda. We can’t wait to get rid of his sorry ass.

People, keep wearing your lie detector glasses, and calling out the liars in government. Actually, you don’t need any help, they never stop lying. Stay alert and safe, God bless you and your families.



APRIL 5, 2022



My friends, Joe Biden is a “Dead Man Walking”. His presidency is over. His time in the sun has come and gone in 15 months. It’s been a verrrry long 15 months. Him and his band of anti-American criminals, have virtually ruined this country in the very short time he has been in office. I for one never thought it would be possible for one man to do this. I thought that’s why we have three branches of government to make it impossible for this to happen. I guess creepy old Joe taught us all a lesson. Our freedom is one hell of lot more fragile than anyone imagined.

I don’t have any “sources” as Sean Hannity calls them. I just pay attention. Very close attention and call on the historical political data stored between my ears. Let’s take a little walk down memory lane and look at what’s happened over the past two years. Well actually, I’m going to cheat a little bit and sneak in 2016. That’s when a very dangerous man entered into the presidential race and scared the living hell out of the Washington establishment. Democrats and Republicans. And much to the establishments chagrin, Mr. Trump went to Washington. We’ll save the story of the next four years for another time.

The Democrats had to win in 2020, they had no choice. If Donald Trump spent another four years in the White House, it would literally set their agenda back fifty years. ( est. ) So, if you are the Democrats, you have a reputation of nefarious deeds to uphold. As far as the Democrat Party is concerned, committing murder isn’t even off the table if it means taking back your precious power.

Somehow, the Democrats have to come up with a plan to totally upend the election, because they don’t have a horse in the stable that can possibly beat Trump. Enter Fauci and Google and others that have been fooling around in a Bio Lab in Wuhan, China. Why would anyone possibly want to create a super deadly virus, that never existed, and there was no cure? I’ll leave that up to you.

December 2019, the start of election year, that pesky virus escaped. Fauci and his band of mad scientists knew exactly where it came from, but they told us it came from the Wuhan “wet market”, transmitted by some sort of exotic animal that only Chinese eat. The media took it hook line and sinker. That story quickly became gospel. However, in a few months, the experts were finding a lot of holes in it, and leaks started coming out of China.

The next thing that happened, tells you all you need to know, about how deep the Democrats were involved in this scheme. Teams of Democrat lawyers fanned out across the United States in every nook and cranny and started getting voting laws amended. They knew there was a pandemic on the horizon, and they were going to be ready to take advantage of it. And take advantage of it they did, in a very decisive way.

Fast forward to the Democratic National Convention. They filled the stage with the biggest array of losers the world has ever seen. Joe Biden had decided to run to everyone’s amazement. So did Bernie Sanders. The Democrats were hoping Biden would put on a good performance because he was their best bet in the race. But he didn’t, Bernie did. Bernie was set to run away with the whole deal, so panic set in. In true Democrat fashion, they went about rigging the primaries and making sure that Biden won.

So, the revised Democrat strategy is to keep the mumbling, bumbling Biden hid from view as much as possible utilizing Covid as their smokescreen. They know full well if they let Biden speak in public, the jig is over. Nobody is going to vote for an old white guy with only half of a functioning brain. The government effectively banned large gatherings, and Trump never had chance to work his magic on the crowds. Then the large social media platforms invested millions in swaying the election through information manipulation and taking over entire election boards in major population areas.

The Democrats pulled off the plan flawlessly and were able to get Joe elected. However, poor old Joe was never destined take his place beside the great presidents in American history, he was being used as a tool by the Democrat party. I think Joe knew this and was Okay with it. He allowed himself to be used for his own egotistical goals. We all now know that Joe is incapable of stringing thoughts together in a coherent manner. That said, all of those executive orders that he signed in this first day in office, those were prepared by the Democrat party well in advance to drive a stake through the heart of Donald Trump. Joe was only needed to apply the official signature to make them law. Such has been the case for the past 15 months. He simply mouths the policies of the Democrat party. Side note to be aware of, the Attorney General, the DOJ and the FBI all work in unison with the Democrat party. So, if there is a thread of Democracy left, it’s a small miracle.

The Biden administration is now reaching its climax. Everything the Democrats have done have been an abysmal failure. They have done it using Biden as the ultimate scape goat. They see the mid-term elections as a likely disaster unless they do something fast. Have you noticed that the mainstream media mouthpieces have now turned against the Bidens in recent weeks? Have you noticed Biden’s handlers have been letting him talk at events off script? Have you noticed that Biden is being made the butt of jokes about his incoherent ramblings? He is being set up for the fall. They have to make him go away soon. They have to mount a campaign quickly, laying the blame for the last 15 months at his feet if they stand any kind of chance at keeping control of the house and senate. Today, at a White House gathering, Biden was wandering around among hundreds of people, talking to himself, and not one single person in the room acknowledged his presence. He tried to get Barrack Hussien Obama’s attention; Barrack wouldn’t look at him.

It’s over for Joe. How are they going to do it.? 25th amendment? Kamala is a disaster, nobody likes her. If she becomes president and has a presidential dog, they will have to tie a pork chop around her neck to get the dog to notice her. The whole thing is an unmitigated disaster. But, what else could it be? It was born out of evil deeds. Sad day for the United States of America.

Hold on tight my patriotic friends. This may turn out to be a bit of a rough ride. Keep the faith. God Bless you and your families.




Sometimes so much information comes rushing into your mind from so many directions, you lose your place, and get way behind on the analytics. Biden and the left brained idiots are trying to cram 25 pounds of crap into a five-pound bag right now. What I mean by that, is they know they only have a very short time in office to accomplish a very long list of left-wing policies and ideas.

The Democrats are deliberately and artificially driving up the cost of energy. It isn’t any secret, they are doing this as part of the Green New Deal, that they could never get passed into law, so they are forcing it on you. The genius Jennifer Granholm, the Energy Secretary, that couldn’t run a lemonade stand, says she understands how hard it is to afford gasoline, just buy an electric vehicle. Let’s take a look at that absurd statement. People who earn $70,000.00 per year or better, will still be able to fill up their gasoline powered cars, but it will be a little painful and a whole lot irritating. The people who are going to get really slammed are the folks that earn below $50,000.00 per year, work two or more jobs, and have to drive to work and have to pay record prices for groceries and personal needs. These people can’t afford to just go out and purchase an electric car. Jennifer Granholm is a total asshole, and by the way, she holds several million dollars in stock in renewable energy companies. An out-right conflict of interest, but that’s Okay in Joe’s world.

The thing that keeps coming back into my head over and over, is what Joe Biden has said numerous times. He keeps making the statement that America will no longer be dependent on oil and gas by 2035. Folks, that’s only about twelve years from now. As of the third quarter in 2021, about four months ago, there were 284 million gasoline powered vehicles on the road in America. That’s a full 90% of all currently registered vehicles. The average car lasts about twelve years, if well cared for more like 20 years or better. Gasoline cars will continue to be sold for several years, so what is going to happen to all of the gasoline powered cars?

That’s not what bothers me the most. Americans don’t want electric cars. My Suburban has a range of 540 miles on a full tank of fuel, and I can find a gas station in the middle of nowhere, fill up in less than ten minutes and be on my way. When the power goes out in my neighborhood, I have a gas fireplace, and a gas water heater. I can stay warm and have a hot shower by electric lantern, fire up my generator and keep my food frozen and watch TV. People that have all electric homes are screwed unless they have backup generators. (There’s that pesky fossil fuel again ) Let’s go back to the first line in this paragraph, Americans don’t want this, they are telling us that this is what we are going to get, like it or not. That is not what happens in a free market society, and a democracy. This is what happens in a totalitarian state. This is what happens in China.

Here is another thing that bothers the hell out of me. I’m pretty sure the Republican party is Okay with this plan. I think the Republican establishment in D.C. are totally on board with this nonsense. Here is why I think so, Joe Biden said we were going to be totally green by 2035, didn’t hear any Republicans pounding on their desks and yelling ” no way Jose”. Nope, not hearing ol’ Turtle heard Mitch making any contrary statements, he’s pretty quiet. Wonder how much stock Mitch has in renewable energy? Another clue, is that you can bet the Democrats aren’t going to be in power 100% of the time until 2035, are you with me here?

A huge chunk of the renewable energy is going to come from solar. When I was on vacation a couple of weeks ago, we drove by a solar farm south of Vegas that is 900 acres of solar panels, 288,000 to be exact. The state of Nevada claims it will get 50% of its power from renewables by 2030. That all sounds great, but the United States doesn’t make solar panels, China does. Solar panel life expectancy is about 25 years. I don’t think you have to be a Phi Beta Kappa to figure out, we are going to be dependent on China when it comes time to replace millions of solar panels. Wind machines are made in Japan, India, China and South Korea. I think you probably figured out by now, Americans are going to get majorly screwed in this green energy deal. Nice.

I’m not anti-renewable energy, I just think our illustrious leaders are not thinking this through in a realistic manor. I think they are being driven by their greed. If I was a betting man, I would guess that 80% of the lawmakers in D.C. have stocks in renewable energy. Why isn’t Washington subsidizing solar factories in the USA? Why aren’t we building wind turbines? Those millions of illegal migrants coming across the border every year need jobs. We buy all of this stuff offshore, and feed and clothe millions of people on welfare? This is really strange math. Maybe the meme below explains it.

People, we are getting “punked” by our own government. You know, the government that is supposed to consult with the folks back home before doing anything major? If you think that government still exists, I have some stock in an Iraqi automobile company to sell you. Just hope like hell, the Democrats haven’t figured out how to rig the next election like they did the last one.





Oh beautiful for spacious skies, for amber waves of grain.

For purple mountain majesties, above the fruited plains

America, America God shed his grace on thee.

He crowned thy good with brotherhood, from sea to shining sea.

My American brothers and sisters, we are living on the single greatest piece of real estate God created. The founding fathers laid out an excellent plan to manage it. That plan has been followed pretty darn closely up until the past couple of decades. Suddenly, we find ourselves facing the destruction of our beautiful country, due to nothing more than pure unadulterated GREED.

I recently traveled by automobile, just shy of 4,000 miles, across five states. Only five of 50 states. I have traveled by car, across every state west of the Mississippi, and I can testify to you, the absolute enormity of this nation. The natural resources of this nation are staggering. If you haven’t traversed the U.S.A. via ground transportation, you simply can’t grasp how great it is. It takes two days to travel across Texas alone. One of our greatest resources is the American people. They are hardworking folks, innovative, steadfast, and patriotic. They are friendly, and willing to help their neighbors in times of hardships, never considering their race, religion, or color. Labeling Americans as racists is a leftist lie, one of the most egregious lies ever told.

I have written about this is some of my earlier blogs, so allow me to repeat myself. America became an industrial powerhouse beginning in the 1800’s and continued to expand and grow into the 1970’s. All across the USA, Americans were employed by companies of all sizes, making America great and powerful. Then something started to happen ever so slowly. The companies that thrived and grew in this amazing environment, began to get greedy. They saw the potential to increase their profits exponentially by moving their factories to third world nations, taking advantage of very poor people, paying them almost nothing for the work Americans used to do. At first the products were third rate at best. When you purchased products, the first thing you did was look for the “Made in USA” on the box or product. You knew it was a good quality item.

As time passed, more companies moved their operations to foreign countries, and Americans were losing their jobs by the thousands. Small cities that once thrived became ghost towns as the local factories closed. America was becoming much poorer. Suddenly, it wasn’t as important where the product was produced, the price now took precedence. It hasn’t improved much, consider the rise of the dollar stores. America has never really recovered from that major manufacturing shift.

One of the hugely popular campaign promises by Trump was to reverse this trend and bring manufacturing jobs back to the USA. He was only marginally successful, facing huge resistance from enormous multinational corporations and left. Trump’s brief foray as president laid bare, the modern power structure of the USA. Mega tech and mega corporations are now pulling the strings. Lawmakers for the most part simply keep the path clear for them to operate unabated. The left wants the right silenced and threatens the social media giants with major restrictions if they don’t toe the line and censor the conservatives. The huge multinational corporations now own the USA, and they are now destructing the social structure, and reshaping it to suit their needs. They don’t want nuclear families, they want low cost labor. Nuclear families need too much money to exist. You can house workers in row buildings like egg farm chickens, and feed and cloth them and give them a few gadgets, they become robots. Freedom for security, that’s the game.

What we end up with, when the plan has been successfully implemented is two classes, ultra-poor, and ultra-rich. The poor become nothing more than drones, with bleak gray lives, no hope for anything better. The rich will go on living large, private aircraft, boats, lavish vacations and lavish homes. For the rich, life is good. For the poor, they would be better off dead. Slavery will be reborn.

None of this had to happen. If our leaders had embraced the American Dream, and strived to make America the greatest place on earth for all Americans, it could have been the closest thing to utopia ever known. But, instead of thinking of the hard working folks that built this nation, they were blinded by wealth and power. Our government leaders literally squandered the natural wealth and promise of this land in pursuit of personal gain. There is a hard fast rule that never changes. It is foolish to build up riches on this earth, you cannot hold on to them, and Satan always penetrates your life at some point, because you pushed God out, and Satan is always happy to step into the void. Case in point is the Biden family. Joe Biden has pulled every shenanigan in the book to become wealthy, and now that he has reached that point, he is losing his mind, and will die an empty shell of a man, despised and ostracized by those in his own circle.

Had the leaders of this nation taken the high road, managed its resources, and cared for its citizens, and honored the work of our founding fathers, we would be in a much better place today. But alas, they couldn’t see the red, white and blue, being blinded by the glitter of the gold.

The slide into socialism won’t happen quickly, but it will happen. It’s inevitable. Capitalism has simply lost too much ground. The US will probably remain in existence, but it will be majorly different than it once was. At my advanced age, I’m not too worried about how it will affect my life, but I am really worried about my grandchildren and great grandchildren. They may never be able to experience the freedoms that I did.

Sorry that my blog was a bit of a “downer”, but it’s hard to be “up” and giddy considering what our government has morphed into in the past two years. It’s pretty hard to find anything uplifting when everything the government and the mainstream media says are outright lies. It’s hard when you realize the left rigged the election in order to put a highly compromised man in power, and then forced him to choose a vice president that’s as dumb as a rock. I keep thinking I am going to wake up and realize this was a bad dream.

What a waste of one of the greatest gifts ever given to man by God, The United States of America.



MARCH 22, 2022


I don’t know about you, but I’m feeling a little insecure right now. Biden seems to be getting stranger all the time, and VP Harris is obviously way out of her league. Biden is in cognitive decline, and I’m not sure if Harris was ever cognitive. They are both a national embarrassment on the world stage.

The world is clearly in a very dangerous condition at the moment, and the United States is completely adrift with no visible leadership. The left is clearly on a mission to destroy all social norms, including the nuclear family. It looks like a Three Stooges movie, everyone is running around in a panic while everything is collapsing, and no one has a clue on what to do. It sort of felt that way during the Obama years, but this is like being on a runaway train. When you hear the president refer to the V.P. as the first lady again and again, and then talk about Putin invading Russia, it’s scary as hell folks.

Gasoline is over $6.00 per gallon in L.A. and a couple of pounds of ground beef is $18.00 ( I saw it with my own eyes yesterday ) Biden gives a speech today, saying his economic plan is working, things are getting better. Where in the hell are they getting better Joe, not in my neighborhood. It cost me just shy of $100.00 to fill the tank in my car yesterday. Sounds like a bit of gaslighting going on here.

Putin is ranting on like a madman, and every time he mentions nukes, the Nato leaders, and Joe Biden dive under their desks. All of the Nato officials and virtually everyone in Washington, are claiming Ukraine’s democracy must be saved. In the meantime, Zelinski, the leader of the so-called democracy just shut down all media outlets except one and jailed his political opponents. Last week the media was saying Zelinski was a modern day Winston Churchill. I’m sure ol’ Winston rolled over in his grave when he heard that. Zelinski is a dictator, Ukraine is a corrupt dictatorship. It’s horrible what is happening to the citizens of Ukraine, but let’s be truthful about it. My wife was born and raised in London, and knows way more about Europe than I ever will, says Putin wants unfettered access to the seaports, and doesn’t give a rip about the rest of Ukraine. That all sound great, but these idiots are about to get us into a very serious armed conflict.


Before you build any type of structure, even a storage shed in your back yard, you have to lay down a foundation to support it. If you don’t, the structure will not last, and quickly deteriorate. The same principle applies to any type of infrastructure system, especially a power grid. Our predecessors were very smart men. They built one of the most reliable power grids in the world. It’s based on coal, natural gas, and hydroelectric power generation. If you live in the west like I do, you appreciate Bonneville Power. Highly reliable service, one of the best, hands down.

Out of nowhere, we have a group of people led by a New York bartender, that thinks she knows more about power generation than the people that built the system in the first place. In fact, she doesn’t know jack shit about anything, she’s a commie moron. The guy who really wrote the ” The New Green Deal” admitted it had nothing to do with green energy, it was about replacing capitalism with socialism. I have an actual copy of the bill as it was presented to Congress. ( see below )

So, imagine if you will, the level of stupidity it takes to propose shutting down a large portion of the power grid associated with fossil fuels, knowing full well that renewables cannot possibly fill the resulting void, at the same time, mandating that all new buildings and cars must be 100% electrically powered. The result will be an economic disaster. The United States will become a third world country overnight. That my friends is how you kill capitalism. It is my opinion that this is the ultimate goal. Out of the resulting chaos, rises a new socialist state, and a one political party system.

Although the bill did not pass, and make its way into law, that isn’t stopping the left from implementing it in pieces by “sleight of hand” techniques.


I am terrified when this crazy old fool ventures away from home on his own. You should be too. Who knows what kind of agreement he will make with the NATO leaders? I never thought these words would form in my brain but thank God for Congress. At least, we have somewhat of a chance that someone will contest any crazy idea the cadaver puts forth in our behalf.


So, even though the U.S. Government tried to cover it up, we eventually learned that Covid-19 originated and eventually escaped from the bio-lab in Wuhan, China. We also learned that the U.S. Government was funding that lab. How much money was actually being pumped into that lab, I will guarantee we will never know the answer to that question. Now, we are learning that the U.S. is involved in bio-labs in Ukraine. What is even scarier, is that Hunter Biden is an investor in these labs. What exactly are these labs creating? My guess would be bioweapons. You can be assured it’s in Ukraine because it’s too dangerous to be within the borders of the United States, and has far too much liability connected with it. Just when you think our government couldn’t get more corrupt, they prove you wrong, again and again.


If that question was posed to me, my reply would be; A woman is a female human being. Women are the only human beings capable of giving birth to another human being, and providing nourishment for that infant, produced entirely within her own body. A man can do none of those important functions that perpetuate life on this planet. A man merely plants the seed, the woman bears the fruit of that relationship. Together they form a unison that replenishes life on this planet we call home. A so-called transgender female cannot conceive, cannot bear a child, cannot nourish a child through natural means, cannot fulfill any of the natural functions of a true female. A transgender female is nothing more than an imposter, a male with mutilated genitalia. If you cannot, or are unwilling to describe a woman, you are in fact disrespecting your own mother to the highest degree.

It’s great to be back on the keyboard, calling out the morons, liars and perverts. I didn’t mention politicians because most of them bear at least one of those titles. God bless all of you. Next up, I am going to talk about the upcoming elections. I have some serious concerns about how that is going to work out. More later.