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Contrary to what you may believe from reading my blogs, I’m actually a multifaceted person, I have a lot of other interests other than politics, although I really enjoy watching and commenting on the daily circus. The juke box pictured above, was not mine, but it is exactly like the one that sat in my man cave for many years. Before that it was in my garage, and I loved to listen to it while I polished and cleaned my various cars and trucks. It went well with my Corvette.

I didn’t just buy a juke box for the sake of having one. Juke boxes were a part of my life growing up, they were everywhere. The sound from a juke box is phenomenal. I chose this particular model because the amplifier was half vacuum tube and half solid state. That is the best combination possible for pure sound. I literally had to keep the volume very low in the house, these things were made to play in large open areas, at dances. By the way, my juke box was in a lot better shape than the one in the picture.

This particular model also played 45 rpm albums. You had to pay 10 cents for one song, and if I remember correctly to play an album with multiple songs it was 25 cents. That was a better deal than just one song. The store where I bought my juke box was in Seattle, called appropriately, Juke Box City. They had a massive inventory of 45 rpm records in very good condition, and I loaded it with songs from the 50’s through the 80’s. I’m of the persuasion that rock and roll died a slow death in the late 80’s.

After all of those years of great sounds, the sad day came in 2012, when my beloved juke box quit working. It would no longer stop and pick up a record, it simply went to one end of the track, and returned and parked. I tried for months to find someone to repair it. The old juke box guys were still around, but had no interest in coming out of retirement to save the old machine. I even offered to take it to them, no deal. Eventually, I called the thrift store and they sent a truck to pick it up. I had to say good by to an old friend.

So…….by now, you probably wondering why I am writing about this. Well, I found a replacement for my old juke box that’s way better. It doesn’t have the magnificent sound, although it has a surprisingly good sound, but it takes up very little space and it plays virtually every song ever recorded. All you have to do is verbally ask it, and it complies. It’s my Google Assistant. This little guy sits on the table next to my recliner, and does whatever I ask, from playing my favorite Dooby Brothers hit, to waking me up with a very pleasant sound. It has no moving parts and cost under a hundred dollars. Try buying a juke box for under a thousand. I can pick up my Google assistant and set it on my office desk if desired, moving a juke box up a flight of stairs is considerably more difficult, and finding a place to put it, even more difficult.

I have a tablet with a set of blue tooth headphones in my office. I set my tablet to Pandora radio, select the type of music I want to listen to, and my headphones sound every bit as good as my old juke box. All of this new fangled stuff works really good, 100% reliable, fits in a desk drawer, but it ain’t never going to replace the romantic nostalgia of a juke box, and the memories of slow dancing with your teenage sweetheart while listening to “Color my World”.

If you have gotten too busy to just sit and enjoy the music of your choice, this is a good time to do that. While we are ” social distancing” get reacquainted with your favorite old songs, chill and relax. It will relieve a lot of stress while you travel back in time amid your old memories. And…it’s free.






spider in web


There is so much to learn from history, in our interaction with Asia, since the second world war. But first I want to focus on how China lured America into it’s web, and came very close to devouring it. We are not out of it’s web just yet, but Donald Trump seems to be one of the few willing to fight off the predator. Make no mistake, China is an aggressive predator that wants very much to be the big dog on the planet. The fact that it is very close to accomplishing that goal, can be credited to the greedy corporate owners, and like minded politicians from our own nation.

man blinded by money

Jesus said “it is easier for a camel to go through the eye of a needle, than for a rich man to enter into the kingdom of God”. This is simply another way of saying that rich men, or men that focus only on the acquisition of wealth, have no loyalty other than the love of money. Their only focus is how they can acquire greater riches, and are willing to throw everything aside, including their patriotism, in the pursuit of wealth and power. That is precisely how, China became so powerful so quickly. Greedy Americans. 

While greedy Americans were swarming around China, like moths around your porch light, China was systematically spinning it’s web. Like a spider, catching it’s prey and slowly sucking the life blood from it. In other words, stealing intellectual property, even critical weaponry ideas, because of executives blinded by dollar bills, like the illustration above. I have inserted a link below, please take a look and see precisely what I am talking about.


I was horrified when Bill Clinton pulled off this bonehead stunt during his term in the oval office. Then if that wasn’t bad enough, the Clinton’s and others were involved in selling the Russians a large percentage of our uranium reserve. Why was this done? You guessed it, all in the quest for the almighty dollar.

One would think, when a person seeks the highest office in the land, that they are doing so to put on the armor of the stars and stripes, and look out, for not only for the citizens of this great nation, but the sovereignty of the nation itself. Well, it’s abundantly clear that America has been on the market to the highest bidder for the past thirty odd years. Always remember, when large companies are selling our technology overseas, the politicians that are allowing that to happen are profiting as well.

If the COVID-19 pandemic had not happened, the average Joe would have never known that China is the primary supplier of medical supplies, and antibiotics. Our politicians knew very well they had put this nation in this precarious position. They, and the greedy pharmaceutical companies allowed our avowed communist enemy, to get the upper hand, and have the ability to hold us hostage for life saving medical supplies. That my friend is the epitome of stupidity. That is borderline treason, to sell out the safety of our citizens for short term profit.

This problem needs to be addressed in the most urgent fashion. We need to bring home our factories that produce life saving medicines and medical devices. Make no mistake, moving this production to China was never about giving people lower cost healthcare, this was about companies and politicians lining their pockets, and enriching their shareholders. The labor unions have a big part in this as well. Labor unions should be more in touch with reality, and realize that wages and benefits play a major roll in the overall economy. There is a balance that must be maintained where workers make a comfortable living, and the company remains profitable. The British Automakers were killed off by greedy unions, it’s well documented.

China gained an incredible advantage in the eight years of Barrack Hussein Obama. The reason is as plain as the nose on your face folks, Obama didn’t know Jack about anything. He didn’t want to tackle the hard stuff, he just wanted to cruise along and not make any waves with anyone that would cause any sort of ruckus. Remember that famous speech he made about the “magic wand”, saying “exactly how would you negotiate that?” Instead he focused on trying to prop up a failing solar panel industry, while the Chinese are cornering the pharmaceutical industry. What would you rather have, a solar panel, or abundant medical supplies, and devices? Myself, I don’t remember the time when I really needed a solar panel. I have had several life saving surgeries, and spent several hours in ICU. This is precisely the shortsightedness I am referring to. Remember one important thing, 2020 hindsight never saved a single life, or won a single battle. Foresight saves lives and wins battles.

Vet your politicians more carefully. You may run out of politicians, but a shortage of politicians has never been a bad thing. An abundance of bad politicians is a bad thing. 



Eagle and Flag




back room deal


It was hilarious, the DNC bosses walked in and told the lackluster candidates to beat it. Yeah baby, we’re takin’ over now, pound sand. A few days later, Bernie is giving a speech and starts talking about how he respects Joe Biden, and what a good guy he thinks Joe is. Even a blind guy can see what’s coming next. That little speech the Bern gave was a preview of his concession speech. He know’s it’s over, he’s been told it’s over, start packing your shit dude.

Listen, Bernie has been around this game a long time, he knows how it’s played. Everyone was surprised how easy he rolled over when Hillary plowed him under. In my humble opinion this is what Bernie Sanders is all about. If you listen to what Bernie says and read between the lines, the guy is a commie, 100%. He idolizes the communist leaders and how they operated. He thinks the commie life style is great. This guy is a complete nut case, you can’t cut it any other way. Bernie never fooled himself, he knew from the start he would never be successful in a presidential bid, he didn’t care, that’s why he rolled over so easy in 2016. His goal is not to be the president, his goal is to sow the seeds of communism, and hope they will eventually take root for a future take over, that he won’t even be alive to see. That’s who Bernie Sanders really is.

So, why you ask, would the Democrat party concentrate on a candidate that is one step out of the Alzheimer safe home? Well compared to all of the other wackos that threw their hat in the ring, they think the voters will coalesce around Biden simply because he has name recognition, and they can manage his campaign to mitigate his obvious inability to verbally complete his thoughts. Not to mention, that not a single one of the other Democrat candidates, were the least bit likable. The debates were a train wreck.

So, this is the answer to your question. It’s called the 25th Amendment. Think back a few weeks ago when the rumor was going around about Hillary being Joe’s vice presidential running mate. Hillary blew it off numerous times, but if you listened carefully she uttered the words ” never say never”. That is your key to what is going to happen next. The DNC will tell Joe who his running mate will be, and will be Hillary. If by some wild chance they actually win the election, not too long into his term, they would invoke the 25th amendment and make Hillary the president. So, that my friends is how I see this all going down. Make no mistake, even if Joe is elected, it will only be a means of putting Hillary in the position that she feels is her God given right, and she will use any means possible to get there. Don’t believe me, take a look at the wake of destruction she has left in her time in public service. If all of this sounds like a far too complicated plan to pull off, look at all of the shenanigans they pulled trying to take President Trump down. That monumental effort involved the FBI, CIA, DOJ, Fusion GPS, and a host of foreign actors. Putting Hillary in the white house will be a cake walk. Sleep well America.





Swamp Monster


The left has been working very hard in their social engineering laboratories for a very long time now. They created a monster that’s about to eat them alive and they are scared to death. I’ve been watching these lab geniuses work over the years and I have listed some, if not all of the ingredients that went into this creation of theirs.

  1. Putting restrictions on child discipline, the genius Dr. Spock came up with this brilliant idea, and I see horrific results from this almost daily.
  2. Pushing the idea that families are not important, it’s OK to be a single parent
  3. Removing the stigma of having children out of wedlock.
  4. Systematically removing any reference to religion from public schools.
  5. Refraining from teaching subjects that would enhance patriotism.
  6. Teaching history in a manner depicts America as an immoral nation.
  7. Not failing students that don’t meet the scholastic requirements.
  8. Teaching kids it’s wrong for sports games to have winners and losers.
  9. Downplaying the need for religion.
  10. No discipline for assaulting the classroom instructors.
  11. Telling children they are all special, they are not. They’re just children.
  12. Not enough emphasis is put on respecting each other, especially adults.
  13. Teaching children that everyone is equal, they are not.
  14. Not teaching children about the importance of our Constitution, Bill of Rights, and Declaration of Independence.
  15. Not teaching children that this Nation is exceptional, that there is no other like it on the planet.
  16. The overall “dumbing down” of students which in my opinion is intentional.
  17. Colleges and Universities suppressing free speech.
  18. Colleges and Universities pushing socialism as the desirable alternative to capitalism.
  19. Left leaning political leaders pushing the idea that police are raciest and should be restricted in their activities.
  20. Main stream media pushing leftist lies.
  21. Leftist politicians pushing political correctness, which in essence killing free speech.
  22. Leftist politicians attempting to destroy our immigration laws.
  23. Leftist politicians pushing the climate change hoax, to gain total and complete power over your personal activities.
  24. Pitting people against each other by race, religion and gender.
  25. The premium gripe by lefties is the huge inequality in monetary income. See item #13 above.

Let me reiterate, we are not all equal. Some folks are one hell of a lot smarter and more talented and will always be on top no matter what setting they are in. The sports world is a perfect example, the super talented athletes always rise to greatness, the lesser talented athletes don’t.

Socialism that is currently being pushed by the Democrats, suppresses initiative to  succeed because the government controls everyone’s lives period. Inventors have no reason to invent anything, there are no rewards. Inventions and innovations are all owned by the government, you get no recognition for hard work. This is very important, all of the wealth is controlled by a very small group of people in the government, no chance for the average person to ever achieve any wealth.

The old Democrat establishment knows all too well these things are true, and the push for socialism has them scared to death. If you don’t believe me, ask James Carville, and he is not alone. The bottom line here, is these people don’t have anyone to blame but themselves. They are now tasked with killing the monster they created. The problem is, this monster has a lot of heads.



trump on tank


guy plugging his ears

I’ve backed away from writing for awhile, and sat back and observed the nonsense being generated by the lefties. They started this craziness over three years ago, screaming Russia, and collusion, and everything else they could possibly conjure up. That fell flatter than Paul Manafort’s portfolio. Then they tried impeachment, which was another huge debacle, which confirmed that Nancy Pelosi and Joe Biden are now sharing the same rung on the ladder, which only has one rung. Now they’re circling around like vultures looking desperately for another reason to take another run at taking down Donald Trump. The problem is pretty obvious now, that the Dems are looking like total idiots and Trump’s approval ratings, like his rally’s, keep getting larger.

Now, we have the incredible gang of nitwits on the Democrat debate stage. I have been looking for something to compare them to, but I keep coming up empty handed.

People rushing the door


The Democrats are in a panic, terrified that Bernie Sanders is going to win the nomination. Bernie Sanders is a certified nut, when I watch this man speak, I can’t for the life of me, see how anyone could take him seriously. Not only does he come across as a crazy old curmudgeon, he is seriously pushing socialism on the scale of the Soviets. In just the past few days, he has been praising the programs of Fidel Castro. He is lauding his universal medical care, and literacy programs. So let’s give Bernie one for the literacy thing, but I haven’t heard a single case of anyone traveling to Cuba to have a highly technical medical procedure. Then there’s that pesky property confiscation, and life long prison terms, for political opponents thing. I seriously doubt that anyone knows the number of people that were just plain executed, because they were on the wrong side of argument. I have heard a few reports over the past few days of some very disturbing viewpoints on sexual behavior, held by good old Bernie, that he actually published. This man is very dangerous, and the Democrats know it.

This is the most disturbing part of this, the Democrats can’t come up with a candidate that can out perform the old crazy guy. They’re all putting forth ideas that are not very far removed from Bernie’s, so in reality, they all look like a throng of asylum escapees. Recent polling clearly show the vast majority of Americans don’t want anything to do with this stuff. The Democrat candidates literally look like a bunch of lemmings going over a cliff.

In my opinion, the Democrats are running the risk ( they may already be there ) of becoming “white noise” that no one pays any attention to, just background noise like the drone of machinery in a factory. I try to put my party affiliation aside, and watch the Democrats on the debate stage, and judge them fairly. Again and again, I just can’t imagine any of these fools being able to make that giant step up to being the leader of the free world. Maybe the manager of the paint department at your local Walmart, maybe.






A & F add

Despite what the whacko modern youngsters and educators are saying, there are only two genders, male and female. The sexual attraction between the two is built in to our brains for the purpose of procreating, and preservation of the human race. We can’t help it that we have those feelings. Unless we were wired wrong, during our development from conception, this is just a matter of fact. I wasn’t wired wrong, and I have always been strongly attracted to females and repelled by males. Even at my advanced age, I still find females exciting. Having been around a lot of females in my life in social settings, I know for certain that women feel the same way about men. Advertising products using beautiful women, and handsome men, has been going on since the beginning of advertising.

2019 marked the beginning of the rebellion of women being abused by unscrupulous males, and sparked the “me too” movement. Almost overnight, it seemed that men were being hunted down for past transgressions, sometimes decades old. Suddenly, men everywhere were saying they were uncomfortable being around women, afraid of saying or doing the wrong thing, and losing everything because of it. All of this sexual “tom foolery” was accepted as normal through the 1980’s. Then all at once, women started filing lawsuits for sexual misconduct and the whole game started to change. Let me be clear, as a father of two girls and a grandfather of many girls, I’m happy that men, that tend to prey on vulnerable women, will think twice before they engage in that activity.

So, the message being broadcast now, is that women are not sexual objects, and they don’t want to be treated or portrayed as such. Educators are driving the point home, chastising young boys and telling them is inappropriate to think of girls is such a manner. Remember what I said earlier, human beings come standard with a built in desire to procreate. It’s equally strong in both sexes, and very strong in youngsters. Take a look at how the high school girls are dressing these days, a few years ago they would have been identified as “hookers”. So, a young virile male is supposed to ignore a young woman with a very large part of her body exposed? Sorry, that’s like trying to douse a fire with gasoline.

The half time show in the Super Bowl is a perfect example of what I am talking about. It was pretty much a poorly disguised strip show. The body movements of the female performers were absolutely sexual in nature. The clothing the female movie stars wear to the Academy Awards leave very little to the imagination, and nudity in movies is commonplace. Female celebrities seem to have a competition on who can wear the most provocative clothing and show the most skin. The Kardashian women make a fortune  putting their bodies on display. How many celebrities have you seen in recent years do nude photo shoots to promote their own personal agendas?

I think you’ve figured out where this is all going. Ladies, you can’t have your cake and eat it too. If you don’t want to be viewed as sex objects, stop acting like sex objects. If you wear a revealing top, and you’re glorifying your assets, don’t get pissed off when I spend more than a casual moment admiring them. Gypsy Rose Lee, a famous stripper, told Steve Allen one night on this show, that women are stupid for showing off their bodies for free, make men pay for them.

This advice goes for both men and women; If you want to be respected, you have to respect yourselves first. Don’t misinterpret my message here, you’re free to do what you want, and dress any way you want, we don’t have government mandated dress codes like they do in the Muslim nations. But, if you’re looking to change the attitudes about sexual behavior, there are two sides to the equation. Remember, you’re dealing with one of the strongest forces in nature, across all species. Good luck with that.



one pissed off guy

It seems a greater and greater portion of my personal time is being spent genuinely pissed off. When I analyze why, it pretty much comes down to the stupidity of my fellow human beings. As a matter of fact, the older I get, the more I understand hermits. However, if you try to exit society, it can be very dangerous, ask Randy Weaver. It seems if you try to leave the general population and move to some remote location, there is some sort of alarm system that notifies an unknown government agency, that you have just gone nuts and are a threat to national security. They immediately dispatch agents to investigate, and kill you if they aren’t exactly sure what you’re up to. Again, reference Randy Weaver. I’m probably pissed off about the same things Randy was. I’m too old to move to a remote mountain top, so being old will probably save my life. I’ll live the rest of my life in a obscure village on an obscure street, and no one will ever notice the Confederate Battle flag hanging in my garage, right next to my gun safe with five weapons and 2000 rounds of ammo. I was going to put a steel plate on the inside of my garage door with a secret gun port, but abandoned that idea when I remembered the FBI burning down the building with all of the people inside in Waco, Texas a few years back.

I think the biggest reason, of many, that really wraps me around the axle, are the local and state governments, that think they can just enact laws that are insane, and your just supposed to nod your head in approval and accept the insanity. For instance, I live near the city where the state capitol is located, and whatever the idiots in the capitol city government does, our small next door community follows along like baby ducks behind the mother duck. The capital city council announced late 2019, that plastic bags and straws would be banned starting in 2020. Our city announced they were following suit. Now when I go to the market, I have to take my own bags, or pay 5 cents for one of their stupid paper bags that inevitably rips open and spills the contents before I’m able to get to my kitchen counter top. It’s even worse if it’s raining, and it rains a lot here. So every time I go shopping for anything, I leave the store pissed off.

Now, while I am being totally inconvenienced by these morons at city hall, they are allowing both cities to be overrun by homeless folks living on the city streets, and leaving massive piles of trash, and used hypodermic needles behind. I saw a message on face book last week that said if your city is banning plastic bags and straws, and handing out free needles to addicts, you’re being governed by idiots. That’s one of the truest statements I have seen for awhile. These idiots spend millions on bike lanes that are rarely used, and then when we complain about potholes, they claim they don’t have the money to repair them and need to raise the gasoline tax. What?? Bicycles need to be taxed as if they used gasoline, if they are taking up space that once belonged to motorized vehicles. My friend just got a notice that they were raising his license fees on his Prius because he wasn’t using enough gasoline, thus not paying enough taxes. I thought these morons were pushing electric cars and hybrids to save the planet. They are liars, they just want to strip you of as much money as possible.

The ” greenies ” in Oregon are losing their collective minds because we have four or five coal fired electric generating plants. So these mental giants have convinced the State to phase them out of service over the next few years. You will not believe what I am going to tell you next. They have nothing to replace these generating stations with, and have no plans to do so. They are warning us to expect brownouts. This is such a profoundly stupid idea it’s impossible that anyone would even consider it. It gets worse, they are going to force builders to stop using natural gas for heating and cooking, and go all electric. You got that? They are drastically reducing the electrical generating capabilities, while imposing a greater demand for electricity. People, this is the shit AOC is talking. These morons are also pushing for everyone to give up their gasoline vehicles and go electric, this includes large delivery vehicles. With this type of brainless leadership, Oregon’s economy will grind down to a snails pace. What these geniuses haven’t figured out, is that when the economy comes to a halt, so does the tax collection. What I have just explained to you is simply absurd, and beyond my comprehension. It is literally economic suicide.

So, all of this is being done to save the planet, or so they say. Pay attention to what I am about to say. I don’t give a damn what Greta Thunberg says, the world ain’t going to end in 12 years. Now the resident genius congresswoman AOC, is saying she was only joking. AOC is first and foremost a liar, she couldn’t be in congress if she wasn’t. That’s a prerequisite on the form you have to fill out before you can run for congress as a Democrat. This is important to understand, Climate Change is being pushed because all governments understand it can’t be proved or disproved, and they can convince the K thru 12 crowd it’s for real and their world is going to end before they get the chance to lose their virginity. By pushing this pure and unadulterated bullshit, they can control the masses and tax the living hell out of them at the same time. Telling the masses they are saving their asses, while their world is starting to look a lot like a Mad Max movie set.

I could go on for hours, but I am getting so damn mad while writing this, I can’t think of anything but that new bottle of Pecan Whiskey I bought last week. So, I’m wrapping up this mad rant until next time. Remember, if you’re mad as hell it’s a good thing, you know you ain’t got dementia. Go to you’re city council meeting and tell them you think they’re all assholes. It won’t do any good, you’ll get tossed out, but you’ll feel one hell of a lot better the next day. Just don’t get speeding ticket anytime soon. It may not work out well.


DC Cartoon