So Beto shows up again today, and announces he is running for the White House in 2020. I don’t even know where to start on this. Probably the thought that would come to mind first, is that if I were looking for a really smart person for the position of the President of the United States, he would not be on my short list, or long list, or any list. I would be looking for a person with a long list of accomplishments, a person that’s a “can do” type  person. A person of courage, commitment, and personal values that don’t change with every little political breeze. Nope it wouldn’t be him.

I saw him doing a speech today, I believe it was in Iowa. He was waving his hands and arms around like a crazy guy, plagiarizing a speech by AOC, saying if we don’t take the drastic action called for in the New Green Deal, we all be dead in 12 years. Human life will become extinct. What is it with these 12 year clocks? I’ve seen these “dooms day” nuts all of my life and they all seem to have a 12 year deadline when everything is going to end. Beto and AOC are trying to tell you that the USA is the main culprit in pollution which is pure B.S. Let me run some numbers by you to put this into perspective.

Total square miles of earths surface: 196.9 million. 70% of that is covered by water, leaving about 30% of dry land. Of that 30% of dry land, 57% of that is desert or mountains. So, out of all of the earth’s surface, we are left with about 12% of habitable area. Of that 12% the USA is is a mere 6%. No rational person that really thought about this for more than a nano second would come to the conclusion that mankind could affect the climate to any measurable degree. Anyone that thinks this way has not really considered how minute man really is in relationship to the overall planet, and planetary system. Consider this; the planetary system is not a machine, with all of the parts mechanically connected to control the trajectory of the planets. The earth’s rotation around the sun is not on a fixed path, it varies. Even the earth’s axis is not fixed. The magnetic north pole is currently moving toward Siberia. As a matter of fact the north and south magnetic poles have flipped numerous times. There are so many variables involved it’s mind boggling. Suggesting that man can control the climate is nothing short of ludicrous. Only a fool would believe that.

Over the past 100 years they believe the earth’s temperature has risen about 1.3 degrees Fahrenheit. They only started keeping records since 1880. Exactly how much the temperature of the earth varied before that, nobody knows. The earth has gone through some really catastrophic periods in history, none of which are attributable to man. So, what happens if they were to put these practices in play outlined in the New Green Deal and they don’t work? What happens if they completely destroy life in the USA as we know it and the temperature doesn’t change? You won’t be able to hold any of these idiots accountable, they will all be dead. This is the danger of listening to these morons. They can literally convince people to do crazy shit, screw up an entire economy, and just walk away with no consequences.

Bottom line is this; These idiots are trying to convince people to put them into office using fear tactics. In reality, they don’t know what the hell they are talking about. They are simply parroting B.S. that they heard someone else say. They think it’s their ticket to a seat in the game. For me, I would never vote for a person spouting this nonsense, it tells me they’re liars, or just plain stupid.


Earth Globe



Ocasio Cortez



Have you figured out how this moron got to be a congresswoman. It’s not that hard to figure out. She was elected by other morons. That means there are a lot of morons living in one place, which is kinda scary. She graduated from Boston University, and has a degree in economics and international relations. Taking that into consideration, after hearing her expound on how she thinks the world economics should work, the professors at Boston University must be morons as well. I watched an interview with the guy that worked with her to create the “Green New Deal” his name is Robert Hockett, a law professor at Cornell Law School. This guy talks and acts like a certified mad man. I guess my Mom was right, she always told me that “birds of the feather, flock together”. I have an actual, real deal copy, of the “New Green Deal” on my desk, it literally looks like something a middle school student might have written. Over a hundred democrats have signed on to the “New Green Deal”, including some of the presidential hopefuls. If I had not witnessed this myself, I would have said there is no way, you could dupe that many half wits at one time. Then I thought of Jim Jones.  



Another example of a lot of morons living in one place. If good ol’ Bern runs for president he will be 78 years old. He and I are the same age, so I know a little bit about being this old. I’m in pretty darn good shape, but there is no way that I could keep up the rigors of being the president of the United States, and he can’t either. If Bernie somehow managed to actually get elected, by the time he finished the first four years, he would be 83. Who the hell wants an 83 year old guy in the oval office. He probably wouldn’t be chasing the interns that’s for sure. If we had a real crisis he would probably sleep through it. 

Swalwell and Schiff


If you’ve ever seen this guy in an interview, you know what I mean. He is the  Representative from Castro Valley, California. He is absolutely sure, with every fiber of his being that Russia totally rigged the 2016 election. He is absolutely sure that Donald Trump is really a Russian double agent. He has said numerous times, that he has documents that prove that Russia rigged the election in favor of Donald Trump. He has of yet to produce anything other than empty rhetoric. I really think this guy lives in some sort of parallel universe. Or maybe the more realistic answer is, that the lying sack of crap standing behind him, fed him all of that B.S. and Eric is dumb enough to believe it. He’s not the brightest light in the chandelier. He’s probably been snipe hunting more times than you’ve been to the 7-11.



Every time you see footage of this guy, he’s talking about impeaching the Prez. I can’t take him seriously,  all I can think of is how much he looks like that guy in the old Geico commercials.

When I look at these people in congress, I keep thinking of a sign I once saw that said:  “United States Government, created by geniuses, ran by idiots”. Which by the way, doesn’t say much about the voters that put them there. ( and leave them there )


Old Glory


My Project 20-001


Watching these bozos in Congress over the past several days was my inspiration for the cartoon above. These people ( if that’s what you wish to call them ) seem to be hell bent on dismantling this great nation from the ground up. They have actually been working toward this goal for quite a long time in sort of a stealth manner. They have been inching forward ever so slowly so as to not arouse suspicion. I guess they are now feeling comfortable, thinking they have indoctrinated a couple of generations pretty darn thoroughly, that it’s time to throw off the masks and just go for it, balls out so they say.

I have often suspected that neither party really gave a rip about border enforcement. The border enforcement that we had was nothing more than a deterrent, the politicians were never serious about real border security. Both parties were benefiting from the flow of illegals in one way or another. I have often cited that I really don’t think the politicians care if illegals are using fake social security numbers. Being a fake non existent number, the money only flows one way, and that’s to the government coffers. I really think the government just views it as another stream of income. However, the democrats have now stepped up to the plate, and officially said, they don’t care if the border is wide open, keeping foreigners out is immoral. They want to abolish ICE and just let the never ending stream of migrants flow into our nation. 

I have told you before, that abortion is an Article of Faith in the democrat party. If you oppose abortion you are, in their eyes, a heretic. Speak out against abortion and you are committing blasphemy my friend, and the mob will come for you. Recently, they have enacted laws allowing for late term abortion, and some of these laws would actually allow the babies life to be terminated after a successful birth, or in other words infanticide. In my home state, which is controlled by democrats, they passed a law that says a woman can choose to abort the baby based on the sex of the child. In other words, we’ll just keep killing those pesky girls until we finally get a boy. ( or vice versa ) Doesn’t that give you a warm feeling about your fellow human beings? It brings real meaning to the bumper sticker that says, ” the most dangerous place in the world is in the womb”.

The left has been waging a war on families and religion for years. I don’t know if you’ve  noticed but they’re winning. The policies of the leftist politicians have made it virtually impossible for low income people to get married. Couple that with the demise of the neighborhood churches and you have a real social catastrophe. Churches and religion is the glue that holds families together, and all of these things combined create a social fabric that makes a strong nation. Families are the cornerstone of a strong, healthy society. A couple of days ago, I saw a story about a Hollywood star talking about the fathers of her three children. This woman is obviously free to live her life how she chooses, but this sends a very wrong message to young women that are nowhere near as affluent as she is. Unmarried women with children are much more likely to live below the poverty line. The left wants you to be dependent on the government, they want you to think that by voting them into power, you will be rewarded with the benefits you need to sustain your lifestyle. It is a sinister plan, that is bad for our nation. Remember this, the more benefits the government dispenses, the higher the taxes have to be to sustain it. When people realize they can exist without working, they will stay home, and the tax base will get smaller and smaller. It’s a pyramid scheme that will eventually collapse. Think Venezuela.

The democrat party has been taken over by far left crazies, that are bent on the destruction of the American principles that made this country great. They’re doing a pretty darn good job. It’s time to take a stand, speak out against these nut jobs, don’t be intimidated by the mob. Pay attention to the candidates and their records.  Elect people that will fight for what is right. Keep making America Great!!!






This past weekend, was the beginning of the ” Bridge Crossing Jamboree ” which commemorates the terrible day of March 7, 1965 when a group of civil rights marchers and activists were participating in the Selma to Montgomery March. As they crossed the Edmund Pettus bridge, they were driven back into Selma by State and local law officers. Many of the marchers were seriously injured.

As you might imagine, the Democrats take the opportunity to stoke the fires of racism during this event, and Hillary was right in the middle of it. As I listened to her speech, it was nothing more than the same old tired talking points of the left, that they have used over and over again. As a matter of fact, so many times, I could have actually written the speech she gave from memories of her past speeches.

This is a list of the talking points that Hillary and the other Democrats cite, again and again;

  • Voter suppression  ( no proof that this still happens, it’s pure B.S. )
  • Manipulating elections. ( she should know better than anyone )
  • Blacks being oppressed by widespread racism ( more B.S. )
  • Republicans are racists and evil, and want to hold back blacks and people of color.
  • Republicans want to take away women’s rights.
  • Republicans are racists for wanting to stem the flow of illegal immigration.
  • Republicans are trying to take away freedom of the press.
  • There needs to be more gun laws and universal background checks.
  • If they lose, the electoral college needs to be abolished.
  • Free healthcare and college education for all, no matter the cost.
  • Republicans are xenophobes, homophobes, misogynists, and smell bad.

She actually said, that during the presidential election, voters in Wisconsin were not allowed to vote because of their skin color. If you or anyone else actually believes that crap, you probably believe that the earth is flat. Virtually everything that comes out of a democrat politicians mouth is a blatant lie. Debbie Wassermann Schultz was quizzing the weasel Michael Cohen about election collusion when she herself was kicked out of the DNC for rigging the primary for Hillary. Think about that one for awhile. Donna Brazil was feeding the debate questions to Hillary so she could prepare her answers in advance. Hillary bought a fake dossier on Trump for six million dollars, got her friends in the FBI to use it to open a probe and spy on the Trump campaign, which ended up becoming the Mueller probe, and she has the audacity to talk about election rigging. She broke multiple laws with her private server while serving as the SOS, and her buddies in the FBI and DOJ, covered it up. If all of that ain’t collusion, I’ll kiss your butt on main street and give you thirty minutes to draw a crowd.

So when you hear Hillary and other democrats talking about corruption in the government, listen to them, they know what they’re talking about. They’re responsible for most of it. Hillary has used every dirty underhanded trick in the books. She and Bill wielded a tremendous amount of power in Washington for a very long time. So much power that politicians on either side thought twice before taking them on. They were part of the deal that sold 20% of our uranium to Putin, made millions, and got away with it. They used Clinton Foundation funds for personal gain and got away with it. But their day is over, they are two tired old war horses that seriously need to be put out to pasture. Her rhetoric is old and worn out, and totally predictable. She just needs to shut up and go away. A growing number of democrats agree.


Old Glory


backlog rape kits


This is a topic that I came across purely by accident. I didn’t know such a thing existed. The more research I did on it, I found out that this problem has been going on for years. I am going to lay out some facts that will boggle your mind. I can’t remember hearing a news report about this, ever. I heard a conservative talk show host mention it briefly a week or so ago, and being a father, grandfather, and great grandfather of young women I wanted to know more about it. After you read this, it won’t surprise you why a lot of rapes go unreported.

To start with, if a woman is sexually assaulted and wants to report it to the authorities she is facing a considerable medical expense. Victims of other violent crimes are not required to pay medical expenses for injuries suffered at the hands of the assailant. Unfortunately, rape victims with private insurance are looking at paying an average of $950.00 or about 14% of the total cost of medical services. On the average, insurance providers pay about $5,789.00 to care for a rape victim. These costs don’t include mental health services that many of these women will desperately need.

For a woman willing to go through reporting the rape, and spend the money for the rape kit and exam, you have to believe she is dead serious about bringing this guy to justice. Unfortunately she may not live long enough to see that happen. Some of these rape kits have been awaiting process for 20 years or more.

The total number of untested rape kits sitting in police facilities across the US exceeds 200,000. These cities simply never took this seriously enough to develop a system to track and process them in a timely manner. Right here in my backyard, the city of Portland, Oregon in May of 2015, had only tested 39% of rape kits collected since 1985. They had over 1700 untested kits in inventory at that time. Imagine being a rape victim in 1985 and your evidence sat on a shelf for 40 years, nobody was remotely interested in looking at it. I’m sure some of these women went to their graves during that 40 year period. I can hear some knucklehead politician make the excuse they couldn’t afford the $1,700,000.00 to process the kits, but they had plenty of money to spend on homeless people and building bicycle lanes all over the city. The real truth is, that finding the rapists are way, way down the list of priorities. They’re pretty much saying, “just get over it girls”.

So, the next time you hear a politician tell you how much they care about the needs of women, you would be wise to mark that down as political B.S. and classify that person as a liar. However, there is some very good news. Mariska Hargitay, star of the hit series Law and Order, Special Victims Unit, has formed a foundation called Joyful Hearts. She is doing fabulous work for rape victims all across the United States. You can learn more about her organization by going to www.joyfulheartfoundation.org. The web page has a slight tinge of politics, but I’m willing to overlook that for the work they are doing. They have forced some states including my home state of Oregon, to end the backlog of untested rape kits, but as I said above, there are still over 200,000 untested kits nationwide. That’s not right.


Portrait of Young Girl



maga hat


This has to be one of the most iconic baseball hats ever made. In my lifetime I have never seen anything quite like it. Democrat’s hair instantly explodes into flames at the mere sight of a MAGA hat. They break out in a cold sweat, and the latent desire to become a serial killer surfaces. Their heart rate and blood pressure instantly go to the top of the meter. They literally go totally bonkers, unable to control there innermost emotions. That’s is why it makes me smile when I see one. If you love Trump, you love these hats.

I was watching a clip today taken from an CNN newscast. There were four or five guests speaking about the Jusse Smollett arrest and indictment. Even though the evidence is overwhelming that he did something really stupid, the lefties are still trying to paint him as a victim, trying to say this was caused by Donald Trumps actions. Of course the MAGA hat came up, and one of the black female guests admitted that the mere sight of one of these hats triggers her, and causes her great angst, and makes her very angry. To actually admit to that makes you sound like a whack job. 

When lefty protesters take to the streets, with their burn and destroy tactics, the first thing you hear them say, is we are exercising our right to free speech. I have said repeatedly that lefties are liars, because the last thing they believe in is free speech, unless of course they’re the one’s doing the speaking. This is evident at Universities and Colleges when lefties go into full attack mode at the mere mention of a conservative speaker. But the MAGA hat is the ultimate example. Wearing a MAGA hat is absolutely freedom of speech, but the liars on the left think free speech only applies to them and will attack the wearer, sometimes doing bodily harm, and destroying private property in the process. Again, the hat exposes the lefties for what they really are, they care nothing for the rights and privileges of others, that may have a different viewpoint. They are the true Fascists they claim to be fighting.

Wearing a MAGA hat in public can be dangerous. If you wear one, you better be big, bad and strong, because you will very likely be attacked, especially in any coastal city. This is another great example of exposing the liars. When you see a lefty protest, two of the most prominent placards that you see say, “stop hate”, or “love not hate”. This is my challenge; put a MAGA hat inside your jacket, out of sight, join the march beside a person carrying one of these stop hate signs, then pull the hat out and put it on your head. You’re likely to get beaten with the stop hate sign and anything else they may be carrying.

Last Friday, Bryton Turner, a 23 year old white male, was having dinner in a Mexican restaurant in Cape Cod. He was sitting quietly at the bar with his friends having dinner when he was attacked by Rosaine Santos, a 41 year old immigrant from Brazil. Her reason for the attack….. he was wearing a MAGA hat. She would not stop attacking him even after the Police arrived. Her response was; ” He’s not the victim, I am the victim, I have been bullied, OK?” So there you go, you’re a bully if you wear a MAGA hat. Whatever the attacker does, it’s not their fault, you made them do it.

You may have seen the video taken last week a U.C. Berkeley of an attack on a young man who was handing our literature for ” Turning Point America” a conservative youth group. He also just happened to be wearing a MAGA hat. He was harassed and punched repeatedly by a much larger man. The good news is that the attacker has been identified and arrested. This kind of violence against conservatives is commonplace and needs to stop.

I heard a black female commentator on CNN say that President Trump is dividing the people, he is the reason for all of the violence. No, the democrat’s intolerance for other viewpoints is causing the violence. The conservatives aren’t the ones breaking windows, burning cars, beating people because of their clothing. The conservatives aren’t the ones killing police officers, and burning police cars. The conservatives aren’t the ones calling for socialism, and abolishing capitalism. The conservatives aren’t the ones destroying historical monuments, or causing riots at universities because they don’t like a speaker. When you analyze all of the dialog and actions that come from the Democrat party, you can only assume that they really hate the USA. That is the reason that hate crime hoaxes exist, the left is simply trying to convince you that it’s not them, it’s actually your people that are the haters. Lies and deceit, are the well worn tools of Democrats. 


bill of rights




When Nancy and other democrats say that walls are immoral, what they’re really saying is, ” trying to stop the flow of future democrats into our country is immoral”. If you want to understand democrats, you have to realize that just about everything they say is a total lie, and if it isn’t an out and out lie, it’s double speak. The democrats have perfected cheating to a level no one thought was possible. Hillary pulled every dirty trick in the book against Bernie in the 2016 democratic primary, paid fusion GPS to concoct a fake dossier about Donald Trump, got the FBI in on it and actually presented to the FISA court judges so they could spy on the Trump campaign and unmask Americans. She did all of this while using an unsecured server as Secretary of State, then when it was discovered, wiped the hard drives with “bleach bit” to hide her private conversations, even after the FBI asked her to surrender all of her records. I don’t believe the server was every turned over to the FBI. Of course they weren’t really interested in it anyway.

While we’re on this subject about the FISA courts, I have a theory that I have not heard anyone else mention. Conservative pundits and commentators are constantly talking about how the FBI and DOJ lied to the the FISA Court judges so they could spy on Americans. Given the level of corruption that we now know existed in the FBI and DOJ, who’s to say the FISA courts aren’t corrupt, and were complicit in breaching the trust of the people? Have you heard any FISA Court judges complaining?? 

Listen for the word xenophobic and pay attention to how many times it’s said and about who. It you will hear it used frequently by the Democratic presidential candidates, and every major main stream news outlet referring to the Republicans. They are constantly referring to the President as a major xenophobe. This is what is really going on. The democrats are trying to knock down any resistance to responsible immigration practices, because they know that unbridled illegal immigration saturates the nation with people that have no interest in becoming American citizens or assimilating into the American culture, and are welfare seekers. They are perfect candidates for transforming the United States into a socialist state. The more diverse the cultures, and the more foreign languages that are spoken, the easier it is to gain total control over the population. How easy do you think it will be to revoke the first and second amendments if a huge amount of the population are not naturalized citizens and do not speak English? The democrats see these people as drones, pure and simple.

Also this grand scheme will require people to be utterly terrified to speak incorrectly concerning people of color, in fear of being labeled a raciest and losing your job, or having your whole career torpedoed. How do they do that? They start looking for any sign of racism no matter how small, and blow it out of proportion, and start making examples out of innocent people. When people realize that the wrong words can literally destroy their lives, they become very compliant. The first amendment starts to become irrelevant. If you dare speak badly of immigrants, you will be labeled a racist. If you saw the movie the ‘Body Snatchers” you will remember when a normal person was discovered, the aliens would run after them screaming, and exposing them. Same thing. If racism isn’t happening, you can always find a Jussie Smollett to make it up, then you can accuse an entire group of people, not just one or two.

People, wake up. The democrats are finally getting the nerve to tell you what the plan is, kind of. They now think they have enough converts to start the ball rolling toward a complete socialist country. They imagine themselves as being the ruling class that will be in power forever. They covet the day when there is only one political party and they don’t have to put up with that pesky document, the Constitution, and all of the nonsensical restrictions that it imposes. MSNBC, CNN, NBC, CBS will all be merged into the National News Network, or NNN. Fox will be no more.

There is another group of people that need to wake up, quickly, it’s already starting to become apparent. If and when this country becomes dominated by the democratic party, being a Jew will become very dangerous. For some unknown reason, democrats seem to be blind to the threat of Islam. Courting Islam is courting certain domination. Islam does not tolerate the coexistence with anyone other than other Muslims.

Good ol’ Bernie, is the only one that will speak the truth. He admits he wants to fundamentally transform this country into a socialist regime. You don’t have to be a genius to know how that ends,  you just have to look at Russia, China, Venezuela, North Korea, or any other socialist nation, take your pick. The people have absolutely no power. They have no weapons to combat tyranny, they have no say in what the government does, or doesn’t do. The general population becomes slaves of the state, and if you resist, no one ever sees you again. This is the democrats dream for America? Is this what you want?