fourth of July Picnic

I was born eight months before Japan attacked Pearl Harbor. By the time the war was in it’s final stages, I was old enough to understand what was going on. My uncle was a medic, serving in the Southern European campaign and was killed by a sniper in Italy, on the last day of the war. I remember quite well the impact that had on my family. I remember the ration books with the stamps that allowed you to purchase certain commodities, and all of the other activities people engaged in an all out effort to be victorious. Virtually everyone was engaged even in the smallest ways. My aunt was a weldor in the San Francisco ship yards. My Father worked in factory that made artillery gun barrels. Life was anything but normal, but everyone was willing to make some sort of sacrifice to support the war effort. Workers had to carpool because gasoline was rationed, as well as rubber, which meant new tires for your car was nearly impossible to obtain.

As you might imagine, nearly everyone became a super patriot. I say nearly everyone, because even in those days, when you would least expect it, there were the detractors, the anti war people. The numbers were few, but they were there nonetheless. I’m sure I don’t need to tell you, they were not very popular. People were jailed for being a sympathizer of our enemies. If you were a conscientious objector, you could also find yourself in the slammer, if you refused to report for duty if drafted. It was a no nonsense period in history. The United States was going to victorious or else. Sounds good doesn’t it?

All during the war, the government mounted a huge public relations effort to keep everyone focused on the goal. They urged everyone to help in any way they could. Posters and signs were everywhere, and the newspapers played a huge role as well.

  war poster 1

When the war was over, the national pride was still alive and well. Movies were made that glorified our victory, great books were writen that told the stories of our magnificent heroes. Those heroes were celebrated, and many of them became famous movie stars. Some of great movie stars enlisted and served proudly. It was a generation of very special people. Tom Brokaw, referred to them as the ” Greatest Generation “. They truly were.

All through my public school years from 1946 through 1959, the Spirit of America was alive and well. We started our school days with the Pledge of Allegiance and the Lord’s Prayer. Every single student in the class repeated those words, every single day. That single activity was priceless in making students aware of the importance of God and Country. It certainly didn’t make everyone perfect, but sure as hell didn’t hurt anyone either. Our school curriculum was all about learning life skills that we could use as adults, in our everyday lives. Politics were never discussed, and sex education was the responsibility of our parents. If we did something stupid, we were mildly punished and sent home to let our parents finish the job. Nobody cut us any slack. If we didn’t perform to expectations, we received a failing grade, period. Too many failing grades and you found yourself in “deep poop”. Your friends didn’t cut you any slack either if you failed. It was a ” do or die ” atmosphere, and I’m glad. The only snowflakes we knew of, were the ones that fell in the winter.


Then, these people showed up. These are the ancestral origins of today’s snowflakes. These people are the offspring of the people that went through World War Two, born circa 1950. Their parents were born circa 1930. So… how were the sacrifices and memories of the horrific nature of WWll so quickly forgotten? The hippie movement began circa 1965, only twenty short years after the end of WWll. Eighty-five million people died in WWll, 3% of the total world population in 1940. The only conclusion one can draw, is that human beings are incredibly selfish, and don’t really consider any of this important if it didn’t, or doesn’t affect them. If it didn’t happen in their lifetime it’s just not worth their time to think about. That’s precisely why an astonishing amount of Americans know nothing about the Constitution and Bill of Rights, or American history. I wouldn’t consider myself an expert on American History, but thank God, my teachers cared, and thought it was important for us to know the origins, and foundations of our rights and freedom.

pelosi and nadler

And now, we have these idiots. These dumbasses are willing to throw out all of our great legislative traditions and American values for the sake of political power. These people are the most pathetic examples of Americans I have ever known. Their presence in the halls of Congress are the equivalent of David Duke in a Black Lives Matter meeting. They don’t belong there, period. They are an utter disgrace, they themselves should be recalled for abuse of power. I can’t bear to look upon their lying, and deceitful faces. They have absolutely no connection to the ” Spirit of America “. They are empty shells. They surely don’t belong in the great halls of freedom that our Founding Fathers built.

With clowns like this in Congress, backed up by a corrupt and totally fake mainstream media, how do we ever regain civility? These people sow seeds of hate, and the media doubles down by telling outright lies to back them up. It is nothing less than a giant cluster—-. Brett Kavanaugh wasn’t guilty of any of the lies and and accusations made against him. Everything they threw at Brett Kavanaugh was concocted in the back rooms of leftist slime balls. Donald Trump is likewise not guilty of a single thing he has been accused of. The left knows they can’t remove him from office, their hopes are to brand him as having been impeached, and weaken him as a 2020 candidate. Understand one thing, if you don’t understand anything else; the Democrats will literally stop at nothing to gain full and compete power over you and your rights and freedoms. They care nothing about the this great Nation, they would throw it all away in a heartbeat for utter and complete control of all things. Sounds a bit like that infamous biblical character, that Eve met in the garden one fateful day. Very similar strategies.

Fight these people with all of your heart. Do not let them strip you of your rights and freedoms. Once that happens, you will not live long enough to see them restored. As a matter of fact, if this great experiment fails, it may never be seen on this earth again. We can’t allow that to happen. The United States of America will always stand against tyranny, and oppression, in spite of LaBron James and the NBA.


Eagle and Flag


crying eye

My brother and his wife live on a small farm in east Texas, surrounded by farms of all types and sizes. My brother and his wife don’t farm the land, he has operated an appliance repair business from his property for years, which serves the local landowners. He and his wife have worked hard, raised their kids, and helped raise other peoples kids in the local church. Nobody loves their family more. They are the epitome of the all American Family. Their kids are all raised now, and raising families of their own. It’s that time we all look forward to in our lives when we can relax, and enjoy the fruits of our labor.

It didn’t quite work out that way. About a year ago, my sister-in-law was diagnosed with Parkinsons. That was a shocker, she has always been a healthy, active, hard working woman. Needless to say, we were stunned when we received the news. She has been doing well with medication, and living an almost normal life. She has a marvelous attitude. I’m not sure I could deal with it so well.

I’m older than my brother, so in our conversations, he is always curious about my health. I’m sure he sees  me as sort of a window into his future, we are undeniably very much alike except for our ages, and have suffered many similar maladies. In one of our conversations about a month ago, I asked how he was doing. He related to me that he was experiencing tremors on his left side, and was suffering some cognitive issues. Yesterday, he called and said he had been diagnosed with Parkinsons.

I was in total disbelief. My mind started going into overdrive, how can this possibly happen? Both of them? I couldn’t quit thinking about this horrible news. Later yesterday, it hit me. Farm country, rampant usage of  herbicides and pesticides has to be the answer. They have been residents there for over thirty years. That’s a long time to be exposed to these dangerous chemicals. I couldn’t wait to call him this morning and share my thoughts. I didn’t expect his response. He told me his specialist told them the same thing. Their Parkinson’s specialist went on to say, that part of Texas is a hot bed for Parkinson’s disease.

Immediately, your mind starts trying to grasp the enormity of this. How many more of these great Americans are going to fall victim to this? Is anyone going to address it? Is it even on anyone’s radar? How many young kids are going to fall victim of these chemicals and have their lives cut short? It’s making my head crazy, thinking about this.

This is not like the asbestos problem. That was easy to track down the source for that exposure. You could never track down the source for the exposure to these chemicals, everyone is using this stuff. The only hope is to try to figure out where the lion share of this stuff is coming from, such as farm supplies, and get this stuff off the market before thousands more become victims.

I have never thought chemical companies were honest in their safety statements. Quite honestly, if they told you how dangerous this stuff really is, they couldn’t sell it. Anything that attacks the nervous system of a bug, can’t be good for you. Likewise chemicals that kill plants, can’t be good for you either. Think “Agent Orange”.  When you spray a hornets nest and those things fall on the ground instantly dead, that’s scary stuff to me.

I’m not sure our regulatory people are paying enough attention to this stuff. I know I’m going to be looking at this a little harder in the future.





DC Cartoon

This so called impeachment inquiry is a spectacle beyond belief. It has turned into a gathering of half wit, self serving people who have a totally convoluted idea about how government is supposed to work. These so called foreign policy experts, wrongly believe their job is to make policies, as opposed to implementing the policies of the President. That is exactly why Barrack Obama fired almost every one of them when he took office, and replaced them with people that he could trust.

Lt. Colonel Alexander Vindman, now this guy is a real piece of work. Yeah I get it, he’s military, and we’re supposed to respect these guys. Nobody respects the military and military veterans more than I do, but this guy ain’t someone I would want fighting beside me on a battlefield. He just might think he has a better idea than the commander, and get us all killed. Make no mistake, this guys whole persona is his uniform. I’m pretty good at spotting fakes, in my opinion, he’s a fake soldier. He was overheard telling Russian military personnel that Americans weren’t very smart. If you don’t believe me, do your research. He’ll show up on CNN someday as a military analyst. Trust me.

This whole exercise has emphasized the fact that diplomats should be replaced at least every four years. If they stay in service in a foreign country too long, their loyalty to the home country begins to wane, and their empathy grows for the country they are residing in. They begin to feel the need to demand the US government do more for that nation in aid and services. They actually start to think as if they are citizens of that country. You could plainly see this today, listening to the witness diplomats as they testified. That is exactly what the Dems are playing on, trying to exploit their disdain for the President, knowing these people are “dyed in the wool” lefties.

This is my prediction; The Democrats will never vote to impeach the President. They know that the Senate will never, in a million years convict him, and quite possibly throw the whole thing out based on lack of evidence. If the Senate were to hold a trial, all of the Democrat Senators running in the 2020 presidential race would be severely impacted. So, they will run it out as long as possible to create as much havoc and damage as possible, then call it quits. Nervous Nancy and Schiff for brains will make up lies to cover their asses. They have never been serious about this, it’s all about disruption and resistance. They will do anything to deny the President any type of accomplishments that require Congressional cooperation.

As conservatives, we need to be engaged in local elections, support our conservative candidates and do whatever possible to help the Republicans running for the House of Representatives. We need to tell Nancy to put her gavel where the sun don’t shine. Maybe Adam Schiff will accidentally fall into a pile of that bullshit he spreads and die from E.coli. We can only hope.


Idiot Apocolypse






Schiff and Barney

I really felt bad about disrespecting Don Knotts this way, but I just couldn’t help myself. 

Adam Schiff really is like a bad venereal disease. VD causes great discomfort in the area of your body that is the most sensitive. Certain venereal diseases, like Schiff, are virtually impossible to get rid of. He’s probably most like herpes. When you have an outbreak, the pain is excruciating, and it ain’t ever going away, but it ain’t gonna kill you. Then you have to tell all of your potential lovers that you have this crud. Unless of course, you’re a heartless liar. 

Well, Adam Schiff is the Republican’s herpes. Right now they’re having an outbreak, and it’s causing them all great pain in that sensitive area. They really can’t do anything under the current circumstances, except let this latest outbreak run it’s course. Nervous Nancy has the antidote, but it looks like she’s going to withhold it.

Jerry Nadler was like a common type of HPV, he was easy to get rid of, because he was mostly ineffective and stupid. He was sort of like Curly, without Moe and Joe. I think earlier in his life when he was grossly over weight, he went on some type of program to slim down, and somehow lost his brain mass along with his fat ass. It’s pretty clear Nervous Nancy saw that his dog and pony show had to many dogs and not enough ponies. She went with good old Adam, he can spread falsehoods faster than Katie Hill can seduce her staffers. AOC might be into throuples, if she thought it would save the planet.

Having to deal with good old Adam is bad enough, but they have rounded up the most bizarre group of witnesses you could ever imagine. The first two bozos were largely clueless. These two guys had information that was four or five times removed from the source. If that wasn’t bad enough, these two idiots actually think that foreign policy is established by the diplomatic corps. They reminded me of a bunch of employees sitting in the break room complaining about the boss. You can complain all you want, just try to changing his policies, you will be introduced to a new group of friends at the unemployment office. Unelected bureaucrats don’t make policy, the elected leaders do. Unelected bureaucrats implement the policies whether they like them or not.

We have another witness coming today which should be interesting. This dumbass was participating in Ukraine elections, among other dumb stuff. She is even more clueless than the first two. She has already broken down and cried when she lost her job, so this may digress into a crybaby drama. She actually thought she was some sort of free agent sent out to change the world as she pleased. She was fired because she is just another Obama holdover partisan hack. Hey stupid, you were working for the Donald, not the eunuch.

The really sad thing about this, is that these partisan bureaucrats are like a termite infestation. They are hiding in the dark corners of the government, gnawing away at the Constitutional framework. Donald Trump is the official Orkin Man, but it seems he is having a real hard time hiring reinforcements. How much damage have the termites actually done? Can it be fixed? Only time will tell, how many more Donald Trumps are willing to take on the task.

Your assignment, if you decide to take it, is to elect more people like Donald Trump, and clean up the infestation. Warning, this message will self destruct in 10 seconds. 😉




Alarm Bell

I have been concerned for quite some time about the way the left is attacking the rule of law, and law enforcement. I’m shocked every single day by the level they are taking this to. San Francisco is reeling out of control now. They just elected a new District Attorney by the name of Chesa Boudin. His genealogy is certainly not something to brag about. His mother and father, who were members of the “Weather Underground”, a domestic terror organization, pulled off a heist of an armored car which left three men dead. His mother spent 22 years in the slammer, and his father is still incarcerated. If that wasn’t bad enough, he was raised by Bill Ayres and Bernadine Dohrn, also members of the “Weather Underground”. His resume also lists working for the leftist dictator Hugo Chavez as a translator. I’m sure his education was greatly enhanced during that gig. Bill Ayres is also best buds with Barrack for what that’s worth. Kinda explains Barrack’s views of law enforcement.

Jesse Watters said it best today, saying that Chesa Boudin is there to transform San Francisco into a leftist paradise. Chesa has vowed to pretty much shut down prosecution of public decency laws, shop lifting, break ins, auto theft, etc. Citizens of Frisco are going to see what anarchy looks like up close and personal.

What is stunning, is that all of the major media outlets are giving good ol’ Chesa a glowing review, as if his polices are somehow going to be good for Frisco. How can these people produce this “shit for brains” news and look their viewers in the eyes. It is simply mind boggling.

People, this is just one horrible example. The left is hell bent on destroying our laws, and law enforcement. The ” Sanctuary City ” crap is turning our once beautiful cities into hiding places for illegal alien criminals. The reason that the left is engaged in this insanity, is a power grab. Burn this into your memory; the left will always be willing to sacrifice your peace and safety, it if means they gain power in the end. The left is a social cancer, destroying the body of Democracy, little by little.

If you want to take a stand, and fight off this scourge, arm yourself with facts and stats. When you’re confronted with a left wing nut, be ready to defend your position. Most of these morons just spout talking points and leftist rhetoric, and lies. Fight them with truth. Truth is the most powerful weapon you can use against these cockroaches.

Put on your armor of truth. Never back off from engaging the liars. Be careful, if they think they are losing, they often turn to violence. Stay strong in the defense of our Constitution and Bill of Rights. If we loose the first and second amendments, we’ve lost the battle. Never give up.


bill of rights


dji drone

Dji Inspire Camera Drone

For my entire life, I have been fascinated with things that fly. I took flying lessons as a teenager, but was majorly disappointed, it just didn’t generate the thrills that I had imagined. I found the feeling that I was looking for in motorcycles, and became a life long motorcyclist. However, I still loved aircraft, and over the years I was involved in flying gas powered model aircraft, also rockets. I also happen to really like photography. I found the perfect blend of all of the this stuff in camera drones. I bought my first camera drone a few years ago, it was pretty basic, and cheap. I bought better and more expensive drones and learned how to fly them proficiently. 

I recently acquired my dream drone, the one in the picture above, a Dji Inspire. This is a very large, powerful and serious drone. This model is what most filmmakers use, with a better cameral of course. A movie grade camera cost $1,800.00 to $3,000.00 dollars. My camera will work just fine for filming landscapes and real estate.

This drone has a range of about 1.5 miles in any direction, and will fly at 500 foot altitude all day long. The batteries will allow you to fly for about 22 minutes each. I have two. You can cover a lot of ground in 44 minutes.

I am unquestionably a total novice at arial photography, but I will get better. We went to a local state park on a major river today and flew for about an hour with three separate drones. It was awesome.

dji drone 2

This site doesn’t support video, so I am working on putting all of my videos in a location where you can view them. Keep an eye out for more information on where you can go to see them. We are planning on going to a local water fall next weekend, weather permitting. It is located in a really beautiful setting. I’m already excited.

We all need to enjoy ourselves, and spend time with our families. I am flying with my Stepson Marc, and that just enhances the whole experience. We live in a wonderful place where we can enjoy these kinds of things, but we need to keep our eye on the ball, there are forces out there that would like to take it away from you. Don’t let that happen, stay vigilant, stay strong.


Old Glory