My two favorite uncles, Owen and Richard, moved to California in the mid 1940’s. These guys were my idols, they drove cool looking cars, rode Harleys, raced dirt track jalopies. These are the guys I wanted to pattern my life after… life in the fast lane. By my Junior year in high school in 1958, I couldn’t wait until I made the westward trek from Tulsa to the Golden State. My plans were put on hold for about four years, when I got married at twenty years old. I was working as an apprentice Boiler Maker when I married, so the wheels started turning in the planning portion of my young brain. I would finish my apprenticeship in 1963 and I could move to Southern Cal as a journeyman union Boilermaker. Even in those days, the journeyman wages were very good. I envisioned taking my place in Paradise and living in the “big time”.

All of my plans fell into place quite nicely. I bought my first house at twenty-one years old, and it became the major financial tool to make the move. Sold the house in the summer of 1963, loaded all of our possessions in 6′ x 13′ trailer, hooked it up to our 1959 Plymouth Fury and away we went. No job, not a lot of money, but one heck of a lot of hope and confidence that I could make it work. I have to confess, I had an ace in the hole. My late wife’s parents lived there, so I had a little bit of a safety net. As it turns out, didn’t need it. We rented a house first day there, moved in, got a job at Kaiser Steel the following day. We were off and running.

California was everything I dreamed of. Beaches, mountains, deserts, everything was spectacular. Beautiful flowers everywhere, one sunny day after another, wide fast roads, and an endless array of things to see and do. The economy was staggering, there were jobs on top of jobs. The whole place was on fire with activity. We raised two of the cutest “beach bunnies” in the world. It was absolute excitement every day 24/7/365. I fell in love with the fast paced lifestyle.

mickie and minnie


We lived in California for thirty years. During last five years of our time there, it was apparent that the leftist agenda was taking the state in a very bad direction. We headed to Seattle where we resided for the next fifteen years. The pacific northwest was the perfect place to detoxify from what was happening in California. We went back to California numerous times during those fifteen years, and every time it was more depressing watching our once beautiful home being ruined by leftist politics.

When I see what the left has done over the past thirty years, my heart is broken. The last time I was there, homeless people were everywhere, on the beaches, in the parks. The streets were filthy, the roads were in disrepair, I couldn’t wait to get the hell out. I have no desire to return to the place I once called home, and was proud to do so.

The last time I was there was about three years ago. When I see the pictures of San Diego, LA and Frisco today, it is just unbelievable. What is really sad about this, is that it will never be the paradise it once was. California has digressed to the point that it is no longer fixable. It will only get worse. The Democrats have ruined almost every major city in the USA, but ruining an entire state as beautiful as California once was, is unforgivable. It has been said that California is not just a state, it is a state of mind. That state of mind has been obliterated by selfish politicians that care more about their ideology than reality. May they all rot in hell.

crying eye




bu-reau-crat \ ‘byura,krat \ n – unelected democrats, that make up an unwieldy administration system that is largely unaccountable to anyone,  for any reason whatsoever.

Presidents, Congressmen and Senators come and go, but these people are like cockroaches. No matter how far the human race has progressed, they still can’t get rid of cockroaches. Washington bureaucrats are exactly the same. Indestructible.

The big problem is that these people are not elected by the people. They are either hired or appointed. They inhabit bureaus that make rules and regulations that you have to live by, which are basically laws, that are not enacted by the Congress. Have you ever heard of a Congressional oversight committee for bureaus? Who’s watching these people? These people are in effect, the fourth branch of government, and largely out of control. I’m pretty sure political leaders came up with the idea of bureaus as a way to get things done without having to deal with Congress, and take heat from the voters.

Democrats love big government. So naturally, bureaucrats are going be, more likely than not, Democrats. They know that being a Democrat is excellent job security. They also know that no matter how little they actually do, or how poorly they perform on the job, they will never be fired. They also know that at the end of their tenure, they have a really great retirement waiting for them. It’s the Democrat’s version of paradise.

Although far fewer Republicans inhabit these infamous bureaucratic offices, they are still willing to play along and participate. It’s simply the way life is in Washington D.C. It’s always been this way, why change it? After all, the flow of money never stops. Why not take advantage of a perpetual cash flow? What kind of nut would pass that up. Both political parties have their own special way of extracting money from the hard working taxpayers. I think their rationale is ” hey, they voted for me” they must be OK with what I’m doing. How many people pay attention to what their elected reps are doing? I do, but I’m pretty sure I’m in a very small minority.

President Trump ran and won on his famous phrase of “draining the swamp”. That’s like anything that sounds good in theory, but actually making it happen is another thing altogether. Not to say he hasn’t lowered the water level slightly, but really draining the swamp would literally mean firing every last bureaucrat and starting over from scratch. That would be like thinking you could convince Hillary Clinton that she lost the election because she is a dumbass, plain and simple. Or just convince her to shut up and go away. The chance of accomplishing any of this is ” slim to none”.

The Democrats have a real, vicious hatred for Donald Trump. But in reality, any Republican President will have similar problems. They made W’s life pretty miserable as well. The Democrats have very successfully built a fortress of ” red tape ” that is almost impossible to breach. I have no idea how you ever deal with this issue, I’m just pointing out that it exists, and that it’s in direct opposition to a Democratic form of government. The term “Government of the people, by the people, and for the people” is not really true anymore. It’s pretty much ” us against them”, and I think they’re winning.

There is simply too much to lose. Keep fighting back anyway you can. Identify the strongholds of the left and infiltrate them. Local school boards and City Councils are a great place to start. Start making it hard for the lefties to further their agendas. Become an activist in State Government, if you can’t run for office, let them know you vote and you are paying close attention to what they do. Join a larger group that has more clout. Don’t make it easy for the looney left to make this nation unrecognizable.


bill of rights





father and son fishing


No one could ever accuse our Dad of not being focused. When you can spend six hours in a twelve foot boat, without catching a single fish, and still be totally focused on trying to figure out where the exact right spot is, that my friend is being focused. Dad would be absolutely certain, that the very next spot would yield that three pound large mouth bass. In the meantime my kid brain was about to short circuit with raging boredom. All I could think of is how am I going to convince Dad to quit and go home. Having failed at that in the past exactly 100% of the time, I just sucked it up and kept my mouth shut. I may not have become an expert fisherman, but I learned to persevere. I also learned what the world looked like at 4:00 am. In the eyes of a little kid it was surreal. There weren’t any people or cars, it was still and quiet. The only things moving was a stray dog or two, scavenging for scraps of food in the dim early morning light. I was always fascinated by the world in the very early morning. I always liked it when we put out on the lake in the cool morning air, with a thin layer of fog laying on the water. It was strangely magical.

Our Dad had a lot of other things he liked to do other than fishing. He loved to play baseball, softball, and most other outdoor games. I can only imagine how much fun he would have had with a Frisbee. Strangely, he never played golf to my knowledge. The important point is, that he loved to play games with his children. He loved to play and laugh, and tease all of us. His love of practical jokes was unsurpassed. Our family dinners were filled with fun and laughter.

Although my Dad loved to play and laugh, he was anything but lazy. He was well aware of his responsibilities and never backed away from them. In all of my life, I never once saw the yard overgrown, the house in even the least bit of disrepair, or his car in need of repair. The family car was always spotless inside and out. I can honestly say, I never saw even a scrap of trash or paper inside the family car. So as you might imagine, our Dad was a disciplinarian. He wasn’t going to allow us to be slackers.

Our Dad took his job very seriously. He worked at the same company from 1938 until he retired sometime in the late sixties. I can’t remember him ever missing work. A lot of the guys he worked with were there all of those years as well. They knew me from birth, and I knew a lot of them. When I graduated from high school, I worked in the same company for about three years, and these guys were like family. I don’t think our Father had any enemies, but he had an endless amount of friends. It was almost a sure thing that no matter where we went, someone would know our Dad.

This is probably the most important thing about my Dad. I was the number one son. My Dad had great aspirations of me being like him, and having the same interests. I’m pretty sure he imagined me as his hunting and fishing partner. He imagined me as a die hard athlete. Nope, that wasn’t me. I’m pretty sure I was somewhat of a disappointment. I was born with an intense fascination with all things mechanical. I inherited the genetic talents as an artist, and I loved music. I had to know how all things worked.

This is the mark of a great Father, he took an interest in the things I liked and participated in them with me. I was crazy about aircraft, as well as cars. Drag racing was just getting started and the races were being held at private air strips. My Dad took me to my very first drag race at a small airport, then afterwards he paid for me to take a ride in a small private airplane. Pretty special day. I was also a sci-fi nut, so he took me to see the movie ” The Day the Earth Stood Still”. Then a few years later took me to see the movie ” The Wild Ones” about the motorcycle gangs. The motorcycle thing obviously stuck in my brain, as I was a life long motorcyclist.

My Dad was a prolific story teller, and I loved to listen to his stories, although most of them were re-runs. But he wasn’t much for in depth discussions about feelings. I can tell you this with certainty….he thought about things in depth, he just didn’t feel comfortable talking about them. It wouldn’t have been the “manly” thing to do. He knew my interests were different than his, but his interest was sharing time with me, his son. That was more important to him.

I was married at ripe old age of 20. He married our Mom when he was nineteen. Before I got married, he took me aside in our front yard and told me the following; ” If I ever hear of you mistreating your wife, you will have me to deal with. Women are to love and care for. If you want to fight, find a guy to fight with. I don’t ever want to hear of you laying a hand on that woman to hurt her”. Since I already tested him out three years earlier and lost that wrestling match badly, I took him seriously.

He was a great Father. I always felt is was cruel the way his life ended. He suffered several strokes, and was left with the mentality of a five or six year old. He didn’t deserve to go that way after dedicating his life to his family and community. He was an active 32nd Degree Mason, and headed up his lodge for several years.

He lived his life as the blueprint for how my brother and I conduct our lives as men. He taught us how to be Fathers and husbands. He taught us what was really important in life and what wasn’t. He taught us how to be productive, and take care of our possessions. He taught us to always be proud of who we are, and be respectful of others. I am proud to be my Fathers son.

I’m not sure where he learned his Fatherly skills, he was an orphan at the age of ten years old, raised in an orphanage. Think about that for awhile.


Soldiers planting American Flag



the Great Carnac

Johnny Carson as ” Carnac the Magnificent”

When the magnificent Mr. Carson retired, late night comedy went on life support. Don’t get me wrong, I really like Jay Leno, I still watch him on his “Jay Leno’s Garage” show. But, with all due respect to Jay, in my opinion, he never quite filled Johnny’s shoes. Johnny Carson was simply the best, period. When Johnny and his sidekick Ed McMahon were playing off each other, it was so damn funny, your sides ached from laughter.

Johnny had a line up of guests that were crazy funny as well, and he was a genius at magnifying their comments, making them even funnier. Who could ever forget the wonderfully funny and zany interactions with Don Rickles, George Goble, Buddy Hackett, Dean Martin, and especially Jonathan Winters. This was genuinely funny stuff that made you laugh when you remembered it the following day.

Back in those days, political correctness wasn’t an issue. People pretty much said anything they darn well pleased. Some of the dialog that went on in the “Rat Pack” that  Sammy Davis was part of, would send people into a major hissy fit today. People didn’t give this stuff a second thought. If you don’t believe me, watch some of the videos from the famous ” Dean Martin Roasts “. Virtually nothing was off limits.

Late night was born with the ” Tonight Show” originally hosted by Steve Allen. I was a regular viewer. One of Steve’s regular guests was the famous stripper Gypsy Rose Lee, who happened to be a very interesting and intelligent lady. When it was taken over by Jack Parr in 1957 I took a sabbatical, I was never a Jack Parr fan. When Johnny took over in ’62 I was already familiar with him from his afternoon TV show called “Do you trust your wife”. I was working night shift at the time, and watched the show before leaving for work. I watched The Tonight Show with Johnny Carson as much as possible over the next 30 years. Those were truly the golden years of late night comedy.

You never knew what Carson’s politics were. Which is a large part of why he was so popular for so many years. His guests would express politics occasionally, but Johnny stayed out of it for the most part. Leno, was very light on politics as well, but weighed in much more than Johnny ever did. Johnny knew his viewers tuned in to have fun and laugh. It’s pretty hard to make anything funny out of politics and religion. Which, by the way is why Johnny’s ratings were always better than Dave Letterman’s. Dave was funny, but he always had that heaviness of politics/hate intertwined with his humor.

Enter Jimmy Fallon. Jimmy came from “Saturday Night Live” which lost it’s glory long ago, and has been on life support for years. To me, SNL always had a juvenile approach to humor, crass, tasteless and boring. By the way, if you find Alec Baldwin the least bit entertaining, you need to see a shrink. I could never watch Jimmy Fallon. I tried, but it was low class, slap stick lazy approach to humor. How many times can you watch eggs broken over someone’s head before you zone out. His guests are whiney, and bitchy, and perpetual victims.

Jimmy Kimmel, his show is the equivalent of “water boarding” without the water.

Steven Colbert, the only thing that I can think of, is digital torture. I couldn’t stand him before he took over the show. He has the ” likable quotient ” of a maggot.

In my opinion, this is why late night comedy died. The writers quit basing comedy on genuinely funny stuff, and started basing comedy on hate. Even the guests are hate filled lame brains. When you base comedy on hate, you automatically offend at least 50% of the available audience. A certain percentage of the audience that still listen to you are uncomfortable with your comments because you are talking about their families and friends. It is material that is basically paper Mache and won’t last for the ages like the comedy of the late great Mr. Carson, and the other comedic geniuses of his era. The late night shows of recent times should be replaced with more humorous material such as National Geographic, or The Smithsonian Channel.

If you are still watching any of these useless twits, engage in a ” do it yourself” intervention and start watching the ” Tonight Show” with Johnny Carson on YouTube. You’ll feel much better afterwards, and give you hopes of a comedy resurrection. If you want an extra boost, watch videos of the ” Carol Burnett Show” with Tim Conway and Harvey Korman. The funniest people that ever stood on a stage.

The lefties have killed comedy with their unmitigated hatred for everything. Fortunately we have recordings of the great ones. That gives me hope. The recordings are like a long lost recipe hidden away in your late Mom’s belongings. When you find it, you can make and enjoy that delicious cobbler, or cake that you enjoyed when you were a kid.


 Carrol Burnett

     World’s Funniest Lady Ever      



This woman just heard Nancy Pelosi talking about the President’s mental state, and has no idea what Nancy just said. Can you imagine a conversation between Nancy Pelosi and Joe Biden? If you see strange people accompanying Nancy and Joe, don’t worry they’re Visiting Angels.

I heard Nancy talking about Donald Trump’s mental state today, and fell down laughing. She was literally unable to put more than two words together, and seemed to be dazed and confused. When I was a kid, I used to have an old Ford that was the same way. In the mornings it would only fire on two or three cylinders multiple times before it would finally start running on all eight. The body work looked a lot like Nancy’s face as well. Her makeup has to be very near the consistency of Bondo, applied with a putty knife.

Nancy’s new thing; Trump is involved in a cover up. What the hell does this guy have to cover up. He’s been investigated by four different groups for over two years, and nobody has been able to find any wrongdoing. What could the guy possibly be covering up? Nancy vowed today to keep looking, she’s positive he must be guilty of something.

So let me get this straight…..four different investigations, hundreds of witnesses, hundreds of subpoenas, the White House turned over more than a million documents to the Mueller team of partisan hacks, and somehow, the house investigative committee is going to magically find something everyone else missed??? These people have to be smoking dope. I have never seen such a huge group of totally useless people as the House Democrats.

Nancy and her gang have been in control of the House of Representatives going on six months and have absolutely nothing to show for it. They have not accomplished any meaningful legislation. They are failing the American people, when so much needs to be done to improve the lives of everyday folks.

Millions of illegal aliens are pouring into our country daily, creating a humanitarian crisis, and the Democrats are wasting their time on a totally stupid piece of legislation called the “Equality Act” which if put into practice would strip women of their privacy, and allow transgender males to dominate women’s sporting events. It would be a huge setback for women. It will never pass the Senate, and even if it did, the President would never sign it.

San Franny Granny

Look for the San Franny Granny to show up in new duds soon. Lately she has been doubling as the House Chaplain, laying down religious doctrine, and offering up prayers for her rival Donald Trump. She may soon show up in a long black robe with a tall hat, carrying a scepter. She has deemed the border wall immoral, while upholding full term abortion and infanticide. She has uttered words of divine guidance on numerous occasions lately, with words of wisdom about how everyone has the spark of divine goodness even if they are members of MS13. It would be a little hard to see that spark, when they are covered with blood from the latest murder, chopping up people with machetes. However, when I see her and hear her words, I hearken back to the words of my dear Mother; ” actions speak louder than words”. My Mom also had another appropriate saying about people like Nancy; ” I would like to buy her for what she’s worth, and sell her for what she thinks she’s worth”. She’s what my old Italian friend called a “food waster”.


Old Glory




burning village

This is what Democrats want to do to America, our freedom, religions,  traditions, and culture. They are calling for a “scorched earth” policy. They have declared war on virtually everything in the “New Green Deal”. I’m thoroughly convinced this is what Nakita Khrushchev was referring to when he made the famous statement ” We will bury you”. In other words, America would fall from socialist forces within it’s own borders.


Old Glory




Despite what the dimwit Cuomo said recently, America has always been great. Yep, we’ve had our moments in history, that were somewhat regrettable. What large family hasn’t had those moments? However, when you compare the good ol’ USA with the rest of the world, we were always better, and will always be better. Obama was dead wrong. Below is a list of what made this nation great and why.

  • This nation was founded on the premise that all men and women should be free to pursue their dreams and passions, and create a better life for themselves and their families. That freedom was guaranteed by the Constitution and the Bill of Rights. In other words your dreams and aspirations were protected within a framework of laws, that no one could revoke just because they, didn’t like you, or because of your religion, or lack of religion, or any other trivial reason.
  • The Founding Fathers, made sure, that they recognized that these rights and freedoms were given to us by God the Father. By doing so, in essence were stating, that they were mere mortals, acting in God’s behalf, and greatness was his, not theirs.
  • The Founding Fathers were very clear when speaking of the sanctity of life, and how utterly important it was.
  • This nation was built by the hands of everyday men and women, working together, hand in hand. Forging America through the strength of families, and villages of hard working, law abiding people. People with a common goal of making America the greatest nation on earth. United and determined, in the face of any and all obstacles.

Through the years, our nation grew and prospered. People from all over the world wanted to join in the effort, wanted to be part of this remarkable place. They didn’t come here to re-establish their homeland on this continent, they wanted to be part of the American Dream. There simply wasn’t anything else like it. People from virtually every corner of the earth created this fabulous place. But it wasn’t a cacophony of hundreds of languages and cultures, it was one language, one culture, it was America.

Sadly, the left has steadily eroded all of that with the blatant lie that ” Diversity Makes Us Stronger”. Nothing could be farther from the truth. Strength is derived from Unity not Diversity. It is nothing more than identity politics to weaken the populace and make them more controllable.

The left has waged war on families for years with great success. The traditional family is now on the endangered species list. And the prospects for revival are dim and best.

The left is hell bent on allowing the killing of unborn children no matter how far into the pregnancy, and even after they are born. Several states have passed abortion laws that are nothing more than legal infanticide. The thought of this is horrifying to average Americans, yet the left is pushing forward harder than ever.

The left is constantly harping on how they are for women’s rights, to virtually anything they can think of. If you listen to these folks, you would think that women are somehow enslaved, with few or no rights at all. Yet in spite of this never ending noise, they are attempting to pass a law, that gives transgender males the right to share spaces previously for women only ( locker rooms, restrooms, etc. ) plus allows them to compete in women’s sporting events, putting women athletes at a huge disadvantage. They are in essence giving preferential treatment to mentally deranged males, over the rights of females. Let’s be perfectly clear, men that think they are women, are mentally screwed up. If you disagree, I don’t care, I ain’t running for office now, and never will be. So you can put it where the sun don’t shine.

The lefties want totally open borders, socialism, unbridled abortions, total ban on firearms, erasure of all American history and historical monuments. Abolition of the Electoral College. Hell, AOC is now calling for people to stop growing cauliflower, calling it “colonial”. There isn’t one traditional practice or tradition that the Democrats don’t want to destroy. They would like nothing better than to tear the whole thing down and start over. If you think that would work out well, watch C Span for about a month, you’ll change your mind. Can you imagine Maxine Watters or Gerald Nadler in charge of anything greater than refilling the paper towel cabinets? These people are more worthless than urinals in the women’s restroom. They are so obsessed with their hatred for Donald Trump, they have lost whatever sense of direction they may have once had.

So, ladies and gentlemen, you can put an end to this by showing your strength at the polls, and voting these idiots out of office. There are some Republican incumbents that need to go as well. We can’t allow this craziness to continue, if we do, we’ll lose it all. Show your American Muscle.


bill of rights