A bright flash of light appeared in 2015 when Donald Trump announced his bid for the presidency. Finally, a guy with a proven track record of getting things done, and he wasn’t a politician. Not being a politician likely meant that he was also a truth teller. It quickly became apparent after winning the election that not only was he a truth teller, he was also a promise keeper. That was definitely a litmus test that DJT was indeed, not a politician. For four years President Trump moved through Washington D.C. like a D8 Caterpillar with a 16 foot blade. He deregulated everything from shower heads to major pipelines that had been in regulatory limbo for years. While doing this, he defeated the dreaded ISIS terrorist group, and brokered historic peace agreements in the middle east between Arab Nations and Israel. Donald Trump’s accomplishments are unprecedented by any measure.

What is even more amazing, is that he accomplished all of these things while being constantly attacked by the Democrats, and the Media. He endured a three year long investigation by a special council, brought by a corrupt FBI and Justice Department. As if that wasn’t enough, he had to endure an impeachment attempt brought by a lying, corrupt Democrat controlled Congress. What these worthless corrupt elected officials, and bureaucrats did to a duly elected President, will be known as one of the darkest moments in our Nation’s history.


The Democrats, the lefties, and establishment Republicans hated Donald Trump, he was dismantling their playhouse one plank at a time. He could not be allowed to serve a second term. It would spell certain destruction to years of work by establishment politicians. The Democrat lawyers fanned out across the U.S. early in the year 2020, and began laying the groundwork for one of the biggest election frauds in history, mail in voting. The rest is history.


Do you remember the trumpets and drums when Bill Bahr stepped into the role as Attorney General? We were told this guy was a straight up justice warrior, he was going to be the next best thing to Superman himself. The “truth, justice, and the American way” guy. That was a croc. He fizzled out like a firecracker in a cloudburst. No wonder he plays the bagpipes well, he’s full of hot air. Oh yeah, and that guy that Bill Bahr appointed to look into the origins of the Russia probe, you know, oh heck, what’s his name? Durham, yeah, that’s it. What the hell happened to that guy. I’m thinking he’s probably been on a fishing trip with John Roberts. Old John seems to have lost interest in this job as Chief Justice.


Nine more totally useless pieces of human flesh. Now I know why they serve for life, they are totally useless anywhere else. I say let them pack the court with even more of these knuckleheads, who cares. It will be karma for Justice Roberts, he will be rendered completely irrelevant. In case you haven’t figured it out yet, the only reason the Supreme Court has become so important in recent years, is that the Congress does absolutely nothing, and has transformed the SCOTUS into branch of the legislature.


FBI, should stand for the Federal Bureau of Ineptitude. This worthless group is not willing to investigate a Presidential election, that stinks to high heaven to everyone else that’s not a Democrat. But, they assigned an entire squadron to agents to investigate a garage door rope in a Nascar garage, being used by Bubba Wallace. Even a whiff of what may be a hate crime, is reason to issue an ” all points bulletin”. Those pesky white guys are at it again. To everyone’s dismay, most of these hate crimes are bogus, set up by people of color, for selfish reasons. Damn it, why can’t they find those white supremacist’s. Oh wait, they did find some, they were attempting to kidnap a white governor. They found another one on top of a mountain in Idaho pretty much minding his own business, but that didn’t stop the FBI sniper from Killing Randy Weaver’s wife and child for absolutely no reason. They also made a stellar display by routing the Bundy’s and their rag tag group, from occupying the federal land in eastern Oregon, killing LaVoy Finicum in cold blood. It was wintertime, snowy, all they had to do was make sure the occupiers couldn’t get supplies, it would have ended peacefully, La Voy didn’t have to die. The FBI guys just had to play cowboys and occupiers. But, I guess you can’t expect a lot from a group being led the the likes of Jim Comey and Christopher Wray.

The list just keeps growing. From the Clinton’s bogus Foundation, to their shady uranium deal with Russia, to Benghazi. Joe Biden and his entire family selling influence all around the world, doing shady deals with Russia and China. The bogus investigation into the President, in the so called Russia probe. Eric Swalwell’s trist with a Chinese spy while serving on the House Intel Committee. Ilhan Omar’s crooked election schemes, that would get any Republican thrown out of Congress. Numerous FBI and DOJ officials that have lied before Congress and the Senate. The list just goes on and on. If you really think that any of these meatheads are going to pay price for their misdeeds, I would like to meet with you and discuss investing in my perpetual motion generator.

I can’t bear to hear another person on Fox News, Newsmax, or anywhere else continue to talk about this stuff. It’s wasting my time, and everyone else’s time. Nothing will ever happen, nobody will ever pay for what they have put us through. The governments, Federal, State, and local, have realized, what we think doesn’t matter, they can do whatever they damn well please. They can shut down our businesses, take our operating licenses, and fine us. for not complying with totally unconstitutional executive fiats. They are doing it, because their are no repercussions for their actions.

I’m sorry, but unless the governments change how they are treating us, the fight will move into the streets. Personally, I would hate to see it come to that, but there may be no other choice. They are backing us into a corner, and they may regret it. We are being governed by people that don’t respect our Constitution and Bill of Rights, and that my friend, may end up being a grave mistake.




There are days when the events in the world reach such a high point of absurdity, that I can no longer look at them seriously. This is one of those days, Christmas eve 2020.

The top of the list, of this weeks most absurd acts, was the so called Covid Relief Bill. I’m not going to detail all of the utter nonsense buried in this spending monstrosity, most of you have already heard it. Aside from the fact that an extremely small portion of this proposed legislation is actually written to help Americans impacted by Covid, showcases the hard cold fact that the U.S. lawmakers care more about the citizens of the world, than the citizens of the U.S.A. Please take note that a very large portion of those willing to pass this nonsense were Republicans. Lindsey Graham’s short speech about how happy he was about the spending proposed for the women of Afghanistan, made me want to throw up. This man is totally useless.

Harry and Meghan: Can anyone tell me why anything, regarding these two losers is relevant? Neither of them has any real power of any kind. Their so call Royal titles are a joke. Harry is given a title due to the fact he is the grandson of the Queen. The entire Royal Family is a drain on the English taxpayers, who get nothing in return. He was expected to perform public services to support wounded war veterans. After being sent to the worlds best schools, given rank in the military, and given one of the worlds cushiest positions, he can’t even seem to handle that. He has been sucked into the world of Meghan Markle, who is another total Hollywood loser, they both now find themselves on the outside looking in, on almost everything.

Young radical women: More examples of these crazy young women seem to cropping up lately. You saw images of hundreds of them participating in the summer riots across the U.S. bashing in windows, setting fires, and hitting people with clubs. See the link to the news article below to see how serious this is becoming.

Scott Baio and the “Happy Days” cast feud: It seems that Scott’s conservative viewpoints have interfered with the reunion of the “Happy Days” cast for some time now. I don’t know about you, but I have suffered countless sleepless nights over this dilemma. I can’t wait until this extremely serious matter is resolved and the world can return to normal.

Chrissy Teigen: Recently made the statement ” I’ll never be pregnant again”. That could actually be the best news of 2020. Truly a reason to rejoice.

A very Merry Christmas and Happy New Year to everyone. Thank you for making this my most successful blogging year to date. It has been a pleasure being able to express my thoughts about how I see the world, and obviously some folks share my views. It appears at this moment in time, I will have a mountain of material to write about in the coming years. I am sharpening my skills of sarcasm, they will be needed for sure.



You probably remember this guy, from the movie “Grease”. Well this pretty much sums up where we are today in the United States Government.

The rules are, there ain't no rules.

The states election boards decided under pressure from Democrat lawyers to amend the voting laws without the consent of the state legislators. Totally against the rules all day, every day. What the hell, we don’t care what the state constitution says, we’re doing it anyway. The the states Supreme Court backed up the lawbreakers.

Law says observers must be present during vote counting to make sure nobody is messin’ wit da count. They threw them observers out. Did anyone come to their aid to enforce the law? Hell no.

In the small wee hours of the morning, major ballot drops occurred, and decimated the lead Donald Trump had just hours earlier. Did anyone care? Hell no.

Over a thousand sworn affidavits were filed by witnesses that testified that their was strange stuff goin’ on during the vote tally. Did anyone care? Hell no.

Texas and over twenty other states filed a suit in the Supreme Court for voter fraud. A leaked video today, revealed the SCOTUS didn’t want to be responsible for the ensuing riots and violence if the took up the case. Does the SCOTUS really care about the Constitution? Hell no.

Hunter Biden has been under investigation for over two years, a big part of it pertaining to Ukraine. The FBI could have let that be known during the phony impeachment trial of the President. Probably would have made a big difference on a lot of fronts. Did the FBI care? Hell no.

Bill Barr ( another useless piece of dog crap ) could have revealed this before the election. Would have been great if folks had known about that so they could make a more informed decision on who the cast their vote for. Did Bill Barr and the DOJ care? Hell no.

It looks like Joe Biden is in this up to his eyebrows, may have been engaged in illegal shit while in office. Does the DOJ or FBI care? Hell no

Eric Swalwell was involved with a Chinese spy, caught up in a “honey trap” while serving on the House Intel Committee. Remember how he lied to the press almost daily about having proof Donald Trump colluded with Russia? Does anyone know if Fang Fang had access to his computer? She would have had plenty of time to peruse the contents while Eric was comatose after having his prostrate drained. Does the FBI and the DOJ care? Hell no.

The so called covid pandemic is decimating the economy. Hard working Americans are seeing their lives and fortunes go down the drain while Nancy Pelosi is dancing around, playing games, and not doing a damn thing to help save these poor folks. The State governors don’t care if their economies crash, the think “nutty Nancy” is going to give them a big payday for helping get rid of that evil Trump. So, do any of these dimwits in D.C. give a damn if you lose it all? Hell no.

Now, they say you have to take the vaccine to make all of this go away. But then they say, even though you’ve been vaccinated, you still have to wear the stupid masks, and suffer being in lockdown. They also say, even though you have been vaccinated, you could become infected. Then you ask, what if I have really bad shit happen to my body from this vaccine, can I sue the manufacturer? Sorry, they made sure the manufacturer couldn’t be sued. So you may be paralyzed on one side of your body, but you still have to wear a mask, and you can’t go out to dinner, and you can’t be compensated for having your life totally destroyed. So, does the government really give a shit about you personally? Hell no.

Little kids are virtually immune to covid, and are not spreaders. But the teachers unions don’t care, they’re not about to let the teachers be exposed to covid. But wait, the teachers are going out to grocery stores and hardware stores, and drug stores, and all kinds of other places with other adults, that do spread the virus. But that doesn’t matter for some reason. They are saving the teachers from little people that don’t spread the virus, and the little people are getting dumber and weirder being shut in, and not being allowed to associate with other little people. Do the high paid geniuses in the school boards care? Hell no.

Our colleges and Universities have been infiltrated with Chinese spies, that are very instrumental in helping silence conservative viewpoints. The professors are complete leftie Loons, so they are totally fine with that. Every generation of our college graduates are being indoctrinated to hate America. Does anyone care? Hell no.

Last summer, maniacs were running around burning down cities, destroying public property, hurting innocent people. Looting stores unimpeded, spray painting anything that didn’t move. Millions of dollars of property stolen or destroyed. Have you seen any of these assholes go to trial for their misdeeds? Have you seen anyone in government say it has to stop, now. Do you think anyone really cares? Hell no.

If you try to keep your shop or restaurant open, or just try to work in order to feed your family, they really care, They’re gonna fine your ass, maybe put you in jail. If you don’t wear your stupid little mask, they gonna be all over ya. Now, you may not even be able to travel on public transportation without proof of vaccination. If you try it, you gonna be in deep poop.

So you get your vaccination, and your cleared to travel to Disneyland with your fam. While you have your rental car parked outside the hotel with all your stuff in it, a crackhead breaks in and takes everything you brought with you. A cop just happened to witness it, but didn’t bother stopping the crackhead, because the DA that George Soros just installed, ain’t gonna prosecute him… ain’t worth it. Now your entire vacation is ruined, you really can’t afford to replace your stuff and continue with your plans. Does anyone really care? Hell no.

How did our country get to this point? Nobody cared enough to stop it. Sleep well.




WASHINGTON, DC – DECEMBER 12: People gather in support of President Donald Trump and in protest the outcome of the 2020 presidential election at freedom plaza on December 12, 2020 in Washington, DC. Thousands of protesters who refuse to accept that President-elect Joe Biden won the election are rallying ahead of the electoral college vote to make Trump’s 306-to-232 loss official. (Photo by Tasos Katopodis/Getty Images)

It has been my observation, that Trump ( Republican ) Rallies, are a sea of Red, White, and Blue, and regular folks having a good time. Leftist gatherings look like street gangs. They wouldn’t be caught dead with our national colors. By the way, I used the word gatherings, because the outcomes are fluid. When the lefties gather, it can turn into a protest, or a riot, or just pillage and burn, and beat people with blunt instruments. I guess it just depends on the mood of the crowd. Whatever it is, it has nothing to do with national unity, quite the opposite.

Not exactly the same mind set here.

I’m pretty sure we aren’t going to see any attempt to quell the activities of ANTIFA. The guy that is likely to be the next President says,” ANTIFA is no problem, it’s just an idea “. That statement really gives me a warm and fuzzy feeling. How about you? Oh yeah, and that other group of stellar citizens, Black Lives Matter, are already making demands, saying they helped get Creepy Joe elected, and they expect some favors in return. Sounds like maybe they want Louis Farrakhan in some key cabinet position. He would actually be a good fit with Susan Rice.

I’m going to break this down in simplistic terms. The left has wanted to turn this country into a socialist hell hole for many, many years. They have worked diligently to bring us to this point. The reason they hate Donald Trump and the Republicans so much, is that they were standing in the way of achieving their goals. The Democrats are very smart in a lot of ways, but they are basically like children that were disciplined by their parents. You probably did this yourselves before you became grownups. Your parents told you there was no way you were taking a machete to a football game, and you ran to your room shouting ” I hate you”. Or maybe as a girl, you wanted to go to a football game wearing a super brief mini skirt, and a crop top with no bra. Yep, you hated your parents for a week over that. Yep, the new left are those people grown up, but in a state of arrested development.

We can make fun of these mindless souls all day, but they are very close to being in complete control of your lives. If the Republicans lose the Senate, everything is going to go down hill like a semi with no brakes. Nothing will stand in their way for the next four years, of literally dismantling democracy, as we know it. We can only hope, that in four years the voters will be so incensed by their actions, they will be thrown out on their ears. A two term Republican President could right the ship, as long as he or she has the Senate and the House.

But the Republicans have some work to do in order to make that happen. They need to cull out the spineless “Rinos” and replace them with true fighters, people dedicated to preserving the Republic. The Republicans are partly responsible for where we are today. We seem to have more than our share of gutless, lame politicians that want to appease the other side. The lines are clearly drawn. The Democrats have thrown down the gauntlet, and said they are taking our country whether we like it or not. We must not and cannot allow that to happen. Keep your eyes open for a Paul Ryan, a Mitt Romney, a John McCain, a Bill Krystol, you know the types. Reject them if they are seeking political offices in your districts. We need strong willed individuals like Matt Gaetz, Jim Jorden, and the the other valiant Republicans that defended the President when he was under attack.

In closing, I was stunned at the response by the SCOTUS, regarding the Texas lawsuit on voter fraud. Only two men were willing to do the right thing Judge Clarence Thomas, and Samuel Alito. So, the SCOTUS is supposed to be all about upholding our Constitution? Well it appears that is just another urban myth. These people were not willing to take the heat. At least they could have heard the arguments, and made a decision, and made it look sorta like they were serious. It would have been interesting and telling to have read their descents. Nope, just another useless branch of the Federal Government taking the easy way out. Maybe they were afraid of pissing of the new Prez, and in his wrath, packing the court. Who knows, but I lost a lot of respect for what I thought was the last remaining bit of honesty in D.C.

You probably noticed my blog was quiet for a few weeks. I have been emotionally drained by watching my wonderful country that I love, being torn apart by a bunch of selfish assholes. These people are willing to disenfranchise half of the nations voters, because they can’t have their way. If you can’t win fair and square, you don’t deserve the win. You don’t deserve to call the shots if you stole the votes from millions of Americans. Stay strong my friends, resist allowing them to railroad us into policies and laws that you know are wrong. Let your voices be heard loud and clear.




Over the past four years, the Democrats have shown you, very boldly, they are willing to do just about anything to gain total and complete power. They have also given you some very obvious clues about what they have planned. Many of us, me especially, totally missed the one I am going to talk about today. I’m pretty sure, they knew the bill would never make it past the Senate, let alone the President’s desk. I don’t believe that was the plan. The plan was to make everyone aware of their intentions, especially their voting base, and state leaders.

Bill HR-1. Introduced by John Sarbanes. ( D-MD ) The bill was rolled out on January 3, 2019, as the first official legislation of the 116th United States Congress. I have provided a link below, so that you can read the bill for yourself.

This bill was a very radical piece of legislation. Pretty much a battery of 105 Howitzers pointed directly at the Republican Party. It was designed to make it almost impossible to conduct a fair election in future races. Pay close attention to what I am going to say. This bill was dead on arrival in the Senate, the Democrats knew full well it would be. It didn’t matter, it was the blueprint to win the 2020 Presidential Election.

The plan for how to muddy up the election process was used by every Democrat Governor, put into play by executive fiat, and that my friends is what you just witnessed. Every item on the Democrat wish list was buried in this piece of garbage.

If Joe Biden ends up in the Oval, we all better hope and pray we retain the Senate, otherwise all of this crap, plus the New Green Deal, will end up as the law of the land. That will be a dark day indeed.




I am a very staunch conservative. My buddy jokingly, calls me a radicalized Republican. Actually, I became so fed up with “do nothing” Republicans, I became an independent. Not sure that really accomplished much, other than making me feel better about myself, not being associated with a bunch of lame politicians.

I don’t want to offend my conservative readers, but I think it’s a healthy practice, to be able to look at yourself and those you associate with, with an analytical eye. If you have read my blog for very long, you have heard me rail on Republicans pretty hard from time to time. That’ exactly what I plan on doing this evening, so now is your chance to change the channel.

Having spent a good many hours of my life traveling at break neck speeds on two wheel motorized vehicles, I tend to constantly scan the roadway like a radar beam while driving my car. People that have never ridden motorcycles, quite often have accidents that could have been prevented, had they been paying more attention to their surroundings. They tend feel snug and safe, in their metal capsule, with a false feeling of ultimate security, then when they least expect it, BANG, and all the air bags deploy. First statement out of their mouths, ” I just never saw that dang truck”. Truth is, they weren’t paying attention.

Well, that’s what Republicans have been doing for the past 25 years. Cruising down the political freeway, not paying attention. November 4th 2020 was the big collision. The question now; is the party a total loss?

About 25 years ago, the left began their program for total domination of our educational system. Changing it from education to indoctrination. K-12 teachers openly discuss politics in classrooms, pushing youngsters to accept leftist ideas. It becomes more pronounced as the child gets older. The public schools have instituted programs that literally make it possible for young people to engage in certain practices, such as getting abortions, without the parents consent. They are slowly but surely taking your children out of your control. Schools are becoming leftist brain washing laboratories.

In colleges and universities, conservative professors and teachers, have been pushed out in alarming numbers. Today, only 1 in 50 professors is a conservative. You can only imagine how muted any conservative ideas have become. Colleges and Universities have literally become training camps for leftist foot soldiers. The college students have been radicalized, to the point, that having conservative speakers, is simply out of the question. They will not allow any opposing ideas to be heard. Graduations occur every spring, and a brand new wave of leftist crazies hit the streets, with very anti American ideas floating around in their little pea brains. This past summer, you got to see the fruit of the grand leftist plan, play out every night on your local news. Wasn’t pretty was it?

Here’s little old me. A semi retired steel construction guy, living in small town America, and I have been seeing this happen from the beginning. I’m not the only one, I’ve had discussions about this with my friends for years now. We all saw it happening. We heard the crazy shit they were teaching our grandkids. The burning question is; why didn’t the geniuses in the Republican party see it? These people are sitting back, fat, dumb and happy, getting rich off of the taxpayers dime, and letting the wolves kill the sheep.

There is another guy that saw what was happening, and wanted to stop it all. That guy is Donald J. Trump. He campaigned on stopping all of the craziness, and the voters, resoundingly said, “hell yes”, he’s our man. But the Republican establishment said “hell no” he’s too rough, that’s not who we are, we were silk undies, and dine in fine eateries. I’ll never forget that loser Paul Ryan looking down his nose, making snide comments about Trump being uncouth. Paul Ryan literally did as much damage to Trumps first two years, as Nancy Pelosi did to his last two years.

November 29th, 2020. The Democrats mounted one of the most extensive voter fraud schemes since Joseph Stalin, right under the noses of the Republicans. They did it so well, it will probably be impossible to unravel, and “Beijing Joe” will end up becoming the 46th President. All summer long, Democrat lawyers were laying the groundwork for stealing this election with mail in ballots, and everyone knew it was happening, they said they were doing it. Did the Republicans mount an offensive to stop it? If they did, I never heard anyone say so.

This is exactly what drives me stark raving mad about the Republicans, they are always playing “catch up”, never playing offense, always defense. They never seem to take the initiative and get out in front of the problem. Instead of fixing leak in their boat, they are content to take a bucket to bail out the water. This is exactly why we find ourselves at this very dangerous cross road. The Republican party may be drawing it’s final breath, thanks to their lack of forward vision. Pretty sure I’m not the only one that sees this, I have been hearing rumors about a new political party called the MAGA Party. I would gladly get on board with that.

Side note before I sign off; Several people have commented as to why the FBI and DOJ are not investigating the obvious voter fraud. Even the President made similar comments. C’mon man, these people hate DJT, abstaining from investigation is just finishing up the job they started four years ago. Donald Trump has no friends in DC. The Cavalry ain’t comin’.



Not that many years ago, proposing to construct something this ugly on a pristine landscape would have lefty libs running around screaming and pulling their hair out. But, someone has convinced them that these monstrosities are going save the planet. If saving the planet means that I’m going to be seeing these eye sores across every vacant piece of real estate from here to Cucamonga, I’ll pass, and die in darkness.

The hydroelectric dam on the Columbia River in Oregon produces roughly 42 billion Kilowatt hours of electricity, which is enough to meet the residential needs of 14 million people. That is equivalent to 80 billion barrels of crude oil. A single wind turbine produces roughly six million kilowatt hours per year, enough to meet the needs of about 1,500 homes. It would take 7,000 wind machines to produce as much electricity as one hydroelectric dam, which by the way produces zero pollution. Wind machines on the contrary use massive amounts of lubricating oil in the huge gear boxes, which has to be changed on a regular basis, much like your automobile. The gearboxes tend to hold about 60 gallons of oil, and has to be changed every 3-5 years. 7,000 windmills will consume 420,000 gallons of oil over that time period. Not only is the oil a factor, but the equipment required to change the oil is all powered by conventional internal combustion engines. By the way, 420,000 gallons of oil would fill the crankcases of about 336,000 automobiles. Another interesting fact; A 2.0 megawatt windmill requires 1.5 acres of land. That means it would take 10,500 acres of land use, to produce the same amount of electricity as one hydroelectric dam.

Every square inch of land surface in this world in owned by someone. That means that every 1.5 acres that is used to erect a wind machine will either have to be purchased or leased, which adds a significant cost factor into the production of electrical power, in addition to the cost to build and install the wind machine. There is a million pounds of rebar in the concrete base alone, plus the cost of the concrete. Wind machines have a life expectancy of around 20 years. When you factor in the pollution factor to produce the machine, and the pollution factor to recycle the machine after a short 20 year life span, adding in the down time when the wind wasn’t sufficient to produce power, the picture just isn’t that rosy. Maybe you never noticed, but the wind tends to quit blowing at night, which is the time for peak electrical use. If you don’t have massive storage capacity ( really big batteries ) you will experience brown outs.

Kilowatt hours of electricity generated by fossil fuels= 4,127 Billion. Nukes=809 Billion, Renewables=728 Billion. Doing the math, renewables are currently producing about 15% of electrical energy . So when the geniuses start clamoring to dismantle fossil fuel generators, in the face of a growing demand for all electric homes, automobiles, trains, trucks and busses, it only takes about 2.5 Nano seconds for the screen to go blue, and the fatal error message to appear. Making the situation even more dire, the environmentalists are pushing to remove the fossil fuel generators, and hydroelectric dams to protect the salmon. Last time I checked, salmon are pretty far down on the food chain. In the future, I see folks sitting in a dimly lighted house, cooking over a wood fire, and a useless Tesla automobile sitting in the garage. Portlanders will be delighted that the only functional form of transportation will be pedal bicycles.

Fifty years ago, people that came up with ideas like these were dismissed as fringe lunatics. They are now hailed as visionaries. Saviors of the planet. Actually, they may be the saviors of the planet, everyone will be on foot, foraging for food, staying warm and cooking by burning the trees. ( oh shit, someone overlooked the trees ) No nation will be able to mount an offensive against it’s neighbor, they won’t have any fuel for their war machines. I have never been more pleased to be months away from 80 years old. Best of luck to all of the younger folks, especially the ones here in Portland, Oregon that want all white people out of the U.S. and hand the land back over to the Native Americans. The Native Americans are really going to be shit out of luck with no white people and Asians to gamble their money away in the Indian Casinos. I may be wrong, but it doesn’t appear that younger people are really doing any in depth thinking here. Just sayin’.




Granny’s house wasn’t this fancy, it was just a rectangular box with a gable roof, two rooms, no running water. The walls didn’t have drywall on them, the walls were covered with masonite, no insulation in the walls, other than crumpled up newspaper. The ceiling was some sort of fiber board. All of the electrical wiring was exposed, mounted on the surfaces of the walls. I would guess the house was built sometime in the late teens or early 1920’s. My Grandmother kept it clean and tidy, although she was very poor, probably never owned more than three or four dresses, maybe two pairs of shoes. It didn’t matter, when my parents went to her home, she was very sweet and kind to me. She was my Mothers Mother, and my only living Grandparent. She was born in 1881 and died in 1971. She was married twice, widowed twice, and raised 12 children in that tiny two room house, with no running water, an outside toilet, and a well. Amazingly, everyone of her children, married, made very good lives for themselves, and lived long happy lives. She lived her entire life in that small house.

The house sat across the road from a large city park, a creek ran through it, complete with minnows and tadpoles. The park had more than it’s share of pecan trees, which thrive in Oklahoma. My cousins and I spent a lot of time gathering pecans in the fall for the Holidays. Also blackberries were abundant, which our Moms turned into delicious blackberry cobbler. The little neighborhood was a poor area, but the people were wonderful, and we loved to go there and hang out in the park.

Based on the picture I just painted for you, having a large Thanksgiving dinner at Grandma’s house probably wouldn’t make much sense. This little house, was where my Mom, and her sisters were born and raised. It makes perfect sense they would want to go home for Thanksgiving, and they did. Probably between 20 and 30 people would converge on that little tiny house with all kinds of food and drink, and we had the most wonderful Thanksgiving dinners imaginable. Somehow, we all found a place to sit and eat. Afterwards the youngsters would play in the park, while the adults caught up on all the latest stuff happening in their families. Out of all the many Thanksgivings I have experienced in my life, those are probably the most memorable.

My family was comprised of good, hardworking folks, most of them born in the early part of the last century. None of them were rich with money, but they were rich with good families. They were rich with great attitudes, and a sense of humor. Many of them talented artists, and craftsmen. They were rich with the desire to be good citizens, and good Americans. They stood and saluted the flag with great respect, some of them died defending it. I will forever be thankful for these people and the lessons they taught me.

Take a moment and remember those people in your past this Thanksgiving, and what they meant to you and your life. All of my aunts and uncles, and some of my cousins are gone now. I will forever remember those times we spent together, so very long ago.

Wishing all of you a very Happy Day of Thanks. Even though it’s been a tough year, there are many things we can be grateful for.




Has your local or state government lowered you taxes lately? I didn’t think so. Our county tax accessor is still sending out full blown tax bills, probably larger than last year’s, I just haven’t stopped to look yet. They haven’t removed the warning about extra charges if you’re late on the payment. Nope, it’s business as usual at the tax collectors office. So, I’m looking around, and I see some pretty flakey shit going on while I’m still paying “full boat”.

Let’s start off with something that happened a while back, but I’m still pissed, and may be pissed far into the future. I had a salad for lunch at a local restaurant, and got some sort of food poisoning. By 10:00 in the evening, I can’t hold anything down, and I’m getting really weak from dehydration. Last resort, I call 911 and the paramedics came over, put me in the ambulance, started and I.V. and away we went to the hospital, about six miles away. Don’t misunderstand, I was grateful, I was fading fast. The following week, I get a bill for $1,200.00. Mind you, this is just a couple of months after paying the county $4,800.00 in property taxes, which supports the fire dept. When I’m paying that much in taxes, in my opinion, charging me for the ambulance ride, is salt in the wounds. I’ve paid roughly $69,000.00 in property taxes over the past 15 years, got no kids in schools, I work every damn day, don’t ask these jerks for anything, and they can’t even give me an hour of time, and a short ride. I’ve got an idea. Stop collecting taxes and let private enterprise run the fire departments. I’ll be money ahead for sure. I won’t be responsible for their wages and retirement.

I drove downtown to pick up some printing on Monday. As I’m driving through what used to be beautifully maintained streets, there are homeless encampments on the sidewalks and under the bridges, trash everywhere, it looks like a garbage dump with people living in the piles of trash. I can’t even walk down the sidewalks, they are blocked with tents and trash. If I wanted to take a walk in the park and just sit and relax, impossible it’s filled with homeless people, tents and trash. As a taxpaying citizen, I should be able to walk unimpeded on city sidewalks, and enjoy the city parks without dealing with feral people. We need to start calling this what it is, feral people. City administrators are letting my city go to hell, but if tell them I’m withholding my taxes until they get their shit together, they come after me for delinquent taxes. These assholes are not doing the job we pay them to do, but we have no recourse. Who are you gonna call, nobody does anything, they are useless drones.

God help you if you need to go to a city or state office to take care of business. They’re closed because of the covid crap. There are folks working everyday in grocery stores, gas stations, hardware stores, you name it. But hell no, those nambi pambi government workers are too valuable to be exposed to covid. This so called pandemic has made one thing abundantly clear, we could get by with at least 50% less government workers. I’m sure no one would even notice. Before covid, when the offices were fully staffed, it took forever to get building permits and other construction related permits.

If you think it’s bad now, if this country goes socialist and you have to deal with these deadheads for medical care, your life is going to get measurably worse. We have relatives in England, and the horror stories they tell about the national healthcare services will make you cringe. My wife’s niece injured her leg, wasn’t sure if it was broken. It too 36 hours before she could be examined. When she was finally admitted, they couldn’t find a doctor that spoke English, in England no less. It is an unmitigated disaster. That’s what Beijing Biden has planned for you. However, that doesn’t stop England from taxing the living hell out of it’s citizens. Believe me, if it moves, they tax it.

Portland, Oregon, Seattle, Washington. Cities located in two of the most beautiful places on the planet, the amazing Pacific Northwest. Two, once beautiful cities, now governed by leftist maniacs, that are driving them into the ground.

PORTLAND, OREGON: The Mayor and City Council are literally a group of people that couldn’t run a lemonade stand. They actually permitted a five or six story building to be built with no available parking, anywhere. They could have designed the building with ” tuck under ” parking, which would have taken some of the load off of the surrounding streets which are already overburdened. But Portland City administrators hate cars, and will do anything to keep them out of the city. Parking in Portland is a nightmare. The streets in Portland are narrow to start with, and the city has put light rail down the center of the streets, plus marked off bike lanes as well. Driving a car in Portland is difficult to say the least, and that’s exactly what the plan was. Leave your damned car at home. Ride the light rail or your bicycle. Then as if it isn’t bad enough, everywhere you look, feral people are living on the streets in tents, or just passed out from some sort of intoxicant. Then at night, ANTIFA, and BLM show up and tear the hell out of things, burn shit, and break windows. So, the geniuses have cut the police budget, which was already stretched to the breaking point, and are allowing the punks to terrorize the city every night, for well over 200 days now. Why is this a big deal? Because, people in the outlying area of the city, are being denied police services, while a depleted police force are defending the inner city.

SEATTLE, WASHINGTON: Conditions same as Portland, only slightly worse. Mayor and City Council, same flavor.

We have friends in Multnomah County where Portland is located. Same size home, same amount of property, taxes over twice as much as ours, over $8,000.00 per year. But the city of Portland say’s they don’t have enough money to fix the streets, and have levied a special street tax to fix pot holes. They have also came up with this genius plan to put trackers on your cars and charge you for miles driven. Nice huh? More leftist bullshit. What is mind boggling, the residents keep voting these idiots back in office. They have to be masochistic.

This is absolutely maddening. They keep raising our taxes, and the services keep getting worse, or disappearing altogether. That doesn’t stop them from dreaming up more welfare projects to assist illegal aliens, and wasting billions of dollars on failed programs for feral people. The system is going to break, and it ain’t gonna be a pretty sight to see. We all know who is going to be responsible, but that won’t make it any easier to deal with. 2020 sucks!