MAY 3, 2023



What I am about to say is not really breaking news, the infrastructure in this country was built by private companies with some of the most brilliant architects and civil engineers in the world. Up until the civil infrastructure started being controlled by politicians, it was the best in the world, hands down. When I lived in California from the 60’s through the 90’s, electrical power was totally reliable. The politicians have wrecked it.

Infrastructure, or the stuff that makes our nation function was not designed or developed by politicians. Granted quite a few highways and bridges are the result of “pork barrel spending”, or in other words, spending taxpayer money to buy votes. Nope, the infrastructure was designed and developed by architects and civil engineers, to make traffic flow better, to bring gas, electricity, and water to areas where it was sorely needed. Politicians likely had a hand in making sure the money was available, but that’s where their contributions ended.

The infrastructure in the United States is the best in the world. It has evolved over at least 150 years, constantly being improved and upgraded. One of the reasons our utilities are superior is that the developers realized how important it was to have balanced power. Why do airplanes have four engines? If one fails, there are three more to prevent it from crashing. In our homes, we depend on water, electricity, and natural gas, or some other form of fossil fuel. Together, they provide us with a safe and healthy environment.

Out of all three, electricity is the least dependable. The reason of course is that it is delivered via power lines above ground, and is susceptible to severe weather, and all sorts of other catastrophes. If you are living in an area with super cold winters and your power goes out, you can keep from freezing to death with a gas or oil furnace, and a gasoline generator. If you are depending on electricity alone, you could easily die. If your home has natural gas, you can take hot baths during a power outage. Not so if you have an electric water heater.

The absolute most sensible thing you can do, is to equip your home with an emergency stand by generator, powered by natural gas. Now you have all the bases covered. These generators are made by a number of companies and are virtually foolproof. They power up monthly to “exercise” and check themselves for problems. All you have to do is perform very routine maintenance. When the automatic sensors detect a loss of city power, they start up in seconds, you don’t even realize there is a power outage. Best of all, you don’t have to worry about fuel, you won’t run out of natural gas. Also, it’s much safer than storing gasoline.

So, the geniuses in power are attempting to make the switch to renewable energy very quickly and the infrastructure to support this isn’t anywhere near being ready. California is a perfect example, they are pushing to outlaw fossil fuel powered vehicles very soon, and they can’t keep up with the current electrical demands. Adding millions of electric vehicles is just going to exacerbate the problem. To give you another example of the stupidity of politicians, California just deactivated the San Onofre nuclear power plant which has a stellar safety record.

The state of Oregon, home to the largest contingency of idiots in the world, who think it’s a really good idea to destroy all of the hydroelectric dams, in the name of saving salmon or something. These are the same folks that think it’s a bad idea to dredge rivers to protect cities from flooding and people drowning to save salmon or something. These are the same people that think cutting down forests (a primary renewable resource) to build inexpensive homes for humans in order to save owls is a brilliant idea. While they are doing all of these brilliant environmental deeds, they have legalized every mind-altering drug known to man, while simultaneously creating a giant homeless population drugged out it’s mind. These people are the shining example of having shit for brains.

While doing research for this article, I came across several websites that claimed we only have about 50 to 75 years of fossil fuel left on the earth. Then I came across other sites that claimed we have more reserves now than we had in 1980. The bottom line here, in my opinion, nobody really knows how much fossil fuel is remaining, and how quickly the earth replenishes it. If we learned nothing more from the past two years, it’s that science is incredibly politicized. I’m not sure we can trust anything these people say. It seems everyone these days has some sort of an agenda.

So, if we have only 75 to 100 years of fossil fuels left, think about this; If you were born today, you likely would not see it end. All of the folks that are grimacing about this now and having panic attacks will likely be dead in the next 30 to 40 years. So my advice is to do one of two things; become seriously religious and find peace with God, or eat drink and be merry, because any way you look at it, you aint’ got much longer to worry about it. As for me, I love fossil fuels, I like big fast powerful gasoline powered vehicles, and I’m driving ’em till I die. I have a balanced power home and I’m stayin’ right here ’til I die. So all of you politicians with shit for brains can put all of those ugly ass windmills and solar panels where the sun don’t shine.


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