APRIL 3, 2023



My plan was to take a break from writing about how our country is being torn apart by the Marxist left. I just wanted to push it out of my mind for a while before I ended up being John Fetterman’s roommate. It’s absolutely depressing to watch. It’s like being locked in a cage, helpless, while someone is destroying your home.

I think the part that is most disturbing, is this is being done by our own government. The government has turned on its own citizens. The government wants to transform the United States into something the citizens are totally against. It’s becoming very apparent that the transition is going to happen, like it or not.

In the past when new innovations such as electric vehicles were introduced, the government didn’t do it. Private companies went out on limb and attempted to market their products. It was up to the consumer to embrace the new technology or reject it. Nobody forced it down your throat. In the 1930’s Chrysler brought out a new car that was amazing, the Chrysler Airflow. It had a ton of new features and far safer than any car presently on the market. Buyers weren’t interested, it tanked. That is precisely how a capitalistic democracy works.

What you are witnessing right now has nothing to do with climate, or clean energy. This is all about creating a new form of government in which you are not allowed to participate. This is all about scrapping the Constitution and the Bill of Rights. This is about the death of capitalism and the overall reign of communism. The people in Washington D.C. are tired of playing the Representative Republic game, they want to rule without all of these pesky folks interfering.

If they convert virtually everything to electric, they control the power grid. If they control the power grid, they control you and everything you do. That’s the beauty of electric meters. You will only be allotted a certain amount of electricity. Confiscating your guns, no problem. Guns are just useless pieces of steel and wood without ammunition, and the government can outlaw sales of ammunition to the public in a heartbeat. They don’t have to ban your guns. The Bill of Rights didn’t mention ammo. My advice is learn how reload, and stock up on powder.


Lenin and Stalin used the “sledgehammer” approach. They just demolished the church buildings. The modern day Marxists are taking a different approach, and it started years ago very quietly. The left has used the public schools and universities to slowly and gradually turn students away from religion in very subtle ways. It’s working very well. Today 63% of American consider themselves as Christian, down from 75% just a decade ago. Church membership in the U.S. dropped below 50% for the first time in 2020, according to data going back to 1940. Do you think the ban on attending church during the Covid era was to prevent the spread of the disease, or the spread of Christianity? I think you know how I feel.

The cornerstone of a strong nation is strong family units. Church attendance builds strong families. Christian churches bestow kindness and compassion on youngsters, and teach them how to respect their neighbors. Christianity also teaches honesty, and respect for the property of others, and obedience of the laws of man, as well as the laws of God.

However, the biggest problem for totalitarian regimes, is that Christians worship God, not governments or government leaders. Christians only bow to God. Christians believe it’s their place to determine what is put into the minds of their children, not the states. Christian children will resist brain washing, they know right from wrong. That is a problem for the state run school system. Programming the thoughts of non-Christian children is a much easier task.


If the goal is to control the population, you have to get rid of that pesky middle class. They cause way too much trouble. People who struggle to survive are much easier to control. They don’t have the means to resist, they are just trying to feed themselves and afford shelter. The wealthy people are the government bureaucrats, they will always live in luxury on the backs of the poor. This is not theory, it’s a matter of history. The history books are full of data on Russia, China, and every other socialist regime that has existed in this world. The best example you could ask for is 90 miles off the coast of Florida.

The argument you always hear is that communism doesn’t work. Well it does work if you are the government. It sucks if your a peon. If you’re a peon, you don’t stand a chance. You have nothing. You have very little money or food. You depend on the government for your medical care. They have disarmed you. You are like a de-clawed cat. You can’t fight back. Personal transportation is very limited, you rely on government transportation, or bicycles. Life is bleak and barren.

This is the leftist plan for America. This is what the Green New Deal is all about. Read it for yourselves and see if this sounds like America.

The document above is a blueprint for transforming the United States into a socialist nation, and turning into something totally unrecognizable, from the Constitutional state we currently live in. This document is a lie, and designed to scare the living hell out of everyone. No factual data just pure and simple propaganda. One of the authors of this admitted it’s not about climate, it’s about transforming the American economy.


This plot is the product of very brilliant minds that have studied and implemented these ideas around the world and have brought down countless governments. They can be defeated, but the battle must begin before it’s too late. Right now, the people still have the power to stop it. But, it will take a strong leader, to lead us out of impending disaster. We are still armed and can still save the Republic. I’m old, the young warriors need to arise and take up the fight. It needs to be done in a peaceful way, but as long as the general public remains armed, they remain a larger threat to the real insurrectionists. The real insurrectionists are the ones trying to overthrow the current government and replace it with something else. Why do you think they are trying to hang that title on us? THEY ARE LIARS!



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