JANUARY 31, 2023



Have you ever had the feeling, that something is weighing heavily on you to the point, it’s almost overwhelming? It feels like you’re about to be smothered by it. It can be many things, from indebtedness to fear for the life of someone in your family. Well, that’s how I feel right now about what is happening to our wonderful home, the USA, the “beacon on the hill” for the rest of the world for so many years. At the risk of sounding “corny”, I feel like there is a growing presence of evil virtually everywhere.

Now I’m going from sounding “corny” to sounding naive. I always felt that there was an unfaltering vein of honesty and righteousness, that guaranteed good would prevail, and evil would be quashed, within the hallowed halls of our government. That feeling was chipped away a little with the assassination of JFK. The feds did a great job of deflection on that one, but somehow, I just knew in my gut, we were being lied to.

Then they pulled another great “smoke and mirrors” show with Richard Nixon. Now, I wasn’t really interested in politics when that all went down, I was busy destroying the Mohave desert with my trusty dirt bikes. All of these years later, it is now apparent that this was another FBI, CIA operation to take down a wildly popular Republican president. I have not yet had time to study this, but I will. Perhaps it will be the subject of a future blog.

However, recently, there are so many evil forces attacking from all directions, it feels overwhelming. I would really like to write about positive things, funny things, happy things. But, this feeling of darkness being perpetuated by our current government is inescapable. I’m not alone. I used to receive emails from my friends with some really funny jokes. Granted some of them were what people today would term insensitive. They weren’t any worse than what comedians were saying on live TV thirty years ago. Now everyone is afraid to speak about anything that may offend someone. Pro comedians are suffering from the same issues. Our world is becoming some sort of nightmarish existence of mutes and automatons.


If you do the research, you will find that the Democrats started really ramping up the racial issue during the Obama years. The spike happened during “Occupy Wall Street”. There is speculation that is was ramped up as a diversion to take everyone’s attention of the OWS protest. In my opinion, it worked so well, the Democrats decided to ride it hard, and they are still at it today. The results have been disastrous for patriotism. The Democrats have very successfully divided this nation into hundreds of “communities” that are no longer willing to pledge allegiance to the United States, but rather hold it in contempt for what they view as the reason for their lesser position in society. So rather than have people willing to work for the betterment of their country, they want to destroy it, thinking they will end up in a better place.


Wow, the Democrats set their sights on this issue a long time ago. Homosexuality has been around since the beginning of time. Openly accepted by more liberal societies, banned by ultra conservative societies, and some religions such as Islam. So, I think it’s safe to say, that homosexuality is pretty darned controversial, period. The reason is simple, they are a very small percentage of the population and their sexual practices are about as contrary to normalcy as it gets. So, the Democrats set out to make sure that gays were a protected class of poeple. Think about how far this has come. You can bash white straight people all you want, any way you want. But, you start bashing gays, get ready to be banished and unemployed. You can’t even tell a gay joke, heaven forbid.

So as a result of this effort by the left, a very tiny percentage of the population, wields massive political power. Just exactly what the plan was in the first place. It has been so successful, why not add about a hundred more sexual deviates to the list. I mean this has been like opening up a Krispy Kreme donut shop across the street from a fat farm.

Back in the good old days when it was universally accepted that there were only two sexes, men and women, the Democrats were really successful at driving a giant wedge between the sexes with all sort of claims about unequal treatment for women and becoming the champion of women’s causes. Remember the ERA? Remember men getting called before the HR manager for daring to tell a woman she looked great in her tiny little dress? Well, I’ll be damned, who would have thought after all of that effort, the Dems would throw women under the bus, with dynamite strapped to ’em for the new and better issue, to champion…..TRANSEXUALISM? But think about it, it’s a perfect plan. Men are terrified of saying the wrong thing to virtually anyone now, hell everyone is off limits to men. Women are totally confused. Men are still getting in hot water for making remarks that may be deemed inappropriate, but naked men can show up in their locker rooms and if women complain they are destroyed. Biological men are being allowed to compete in women’s athletic events. So, while everyone is walking around tight lipped covering their genitals, the Democrats are trashing the Constitution and Bill of rights, ripping away your freedom at a blinding pace. Thats how it works folks.


The left has convinced the women they claim to have so much compassion for, to kill their babies, it will make their lives better. They will be able to climb the ladder of success unincumbered by raising children. So far, they have killed over 650 million babies in the interest of something or another. One million, seven hundred and fifty-nine babies were aborted in 2018 and 2019 alone. So, I think it’s safe to say, the left really has some sort of problem with women having babies. When you think about this whole abortion issue for more than thirty minutes, it’s disgusting. How can a nation that puts “In God We Trust” on its currency, be so hell bent on killing babies? Abortion is a right? Our founding fathers would have been repulsed by the practice. Outlawing abortion is absolutely in line with the Bill of Rights, to protect life, everyone’s life, even the unborn.

If they missed your kid at the local planned parenthood clinic, they have another chance. At the local public school. This whole thing with coercing kids to explore different sexual identities just whacks out my brain. They start messing with these kids at grade school levels. What the hell are they thinking? I mean really, what could possibly make these morons think they have a right to mess with someone’s family behind their backs? When I was a kid, that would have resulted in some serious shit. Someone would have suffered a Bonafide ass whoopin.

In all seriousness, what could be the motivation behind this stuff? So, they convince these kids to take puberty blockers, which will likely result in them being sterile, and you rob them of having children of their own in the future. That’s some really bad stuff right there. They are coercing these kids make a decision they don’t have the capability to make at that age. Think about this, a child can’t buy cigarettes, or alcohol until they are of legal age, but it’s OK for them to make a life changing decision a million times more important than smoking a cigarette? People,what they are doing to our children is nothing short of criminal. These people should be in the slammer for a long time for this crap.

This topic is something I think about a lot. One thing I have learned in my extended time on this earth is that when something as sinister as messing with kids is being done, it’s being done for a reason. This was a plan that was contrived and promoted by someone or some group. These people are doing this for an end result. I just can’t figure out what that result could be. If you have any ideas, please share in a comment. I would love to hear your thoughts.


The Democrats don’t even try to hide the fact that they don’t like the predominate color of America’s population. Caucasians and Asians are not very compliant, and tend to be better educated, thus they are harder to control. Democrats say openly they support the “browning” of America. Whites and Asians make up 81.9% of the U.S. population. Both races aren’t doing really well at reproducing, but letting nature take its course is going take a lot of years before the population is “brown” enough to suit the Dems. So, to fix the problem faster, just open the borders and the brown folks will flow across the border like flood water. The second part of the equation is the birth rate among brown folk is very strong. So, this whole process is going to extremely successful, extremely fast.

I am watching this happen and it’s becoming apparent that American traditions are going to start disappearing, as the new residents tend to bring their former national traditions with them. They tend to live in communities with similar languages and traditions. So as the older white Americans begin to die off, they will take traditional America to the grave with them.

If you listen to the words, and do a little reading between the lines, you will understand what is going on with the war against the police. When you think about it, nothing could be more bizarre. We depend on the police to keep us safe in so many ways. In my opinion I think I know what the motives are. Until recently, police have been mostly white. Most of the crime is perpetrated by minorities. So white police officers represent oppression by white people in a general sense. Never mind that if they weren’t committing the crimes they wouldn’t be getting arrested constantly. So even if they are getting arrested by minority police officers, they still view policing as a white contrivance. The overriding effect is that more minorities die as the result of relaxed policing activities. The bottom line is that this is a situation being driven by stupid people, for stupid reasons, with stupid results. But alas, I have yet to hear a really good idea put forth by a Democrat. Nobody knows how to perpetuate racism better, they’ve been doing it since this country was founded.

One more thing to thank the Democrats for before I close up shop for the day. I’m sure there are some good folks in the millions pouring into our country. But you are going to see, it’s going to get one hell of a lot more dangerous on our streets in the coming years, because a lot of bad people were in the mix. These bad folks know our police departments have been gutted, and it is going to embolden them even more. I have been procrastinating getting my concealed carry permit, but my one and only New Year’s resolution is to become a CC citizen. As an old person, I’m an easy target for young tough criminals. But I’m still a damn good shot. Good luck tough guys.



  1. Good job! Not sure why the schools want children to be confused about their gender. Doesn’t make sense to me either. But recently some liberal parents put two girls on my grandson’s little league team. I asked my grandson, “Are there girls on your team?” “Yes,” he replied matter-of-factly. “Are they really good at baseball?” I queried.
    “No, they’re terrible!” Out of the mouths of babes.

    During Christmas, an on-the-street reporter asked a bystander, “Where was Jesus born?” He looked confused and answered, “The North Pole?”
    I think when they took prayer out of the schools and parents stopped sending their children to Sunday school or teaching religion of any kind, our country lost something valuable like honesty, believing in something bigger than oneself, Golden Rule, selflessness, morals, etc. You ask most former Catholics what they believe in now, you’ll get a convoluted answer like, “I know there’s a powerful source out there, but it’s not God.” But they are the first to start praying to God when their plane hits turbulence. Then it’s okay. Bring back religion and prayer to the schools!
    Sorry for rambling on.


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