JANUARY 23, 2023



This has been on my mind for probably two weeks or more. I sat down for my evening services tonight with Pastor Carlson, and he said everything I have been thinking about in regards to the word “freedom”. Of course, Tucker said it with eloquence that I could never match.

As Americans, the word freedom has been drilled into our brains for as long as I can remember, so naturally we think we are immersed in freedom, exceeding any other nation on earth. Lately, it’s becoming quite clear that simply isn’t true.

Let me give you an example that infuriates me, every time I see it. The “Tunnels to Towers” commercial comes on, and immediately we see young men that are missing legs, arms, and have suffered horrible disfiguring burns. These young warriors are from the middle eastern wars that have been going on since George Bush the elder was the president. Before that it was the Viet Nam war. We didn’t win any of these wars. There was no intent to win any of them. The intent was to enrich the Washington D.C. neocons.

When people talk about these young warriors, they talk about them defending America’s freedom. That simply isn’t true. These wonderful young people were sent into battle by the military/industrial complex to fight totally useless wars that have nothing to do with protecting America’s freedom. These brave warriors stepped up, and did what they felt was their patriotic duty, and lost their lives, limbs, and sometimes their sanity. Sadly, when politicians decide it’s time to end the war, they just call everyone home, and walk away, abandoning the blood and treasure as if it was nothing. Have you ever heard a politician apologize for the pain and suffering caused by these actions? You never will, they have no souls.

Please don’t misunderstand my comments about Tunnels to Towers. I donate to them monthly to help these young folks that have been wounded and disfigured. The federal government should be taking care of these folks and providing them with mortgage and tax-free homes. If you send someone to do a task in your name, and that person can no longer work because of injuries suffered on your behalf, you owe it to them.

There are countless Americans that have been victims of political persecution. The government used to take great care to cloak it with lies and fake lawsuits in order to hide it. Hell, they don’t even try now. Tell all of those folks being railroaded by the DOJ over the January 6th protest about freedom, see what their response is. I’m sure Roger Stone will have a pretty spirited response to what freedom is these days. Paul Manafort can tell you about modern-day freedom, and Michael Flynn will surely be happy to expound on it.

We all know the story well, of how the FBI raided Donald Trump’s home for the so-called reason to reclaim classified documents. They had been there days earlier, they were aware of what he had, his lawyers had been in communication with the DOJ. Trump and his lawyers were satisfied that there were no problems. Then “WHAM” the raid happened like a bolt from the blue. This was purely the DOJ and the FBI flexing their muscles, sending a message that they are the “big dogs”, they can do whatever they want, whenever they want. PERIOD.

A few months ago, Joerg Arnu, a small-time blogger that writes a blog called “Dreamland Resort”, which talks about Area 51, got a very big surprise when 20 agents in full riot gear entered his properties and seized all of his equipment, including a drone, laptops, and phones. Joerg writes about information that is already in the public domain. He has no access to secret information regarding “Area 51”. Mr. Arnu has not had any further contact with the authorities, saying they won’t return his or his lawyer’s calls, and has not been charged with any crime. His personal equipment is likely lost forever. So much for the first amendment.

Here’s a list of folks who I’m sure take a dim view of the word “freedom”. Carter Page, Steve Bannon, Rick Gates, George Nader, George Papadopoulos, Michael Cohen. Do you remember James Rosen, an outspoken reporter during the Obama years. The FBI called Mr. Rosen a “criminal co-conspirtor” but was never charged with a crime. Seriously damaged Mr. Rosen’s career. The list wouldn’t be complete without mentioning Julian Assange, totally demolished by the powerful government intel folks. Throughout US history, presidents have taken a dim view of journalists, and persecuted those who disagreed with them. But Obama was one of the worst.

In addition to its vendetta against whistleblowers, Obama’s administration waged a robust campaign to harass and intimidate journalists, even mainstream journalists, who utilized leaked material. In May 2013, the Justice Department seized the records of phone lines that Associated Press employees used. AP confirmed that the records were from personal home and cell phones of reporters and editors, as well as phones that AP used in the press quarters of the House of Representatives. The administration’s contempt for the basic requirements of due process was alarming. As CBS reporter Sharyl Attkisson noted, such a seizure was “unheard of.” Beyond the abusive display of power that those raids embodied, she was outraged that no advance notice was given to the AP about the subpoena. “Advance notice would have given AP the chance to challenge the move in court.” Of course, that predictable response likely was the reason the Justice Department did not follow such a procedure. (from an article by the CATO Institute, February 11, 2021. Author: Ted Galen Carpenter.

All of the actions taken by Obama, Biden, and other past presidents and their administrations are illegal. The Bill of Rights prohibits such actions. So, how do they get away with this stuff? Why aren’t they forced to face the music for these injustices. George Carlin said it best; “They belong to the big club, and you ain’t in it”. They control all of the levers of power. All of us peons that work every day and pay taxes to keep their sorry asses in power, have no say in what goes on, despite them constantly telling us we do. It’s all a big charade, a lie, a giant deception.

I could go on writing for days about how freedom is more of a concept than a reality. Your freedom depends entirely on not pissing off the wrong people, in high places. Most people understand this and walk the straight and narrow path to avoid trouble. Some of us wrongheaded folks take offense to the blatant disregard for the Constitution and Bill of Rights and refuse to be quiet. I’m just a small irritating noise that is only heard by a few people. If a lot of people start making small irritating noises, it becomes a very loud noise that can’t be ignored.


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  1. I was wondering what happened to him, the guy was one of my all-time favorites. I’ll have to make it a point to watch Newsmax to reconnect. I pretty much watch Tucker then go about my day. Never watch local news, that’s a total waste of time. I do like to watch Gutfeld for a good laugh. Thanks for your comments, always look forward to them.

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