JANUARY 16, 2023



Former NBA star Bill Walton has co-authored a plan with Times of San Diego George Mullen to create a homeless camp on an empty plot of land owned by the U.S Marines Corps at Miramar Naval Air Station. Granted the topography of the area looks a lot like desert, because it is desert, but close enough to the Pacific Ocean that the mean temperature is 72.5 degrees. Been there many times, it’s pretty darned nice year-round.

The camp would be a tent city, with on site medical care. Each person would have their own private plot for their tent, 24-7 Police services for safety, and full sanitation services with showers.

The giant hurdle is to get the Federal Government to lease 2,000 acres to Sunbreak Ranch group for $1 per year and designate the land as a temporary “federal emergency homeless help zone”.

The city of San Diego just increased its budget to care for the homeless by 28 million dollars. They said the money will be used to end the homeless crisis in the city. That my friend is an outright lie. They have been throwing mountains of cash at this problem for years and it just gets worse. You know why it gets worse? The money goes to organizations that are supposed to be solving the problem, but in reality, are just more useless bureaucracies, that pay comfy salaries to community organizers that can’t organize their bathroom counters.

So, hats off to Bill Walton for trying to do something that no one has tried before. Once the cities found out they could milk the feds for money in the name of helping the homeless, the whole thing became a lost cause. So, give it hell Bill, good luck, keep pushing.


Today was Martin Luther King Day. I will admit I don’t know much about Dr. King, but today I read several excerpts from some of his more famous speeches, and I was very impressed. I’m a bit ashamed that I don’t know more about the man. I am going to make it a point to know him better. That said, when they unveiled the sculpture dedicated to Dr. King and his wife today, I couldn’t believe my eyes. This kind and gentle man, and his lovely wife are supposed to be remembered by this atrocity of a sculpture? Every statue of an American icon or hero are meticulously crafted to be instantly recognizable. The monument to George Floyd was done in a more respectable manner and isn’t that a shame. Dr. King gave his life to improve the lives of African Americans and George Floyd was a career criminal.



There are so many facets to this, it’s hard to find a starting point. I suppose the logical starting point would be that the crazy old codger did not have the authority to remove these from the white house as VP and can’t use the excuse he declassified them because as VP, he didn’t have that power.

Secondly, these docs have been scattered around for about six years now. So I guess you could make the statement that the “classified” status is sort of a moot point now. I also think it’s safe to say that crazy ol’ Joe doesn’t really take this whole classified thing very seriously.

However, the timing of this whole exercise is very suspicious to me. Why are these being discovered now, and by his own staff? We all know how DC loves cover-ups, and how far the Dems will go to hide their screw-ups.

In my opinion, this is being done to keep Joe from running again. The Democrat primaries are set to start soon, and the Dems don’t want Joe back in the mix. Also, the first two years of this presidency have been a disaster and the Democrats know it. I think they are going to invoke the 25th amendment and install Kamala as the first black female president, then do a major reset and throw out the policies that proved so unpopular the first two years.

Finishing up the term with Kamala as President cements a Democrat legacy in the history books, and totally ties up the black female votes. They undo all of the bad stuff Joe supposedly did (he actually has no idea what he did) and it gives them clean slate to run on for 2024.

Then with dual indictments of Biden and Trump on mishandling of classified docs, they take both of them out of contention paving the way (they think) to keep the white house by running pretty boy Newsome of California with his stellar list of achievements.

Well loyal readers, that’s my twisted take on what is happening in the news. We will watch and see if my perception is correct. Print this blog out and put it in your wallet or purse for future reference. If all of it proves to be worthless gibberish, you can use while walking your dog.




  1. SF is proposing $5 million per person reparations for longtime residents who qualify as being black descendants of slaves or had parents that have been in prison. That’s a new one. So again, we are rewarding bad parenting or any who try to game the system, which in liberal cities is not hard. How will the city be able to afford this other than raising property taxes on the rich?


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