JANUARY 7, 2023



I purposely refrained from making any comments on this past week’s drama in the House of Representatives because I am unquestionably biased. I don’t like Kevin McCarthy. I have watched him over the past few years with disgust and anger. I have often said ” how can this guy call himself a conservative”? So that said, I was not rooting for his victory. I don’t see a whole lot of difference between him and “turtle head Mitch”. Kevin has the distinct odor of the old Republican establishment which I detest.

I’m not a big fan of Sean Hannity either. At the beginning of the drama, Sean was acting like they were embarrassing the Republican party, saying things like they just need to get it done and stop the bickering. (paraphrased) His guest Newt Gingrich was echoing his distaste with the whole ordeal. On Friday, when it was apparent the whole dog and pony show was coming to an end, and Kevin McCarthy had given in to the Freedom Caucus demands, Sean and Newt were singing a totally different song. I wouldn’t have expected anything different from Sean, but I was greatly disappointed in Newt. They were praising it as a beautiful exercise in Democracy. They both made me want to throw up. This kind of attitude is precisely why the Republicans are a party of “duds”.

In the old western movies when the battle was raging and it looked like all was lost, the sound of the bugle was heard, and everyone was overcome with joy, the Cavalry was about to save the day. That’s how I feel about the brave men and women of the Freedom Caucus. They didn’t back down from the immense pressure to just go along with the program, they fought the hard battle despite being attacked by their own soldiers. God Bless these people, they are true Americans.

I have renewed hope that the Republican party can regroup and stand strong against the woke mob on the left. I am looking forward to seeing great things from this new group of lawmakers. When you see the zest these folks have, it’s sad the RINOS in the Senate felt it necessary to “hog tie” them for a whole year with that horrible Omnibus bill. When we purge the old establishment RINOS from the Senate maybe, just maybe, we can MAKE AMERICA GREAT AGAIN!!!!


The dictionary definition of Nazi is a person who seeks to impose their views on others in a very autocratic or inflexible manner. Does this sound like climate change activists to you? It certainly does to me. I think the actions of climate activists very aptly deserve to be called Enviro-Nazis.

Let’s go back in recent history and see how these people have been applying pressure to achieve their goals. Quite a lot of their so-called work has been based on outright lies. Even though their numbers have always been quite small, they have achieved incredible results. One of the reasons they have been so successful, is their political allies. Politicians are always looking for ways to enhance their power. When a politician sees an environmental movement that is not based on provable facts, he knows it’s an opportunity for him to acquire more power and tax money. There has never been a better example of this than “climate change”.

OFF ROAD VEHICLES: Beginning in the 1960’s dirt bikes and 4X4 vehicles became extremely popular in Southern California. Most of the off-road activities were taking place in the Mohave desert. between Los Angeles the Barstow. It didn’t take long for someone to claim the motorized vehicles were destroying the desert. The solution was simple; make everyone get an off-road license for their vehicles. Overnight the problem went away when the money started flowing into Sacramento.

One of the reasons given was the “kangaroo mouse”. The off-roaders were destroying its habitat. I don’t think anyone questioned how off-roading in Glamis, California was destroying the Kangaroos mouse’s habitat in Nevada where they predominantly live. It seems science has always been a valuable tool for politicians. Does the name Fauci come to mind?


Population decline of northern spotted owl

The barred owl is an owl species native to the Eastern United States, but has invasively expanded west into the habitat ranges of the northern spotted owl. Invasion of barred owls into the northern spotted owl’s habitat has occurred recently, with all of northern spotted owl territory now also inhabited by the barred owl.[26] Barred owls have a diet of small mammals (74.7%), other birds (8.3%), amphibians (6.4%), bugs (5.6%), crayfish (3.0%), fish (1.5%), reptiles, snails and slugs, and earthworms (<1.0% each).[6] This diet is similar to the northern spotted owl, and the introduction of barred owls to the northern spotted owl’s range creates increased competition for food.[5] In the same areas, northern spotted owls require around three to four times more range than barred owls, which places more strain on the northern spotted owls.[6] As barred owl population densities increase, the strain of food competition will worsen for northern spotted owls.

The greater diversity of diet in the barred owl, notably in the amphibians, crayfish, and fish consumed, threatens ecological stability due to extended predation now experienced by affected species. The additional food sources also give an advantage to the barred owl over the northern spotted owl, worsening the northern spotted owl’s ability to compete. Paired with more predation of prey that is shared between the barred owl and the northern spotted owl, the introduction of the barred owl in these areas may have unknown long term effects on the ecological balance of these habitats.[27] The most drastic effect is on the northern spotted owl population, which is estimated to have decreased at an annual rate of 3.8% from 1985 to 2013.[28] This population loss is directly related to the presence of barred owls. The Diller et al. (2016) study demonstrated that lethal removal of barred owls resulted in the northern spotted owl populations to increase, while populations of northern spotted owls continued to decrease if barred owl populations were left alone.[28] Should northern owl habitat areas continue to be protected under the Northwest Forest Plan and other related legislation, solutions to regulate barred owl populations could reverse the population decline of the northern spotted owl. Without intervention, continued annual decrease in population levels would ultimately end in extinction of the northern spotted owl.


Northern spotted owls and barred owls have been shown to be capable of producing hybrid offspring. Previous geographical isolation had prevented prior hybridization, and current ones are difficult to distinguish from nonhybrids without using genetic testing techniques. However, of those differences that are discernable, hybrids tend to be larger and lighter colored than northern spotted owls, with similar facial features to barred owls.[29] All hybridization occurred between male northern spotted owls and female barred owls. Cross-breeding amongst the species is a very limited event, and likely insufficient to be significantly detrimental to either species. Direct competition between species for habitat space and food is determined to be much more significant issues in affecting both target populations.[30] There has also been genetic evidence of cross breeding between northern spotted owls and California spotted owls (S. o. occidentalis), but since both are subspecies of the same species, this is not truly considered hybridization.[31]

So, I am going to summarize all of this nonsense very quickly. Massive efforts were made to save the spotted owl by the “all knowing” politicians. They killed the northwestern timber industry instead. As a result of their attempt to save the spotted owl from extinction, hundreds of timber companies and small towns were forced into extinction. Timber harvests in the Pacific Northwest were reduced by a whopping 80%.

So, the geniuses devastated a whole lot of families and towns and companies. As you read above the population of the spotted owl continues to decline. The population isn’t declining because of loggers, hell they all starved to death. Nope, it’s that infernal Barred Owl that is taking over the Spotted Owl’s territory and interbreeding with them to create a hybrid. Sort like the Homo Sapiens interbreeding with the Neanderthals. The Homo Sapiens became the dominant race. It was all a “croc of shit”, it was never about the owl, it was about the trees. I’m still waiting on someone to suggest reparations for the Pacific Northwest Loggers.


What started out as global warming hit a snag after several nasty winters. Sensing they were losing public interest, they changed the narrative to “climate change”. Brilliant, now it can encompass any unusual weather events. The proponents of this so-called climate change now have history to contend with. Turns out, severe weather events have been happening as long as they have been keeping records. The climate zealots are not really interested in the controlling the climate, they are interested in controlling the masses.

Warming and cooling of the planet seems to be sort of normal. I have attached a link to a short article that explains it very simply.

I will leave you to ponder these things while I go work on my old 1943 Dodge military truck. God bless you all, Happy New Year. Stay strong, vigilant, and happy.



2 thoughts on “THE VIEW FROM ST. CHARLES

  1. I have four feet of snow on my driveway and waiting for so-called global warming to melt it. In the meantime, I shovel myself out. Weather changes each year in my experience. Tell that to the activists. Good research on owls. What happened to the Horny Toad?


  2. Those guys are cute. As a kid growing up in Oklahoma, I frequently had one of those little fellas in my possession. I lived at the base of the Cascades in Washington state for 15 years, I shoveled enough snow for a lifetime. Good luck with that. Thanks for checking in.


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