FEBRUARY 5, 2023



NORAD, North America Air Defense Command. These are the people that are supposed to dectect, intercpt and/or destroy any unauthorized aircraft from entering the sovereign airspace over the American continent. How many news clips have you seen in your life showing fighter jets being scrambled to maintain the safety of America and Americans. Apparently, that was then this is now. Now we just sit and watch as enemy surveillance aircraft float around taking photos and mapping our military installations.

OK, I’ve got it, they are surveilling our nation from spy satellites all the time, so what’s the big deal about this low tech spy balloon? IT’S NOT SUPPOSED TO BE IN OUR AIRSPACE!!! That’s what the big deal is. Plus, the idiots in charge of protecting our airspace didn’t react to it properly. They are guilty of dereliction of duty. I think it’s safe to say that NORAD knew the balloon was heading toward the US mainland days before it actually arrived. It only makes sense that the president was briefed on it. Considering the fact that Joe is still spinning tall tales about his adventures on Amtrack, among other miscellaneous lies, you can’t seriously think he is capable of making a decision concerning something this strategic.

Holy crap people, we have just witnessed our president and top military commanders paralyzed by a freaking weather balloon. God help us if anything serious happens. It does make me wonder if General Mile called Beijing and got permission to shoot the damn thing down.


Funny thing about lies, they don’t stand the test of time. The reason is simple, history is a natural lie detector. Case in point is the now infamous Hunter Biden laptop. John Brennan, James Clapper, and a host of other former intel officers all claimed in a letter saying it was Russian propaganda. Of course, all of the top Democrat liars in congress jumped on the bandwagon, with Adam Schiff leading the way. Bringing up the rear is the usual group of motor mouths at MSM.

All of those lies came crashing down this past week, like a Chinese ballon pierced by a missile. In one of the dumbest moves ever witnessed, Hunter’s lawyers attempted to stop the never-ending filth and corruption from continually being exposed by certain news agencies, by demanding everyone “cease and desist” from publishing Hunter Biden’s personal information from his laptop. Citing that the laptop and its content are Hunter’s personal property, and they have no rights to the information contained therein. They probably should have thought that move through for a few more days.


I was going to say something about this topic, couldn’t find any further news. Hmmmm. Strange.


Don’t laugh. He’s Hispanic, he’s gay, dresses in drag, and he’s a serial liar. Checks all the boxes.


Nope, not talking about Joe Biden. Beef ranchers are becoming extremely concerned that due to the porous southern border with little or no monitoring of who and what are coming across, that the dreaded “foot and mouth” disease could re-enter the US. The United States has been free of FMD since 1929.

It can come in by an infected animal, or even manure on someone’s boot. An outbreak in the UK in 2001 resulted in the destruction of more than six million pigs. The outbreak had an economic impact of between $12 and $19 billion pounds.

So, this is just another reason that regulating border crossings is so important. It can have the same effect spreading disease among humans. Another example of Biden’s dereliction of duty to protect the citizens of the United States, which he took an oath to do.

(Foot and mouth Disease facts from an article by Kelsey Koberg of Fox News.)

I spent my Sunday doing manual labor, building a tailgate for my old 1943 military truck. At my advanced age a little of that goes a long way. Fitting and welding parts together used to be a piece of cake; those days are gone forever. So, I’m tired, and sore, and although armed with lots of gripes and complaints, I’m going to call it a day. Thank you for stopping and taking the time to read my blogs, writing them is extremely therapeutic for me. My wife and dog have no interest when I try to tell them this stuff. Stay strong, stay vigilant, fight for your rights.



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