JULY 6, 2022



These thoughts have been rattling around in my brain for a long time. I have some experience in planning large events, pretty successfully I might add. One of the events I planned 23 years ago, is still happening every summer. The original volunteers and I have not been involved for 19 years, yet it happens every August. Planning a large event requires thinking about lots of little details, and how people will react to what you present. So, when something big happens, no matter what it is, someone put a lot of thought and effort into making it happen.

Let’s get one thing out of the way immediately. Joe Biden is incapable of planning anything. He is nothing more than a distraction while others do their work behind the scenes. Kamala Harris fills the same role. She is as dumb as a stack of hammers and has as much trouble communicating as Biden.

The first day Biden stepped into the Oval Office, he signed thirty-six executive orders, signaling the demolition crew to start work. We all know he didn’t write them, hell, I doubt he even knew what they were. Those executive orders were the “green flag” for the left to unleash destruction of the United States Government. These executive orders were, if you will, were the “no host bar” at the beginning of the big event, when the celebration begins.

The left always telegraphs its intentions. I think they think it’s fun to tell you what they are planning in a cryptic sort of way. They probably laugh behind closed doors, while saying; we told those stupid Republicans what we are planning and they’re too stupid to figure it out. This season’s cryptic message was ” Build Back Better”. Biden was handed a great economy, created by Donald Trump, the country was running like a well-oiled machine. “Build Back Better” interpreted, means ” we’re going to tear it all down and start over.

The economy is in the process of being intentionally wrecked. The southern border has been intentionally thrown open. They are intentionally creating racial divisions. They are intentionally doing bizarre stuff in public schools. All of the craziness you are experiencing is all being done to cause chaos and unrest and cause the ultimate collapse of society as we know it. All of the crime in the major cities is all part of the plan of creating chaos, along with defunding the police, and making it virtually impossible to control. When everything is upside down and sideways, the left will make its move, and set up a new form of government. The general population will be in such disarray, it will be like taking candy from a baby.

I can see the plan unfolding. You can too if you take the time to observe it with an open mind and clear eyes.

The black population is going to be in for a major surprise. They are being used now as disruptors by the left. When the New World Order is in place, they will clamp down on crime like you have never seen. It simply will not be tolerated. All of this gay pride stuff going on now, will be eradicated. Habitual criminals will be sent to hard labor prisons where they will live out the rest of their lives. You can bet your sweet ass, the new government will not tolerate crime in the streets. Oh yeah, you can forget about owning guns, they will search and seize until every last one is out of the public’s hands.

The big question that I have, and think about a lot; who makes up this shadow government? Is it an international group? Is it a secret order of super rich corporate owners? It has the odor of fascism. Every large planning committee has a chairman. Is this “chairman” the “Anti Christ”? How will the so called “New World Order” align with China?

People are acting like this can simply be fixed by electing conservative politicians. I’m sorry, this is way more serious than that. How did that work out with Trump? One strong guy or gal sitting in the oval office is going to be surrounded by lifelong lefties making sure they are going to undermine his or her every move. The old guard Republicans are no different than Democrats, they will protect their turf, to hell with what is best for America. A strong president can’t accomplish anything with a weak house and senate. Washington D.C. is rotten right down to the core. The whole damn thing needs to be flushed.

The old saying about not being able to see the problem because you’re too close to it, applies to Republican politicians. I’m sorry but there are many more that resemble Mitt Romney than Rand Paul. But the truly dangerous part of this equation, is that the populace doesn’t seem to be overly concerned about any of this, other than high prices. If the price of gasoline and groceries came back down to normal, everyone would be happy, despite the fact they are being stripped of their freedoms on a daily basis. A sad time for America.


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