JULY 23, 2022



The number of sincerely happy people within my circle of friends seems to be diminishing rapidly. I’m seeing more anger and frustration with the status of our homeland. I don’t need to enumerate all of the nonsensical problems, you know them well.


The reports that I am reading lately, are all pretty much saying the same thing; “you ain’t seen nothin’ yet”. Last week, “mayor Pete”, (paraphrased) we are going to make it so painful with gasoline prices, you will be forced to buy electric vehicles. In their vision, or wet dream which is a better term, they see everyone driving around in EV’s, living in totally electric homes, working in totally electric factories and offices, all powered by wind and solar. The envision flying across the Pacific ocean in an electric airliner, flying through rainbow-colored clouds, and everyone wearing pure white garments.

In the meantime, while they are building their modern-day Tower of Babel, the masses are going to be suffering mightily. The folks in the great southwest, that rely on air-conditioning to survive during the summer months are going to be turned into little crispy critters. Forget jumping into your swimming pool, without electricity it will turn into a massive pool of algae in about four days. Oh yeah, you can forget about going to your local mall to shop under the bright lights while bathed in refrigerated air, malls will be the first victims in power outages.

What about hospitals and other emergency centers? Well, they run on backup generators during power outages, so you won’t die. But wait a minute, those generators run on natural gas or diesel. Ain’t that the stuff they wanna’ get rid of? Is anyone really thinking about the complexity of the things that make life livable? The infrastructure system that makes this nation function is extremely complicated. It was engineered by a lot of really smart (I hate to say it) engineers of Caucasian heritage. You know, the folks that the Democrats claim are the villains and the reason for all of the pain and suffering in the world. Yep, those folks who created the very world we live in, and all of the modern conveniences we enjoy. Are you beginning to see why the guy in the picture above is so pissed off? Why do you think Biden’s poll numbers are in the mid twenties?

The Democrats think they are going to beat us into submission by making life unbearable. It has been my experience that Americans fight the hardest during times of hardships. More and more people are beginning to wake up to what is going on. I am seeing a groundswell of opposition beginning where it should at local school boards. More and more city councils are being challenged. They are recalling the insane DA in Los Angeles. They already ousted Boudin in San Francisco. Yep, the serfs are pushing back.

The battle rages on. Not much has been reported on this, but the Biden administration has been sending out legions of activists and lawyers all around the nation to make and attempt to Nationalize the elections. Never mind that it’s against the Constitution, but why would you let a little thing like that stand in your way? The Democrats are going to keep attempting to steal elections in any way they can. It’s what they do. Do you think there has ever been a fair election in Chicago?

I could go on and on but have lots of other stuff to do to keep my “happy meter” in the green zone. If I dwell on this too long, I’ll need a nap. Stay safe and happy, and most of all stay alert. The US cities are now open area insane asylums and getting more dangerous all the time. Shop Amazon and stay safe. šŸ™‚


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