JULY 4, 2022


I’m still here, been majorly distracted for a couple of months with my restoration project on my old 1943 Dodge military vehicle. Fabricating and welding up new body work is hard work for an 81-year-old guy. You can see by the picture below how serious this project is.


Another part of the project has been building the replica armament. When the body work on the truck has been completed and painted, a replica 30 cal. Browing machine gun will be mounted in the bed. I built the gun from official Browing plans that are available online. Check it out below.


I’m sure you realize the time and effort it takes to create this stuff and doesn’t leave much time for writing blogs. Thanks to Joe Biden and his band of imbeciles the whole atmosphere in the good ol’ USA is more than depressing, so doing my military stuff is keeping me from going insane. I used to turn to my motorcycle for relief but got too damned old to ride.

Looking to wrap up this project by mid-July, then it’s parades and car shows for the remainder of the summer months. People love seeing this old truck, it reminds them of a how strong and resolute America was, once upon a time. Hopefully it will inspire them to be more patriotic and take a more aggressive approach to politics.


There is a general feeling of despair, you can see it and feel it when you talk to people. I went out today to pick a few things from the market, and I think I saw two autos displaying old glory. In the past they were everywhere. People are genuinely unhappy with how this country is being driven into the ditch. Every morning, I have my breakfast ritual. I get my big bowl of raisin bran (Post only) and sit down in front of my computer and tune into Fox Breaking News. Every single day, the Democrats are making another assault on our freedoms and rights. It seems they pick a new topic every day to piss me off even more.

I’m really not an evening TV watcher after Tucker signs off. Watching TV pisses me off even more. It seems every commercial is a brain washing exercise. It’s gays, trannies, blacks. If you just woke up after a two-year nap, you would think all of the white folk died off. Black folk make up approximately 13% of the overall population, LGBTQ somewhere around 5%. But, you would surmise by watching TV commercials they collectively make up 90% of the population. I don’t really have a problem with blacks and gays, I have a problem with media companies and big tech fucking with people’s brains, trying to create some sort of outcome for God knows what. I’m telling you, they are working hard on our kids with TV programming, and it’s working. TV is 98% garbage. You keep your garbage outside, think about sorting out what you watch on TV, especially what your kids watch.


The first time I remember hearing this phrase, was when Bush the elder said it during his one term in office. When he said it, I was puzzled. I thought to myself, what is he talking about. Thirty years down the road, it’s becoming very clear. The super wealthy, and large corporations think they can do government better. Google has been making these noises for a very long time now, not trying to hide the fact, they think they could create a much better world. Thinking about this raises the question; if the large corporations are so righteous, and so concerned about the well-being of the workers, and people in general, why is it necessary to form unions, to make keep them in line?

You only have to remember a couple of things. Corporations and Governments are entities with a strong desire for self-preservation. They will stop at virtually nothing to protect themselves. That was what was so unique about the Constitution and Bill of rights, and our original Republic. It was designed for the protection and good of the people. A government of the people, by the people, and for the people. I’m sad to say, that government has been gone for a while now. If it does return, I’m afraid it’s going to take some form of revolution. Numerous lawmakers made it very clear when the SCOTUS overturned Roe vs. Wade last week they were going to ignore the ruling. I have heard President Biden say more than once, that nothing in the Constitution and Bill of rights is absolute. He is telling you; he will not enforce or support it. Did you ever, in your wildest dreams, think you would hear the POTUS make such a remark?

The future of our Republic is grave peril. I really don’t have any idea what is going to happen. I was very dismayed by how easily Americans gave up their Constitutional rights during the so-called Covid pandemic. They closed down our schools, churches, restaurants, and public gathering places, and the public push back was almost immeasurable. The citizens of free countries all around the world were like sheep going to slaughter.

We need an old-fashioned revival of the Spirit of ’76. I’m doing my part, for what that’s worth. Even if you can only do something small, together we can create something big. God Bless all of you and your families, God Bless the USA.


2 thoughts on “THE VIEW FROM ST. CHARLES

  1. I miss your blogs as they have a personal touch which I like. I too am annoyed with commercials being so wokeish. Enough already. I watch the news less and less as the anchors are too cheerful during such awful times like mass shootings and killings every weekend and holiday and Hollywood being so stupid about Roe being reversed. Except for Brian Kilmeade, most of them are all just too feigningly cheerful.


  2. Thank you for your kind words. I need to concentrate on getting my project completed which takes a lot of planning and purchasing parts and pieces to bring it all together. It’s also a welcome distraction from the knuckleheads running our country right now. We could both write volumes on the lies and deceit, but it’s pretty much a waste of time if we have no allies in the congress. 😦


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