JUNE 21, 2022



Republican congressmen and women are a useless lot, for the most part. There are some good ones, we know who they are. It’s easy to remember their names, it’s not a long list. The Republicans could be a rowdy bunch of rebel rousers and upset proceedings on laws that don’t suit their constituency, but they don’t have the stomach for the fight. Instead, they let the crazy old lady from Frisco push them around like kindergartners. They would rather just “go along and get along”. How about going AWOL when the Dems are trying to do something stupid like pass “Red Flag laws”. How about doing something, anything?? Hey republicans get off your dead asses.

Stephen Miller and Tom Fitton are doing more than the whole damn Republican congress put together. Visit Stephen Millers new endeavor at “The Center for Legal Equality”. This man is an “Army of One” when it comes to putting up the good fight. Tom Fitton is a thorn in the left’s side, constantly uncovering their lies and misdeeds. We need more of these brave soldiers. Anyone can run their mouths, it’s quite another thing to put on the armor and actually start swinging your Claymore.

So, the Republicrats are about to seriously damage your rights to keep and bear arms. I didn’t vote for these morons to dismantle the Constitution, quite the opposite. I can’t tell you how pissed I am at the RINO’s in congress. You could put a pile of dog crap in 90 percent of the Republican seats in Congress and get the same results. How stupid are the voters in their respective districts? Doesn’t anyone pay attention to what these idiots are doing? I think the sad reality is, that these useless twits are lining their pockets and couldn’t give a rat’s ass about you.

Another little note for those of you that may not be paying attention. If the Republicans win back the house, don’t expect anything good to come from it, if Kevin McCarthy ends up as speaker. That guy is a complete RINO. He’s probably worse than Paul Ryan, and that’s a tall statement. A recipe for zero results for conservatives, would be McCarthy, and McConnell as a team.

As for Donald Trump running for a second term, I’m not particularly jazzed about that. There are so many RINO’s that dislike him, and so many leftist bureaucrats embedded in key positions, that getting anything meaningful done in four years will be really tough. If the Republicans fail to win the house and the senate, it will be a quagmire for sure. We need a Republican tough guy, that can serve for two terms. There are several strong candidates that could do the job. I heard an interesting proposal a few days ago. A Trump / De Santis ticket, De Santis being able to run for president after serving as vice president to Trump. Could end up being a twelve-year dynasty.

But none of this really matters, if the do nothing Republicrats allow the Democrats to dominate the election process the way they did in 2020. What the hell were the Republicans doing while the Democrats were undoing election laws in key red states. This all reminds me of a cartoon I saw a while ago;. Two dogs returning home from and evening out, the male dog tells his wife “so we were robbed, what was I supposed to do”? “He had a rolled up newspaper”

In my 81 years as an American citizen, I have never seen so many screwed up people. Not only in government, but in everyday life. How the hell did our schools totally deteriorate before our eyes? Why are they talking to our kids about weird sexual practices, and having drag queens performing in elementary and secondary schools? What possible benefit can come from allowing illegal immigrants from all over the world to flood into our nation, when we are headed into a deep recession, and possible food shortages? Mass illegal immigration is horrible in good times. Why is the Navy focused on gender pronouns? What does that have to do with maintaining our dominance of the seas? This is all headed toward a massive failure of America as we have known it. How did we produce a whole generation of America haters? Sadly, America has proven to be a huge success because of personal freedoms, and these morons want to replace it with something that has failed again and again. This too will end in failure. I’m sad for my Grandchildren, and Great Grandchildren. They are about to have something stolen from them that’s irreplaceable.


3 thoughts on “THE VIEW FROM ST. CHARLES

  1. I suggested a Trump/DeSantis ticket a few days ago and got mocked by a couple of fair weather fans online saying “DeSantis wouldn’t be second fiddle to a conman.” There are some conservatives that have dumped Trump. When the going gets tough, they bail out. Fair weather fans. Trump didn’t deserve to lose.


  2. I’m a major Trump fan! I understand the man, he is a man from another time and world. He could clean up DC, I have no doubts about that, The problem is that DC is an entity into itself, perpetuated by people of like minds. One man will get creamed every time. The intel community is the DC police force and defenders. It’s a hopeless mess that will eventually collapse under the weight of its own corruption. I hope I’m not alive to see it.


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