APRIL 11, 2022



The midterm elections are coming up and the Democrat party is so far underwater in the polls they need to ditch the donkey and replace it with an image of a submarine. But remember, submarines can launch nuke missiles from below the surface. The Democrats have successfully brainwashed a lot of folks regarding Covid-19. The dreaded virus was the single biggest factor in getting the cadaver in the White House. Don’t scoff at the idea, it was pretty easy the first time. Democrat governors just took away your Constitutional rights with the stroke of pen with emergency powers acts. Have you seen any lawsuits by GOP groups, or anyone else against these power-hungry governors? Neither have I. They got away with it so easy the first time, why wouldn’t they try it again? They say a wave of infections is going through the White House. Do you believe them? Several cities are reinstating the mask rules, and Biden refuses to lift the mask rule for air travel. New York is still masking toddlers. The Dems are keeping the fires going, Covid is a great tool, they will not let it die, trust me. China has locked down the entire city of Shanghai, literally starving people to death in their own homes by bolting their doors from the outside. All in the name of stopping Covid. Hmmm. Is Covid a problem in Shanghai, or is freedom the problem? I’m thinking the latter. Think of it as Hong Kong 2.0. Have you heard the NBA or Disney complaining about this gross human rights violation by China? Me neither.


You have to understand this whole ghost gun business is “smoke and mirrors”. They are trying to get you to look the other way, while they pursue their “soft on crime” agenda. What they are referring to as “ghost guns” are parts for guns. Let’s say you have a Ruger 9mm and a company makes an improved part for it, that enhances your gun’s performance. You buy it and upgrade your weapon. I think it’s a stretch for them to think they can ban the sales of gun parts. It makes no sense. What does make sense, is arresting and prosecuting criminals and putting them behind bars for long periods of time. Then stop promoting violence by preaching racism.

While we’re on the topic of guns and gun control, I have watched how the Dems operate, and I think I have a good idea what they are up to when they are pursuing an agenda. The Democrats operate in a passive manner most of the time, setting the stage for a climax that no one sees coming. Allow me to explain. To subdue the population of any country, they have to be disarmed. The Brits did it to the Scots back in the 17th century. The Brits did it to their own citizens later on. I think it was the template for many others to follow. Australia coerced their citizens to willingly give up their guns a few years ago. That hasn’t worked out well. Americans aren’t ready to give up their guns. I believe the Democrat plan is to stop prosecuting criminals, defund the police, and allow crime to flourish until the American public cries out in desperation for them to take all guns off the streets, in the name of safety and security. The Democrats will gladly carry out the public wishes. That my friends is when your freedom is officially dead and buried. The public will give them the permission to do something they could never do on their own.

Stop and think about what you are witnessing. Which race is the most prone to commit violence with guns? That’s correct, young black men. Why all of a sudden, have they stopped prosecuting young black men for gun crime? Why do you think the Democrats and their media lackeys never stop harping on race? The government is ginning up hate for whites among young black men, to perpetuate the cycle of gun violence. Frank James, the subway shooter, is the perfect example of what I am talking about. His brain was so filled with hatred for white folk, he finally exploded. When you rail on guns being the blame every time one of these incidents happen, people start to connect guns with death and destruction. In the end, the public just wants the guns to go away. The public is being slowly and steadily brainwashed. The guns are taken away, and the criminals remain on the streets, and you have no way to protect yourselves. Your life is going to go from bad to worse.


The Feds created this economic crisis we are in. Every honest economist will tell you that. The Biden administration is blaming it on Russia and the Ukraine conflict. The following numbers are all you need to know to debunk that claim. The proof lies in a very simple comparison. The factor is the GDP, or gross domestic product. When the government is involved in some sort of unusual activity such as war, you need to know what percentage of the GDP that activity is consuming. During World War ll, the war was consuming 40% of the GDP. Thus, we had rationing of food, and domestic goods. In comparison, the Viet Nam war consumed 2.2%. The Viet Nam war had almost no noticeable effect on the everyday economy. The Ukraine conflict is probably not even causing a measurable impact on the GDP. There are other factors connected to the Ukraine war affecting our economy, but they are for the most part self-inflicted. If the current leaders had any idea what they were doing, the effects on the US economy would be negligible. It’s more “smoke and mirrors” in an effort to hide ineptitude and stupidity.


Hillary’s lawyer, Michael Sussman, requested the Durham case be dismissed. The Federal judge presiding over the case denied that request and ordered that the trial move forward as planned next month. I’m still not getting my hopes up yet, they are after all trying to convict a Democrat. When was the last time you saw that happen? By the way, it will be worth following just to hear the lies the defense conjures up.


First time I’ve heard anything from this guy I agree with….kinda. We can’t wait to get rid of his sorry ass.

People, keep wearing your lie detector glasses, and calling out the liars in government. Actually, you don’t need any help, they never stop lying. Stay alert and safe, God bless you and your families.


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