APRIL 17, 2022




You can say anything you wish about me, call me what you will. Human beings are born either male or female with a strong sexual attraction to the opposite sex. God installed that basic instinct to perpetuate the human race. There is a ton of debate as to whether people are born gay, or are products of their environment. From a layman’s perspective, judging from the increased amount of gay people in recent years, I would say the environment is playing a very large part in the growing numbers. I don’t happen to be anti-gay, I believe in freedom to be whatever you want (short of a violent criminal). I do however believe a very large gay population is detrimental to society in general, for obvious reasons. Gay people don’t procreate and don’t tend to be religious or overly patriotic. A healthy robust society is built on faith based heterosexual behavior, in nation with strong borders and culture. A nuclear family is the cornerstone of a strong nation and society. This isn’t a political viewpoint, it is a known fact whether you agree with it or not. The United States of America was founded on those principles, and it’s rise to greatness are testament to their truthfulness.

When you view the following link, I’ll let you be the judge if this stuff belongs in public schools.

The use of the word “freak” may offend some readers, but a person that identifies as anything other than a heterosexual male or female is indeed a “freak”. Regardless of the reason for the behavior, it’s irrational. A lot of the same people that claim to be transgender and dozens of other identities, cite fear of the world ending due to climate change as a reason for their behavior and choices. In fact, their excuses are nothing more than a cop out. Their choices will ultimately degrade society and result in far more chaos than will ever be caused by climate, and much quicker. Experts say if the world continues to warm (key word continues) it would take between two to four million years to make the world uninhabitable. The way our society is decaying, you can kiss life as we know it goodby, by 2050. (my opinion based on graph above)

I see articles about crime, increased homosexual activities, anti-government activism, and any number of other antisocial activities. Nobody is looking at the big picture. I don’t think people can see the forest for the trees. In my opinion, we are witnessing the beginning of the end of the America our forefathers created. Our society is descending into chaos, no longer united toward one common goal. Everyone is grabbing onto any kind of government program they think can save them and their chosen group. When you abandon God and replace him with government as your savior you’ve lost the battle. Wokeism has become a religion of extremely convoluted doctrines, none of which, are going to benefit anyone in the end except the rich and powerful.

Straight or gay teachers should be barred from discussing sexual topics with children under the age of sixteen. Children should be allowed to develop on their own without any assistance from an adult that is not a parent or parents. Public education has zero business interjecting ideas or sexual ideology into a child’s brain. Transgenderism is a sexual ideology. Horror stories are starting to emerge about youngsters that were coerced into altering their sex, only to find out later it was a huge mistake. Some are reversible, others aren’t, often times youngsters take their own lives out of despair. Probably one of the saddest parts of this recent phenomenon is that the child’s parents are often involved in giving very young children sex change hormones. When a mother consents to this, or pushes for it, the mother should immediately be given a mental health evaluation. I think often times the problem lies with the mother, not the child.

This is obviously a multi-faceted problem with unscrupulous physicians making it worse. I want to reiterate, there is absolutely no reason for a seven-year-old to even be considering any question about his or her sexuality. Children under the age of sixteen are not mentally developed enough to make decisions that will alter their lives forever. I’m really not sure why the government is so interested in children’s sexuality, other than possibly grooming them to become mindless robots, following government dictates. Whatever the motives, you can rest assured they are not based in the persons best interest, only the governments.

The bright side, if there is one, is 70% of Americans think we are headed in the wrong direction. Perhaps the people will rise up and cause the government to reverse course. We can only hope and pray this happens. In the meantime, stay safe, alert and happy. God bless you and the ones you love.



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