APRIL 5, 2022



My friends, Joe Biden is a “Dead Man Walking”. His presidency is over. His time in the sun has come and gone in 15 months. It’s been a verrrry long 15 months. Him and his band of anti-American criminals, have virtually ruined this country in the very short time he has been in office. I for one never thought it would be possible for one man to do this. I thought that’s why we have three branches of government to make it impossible for this to happen. I guess creepy old Joe taught us all a lesson. Our freedom is one hell of lot more fragile than anyone imagined.

I don’t have any “sources” as Sean Hannity calls them. I just pay attention. Very close attention and call on the historical political data stored between my ears. Let’s take a little walk down memory lane and look at what’s happened over the past two years. Well actually, I’m going to cheat a little bit and sneak in 2016. That’s when a very dangerous man entered into the presidential race and scared the living hell out of the Washington establishment. Democrats and Republicans. And much to the establishments chagrin, Mr. Trump went to Washington. We’ll save the story of the next four years for another time.

The Democrats had to win in 2020, they had no choice. If Donald Trump spent another four years in the White House, it would literally set their agenda back fifty years. ( est. ) So, if you are the Democrats, you have a reputation of nefarious deeds to uphold. As far as the Democrat Party is concerned, committing murder isn’t even off the table if it means taking back your precious power.

Somehow, the Democrats have to come up with a plan to totally upend the election, because they don’t have a horse in the stable that can possibly beat Trump. Enter Fauci and Google and others that have been fooling around in a Bio Lab in Wuhan, China. Why would anyone possibly want to create a super deadly virus, that never existed, and there was no cure? I’ll leave that up to you.

December 2019, the start of election year, that pesky virus escaped. Fauci and his band of mad scientists knew exactly where it came from, but they told us it came from the Wuhan “wet market”, transmitted by some sort of exotic animal that only Chinese eat. The media took it hook line and sinker. That story quickly became gospel. However, in a few months, the experts were finding a lot of holes in it, and leaks started coming out of China.

The next thing that happened, tells you all you need to know, about how deep the Democrats were involved in this scheme. Teams of Democrat lawyers fanned out across the United States in every nook and cranny and started getting voting laws amended. They knew there was a pandemic on the horizon, and they were going to be ready to take advantage of it. And take advantage of it they did, in a very decisive way.

Fast forward to the Democratic National Convention. They filled the stage with the biggest array of losers the world has ever seen. Joe Biden had decided to run to everyone’s amazement. So did Bernie Sanders. The Democrats were hoping Biden would put on a good performance because he was their best bet in the race. But he didn’t, Bernie did. Bernie was set to run away with the whole deal, so panic set in. In true Democrat fashion, they went about rigging the primaries and making sure that Biden won.

So, the revised Democrat strategy is to keep the mumbling, bumbling Biden hid from view as much as possible utilizing Covid as their smokescreen. They know full well if they let Biden speak in public, the jig is over. Nobody is going to vote for an old white guy with only half of a functioning brain. The government effectively banned large gatherings, and Trump never had chance to work his magic on the crowds. Then the large social media platforms invested millions in swaying the election through information manipulation and taking over entire election boards in major population areas.

The Democrats pulled off the plan flawlessly and were able to get Joe elected. However, poor old Joe was never destined take his place beside the great presidents in American history, he was being used as a tool by the Democrat party. I think Joe knew this and was Okay with it. He allowed himself to be used for his own egotistical goals. We all now know that Joe is incapable of stringing thoughts together in a coherent manner. That said, all of those executive orders that he signed in this first day in office, those were prepared by the Democrat party well in advance to drive a stake through the heart of Donald Trump. Joe was only needed to apply the official signature to make them law. Such has been the case for the past 15 months. He simply mouths the policies of the Democrat party. Side note to be aware of, the Attorney General, the DOJ and the FBI all work in unison with the Democrat party. So, if there is a thread of Democracy left, it’s a small miracle.

The Biden administration is now reaching its climax. Everything the Democrats have done have been an abysmal failure. They have done it using Biden as the ultimate scape goat. They see the mid-term elections as a likely disaster unless they do something fast. Have you noticed that the mainstream media mouthpieces have now turned against the Bidens in recent weeks? Have you noticed Biden’s handlers have been letting him talk at events off script? Have you noticed that Biden is being made the butt of jokes about his incoherent ramblings? He is being set up for the fall. They have to make him go away soon. They have to mount a campaign quickly, laying the blame for the last 15 months at his feet if they stand any kind of chance at keeping control of the house and senate. Today, at a White House gathering, Biden was wandering around among hundreds of people, talking to himself, and not one single person in the room acknowledged his presence. He tried to get Barrack Hussien Obama’s attention; Barrack wouldn’t look at him.

It’s over for Joe. How are they going to do it.? 25th amendment? Kamala is a disaster, nobody likes her. If she becomes president and has a presidential dog, they will have to tie a pork chop around her neck to get the dog to notice her. The whole thing is an unmitigated disaster. But, what else could it be? It was born out of evil deeds. Sad day for the United States of America.

Hold on tight my patriotic friends. This may turn out to be a bit of a rough ride. Keep the faith. God Bless you and your families.


4 thoughts on “SNAPSHOTS OF THE NEWS

  1. It’s going to be quite interesting. I have heard bits and pieces of Obama’s visits to the White House becoming more frequent lately. Two key players in what happens are Ron Klain and Susan Rice. I wouldn’t be surprised if Valerie Jarrett is still hanging around. This is just Obama 2.0 that is happening now. He as much admitted it in an interview last year. ( don’t remember the interviewer )

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