Sometimes so much information comes rushing into your mind from so many directions, you lose your place, and get way behind on the analytics. Biden and the left brained idiots are trying to cram 25 pounds of crap into a five-pound bag right now. What I mean by that, is they know they only have a very short time in office to accomplish a very long list of left-wing policies and ideas.

The Democrats are deliberately and artificially driving up the cost of energy. It isn’t any secret, they are doing this as part of the Green New Deal, that they could never get passed into law, so they are forcing it on you. The genius Jennifer Granholm, the Energy Secretary, that couldn’t run a lemonade stand, says she understands how hard it is to afford gasoline, just buy an electric vehicle. Let’s take a look at that absurd statement. People who earn $70,000.00 per year or better, will still be able to fill up their gasoline powered cars, but it will be a little painful and a whole lot irritating. The people who are going to get really slammed are the folks that earn below $50,000.00 per year, work two or more jobs, and have to drive to work and have to pay record prices for groceries and personal needs. These people can’t afford to just go out and purchase an electric car. Jennifer Granholm is a total asshole, and by the way, she holds several million dollars in stock in renewable energy companies. An out-right conflict of interest, but that’s Okay in Joe’s world.

The thing that keeps coming back into my head over and over, is what Joe Biden has said numerous times. He keeps making the statement that America will no longer be dependent on oil and gas by 2035. Folks, that’s only about twelve years from now. As of the third quarter in 2021, about four months ago, there were 284 million gasoline powered vehicles on the road in America. That’s a full 90% of all currently registered vehicles. The average car lasts about twelve years, if well cared for more like 20 years or better. Gasoline cars will continue to be sold for several years, so what is going to happen to all of the gasoline powered cars?

That’s not what bothers me the most. Americans don’t want electric cars. My Suburban has a range of 540 miles on a full tank of fuel, and I can find a gas station in the middle of nowhere, fill up in less than ten minutes and be on my way. When the power goes out in my neighborhood, I have a gas fireplace, and a gas water heater. I can stay warm and have a hot shower by electric lantern, fire up my generator and keep my food frozen and watch TV. People that have all electric homes are screwed unless they have backup generators. (There’s that pesky fossil fuel again ) Let’s go back to the first line in this paragraph, Americans don’t want this, they are telling us that this is what we are going to get, like it or not. That is not what happens in a free market society, and a democracy. This is what happens in a totalitarian state. This is what happens in China.

Here is another thing that bothers the hell out of me. I’m pretty sure the Republican party is Okay with this plan. I think the Republican establishment in D.C. are totally on board with this nonsense. Here is why I think so, Joe Biden said we were going to be totally green by 2035, didn’t hear any Republicans pounding on their desks and yelling ” no way Jose”. Nope, not hearing ol’ Turtle heard Mitch making any contrary statements, he’s pretty quiet. Wonder how much stock Mitch has in renewable energy? Another clue, is that you can bet the Democrats aren’t going to be in power 100% of the time until 2035, are you with me here?

A huge chunk of the renewable energy is going to come from solar. When I was on vacation a couple of weeks ago, we drove by a solar farm south of Vegas that is 900 acres of solar panels, 288,000 to be exact. The state of Nevada claims it will get 50% of its power from renewables by 2030. That all sounds great, but the United States doesn’t make solar panels, China does. Solar panel life expectancy is about 25 years. I don’t think you have to be a Phi Beta Kappa to figure out, we are going to be dependent on China when it comes time to replace millions of solar panels. Wind machines are made in Japan, India, China and South Korea. I think you probably figured out by now, Americans are going to get majorly screwed in this green energy deal. Nice.

I’m not anti-renewable energy, I just think our illustrious leaders are not thinking this through in a realistic manor. I think they are being driven by their greed. If I was a betting man, I would guess that 80% of the lawmakers in D.C. have stocks in renewable energy. Why isn’t Washington subsidizing solar factories in the USA? Why aren’t we building wind turbines? Those millions of illegal migrants coming across the border every year need jobs. We buy all of this stuff offshore, and feed and clothe millions of people on welfare? This is really strange math. Maybe the meme below explains it.

People, we are getting “punked” by our own government. You know, the government that is supposed to consult with the folks back home before doing anything major? If you think that government still exists, I have some stock in an Iraqi automobile company to sell you. Just hope like hell, the Democrats haven’t figured out how to rig the next election like they did the last one.


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