Oh beautiful for spacious skies, for amber waves of grain.

For purple mountain majesties, above the fruited plains

America, America God shed his grace on thee.

He crowned thy good with brotherhood, from sea to shining sea.

My American brothers and sisters, we are living on the single greatest piece of real estate God created. The founding fathers laid out an excellent plan to manage it. That plan has been followed pretty darn closely up until the past couple of decades. Suddenly, we find ourselves facing the destruction of our beautiful country, due to nothing more than pure unadulterated GREED.

I recently traveled by automobile, just shy of 4,000 miles, across five states. Only five of 50 states. I have traveled by car, across every state west of the Mississippi, and I can testify to you, the absolute enormity of this nation. The natural resources of this nation are staggering. If you haven’t traversed the U.S.A. via ground transportation, you simply can’t grasp how great it is. It takes two days to travel across Texas alone. One of our greatest resources is the American people. They are hardworking folks, innovative, steadfast, and patriotic. They are friendly, and willing to help their neighbors in times of hardships, never considering their race, religion, or color. Labeling Americans as racists is a leftist lie, one of the most egregious lies ever told.

I have written about this is some of my earlier blogs, so allow me to repeat myself. America became an industrial powerhouse beginning in the 1800’s and continued to expand and grow into the 1970’s. All across the USA, Americans were employed by companies of all sizes, making America great and powerful. Then something started to happen ever so slowly. The companies that thrived and grew in this amazing environment, began to get greedy. They saw the potential to increase their profits exponentially by moving their factories to third world nations, taking advantage of very poor people, paying them almost nothing for the work Americans used to do. At first the products were third rate at best. When you purchased products, the first thing you did was look for the “Made in USA” on the box or product. You knew it was a good quality item.

As time passed, more companies moved their operations to foreign countries, and Americans were losing their jobs by the thousands. Small cities that once thrived became ghost towns as the local factories closed. America was becoming much poorer. Suddenly, it wasn’t as important where the product was produced, the price now took precedence. It hasn’t improved much, consider the rise of the dollar stores. America has never really recovered from that major manufacturing shift.

One of the hugely popular campaign promises by Trump was to reverse this trend and bring manufacturing jobs back to the USA. He was only marginally successful, facing huge resistance from enormous multinational corporations and left. Trump’s brief foray as president laid bare, the modern power structure of the USA. Mega tech and mega corporations are now pulling the strings. Lawmakers for the most part simply keep the path clear for them to operate unabated. The left wants the right silenced and threatens the social media giants with major restrictions if they don’t toe the line and censor the conservatives. The huge multinational corporations now own the USA, and they are now destructing the social structure, and reshaping it to suit their needs. They don’t want nuclear families, they want low cost labor. Nuclear families need too much money to exist. You can house workers in row buildings like egg farm chickens, and feed and cloth them and give them a few gadgets, they become robots. Freedom for security, that’s the game.

What we end up with, when the plan has been successfully implemented is two classes, ultra-poor, and ultra-rich. The poor become nothing more than drones, with bleak gray lives, no hope for anything better. The rich will go on living large, private aircraft, boats, lavish vacations and lavish homes. For the rich, life is good. For the poor, they would be better off dead. Slavery will be reborn.

None of this had to happen. If our leaders had embraced the American Dream, and strived to make America the greatest place on earth for all Americans, it could have been the closest thing to utopia ever known. But, instead of thinking of the hard working folks that built this nation, they were blinded by wealth and power. Our government leaders literally squandered the natural wealth and promise of this land in pursuit of personal gain. There is a hard fast rule that never changes. It is foolish to build up riches on this earth, you cannot hold on to them, and Satan always penetrates your life at some point, because you pushed God out, and Satan is always happy to step into the void. Case in point is the Biden family. Joe Biden has pulled every shenanigan in the book to become wealthy, and now that he has reached that point, he is losing his mind, and will die an empty shell of a man, despised and ostracized by those in his own circle.

Had the leaders of this nation taken the high road, managed its resources, and cared for its citizens, and honored the work of our founding fathers, we would be in a much better place today. But alas, they couldn’t see the red, white and blue, being blinded by the glitter of the gold.

The slide into socialism won’t happen quickly, but it will happen. It’s inevitable. Capitalism has simply lost too much ground. The US will probably remain in existence, but it will be majorly different than it once was. At my advanced age, I’m not too worried about how it will affect my life, but I am really worried about my grandchildren and great grandchildren. They may never be able to experience the freedoms that I did.

Sorry that my blog was a bit of a “downer”, but it’s hard to be “up” and giddy considering what our government has morphed into in the past two years. It’s pretty hard to find anything uplifting when everything the government and the mainstream media says are outright lies. It’s hard when you realize the left rigged the election in order to put a highly compromised man in power, and then forced him to choose a vice president that’s as dumb as a rock. I keep thinking I am going to wake up and realize this was a bad dream.

What a waste of one of the greatest gifts ever given to man by God, The United States of America.


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