MARCH 22, 2022


I don’t know about you, but I’m feeling a little insecure right now. Biden seems to be getting stranger all the time, and VP Harris is obviously way out of her league. Biden is in cognitive decline, and I’m not sure if Harris was ever cognitive. They are both a national embarrassment on the world stage.

The world is clearly in a very dangerous condition at the moment, and the United States is completely adrift with no visible leadership. The left is clearly on a mission to destroy all social norms, including the nuclear family. It looks like a Three Stooges movie, everyone is running around in a panic while everything is collapsing, and no one has a clue on what to do. It sort of felt that way during the Obama years, but this is like being on a runaway train. When you hear the president refer to the V.P. as the first lady again and again, and then talk about Putin invading Russia, it’s scary as hell folks.

Gasoline is over $6.00 per gallon in L.A. and a couple of pounds of ground beef is $18.00 ( I saw it with my own eyes yesterday ) Biden gives a speech today, saying his economic plan is working, things are getting better. Where in the hell are they getting better Joe, not in my neighborhood. It cost me just shy of $100.00 to fill the tank in my car yesterday. Sounds like a bit of gaslighting going on here.

Putin is ranting on like a madman, and every time he mentions nukes, the Nato leaders, and Joe Biden dive under their desks. All of the Nato officials and virtually everyone in Washington, are claiming Ukraine’s democracy must be saved. In the meantime, Zelinski, the leader of the so-called democracy just shut down all media outlets except one and jailed his political opponents. Last week the media was saying Zelinski was a modern day Winston Churchill. I’m sure ol’ Winston rolled over in his grave when he heard that. Zelinski is a dictator, Ukraine is a corrupt dictatorship. It’s horrible what is happening to the citizens of Ukraine, but let’s be truthful about it. My wife was born and raised in London, and knows way more about Europe than I ever will, says Putin wants unfettered access to the seaports, and doesn’t give a rip about the rest of Ukraine. That all sound great, but these idiots are about to get us into a very serious armed conflict.


Before you build any type of structure, even a storage shed in your back yard, you have to lay down a foundation to support it. If you don’t, the structure will not last, and quickly deteriorate. The same principle applies to any type of infrastructure system, especially a power grid. Our predecessors were very smart men. They built one of the most reliable power grids in the world. It’s based on coal, natural gas, and hydroelectric power generation. If you live in the west like I do, you appreciate Bonneville Power. Highly reliable service, one of the best, hands down.

Out of nowhere, we have a group of people led by a New York bartender, that thinks she knows more about power generation than the people that built the system in the first place. In fact, she doesn’t know jack shit about anything, she’s a commie moron. The guy who really wrote the ” The New Green Deal” admitted it had nothing to do with green energy, it was about replacing capitalism with socialism. I have an actual copy of the bill as it was presented to Congress. ( see below )

So, imagine if you will, the level of stupidity it takes to propose shutting down a large portion of the power grid associated with fossil fuels, knowing full well that renewables cannot possibly fill the resulting void, at the same time, mandating that all new buildings and cars must be 100% electrically powered. The result will be an economic disaster. The United States will become a third world country overnight. That my friends is how you kill capitalism. It is my opinion that this is the ultimate goal. Out of the resulting chaos, rises a new socialist state, and a one political party system.

Although the bill did not pass, and make its way into law, that isn’t stopping the left from implementing it in pieces by “sleight of hand” techniques.


I am terrified when this crazy old fool ventures away from home on his own. You should be too. Who knows what kind of agreement he will make with the NATO leaders? I never thought these words would form in my brain but thank God for Congress. At least, we have somewhat of a chance that someone will contest any crazy idea the cadaver puts forth in our behalf.


So, even though the U.S. Government tried to cover it up, we eventually learned that Covid-19 originated and eventually escaped from the bio-lab in Wuhan, China. We also learned that the U.S. Government was funding that lab. How much money was actually being pumped into that lab, I will guarantee we will never know the answer to that question. Now, we are learning that the U.S. is involved in bio-labs in Ukraine. What is even scarier, is that Hunter Biden is an investor in these labs. What exactly are these labs creating? My guess would be bioweapons. You can be assured it’s in Ukraine because it’s too dangerous to be within the borders of the United States, and has far too much liability connected with it. Just when you think our government couldn’t get more corrupt, they prove you wrong, again and again.


If that question was posed to me, my reply would be; A woman is a female human being. Women are the only human beings capable of giving birth to another human being, and providing nourishment for that infant, produced entirely within her own body. A man can do none of those important functions that perpetuate life on this planet. A man merely plants the seed, the woman bears the fruit of that relationship. Together they form a unison that replenishes life on this planet we call home. A so-called transgender female cannot conceive, cannot bear a child, cannot nourish a child through natural means, cannot fulfill any of the natural functions of a true female. A transgender female is nothing more than an imposter, a male with mutilated genitalia. If you cannot, or are unwilling to describe a woman, you are in fact disrespecting your own mother to the highest degree.

It’s great to be back on the keyboard, calling out the morons, liars and perverts. I didn’t mention politicians because most of them bear at least one of those titles. God bless all of you. Next up, I am going to talk about the upcoming elections. I have some serious concerns about how that is going to work out. More later.


2 thoughts on “SNAPSHOTS OF THE NEWS

  1. I don’t think Ms. Jackson saw Kindergarten Cop. Otherwise she’d know the difference between a girl and a boy based on what a kindergarten said. And he didn’t attend Harvard. I think her stupid woke answer is her “Deplorables” moment that will never go away. I wouldn’t vote for her based on that alone. It’s a red flag.


  2. That moment in time, and that question will never go away. Thank you, Ms. Blackburn. It forever painted Ms. Jackson as not being SCOTUS material. Sotomeyer is every bit as dumb, but we are already stuck with her. I didn’t like RBG, but her intelligence was never in question. There seems to be no end to the utter nonsense produced by this administration. Kamala and Ketanji? Let that sink in.


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