I was born just months prior to the so called “Day of Infamy” when Japan bombed Pearl Harbor and thrust the United States into World War Two. 416,000 brave U.S. soldiers lost their lives over the next four years, joining the 743,800 brave souls that perished in wars defending Old Glory since the Revolutionary War, when this great nation was founded. That my friends, is approximately 1,750,000 gallons of American blood spilt defending freedom. God only knows how many missing arms, legs, hands, eyesight, and sanity. That my friends, is one hell of a big deposit of human lives, given freely, expecting nothing in return. Done for the love of our great nation.

American pioneers were also brave, with a dream of building a nation like no other before it. Many of those brave men and women gave their lives in pursuit of their dreams. In the end, the American spirit prevailed and a new, free nation was born.

In the past 246 years, America has stood as a beacon of freedom, a place where people from anywhere in the world could start a new life, with opportunities like no other place on earth. That promise of pursuing their dreams, attracted the best and the brightest, from the far corners of the earth. America benefitted greatly from these immigrants and grew mightily as a result of their energy and talents.

When the industrial revolution began, it would be no time, before America became a virtual powerhouse of manufacturing. Shortly thereafter, an undisputed world power. Another reason for America’s greatness, it was a nation guided by men of good moral character and collectively, America had a conscience. America knew right from wrong, and knew slavery was wrong. America paid a very big price to right that wrong. Even though slavery was ended, bigotry was not. It would be years before the old mindset was finally changed. Getting back to what I said earlier, the mindset was changed because men of good moral character, kept working tirelessly to change it. Men of both races working side by side, sometimes in the face violence and death. Their blood spilled on American streets; every bit as hallowed as the warrior’s blood spilled on foreign battlefields.

As a young boy, growing up post World War 2, it was without question a very special time in America. You could feel the excitement as the country exploded with new and innovative machines for the home, new exciting automobiles, single family housing developments being built everywhere you looked. New roads, bridges, and superhighways. Shopping centers with supermarkets and just about anything you could imagine. It was an amazing experience.

Winning World War Two, as you might imagine, was an emotional high among all Americans. Patriotism was the strongest I have ever seen it. There has never been anything like it since. The United States was fighting a huge war, all around the world. It was a mighty effort that involved every working age American in some way. So, not only was it a victory for our military, but it was also a victory for everyone. It had a profound effect on me as a child, seeing families losing fathers, sons, brothers, and uncles. While experiencing the absolute dedication of everyday folks in so many different ways. Those years and the years afterwards, formed my personal dedication to uphold the Constitution of the United States, and defend it for the rest of my life. When I have the honor to raise Old Glory, I cannot hold back the tears, thinking about all of the brave men women that gave their blood and lives, for all of us. A debt that can never be repaid.

Still, in the light of what America was, and in many ways, still is, there are dark forces that are working tirelessly to destroy our once glorious nation, and all that its people achieved. Racism was almost wiped out until the Democrats revived the monster. They revived racism to empower their party, thinking it would guarantee them power. College professors are driving social wedges between people with the “colonialists” diatribe. I still haven’t quite figured out that argument. Are they saying everyone that does not have native American ancestry should go back to their homelands? My family has been on this continent for over 300 years. I can assure you I’m not going anywhere, until God makes the call.

I’m really not sure, we will be able to reverse the trend toward socialism. Most of the old patriots like myself are nearing the end of the road. The leftist influences on our schools and universities have been very powerful. Most youngsters have been indoctrinated very thoroughly, and taught America is an inherently evil place. What is ironic, the people that are teaching them America is evil, are in fact the evil ones. They are invested in killing the last nation on earth, that is truly free.

As an old guy, the only thing left for me to do, is to continue sounding the alarm. I’m too old to be any kind of physical protestor. I really don’t want to get knocked around and beat up. I’m just gonna’ sit here and keep on asking the younger folks to put up a good fight to save our glorious nation, the United States of America. It’s worth it.



  1. I have been watching in disbelief as the government puts their boots on the necks of the Australian citizens. I was equally surprised a few years ago when Australians freely allowed the government to disarm them. I truly believe, the heavily armed population of the US, keeps the gov’t at bay. My wife is British born, I was born in the US, but my ancestors are mostly Brit,Scot,and Irish. I am pissed every time I see the way the government is treating our Australian brothers and sisters. God bless all of you, I hope it gets better soon. We may all have to fight to take back our freedom. Thank you for taking the time to visit.


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