JANUARY 24, 2022


If you read or follow my blogging adventures, you know I’m old, and you also know I have many varied interests, including motor vehicles and art. My recent absence from the blogosphere are the results of two of those interests colliding. Last summer, I bought an antique military vehicle, a 1942 Dodge 3/4 ton weapons carrier, better known as a WC51. It was 80% restored by the former owner who found it rusting away in a barn on a northern Oregon tree farm. A big chunk of the rear half of the body was missing, tossed away by the farmer. I have been fabricating new body panels and they are almost ready to install. However, that means working outside, and it’s cold and wet right now in the great Pacific Northwest. So, while I’m waiting on the weather to warm, I decided this truck really needed a .30 caliber machine gun to be mounted in the bed. I have been building a replica of a Browning .30 caliber to roughly the same dimensions as the original. That my friends was a task I greatly underestimated. I have been working tirelessly (that’s not exactly true, I tire rather quickly) but it is nearing completion as you can see from the picture below.

I need to fabricate and mount the front and rear sights. Then it will be painted the required Army olive drab green. The next task is to build the mounting pedestal that bolts down to the bed of the truck and holds the gun to the correct operating height. Keep in mind, I am building this in my workshop, with very basic hand tools. Everything you see here has been made by hand.

After spending a lot of hours on my labor of love, I needed a break from my grimy little metal shop and communicate with all of you. While I have been creating this piece of art, Biden and the Democrats continue on the mission to destroy America.


I know it’s old news, but it continues to have major fallouts. Probably the most significant take away, is Joe’s lack of cognizance. Numerous times during the presser, he seemed to completely lose track of his thoughts and stare into space in silence or look down at the podium as if totally confused. I have never seen an American president in this condition. When I was born, Franklin D. Roosevelt was president, so I’ve seen a lot of these guys come and go. Jimmy Carter was a very bad president, but at least he was completely lucid, while being totally clueless. The really scary moment was when confronted with the Ukraine question, and he was totally unprepared, as if the was thinking about it for the very first time. I thought these guys had daily security briefings. Did he forget what he had been told? Is he even included in those briefings? Maybe, they do the briefings during his nap time. Who the hell knows what these morons are doing.


The preservation of the position, of the United States on the world stage, is simply economic power, front and center. Military power is only a part of the puzzle. The world remains relatively stable, because the United States is an economic powerhouse, and the dollar is the dominant currency. Every major world power is aware of this, but the American model of capitalism trumps socialism with ease. Biden and his lackeys are putting America in dire straits with really stupid economic policies. America was blessed with an abundance of oil and natural gas. You know, that stuff the lefties hate, but the whole damn world depends on it.

Putin reportedly has 100,000 soldiers poised to take over Ukraine. Why do you suppose he is considering doing this, knowing we consider Ukraine to be an ally? He wants to expand his energy production capabilities and he knows Biden is weak, and NATO is in disarray. He sees this as the perfect time to make his move without getting bruised up.

Anyone with the brains of a Concorde grape, knows that an armed conflict with Russia over Ukraine, would be the height of stupidity. (Even Joe) Sleepy Joe and the Dems, have already began talking about massive sanctions, to deprive the Russians of things that make life bearable for the Russian folks. That’s incredibly stupid, Russia just starts buying from China, making China stronger, and US weaker.

Biden has at his fingertips, the key to putting Russia back in its place without firing a single bullet or missile. Open up the oil fields, resume fracking, resume natural gas production, resume work on the Keystone XL pipeline, and start flooding the world with affordable energy. This will drive down the price of oil, badly hurting Russian income, making it a lot harder to afford large military operations. At the same time, driving down inflation and getting our economy back on track, making the dollar stronger. A strong dollar and roaring economy will spawn industrial growth here at home, making America even stronger. Don’t be fooled into thinking I’m really smart here, I watched Donald Trump do this, now I know how to do it.


Of course, if Joe were to do all of the things I just laid out, AOC and New Green Deal crowd are going to go absolutely “ape shit”. Maybe they could turn their attention to convincing the general population that transgender people are a real thing, and we really don’t need to refer to females as women, because somehow that term needs to be erased, and in the hereafter, women are to be referred to as birthing people. Womens athletics should be abolished because they are not inclusive enough, and cause pain and suffering to men with fucked up brains, and underdeveloped Gentelia.

See what happens when I start doing stuff like building fake machine guns? My mind goes completely off the rails. I’ll be back once I start watching all of my Tucker Carlson recordings. God bless you all, and your families. Stay strong and resist. I’m feeling an urge to start bad mouthing the deep state next.



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