I’ve refrained from writing about this event in the past because I have been waiting to see what the fallout was going to be. I’m going to lay out what I think has actually transpired over the past two years. Yep, in my opinion, the events that have shaped politics over the past two years, and the capitol riot are connected, in ways we may never know.

The CIA has been toppling governments all around the world for a very long time. They are experts in mind games. They are experts in causing turmoil, and unrest, leading to the eventual fall of existing governments. They are notorious gun runners. Supplying the insurrectionists with weapons. I am making this statement, because I believe the CIA and FBI are involved up to their necks in the unrest and riots that have been going on for over two years. These are the people that Dwight Eisenhower warned us about.

I think the plan to release Covid-19 or something like it, has been part of the plan from the beginning. It’s now very common knowledge that Fauci and the NIA, and been funding GOF research in Wuhan since 2017. It’s also common knowledge that Google was contributing as well. When you have a long-range plan, and the opportunity arises to put it into effect, even if you’re not 100% ready, sometimes the pros outweigh the cons, and you go for it. I think that is precisely what happened with Covid. The Democrats found themselves with a stable of very weak candidates, and a very strong and dangerous incumbent, so they pulled the trigger. They released the virus on the world, and they pulled off the largest election fraud in history. Killing a couple of million people in the process was simply ” collateral damage”.

Remember what I said earlier. We aren’t just dealing with the Democrat party, we’re dealing with the entire CIA, FBI, and DOJ. Every single one of these organizations hate Donald Trump with a passion. Actually, they would hate Donald Duck if he acted like Donald Trump. We are dealing with geniuses at manipulating large populations of people.

Problem number one; Donald Trump supporters are intelligent people, and they knew they had been “hosed”. They were pissed, and that amounts to a very large amount of pissed off people, that just happen to be very well armed. Those facts were making the deep state very nervous. When there are stupid people on your side, one of them always says something to reveal the mindset. Remember when Brandon said, “don’t even think about trying to overturn the government, we have F14’s and Nukes”? When was the last time you heard an American president threaten to nuke his own poeple? I am saying it again, so you don’t forget, the deep state has a very effective war room, with dangerously cunning and intelligent players. These guys had been studying Donald Trump for years, they knew him inside and out. If you’re going to defeat your enemy, you must know your enemy. Donald Trump pulled the biggest blunder of his life when he organized the rally at the capitol. Trump is smart, but he’s no match for the deep state.

JANUARY 6th, 2021

The minute they heard the news that Trump was organizing his capitol rally, they sprang into action. First, meet with Nancy Pelosi and Chuck Schumer, and secretly lay out the plan; Make certain the capitol police don’t overreact. Secondly, do not activate the National Guard, that will certainly ruin the plan. Thirdly, infiltrate the crowds with federal agents as plain clothes agitators. Fourth, place agitators at strategic locations to tear down barriers and break windows. Just for good measures, throw in a fake pipe bomber. Their missions were nothing more than to incite a riot. They executed the plan perfectly and made it possible, with the help of the media, to label all Trump supporters as “insurrectionists”.

But wait, the show was not over. To instill in everyone’s mind that they were dealing with a very serious threat from mentally deranged Trump supporters, they built a wall around the capitol and manned it with hundreds of U.S. Soldiers.

They still weren’t done. They had to let everyone know they would never tolerate this kind of action from conservatives ever again. So, they incarcerated a bunch of folks in the D.C. jail, continue to hold them without bail, have never charged them with any crimes, and have not set trial dates. But there’s even more, a year later they are still actively hunting down and arresting folks that were on the capitol grounds that day. Merrick Garland, just last week, promised they would be brought to justice.

The Feds had a definite advantage in this game. American citizens weren’t ready to believe their own government would act against them in such a manner. For your own protection, you need to understand, that this present government, is the government the founding fathers warned us about. That’s the very reason for the second amendment. If we ever let them disarm us, we will be among the biggest fools to have ever lived.

However, I believe they have a plan in place to disarm us. I believe, the Feds will attempt to incite a civil war. If they are successful in doing that, it will surely result in the confiscation of all privately held weapons. I’m going to remind everyone once again; We are dealing with extremely cunning and diabolical people, that are willing to do virtually anything to gain full and complete power. Do not fall into their traps. Even a smart guy like Trump walked right into the spider’s web with his eyes wide open.

The January 6th hearing currently going on, is not an attempt to learn anything further, they know what happened. This is a “dog and pony show” in an effort to somehow, render Donald Trump impotent. At the same time sending a clear message to other conservative presidential candidates, and their supporters, to watch their steps.

I’m sure most of my readers are fully aware that the Democrats lie, 100% of the time. That said, tread carefully. Keep your eyes and mind wide open. God bless the patriots, they are the defenders of liberty and freedom.



  1. Very well written and concise. I may copy a few paragraphs to send to my doubting covidcrats. They still think Trump incited the riot; but you’re right, he stepped into a trap. His biggest fault was being too trusting. He had no idea how evil and unlawful the left can be.


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