This article is going to venture into an area that I don’t fully understand. Therefore, I will be asking a lot of questions, that I’m not sure anyone can answer, at least truthfully. Why are educators suddenly interested in sexual preferences of pre-teen youngsters? Why do the public schools feel it’s their job to mold our children’s sexual tendencies?

When a person or institution, embarks on a program of any sort, it has likely been well thought out, and the creators have set a goal they are trying to achieve. Why waste time and money if there is no end goal? It seems pretty obvious that the public schools are embarking on some sort of plan to intercede in the sexual development of the young students. Why is that?

I’m sure you have noticed as I have, the growing power and influence of the “Alphabet Mafia”. What roll are they playing in this program? If they are playing a roll, what do they expect to gain from it?

From this point, I will refer to the Alphabet Mafia, simply by AM. A few years ago, who knows exactly when, the AM came up with another classification of human, called ‘Transgender”. There is actually no such thing as “Transgender”, it’s a made up term to describe someone, that for whatever reason, wants to identify as the opposite sex. As an 80 year old male, I have encountered quite a few homosexual men and lesbian women. I have also realized, that all of them that I have known, were born that way. They had no choice. Make no mistake, being gay, is not an easy life. Gay people will tell you that.

Here is another thing I know as an old man. People who, are let’s say a little off center, and like weird and kinky things, will immediately start scheming when it comes to something like this transgender nonsense. The geniuses in the government always want to be thought of as being cutting edge on this type of thing, when in fact they are really just idiots.

So, the government imbeciles in an effort to appease some group, no one actually knows who, decides it’s a great idea to have “transgender” restrooms. Crazy old Jerry, a wackadoodle first class, thinks it’s a great idea, and can’t wait to participate. Crazy old Jerry dresses up like a girl and starts hanging around the girls restroom. There is a real good chance, that Jerry might get a little over excited and expose himself, or actually rape some unsuspecting woman. The government imbeciles don’t give a damn about public safety, they only care about being perceived, as being “woke”.

Transgenderism, is actually a huge assault on women’s rights. It is happening in women’s sports all over the US. Transgender females, are dominating women’s sporting events, and making impossible for an actual woman to be competitive. Women have trained for years with the expectations of winning a major event, perhaps even setting a record in their chosen sport, only to have their dreams smashed by a guy made up to look like a girl. Transgender females should be barred from competing in women’s athletic events.

Why are the athletic governing boards allowing women to be crushed by these bizarre rules. The left has been harping on women’s rights for decades. Saying ” we must protect the rights of all women”. Do you think it was just a lie, when all they really wanted was the female votes? You will be hard pressed, to find a conservative that agrees with this craziness. The next time you hear a Democrat tell women they have their backs, think about all of the young women athletes that have had their dreams trashed. DEMOCRATS LIE.

I have heard this topic discussed among women, and they are freaked out by a “trans woman” being in their spaces designated for women. My wife went to a make up counter, and the sales person was a 6′-0 tall guy with a beard wearing a dress and women’s accessories. He wanted to help her with her make up. Let’s just say, it didn’t work out well.

Once again, why are the schools so interested in the sexual preference of youngsters? They seem to be pushing the students into alternative life styles. The schools should be focusing on helping students have the best life possible, and alternative life styles are not going to make their lives better. Only 4.5% of adult Americans identify as LGBT. Why in the world would you want to push a youngster into a situation even harder than a normal life?

Public schools as of late, seem to feel once you put your children in their classrooms, they own them. There seems to be this strange mindset, that once your child crosses the threshold, and enters into the school building, they are free to influence and mold them as they see fit. How did this happen? We send our children to school to be taught how to read, to be skillful in math, learn history and literature. Nobody wants some stranger, influencing their child in politics, sex or religion. Those are subjects that should be reserved for family discussion. Teachers need to be told to stay in their lanes.

There could be another aspect to this. The left has successfully divided almost everyone into different camps or tribes. Public school teachers are notoriously Democrat, and have some pretty strange ideas. Youngsters are very easily influenced by teachers. I’m thinking the teacher could be consciously proselytizing for their tribe.

I would highly recommend, that if possible, people should remove their children from public schools. If you aren’t able to do that, be very proactive in what is going on at your child’s school. Get on the DOJ’s watch list.




  1. I think the weirdness going on starts in the home. As a watcher of reality shows, it seems some moms think it is cool to have a transgender son and the actually help with his transition. Other moms think it is cool to say their kids are bisexual. I am shocked by these mom’s behavior but they may just be the tip of the crazy iceberg of what is going on in the schools. These moms are trying to be “Cool” and think their kids will be special or trailblazers in their school. It’s sick the way they are raising their kids.


  2. That definitely could be a factor. I knew some of this was going on, but didn’t think it was enough to be serious. I may have underestimated the power of weirdness. Odd for someone that lives in Oregon.


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