DECEMBER 20, 2021


It seems every time I do another “Snaphots” article after taking a hard look at the news, I can’t believe it’s actually gotten crazier than the last time. Holy crap, I think the Democrats may start killing each other soon. Not that would necessarily be bad, but can you believe it. The Dems seem to have a deep well of hatred to spread around.

Did you happen to see the interview Kamala Harris did with Charlamagne the God? The expression Kamala had on her face when her press secretary tried to stop the interview was priceless. She literally looked scared, and helpless, like a child watching their parents argue. I was totally taken aback by her reaction.

Joe Biden is facing a growing number of crisis, and doesn’t seem to have a clue about how to deal with any of them. Tucker Carlson made a great point in his show today. This is when things can get very dangerous. When politicians start making really dumb decisions in an effort to save their behinds. The new Omicron varient is likely to become wildly blown out of proportion, as a tool to make Joe and his lackeys look better.

In a surprise statement, Kamala Harris refused to blame the unvaccinated for the continuing spread of Covid-19, a stark departure from the stance of her boss. She said, “I don’t think this is a moment to talk about fault”. “It is no one’s fault that this virus hit our shores, or hit the world….It is more about individual power, and the responsibility, and the decisions that everyone has the choice to make”. I was, needless to say, pleasantly surprised by her statement. It’s the first thing I have heard either of them say that sounded like a sane person.

SARAH PALIN: She made her statement about being vaccinated. I really didn’t have to hear her say it, or read it. I could have written it with total confidence of being correct. Sarah said, ” It’ll be over my dead body that I take that shot”. “They better not touch my kids either”. I don’t know how you feel about Sarah, I happen to admire the hell of her, and her “take no prisoners” attitude. You’re never left wondering how she feels about the issues.

BETTE MIDLER: I have the same opinion of Bette Midler, that I do about Joy Behar. They are both loudmouth, obnoxious, cows. The obnoxious, loudmouth cow had to walk back her statement about the folks in West Virginia today. In her rant against Joe Manchin, she said, ” He sold us out. He wants us all to be just like his state, West Virginia, poor, illiterate, and strung out”. The statement only stood for about an hour before the heat became too intense, and she apologized. The leftist elites hate common everyday Americans, and they just can’t help themselves from letting it be known. But hey, we hate them too, so checkmate.

JOE MANCHIN ( D-WV ): If an individual is a person of integrity, it doesn’t matter to me if they are a Republican or Democrat. If they are willing to put the best interests of the American people ahead of their political party, they have my vote. That is precisely why I am a registered independent. Although I am a staunch conservative, there are a bunch of Republicans I would never vote for, because they don’t vote for me. Joe Manchin told Brett Baier on Fox “News Sunday”, if I can’t go home to the people of West Virginia, and explain why I voted for it, then I can’t vote for it. (paraphrased) Wouldn’t it be nice if all of our Senators and Representatives felt that way? It is hilarious when I hear the hardcore Democrats claiming that Manchin is destroying democracy. Democracy is, in a nutshell, majority rule. When Mr. Manchin places his vote with the majority, and his side wins, he just exercised democracy in it’s purest form.

I saw this little blurb in the news today that made the hair on my neck bristle. A Swedish company has developed a microchip about the size of a rice kernel that can be read by a number of devices. The chip is designed to be embedded in your arm or in the skin between the thumb and index finger. They say it will contain your vax status, a passport of sorts that will allow you to use public transportation and purchasing opportunities, and etc. The phrase ” purchasing opportunities” really grabbed my attention. Are they saying, in order to purchase goods and services, you must have this chip in your body? Sounds that way to me. The Europeans are said to be “on board” with the idea. This is where I join Sarah Palin, and say ” over my dead body”. Nobody is chipping me like an animal. If this is what it comes down to, I’m gettin’ off the train.

I can’t say I’m not totally elated with the chaos going on in the Democrat party. But be warned, I have seen this before. The Democrats come back to life like the ‘ Terminator’. If just one little piece is left, they will rise again. Do whatever you can to rid the Republican party of the RINO’s . Do whatever you can to resist the Democrat’s efforts to turn this country into a socialist hell hole. God Bless you all.


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