They created the Covid-19 virus in a lab in Wuhan through “gain of function research”, with the monetary assistance of the NIH. This is now factual knowledge, no longer some crazy conspiracy theory. Then somehow, it mysteriously escaped into the general population. China then allowed the citizens of Wuhan to go on their holiday, traveling all around the world, spreading it as they went. I don’t know about you, but I find it really hard to fathom, that none of this was planned. China really needed to put the brakes on Trump’s anti-China policies, and put a major cramp in the world economy. Now, try and convince me the Democrats didn’t know this was coming. The left already had the plans in place to lock everything down, crippling the economy, and stopping Trump dead in his tracks. They made sure he would not be elected to second term by manipulating the votes, and engaging in an unholy alliance with Twitter, Face Book, Google and You Tube. Google alone, prevented Trump’s campaign from collecting millions of dollars in campaign contributions. Not to mention Twitter’s blackout of the Hunter Biden bombshell.

All of that was just a trial balloon to see if we would resist in mass. We didn’t. Now, our individual freedoms are being picked off like ducks in a shooting gallery. They are going to start altering our lives like we would have never imagined. California, Oregon and Washington State, are already making it virtually impossible to get a permit to build a single family home. They want you in multiple family dwellings, on mass transit, or electric vehicles. Your freedom of choice of how you want to live and travel, are melting away like a snowball in hell.

It’s going to take a major upheaval in the United States Government to reverse the free fall into becoming a socialist/marxist nation. I’m not sure if the general citizenry doesn’t really care, or perhaps, don’t understand what they are facing. They are being “gaslighted” daily by the main stream media, it could be plain old ignorance. Whatever the reason, we are reaching the point of no return.

You see how they have villainized the “unvaxed”, claiming they are endangering the “vaxed”. Some pundits even going so far as to promote witholding medical treatment, for people who have not been vaccinated. Wait until the electric car owners start a hate campaign against gasoline vehicles. This craziness is going to escalate, count on it.

Make no mistake. You are being mentally manipulated by people who have made this their life’s work. Nobody does it better. What I find really amazing, is the Russian government did it to their citizenry, we know it, we saw it. we saw the devastating human tragedy that resulted from it. We are allowing it to happen here, with our eyes wide open. Very sad indeed. The people behind this are pure evil, and nothing more than agents of Satan. What did you think was going to happen when God kept getting pushed out of our lives? Satan always takes advantage when this happens.

I have said this before, resist any way you can. Even if it’s in a small way, a lot of small efforts add up and become effective. God bless all of you, be careful and stay safe. Crime has been allowed to spiral out of control. Keep your eyes open and stay alert.


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