DECEMBER 2, 2021


Scanning the news outlets lately, is sort of like watching closed circuit TV in the State Asylum. How much crazier is this world going to get before something explodes? In California public schools, the teachers are organizing gender study classes for elementary age children, under the names of clubs, so as not to alert the parents of what is going on. California teachers are actually engaging children in conversation about gender, and possibly putting the child on a different life trajectory without the parent’s knowledge. They are taking steps to conceal their actions. This has to stop. Fairfax County schools have reinstated books in the school libraries with explicit images, but claim, they don’t include pedophilia. The parents aren’t buying their B.S., and are demanding the Fairfax County school board resign. Make no mistake, the left wants complete control over your children, to shape and mold them into leftist drones.

OMICRON!! I’m sure the left thought long and hard about the name for this latest Covid variant, making it sound as ominous as possible. The name sounds like something from an old black and white sci/fi movie from the fifties. Picture the scientists, and the military generals in a meeting to avoid world destruction; the general asks the scientist where they think this monster came from. The scientist replies, ” we think it came from the planet Omicron”. “If that’s so, the earth is certainly doomed”.

So, if you’re a thinking person, one with a fair amount of reasoning power, you probably have this figured out by now. The left is going to get as much mileage out of Covid as possible. If you know anything about Covid viruses at all, you know they constantly mutate. They mutate naturally as a self-preservation mechanism. As long as the left can keep the population terrified, they can maintain unmitigated power over you and your activities. This is precisely why after two years, we still don’t have an arsenal of therapeutic medicines to make people well again. They’re not interested in cures, they’re interested in money, and power.

The American people have to stand up against this tyrannical government, and tell them we are not going to obey these nonsensical mandates and lockdowns. It’s obviously going to take mass civil disobedience. I hope the Spirit of 76 is still alive and well, we need it now more than ever.

GASOLINE PRICES: The left has never been about personal freedoms. They have just recently, got a lot more brazen about taking them away from you. The left loves mass transit, they have been pushing it for years. They want you out of your cars. Until the “New Green Deal” they haven’t been able to figure out how to legislate you out of your personal automobile. The left has never been interested in low gasoline prices, that’s why they love to levy as many taxes on gasoline as possible. They want to punish you for driving. They have been trying to get you to quit driving to work as long as I can remember. That’s why they put bike lanes all over downtown areas to make it as miserable as possible to get around by car. Portland, Oregon has made it virtually impossible to use a car in the downtown area, by installing bike lanes and mass transit tracks in the street. There are new apartment buildings in Portland with no available parking. The new buildings have a basement area for bicycle parking only. They are literally forcing people to park blocks away from their homes, if they can find a parking place at all. So, don’t get your hopes up, that gasoline prices are going to start getting back to pre-Biden days. Biden’s White House wants you to suffer, they want you to stop driving. The lefts, vision of America, doesn’t align with yours, so suck it up and buy bicycle for Christmas.

JUSSIE SMOLLETTE: I remember when I heard this story on the news, when it was brand new and fresh. I’m not psychic, I may be slightly psychotic, but in a good way. I’m not a psychologist or a psychiatrist. I just have a very good built in lie detector. Well, admittedly, it’s not super effective on women. But when I heard this story, about a hundred red flags went up. My immediate (emphasis on immediate) reaction was, “this is bullshit”. Exactly the same as John Schneider’s reaction to Alec Baldwin’s claim he didn’t pull the trigger. As it turns out I was absolutely correct, and Kamala Harris once again proved she is a raciest fool. I’m sure she has a desk waiting for her at CNN when she finishes her charade as the VP.

My friends, I need to wrap up this session. More to come soon. So many things to talk about, and liars to expose. In the meantime, stay strong and vigilant. Resist the Democrat machine, it’s going to destroy America. God Bless all of you and your families.


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