I just completed the picture above to honor the brave men that fought in the ‘Battle of the Bulge’ that occurred between December 16,1944, through January 25,1945. The U.S Army suffered 75.000 casualties. It was the bloodiest battle of WWll. The third bloodiest battle in the history of the United States. December also marks the bombing of Pearl Harbor, that resulted in a long and costly battle with Japan across the Pacific. World War Two, was an honorable war, that guaranteed freedom and democracy for millions of people for many years afterwards. It was also a very costly war for the world in general. 40 to 50 million people died worldwide. Some estimates are as high as 70 million in a six year span. Those are amazing numbers when you consider they are the result of two small aggressive nations, Germany and Japan, plus other minor allies. Granted it’s way more complicated than that, but you get the picture.

You would think after losing a huge portion of the world population, that the world leaders would be very concerned about getting involved in another major military conflict. Never underestimate the stupidity of human beings. Roughly five years later, North Korea invaded South Korea, and we were off to the races again for another three year war.

After the Korean conflict, Russia and The US, become bitter enemies in the “Cold War” that lasted for years. The stakes became considerably higher with the proliferation of nuclear weapons and intercontinental ballistic missiles. Everyone lived with the “ever present” thought in their minds, of a nuclear holocaust, that could happen at any moment.

Somewhere in the middle of all of this turmoil, the Viet Nam War happened. The United States and North Viet Nam, actually came to an agreement to end the war, However, politicians, Democrats in particular, refused to honor the agreement and refused to fund the support of South Viet Nam. That decision resulted in millions of Vietnamese and Cambodians being slaughtered.

Add to everything above, “Desert Storm”, the Iraq War, and the Afghanistan War. The United States has been waging war pretty much non-stop with brief intervals for eighty years. Today, they are saber rattling with Putin over Ukraine only months after getting out of Afghanistan. Meanwhile, China has amassed a Navy that has surpassed the United States Navy, and are showing signs of aggression toward Taiwan.

So, where does this all end? I think it’s pretty clear at this point in time, the United States has made some very serious strategic blunders. China’s power is the direct result of greedy politicians and large corporations, that were far more loyal to the dollar, than their country of origin. All you need to know, is that 80% of our pharmaceuticals are made offshore. Almost all of our daily needs are made offshore. We have put ourselves in an unsustainable position.

The bottom line is that all of those young men that willingly stepped on the battle fields in World War Two and beyond, many of whom never made it home, made the ultimate sacrifice for their homeland, only to have greedy politicians and corporations give it all away. Rubbing salt in the wound even more, are the selfish athletes that refuse to stand and honor them.

Call your representatives, and tell them to stand down, and stay out of Ukraine. We don’t need to sacrifice more young men and women to protect Ukraine’s border, when our leaders won’t protect our own.


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