NOVEMBER 23, 2021


If you follow my blog, you have probably noticed my postings are not as frequent as they once were. A couple of different reasons for that. I have other interests that consume my time, but mostly, there are so many things going on at once, I need time to analyze and digest what I am seeing and hearing. This was a very good week for patriotic Americans. First, and very important, was the Kyle Rittenhouse verdict. A big win for freedom, especially those of us that think the Second Amendment is a very big deal. Secondly, and equally important is all across America, parents are making huge headway in curbing the Critical Race Theory nightmare in our public schools. I have been preaching for months, that the most important battle we could fight, was against the school boards. This is where the seeds of socialism are planted and nourished.

Another of my favorite topics I have written about extensively, is how the left has gone about tearing down our judicial and law enforcement institutions. Anyone with even a fair amount of reasoning power, could have predicted where this would end up. Americans across our nation are starting to rise up and push back against the Soros backed prosecutors and other super lenient public officials. It’s happening at a faster rate than I imagined. When neighborhood stores are forced to close because of looting and high rates of shop lifting it hurts everyone. Cities being burned and destroyed are hurting the most vulnerable, and poor. I see the tide turning on this trend. More and more cities and states are electing people that want to rebuild our law enforcement bureaus. I am even seeing some movement ( albeit small ) on our college campuses, that conservative professors are gaining some ground. This doesn’t have to happen fast, it just needs to happen.

WAUKESHA WISCONSIN: A blatant example of what happens when you go soft on crime. Darrell Brooks Jr. should not have been on the street. You know the details, this is a sad, and direct result of this bail elimination nonsense the left is pushing. Until we get bail reinstituted in a sensible manner, this mayhem and destruction will continue to happen, and a lot of innocent people are going to get hurt and/or killed.

DEMOCRATS CONTINUE TO ENCOURAGE ANARCHY: It’s not hard to determine why the left loves chaos. Anarchy is very foreign to most Americans, and the images of violence and destruction draw their attention away from the more sinister things the lefties are doing behind the scenes. If you’re worried about your city being burned, and the police overwhelmed, you’re not paying attention to the fact they are ruining the economy with really stupid policy decisions. You’re not paying attention to how they are planning to dismantle your fossil fuel power generating stations, and make your life much more difficult, in the name of green energy. They totally diverted your attention away from the Afghanistan disaster with Vaccine mandates. They are constantly “gas lighting” you so you won’t notice they are going about business daily, taking away your basic rights. You are being subjected to the biggest brain washing scheme since the days of Joseph Stalin.

GABBY PETITO: If you have been following this case, even casually, as I have, you have probably came to same conclusion that I have. The “Keystone Cops” are alive and well. One can only assume, that justice for Gabby wasn’t a top priority. The FBI and DOJ, did a much better job of identifying parents opposing the local school boards, and accusing them of being domestic terrorists. Very sad indeed!

JOE BIDEN ON KYLE RITTENHOUSE: Don’t be too hard on Biden for not retracting the “white supremist” remark about Kyle, it just hasn’t come up on his teleprompter yet. He can still read, he just can’t formulate conversational thoughts. The fact that Obama is pulling the strings, I wouldn’t look for an apology ever.

COMRADE LA BRON: Quick to condemn Rittenhouse, quick to trash the USA, very reluctant to criticize the Chinese Communists in the smallest amount. Haven’t heard him utter a word about Peng Shuai who went missing on November 2nd. She made the big mistake of making sexual assault allegations against a top Chinese party leader. She went from tennis star to the assembly line worker for sex toys.

GEORGE FLOYD AS JESUS: A painting by Kelly Latimore, titled ” Momma” depicts George Floyd as Jesus. The painting evokes Michelangelo’s sculpture “La Pieta” It seems there are two copies being displayed at the Catholic University of America, one at the entrance to the chapel, and one in the campus ministry office. Thank God sanity is still present, there has been a huge student pushback on the paintings. Students calling the painting “heretical, blasphemous idolatry”. The University is defending it as part of Black History month. How sick are these people?

LOOTING IS RACIEST: The left doesn’t want you to use the term “looting”, saying it’ raciest. Well, all of the folks we see looting on TV seem to be people of color. So doesn’t that automatically make the act raciest? I remember watching the news coverage of a hurricane in Florida a few years ago, all of the folks looting the “Foot Locker” were black folks in late model sedans, in expensive athletic gear. So, from my observations, all of the looting I see on the news is being done by black folk. Even the lady from BLM in the Chicago riot, said it’s reparations in a sense, and the insurance companies reimburse the stores anyway, so what’s the big deal? Get used to it. Just a side note, don’t try it if you’re white folk. You gonna disappear.

More to come soon, didn’t get to cover some other really important stuff, like how stupid our Energy Secretary is. She makes Romy and Michelle look like geniuses. If you haven’t seen the movie Romy and Michelle’s High School Reunion, get it and be prepared to laugh. It’s from 1997 so it’s even funnier now.

Stay alert, and stay safe. We are starting to win some small but significant battles. I am beginning to think we may be able to turn this thing around. God Bless you all. Have a great Thanksgiving with your families, don’t listen to Fauci.


2 thoughts on “SNAPSHOTS OF THE NEWS

  1. Bakatcha X10. What a difference a few years make. When Trump was in office our local grocery was giving out free turkeys with purchases of $25 or more. Now you’re lucky if find one to buy. Oh well, remember what Obama said, ” elections have consequences “. Enjoy your day with your family.


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