I was laughing my ass off last night as Glenn Younkin was giving his acceptance speech. Not at Glenn’s speech, it was very eloquent and moving. He absolutely deserves to be the governor elect, he ran a brilliant campaign. What I found hilarious, was that Jack Dorkey ( intentional misspelling ) banned Donald Trump from Twitter, along with the other big tech morons, and they magnified Donald Trumps power at least ten fold. These people may be enormously wealthy, but they are incredibly juvenile in their thinking.

Nobody loves Donald Trump and his family more than me. So as you read my comments, please don’t misunderstand what I am saying. You won’t find anyone that loves the United States of America more than President Trump, or will fight harder for the common man. That said, he takes up a huge amount of space. Glenn Younkin was very wise to run his campaign on his own, without bringing in Donald Trump. Doing so, would have drowned out his own message, that his campaign was about Virginia and Virginians.

Republicans and independent conservatives, should pay attention, and run their campaigns in a similar manner. Donald Trump and his tremendous energy and devotion to the USA, is a force to be reckoned with. His endorsements are powerful, but he is also a very large target that can cause a major distraction. Individual Republicans need to create their own brand, but practice the Trump patriotic intensity, and quit trying to please everyone and their dogs. Don’t be a hollow suit like Lindsey Graham. If you say you’re a Republican, act like one.

You really gotta love this. Donald Trump is living the good life in Mara Largo, playing golf, going to baseball games with friends, and he is living rent free in virtually every major Democrat’s head. They can’t focus on the issues, because they are still running against him. When Joe Biden visited the Terry McAuliffe rally, he mentioned Donald Trump 24 times, and said virtually nothing about the guy he was supporting. McAuliffe continued to mention Donald Trump numerous more times in following days.

My message to our wonderful past President; Mr Trump, you came along at exactly the right time. You pulled back the curtains on the swamp, and we saw it like we had never seen it before. You provoked the Democrats to engage in nationwide voter fraud, something I thought I would never see. Although you lost your bid for a second term, it again exposed the graft and corruption of the “deep state”. It exposed their willingness to go so far, as to put a tired old man in the oval office, suffering from loss of mental cognizance, just to grab power once again, and by doing so made this great nation the laughing stock of the world. You have shown us the evil that exists in great halls of our nations capitol. If we can successfully rebuff this attempt to convert our country to socialism, we owe a great debt to you, for opening our eyes, and strengthening the Republicans. God Bless you and your family sir.



  1. My considerations of Trump are that as a person he is a bit of a dick but reckon he is a patriot who wants America to be the best it can be. He failed because he rattled the cage way too much for the established political class and that can never be forgiven by that class of people. Perhaps that is why Trump is still the focus of their attention as he has shown the rest of them for what they are and it hurt them to look in the mirror so as to speak.
    The world needs more people like him that are unafraid to do the things needed.


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