NOVEMBER 7, 2021



I have to start out with something from the ” What did you think was going to happen” Dept. Steve Sweeney, the Democrat that currently holds the seat for the President of the New Jersey State Senate is refusing to concede, saying thousands of ballots have just been discovered in one county. Doh! I’m pretty sure, most of you saw this coming. It’s standard Democrat election strategy nowadays. Just give ’em a week or so, and they can find thousands more ballots that somehow, someway, were misplaced. ( they were under the tables in suitcases ) The really strange part, is the number magically always seems to be just enough to put the Democrat over the top. I actually think this has been going on way longer than any of us know, it’s just harder to hide these days.

This is a story from ” We’re getting Stupider “ Dept. OK, already, I know stupider is wrong, that was my intent. Moving along, putting on entertainment events such as concerts should be done carefully, to mitigate the number of people in attendance, and it’s always best to have people in assigned seating. It’s just the smart way to do crowd control and prevent injuries. People are really not a lot different from other large herds of animals, if something spooks them they stampede and a lot of folks can die. Soccer games are famous for this, but it’s well known soccer fans are much closer to the intelligence of lemmings. Sorry if you’re a soccer fan, I think it’s a really dumb game. But to be fair, I think watching a baseball game is about as exciting as watching grass grow, it moves about as fast. Back to my point, a horrible thing happened at a concert in Texas this weekend at “Astroworld”. A lawsuit has been filed against the two rappers, Drake and Travis Scott, saying they incited the crowd and caused the deadly stampede. The whole point of rap music is to incite emotions, then you put thousands of folks standing shoulder to shoulder, it is a recipe for disaster. The promoters of the event should be sued out of existence for just being stupid and greedy. The local government officials should have had more control over the numbers in attendance. I think we’re having a pandemic of Stupid.

The Biden administration is reportedly considering closing another pipeline in Michigan. So, this pipeline in question moves about 540,000 barrels of crude and other oil products per day from Western Canada into the US. Republican lawmakers have sent a letter of Protest to Biden saying this could cause a 50% rise in gas prices. Jennifer Granholm, Biden’s energy Secretary doesn’t seem to blink an eye when saying ” Yep, this is going to happen, it’s going to be more expensive this year, than last year”. When a reporter asked her about boosting domestic oil production, she thought it was hilarious. She’s obviously cut from the “Kamala mold”. The other birthing person genius, Gretchen Whitmer, is planning on shutting down the Enbridge pipeline, during this oil shortage. More really stupid people.

Think about what the Democrats have done in 10 months in power:

  1. Imposed harsh restrictions on public activities and businesses under the guise of Covid-19
  2. Seriously harmed the US economy in the name of Covid-19 prevention measures.
  3. Closed down a major pipeline, and drilling on public lands making us energy dependent.
  4. Opened the southern border to any and all who wish to enter with little or no restrictions.
  5. Handcuffed ICE, by not allowing them to deport violent criminals.
  6. Enacted vaccine mandates that will further cripple businesses and the economy.
  7. Allowing a river of narcotics to flow across southern border.
  8. Made life in US much more dangerous by not vetting illegal aliens.
  9. Encouraged the demise of state and local police departments.
  10. Encourages the dismantling of the bail systems, to hold criminals in jail.
  11. Encourages more lenient prosecution of law breakers in general.
  12. Declared war in the carbon energy sector, with no satisfactory replacement.
  13. Withdrew from Afghanistan in the worst possible way, embarrassing the US on the world stage, leaving hundreds of Americans stranded in enemy hands.
  14. Initiated flawed economic programs causing massive inflation.
  15. Attempting to pass huge spending bills that will fuel the flames of inflation even more.
  16. Weaponizing the FBI and DOJ against common everyday Americans.
  17. Allowed the supply chain to completely collapse.
  18. Probably the most difficult to understand, is that the Federal government is transporting unvetted, unvaccinated, illegal aliens to cities across the United States under the cover of darkness, and placing them in living quarters, and providing them with monetary support, while avoiding notification of local and state authorities.

Needless to say, the list of lawless acts is much longer, but you get the point. I didn’t mention the harm they are doing to our military institutions. So what exactly is the end game of the Democrats? What is the ultimate goal they are trying to achieve? I’m pretty sure we all know the answer to that question. I think the answer lies in the phrase ” Build Back Better”. Their ultimate goal is the totally tear down the whole system, and replace it with a Socialist State. So far, they are pretty much openly following the Marxist playbook. I might add, they are doing it very rapidly.

The following, is purely my opinion, based on the events that I have witnessed, and continue to witness daily. If you are going to move a very large boulder, that has been in place for hundreds of years, you likely need some explosives to dislodge it. America has been operating in largely the same manner for well over 200 years. To change the system legislatively would take generations, and may never happen at all. If you want it to happen quickly, you need a few explosive events to get the ball rolling. First order of business would be to cripple the economy. Releasing a deadly virus on the world would certainly do the trick. But why the world, why not just the US? Because the US is the economic engine of the free world. It all has to go down at once to achieve maximum impact. Then you need a major racial component to divide the people and cause political disarray. Enter George Floyd, and the horrendous public display of a white man killing a black man on live TV. Now the ball is rolling downhill like a snowball to hell. All the Democrats have to do now is keep destroying the systems one by one, and the USA will die of a thousand little cuts.

I want each of you to take a step back, and watch what is happening, and analyze what you have seen with your own eyes over the past two years, I think you will start to look at things a little differently, and it will make much more sense. The vaccine mandates are nothing more than a method to expose the American patriots. To find out who is more likely to be loyal to the socialist cause. All of those people shouting and shaming the unvaccinated, are already on board and would rat you out in a Nano second for the Socialists. The masking is another method of identifying the obedient. You’re about to enter an Orwellian world for real my friends.

To undo what the Democrats have already done is going to be a major task, if it can be undone at all. Only time will tell. In the meantime, stay safe, arm yourself if you lean in that direction, stay alert at all times. God Bless you all and your families.


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