The media and politicians are well aware of how paranoid the average person is, and they play on it. Wow, do they ever play on it. One of the most obvious examples of how well it works, is Greta Thunberg. Fortunately not all people are that far gone, if they were, the whole damn world would come to a screeching halt. But the ruling class has done a stellar job of scaring the living hell out of a lot of folks, telling them climate change is going to kill them, or at least render them unable to reproduce. ( or something like that )

So, the climatologists are saying that if the earth continues on it’s current warming trend, the earth will become uninhabitable between 1.5 and 4.5 million years from now. That’s a just tad different from AOC’s ” we’re all gonna die in twelve years if we don’t pass the New Green Deal”. But even if their prediction is true, they are giving themselves a three million year margin of error. I don’t know about you, but when someone starts predicting the end of the world in four million years, I instantly lose interest. When you read this stuff, and really analyze what you’re reading, you realize it’s pretty much pure conjecture.

Since the 1960’s, I have heard “end of the world” predictions a lot. That just happens to be when I started paying attention. I’m sure the end of the world has been predicted thousands of times by people genuinely convinced it was true. They probably ate something that made them really sick with fever, and had resulting visions. They woke up the next morning thinking they needed to warn the rest of the population ASAP. Of course in the sixties and beyond, those predictions could probably be attributed to the rise of mind altering drugs.

I want you to stop and think for a moment, pick any politician, from either side of the aisle. Can you name a single politician, that you think is smart enough, or educated enough, to make a calculated decision as to whether or not climate change actually exists? Let’s raise the bar even higher. If climate change does exist, can you name a single politician that you think has any idea how to lower the temperature of the earth? Remember, these are the same folks that have been engaged in totally stupid shit, trying to get a virus under control for two years, and it’s gotten worse. They can’t even decide if a mask works or not. These are the folks that put stupid little plastic barriers between restaurant booths, and make you wear a mask on your way to your table, and allow you to remove it once you’re seated. So somehow, they have figured out that the virus is only present in the aisles of the restaurants, but will not enter the seating areas. These are the same morons that are pushing climate change, and telling you they can fix it if you give them more money.

The real truth is, that climate change is unprovable, yet they have convinced a huge portion of the world it’s gospel. Why would they push such a narrative if they couldn’t prove it? Because, they don’t have to prove it, they just keep lying about it long enough, that it starts to become widely accepted. Once they have convinced an overwhelming number of people it’s real, and it’s going to kill them, the believers will begin policing the non believers. Once that level of belief is attained, the government can start mandating all sorts of things under the guise they are protecting your lives. They are engaged in exactly the same tactics with Covid. It’s all about controlling the masses. Nothing more, nothing less. Once you’re convinced you need to obey the government for your well being, your freedom has been gone for a while.

Let’s wrap this up with a reality check. This earth has been here for millions of years. There are stone structures still existing that experts have no idea when they were built. But they know one thing for sure, they are unable to explain how the ancient people were able to lift such massive stones, and stack them. They also can’t explain the precision of the cutting and shaping of such large stones. So, how many times has the earth’s civilizations been completely wiped out, and how advanced were they? How many civilizations have inhabited the earth? They were most surely wiped out by natural events. Knowing this, why do we think we’re special and able to control destiny. We can’t, but we were endowed with a basic instinct of survival, of self preservation, and evil people will use that against you. Only a true warrior is able to control that instinct in order to battle his opponent, which in itself is an act of self preservation.




  1. The smarter we think we are the dumber we have become.

    Then again people have always fallen for a good story, and now we have so many good ‘doom & gloom’ stories it is so difficult to decide where to hang your hat.

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  2. All a person needs to do is 1) Learn basic science, thoroughly, 2) Listen to 2 scientists who believe in man-made whatever and 2 who refute man-made global warming (You can look them up online, listen to their speeches.), and 3) Drive across the United States, then calculate the amount of air and water, then start thinking for yourself. The more you do this, the more you’ll realize no expert can predict any of this. Yes, we should be wise, reduce pollution where we can, but the world doesn’t even notice us.


    1. Thanks for taking the time to visit my site. At 80 years old, you can imagine my frustration seeing these fools following other fools down the path leading to socialism. It literally drives me mad witnessing the level of stupidity in the world today. Hope you stop by again. Have a great day.

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  3. As I look back, I realize my own blind spots, which I suppose others see, but I am still incredulous when I realize most don’t follow the rabbit of reason down the trail of reason. It does no good to use barbs however, because that kind of means we’re not seeing our own faults. What we do is share, inform, and hope others see. The more that do see, the more will share, and this is good for the country.

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