A few months ago, you may remember one of my blogs mentioning my purchase of a 1943 Dodge military vehicle. By the way, it has been a hoot owning this old critter. A friend of mine called me and said he had an acquaintance that owned a very successful machine shop, and had an extensive collection of old military vehicles, and offered to take me to his shop and take a look around. We went to lunch today and stopped in for a visit. It was totally worth taking a moment out of a busy day, and touring this guys place. You’re probably wondering where this is all going, what is the point? This guy manufactures very sophisticated farm machinery. Like most farm machinery it rolls on wheels and tires. Sitting in the center of his assembly bay, is a beautiful machine, fully assembled, on blocks. He is unable to purchase tires and wheels, they simply aren’t available. This machine is designed to harvest hazel nuts. This is the time for harvesting hazel nuts, he can’t complete it. He told me, very little rubber is made in the United States, we now depend on imports for tires. Later this evening, I took my wife to the lodge for meeting, and noticed her car needed gas. I pulled into our local gas station, they were out of gas.

While having dinner at the lodge, I ran into a friend, who is an electrical contractor. I told him I am interested in installing a standby generator for my house, and asked what size I needed, and would he wire it for me. He told me what I should look for, and said he would be glad to install it. Then he added, if you find one that is available, don’t hesitate, buy it. He then told me they are in very short supply. My wife has a favorite flavor of energy drink, we haven’t been able to find it anywhere for over two months. Like all of you, we are finding more and more empty shelves at the supermarket. The term supermarket, is a bit of a stretch these days. Those “prepper” guys are looking pretty damned smart right now. I’m beginning to reflect on that Ant and Grasshopper fable lately.

So what the heck is going on? We have a huge amount of cargo ships sitting offshore waiting to be offloaded. I guess we can assume, that all of the stuff we desperately need is out there in containers, bobbing around on the Pacific. I’ve seen the ports, it appears there are thousands of containers waiting to be whisked away by your friendly truckers. Why did the system suddenly go down?

Problem number one, getting the containers offloaded. The Marine Exchange of Southern California, says it’s due to record breaking number of ships waiting to unload their cargo. Others are saying the backup is being caused by labor shortages, holiday buying surges. and other Covid related issues. The so called experts are saying that supply chain disruptions, and shortages should be expected as the world continues to reel from a global pandemic. What you just read is pure unadulterated B.S. It’s the establishment covering their behinds. What is really going on is total incompetence from top to bottom of our entire supply chain. All of those ships are sitting out there full of containers because we don’t make anything anymore. We have allowed the major manufacturers in the US, to move their operations to China and elsewhere, leaving us totally vulnerable to this sort of nonsense. This is the result of mismanagement at its worst. The guy that totally understood the problem, and what it took to fix it, wrote mean tweets, and made everyone uncomfortable. Well, these idiots are about to find out what real discomfort is. The guy in charge now, is more interested in telling you stories about his train trips home, while he was vice president for 36 years.

Our entire government is a bunch of bungling fools. While this debacle was developing Mayor Pete, the guy in charge of the Transportation Bureau, took several months off for a paternity leave after adopting a couple of children, . In recent years, the gender lines have become totally blurred among the “woke”. I suspect that Mayor Pete and his significant whatever he is, were engaging in some sort of lactating therapy, so they could breast feed the new arrivals. That’s just a guess mind you, there could have been some sort of post partum issues going on.

Our hyper busy President surprised everyone this week when he made Rachael Levine a four star Admiral in the U.S. Public Health Service Commissioned. Saying “she” is the first female four star admiral in Public Health Service. I really think this is totally apropos for the woke left to install this person as a top health official. A person who is mentally ill, that decided to have his genitals mutilated, and dresses as the opposite sex.

Meanwhile, back at the ranch, while Thoroughly modern Milley. and his ever present side kick, awesome Lloyd Austin were purging the ranks of the military of white supremacist’s, China tested it’s first hypersonic nuclear missile. So far, I haven’t heard any comments from either of these geniuses. The intel community did say it took them by surprise. That shouldn’t surprise anyone, they totally misread the situation in Afghanistan. The movements of the Taliban weren’t exactly done in the dark. I might be a little too critical of the intel folks, they’ve been really swamped tracking down all of the domestic terrorists.

As if the government isn’t making life miserable enough, ( that seems to be the main mission ) they are proposing to hire thousands more IRS agents to monitor what we do with our money. Looking into our bank accounts, and examining any transaction over six hundred dollars. I’ve thought about this and I have a perfect solution on how to combat this nonsense. Every Monday, everyone should go to the bank in the morning and withdraw $600.00. Tuesday morning take the money you got on Monday and deposit it back in your account. Repeat this process every two days. If everyone with a checking account did this, it would become a management nightmare for the banks and the IRS.

Biden’s vaccination mandates are really confusing. Nurses are getting fired for not getting the jab, they are going to replace them with National Guard medics, many of whom are not vaccinated, and are not required to be vaccinated for another year. Meantime, Police and Fire personnel that are refusing to be vaxed, are being fired. This is being done in the midst of the largest crime surge in decades. It’s also being done while Biden is allowing hundreds of thousands of illegal aliens to flood into our country unvaxed, many testing positive for Covid. Governor Ron DeSantis of Florida, initiated a very successful campaign of Monoclonal antibody treatment, and Biden tried to cut off the supplies. So, while Biden and his people talk a big show about getting Covid under control, they are willing to sabotage a successful program to hurt a political opponent.

I could go on for hours, there are examples everywhere you turn, of total incompetence in all levels of government. Suddenly, it seems people have forgotten how to manage systems that have been in place forever. Why is it suddenly so difficult to deal with criminals that do very bad stuff, and cause public disruption. Why aren’t their asses in jail, period. Why are the city streets dirty, strewn with trash, and inhabited with feral people. There are strict rules about burning trash in the county where I live. I drove by a feral people encampment, they were burning a huge pile of trash, emitting a large column of black smoke. Ironically, it is within a quarter mile of a giant trash incinerator that is super high tech, that takes hundreds of loads of trash daily, and has zero emissions. The cities force home owners to clean up their properties, threatening large fines, and then allow the homeless camps to dismantle cars, and appliances, and amass huge piles of refuse. Also allowing them to contaminate the earth with human waste and chemicals.

My dear readers, I grew up in Tulsa, Oklahoma. Every night, the streets were washed down, any trash was picked up and disposed of. When the sun came up on Tulsa, it shined like a diamond. Tulsa had a vagrancy law, there were no bums sleeping on the sidewalks. Retail store workers were washing windows, polishing ornamental brass fittings. I was proud of my city, I was proud of the city leaders. The civic pride was evident wherever you went. What happened to that attitude? Why don’t our leaders care anymore? I’m sad for our nation. God Bless you all, and God Bless the U.S.A.


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