This evening, I turned the channel to Steve Hilton’s show, The Next Revolution, and listened to his opening, and promptly turned the channel to Texas Metal. I really like Steve, he’s a great guy with lot’s of enthusiasm for the conservative movement. But I am sooooo tired of hearing the endless diatribe of all of the crazy shit the Democrats are up to, and nobody seems to be mounting any meaningful push back. I feel much better after watching the guys at Texas Metal build a totally awesome truck.

I know that sounds like a cop out, especially coming from a loudmouth like me, but c’mon, what the hell are the Republicans doing besides siding with the Democrats on the debt ceiling, giving them more time for their radical bullshit. When is somebody going to stand up to Biden and his nut ball AG, and say, Hell no, we’re not going to allow you to harass the parents of our kids.

For almost two years, we listened to endless talking about the Russia collusion, and how Donald Trump was in bed with Putin. When the dust settled, it was Hillary and the Democrats who were colluding with Russia. It was proven that all of these dirt bags in the FBI, and DOJ, were lying through their teeth, and trying to overthrow a duly elected President, and not a single one of those sleaze balls spent a day in jail. We were excited when Bill Barr stepped on the stage, that ended in utter disappointment. Then we got excited again when John Durham started his investigation. Ho, hum, another sleeper, another disappointment. So Durham recently indicted one of Hillary’s guys. Don’t get excited, he’ll skate. Democrats don’t ever pay for the crap they do, only Republicans.

Do you remember when Obama wanted to put through the nomination for Merrick Garland for Supreme court justice? For once the Republicans did something that really mattered. Can you imagine the SCOTUS with that idiot in a robe? God help us all. While I’m on the subject of totally useless twits, when are the Republicans going to oust Mitch McConnell. I have slugs in my yard that exhibit more energy.

I get totally jazzed when I see videos of parents confronting the lefty school boards. At least this is a start. At least they are getting media attention, and they are sending the message that they aren’t going to allow the government to indoctrinate their children. Support these folks, any way you can. There are actual organizations forming around the nation against this crap. I sent a donation to help the family of Marine Lt. Col. Scheller facing court martial for speaking out against the Afghanistan debacle. We need to support the groups fighting back against the school boards. The least I can do is provide financial support for those fighting against tyranny. Most of us can’t afford to send large amounts, but a lot of small donations add up to large amounts.

I can’t stand to watch another Sean Hannity show. When Sean puts that turncoat Lindsey Graham on last week, mouthing off about how the Republicans caved on the debt ceiling, after all of the underhanded shit he’s pulled, Sean lost any remaining credibility with me. He lost most of this credibility with me when the had Bill De Blasio on this show, and allowed De Blasio to dominate the conversation. He made Sean look like an idiot.

I just want someone to do something! We need a little less talking, and a lot more action. For Crise Sakes will someone in the Republican Party take a stand before it’s too late? I’m an old man, not a lot of time left on this earth, but I have a lot of grandkids and great grandkids, and I want them to have a shot at the American Dream, and Biden is doing his best to kill it.



One thought on “YADA, YADA, YADA, BLAH, BLAH, BLAH.

  1. I rarely watch Hannity anymore as he is too repetitive. I like Greg Kelly on Newsmax; his personality is calmer and funnier. You almost have to add some humor to deliver the news these days. Keep up the good fight.


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