OCTOBER 7, 2021


Yep, I told you the old codger would cave and allow the Democrats to raise the debt ceiling. Not only that, ten other RINO’s caved along with him. Miserable spineless people that can’t bring themselves to do the right thing. Did the Democrats reach out and thank them for capitulating, nope, they mocked them. This is the stuff that drove me away from being a Republican. I am and always will be, and independent conservative, standing for the American way, proudly pledging allegiance to the flag, and the United States of America. I don’t recognize these miserable souls as true Americans. I’m not really sure what they are. They obviously have no principles.


Quisha King, a Florida Mom, called for a mass exodus from the public school system today. She says that the school systems have left parents with no other choice for fighting leftist ideas. In response to her remarks, she received a prolonged applause, and brought many of the attendees to their feet at the Leesburg, Virginia event. She drew national attention in June of this year with her speech opposing CRT. She works with the group Moms for Liberty, which is one of many battling to get leftist ideology out of public schools. Hurrah for the brave women, willing to take the heat for the kids. God Bless them.


Joe Biden’s poll numbers are sinking faster than an Oldsmobile in the Chappaquiddick. I’m not sure what they really are, because there are so many liars that want to cover for him. I heard yesterday they were actually in the low 30’s. Why would anyone think they would be different, when he is clearly at war with the population. Washington D.C. swamp dwellers clearly despise the general population of this country, they make it very clear in their actions. They view us as nothing more than the “worker bees”, necessary to fund all of their nonsensical bullshit ideas. The assault on everyday folks just trying to make sure their kids have a good education, is going to backfire majorly on the Democrats.


Some of you may have missed this choice little morsel of news. It clearly got swept under the rug quickly. Merrick Garland, AG, aggressively came out against parents protesting CRT, with threats of swift action, utilizing the FBI and DOJ. People were stunned by this action, that is until it was revealed that Merrick Garland’s daughter and son-in-law own a company called Panorama Education, which produces CRT teaching materials. Alexander Tanner who married Garland’s daughter, is a major kingpin the Social Justice Education movement. Garland’s son- in- law and daughter have gotten rich producing materials devoted to ‘systemic racism, white supremacy, and intersectionality. It gets really smelly when you pry open the lid on these swamp creatures.


Donald Trump, arguably one of the best agitators in the world, is hard at work. He is seeing the disarray among the Democrats, and the sinking popularity of Biden, and he is driving wedges wherever he can. He is also calling out the weak spineless Republicans, calling for Mitch McConnell’s ouster from the Senate leadership. He very well may be more effective speaking in public rather than his famous tweets. His remarks are always newsworthy.


At this point in time, after nine months of watching Joe Biden fail at virtually every endeavor, fewer and fewer people think the election was fair and honest. Think about this, he was going nowhere in the debates, or the primary voting after the debates. He was losing everywhere. It wasn’t until the primaries in the south, that he started winning. The Democrat primaries are a joke, everyone knows they are rigged. Go back and look at what happened during Hillary’s run for the presidency. After winning the primaries, Joe campaigned from the basement of his home, his remarks and appearances heavily guarded by his managers. In the meantime, Trump was filling stadiums with thousands of cheering followers. Then election night came and everything changed after midnight. It was a miracle, somehow votes just magically appeared and Joe somehow pulled of a victory. Not a hard fought victory, quite the opposite. Take a look at the Maricopa Audit report below, and suddenly you realize it wasn’t a miracle, but a fraud.

This is the results from one county, in one state. It was all smoke and mirrors folks. We are living through the results of a stolen election.


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