Seems like the big story of the day is St. Anthony Fauci. This guy has turned into a major lightning rod. Disney is trying to save his miserable ass by doing a documentary, and trying to immortalize him. That’s not really surprising, as Disney has morphed into a leftist propaganda machine, here at home, and in China. I remember when Disney was 100% Americana. Now it’s just another greedy, slime ball corporation, that will sell itself to the highest bidder. Basically another International Prostitute of the corporate world.

Wow, I completely got off track railing against Disney. So how do you immortalize a liar, and a money grubbing guy like Fauci. A guy who admittedly said that even though “gain of function research is extremely dangerous, it’s worth the risk”. Really? This latest experiment in gain of function research has now killed about 2,270,000,000 people world wide. In the US alone, 831,000,000. One of those just happened to be my little brother. He and his circle of self absorbed scientist colleagues, successfully politicized any treatment for Covid that they deemed ineffective, and the state run media was more than happy to parrot whatever they said. Keep in mind, that other treatments they didn’t approve of, were used with great success around the world. Fauci and his minions literally dominated the entire Covid scene in the US, and you wouldn’t exactly call it a success story. This so called documentary, is nothing more than State Propaganda.

I‘m not a conspiracy nut, but this whole Covid debacle has evil written all over it. The more I know, and the more I analyze what happened, it brings me closer to being 100% convinced that unleashing it on the world was intentional, to bring the world closer to what they term as the New World Order”. Have you noticed that every major western nation has used Covid in exactly the same way, by stripping their citizens of their rights, and freedoms. Coincidental? I think not. ( Canada and Australia seem to be way out in front )

If you don’t find this next little tidbit of news hilarious, you’re really taking life too seriously. New Zealand’s University of Otago, named trans weightlifter Laurel Hubbard, Tokyo Olympian, “Sportswoman of the year”. The article didn’t mention how many real women athletes, were shouting “f–k you” at the tops of their voices.

As if the Biden presidency wasn’t weird enough, he is now using a fake White House set that features a digital monitor behind him that shows the Rose Garden in full bloom. According to Stephen Miller, the reason Biden uses this bizzare virtual set for televised meetings, is that they can control the lighting, and he can read from a monitor facing him, so it looks like he is just talking, not reading from a teleprompter. It makes him look like he still has a functioning brain, which he doesn’t. ( Stephen Miller didn’t make the remark about a functioning brain, I take credit for that )

Before I sign off for today, keep an eye on “Shifty Mitch” , he’s about to make the Democrats lives easier by allowing them to raise the debt ceiling. That old RINO has to go, he’s revealing himself to be another slimy swamp creature.

God bless the USA, and all of you. Thank you for dropping by for a visit. ( don’t drink the Kool Aid )


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