Meet Jimmy Kimmels replacement. Antony Blinken ( AKA ABlinken ) kept me laughing most of the day today. Every time I saw a news clip of him saying the Taliban did not follow through on their promise of including women in their presidential cabinet. As he is saying this, he seems to be inferring that there is going to be some sort of punishment for not living up to their promise. These people are terrorists you dumbass. Antony needs to understand that the Taliban have exactly the same respect for women that Democrats have for unvaccinated Americans. They think they are lower than dirt.

It seems that the Feds have been sending pallet loads of cash to Afghanistan for awhile now, propping up the fake government. The Taliban know this and want that cash to keep coming. What the hell is it with Democrats flying pallet loads of cash to the middle east? Never heard of that before Barrack came along. Could it be that the mental giant pictured above, is hinting the Feds are going to stop sending pallets of money if the Taliban don’t have a few token menstruating people in the cabinet? If that’s what these morons have in mind, how are they going to justify propping up a terrorist government? Maybe since it’s working really well in several large American cities, they think it will work in Kabul. I wouldn’t be surprised if the NBA opens up a franchise there in the near future. What the hell, it could work. Lots of guns and drugs already in place. They could name the team, Kabul Bombers, or something like that.

I sort of feel bad for Blinken. He doesn’t look or sound real bright, then he took a job that totally proves it. Do you remember Dan Quale? Well Antony is another one of those guys that should have never given up his job at the Waffle House.

I’m really trying to get a handle on how the Democrats manage the ” everybody’s a raciest thing”. They burned down like five complete cities last summer. Destroyed over 300 police vehicles, toppled historical statues, and attacked police officers, even killing a few. Looted every major department store in sight. All of this was done because of so called “systemic racism”. Then a genuinely great guy, who happens to be black, runs for governor in the State of California, against a really stupid white guy, and the Democrats hurl racist remarks and eggs at the black guy. The Democrats once again have revealed themselves to be complete dickheads. They really didn’t have to go out of their way to do that, we already knew it.

I saved the best for the last….President Biden. When you saw his performances at the Democrat National Convention, you knew what you would get if he ever became President. I don’t think anyone ever dreamed that would actually happen. How in the world could that stumbling, bumbling fool ever win against Donald Trump and a rip roaring economy. But alas, nobody could have factored in the ” wicked midget ” Anthony Fauci, and his Chinese team of mad bat scientists. We entered into a whole new realm, when folks were willing to kill off a few million people to win an election. Most people are too terrified to even entertain the thought it could actually happen. I think about it a lot. These fools killed my brother. Now we have a guy in the White House that really should be in a nursing home, and a vice president that shouldn’t be anywhere near a position of power. She should be doing “voice overs” for cartoons.

Every day, I think it can’t get any worse, and it does. I remember CNN and all of the other media numbskulls, endlessly repeating ” the adults are back in power” when Biden won. Sorry, but these people don’t match my perception of how adults are supposed to act. These folks are more like the ninth graders I used to transport during my self imposed year of torture, as a school bus driver. Blinken was the kid licking the window.

Have a great day America, while you still can. Kinda.


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