I haven’t done one of these since last March, but there is so much to talk about, and it’s happening so fast, this seems to be the best format. The Democrats seem to be in some kind of frenzy to screw up as much stuff as they can, as quickly as they can. They operate according to the latest polling numbers, and it doesn’t take some kind of expert to see their whole agenda in quickly going down in flames. It appears that they are trying to ram through as much far left crap as possible before the mid term elections. Joe Manchin is putting a major road block in their path, refusing to vote on the huge 3.5 trillion dollar spending bill. Which could also kill their so called Infrastructure bill. If they failed to get both of these bills passed, it would be a huge blow to their wanton spending spree. Let’s take a look at what has happened over the past few days, and throw some shade at the deserving parties.

All of my grandkids are pretty old now, only have a few under thirty. ( second round group ) As I watched my daughters raise their children, I noticed a new method of controlling the munchkins. Instead of swatting them on the behind and telling them to cease their present activities, the modern Moms divert the child’s attention to something else, and the child quickly forgets and moves on to something else. Thus, successfully eliminating the need for corporal punishment. I don’t totally agree, but it’s no longer my show. You’re probably wondering what does this have to do with anything. Well…. it’s what is being done to the American public by the major media companies. The Biden administration just pulled off the biggest blunder in the history of American warfare in Afghanistan, and it’s all been successfully washed away by the media. Biden very quickly shifted the narrative to Covid-19, threatening war against his own citizens, then a few days later threatened to weaponize the IRS, and allow them to confiscate your financial records. See how it works? Your attention is being re-directed to a different subject to keep you off balance. Afghanistan is all forgotten now, including the folks they left behind. One more thing, in my opinion, the new method of raising kids, is having about the same results as the new method of governing.

Speaking of Biden’s botched Afghanistan withdrawal; I thought there would be a lot of noise from the GOP on this matter. Not hearing enough to make me feel real good about the Republicans. Usually when someone is passionate about a particular matter, they let you know. So, at this point, I can only assume the Congressional Republicans are OK with what happened.

There is a sure fire solution to the mass illegal immigration problem. ( actually it’s an unarmed invasion ) If they transported all of these folks to the affluent neighborhoods around the nation, where all of the political class leaders and big corporate owners lived, it would stop immediately. They don’t want to see or hear these people ever, the only reason for them being here is to create future Democrat voters, and to displace the middle class white folks.

Donald Trump is becoming more active and talking about running for a second term. I am a huge Trump fan, I thought he did an amazing job, while being attacked six ways from Sunday. That said, I would not be in favor of him running for a second term. First and foremost, we need a strong, Trump like candidate, with the same “populist ” agenda with a clean slate. Ron DeSantis would be my pick. We also need a candidate that is eligible for two consecutive terms. Trump simply has made too many enemies in too many places. While I don’t disagree with the things he has said about the military leadership, and the other major bureaus, including their leaders, I do disagree with how he approached it. The best way to deal with these folks is to quietly remove them from office, while having iron clad reasons for doing so. Acting like a “bull in a china shop” results in politicians and bureaucrats digging in their heels, and mounting a staunch resistance. I don’t think the American people would be willing to go through more Trump drama, even though his policies are what America badly needs. We need another guy like Trump, with better strategic moves. Sledge hammers are not effective weapons in the swamp, against deadly critters that lurk underwater and in the shadows.

I’m hearing a lot of chatter from all of the usual folks, about how all of the craziness the Democrats are currently engaged in, will surely result in a huge defeat in the midterms. Really? Did you think Gavin Newsome would still be the governor of California this week? I certainly didn’t until I saw how the state saturated the landscape with mail in ballots, and started handing out millions in checks. Do you really think that election was on the level? You couldn’t possibly screw up a state worse if you tried, yet he’s still in his chair. What makes you think the same thing isn’t going to happen on a National level. You just saw it happen with your own eyes in the 2020 Presidential election. I personally don’t think this country will ever see another honest election. In my opinion, free and honest elections are a thing of the past. They discovered it’s possible to pull it off without any repercussions, so why not do it again. Hell, the Supreme Court wouldn’t even hear the case brought by numerous states.

I am searching for a glimmer of hope that I am dead wrong. If I see that glimmer, I will certainly share it. I will continue to speak out against the commie socialists, and the “do nothing” Republicans that sit on their laurels while the Democrats are destroying our beautiful country. Stay politically active, and fight the battle wherever you can. It’s worth it.


3 thoughts on “SNAPSHOTS OF THE NEWS

  1. Sounds like parents are creating ADD in their children just as the media is in us. Great analogy. I think of Ron DeSantis as a young Trump. He stands up for us and for himself. But mark my words they will investigated him just as they did Trump. They fear him.


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