You really have to ask yourself this question; How did the entire intelligence community, the military, the State Department and the White House screw this up beyond any logical reason? The next thought that naturally comes to mind, was this some kind of a weird bizarre plan? Is there some kind of strategic follow up? It’s pretty obvious that the entire Biden group is inept, but this, was in a totally different category of stupid.

President Trump planned the withdrawl. The date was set, all of the pieces were in place for an orderly exit. The Democrats threw that plan away, and came up with this jewel. So, I have a few ideas about what may be going on, I am going to lay out what may actually be happening.

My first statement is, that all of these people lie, all of the time. Whatever comes out of their mouths cannot be trusted. They are the masters of the old “smoke and mirrors” game. It’s a well established fact now, that we do in fact, have a “shadow government,” or “deep state”. Four years of Donald Trump, pulled back the curtain and exposed the roaches that live beneath the floor boards. During Trump’s presidency, they were bolder than ever, willing to operate in the light of day. In my opinion, the “Deep State” now feels it is strong enough to operate in full view. They have been emboldened by the fact that even though we know who broke the law and when, regarding the attempted soft coup, not a single one of them were indicted or served a single day in jail. By the way, does anyone know what happened to John Durham? That Bill Barr guy turned out to be a giant “dud” as well.

We have all heard the term ” military industrial complex”. The definition is a term that denotes a symbiotic relationship between the nations military, economy, and politics. When President Eisenhower gave his farewell speech at the end of his presidency on January 17th, 1961, he warned about the dangers of allowing this unholy alliance to take control of the United States. Obviously, nobody took Ike seriously, because we’re almost there in 2021, sixty years later. That puts Dwight D. Eisenhower in the realm of a prophet does it not?

The “Deep State” defied President Trump on several occasions regarding the military. So much for the “Commander in Chief” thing. Another myth that you have been fed over the years. For the rest of the article, I will refer to the Military Industrial Complex, which includes the Deep State, as MIC. MIC, loves war, it’s what they do, it’s their business. There is a huge amount of money to be made in warfare. There are very powerful people that operate behind the curtain. The MIC kept us in Afghanistan for twenty years. Politicians share in the power generated by warfare. Lindsey Graham is a major “hawk”, loves to promote military action. I think maybe we should take a hard look at Lindsey’s investment portfolio, and see how deep he is, in the MIC.

I have made my position very clear in past articles, that I am no fan of Joe Biden, or the Democrat party. But, considering what took place in Afghanistan, the MIC, may have been getting revenge on Sleepy Joe, for pulling out of Afghanistan. The CIA pulled up stakes three weeks before the pull out date. The military pulled the plug and left the White House and State Dept. to clean up the mess, and they did a horrible job. I think the MIC wanted to stay in Afghanistan far into the future. If you think it wasn’t lucrative, look at all the weaponry they left behind. The Pentagon could have moved a lot of that equipment out, or completely disabled it. I think they deliberately left it behind to make Sleepy Joe look bad. Now that all of that equipment is gone, they can buy more, making the rich Neocons, even richer, why should they care, it’s not their money.

The actions of the MIC, left the whole area in turmoil, and it’s not going to get better. Once again, It will become the breeding ground for terrorist activities. In light of what just happened, they’re likely to be bolder than ever, thinking America will never venture into Afghanistan again under any circumstances. They’re also better armed than they ever imagined. It’s a perfect setup, for the perfect storm. Just what MIC loves. Just imagine the never ending opportunities for special forces operations and drone warfare. China is also going to be showing strong interest in the mineral assets in the area. It’s going to remain a festering wound, that MIC can continue to exploit. Once again, MIC will have little difficulties convincing Congress for the need to stay involved. We may not have “boots on the ground”, but rest assured, Chapter Two in being written right now.

Biden was stumbling along, with his halfwit cabinet, trying to look like a hero, by getting our troops out of Afghanistan before the twenty year anniversary, and the MIC was undercutting him on every front. Even Joe Biden has enough cognitive ability to realize he was being “snookered”. He was left in between a rock and an abandoned Military Airfield. The only chance he had at that point, to salvage anything at all, was to start lying non stop, and blaming everyone, including the dog. Biden could preserve some integrity of his presidency, by going on a firing rampage, starting with General Millie, and ending up with Tony Blinken. Think of the non stop fawning by the MSM about his “strong man” persona, and his ability to take charge. Then there’s also the book deal later. Don’t expect that to happen, Joe Biden is a tired old man, he doesn’t have any fight left in him. He just wants to get through this, so he can go back to his basement, where it’s peaceful and quiet. He hates those stairs on Air Force One. After he finishes his tour at the White House, Nancy is going to gift him her refrigerator full of ice cream. Nancy and her husband have scored so many great inside deals lately, they are going to buy the company that makes the refrigerators. They will have the top of the top of the line machine.

The Korean war was the last war we kinda won. We could have won that one biggly, if Truman had not stopped General Douglas MacArthur from marching into North Korea. ( I love that word biggly ) Another major blunder by a Democrat President. If Truman had allowed MacArthur to take North Korea, the world would be a very different place today, a better place for sure. Since that time the MIC has continued to grow and amass more and more power. We have stumbled through one armed conflict after another. The only thing we have to show for all of these useless wars is dead, and severely disabled soldiers. The politicians have done a great job drumming up support for these wars, and our wonderful young men and women, have bravely stepped up to the plate, offering to put their lives and bodies on the line, in the name of patriotism. You can never heap enough praise on our soldiers, and their blind dedication to the Stars and Stripes. Likewise, you can never heap enough displeasure on the willingness of our leaders to think of them as mere “cannon fodder”. I’ve long said, that if politicians were forced to fight the wars they willingly start, wars would quickly end.

I sort of veered off course for a moment, but the point is, that our government has never been farther off course than it is now. Unelected bureaucrats and Military brass are openly interfering with the President’s decisions regarding national security issues. It’s obvious there are power brokers embedded throughout the government, each one making moves based on some unknown political agenda. I think most would agree that the Democrat left, is manipulating President Biden for their own agenda, whatever that may be. You might say, Biden made a deal with the devil. Remember the ambassadors in Ukraine working to undermine President Trump? I will never forget those whiney, pathetic examples of Americans. Lt. Col. Alexander Vindman was a disgrace to the Army Uniform. Marie Yovanovitch was a pathetic example of an American Ambassador. These two idiots made me sick to my stomach. Congress gets absolutely nothing done, instead of focusing on the people’s business, they spend their time focusing on party politics, playing gotcha games with the opposite side.

Yes, I think the Afghanistan exit was botched for nefarious reasons, by unscrupulous actors. They were engaging in passive aggressive behavior on a grand scale. Tony Blinken can’t believe the mess he’s in, he just wants to give up stardom and start another garage band. Kamala Harris just wants to stay out of sight, so none of this gets blamed on her. Have you noticed Biden’s people have been really quiet. The only ones coming to his defense are the idiots at CNN. The same ones that thought Michael Avenatti was going to save the planet. Oh yeah, the same ones that couldn’t believe Jussie Smollet was a con artist. Yep, those geniuses.

In the meantime, China marches on, not allowing itself to be deterred on it’s way to becoming the world’s leading power. The United States certainly is not standing in their way, we have digressed into a bunch of sniveling, selfish, people immersed in never ending silliness. In the meantime, go enjoy a pro football game. Watch how the world’s highest paid athletes show their disgust for the nation that makes that possible. Oh, by the way, make sure you don’t wear a jersey from the visiting team, it could cost you your life.

Another side note, Biden has offered to help Afghanistan’s neighbors secure their borders to keep out the bad guys. Ain’t it great knowing he’s all for secure borders?

United States of America: Founded by geniuses, ran by idiots. Sorry if I sound pissed. It’s my country. My people have been here since 1700, we built this damn place. Stick it in your ear Barry.



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