This miserable group of people, led by a career politician, clearly in severe cognitive decline, have been engaged in the destruction of the United States of America for eight months, and an accelerated pace. I have been on this earth over 80 years, and have never witnessed anything like it. Make no mistake, they are hellbent on transforming this country into something unrecognizable. The American citizens aren’t OK with this, it’s clearly shown in every poll. Yet these people think they have been given authority from some unknown source to fundamentally change America forever. These idiots shown in the collage above are currently waging a war against white people, but if you look at the picture, only only four out of 21 of them are non whites. I don’t know about you, the the strangeness of that escapes my reasoning. But then again, I have yet to see them do anything that really makes sense.

I’m pretty sure that everyone of these folks took an oath to protect the Constitution of the United States while performing their given tasks. Well actually, I know they did. But let’s be clear eyed about who these folks are, they would never hesitate to tell a little lie on their way to power. They lost the spirit of America while pledging allegiance to the Democrat Party. That’s making a wild ass assumption they ever possessed it in the first place. These people are pure partisan hacks, their motto is “what’s good for the party is good for everyone”. I heard someone on one of the evening talk shows, say Biden’s real motive for rushing to leave Afghanistan was to be able to claim he ended the war, just before the 20th anniversary of the World Trade Center tragedy on 9-11-01. The point they were making, was that the hasty and botched withdraw was done for optics, he thought would make him and the Democrat party look great for finally ending the war. That seems to make sense, as it clearly wasn’t done in a manner that benefitted the image of the United States. When you compare patriotic motives with political motives, it makes the political motives look like cheap dollar store jewelry.

In my opinion, Biden and his entire cabinet have broken their oaths to uphold the Constitution of the United States in many different ways, and we are only eight short months into this administration. Biden is bestowing power to the CDC, who is in turn, violating the Constitutional rights of American property owners and private citizens with medical mandates, among other things. I consider all of these losers…. traitors. It is impossible to uphold the Constitution while taking power into your own hands.

It’s an old joke about “how can you tell when a politician is lying”?…..His lips are moving. These people in power today are the most prolific liars in history. Over the past week, we have watched a horrific example of ineptitude unfold before our very eyes, in Afghanistan. They know we saw it, with our own eyes, yet they stand before us and tell us what a huge success it was. Never mind that we still have Americans trapped behind enemy lines. Never mind that they did everything in their power to prevent private entities from rescuing Christians. Never mind that they left Billions of dollars worth of military equipment behind. Never mind that Biden’s people gave the Taliban a list of American citizens present in their country. Never mind they left Afghan allies behind, and took unvetted people without visas. It was a clown show, pure and simple.


All of these morons are cowards. None of them will step up and take any blame for giving the United States the biggest “black eye” in history. The over riding motive is for job preservation. A true patriot would take the hit for screwing up this badly. A true patriot would have sacrificed their position and refused to follow orders for the good of the USA. Sorry, in my opinion there are very few real Americans in the Democrat party. The Republican party has it’s share of the rats as well. Lindsey Graham is a great example, but there are plenty more. I don’t think you will find overwhelming numbers of D.C. politicians willing to stand up for what’s right. They’re likely to check the poles first, to see if it will be beneficial for them to do so.

You may ask, how did we get to this point? Most likely boils down to two mitigating factors: Money and power. Weak people without a strong set of morals are easily corrupted. You can easily spot the strong ones if you’re interested in looking for them. I would highly suggest looking for the strong ones, before it’s too late.


P.S. Can anyone tell me why there was so much military hardware in Afghanistan, when we were only maintaining a relatively small contingency of personnel? Could it be that the Army was using Afghanistan for an equipment storage lot? Were they buying equipment they didn’t need? If that’s the case, it makes it even worse that they were willing to squander billions in taxpayer money just because they were incapable of putting together a plan to move it out. Think about it the next time to write the check to the IRS.


  1. Have you noticed how the media has touted him as being compassionate and caring before to took office, and has kept doing it since he took office? My wife says, if a car dealer goes to great lengths to convince the public he is ” honest”, he’s probably not. I’m thinking the same applies to caring and loving Joe.

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