This day has been coming for a very long time. The left is realizing it’s dream coming true, after decades of dismantling America one brick at a time. In case you haven’t realized it yet, the Democrats have very cleverly and quietly, amassed quite a large group of street fighters, and it’s growing daily. Black Lives Matter, and ANTIFA, are the insurgency. The sooner you realize this, and accept it, the better off you will be. The Democrats no longer try to hide it. They condone the violence with their refusal to speak out against it. They could not make it more obvious. Joe Biden saying ANTIFA is only an idea, and Jerry Nadler, saying ANTIFA is a myth, tells you all you need to know. Nancy Pelosi won’t even address the issue when asked. We are already in a civil war, and most people don’t even know it. Sadly, the people most oblivious to this, are the Republican lawmakers.

The great Civil War was indeed very bloody, every casualty was an American. About 750,000 to be exact. The greatest toll of life of any war in American history. The number of losses on the Confederate side stands at about 258,000. It is widely recognized that the war was fought to bring and end to slavery. This brings me to the point I have a hard time understanding. The Democrats are constantly talking “reparations”. Roughly 490,000 men gave their lives so black Americans could live free. I think the indebtedness lies with the blacks, not with the whites. What price do you put on 490,000 lives, and the lost progeny? Do you think that perhaps since the slaves were owned by Democrats, it could be a bit of smoke and mirrors?

But wait, there is more to this story. on January 8, 1964 America declared war on poverty. This was aimed directly at the black population of the inner cities. Since 1964, American taxpayers have shelled out 23 Trillion dollars on behalf of black Americans. I’m not sure the taxpayers got their money’s worth in this deal. Inner city poverty and crime are still alive and well. It’s looking like we lost the war on poverty. So, back to that “reparations” thing. Based on history, the main benefactors on reparation payments are likely going to be Nike, gold chain dealers, and illegal gun runners. Just sayin’.

For awhile now, the left has been pouring money into city and county elections, to seat far left prosecutors and Attorney Generals, to disrupt the criminal law system. Our old favorite bad guy George Soros, is squarely to blame for most of these shenanigans. The plan is starting to make sense now. Defund the police, and disrupt law enforcement, then the “perps” that do end up getting arrested, walk free with no bail. This allows the Democrat’s street fighters to remain active and effective. Remember “Commie Harris ” bailing out the rioters last summer? Of course, the Democrat street thugs are going to need reinforcements, so they start emptying out the jails. Now you have guaranteed chaos, 24/7/365, and no law enforcement to combat it.

The never ending outcry of racial injustice ramped up during the Obama presidency, and is now at a crescendo. Literally everyone these days is a raciest. Everything that is said and done anywhere, is attacked for being racially motivated no matter what it is. You could literally order a vanilla ice cream cone, and be called raciest for not ordering chocolate, it’s that crazy. Of course, there is no truth is any of this. It is a very clever plan by the left to divide the blacks from the whites, the two largest segments of the population. Because whites make up about 70% of the overall population, police officers are going to naturally be predominately white. Labeling white police officers as raciest, is going to make it very hard to arrest blacks, who by the way, commit most of the crime. If a black person is injured in anyway while being arrested, God help the white officer. He can pretty much kiss his career goodbye. It becomes a loosing game for police officers. The end result is a mass exodus of officers, and very few willing to step in to replace them. The left wins again. You wanna know how deep this goes? Joe Biden made a trip to Tulsa, Oklahoma last week, on the 100th anniversary of the Tulsa race riots, hyped racism in his speech, and totally ignored the anniversary of ‘D’ Day, and the thousands of Americans that lost their lives defending our freedom on Omaha Beach. We now have the most anti American president to ever occupy the white house. You thought Barrack was bad.

A little side note at this point; the leftist street thugs don’t have to pay bail, and are back on the street to commit more crimes in hours. On the contrary, a whole lot of the white, January 6th capitol trespassers, are still in jail, some in solitary confinement. Also note, it’s crickets from the Republican congressmen, that should be taking a stand against this injustice. Could it be, they are sending a warning to white conservatives not to step out of line. Another thing you may not know; The black Capitol Police Dept. officer that shot and killed Ashley Babbitt, has still not been publicly identified, or charged with any misconduct. However, we now know, he is a member of Black Lives Matter, and has taken part in BLM protests. Put that in your pipe and smoke it. Something else to consider, Joe Biden invited the family of George Floyd to the white house for a meeting, but has yet to invite a single family or group of families, of police officers killed in the line of duty over the past year, their numbers are astounding, a total of 264 officers lost their lives in 2020. Another 43 have died so far this year. So, if you’re a cop, you gotta be feeling pretty low right now. These officers are the only thing standing between peace and total mayhem in our cities, and they are being treated like dirt, by their own damn government. You know, the people that go everywhere with police protection. Go figure.

Another battle raging in this civil war is the battle to save our children from the leftist, commie, teachers union. The very people we thought we could trust have turned against America, and are indoctrinating our youngsters with all sorts of vile ideas, and racial garbage. Good news, parents all around the US are catching on, and confronting these monsters, demanding the nonsense stops. Some real stars have emerged in this battle, and are becoming role models for others to follow. The fighting spirit of Americans is alive and well. Now we need to start weeding out the leftist anti American professors from our universities. That battle hasn’t started yet, but it will.

This is what substituting DNA for IQ looks like. This woman is so far in over her head it’s laughable. She wasn’t even able to beat Andrew Yang in the primaries. The more people saw of her, the less they liked her. She didn’t even make it to the first round of the voting. What’s really sad, is this moron is now the Vice President, when we could have had the real deal, Tulsi Gabbard. She is even a bigger fake than Elizabeth Warren, that my friends is a big accomplishment, maybe her only accomplishment. The really scary part of this, is that she could actually end up as President. God help us all if that happens.

Way too much to cover in one article. Part two will follow soon. Stay alert, resist the left’s effort to destroy our beautiful nation. Be vocal, be active. God Bless.



  1. I try to be vocal now when driving around and seeing folks outside still donning the mask. They look like brainwashed robots to me. I roll down my window and say, “Auuchoo” like I am sneezing. Paranoid, easily brainwashed, robots. But the classic is the ones alone in their car with a mask on. No one vaccinated can get it or give it to anyone. They need to realize this. One thing covid made us realize is that we have very compliant Americans.

    Can’t wait for your part two.


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