Over the past two years, I have been like a repeating loop audio tape, telling you repeatedly, that the Democrat party is the party of lies, deceit, and hate. They are being exposed daily. Let’s take a look back at the garbage these morons have spouted.

  • “Fast and Furious”: Some genius, or group of geniuses, came up with the brilliant idea of allowing U.S. licensed firearm dealers to sell guns in Mexico, under the guise of trying to track cartel bad guys. The net result was the killing of a Border agent, by some idiot with one of the guns placed in Mexico under this boneheaded idea. The program was an utter failure. Barrack Obama invoked the executive priveledge after Holder was charged with contempt of Congress. The idea was stupid on it’s face, and the Democrats lied their asses off to protect each other.
  • Michael Brown, Ferguson, Missouri: Darrin Wilson, a Ferguson, Mo. police officer, spotted Michael Brown and his friend walking down the center of the street, stopped and ordered them to move to the sidewalk. An altercation began when Michael Brown tried to shove Officer Wilson back into his car. After that, the details get really murky, as witnesses gave false testimony about what really happened. It really comes down to this; Michael Brown, was in King Kong mode, and was going to intimidate officer Wilson, and possibly attempt to take him down and strip him of his weapon. That decision ultimately cost him his life. The Democrats, and their media minions, purposely lied and distorted the facts, to create a racial event, when none existed. In the fog of the lies and propaganda, “Black Lives Matter was born”
  • Trayvon Martin: While visiting his father’s finan’cee’s townhouse in Miami Gardens, Florida, he walked to a nearby convenience store to buy a few items. George Zimmerman was a member of the community watch, thought Martin looked suspicious, and called the local police. Apparently, Zimmerman, confronted Martin, and a struggle ensued. Zimmerman was clearly coming out on the wrong end of the scuffle, and according to him feared for his life. Zimmerman being armed, shot Martin in the chest, fatally wounding him. According to Zimmerman, there had been recent, numerous incidents of crime, and he was concerned about Martin’s presence. Big problem here, is that Zimmerman should have waited for the local police to take care of the matter, instead, decided to get involved. The media and the Democrats, including Barrack Obama, immediately played the race card, calling it out as racial violence. In my opinion, it was simply George Zimmerman, a man with an “enforcer” syndrome, and a young black man with an attitude, and their meeting turned out to be cataclysmic. The media and the Democrats worked around the clock to paint the whole incident as racial hatred, when in reality it was nothing more than two guys looking for trouble.
  • Crossfire Hurricane: Undoubtedly one of the biggest hoaxes to date, ever perpetrated on the American public. It has since been proven to have been nothing more than political persecution, and spying on a an opposing political party. The resulting investigation into then President Donald J. Trump, known as the Mueller Investigation, consumed over two years of time, at a cost of ( get ready to gag ) between 32 and 35 million dollars. All based on lies and media hype. The real motive behind the entire exercise, was to overturn a presidential election.


I had this man pegged as a fake and a liar, from the minute I saw him, and heard him speak. Within the first four months of the pandemic, he changed his positions more times than Lulu White. ( look it up ) Turns out this hyper active prevaricator, knew from the start where Covid-19 originated, and what was likely to happen. He acted like he was as uninformed as we were, and was trying to navigate the unknown, when in fact he knew precisely what was happening and what the end results were likely going to be. In my opinion, he found himself in way over his head, and was shooting from the hip, when he was making his statements about the best ways to cope with the virus. Turns out, a lot of scientists were aware of what was happening, and were involved in a huge cover up, to try and save their collective asses.

We are just now discovering the enormity of this mess. I will write more in the coming days as we find out more details.

The enormity of this disaster spills over into all sorts of other areas, to the point of pushing your brain into maximum overload. Think of how the media has played along. Think of how the Democrats have used it to their advantage in stealing a presidential election. Blue state governors, using the pandemic to leverage federal funds to bail them out after years of leadership ineptitude. Lies on top of lies, on top of lies. Teachers unions using the pandemic for nefarious purposes, and now exposed for being partners with Black Lives Matter. People, it’s nothing less than a total “shit show”.

If our Nation survives this, it will truly be, an unequivocal indicator, of the resilience of the United States of America and it’s people. God Bless you all.


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